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shocking news

She stepped off the ferry with the poise and grace of nobility, a fine cloak of blue silk covering her face from curious eyes as she walked towards the cobbled road in front of her. She glanced about before pulling a slim wand from beneath her cloak and held it out with a single dainty hand. With a BANG! a purple triple decker bus came screeching to a halt in front of her.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus! Emergency transport for the standard witch or wizard. My name is Stan Shunpike and I'll be your conductor for this evening."

She climbed into the bus and put eleven sickles into Stans hand. "Number 4 Privet Drive, Magnolia Crescent Surrey."

"Right away, ma'am," he said turning to Ernie. "Here that, Ernie? Goin' to Surrey, haven't been there since we ran into Harry Potter, remember?"

She tensed at his words as she sat down, bringing her cloak around her as if to fend off the cold. Stan continued to talk about meeting Harry Potter, but she wasn't listening at all. She barely moved as the bus shot through the countryside, and offered only a soft 'thank you' as she stepped off the bus and onto the pristine lawn of Number 4. For a moment, she hesitated as she stared at the house, and almost turned back around to call the Knight Bus back.

But then the door opened, and a lean figure strolled out of the house. "Gabrielle?" came the confused question. With shaky fingers, Gabrielle reached up and pulled her hood down, silvery blonde hair cascading out of the hood, and revealing soft blue eyes.

"Harry…" she all but whispered as he got closer to her. "Harry!" She sobbed as she lurched forward into his arms.

"What's wrong? Did something happen? Is everyone alright?" he questioned, slowly leading her back to the house.

"Everyone's fine...but...but…" she began crying once more as Harry had her sit down on one of the couches in the living room. He sat down right next to her and put his arms around her.

"It's alright, take your time," Harry whispered gently to her, thanking whatever deity out there that uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia were gone to see Aunt Marge and Dudley was staying over at Pierces house.

"I...I...I have not been able to keep anything down these last few weeks," she whispered, tears still trailing down her cheek. "Mother was getting she took me to a healer, and...and Harry, I'm...I'm pregnant."

Harry froze. The word seemed to echo in his head as Gabrielle began to cry once more. Numbly, Harry wrapped his arms around her, keeping her close as he said the one thing that could come to mind.



They first officially met a few days after the Goblet had spat his name out, by the lake during lunch. She had seen him and had plucked up all her courage to step forward and slap him for daring to cheat his way into the tournament her sister had been working so hard for.

Wasnt she surprised when he caught her hand mid-air. His emerald green eyes were worn and his smile was tired as he said, "You make quite a bit of noise for someone so small."

Blushing beet-red, she had demanded that he unhand her, which he had promptly done, leaning back against a tree as he watched her, arms crossed. From there, she berated and chastised him furiously for a) cheating his way into the triwizard tournament, and b) grabbing a lady.

He had laughed and retorted with, "So, I should just let a lady hit me for something I didn't do?"

This lead to the explanation that he didn't put his name in, and to the worst embarrassment Gabrielle had ever felt before. He accepted her apologies through his laughter and the two ended up having a fairly good afternoon talking with each other, leaving the shores of the lake as tentative friends.

Over the course of the school year they had grown closer, especially after the first Task when Harry had almost died, diving at the wrong time and getting his chest, arm, and some of his neck shredded by the tail of the dragon. Even with such grievous injuries, he had been able to get the Golden Egg and get to the hospital tent before collapsing. She sobbed and cried at his bedside, clutching his hand as Poppy worked on his wounds. Her own sister watched, deathly pale; out of all the champions she had gotten off easy with a burn on her leg and a torn dress. She was in a much better state than Krum, who got nasty gashes on his back, or the almost full body burn Cedric Diggory got. Gabrielle had stayed at his bedside until the next day when he woke up, squeezing her hand as he did. He had survived, narrowly, yet walked away with several scars that would never heal.

From there the two had been almost inseparable, and things were looking bright for the two fourteen year olds. They began to learn more about each other and each other's friends. Gabrielle even got to give a scolding to Ron when he came to mend bridges. Harry had escorted her to the Yule Ball, and they danced all night, ending it with a chaste kiss that had left Gabrielle giddy for hours.

Then the second Task came and once more her sister and boyfriend were thrown into danger's way. Only this time she had also been put in harm's way.

Waking up in the Black Lake, drenched, cold and not knowing how to swim would be terrifying for anyone. She had to berate herself for volunteering for the task when she knew she couldn't swim, but that was the least of her worries. Harry had appeared at her side, clutching his own side as Ron tried to keep all of them afloat.

