the heiress and the warrior @natenino23
Chapter 12

Harry bowed to Buckbeak, smiling as he watched the Hippogriff bow low,

"Thanks again for this Hagrid." Harry said as he stepped forward to run his hand down the elegant creatures neck.

"Of course Harry! E's really taken a shine ta ya!" Hagrid said joyfully as Ron giddily ran up.

"Guys! Look!" Ron exclaimed, holding up Scabbers.

"Scabbers?" Harry asked in surprise.

"Yeah! He's alive!"

Buckbeak snorted and pawed at the grown, squawking at Ron.

"I don't think he likes Scabbers ron." Harry said as he did his best to restrain the bucking hippogriff.

"What's with all these animals and hating my scabbers!?" Ron asked angrily, taking a few steps back while Scabbers struggled in his grasp.

"Got me mate." Harry said as he continued to sooth buckbeak.

Ron looked sour as he sat down on a tree stump, checking over scabbers, "he's got some scratches on him," he mumbled.

"Makes you wonder what 'e's been up to." Hagrid said, tossing Buckbeak a dead rodent, the hippogriff snapped it up happily.

"Yeah, wonder…" Ron trailed off as a growl sounded behind him, he slowly turned around to stare at the Padfoot, who was pawing the ground anxiously.

"What the-" he started as the dog suddenly lunged, sailling over ron and turning quickly, looking right at Scabbers, he lunged again, this time knocking Ron off the stump with a CRACK! as both Hagrid and Harry surged forward, Padfoot jumped away from Ron, rolling away as he began to morph.

"I got him! I got him!" Sirius cackled as he wrangled with a squirming scabbers, "you're not getting away this time you stupid git! Stupefy!"

The rat went limp as the stunner hit him and Sirius jumped up, "I got him!" he cried, his arms falling when he saw Harry's look of shock and Ron's look of horror, "what?" he asked, "Something on my face?" he touched his face then let out a small 'oh' "i've changed back…" he said as a shadow appeared over him, he turned around and looked up, "Hagrid!" he said happily, then his smile fell until he had a look of horror, "Hagrid." he jumped to the side a split second before Hagrid brought his fists down on the spot he had been standing, "Can't we let bygones be bygones!" Sirius yelped as he dove once more out of the way of harry's spells.

"Stupefy! Petrificus totalus! Diffindo!"

"Hey!" Sirius snapped as the last spell ripped a sizeable gash into his robes, "I just got these tailored!" he yelped as he ducked to avoid a crossbow bolt from Hagrid, "Hagrid! Please! I can explain everything-" he gagged as Hagrid grabbed him by the throat and dragged him to the hut, slamming him repeatedly into the side of the house , 'can-ow-we-ow-talk-ow-like two-ow-adults!" Sirius struggled out before he whipped Hagrids hand with his wand, making the giant let go of him, he crashed to the ground and began rolling as Harry started hurling hexes once more, Ron joining in.

Sirius jumped to his feet and pointed his wand at Harry, "don't make me do it," he growled.

"What do you care!?" Harry spat out, "you killed my parents.'

"I didn't kill your parents!" Sirius cried, "it was him!" he pointed at the still limp rat in his hands.

"All that time in azkaban addled 'is brain harry!" Hagrid snapped, reloading his crossbow, and making Sirius move his wand between the two wildly, "puttin' 'im down would be a mercy."

"He doesn't deserve Mercy." Harry said spitefully.

Sirius dropped his wand arm, "well that's a bit harsh, don't you think?" he questioned a split second before a crossbow bolt hit his leg and Harry shouted, "Flipendo!" sending him flying back.

"Sweet mother of fucking Merlin!" Sirius groaned out, slowly sitting up to clench his leg, 'Ow!"

Harry and Hagrid advanced, Harry keeping his wand trained on Sirius as Hagrid reloaded.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Sirius complained, searching the ground around him trying to find Scabbers, "you made me drop wormtail!"

"Shut up." Harry growled out.

Sirius turned his gaze back to Harry, his eyes flicked from the wand to Harrys face, "are you going to kill me harry?" he asked quietly.

"Shut up!" Harry snapped as Ron limped over, wand at the ready.

"You and your girl are so similar, won't let me get a word in edge wise-" he was cut off as Harry was suddenly at his side, wand digging into his neck, "can't...breathe…" he choked out.

"What did you do to Daphne?" He questioned angrily, "WHAT DID YOU DO!"


Sirius almost laughed when Harry's wand flew into the air, followed by Ron's wand and Hagrid's crossbow.

