The Potter Twins @natenino23
Diagon Alley

Andromeda smiled as she watched Harry and Lilith look around the alley with wide eyes filled with awe. Lilith's eyes lit up especially when she saw Flourish and Blotts.

"All those books…" she whispered to Harry, who nodded numbly as he looked over at one of the pet shops.

"They have bats for sale!" He exclaimed.

"Bats? Really?" Lilith asked, looking over as well.

"They make fairly good pets," Andromeda said nonchalantly as they moved down the alley, "though Owls tend to he more popular." She began to guide them towards Gringotts, inclining her head politely to the goblin guards. "This is Gringotts. Run by Goblins. Be respectful and courteous to them, and do not look them in the eyes. They take it as a challenge."

Lilith looked at a nearby goblin looking at rubies the size of eggs, concentrating hard until she could see a deep red aura surrounding the goblin. It was erratic, like a raging fire that had been forcibly contained into a small space. She looked to Andromeda, whose aura was like a calm river, then back to the Goblins.

"What's wrong, Lilith?" Andromeda asked her quietly.

"It's nothing," she said as they moved to one of the tellers, who didn't look up as they approached, instead continuing to count the stacks of gold coins in front of him.

"Well met, Master Goblin," Andromeda began, making the goblin look up briefly from his work.

"Well met, Mistress Tonks," he sneered, pressing his fingertips together in front of him on the desk. "How can Gringotts offer its services today?"

"We are here to see the Potter Vault," she handed over a small golden key. The goblin took it, then raised his eyes to Andromeda, then lowered them to the children. After a long moment, he gave a hefty sigh.

"Very well, follow me." The goblin climbed down from his high stool and walked down the aisle. Andromeda followed, whispering quietly to the kids.

"Goblins do not like idle chit chat. Any time you speak with one, get straight to the point. No dawdling of any kind, and always be respectful. They are a very proud people."

"Why are we going down to the Potter Vaults?" Harry asked her as Lilith looked to the carts the goblin was leading them to. A spike of uncertainty ran through her as she thought of several worst case scenarios. Do goblins buy children? She thought to herself. Only the reassuring squeeze of Harry's hand kept her moving, but one look at her brother made it clear to her that she wasn't the only one worried.

"There are things in there that you may want to see." She set a comforting hand on their shoulders. "Plus, it never hurts to have a little of your own spending money."

"Hurry along," the goblin growled as they climbed into the cart. "Time is money, after all."

As soon as Lilith sat down, the cart took off, rocketing into the darkness of the Gringotts tunnels. Andromeda kept as composed as she could, though she looked a bit like a terrified cat. I hate these carts, she thought bitterly, giving the twins a sympathetic look as they clung to each other, shaking slightly. When the cart stopped, Andromeda carefully helped the two out, and pulled her wand to conjure several bright orbs of light. They hovered above the group, pulsating softly in the dark and damp tunnels and distracting the children from their fears.

"Vault 687." The goblin watched the children carefully before he unlocked the door and looked to Andromeda, who inclined her head and stepped aside so he could see the twins.

Lilith felt herself tense as the goblin walked forward, his beady eyes glaring at them. Harry discreetly positioned himself in front of his sister while she began to touch upon her magic.

"Your key," the goblin said, holding the gold key out to the children. "It rightfully belongs to you."

Lilith and Harry looked at each other apprehensively, then looked to Andromeda, who gave them an encouraging smile. Harry slowly reached out and took the gold key. "Thank you, sir."

"No thanks needed. Now go, see your heritage."

The twins quickly walked into the vault, looking around in awe. They were surrounded by piles of glittering gold and silver coins, but this only held their attention for a few short moments. What truly caught their eyes were the trinkets and knick knacks that could only have belonged to their parents. Several open trunks sat displaying their contents to the eager children, who began looking through them, reverently holding photos of their parents and who they could only guess were their friends.

"Look at how beautiful Mum is!"

"Dad looks just like me!"

"Look at this guy with Dad, he looks so cool!"

"Those scars are wicked! I wonder how he got those?"

On and on they looked, going from the photos to the curious trinkets that were housed in another trunk. Harry pulled out a tarnished silver watch from this while Lilith was looking at a small dagger. The watch had a strange coat of arms that Harry could barely see, but when he popped open the watch he found himself looking at a faded muggle picture of his parents on a hinged window. He touched the picture and carefully let the lenses swing over to see the inside of the lid, eyebrows scrunched together at the weird symbol etched into the silver.