"Trident...thrown...fell out…"

She had been hysterical as they reached the docks and were pulled out by the officials and Fleur, who had immediately checked over her sister before checking on Harry. The trident had caught him just under his ribs and had torn out a chunk of meat when it had been dislodged. A horrible wound, but much better than what the Horntail had done to him. This time he was able to leave the tent with instructions not to strain himself. Gabrielle had refused to leave his side until curfew, and even threatened to camp outside of the portrait until Madam Maxime had come to escort her back to the carriage.

The time before the third Task were some of the best moments of her life. Harry had become more affectionate, giving her little kisses whenever he could and never shied from holding her hand.

"I could've died in the lake," he had told her one night as they sat atop the astronomy tower, staring up at the sky, "and you would've never known how much I love you...I got lucky, and now I'll always let you know."

They stayed this way until the days before the final Task. They were all nervous for what would come. No champion had gotten away unscathed, and the final task looked to be even worse than the other two. Harry's mood had plummeted, and he only ever seemed to relax when Gabrielle was around, content to simply stay in her arms on top of the Astronomy Tower until a prefect would walk by.

It was one of these nights that the two took the next step in their young relationship, an accident that both were all too willing to fall into. Allowing an innocent kiss to proceed into something more. Lost in the throes of passion, neither thought of the consequences of their actions, and with the aftermath of the third task, neither gave it much thought.

Now, Harry was pacing in the Dursleys living room, once again thanking his relatives for being gone for the next few days, running his hand through his hair anxiously as Gabrielle sat on one of the couches, silently drinking tea. Her eyes followed him on his path, though she was dead still otherwise.

"You're sure?" Harry asked her softly as he stopped pacing, looking at his girlfriend.

"Fleur did the spell herself to confirm," Gabrielle whispered, a tear slowly trailing down her pale cheek.

Harry slowly approached her and kneeled down in front of her, a calloused and scarred hand coming up to gently wipe the tear away. "We'll get through this together, Gabi…" he said gently, "do your parents know you're here?"

She shook her head as more hot tears began to trail down her cheeks. "They will be furious when they find out…"

Harry sighed and kissed her forehead. "Come on, let's get some sleep. I'll write a letter to Sirius and your parents so they know what's going on," he brushed the few stray tears away as he looked into her soft blue eyes, "we'll get through this together, love, okay?"

She nodded shakily. "Okay…"

Harry gave her a soft smile and helped her to her feet, carefully guiding her up the stairs and into his room, where she laid down on his small bed and fell into an uneasy sleep.

Harry slowly sat at his old rickety desk, resting his head in his hands.

What was he going to do? He didn't know a single thing about raising a child, and all he had was the Dursleys' example. He knew there was no way he'd be treating any child of his like they treated him. His thoughts paused, focusing on another aspect: the Dark Lord was currently out to kill him.

Did he even have the money to be able to provide for Gabi and their child? He would need to get a job and figure out his finances.

He looked over to Gabi, who was slightly restless, her face scrunched up in what appeared to be worry. Carefully, Harry walked over and pulled the covers over her, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

With a sigh, Gabi relaxed, a small smile gracing her lips.

Harry walked back to his desk, smiling to himself. He didn't care how much work he had to do, he was going to take care of her and their unborn child. He wouldn't be anything like the Dursleys if he could help it, Dark Lords and worries be damned.

With this in mind, Harry quickly wrote two letters. One was for the Delacours, telling them their daughter was with him and safe. The other was to Sirius, detailing what had happened and requesting help. He wanted to send another letter to Ron and Hermione, but decided the less people who knew, the better. At least for now.

"Hedwig," he said softly to his familiar, attaching the letters to her leg, "take that first one to Sirius. The other goes to the Delacours."

With a soft 'hoot' Hedwig soared out the window, leaving Harry to watch her disappear into the sky.

With his task complete, Harry began to head towards the door, planning on sleeping on the couch for the night. He stopped short when Gabrielle's sweet voice, thick with sleep, broke the silence.


Harry looked over to his girlfriend, who was now sitting up on his bed, staring at him with sleep filled eyes.

"I don't want to be alone...not tonight…"

Harry closed his door and carefully walked over to the bed. "I understand." He said quietly. He laid down on the bed with his back against the wall. Gabrielle quietly cuddled against his chest, sighing in contentment as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Goodnight Harry...I love you…"

"Good night, Gabi. Je t'aime."


Sirius Black hated his mother's house

Well, hate wasn't the right word. It was more of a deep seated loathing that had lodged itself into his very soul throughout his Hogwarts years - much like anything else that reminded him of his late mother and the rest of his mad family.

