Quirkless Heroes: The Outsiders @natenino23
The first day

yes Mina will be the only girl Izuku will be with in this story.

They were all silent as they slowly walked towards UA, mostly from sleep, but also from the anxiety that ran through them; why would the Principal wish to speak with all of them? They knew that he would want to speak with Izuku about his placement in the exam, but Kan and Nanami?

Something was going on.

"Maybe they're gonna tell us we're better off in Gen Ed." Kan grumbled.

"If that was the case they would've just said we failed." Nanami said, giving him a nudge, "relax Kan, i'm sure there's nothing to worry about, right Izu?"

"Yeah, right." Izuku agreed, barely looking at his friends as they climbed the stairs and reached Nezu's door. Giving it a firm knock.

"Come in!"

Izuku opened the door, eyes looking about as he entered, noting Nezu sitting at his simple mahogany desk, two men in suits standing off to the side, "greetings children," Nezu said with a small wave, "go ahead and take a seat."

Nanami sat down alongside Izuku, Kan simply leaned against the wall, glaring at the adults.

"I'm sorry to have brought you three in so early-" Nezu began, 'but we have several things to discuss."

"There's no problem Principal Nezu." Izuku says, Nanami nodding at his side.

"Now then, since you three are our first quirkless students, we must touch upon what you are and are not allowed to do."

"For example," one of the suits said, stepping forward, "you three do not possess quirks like your fellow students, which would technically exempt you from any vigilantism charges. However, should you attempt to interfere with any kind of crisis or emergency, unless it's self defense or in the defense of another, you will be expelled and arrested."

"Just like any other student here." Nezu interceded, "the fact of the matter is we cannot have unlicensed teens playing hero."

Kan scoffed, but said nothing as Izuku glared at him, "we understand," he said to Nezu.

"Well that is a relief to hear, now, as stated before, you do not have quirks; and instead rely on support gear and martial arts to fight effectively. Because of this, all three of you will be granted limited access to the support shop to maintain your own equipment."

"This doesn't mean you can create whatever you want." the suit interjected once more, "only your equipment will be available to you-"

"-I'm sure they understand that." Nezu said pointedly, frowning at the man, "do allow me to direct the flow of this conversation."

The suit stepped back, chastised.

"Now," nezu sighs, looking at the three, "this next point is one I did not agree with, and wouldn't have allowed to happen had I the power to stop it." he leaned forward, "this point was decided upon by a vote within the board of education, and is put forth effective immediately; three seats will be added to Class 1-A and Class 1-B, bringing the total number of seats in the heroics department to forty-six."

"Why would that have anything to do with us?" Nanami asked.

"Because we're quirkless." Kan sneered, glaring at the suits, "they don't want to jeopardize any quirked heroes getting the boot because of us." he scoffed, 'If they were good enough, then they wouldn't have been beaten out by us."

The lead suit began to turn a deep red, "this decision was agreed upon by the board and makes perfect sense-'

"-it really doesn't," Nezu mused, cutting the man's tirade short, "especially considering their homeroom teacher. But that is irrelevant, I am sorry Mr. Kan, but you are correct; the board does not wish to deny a quirked student the opportunity to become a hero. As I said, if I had the power to overrule this decision, I would; UA prides itself on it's tough entrance exam, and never has there been any precedence to add seats because of the fear a hero may be overlooked. After all, there are thousands of hero courses throughout Japan and the world. But, sadly, there is nothing I can do."

Kan sniffed disdainfully, but nodded, "alright fine, doesn't mean I like it though…"

"Quite right." Nezu agreed jovially, "now, this next point is mostly for Young Midoriya here." he looked at the boy in question, "because you placed first in the entrance exam, you will be the first year representative; while this title does little more than boost your status amongst your peers, you will have to give the sportsmans oath at the Sports Festival. If you'd rather not, then it will go to the runner-up."

"You mean Bakugo?" Izuku blanched, having looked uncomfortable with the thought of delivering a speech until the runner up bit had him looking resigned, "I'll be delivering it then, Bakugo isn't one to ignore the chance to stroke his own ego."

