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The Prodigy @natenino23
a new plan

I'm sorry for the long wait and apologize for the short chapter, hopefully I'll be able to get another chapter soon. if anyone has any suggestions for the story I am welcome for it.

Harry stumbled as they disapparated, falling to his knees as he dry heaved. Trying his hardest to keep his breakfast down.

Gabrielle had no such qualms and immediately emptied her stomach in the rose garden.

"Apparition, always hard on the stomach." Tonks said sympathetic as Harry crawled over to Gabrielle.

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly.

"Fine…" she rasped, wiping her mouth as Harry helped her get to her feet.

"Let's get you inside." Tonks said gently, guiding them both towards the country house in front of them while Remus brought up the rear, looking about as they got to the door.

Tonks knocked twice and the door opened a moment later, showing a beautiful petite woman with long curly hair and a heart shaped face., her garnet eyes slid over all of them and she gave them a kind smile.

"Hurry and come in." she said, ushering them all into the house, as soon as the door closed she pulled Harry into a hug, "It is good to finally meet you Harry, and you as well Gabrielle." she added as she pulled Gabrielle into the hug, "I'm Andromeda Tonks."

"It's good to meet you ma'am." Harry stuttered, face heating up in embarrassment as Gabrielle giggled.

"Come now you two,' Andromeda continued, ushering them towards a parlor, "Sirius and I have much to discuss with you."

"Sirius is here?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Of course I am." Sirius said with a chuckle as they stepped into the parlor, Harry quickly stepped forward and hugged the man, Andromeda smiled and motioned for Remus and Tonks into the room, summoning a tray of tea over for them.

Gabrielle hesitantly stepped forward, waiting for the two to finish the reunion before introducing herself."

"Sirius," Harry started, slowly stepping away and turning to Gabrielle, motioning for her to come forward. Very slowly she moved, smiling when Harry took her hand and intertwined their fingers, "This is Gabrielle, my girlfriend."

"It is good to finally meet you monsieur." Gabrielle said softly, holding her hand out.

Sirius laughed and pulled her into a hug, "if you're this important to Harry then that makes us family, call me Sirius."

Gabrielle gave him a beautiful smile as she returned his hug before stepping back to Harry's side, "okay sirius."

Sirius clapped his hands, "alright, so introductions are needed, Harry, Gabrielle, this is my favorite cousin Andromeda Tonks, thanks to her Harry will no longer have to suffer under the Dursleys."

"Is she a lawyer?" Harry asked.

"I was actually named your guardian." Andromeda said, glaring at Sirius as she said this, "it would've happened sooner but someone doesn't like paperwork."

"In my defense I thought I had time." Sirius said with a carefree shrug, giving Harry a sad smile, "the situation at hand is much more important then me being your godfather, which I still technically am!" Sirius quickly explained at seeing the crestfallen look on Harry's face, "i named her temporary guardian until I can be given a trial." he blew a breath of air out and collected himself, "Right, so, Gabrielle, how far along are you?"

Remus almost dropped his cup of tea at Sirius's words, he looked at Gabrielle, who shifted uncomfortably, "about a month and a half…" she mumbled.

Sirius nodded and looked to Andromeda, "so expecting about december or January?" he asked Andromeda.

"Just about if the babe isn't late or premature." Andromeda agreed, looking at Gabrielle, "she's also quarter Veela, so there's a chance the babe may take longer…"

"Hold up!" Tonks started, standing up, "can we back up and discuss the fact that she's pregnant and we weren't told?"

"I just found out last night." Harry told her helpfully while Gabrielle blushed.

"The test was only done three days ago." Gabrielle mumbled, "and I wanted Harry to know first."

"How could you be so careless…" Remus whispered, looking right at Harry, who looked away from his former professor, Gabrielle took his hand and gave Remus a glare. 'Do you realize the position you've put yourself in?"

"Remus." Sirius said sharply, "enough."

"But sirius-"

"Remus." Andromeda commanded, standing with her eyes fixed on the man,"This is house business, if you have any problems they can be aired out at another time, understood?"

Remus held her gaze for a few moments before slowly looking away, Tonks put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Now,' Andromeda said with a sigh, "we need to plan for the coming year, I know both of you would like to stay in your current schools and-"

"-i was actually trying to put in for a transfer to Hogwarts at the end of the semester." Gabrielle said quietly, "I wanted to be closer to Harry…" she admitted with a blush.

