The Potter Twins @natenino23
The Journal

Sirius Black hadn't been interested in anything inside his godforsaken prison since he had first arrived, His days were spent staring at a grimy stone wall or the slimy cell bars; When the Dementors came too close he would transform into Padfoot, making himself as small as he could on his mound of dirty sheets and straw. No human guard would come by his cell except for twice every year for inspection, Make sure he was miserable in his stay.

So wasn't he surprised when he heard the heavy steel door creak open and the sound of screaming profanity.


Sirius sighed, a new inmate for Azkaban prison, he peered out from behind the bars as he watched Proudfoot and Dawlish drag in one of the fattest men he had ever seen into the block, he looked more like an overweight walrus then a man actually; they threw him roughly into the cell across from him, "nice to give me a neighbor." Sirius said hoarsely, "been lonely since Ratcliff kicked the bucket."

"Quiet Black!" Dawlish snapped as he slammed the door in the new arrivals face, "enjoy your stay in Azkaban."

"Oh you'll love it, we have a spa day every sunday and on saturdays we bake cookies!" Sirius drawled, giving Dawlish a grin when the auror turned on him.

"Enough Dawlish." Proudfoot said, giving Sirius an amused glance, "lets go."

"YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME IN HERE!" the walrus shouted, grasping the bars and pressing his face against them, trying to glare at the retreating aurors, "I'M NOT A CRIMINAL."

"We're all criminals here mate." Sirius said, "best get used to that before you go mad in these walls."

"I did nothing wrong!" he snapped at Sirius.

"I Didn't either!" a taunting drawl sounded from a cell above them.

"I was framed!" another sneered.

"Filthy Mudbloods trying to besmirch our names!"

The cackling and jeers from the other inmates of the block made the man step back quickly, falling down on his relatively cleaner sheets, "I shouldn't be here…"

"That's what they all say." Sirius hummed, "Just be glad our guards don't return for another hour...they tend to stay away when the Aurors are here...but as soon as they leave…"

"This is outrageous." the man muttered, completely ignoring Sirius, "I know my rights! And I know the courts! That wasn't due process! That was a joke!"

"You must be a muggleborn." SIrius sighed, "there's no due process, mate, only what the wizengamot decides to do with wizards they don't like."

"Or witches!"

Sirius rolled his eyes, 'yes, Or witches, thank you Bella."

"Filthy Blood Traitor!"

"I love you too Bella."

"I'm not a ruddy wizard!" the man spat, the disgust at even being mistaken for one of them very evident in his tone of voice. "I'm normal! Unlike you freaks!"

Instantly the whole atmosphere of the block went from mockingly jovial, to downright bloodthirsty.

"A Muggle?"

"In this block?"

"They must want him dead."

"Messed up now didn't you?" the mad cackling of his cousin made Sirius shift uncomfortably. "You shouldn't have told the block full of Death Eaters that you're a filthy muggle."

"Death Eaters? What the bloody hell-" he started to say, only to stop when the door opened once more, and the entire block turned ice cold. Some who hadn't been there as long began to cry and scream. While those who had been there the longest, simply shrank back against the wall.

"Heres a tip mate.' Sirius whispered as he slowly retreated to the back of his cell, "if you truly are innocent. Focus on that, you'll stay relatively sane…"

"What's going on?" Hs whimpered, "whys it cold? Help! HELP!"

Sirius transformed and hid under his sheets as the new inmate began to scream, his voice lost amongst the countless others in Azkaban Prison.


Lilith sat in one of the Parlors, looking at the journal in her hands, her hand carefully tracing the stamped initials for a few moments.


The voice of Andromeda made her quickly hide the Journal behind her as the older woman walked into the parlor, her hair was tied back and she wore a simple purple sundress, "here you are." Andromeda said lightly, making Lilith smile slightly, in the last few weeks living at the Tonks Estate Lilith found herself taking a liking to the woman; gravitating towards her whenever she and Harry were separated. they would talk about random things, what book lilith was reading, or what potion Andromeda was brewing was among their preferred topics.

"Good morning Andromeda." She said politely as the matriarch sat down across from her.