Kan snickered at that, making Nanami give him her best glare.

"Well then, now that that's settled, I believe that we are all caught up." Nezu says, "you three are free to head to class, if there's anything you need, don't hesitate to come speak with me."

"Thank you sir." Izuku said, standing and giving him a bow alongside Nanami while Kan simply left, hands in his pockets.

Nezu looked to the suits as the door closed, "the next time I have a meeting with students, you two will not be present." he said sternly.

"We were here to make sure the Boards' will was carried out-" one began.

"-and to disrupt the flow of it and antagonize new students.' Nezu said abruptly, "be thankful I am only barring you from future meetings, and not from the grounds itself."


"That was a load of horse shit." Kan grumbled, glaring ahead as they walked.

"It was expected." Nanami said back, "most people already hate quirkless, and now there's three in the hero department, all honesty I would've been surprised if they had just ignored us."

"Probably waiting for the first excuse to kick us out." Kan muttered darkly.

"Enough." Izuku said, giving Kan a hard glare until the boy looked away, "look, this isn't ideal, I get it," Izuku began, "but do you want to quit? After how far we came?"

Kan sighed, "No, I don't want to quit." he mumbled, "but this isn't fair."

"Life isn't fair." nanami reminded him, "it sucks but we can overcome it right?"

Kan grinned, "Yeah, yeah we can overcome anything!"

"That's the spirit!" Izuku laughed as they reached 1-A's door, "alright guys, first day of class, lets hit it."

The door opened and Izuku almost wanted to close it just as quickly.

"Get your feet off the desk! This is very disrespectful behavior!"

"Can it four-eyes!"

"Which one do I get to hit?" Kan asked, eyes shining hopefully as he stared at Bakugo, only for Nanami to punch him in the back of the head.

The grunt of pain from Kan caught the attention of Bakugo and the blue-haired boy.

"You...good evening!" the boy called, approaching Izuku with a hand raised, "my name is Tenya Iida, I'm a graduate from Somei-"

"-we heard you before Mr. Roboto." Kan drawled, making Iida freeze as the boy somehow warped in between Izuku and him, shaking his hand,"Madara Kan, pleasure to make your acquaintance!"

"Oh...pleasure." Iida said, surprised at the boy's interruption, looking towards Izuku until Nanami materialized to his right.

"Nanami Sendo." she greeted, shaking his other hand, "sorry about him, he was dropped on his head as a child."

"Not true!" Kan objected, jumping over Iida and landing in a squat on the desk, "I was born in the backseat of a car going eighty down a highway, mom accidentally kicked the door open and I FLEW out and got dragged two miles."

"That is very disconcerting." Iida said in confusion.

"Nah, pretty sure it's concert...ed."

"Pretty sure that wasn't english." Nanami sighed.

"Yeah, probably not, can you read the line back to me, I'd like to try again."

""The line what...wait, get off that desk!" Iida exclaimed, hand moving robotically as he berated an amused Kan.

"As you command!" Kan said with a mock salute, jumping onto the next desk, to the annoyance of the boy sitting there.


Izuku shook his head in exasperation, "Kan, take about sixty percent off there." Izuku said, making Kan pout.

"You never let me have any fun." Kan said dramatically, draping himself across his actual desk in the back.

Izuku sighed, then turned to Iida, "sorry about that." he said, holding his hand out, "Izuku Midoriya."

Iida shook his hand, "It's good to meet you, I wanted to apologize for my actions and words back at the entrance exam." Iida said, letting his hand go and bowing to him, "I misjudged you."

"Don't sweat it." Izuku said easily, eyes darting over to the door as Mina walked in, chatting happily, "if you'll excuse me." Izuku said, stepping away from Iida and quickly making his way over to Mina, who didn't see him until Izuku took her hand and spun her around, "Izu!" she started to exclaim until Izuku gave her a chaste kiss, which she happily returned. Wolf-whistles sounded throughout the classroom as some of the other guys and a few of the girls watched the display.