But his opinion on the house mattered very little. It was available, and had all the wards necessary to house a Headquarters for an illegal vigilante group.

A group he was only a part of because he wanted to help his godson.

It rarely felt like he was even a part of the group, seeing as how Dumbledore didn't want him going on any missions and had practically ordered him to stay within the confines of Number 12 Grimmauld place. All he was allowed to do was sit in on meetings and offer advice no one took seriously. The only upside was that he was able to get updates on Harry, which usually boiled down to 'he's at the house, and he doesn't really look happy.'

It seemed Sirius wasn't the only one playing prisoner this summer.

Currently, Sirius was in the Drawing Room, absentmindedly listening to Tonks talk about her day on watch duty.

"-left sometime past noon, somethin' about a aunt in the hospital or somethin'. Anyways, they tried to lock him in his room, but he must have picked somethin' up from the twins because he was out almost five minutes after they left."

"Glad he has some useful skills," Sirius said, lazily twirling his wand in his hand, "not like Dumbledore's teaching him anything."

Tonks rolled her eyes with a huff. "I know how you feel, but there's nothing we can do at the moment, anyways. Nothing interesting really happened. Dung should be out there right now."

"Either he's out there or he's getting drunk at one of his favorite haunts." Sirius watched a familiar owl fly through an open window. Quick as a flash, Sirius was across the room and taking the letter from Hedwig's outstretched leg. He opened the letter and quickly began reading, his smile disappearing as he read the contents. "Tonks...we need to go to Gringotts now."

"What? Why?" Tonks asked, trying to get a look at the letter, only for Sirius to crumple it up before she could.

"I have to do something urgent," Sirius stated as he went towards the fireplace. "Contact your mother as well. I'll be needing her help"

"Hold on, Sirius!" Tonks exclaimed, jumping in front of him, "Dumbledore said you had to stay here!"

"I dont give a damn what Dumbledore said!" Sirius snapped, "All he has succeeded in doing is making me a prisoner in my own home while my godson languishes in his own prison. Now, I have a way to get him out of that hell hole, but to do it I need Andromeda and Gringotts." He put a hand on Tonks's arm. "Please, Dora…"

Tonks hesitated for a few moments before nodding. "I'll send a patronus to Mum. You get a disguise on."


Gabrielle woke to the mouth-watering smell of frying bacon. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at the bare wall where Harry had been leaned up against. She carefully got out of bed and made her way downstairs, stopping at the entrance of the kitchen as she watched Harry cook, humming a soft tune as he worked.

"Take a seat."

Gabrielle jumped with a small squeak of surprise, blushing furiously at having been caught watching him. Harry simply gave her a loving smile and motioned to the table. "Go ahead, food will be ready in a bit."

Gabrielle took a seat, staring down at the table. "You didn't have to make breakfast…" she mumbled.

"I wanted to. Besides, after an emotional night, food's always good." He carefully put a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her before fixing his own plate. He sat across from her, and they both started on their meals.

"What will we do now, Harry?" Gabrielle asked as she pushed her plate to the side.

"Well, I need to contact Gringotts and find out how much money I actually have in my vault...but I'll have to wait until Hedwig gets back."

"You already sent the letters?"

"Yeah, before I went to sleep last night. Listen, Gabi…" he reached across the table and took her hands into his, looking into her deep blue eyes. "No matter what happens, we're in this together. I'll do anything and everything to provide for you and our child."

Gabrielle felt tears prick at her eyes. She guided his hands up until they were cupping her cheek and closed her eyes as she leaned into his touch. "I love you…" she whispered.

Harry smiled softly. "Je t'aime. "

As if a heavy weight had been lifted, the two fell back into a comfortable routine. They talked and laughed and carried on like they had at Hogwarts. While washing dishes they got into a water fight that ended with both of them soaked and laughing in each other's arms. As they cleaned the now wet kitchen, Harry gave small kisses to Gabrielle, who responded in kind. It all ended a few hours later. Both were dozing on the couch with Gabrielle snuggled in Harry's arm, but were shaken from their sleepiness when the door banged open.


Instantly Harry was on his feet and standing in front of Gabrielle protectively as his uncle stormed into the living room. The fat man's face turned purple in rage as he found his nephew standing in front of a blonde haired girl. "What's this about, boy?" He growled dangerously. "we leave you home and you bring some trollop into this house?!"

"Don;t call her that." Harry's voice dropped warningly as Gabrielle got to her feet and put a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I am Gabrielle," she began, attempting to introduce herself to her boyfriend's only family.

"I don't care what your name is!" Vernon thundered. "Any whore who runs around with my no-good nephew is not welcome here!"