"Wonder what this symbol means," he said, showing it to Lilith.

"Dunno, maybe it'll be in one of these books. Do you want to check?"


Andromeda watched it all with a smile on her lips.

"They've had a tough life." The Goblin at her side startled her. "You humans aren't known for being timid, and the way the boy positioned himself in front of his sister when I approached…" he looked up to her. "Allowing them to keep their key was a wise move."

"The key isn't mine to withhold," Andromeda said softly, "it's their birthright." She spared him a glance. "I request the help of the Goblin Nation. The children have not been given the proper nutrition or care, and while St. Mungos is good, they need a...stronger treatment."

"I will contact Healer Bonemender and have the potions ready by tomorrow. I will also Bill the Potter Account for the transaction."

"Pull the money from my personal account," Andromeda said, "I am their guardian after all."

"As you wish, madam," he said with a small nod.

Andromeda stepped forward. "Harry, Lilith, pack up what you want to take. It is time we begin your Hogwarts shopping."


Harry's head was spinning.

Diagon Alley was everything he and his sister thought it would be and more, and while the trip to Gringotts had shaken them, it did nothing to quell the excitement they felt as they went from shop to shop, getting everything needed for their upcoming school year. They had already gotten their books, telescopes, and uniforms and were currently finding the last odds and ends for their potions class.

"You don't need a solid gold cauldron," Andromeda said gently as they browsed the apothecary, chattering amongst themselves. "Sixth year is when you would need one, and only for certain potions."

"Why would it matter if you make a potion in a gold cauldron or a pewter one?" Lilith asked curiously as she looked through the first year potioneers' kit.

"Some potions react badly to certain metals. In some cases it would be like throwing sodium into water." She handed the teller several galleons as they made their way out of the store. "Come now, children. It's time to get your wands."

Harry and Lilith stuck close with Andromeda, looking around at the Alley in awe.

"Here we are, Ollivander's Wand Shop." Andromeda carefully opened the heavy doors and allowed her charges to step in.

Lilith looked around the dusty old shop in confusion, her brow furrowed. "Is the room buzzing?" She asked Harry softly.

"No," Harry looked at his sister in concern. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Of course I am, it just feels like the room is buzzing...and the air is heavy…"

"That's the magic you're feeling," a new voice said, making the twins jump and look towards the source, which was a wild haired, thin man with bright eyes staring at them from near the counter, almost swallowed by the towers of dusty wand boxes.

"All wands are inherently magical. Their cores come from magical creatures and the wood has the ambient magic of the earth flowing through them." He smiled as he approached, stopping short when the twins took a step back. "Of course, when wielded by a wizard, one can hardly tell It is there, but when they are unclaimed, they sing!" He looked at Lilith with a quietly knowing smile. "You, my dear, have the very rare gift of being able to sense that magical song."

"Do only wands sing?" Lilith asked carefully.

"Goodness, no! Every living creature sings with magic! Some are louder than others, but it's there. They all sing, though. Many refer to it as Aura, and all you have to do is focus."

Lilith looked to the rows of wands and narrowed her eyes, breathing deeply and focusing as hard as she could. For a moment it seemed as though nothing were going to happen, yet she pushed further and then - a myriad of colors pulsated through the air! Greens, blues and yellows all intermingling yet independent. "Wow…"

"I wish I could see it," Harry mumbled, smiling when his sister put a reassuring hand on his shoulder,

"It is possible to learn it. But it takes self discipline, and a lot of magical, you both came for something other than to listen to an old man prattle on. I am Garrick Ollivander, and I will be helping you both find your wands."

While Ollivander began his process, Andromeda thought over what she had just learned, a troubled look on her face. Lilith can read Auras? And at such a young age…

She got so lost in her thoughts, she nearly missed Harry finding his wand. She was shaken from her thoughts when Ollivander spoke of the curiosity of the match.

"Curious," he muttered, making Andromeda look up.

"I'm sorry, but what is curious, sir?"

"It's curious that the Phoenix that gave its feather for this wand, gave another feather…just, one. And the owner of that wand, gave you that scar."

Andromeda tensed, once again troubled. A twin of Voldemort's wand?

"Well, I expect you will do great things with this wand, Mr. Potter, for even The Dark Lord himself did great things. Terrible, but great…now my dear, it is your turn. Step on up, come on, don't be shy."