"I would've thought youd be out with Harry and Ted." Andromeda said as she crossed her legs, the two had taken a liking to each other much like Lilitj and Andromeda, Ted was almost giddy in showing Harry things that they could bond over, so far both were enthralled in flying, and Harry was taking to it like a duck took to water.

"Flyings fun, but I wanted to stay inside today." She said.

"Nothing wrong with that." Andromeda said, "I was wondering if you would like to make a trip with me today."

Lilith tensed at that, while both she and Harry had gotten comfortable in this new life. They were still wary of any foul play, "what is the trip for?" She asked carefully.

"I need to pick up some more herbs and ingredients for a potion I am making, and while I can probably transport it all myself, some of these ingredients react badly with magic, so I'll need a helping hand; if you don't want to, then I can probably get Ronan to come with me."

"I'll go." Lilith said hesitantly, "but only if - can go as well." The two crows had become increasingly protective of the young girl, they-alongside hedwig- had become the sole guardians of the children's room, perched on their headboards like silent statues, watching for anything out of the ordinary. Both Ted and Andromeda realized just how serious the birds were when Ted had checked on them one night, - had instantly drove for him, their sharp talons tearing through his nightshirt and given him a small gasha, Andromeda had fared only slightly better, her sleeve having been rent as she ran to the defense of her husband

It had taken almost an hour to reassure the two children that Ted had only been checking on their well being and not attempting to do anything underhanded. it was another hour before anyone truly went to sleep

It had been an eye opener for the both of them.

Andromeda smiled sadly, "of course they can,"

Lilith nodded and stood, smoothing out her yellow dress as she began to follow Andromeda outside, with nary a word her two familiars flew down, circling a few feet above her head."what potions will you be making?"

"Antidotes and a batch of Polyjuice potion." She said as they headed to the car, both looked up and smiled as they saw Harry and Ted zooming around throwing a ball back and forth, "the Auror office commissioned me for two cauldron fulls."

"Makes you wonder what they'll need it for." Lilith said, having read some of the more advanced tomes that the house had to offer.

"They're always up to something, some raid or deep cover mission, I'm sure Mad-eye will give us the full story when he picks them up in about a month."

"A month?" She asked in surprise.

"It's a notoriously difficult potion to brew and takes a month to finish properly by the book, two if you use Oswald's method."

"Whats the difference?" She asked as they reached the car.

"The books version tastes foul depending on the person and the process of transforming from one's self to another is uncomfortable, but Oswalds slight deviations with the preparation of the ingredients and the longer brewing time makes the potion almost tasteless and eliminates the pain. Though it does shorten the effective time of the potion, usually requiring more of it."

"Which one will you be brewing?"

"By the book, the Aurors are very particular about their potions." She unlocked the door and looked up as Ted and Harry came in for a landing.

"Hello love." Ted said adoringly as he gave her a light kiss, "and where are you two off to on this fine day?"

"Potions shopping." Andromeda said with a smile, "should be back before dinner."

"Alright love, be safe on the roads."

"You'll be okay?" Harry asked his sister nervously.

"- will be coming with us." Lilith said, giving her brother a reassuring smile.

Harry nodded, "Just be careful okay?"

"I will brother." she stepped into the car and smiled when - flew in and landed on her shoulders. Andromeda stepped in a moment later and they were off.

"Where are you getting your ingredients?" Lilith asked curiously as they drove, "Diagon Alley?"

"Hmm, not quite, we will go to the Alley after our first stop." she pulled a small lever on the cars dash and suddenly the rolling hills outside began to warp and distort, going by much faster then they should have, "bit of a cheat," andromeda explained when she saw Liliths questioning gaze, "courtesy of Arthur Weasley, I swear if they would just get rid of some of the more outdated laws then that man would be rich." She flipped the switch once more and the world continued as normal; now they were surrounded by tall trees and underbrush.

"Where are we?" Lilith asked.

"Not too far from dunstanburgh castle." She said as they reached a fairly large watch tower, stone gargoyles glared down from the ramparts,"be respectful, and do not comment on his eyes."

"Okay…" lilith muttered asshe got out of the car beside andromeda. - flying above yhem, lettibg out throaty caws as they circled the area.