Remus, Hermione and Daphne strode forward, wands out, but not pointed at anyone, "where is he Sirius?" Remus asked.

"I'm not sure, i dropped him when big, tall and hairy shot my leg!" Sirius said as he started patting around on the ground, sparing a glare at Hagrid, "That hurt you know!"

"I hope it did." Hagrid growled, stalking forward, only to stop when Hermione got in his way, "out of the way hermione."

She shook her head, looking slightly terrified "No…"

"Harry." Daphne said gently, slowly dragging him away from sirius's side, "Harry calm down."

" know what he did...why are you...why…" Harry started as Ron paled.

"She's been helping him," Ron mumbled, "Haven't you?"

Daphne glared at him, "Don't be ridiculous." she said.

"Deny it then." Harry said, Making daphne look at him, her cold mask dropping at the look of betrayal on harry's face.

"Harry, do you remember when I went with the others to Buckbeak's hearing?" Daphne asked quietly.

"Deny it."

"Harry, do you remember-"

"Deny it!" He almost shouted.

"I wasn't!" she exclaimed, tears in her eyes, "until today I never tried to help Sirius Black, I promise you that."

"Until today?" Harry asked in confusion, "what happened today."

"He cornered us in an unused classroom." Hermione said, stepping in Hagrids way every time he tried to go around or move her, "held a knife to my kneck took our wands-'

This time Daphne wasn't able to stop him as Harry charged forward and tackled Sirius.

"OW! Harry! Harry use your-OW! WORDS HARRY! USE YOUR WORDS!" Sirius yelped as Harry began to pelt the weakened man with his fists, stopping only when both Remus and Daphne dragged him back, "Jesus, you've got a good right-CROSS!" he squeaked as Harry slammed his foot into the fork of his legs, " much pain…" Sirius whimpered as he curled in on himself.

"It means you're alive Padfoot." Moony said dryly as he continued to look for scabbers.

"Harry it's not what it sounds like," Daphne reassured him as she attempted to calm him down, "he didn't harm us,"

"Speak for yourself," Hermione mumbled, rubbing her neck.

"Hermione not now," Daphne chastised, not taking her eyes off of harry, who was taking deep breaths while continually glaring at Sirius, "he only ever wanted to snatch scabbers, he was never after you."

"You're taking the mickey you are!" Ron exclaimed, "why would he want scabbers.'

"Because Scabbers is not who you think he is." Remus said slowly picking up the lethargic rat trying to crawl away,he held it by the tail glaring disdainfully.

"He's a rat! He's been in my family for-"

"Twelve years!" Sirius grounded out, slowly pulling himself up to a standing position, "very long life for your common variety garden rat, he's missing a toe isn't he?"

"So what!?" Ron snapped, "he probably lost it in a fight with another rat!"

"Think about Peter Pettigrew," Daphne said to Harry, looking deep into his eyes, "what was the only thing they found of him?"

"A finger…" harry whispered.

"Pettigrew is dead!" Hagrid roared, 'that piece of hippogrif shit killed him and twelve muggles! Along with betraying James and Lily!"

"I didn't betray them!" Sirius snarled back, glaring back at Hagrid, "I wasn't the secret keeper! We said i was but it was a trick to keep the real one protected!" he scowled as he looked at the rat, "didn't know he would turn on us! Turned james and Lily over as soon as he could, then framed me! Me! The guy who stood up for him for seven years! Honestly, do you know how many hex's I hurled and received for his fat ass!?"

"Enough all of you," Remus said, pointing his wand at the rat, "a simple spell will determine who's telling the truth," he turned his wand on the rat.

"What are you doing!" Ron snapped, lurching forward, only to be stopped by Harry's hand, "Scabbers!"

"If he's not peter, the spell won't hurt him." Sirius said as he picked up his own stolen wand, "do it Remus."

Remus began to whisper a spell and instantly scabbers began to squirm and morph, Remus tossed him to the ground as he began to grow, until none other than Peter Pettigrew was in front of them, sprawled out on the ground groaning.

"HA!" Sirius cackled, "I fucking told you Hagrid! You owe me fifteen galleons!"

"We didn't bet on anything you crazy arse!"

"Didn't we? Could've sworn…" he stopped at the glare Daphne gave him.

"Peter Pettigrew…' Harry whispered as Ron took a staggered step back in disgust.

"Ow…" Peter groaned out as he blearily looked up, staring between Remus and Sirius, " old friends…" he mumbled.