"Yeah! Go Midoriya!" Uraraka cheered as Bakugo scoffed at the display.

"How bold!" Iida gasped, looking scandalized.

"Oh my stars!" Kan swooned, appearing beside Iida, hanging off of him, "the impropriety! The salacious sinful act!" Kan fell as Iida shrugged him off, only to jump back to his feet, one finger raised in accusation, "and in this Christian School!"

"Tone it down," Jenga said, walking past the couple, "sheesh, first day and you two are already creating controversy." he walked past Kan and bopped him on the head, "quit hamming it up."

"Why won't anyone let me have any fun?" Kan demanded to know as he followed Jenga back to their seats.

Izuku had the decency to look sheepish, "heh, sorry guys, haven't seen her in a while." he said, arms still around Mina's waist.

"Yep, and you'll be paying for that too Mister." she said with a smile, giving him a cheeky grin.

"If you're here to make friends then leave." a tired voice growled, making Izuku look back at a man wrapped up in a yellow sleeping bag, "and PDA is strictly prohibited on campus."

Mina and Izuku stepped away from each other as the man stepped out of the sleeping bag, "you took eight seconds to quiet down, how inefficient." he muttered, walking into the room, "my name is Mr. Aizawa, I'll be your home room teacher. Anyone who wastes my time I will not hesitate to expel, now, put these on." he tossed a bag full of uniforms onto the desk in front of him, "and meet me out on the practice field."

"Um...sir, what about orientation?" Uraraka asked hesitantly, hand raised.

"It's a waste of time, now hurry up." with that Aizawa walked out.

"Sheesh, guys kinda harsh isn't he?" Kan asked, already dressed in the workout uniform.

"Wait how did you get dressed so quickly!?" Iida exclaimed, pointing at the boy and making the rest of the class stare at him as well.

Kan grinned, "fastest man alive bud." he said.

"Which explains why he can't get a girlfriend." Nanami quipped, making several girls snigger.

"You know, you were nicer in middle school."

"Enough." izuku said sharply, grabbing one of the uniforms, "lets all get dressed and get out there before he comes back and expels us all!"

"Midoriya's right! Let's go!"


Aizawa narrowed his eyes as the last of the class came running up to him, "alright, at least you all change fast." he said, "Now, today I will be conducting an assessment test on you. I'm sure you all remember this test from back in middle school, the difference this time will be substantial." he turned to Bakugo, "what was your farthest throw on the softball throw?"

"About seventy-five meters give or take." Bakugo said gruffly.

"Try again." Aizawa said, tossing him an interesting looking softball, "and this time, use your quirk."

"You sure?" Bakugo asked with a smirk.

"We're waiting, just don't step outside of the circle."

"Alright, you asked for it." Bakugo wound up the pitch, 'DIE!"

An explosion ripped through the air, sending the ball soaring as Izuku stared at Bakugo with an incredulous expression, "Die? Really?"

"Yeah really! Wanna make something of it nerd!" Bakugo roared, turning towards Izuku who simply gave him a challenging grin.

"Enough you two." Aizawa said sternly, "Now, to become heroes you will have to use your quirks in ways you've never thought to use them before. These tests are used without quirks to give everyone fair scores up to middle school, this system is flawed. How could we know how far you will go if you're not given free reign?" he held the phone up, showing the distance.

"705.3 meters!" the class exclaimed.

"You think he's compensating for something?" Kan asked Nanami, making her snort.

"Most definitely," she whispered back. "You should go find out."


"Enough." Aizawa snapped, eyes flashing at the two. Having heard part of their conversation, "Now, we're going to go through the entire test today,to see where you rank and what you'll be needing to to work on."

"Alright!" Kirishima cheered, "using our quirks as much as we want!"

"Yeah! This will be fun!" Mina cheered alongside him.