The door to the watchtower slowly opened, and an old man stepped out; he was gray and bent with long knotted hair that hung limply to his shoulders, the clothes on his body were well worn and covered in dirt; he turned his head towards them and Lilith let out a gasp as she saw the mans eyes.

He had none.

"Whos there?" The man asked gruffly, his lips curled into a snarl as he koved his head from side to side, the empty sockets where his eyes used to be seemed to gaze at everything and nothing.

"Good evening Mr. Crowley." Andromeda greeted, giving him a small curtsey and nudging Lilith to do the same.

The man grinned as he slowly limped forward, "Andromeda Tonks, Neé Black. Been a long time since you've darkened my doorstep. What do ya need?"

"I'm a little short on stores all around, but I need what ingredients you have for Polyjuice."

"Hmm...commission or personal use?" he asked as he began to walk towards the door.

"Commission, for the Aurors." Andromeda answered, ushering Lilith forward alongside her.

"Haven't seen Moody in a while." he muttered as he opened the door, his ears perking as he did, "did you have another little Sprog when I wasn't paying attention?"

Andromeda put a comforting hand on Lilith's shoulder as she smiled at Crowley, "this is my ward, Lilith Potter?"

"Potter?" he turned around, and blinked, making lilith gasp.

His eyes were now replaced by sharp amber eyes.

"hmm...I see Lily in you." he said, blinking once more, the amber eyes disappearing as a speckled hawk flew down from one of the gargoyles and landed on his shoulder, "almost hogwarts age yes?"


"I'm asking her Black." he said bluntly, motioning to Lilith, "Come on girl, speak."

Lilith looked at Andromeda, who shrugged helplessly, "yes, I'm eleven." she said softly.

" have amazing magical potential." He muttered as he turned away, walking towarfs his plants. "Itll be interesting to watch your progress, especially if you figure out how to use that book."

Lilith paled as andromeda raised her eyebrow, "what book?" she questioned.

"The one she's keeping in her book bag." He said absentmindedly as he began gathering the ingredients, "how many cauldrons of this are you making?"

"...two." she said carefully, "as well as any kingsfoil you have, i'll be needing it for some antidotes."

Crowley nodded as he began to gather the ingredients, "Blinky!" he called,.

LIlith's eyes widened as an elfish creature appeared in front of the man, dressed in a lean towel wrapped around it like a toga, "master be calling Blinky?" the bug eyed creature asked, bowing low.

"Yes, go fetch some kingsfoil from the southern fields, as well as some Marigold and meadowsweet."

"Yes master." the elf popped away.

"What was that?" Lilith questioned as - landed on her shoulders, likewise perplexed.

"That, was Blinky," Crowley said, "My house elf, little bugger's been a help to me in my old age,knows more about plant husbandry and potioneering then I ever could."

"And would definitely get you arrested should the Department of Magical Creatures found out you were teaching an elf to brew." Andromeda snipped.

"Bah! I've been around too long for those prissy footed Beuracrats to even touch me." he spat as he hobbled over with her requested ingredients, smiling when Blinky popped back in, "there's no harm in a house elf knowing the finer arts of magic, if I could give her a wand I would."

"Why isn't she allowed a wand?" Lilith asked, slowly moving forward as Crowley turned his head towards her.

"House Elves are considered subhuman, and are there for not allowed to carry a wand, the same can be said for Goblins, Centaurs and merpeople." he explained carefully, 'Pureblood bigotry is what I believe it to be, and a large reason for why the aforementioned species hate wizarding kind...there you are, I'll be out of country for the next few months, so don't be surprised if you can't contact me."

"Thank you Mr. Crowley." Andromeda said, putting a small stack of Galleons on the table, 'Come along Lilith." she says, ushering the little girl out of the door.

"Why do wizards think that House elves are subhuman?" LIlith asked Andromeda as they got closer to the car.

"Besides their appearance you mean?" she asks with an amused smile, "they're magic is different from ours, more akin to a parasite, they're power comes directly from the relationship with a family, it's why House Elves are usually found around large dwellings like castles amd Mansions, which are usually built upon two or more ley lines, they sponge up the excess magic and the family they're attached to benefit from the House Elves serving them...they're meek and wanting to please nature made many families treat them more like slaves."