Gabrielle jerked back like she had been struck, while Harry once again stepped forward to shield her from his uncle's ire.

"Your aunt and I work hard to provide for this house and this is how you repay us, boy?"

"Is that my dress?!" Petunia shrieked as she got a good look at what Gabrielle was wearing.

"M-my clothes were soaked, and I-I needed something to wear," Gabrielle stammered shrinking back slightly at the anger and disgust in the woman's eyes, "I promise, madame, I was going to-"

"Take it off! Take it off right this instant you little Harlot!" Petunia demanded, surging forward only to stop when Harry stepped in her way, wand out and aimed at her throat.

"You won't touch her," Harry growled.

Vernon turned a deep shade of scarlet, "YOU DARE POINT THAT RUDDY THING AT MY WIFE!" Faster than Harry had ever seen him move, Vernon had crossed the living slammed a fist into Harry's chin, sending him crashing into the wall with a sickening crunch! Gabrielle screamed as she quickly moved to his side as Vernon advanced upon her.

"You're next, you little slut!"

In terror, Gabrielle pulled her wand. "Flipendo!" she cried, sending the fat man flying back against the fireplace, wooden boards cracking as he did.

"Vernon!" Petunia wailed, running to his side as Gabrielle checked over Harry.

"Are you okay, mi amore?" she whispered frantically as the boy sat up, a dazed expression on his face.

"'M'fine," he mumbled, wincing as he looked down at his arm, it was bent at an odd angle, "my arm…"

"You need a healer," Gabrielle said worriedly as she helped him to his feet.

"You won't be going anywhere!" Petunia snarled as she plucked a set of scissors from the coffee table and stood in front of the entrance hall with them held out in front of her towards the teenagers. "You attacked Vernon! He threatened me! You freaks won't be going anywhere!"

The door behind her burst open as a very hungover-looking individual came crashing in, his watery eyes shifting about as he tried to smooth out his crumpled and dusty clothes. "Wha's happened?! Why's'e hurt? Who performed magic - Merlin's saggy tits! Expelliarmus!" The scissors flew out of Petunias hands, "what are ya waving thos tings around for?"

"YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!" She shrieked as she charged him.


The red spell caught Petunia in the back, sending her crumpling onto the couch. Harry gritted his teeth as he lowered his wand. "We have to get out of here. They won't be happy when they wake up...who are you?"

"Mundungus Fletcher," the man said, dumbfounded. "Blimey. I knew these two were bad but tha's just horrible! Now, come on you two. We can get ya some help at ol' Figgy's house!"


Harry grimaced as Madam Pomfrey magicked his arm back into its proper form. They all were currently sitting in the living room of Arabella Figg, who Harry found hard to believe was a squib. The poor woman had been blindsided when Mundungus had burst into the house with a very concussed and injured Harry and a distraught French witch, and it had taken some time before she had allowed Mundungus to floo Hogwarts for the healer.

"Knew them muggles were bad, but I didn't think they'd try an 'urt ya," Mundungus babbled as he tried to drink the tea that Ms. Figg put in his hand. "Fuckin mental they are."

"Tried to tell Dumbledore they were the wrong sort," Ms. Figg sniffed as she walked over to Gabrielle, handing her a cup of tea. "Drink up, dearie."

"Will Harry be alright?" Gabrielle asked Madame Pomfrey, absentmindedly taking the tea.

"He'll be right as rain by tomorrow," the healer said with a motherly smile. "The bones already mended and his concussion just needs some sleep."

"-an' then I hear a fuckin boom! And me magic detector goes off!" Mundungus ranted, catching the attention of Madam Pomfrey. "So I get up and look around, expecting Death Eaters or Ministry Aurors or somethin'! Well, then I hear screaming inside the house, and I think to meself. 'Dung,' I thought, 'it happened, the damn muggles tried ta kill the boy.' So I rush in, and what do I find? I find the fat fuck in the wall, and ol' horseface threatenin' the kids wit some scissors." He looked to Gabrielle. "Who are you by the way? And how did you get in tha' house?"

"Gabrielle Delacour," she introduced herself, self-consciously pushing a strand of hair behind an ear, "and I came on the Knight Bus last night."

"And how do you miss the Knight Bus appearing on the street, Fletcher?" Ms. Figg demanded to know.

"Well...I was...ya see…" He shook his head. "That doesn't matter! What's she doin' sneaking into a muggle house?"

"She didn't sneak in, I let her in," Harry said hotly, "and why are you watching my house?"

"Dumbledore told me to, didn't he? Said to make sure you didn't get hurt! Well I'm gon' have words with him, I am, those muggles are crazy! No one should spend time with them!"