"Fun huh?" Aizawa asked, his voice carrying a dangerous edge to it, "you aren't here for fun, you're here to become heroes. So I'll be adding another little...challenge, those who come in last, will be expelled."

Instantly any joviality in the group suddenly vanished.

"What!?" Uraraka cried, "but that's not fair!"

"And natural disasters are?" Aizawa asked her, "floods and fires, your home being destroyed by villains? Life isn't fair, and I already know some of you know this. It's why you must improve yourselves, and go beyond Plus Ultra."

Izuku stood slightly taller, eyes narrowing slightly at the man.

"Now, let's get started."

Fifty meter dash

Kan got into a running position, looking to his left at Iida, "you ready engines?" Kan asked with a grin.

"Do not feel bad about losing to me." Iida said promptly.

"We'll see about that." Kan exhaled.


The two took off, Iida's engines prompting him forward at an insane rate.

But Kan was almost matching him in terms of speed, slowly pulling forward until they passed the finish line.

'2.56 seconds! 3.04 seconds!" the boy called out.

Iida stared at the boy in shock as he danced, "Hijo de la chingada! Speedy gonzales over here!" Kan snickered, wincing as he began walking back to the others, his legs stiff and stilted, "Nami! Ice pack!"


Kaminari and Mineta stared dumbfounded as Izuku, Kan, Nanami and Jenga went through the push up drill. Kan, nanami and Jenga were at fifty and showing no signs of stopping.

Izuku was 150 and counting. Steam puffing out of his nose as his eyes seemed to glow.

"I wanna go home." Mineta whimpered while Kaminari patted his shoulder in reassurance.

One minute sit-ups

"How are you still going!" Jirou exclaimed, watching Nanami reach one hundred and six reps in forty seconds.

"Can't stop won't stop!" Kan howled as he squatted beside her, hyping Nanami up as she continued, gritting her teeth, "lets go! One more! One more! To the last second! Get them gainz gurl! AAAAAAH!"

"These guys are crazy." Tsu said to Jenga, making him laugh.

"They got something to prove." he said, watching as Nanami collapsed onto her back, stopping at 120 sit-ups. "Unlike you guys they don't have quirks, so they have to make do with what they have."

Grip strength.

Izuku glared at Shoji's machine, the large boy having beaten him out by a few hundred pounds of pressure.

"I won't let this go." Izuku muttered.

"You can't beat it." Shoji said smugly as Jenga walked over, munching on a hamburger.

"Where did you get that?" Izuku asked.

"You'd be surprised." he said around a mouthful, finishing the burger and taking the machine, arm muscling up as he squeezed, beating Shoji out by three hundred pounds.

"Impressive." Shoji said with a nod as Izuku groaned.

"Are you serious!?"

Side jumps.

Izuku, Nanami, and Kan watched in awe as they watched Mineta bounce between two of his balls. Looking like a blur, "he beat us out by so much…" Izuku muttered.

"Little shit's actually smart." Kan mused, impressed.

"We lost out on one test." Nanami grumbled, "we won't on others."

Standing long jumps.

Kan flew over the sand pit, landing in a tumble on the grass, several meters away"alright! How was that!?" Kan asked, grinning as he looked over at Aizawa, who was staring at him, unimpressed.

"It doesn't count."

"Why not!?" he asked indignantly.

"You didn't jump with your own power."

"Yes I did!"

"You literally asked Watanabe to pick you up and throw you." Aizawa said in frustration, "you're lucky I don't throw this test out for you."

"Now wait a minute, you did say that we had to think outside the box right?"

'Where are you going with this?"

"In a way, me asking watanabe to throw me is thinking outside the box, I went beyond, even more so since I used the palm of his hand as a springboard."

"...that's exploiting a loophole."

"But am I wrong?"

"...*sigh* I'll let it stand."

1.5 mile distance run.

Izuku kept a consistent pace alongside Nanami, Jenga and Kan, keeping ahead of most of the class easily.

"Think we passed?" Kan asked breathlessly as they neared the end of the track.