"That's horrible." LIlith whispered, 'why don't they leave for another family?"

"All magic comes with a price." Andromeda says, 'once house elves bond with a family, they are tied to that family for life unless the bond is cancelled by the family itself, usually done by giving clothes to the House Elf, but their culture sees this as the worse thing to be done, as a house elf thats given clothes almost never finds another family to serve, and wastes away without magic."

Lilith looked down, "damned if they stay, damned if they leave…" she mumbled, while ANdromeda gives her a sad smile.

"Nothing we can do," Andromeda says gently as she opens the door, "my only advice on the subject would be to treat House Elves with civility and respect, I guarantee that does more for them then anything come along, lets get to Diagon Alley before the shops close."

Two hours later.

Lilith walked alongside Andromeda, carrying several bags as they walked into a book shop that was just off the main street of Diagon Alley, the last stop on their shopping trip; they had gone to almost every shop twice over, getting groceries and other odds and ends for the house. "What do we need from here?" she asks as Andromeda approaches the front desk and ringing the bell.

"I wanted to get that book checked out." Andromeda said, giving the girl a look when she shrinks slightly, "you didn't think i forgot about that little bit did you?"

"I was hoping you wouldn't bring it up." she mumbled, slowly pulling the book out, hesitantly staring at Andromeda before holding it out.

Andromeda carefully took the book and looked at it, she could feel old magic radiating from it, but couldn't place what it was, "I promise it won't be disposed of unless it's dangerous."

Lilith nodded as a young looking man walked in from the back, fairly skinny an with thick glasses that had several other lenses attached to the side, his hair was thin, nearing bald, "welcome to Bookman's book shop, I am Bookman how can I help you?" he asked, eyes darting between the two.

"Good evening sir, I wanted to get this book checked." she said, carefully placing the leather bound book onto the counter, "my ward here found it and I want to make sure its not dangerous."

"Well look at this beaut here…" he whispered, picking it up reverently as three lenses came down, "this is old..I would say around 1100 AD if not a little older...dragon-hide leather...the parchment is definitely of fine quality..but what is this magic that is attached to it…" two more lenses came down as he opened the book to the first page, cutting his thumb on the page to produce a single drop of blood and allowing it to fall onto the page ; he didn't even flinch from the cut as he wandlessly healed himself, intently staring at the page as a single word bloomed across the page, "REJECTED" "why this is an amazing find young lady!" he said giddily, looking at the two with a wide smile and magnified eyes, completely unfazed at being rejected by a book, "Do you know what this is?"

"No…" Lilith said carefully as the man came around the counter, kneeling down beside her.

"This right here, is the personal journal of a Magus, akin to a family grimoire but many times more valuable." he says, "it was the blood lock that gave it away, you see, many of these journals had a way to verify who is using it, usually in the way of fresh blood from the magus so no one unverified would peak at their secrets." he looked up to Andromeda, "if i'm right, then this one has a few other spells on it, young Miss, can you put your finger on the page."

Lilith doesn't hesitate to put a single finger on the page, wincing when it splits her finger open, allowing a drop of ruby red blood to hit the page before the wound sealed on its own, one again words bloom across the page. It was the same message she had read the other day.

"By Merlin-no, that's wrong, by Morgana!" Bookman said in awe as Andromeda joined him in kneeling beside Lilith to stare at the book, "not only is this a Magus Journal, but it's the journal of one of THE Magus'! Morgana De La Fey! And with the magic she spelled into this book and the way it responded to you, then that means your a descendant of one of the most powerful Magus' in britains history!"

"Impossible…" andromeda whispered, "the histories state that Morgana had no children."

"No magical children." Bookman corrected as he stood up, leaving the book in Lilith's hands, "the histories specifically say no magical children, meaning that there very well could be several squib lines that can trace themselves back to her."

"so it couldn't have amazing."