Andromeda gave the girl a small smile, 'that makes this process a lot easier," she said, "when you're parents arrive we will discuss getting the paperwork pushed through but until then-"

"-my parents are coming?" she asked, her face paling drastically.

"Yes," Sirius answered, "they will be joining us tomorrow after lunch."

"We wanted to discuss housing arrangements for the both of you," Andromeda picked up the conversation from there, "with the Dark Lord on the rise we need to protect the both of you as much as we can, as well as train you both up, Sirius and Tonks will help with this, being a former and current auror respectively-"

"Will we be staying here?" Harry asked.

Andromeda gave them a smile, "For tonight, but tomorrow your accommodations will be completely prepared, I have an early morning meeting with Gringotts tomorrow that will clear up a few things i'm foggy on; for now, let's go over the Potter holdings."

"P-Potter holdings?" Harry asked in surprise as Andromeda pulled out several sheets of parchment.

"Yes, you didn't think your parents only left a single trust fund to you now, do you?"


A few hours later Harry was walking out of the parlor with his head spinning; the holdings of his family were expansive and hard to grasp when you didn't have a background in economy or accounting. he wished he had joined Gabrielle when she had gone to take a nap an hour before, the stress of the day having finally caught up with her; as it was he now had to wake his girlfriend and inform her that they probably wouldn't need to worry about money for the next four hundred years.


Harry froze as Remus slowly walked into the hallway, the older man looked more tired than usual. "Can we talk?" Remus asked quietly.

Harry nodded slowly and followed Remus when he motioned to a small drawing room. He took a seat on a cushioned chair while Remus closed the door.

"Harry…" Remus started, hesitantly turning around and looking at Harry in the eye, "first let me apologize for my words back in the parlor, I was in shock and, to be frank, it wasn't my place."

"It's fine." Harry mumbled, "I were right, we were careless...but there's no changing what's happened."

"You're right." Remus nodded, "what are you going to do?"

"Apparently a lot of accounting classes." Harry sighed, running his hand through his hair, "The holdings were...confusing...but first and foremost I have to make sure Gabrielle is taken care of, she takes priority over everything...even Voldemort."

"Well, I'll do what I can to help." Remus said, turning back to the door.

"There is something I need help with." Harry said quickly, making remus look back at him, " was a list of items in my gringotts vault that had value to the family...and well...there's something I need." he pulled the list out from his pocket and showed it to Remus, motioning to a specific Item, "I can't go get it myself, and Andromeda has a shift at St. Mungo's in a little bit…"

Remus smiled, "I'll see what I can do." he said, handing the list back, "and Harry…" he slowly put a hand on the younger man's shoulder, "no matter what, I think your parents would've been proud of you."

"Despite the fact that I got my girlfriend pregnant?" Harry asked, not looking at the man.

Remus laughed, "oh Lily probably would have torn you a new one, but James would've been too excited about a grandbaby to truly be mad...and Lily would've only been mad for the first day...less then a day if she had met Gabrielle before the news reached her."

Harry smiled sadly as Remus let his shoulder go, "I better go check on Gabrielle." he said, moving out the now open door and heading towards the stairs while Remus went towards the front door, "and Remus?"

The former professor looked back to Harry, who was giving him a genuine smile, "thank you…"

Remus returned the smile, "your welcome...i'll bring that item back as soon as I can." and with that Remus left.

Harry sighed and climbed the stairs, going into a room that Andromeda had indicated would be his and Gabrielle's, "Gabbi?" Harry asked softly as he stepped in, his girlfriend was currently sprawled on the bed, snoring gently against a pillow that she was hugging close to her chest.

With a chuckle harry carefully sat down beside the fair haired teen, "Gabbi." he whispered, gently shaking her shoulder.

"Hmm…." she sighed as she slowly opened her eyes, looking up at the scarred boy at her side, "Harry? What time is it?" She mumbled, slowly sitting up with a stretch.

"About six in the evening." he said, as she leaned against his shoulder, eyes barely open, "Dinner will be soon, and I'm gonna assume that you're hungry."

"Maybe a bit." she said, blushing when her stomach rumbled.

"A bit more then a bit it seems." Harry said with a laugh, grunting when she playfully hit his shoulder, "abusive woman!"

"It's not abuse it's correction!" she mocked, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek as she stood up completely, yawning; Harry smiled standing up next to her and putting his arms around her. She smiled and leaned into him, her eyes slowly opening, "do we have to go down?"

"If you want food then yes."