"If you keep making smart ass comments, Mr. AIzawa might just expel you to get rid of the headache." Nanami muttered.

"I bring life and happiness into this class!"

"You're annoying as fuck."

"Everyone's a critic."

"Keep your heads in the game." Izuku huffed out as they passed the finish line, securing the last of the top ten spots, "we still have one more test, and we'll probably be scoring low on it."

"Hmm…hey yaoyorozu!" Kan called, running over to the girl.

"What's he doing?" Nanami sighed.

They watched as he talked with her, soon her hesitance at talking him turned into an engaged conversation and laughing at jokes. Before they knew it, Kan was walking over with a bow and three arrows for Nanami, and an arrangement of knives for himself.

"How did you-" Izuku started.

"I made a friend." he said with a shrug, blushing slightly, "turns out she likes Shonen Ninja series." he handed the bow and arrows to Nanami, "make them count."

"Don't I always?" she asked as Jenga walked over, demolishing chip bag after chip bag.

"I'm going to smash this test." Jenga said proudly as he finished the last bag of chips.

"We know you will jenga, but be careful you don't lock up." Izuku warned.

"I'm still three bags of chips away from that." Jenga dismissed as they watched everyone else throw the ball. Nanami whistled when Yaoyorozu fired the ball out of the cannon. And Izuku was impressed by Choji's base strength.

Sato and Jenga became best friends after they discovered their quirks were similar.

"Sugar makes you strong!?" Jenga exclaimed after watching sato throw the ball six hundred meters.

"And food makes you strong!" Sato said in wonder after Jenga threw his six hundred and fifty, "what happens when you eat too much?"

"My muscles lock up? You?"

"I lose cognitive function."

"Dude...we're like brothers!"

"Hell yeah we are!" Sato cheered, clasping Jenga's hand with his own.

"Got to love the bro-mance." Kan sighed dreamily, walking past them and taking the softball from Aizawa.

"Hey wait a minute! Isn't it cheating for them to have those!" Mineta exclaimed, pointing at the knives in Kan's hands.

"How are knives cheating?" kan asked, genuinely confused at Mineta's accusation.

"They're not." Aizawa sighed, "I already said you can use anything at your disposal during these tests, the fact that I allowed Yaoyorozu to use a motorcycle and cannon are proof enough of that, Kan, go ahead."

Kan grinned and wound up his pitch, throwing the ball into the air, instantly he pulled the knives up and began throwing them, each one hitting it's mark and propelling the ball just a little further until it hit the ground.

"443.4 meters." Aizawa called as Kan pumped his fist, stepping out of the ring as he high fived Nanami, who was fixing something onto the end of her arrows.

"You ready?" Aizawa asked her, she gave a nod and picked up the softball, throwing it into the air and nocking an arrow. She loosed it a second later and an explosion filled the air as the explosive tip she put on the arrow detonated on impact with the softball, another two arrows hit their mark and propelled the ball further, she walked out of the ring as it hit the ground.

"637.5 meters." Aizawa said, impressed.

Nanami gave him an exaggerated curtsy as she walked over to Kan.

"Compensating for something Nami?" Kan asked slyly.

"Yeah, weak friends." she retorted, making Kan snicker as Izuku stepped into the ring.

"You're the last one Midoriya." Aizawa stated, tossing him the last ball.


"Man I would hate to follow up those throws." Kirishima whispered to Mina.

"Don't count him out yet Kiri." Mina said back, "Midori may be quirkless."

Izuku wound up the pitch, then threw it with all his might, a quiet crack! Filling the air as the ball soared into the sky, wind buffeting slightly around Izuku as the force of his throw seemed to rebound back.

"But he's strong!"

The ball flew into the air, going higher and higher until it was a dot in the distance, coming down at a respectable distance.

"537.9 meters." Aizawa muttered, looking at Izuku, who was frowning at his arm, which seemed to be dangling slightly, "what's wrong?" he asked.

"Uh...nothing." Izuku said, slowly walking towards a nearby wall.