Lilith stepped forward warily while Harry stepped back, looking at his wand curiously.

Andromeda laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. "The wand doesn't make the wizard." She told him softly when he looked up at her, "Twin core or not."

"Well, my dear, you're proving to be a difficult customer," Ollivander said jovially to Lilith, who was glaring in frustration at the pile of wands they had already gone through. "It doesn't mean anything bad, but I'm starting to run out of wands that have a remote chance of working for you."

Lilith felt a spike of fear run through her. What would they do if she didn't get a wand? Would it affect their decision to send her to school? They made such a big deal out of them that she was sure nothing good would come of it.

"I wonder…" Ollivander muttered, completely oblivious to the girl's inner turmoil as he went to the back of the store, returning moments later with a box.

Unlike the other boxes holding the wands, which were dingy and made of what looked like cardboard, this box was made of polished redwood, and fancy scroll work had been etched into its surface.

"Open it, child." Ollivander said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Lilith slowly reached out and pulled the top off, her eyes widening at the beautiful wand lying inside on a velvet cushion.

It was long, at least twelve inches, perhaps longer, of polished black wood that gently curved and transitioned into a white point. Lilith could feel the magic radiating off of this wand like no other wand had, pulsating a deep purple Aura. Carefully, she reached out and gripped the wand. She let out a slight gasp as sparks flew from the point, making Ollivander smile sadly.

"So, it finally chooses a wielder." He said.

"Finally?" Lilith asked curiously.

"What do you mean by finally sir?" Harry asked the man, his gaze likewise on the beautiful wand.

"This wand is special, made by my grandfather over a thousand years ago." He chuckled at their stunned faces, "Don't be so surprised. Wizards are long lived, and Ollivanders last even more so; as I was saying, my great grandfather had crafted many a fine wand for many important names in history, but he used the same materials and methods that I myself use today, except, for this wand…" he held his hand out and Lilith hesitantly handed it back. "Thirteen inches. Ebony, and a fang from a Hebridian Black, fused in dragon fire of the very same dragon…my great grandfather made this wand with the last of his magic, fusing the wood and tang into a single entity with the help of the mighty dragon Dadara. It has since stayed in this shop, waiting for a worthy wielder to come. It's temperament is stubborn and rigid, like the dragon it came from, and will be very adept in the castings of wild magics, the most raw and untameable of our power." Carefully, he handed the wand back to Lilith. "Take care of this wand, Lilith Potter, and it shall take care of you."

Lilith held her wand reverently. "Both our wands have a story," she said, looking back to her brother, who smiled sadly.

"I think I like your wands story better."

Lilith sobered as she heard her brother's words, carefully storing her wand in her pocket as Andromeda paid Ollivander.

"Thank you, sir, for your insight," She said coolly as the coins clinked merrily into the man's hand. She turned and put a comforting hand on the twins' shoulders, steering them towards the door. "Come now, children, it's still early in the day, and we have one more stop."


"A familiar is very important," Andromeda said softly to Lilith and Harry as they walked into Magical Menagerie. All three watched the myriad of animals in the shop move about inside their cages. "They'll be a constant companion, much like another sibling."

"Do you have a familiar?" Lilith asked carefully as she watched two kneazles wrestle in a crate.

"Once," she said with a fond, sad smile. "He was an augury, was with me all through hogwarts...he saved my life...lost his in the process…" she shook her head slightly. "Go ahead and look around children, you'll know your familiar when you meet them."

"I thought we were only allowed an Owl, a Cat, or a Toad at Hogwarts," Harry commented as he looked at a strange monkey-like animal that slowly disappeared from view before his very eyes.

"That's for pets. Familiars fall into their own category; they can be extremely helpful in casting spells and performing some of the more difficult rituals. Some can even communicate with their partners when the bond is strong." She smiled at Lilith as the young girl stopped by an artificial tree with a curious expression. In the tree were two crows, one white with pale blue eyes, and one black with blood red eyes. Both were staring down at her, heads cocked to the side in interest as they took flight, careening around the little witch for a few moments before landing, one on her right shoulder and the other atop her auburn hair, both letting out croaking caws as Lilith giggled.

Harry's laughter made Andromeda turn around in time to see the boy in a similar predicament, only with a single, large snowy owl instead of two crows. "Magnificent," she complimented the owl as it regarded her with a haughty eye. "Both of you have powerful familiars." She moved to the counter and placed a handful of galleons on it. "We'll take the needed provisions for these three beautiful birds."