"Don't you dare," Sirius said coldly, eyes becoming less manic as he limped towards the snivelling man, "Don't you dare call us friend, not after what you did, not after you betrayed Lily and James!"

"The dark lord...has many ways to persuade people." Peter said, his voice gaining a whiney edge to it as the stunner started to effectively wear off, "what would you have done Sirius? What would you have done?"


"You sold lily and James out to Voldemort! Didn't you!?" REmus demanded, keeping his wand on Peter."

"I didn't mean too!" he wailed, getting to his feet unsteadily, instantly Hermione and Daphne had their wands on him, ready to stop him if need be.

"You didn't mean too?" Sirius spat, "what, it just slip out over afternoon tea? Well it doesn't matter," he raised his wand, murderous intent glinting in his eyes.

"Stop!" Harry called out, having finally found his voice.

Sirius froze and looked at Harry, "Harry," he started, "this Rat is the reason your parents are dead."

"I know...but I don't think they would have wanted you to become a true murderer…"

"Oh thank you!" Peter simpered going towards Harry only to stop when Daphne jabbed her wand into his stomach, making him stumble back, "So much like your father you are!"

"Don't be thanking me." Harry said coldly, "because when we get to the castle, we hand you over to the Aurors, and the Dementors.

Peter looked truly terrified as Remus said "incarcerous" and wrapped him up in ropes before levitating him.

"He...he was my rat…" Ron whispered, hand slowly falling to his side, "he slept in my bed!" he exclaimed in horror.

"Yeah, that's not a pleasant thought." Sirius muttered as he limped over to Harry and Hagrid, who was still speechless, "bygones boys? Or are we going to fight it out again? Ten galleons says I can wrestle Hagrid down with one hand."

"You really are mad." Harry said.

"I like to think of it as eccentric." Sirius dismissed, stepping forward to catch Ron as he started to fall, adrenaline wearing off and the pain of his broken leg finally crashing on him,, "Sorry about the leg, was only trying to get the rat, kind of got carried away a bit."

"A bit? You almost tore my leg off!" Ron cried, having gone very pale.

"Not my fault you had your leg wedged in the roots! That's very poor planning on your part!"

"Poor planning!? I don't think anyone plans to be jumped by a mangy mutt!"

"Apparently you've never been to the philippines'

"you're...You're really innocent?" Harry asked tentatively.

"Of course!" he said with a grin, "I would have never betrayed your family Harry."

"If you were innocent." Ron started, "then why did you attack the Slytherins?"

"That, was because the little blond ponce looked much too familiar to a similar blond ponce from my days at school." Sirius said, "besides they were threatening the woman who gave me bacon! You don't mess with a man's source of bacon!May have gone a bit overboard...almost killed a few of them, but! You can't make an omelette! Right?"

"And you practically kidnapped Daphne and Hermione." Harry said, glaring once more at the man.

"Okay, in my defense on that," he started, pointing a finger at Lupin "Moony left me in charge of planning."

"No i didn't."

"He did not leave me in charge of planning." he reverted, "but he did let me go do what I wanted.'

"You said to trust you!"

"Which was a horrible decision on your part, i mean really, look at me."

Hagrid stepped forward, making Sirius take a step back nervously, then he let out a small 'eep!' as Hagrid gathered him up in a big the escapee let go of ron.

"I shoulda known ye'd never turn yer back on James!" Hagrid sobbed, "ye two were like brothers! I'm sorry 'bout shootin' ya in yer leg!"

"It's alright Hagrid…" Sirius gasped out, "you're fine...please...stop...crushing…"

Hagrid let him go, allowing him to collapse to the ground.

"Enough fooling around Sirius, lets get Peter to the castle, Daphne, Harry, help Ron and get him to the hospital wing, then meet me, Sirius, Hermione and Hagrid in the headmasters office!"

Harry and Daphne helped Ron back to his feet as Sirius got to his feet.

"Can i go with them to the hospital wing?" Sirius asked, wincing as he flexed his leg, "that bolt really hurt."

"May as well." Remus said as they all started to move, "just don't expect Poppy to be very forgiving.'

"Oh please, she loves me."

Remus snorted and looked ahead, quietly conversing with Hermione as a tearful Hagrid followed them, crossbow back in his hands and loaded.

"Well, alls well that ends well." Sirius said happily as he looked at the trio at his side, "so, thanks for all the food you guys brought me this year...even though you didn't know it was me...and that dick of a dragon kept stealing bacon…"

"No problem.' Daphne said, still glaring at him.