"That we can all agree on," Gabrielle said softly as she put her cup of tea down and moved to Harry's side, carefully taking his hand.

Harry squeezed her hand before cupping her cheek, smiling when she leant into his touch. "Hopefully, we won't have to go back there ever."

"Not if ol' Dumby has any sense," Mundungus muttered, his head peeking up as he heard the sound of someone disapparating. "Tha's probably my relief. Let me go explain what happened before they call the calvary."

"What I want to know is, what are you doing here?" Madam Pomfrey gently asked Gabrielle.

Almost unconsciously, Gabrielle's hand came to her stomach. "I had news for Harry…" she mumbled.

Madam Pomfrey nodded, staring at the placement of the girl's hand, while Ms. Figg simply looked confused.

"What was the news?"

"Best not to pry, Arabella," Madam Pomfrey chided as the door opened and Mundungus came back in, followed by a very familiar face.

"Professor Lupin," Harry greeted, sitting up and putting his arms around Gabrielle,

"I think Remus will do, now, since I'm not a professor anymore," the tired man said dryly, declining the tea that Ms. Figg tried to give him.

"Er...right...why are you here?"

"To put it simply, I'm here to guard you. Dumbledore believes if Voldemort moves, it will be against you, so he set a guard rotation." He looked from Harry to the French blonde in his arms. "And I take it this is the famed Gabrielle Delacour I've heard so much about?"

"Oui, monsieur," Gabrielle said, standing and offering a hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." Remus smiled as he shook her hand. "Well then, I can assume that whatever happened at Number 4 has something to do with Ms. Delacour's appearance."

"In part…" Harry said hesitantly. "Uncle Vernon doesn't need a reason to get violent. Today was special, I s'pose."

A brief flicker of anger shot through Remus's eyes, turning them a hard amber, but it was soon gone. "Well, thanks to the spells used in the house, the Ministry has decided that you have breached the Underage Use of Magic Statute and the Statute of Secrecy, so they want you expelled from hogwarts."

Almost instantly the room exploded into angry shouting.

"They was defending themselves! How could they charge 'im with that?"

"Why is Harry being charged and not me?" Gabrielle demanded to know, her eyes alight with righteous fury. "I cast the first spell, and Monsieur Fletcher did as well!'

Harry simply stared at the floor in shock. Expelled? How could he be? Hogwarts was his home.

"Nothing is final," Remus said placatingly, "Dumbledore managed to get a hearing for this so hopefully it won't happen."

"When's the hearing scheduled for?" Harry asked.

"A few weeks from now," Lupin said softly, "Dumbledore wants to get you to headquarters as soon as possible now that Privet Drive is compromised."

"And a good thing it is,isn't it?" Mundungus muttered as he pulled a flask out of his pocket, taking a quick swig. "They woulda killt these two if they had half a chance!"

Remus nodded in agreement. "We have to go soon. Seems someone called the Muggle police. They'll be here momentarily."

"I'll distract them best I can," Ms. Figg said absentmindedly, going back into the kitchen while Madam Pomfrey collected her things.

"Do make sure he doesn't strain himself, dear," she said gently to Gabrielle as she moved to the floo.

"Yes, madame."

Remus checked his watch. "Once Tonks gets here with the HQ address we can go - it's under a Fidelius so you need to read the location from a note made by the secret-keeper."

The door burst open and a young woman with pink hair came running into the room, slightly out of breath.

"Good timing, Tonks, let's get to headquarters-"

"-we aren't going to Headquarters," Tonks said breathlessly, a big grin on her face, looking at Harry and his girlfriend. "They're going to Mum's house."

Remus looked surprised at this, "But Dumbledore said-"

"-Dumbledore doesn't have a say in this one, Remus." Tonks said quickly, "Sirius named Andromeda Proxy for the House of Black which means-"

"-which means Harry now has a guardian…" Remus finished in shock, he looked to Harry, who looked just as confused as before.

"What is going on, Mr. Lupin?" Gabrielle voiced Harry's question.

Remus hesitated as he looked between the two children, "It seems our plans have changed. Dung, get to 't tell anyone where we've taken Harry, only that he's safe."

"Right-o!" Mundungus jumped up. "You two take care now," he said with a wink to them as he turned on his heel and disappeared with a pop.

"We best get going as well," Remus said, holding a hand out to Harry while Tonks did the same to Gabrielle. "Trust me, Harry."

Harry only hesitated, sparing a glance at Gabrielle, who gave him a slight nod of her head before he took Remus's hand.

With a crack! all four disappeared from the living room.

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