The store clerk supplied them with cages, bird stands and food. The snowy owl dutifully stepped into the cage when Harry opened the cage door. The two crows simply glared disdainfully at the silver cages as they settled on her shoulders.

Andromeda smiled as they began to walk towards the leaky cauldron. Lilith and Harry followed at her side, both with contemplative looks upon their faces.

"Mrs. Tonks," Lilith began carefully, making Andromeda look over.

'You don't have to call me 'Mrs. Tonks'. Andromeda, or Andy works," she said gently.

"Okay...Andromeda...who...who was it that attacked our parents?"

Andromeda faltered for a moment. "Over here. Fortescue has the best ice cream," she said, guiding the children towards the shop.

Lilith looked mildly irritated at having her question ignored, but figured it wasn't something anyone wanted to talk about.

Andromeda settled the twins at one of the tables and ordered them all a chocolate. When Mr. Fortescue had placed the ice cream in front of them and moved on, Andromeda leaned forward slightly, speaking in a hushed tone. "You both want to know what happened to your parents, yes? I'll explain as best as I can, but not many truly know what happened that night."

Harry looked at Lilith, then nodded to Andromeda, both listening with rapt attention.

"Eleven years ago, there was a powerful Dark Lord at the height of his power. He and his followers - the Death Eaters - were feared by all. It was a dark and uncertain time. No one could trust anyone, and very few wanted to stand up against him, but your parents...they were some of the few to actively oppose his followers. It got to the point that they gained the Dark Lords personal attention. He came calling on Halloween 1981 and killed your mother and father...but for reasons no one can understand, he didn't kill either of you,and disappeared."

"What happened to him?" Harry asked quietly.

"What was his name?" Lilith questioned staring at her chocolate ice cream.

"Honestly, no one knows what happened that night," Andromeda said gently, watching Lilith carefully. The young girl's eyes were smoldering with anger. "When Aurors arrived, the house looked like an explosion took the roof off, and you two weren't among the rubble." She looked around, then quietly continued. "His name had a Taboo placed upon it once upon a time, for only those who opposed him used it. So you mustn't be too liberal with saying it. Understand?" When the two nodded, she leaned in and quietly spoke. "He called himself Voldemort."

Harry snorted slightly as Lilith giggled, "what a ridiculous name to call oneself."

"It is fairly ridiculous, isn't it?" Andromeda said with a small smile that promptly disappeared, "but the name isn't what's important."

Both children sobered at those words.

"Eat your ice cream, I promise it will help. When you're done we can return to the house. I'm sure Ted has brought home something wonderful to eat."


Harry and Lilith walked up the steps of the Tonks Estate. Despite the somber turn their trip had taken, the two were talking happily about their experience. Andromeda watched them with a soft smile as she opened the door. "Why are the lights out? Ted should've been back by now…" she muttered as Lilith and Harry cautiously stepped in. Lilith froze, and her eyes narrowed and darted about. "Someone's in here…" she whispered.

As soon as the words left her lips the lights suddenly flipped on and several voices shouted out "SURPRISE!"

"GET DOWN!" Moody shouted, erecting a shield as a blast of green magic shot towards them, nearly everyone went for cover. Ted himself had to dodge the ricocheted magic as he looked back to the children with a stunned expression. Harry was protectively standing in front of Lilith with his new holly wand, while Lilith was hidden behind him, wand glowing a dangerous green.

"Ted," Andromeda started slowly. Her own wand out and currently glaring at her husband, "what's going on?"

"A...surprise party?" Ted started carefully as his wife moved to stand in front of the twins. Harry lowered his wand slightly, looking over the group in front of them while Lilith kept her guard up.

Moody was grinning from where he stood with Hagrid, who hadn't even moved from his spot, looking at the twins in amusement. Professor McGonagall stood partially in the kitchen, her lips thin as she looked to a very small man who seemed to be bouncing in giddiness. Ted was slowly coaxing a raven-haired woman and auburn-haired man with a goatee out from behind the couch. They led two children out behind them, both girls, and on their other side stood an olive skinned woman who was attempting to hide a small boy behind her.

"Lilith, I think they threw us a party." Harry whispered cautiously to his sister.

"Are you mad?" She whispered fiercely back, "why would they even do that? No one's ever thrown us a party."

"Well Ted said 'surprise party' so…'"

"No, it's a trap, this is their...coven or something and they're going to sacrifice us."