Gabbi sighed and slowly pulled away, intertwining their hands, 'lets go then."

Sirius looked up as Harry and Gabby walked into the room, "hey there kiddos!" he greeted, "hope you two like Spaghetti because that's the only thing I know how to make."

"Sounds brilliant." Harry said with a grin as Gabrielle took a seat.

"Thank you SIrius, I'm sure it will taste great." Gabrielle said with a smile.

"Oh you flatter this old dog." Sirius grinned as he brought a bowl full of spaghetti to the table, within a few moments the food was portioned and they all were eating silently, Sirius finished first, his hands anxiously fiddling with his wand as he looks at the two teens, a sad smile showing his emotions, "Lily and James would be questioning you two right now." he says, making them both look up, "Lily would be demanding to know if there would be a wedding in the future...James would be wondering what he would be called-he never wanted to be called grandpa-" he added, seeing Harry and Gabrielle's looks of confusion, "he would be bouncing ideas off me, Remus and Lily while LIly would be trying to find out your plans for the future…" he let his head fall down, guilt weighing heavily on his heart.

"Well, you better be wondering what you'll be called." harry said, sharing a look with Gabirelle.

"What?" Sirius asked in confusion as the two teens looked at him.

"You're Harry's godfather." Gabrielle said warmly, putting a hand on her stomach as Harry put an arm around her, "it's only right that you'll be this little ones grandfather."

Sirius looked at the two in shock, tears stinging his eyes as he let out a quiet sob, his head falling down as both teens went around the table to put their arms around the older man. "There's no one else I can think of who deserves the right...even Dumbledore is beaten out of the running." harry says as Sirius returns their embrace.

"I...I'm honored…" he cried, clenching Harry's hand, "but I swear if you have those sprogs call me grandfather, i'm going to haunt them."

"Will snuffles do?" gabrielle asked with a watery laugh, making Sirius give a jovial bark of laughter.

Grand-snuffles to the young whipper-snappers." he chortled, making Harry laugh. They spent the last few hours before bedtime talking about what was to come, as well as talking about stories that Sirius remembered from the year when Lily was pregnant, "I remember she always craved Treacle tart, she'd eat it whenever she could, breakfast, lunch, and dinner; she'd combine it with some gastly things, I think the worst was when she ate it with Anchovies and pickles."

Harry cringed at that while Gabrielle looked thoughtfully, "It does sound good," she said to Harry, smiling at him as he groaned, "but I think sleep sounds better right now...what time are my parents coming?" she asked Sirius, doing her best to hide her anxiety.

"Their letter said about twelve thirty." Sirius said, "Andromeda says that she'll have everything settled by then, I just hope that your parents aren't going to be demanding your head Harry."

Harry laughs, trailing off awkwardly at Sirius' grave look, "You're kidding...right?" Harry asks anxiously.

"Wish I was, my father almost killed old man Lestrange when Rodolphus had taken Bellatrix to the states, they hadn't even conceived or gotten married...some of these pureblood families take things like this very seriously…"

"My papa would never harm harry." Gabrielle says confidently, "Though...he may try to duel him…"

"Not helping me right now love…" Harry sighs as Sirius laughs.

"Whatever is waiting for us tomorrow will not reveal itself today." SIrius said, "For now, you two should get some rest, let Grandpa Padfoot worry about tomorrow." he began to usher them towards the stairs, "go on you two, get! Don't make me bust out the dog!"

"We're going! We're going!" Harry chuckled as they began climbing the stairs, "Goodnight Sirius, See you tomorrow."

"Stay safe pup." Sirius said with a wink before bowing to Gabrielle, "and sweet dreams to you Madame Gabrielle, you'll need it if you'll be sleeping by this git."

"Haha," Harry said sarcastically as Gabrielle giggled, the two went up the stairs together, within thirty minutes both were showered and ready for bed. Harry barely able to get under the covers as fatigue finally overcame him. Gabrielle curled up next to him, her head resting on his chest. "Do not worry mi amore…" she mumbled, looking at her boyfriends tired face, "everything shall work out tomorrow."

"I know it will." Harry whispered, hugging her close, 'any other outcome is not an option for're the love of my life Gabbi...I can't go on without you."

Gabrielle leaned forward slightly and kissed him, "You won' matter what happens tomorrow I'll be at your side...I love you."

"Je T' Gabbi…" Harry whispers back, returning her kiss before he falls asleep fully. Gabi smiles at him before settling against his chest, her hand intertwined with his.

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