"That it is," Bookman agreed, pulling out a journal of his own and beginning to write in it, "I wouldn't even know where to begin on trying to unravel the magics in that book, and frankly, I don't want to, it's the young lady's birth right." he let go of the quill, which continued to write in the book as hw turned back to them, "if what I think is right, then you'll only need to give it blood when opening it for the day, after that it will allow you to read it for the whole day, before the strike of midnight locks it again."

"No needing to worry about anyone peaking at it while you're asleep." Andromeda says as Lilith turns the pages, finding more paragraphs, diagrams, and entries.

"You aren't going to take this away from me?" Lilith asks.

Andromeda shook her head, "I will ask that you don't try anything in it unless Ted and I are there to make sure you don't injure yourself." she cautioned, "spells created and used by a Magus would need an obscene amount of power and control."

"Which i'm sure she will one day be able to reach, with practice that is." Bookman agreed, producing a card from his shirt pocket, 'Here you are young lady, should you ever have any questions on that book, feel free to contact me."

Lilith took it and put it in her pocket, "Thank you sir."

"How much do I owe you sir?" Andromeda asked, standing up fully.

"Nothing," He said firmly, "Simply being in the presence of such a spectacle of history is enough for me."

"Thank you sir," Andromeda said, gathering her bags and walking out with Lilith in tow, soon they were back in the car and heading home, "should I tell Harry?" Lilith asks, making Andromeda look at her out of the corner of her eye, the girl was staring at the cover of the journal. Eyes slightly sad, "he hadn't seen anything when I first discovered the book. And it didn't take any blood from him…"

"That is up to you Lilith." she says carefully, "this book is invaluable in terms of knowledge, and I know you and your brother aren't ones to withhold anything from each other-"

"-what if it doesn't accept him?" Lilith asks quietly, looking up at Andromeda, "what if it decides he's not allowed to read from the book? There's so many things that are already separating us now, how I can use mage sight and he can't, our wands...what if this is something else that separates us?"

"Lilith, I know you're worried, but you and your brother love each other." She said gently, "I doubt anything will truly separate you two, and any difference in strength or power will be worked out over time, you both have so much potential and power that I know you'll both go far...I won't tell you what to do, but I will say that whatever you choose to do, Harry will always be at your side."

Lilith looked back down at her journal, 'Thank you Andromeda…" she mumbled as they pulled up to the house, Ted and Harry were sitting around a small fire pit along side Ronan, who was gruffly puffing on a pipe as Ted told Harry one of his many quidditch stories, "i know he'll be able to use it." She said firmly as Andromeda smiled.

"Come, lets go see what they got up to while we were gone."


Later that night Lilith was looking at the journal in her hands, - were posted on her headboard, looking down at their bonded in interest.

"You still looking at that journal?" Harry asked, walking in.

"yes...I found out more about it…" she says, looking at her brother.


"Yes, come here." She says, sitting cross-legged facing Harry as he steps forward, she opens it to the first page, "cut your finger on the edge of the page."


"Cut your finger on the edge of the page." she reiterated, "and make sure a drop of blood lands on the page."

Harry hesitates for a moment, before putting his finger against the edge of the page and nicked it, pressing the now bleeding wound on the page, his eyes widen as the cut heals and words bloom across the page.

To you who has my blood but is not the heir.

You are certainly a descendant of mine, as this journal accepts your blood, and you shall have my knowledge sparingly, for only the true heir may know all of my secrets.

"Whoa…" he looked up at Lilith, who seemed more relaxed, "this is wicked…"

"The other night it took my blood and said I was an heir." She said softly, "i was scared when you tried that it wouldn't work…"

"Well I'm not an heir, it said so." He says in a matter of fact voice giving her a big smile, "looks like you're even more special then we thought huh?"

"Yeah...looks like it…" she mumbled, staring at it, "i shouldn't use it, not if you can't see everything i can."

Harry shook his head, "i couldn't do that to you. " he says with a sad smile, "if you're the heir then you deserve the knowledge in that book; besides, I reckon ill still be able to keep up."

Lilith couldn't help herself as she put the journal on her bed and pulled her brother in for a big hug, "i promise ill share everything in it." She whispers.

Harry returns her hug, slightly awkwardly, "i know you will let's get some sleep."

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