"So harry," Sirius started, suddenly looking very nervous, "um...I'm...probably gonna get off scott free from all this...and I know i'm a bit…"

"Eccentric?" harry offered.

"Right! Eccentric! But...well I am your godfather…" he fidgeted slightly, twirling his wand in his hand nervously. "And well...if...if you want don't have to, but i mean…" he groaned and ran his hand through his tangled hair, "If you want another place to call home...i'm sure I can provide that…"

Harry stared at him in shock, "I...yeah, that sounds brilliant."

Sirius looked at him, eyes widening, "really?"

"Of course! You're a tad crazy, but you'd probably be much better then the Dursleys."

Sirius gave a loud laugh, looking years younger, "that's great!"

Harry grinned at the man as they continued on, stopping short when Sirius put a hand out to stop them, looking around suspiciously, Remus Hagrid and Hermione were already inside Hogwarts, no doubt heading straight for Professor Dumbledore's office, 'something's not right…" Sirius whispered.

Daphne carefully pulled her wand once more, Harry doing the same, Ron looked pale as he let out a breath and saw it fogging in front of him, "oh no…" he muttered.

"Dementors." Sirius got out, "Harry, Daphne, pick up Ron and run!"

"But Sirius-" Harry started.

"RUN!" Sirius snapped as the Dementors flew over the forbidden forest, hundreds of them clouding the night sky, "RUN!"

Harry did his best to pick Ron up and started up the sloped path towards Hogwarts, Daphne doing her best to keep up on Ron's other side.

"Why can't we ever have a calm end of the year!" Ron cried as they jostled his injured leg.

"Expecto Patronum!" Sirius shouted, making a burly silver dog sprout from his wand, it quickly charged down two dementors before returning to Sirius, circling around the man as the Dementors focused solely on him.

"Sirius!" Harry exclaimed, stopping and letting go of Ron as he turned around, intent on helping the man.

"Harry!" Daphne cried as Ron stumbled to the ground, Taking Daphne with him, 'Harry come back!"

"Harry stay back!" Sirius shouted to him, sending his Patronus off in his direction to ward off three dementors attempting to swirl around Harry, "get away from my godson!" he snarled right before a Dementor flew in front of him, making him let out a harsh scream as he fell to the ground, his wand falling out of his hand and making his Patronus disappear.

"No! Sirius!" Harry called, pointing his wand out, his mind going to a sunny day by the lake with Daphne, "Expecto Patronum!"

A strong silvery vapor shot out of his wand, condensing into a type of shield as he continued to move through the horde of Dementors, many being pushed back from the shield.

"Sirius! Come on!" Harry said as he reached his godfather, helping him to his feet as the man blindly swiped his wand up, gripping it with numb fingers.

"You shouldn't have come back." Sirius rasped, looking much worse than ever before.

"I'm not leaving you." Harry said as the Patronus shield slowly died "Come on!"

"Run Harry, Leave me." Sirius urged him as his legs gave out and more Dementors began to swarm them.

"NO!" Harry snapped, raising his wand, "EXPECTO PATRONUM!"

Bursting into life, a silvery stag exploded from the tip of of his wand, the aura pulsing about it driving off many of the dementors in the vicinity, it pranced about them, running down any Dementor that attempted to go for Harry or Sirius.

"Unbelievable." Sirius whispered, eyes wide as he watched the Stag circle around the two, watching the Dementors retreat, "Unbelievable!" he exclaimed with a cackle, falling back into the grass, "Un-Fucking-believable cub! Oh I'm so fuckin' proud!"

Harry gave a watery grin as he looked back up to the stag as it turned towards him and gave a small bow before disappearing.

"Harry!" Daphne's voice reached Harry's ears, he turned and practically caught his girlfriend as she flung herself at him.

"Don't you ever do something that stupid ever again…" she whispered, holding onto him like he'd disappear if she didn't, "Don't you ever do something that stupid again!"

"Okay...I won't Daphne…" Harry said softly as he kissed her forehead.

Sirius dragged himself over to Ron, who was still on the ground watching the two, "Aw, young love." he swooned.

"Bit inappropriate isn't it?" Ron asked.

"Nonsense, it's beautiful."

The two sat silently for a while looking at the young couple embrace.

"...Isn't this...a bit creepy?" Ron asked.

"Nah, it's totally fine."


A few moments later the group finally made their way into the entrance hall, looking haggard, tired and in dire need of a shower and the infirmary, Professor McGonagall, as well as several students, were there waiting.