"Covens were banned in 1102 when one tried to take over the Ministry," Andromeda whispered back to her, smiling softly at Liliths blush of embarrassment. Her heart broke to think that both were hesitant to believe that anyone would throw a birthday party for them, so she slowly turned to them and knelt down. "If you don't want this party then we can send everyone away and try another day. It's all up to the both of you."

Harry and Lilith shared a look before carefully putting their wands away. As soon as the wands were gone the tension in the air disappeared.

"Told you it was a bad idea to surprise them," Moody muttered to Ted as Andromeda led the twins forward. "Fast reflexes, the both of them."

"Almos' gave some o'the nurses heart attacks back at Sain' Mungos," Hagrid said jovially.

"Indeed," McGonagall said, giving Ted an unimpressed glare.

"I thought it'd be a nice surprise," He said sheepishly.

"Well, they're quick on the draw," the auburn haired man said to the woman in his arms.

"Oh shush, Cyrus, it's understandable," the ravenette said to him as the two little girls went forward towards the twins.

"Hi!" The youngest of the two chirped excitedly. Her hair was a frizzy red, her hazel eyes shining excitedly as she led her sister over. "That was so cool! You drew your wands so fast! Didn't they, Daphne?"

The other girl - presumably Daphne - turned her icy blue eyes to both of them. "It really was impressive. " she said carefully, giving Harry a small smile.

"T-thanks," Harry stuttered, running a hand through his hair, "but all I did was pull my wand."

"Sometimes, that's enough." The young boy said, walking forward, holding his hand out, "I'm Blaise Zabini, it's a pleasure to meet you both."

"Oh! Erm, I'm Harry, Harry Potter, and this is my sister, Lilith."

Lilith gave blaise a small "hello." As the Italian boy shook her brothers hand, then reached her hand out, she quirked an eyebrow when he kissed her knuckles.

"I'm Astoria!" The brunette girl chirped, quickly pushing her sister forward, "and this is Daphne!"

"Astoria!" Daphne scolded, turning back to Harry, holding her hand out, "Daphne Greengrass, it's a pleasure to meet you Harry."

Harry, not understanding Wizard etiquette, took her hand and kissed her knuckles, like Blaise had done to his sister, only Daphne's pale cheeks blushed a deep crimson when he did it.

"Y-you dont have to do that…" Daphne flustered.

"Oh! I just thought…" harry trailed off, likewise blushing while Lilith raised an eyebrow at them both, it's just a kiss on the knuckles, she thought as Astoria began giggling.

"Do either of you know what Quidditch is?" Blaise asked smoothly, stepping in before the embarrassment could truly set in.

"Its been mentioned." Lilith said, taking over for her still blushing brother, "but it hasn't yet been explained to us."

"Well I can help with that-"

While the children began to relax and speak, Andromeda moved over to the adults, "Catarina," she greeted Blaises mom warmly, "Cyrus, Thalia, how are you all on this beautiful night?"

"Could have done without the impromptu attack." Catarina quipped, giving her old friend a hug.

"They're wound tight," Thalia said, "no surprise after what we learned about their childhood."

"The girls power is strong." Cyrus muttered, "I haven't seen magic like that manifest since...well ever."

"Yes, but those reflexes!" The diminutive man exclaimed excitedly, walking over with McGonagall, "she would make an excellent duelist!"

"That she would Professor Flitwick." Andromeda said, giving him a smile, "I didnt think I would see you here so soon."

"Well Minerva got the invite while we were sharing a bit of Brandy so I thought I'd tag along!" Flitwick said jovially. "And quite glad I did! So much potential for both of them!"

"They haven't even completed their first year at Hogwarts yet," Catarina said dismissively, "that could've been accidental magic."

"Twasnt accidental lass." Moody growled, limping forward, "those two have a better handle on their magic then most, you mark my words, they'll be very powerful casters when they grow."

"Alastor, how are you?" Andromeda said, her eyes quickly scanning behind him for her daughter.

"Fine, winding down to my retirement next year." He grunted.

"The Auror force will be sad to see you go." Cyrus said honestly.

"I wont be." He said gruffly, "'especially if they promote Scrimgeour to head Auror, hes a good Auror but a leader he is not!" He pulled a flask and took a quick gulp from it, "anyways, I left Nymphadora on guard duty at the Ministry, best be getting back before she destroys something out of sheer boredom." He walked forward and put a parcel in Andromedas hand, "for them, itll be more practical then putting their wands in their back pockets."