"Oh he's not-" Kan started, looking slightly green.

"He is," Nami said in exasperation as Izuku reached the wall and began to take deep breaths.

"Three...two…one!" he muttered before slamming his shoulder into the wall. A sickening crack! Echoing out and making the class wince as Izuku swallowed back a scream. Simply grunting and groaning as he staggered back.

"What was that?" Kaminari asked, slightly unnerved.

"Midoriya dislocated his shoulder when we were younger." Jenga began to explain as Izuku stretched his arm to make sure he had full range of motion, "because of it, his shoulder will sometimes dislocate when he overexerts his muscle's, it doesn't hurt popping out...but popping in apparently hurts like hell."

Izuku staggered back, facing Aizawa's glare as he stood up straight, "Sorry." Izuku offered, looking at Aizawa as the man sighed.

"Your strength is impressive." he said, "I only know a few people who could get their base strength to where you are now, keep refining that and you'll be a great hero; but if I catch you injuring yourself like that again…" Aizawa let the threat hang in the air as he walked back to everyone else. "Alright, we're done, it'll take too long to tell you all your scores individually so here." he hit a button and an electronic blackboard blinked to life, showing all of them ranked. Izuku grinned at his sixth place, while Nanami began to laugh at Kan's slumped shoulders.

"It's really not fair." he whined, "How come you always beat me!"

"You can't teach talent, and sadly you don't have it." nanami said proudly.

"Be happy your in the top ten Kan." Jenga said, looking at his own eleventh place spot, before glancing down at Mineta, who looked ready to cry at his own placement.

"Oh and no ones getting expelled."


"It was a logical ruse!" Aizawa said with a grin, "to make you all do better!"

"You guys didn't know that?" Yaoyorozu asked, "I assumed it was obvious.

"Charmer this one." Kan said, jabbing a thumb at Yaoyorozu and grinning as she blushed, "and so smart."

"Syllabus is in the classroom, you're all dismissed for now."

The class slowly broke up, some heading to the locker room to change while others loitered about, Izuku and Mina began walking towards the class.

"Hey Midoriya!" Kan called to his friend, jabbing his thumb towards Nanami, Yaoyorozu, and Jirou, "we were gonna go hit up some MgRonalds after school, you wanna come?"

"Not tonight man." Izuku said, giving Mina a sighed glance, which she smiled at, "maybe tomorrow."

"Whatever you say boss!"


A few hours later.

"I'm sorry I've been busy lately." Izuku said as he and Mina walked out of the school, hands intertwined, "I wanted to make sure we were ready for anything."

"I can tell." Mina giggled, feeling his arm up, "You're much more cut then the last time I saw you, and you really made a splash today in front of the class."

"Had to," Izuku said simply, "but that doesn't excuse me neglecting you."

"Izu, you're not neglecting me.' she said, smiling when he kisses the top of her head, "I get it, and besides, I was right there with you in a lot of your workouts."

"Still, let me make it up to you. A date night, yakiniku Barbeque and a movie night back at my apartment."

"Don't you know how to treat a girl." she said, leaning into his side, "it sounds like a plan."

Izuku grinned as they reached the Gate, both stopping as a blonde blur suddenly appeared before them.

"I AM HERE IN A RIDICULOUS POSE!" All-Might proclaimed, sliding to a stop in front of them. Bent over at the waist.

"Yes you are." Izuku said, slightly stunned at the sudden appearance of his favorite hero.


"I...uh...well, i was about to take Mina into town and…" Izuku started stumbling over his words.

"We can catch up tomorrow Izu." Mina said, letting go of her boyfriend's hand and giving him a push towards All-Might, "If All-Might needs to discuss something with you then it must be important! Right?"

"right…"Izuku said hesitantly, turning to face his girlfriend fully, "tomorrow, Yakiniku and movies." he promised.

"I'll be waiting." she said cutely, giving him a chaste kiss before skipping away.

Izuku watched her walk away, a stupid grin stretched wide on his face.


"Yes sir."

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