"Minnie! I'm home!" Sirius proclaimed as he gave McGonagall a yellow toothed smile, "you are looking wonderful today, tell me is that a new hat? It goes well with that robe let me tell-" He stopped when she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him, he tensed for a few seconds before returning her hug.

"You idiot of a boy." she sniffed as she let him go. "Only you would be reckless enough to escape Azkaban to prove your own innocence."

"Well no one else was doing it." he said lightly, 'besides, i needed to stretch my legs."

Mcgonagall wiped a tear away, "Come, lets get all of you sorted out, Professor Dumbledore will meet us in the infirmary later."

"Sounds like a plan!" Sirius said brightly as they started moving up the stairs, McGonagall helped Sirius up the steps and down the corridor into the hospital wing, where instantly Madam Pomfrey was at their sides, ushering Ron into a bed and slapping Sirius with a towel when he tried to hug her.

"You're filthy!" she chastised, "I will give no hugs until you are properly clean!"

"No fair." he pouted as McGonagall helped him into a bed.

"Enough of that Sirius." McGonagall said sternly, "just sit down and behave while we wait for Albus."

"Yes mom." he said with a cheeky grin before glancing at Harry and Daphne, the two were sitting side by side, hands intertwined and foreheads touching, the chocolate that Madam Pomfrey had brought them completely forgotten. He gave a small smile and looked back to McGonagall, "they remind you of someone else, don't they?"

McGonagall spared the young couple a glance and smiled, "that they do," she said, looking back to Sirius, "of course Mr. Potter doesn't go looking for trouble."

Sirius snorted, "he's a potter, trouble finds him. Whether he sought it out or not."

"Indeed." she said dryly, "you should've seen the 'trouble' he found in his first year, it's not every day a first year bests a mountain troll."

Sirius' eyes widened, "a mountain troll!?" He asked incredulously, "now that sounds like a story!"

McGonagall began recounting the story, as Harry scooted a little closer to Daphne.

"I'm sorry…" he whispered to her, "For not believing you…"

""It's alright…" she mumbled, "not like we put you in a good position to trust us...i mean disarming you while facing down a supposed murderer... it doesn't look good."

He snorted, "that's the least of it." he said, looking over to Sirius, who was animatedly talking with McGonagall, motioning with his arms, "he acts like an overactive teenager who has ADHD and fed eighteen bottles of pure sugar."

Daphne snorted at that, giggling quietly. 'He does doesn't he…"

"I'm finally getting away from the Dursleys...finally…" he had a slight smile on his lips, his eyes alight with hope and happiness.

"You've never truly talked about your relatives." she said softly, "only little snippets and hints...but nothing concrete."

"I don't like talking about them," Harry admitted, the light leaving his eyes for a few seconds, "They're not pleasant people...but it doesn't matter anymore, i'll never have to deal with them again…"

Daphne carefully wrapped her arms around his waist, Harry put an arm around her shoulders, kissing the top of her head.

Sirius smiled sadly, 'I missed so much." he mumbled, "all because I was stupid…"

"You musn't beat yourself up Sirius." She said gently, 'everything was out of your control."

"Hmph, hate when that happens." Sirius muttered, looking up when the door burst open and Albus Dumbledore came in with the Minister of Magic, four Aurors, a St Mungo's healer, and Severus Snape.

"SNIVELLUS!" Sirius exclaimed, jumping up and limping forward, wrapping the now surprised looking professor in a big hug, "Oh snivy! I've missed you so!"

"Let me go Black." Severus muttered.

"But why!? I thought we were best mates! Thick and thin, no matter what!"

"I'm NOT your friend."

"Oh...right my mistake." he dropped the professor unceremoniously on the ground, limping back to his bed, smiling sheepishly at Pomfrey who was glaring at him.

"Glad to see you still have a good sense of Humor Sirius," Dumbledore said with a smile.

"They couldn't take everything from me." Sirius said cheerfully as Madam Pomfrey forced him to lay down.

"Well Mr. Black, I believe we owe you an apology." Fudge said, stepping forward, "nasty business all of this is. Framing you and what not, it must have been very horrible for you."

"Not as bad as that auror boot camp Moody put us through."

The two of the aurors shuddered alongside Sirius, making everyone look at them curiously.

"Well…" Fudge started, completely confused, "be that as it may, the ministry of magic would like to extend our heart felt apologies, as well as several stipulations, which will be announced post-haste."

"Just give me the custody of Harry and we'll call it even." Sirius said dismissively, "oh! And my position back in the Auror department, I do so miss it...ah, and a puppy!"