"Thank you Alastor. Can you tell my Daughter to drop by when she can?"

"Hmph, I'll try." He grunted, limping away, "shes the one that volunteered for guard duty after we got the invitation."

Andromeda felt a lance of pain go through her at those words, "I'll just go put this with the other presents then." She said, excusing herself from her friends and moving into the kitchen, Ted quickly following.

Andromeda put the parcel onto the table with the few other presents.

"'Drom…" ted said softly as he entered the kitchen.

"What were you making for their dinner?" Andromeda asked as she walked deeper into the kitchen, checking the few bags she found, "pizza? We'll have to start actually cooking before we spoil their health."


"Perhaps we should start getting the children ready for cake, did you get ice cream as well-" she stopped as Ted put his arms around her waist, she slumped ever so slightly.

"She'll come back when shes ready." Ted whispered as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

"I know...but it doesnt make it hurt any less." She said softly, leaning back into him for a few moments, with a sigh she turned in his arms and gave him a kiss, "come on, let's get everyone fed."

"Of course luv." Ted agreed as they began moving back towards the living room.

"And Ted."

"Yes dear?"

"You're not off the hook for this party."

"I...yes dear…"


Today had been, without a doubt, one of the best days in Liliths short life, new clothes, a filling meal, new friends and even getting to experience their very own birthday party!

But even with all of this, Lilith was still on edge, there had to be something that Ted and Andromeda were about to drop on them, no one had ever been so kind to them without having an ulterior motive. And while Harry was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, Lilith would not.

Maybe that's why she decided to be the first for their watch tonight, Harry might just be too comfortable to where he would let his guard down, but she wouldnt. Shed be ready.

Currently she was sorting the things that they had been given, a wizards chest set from The Greengrasses, (they moved and talked, slightly disconcerting but interesting), a book on Magical Creatures from Hagrid, a small enchanted Mirror that would give beauty tips to the wielder from Catarina ('every witch must look her best in everything she does') and a muggle watch for Harry, Professor McGonagall and her colleague had given thema wide assortment of wizarding candies ('be wary of the bertie botts every flavor jelly beans, he does mean every flavor') and a pair of dragon hide wand holsters from Moody. Spelled to keep their wands from being summoned.

The night had ended with pizza and cake, a luxury neither of the twins had ever had before, and had savored completely.

Lilith carefully placed the mirror into a drawer in her bed side table, sliding it shut carefully. She then stood and moved over to their trunks, where their purchases if the day were laid out alongside the things they had removed from their parents vault.

Lilith ran her hand over the worn books, her hands itching to pick one up and flip through it, but not wanting to get distracted, she began to close the lid;stopping only when she noticed a faint green glow coming from the bottom of the stack.

Sparing a look to their door, she carefully reached into the trunk and closed her hands around the source, a thin leather bound journal with the initials M.L.F pressed into its front. She looked at the door again, then, slowly, opened the cover, she slumped disappointed when she found it blank, and went to shut the book; only to drop it in n shock when she cut herself on the page. She watched in fascination as the blood disappeared, and a beautiful handwriting q)began to blossom out onto the page. She eagerly picked up the book again and began to read.

To you who has found this book, Congratulations, you are the first witch in generations to do so; your blood is mine, and, In turn, my Knowledge is yours. Use it well and make our house a proud one once again.

Yours proudly,

Morgana Le Fey.


Her brothers voice made Lilith shut the book quickly as she looked up. He was sleepily sitting up in his bed, checking his newly acquired watch.

"Time to switch." Harry mumbled, stretching a bit, "what are you doing?"

"I found this book." She said, quickly going over to her brother, "it says its Morgana Le Feys."

"Really?" Harry asked, carefully taking the journal from her sister and opening it, his eyebrows creased as he began flipping through the pages, "theres nothing in here."

"What?" Lilith took the journal back and looked into it, frowning when she found the pages blank once more, "but it said...the message appeared when I cut my finger on the page, it took some of my blood! Maybe I have to do it again…."

"Lilith your fingers are fine." Harry said, making her look at her hands, sure enough, there was no sign of a cut, or even blood.


"You're probably tired, get some sleep Lils, I'll keep watch."

"I guess you're right…" she said, slightly disappointed as she put the journal on her night stand before getting under the covers.

"Good night Harry."

"Sweet dreams Lilith."

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