"I'm...sure we can work something out." Fudge said with a hesitant laugh.

Albus smiled serenely"and I would be most happy to give up my guardianship of young Mr. Potter." he said, "as soon as you regain your health, that is, and on the stipulation that he returns to the Dursleys for at least two weeks every summer."

Sirius made a face, as did Harry, "Come on Dumby, do we have to!? Petunia still hasn't forgiven me for what happened on her wedding night."

"What happened on her wedding night?" Harry asked.

"Someone-we still don't know who- let a dog into her house and it tore everything up.'

"Someone...let a dog into the house?"

"Yeah, let the charming chap in, he tore up the drapes, turned over furniture, shat in every left shoe, and made himself a sandwich." Sirius said, before his eyes darted to the aurors and the minister of magic, "or so I heard." he covered himself, much to the amusement of Albus and the children.

"Well I am deeply sorry Sirius, but those are the stipulations." Albus said, "you can contest it once you're back to full health."

"Well I guess we can't win them all." Sirius muttered,, "anything else?"

" the moment." the minister said hesitantly, giving him a nod, 'you have a good night Mr. Black…" and with a handshake to Albus and a kind word to Harry and Daphne, the minister made his exit, leaving one of the aurors behind to escort the healer, who was now moving towards Sirius, pushing auburn locks out of her face as she pulled her wand out, casting a diagnostic charm, "nutrient deficient, lacking in several essential vitamins, three broken ribs, a cracked ulna, almost all your muscles strained, and your mental health is-well lets not get into that." she cast a calculating glance at Sirius, her blue eyes taking in every detail she could, "you, are going to take a lot of work to fix up."

"Funny, that's what my mother said when I was born." Sirius winced when McGonagall sacked him, "ow."

""At least his sense of humor is intact." she said dryly, "I recommend we get him started on a regimen of nutrient potions, and also begin a workout regimen that will bring back the wasted muscle."

"Sounds tiring, doesn't it sound tiring? I think it sounds tiring." Sirius said, nodding to himself, "which means I need to have a good nights rest." he pulled out a couple of vials from his pocket, "Oi Weasley!" Sirius called, tossing him one, "you earned a good night sleep, cheers mate."


"Where did you-" the healer started as Severus began patting his pockets.

"Why you thieving little-"

"Come now snivellus, did you think I'd forget our old rivalry?" Sirius asked cheerfully, "we've hated each other since we were eleven, that's not something i'd forget!"

"He does need a dreamless sleep…" the healer started helplessly.

"Exactly, so if you don't mind-" he drained the phial in one long draft and flipped off Snape as he slowly laid back down, making the potions master bristle.

Harry shook his head with a laugh, "barking mad he is…" he mumbled, leaning into Daphne once more, "but...still better then the Dursleys."


William Greengrass sat in the main parlor of his home, idly flicking through the Daily Prophet, eyes skimming the stories.

"Nothing good to report on." he mumbled, folding the paper as a penguin patronus burst to life in front of him.

"Sirius Black captured, cleared of all charges, Pettigrew arrested and awaiting trial."

William watched the patronus fade, giving a small grunt of satisfaction as he stood and began walking through the manor, hands in his pocket as he walked past portraits and knick knacks from times long before, he reached a door and opened it, revealing a set of stairs, he walked down them calmly, staring absentmindedly at the torches on the walls, soon the stairs ended in a wooden door, which he knocked gently on.

"Enter." a tired, aged voice called, William opened the door, revealing a lavish room, the walls covered in bookshelves that were full to the bursting, a leather couch was pushed up against the couch alongside several other seats, they were all covered in books, the large king size bed sitting in the middle of the room was likewise covered in books, though there was a small spot that wasn't, and directly in front of him, sitting at a mahogany desk, was a silver-haired man; he was old, far older than William, wrinkles at the corner of his eyes and mouth, as well as those upon his brow, spoke of the mans age, the black robes he wore hung heavily on his broad shoulders, making him appear smaller then he actually was, his blue eyes were looking at the younger man in front of him, narrowing slightly.

"I take it you have news for me?" the man asked quietly, looking up to William.

"I do... Sirius Black has been cleared of all charges, Pettigrew has been arrested."

He nodded, "good," he whispered as he stood, letting the robes to slide off his frame, revealing a still strong form, muscles sinewy and strong, black runes covered almost every inch of his body. Fashioned artistically, swirling up his arms and chest, "finally we right at least one wrong...send a letter to Black, and also to Daphne, we have much to discuss with the both of them."

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