Quirkless Heroes: The Outsiders @natenino23
What makes us Heroes

Jake let out a shuddering breath as he collapsed into the sands of dagobah beach, Izuku was beside him, similarly collapsed on his back.

"Why...couldn't we wait...until Jenga got back…" Izuku huffed out, glaring at the broken down truck that had been abandoned at the beach, no wheels at all, the two had spent the entire day pushing the junker across the sand, almost getting stuck in said sand several times.

"Because...it's an eyesore…" Jake muttered as he slowly stood up, "we worked hard to clean this beach and I'll be damned if it turns into.a trash heap again." He held his hand out to Izuku, who gladly took it and stood up

"Can't argue with that...but can we take a breather?" Izuku asked.

Jake laughed, "sure bud, there's some sodas in the cooler, lets go."

The two limped over to the stone walkway at the edge of the beach, where a red cooler and their backpacks waited; Izuku pulled the cooler open and pulled out two lime sodas, handing one to Jake before popping the top off his own. They took a deep pull from the icy cold beverages and sighed as they stared at the beach they had spent the last four years cleaning. "Beautiful now isn't it?" Jake asked with a satisfied smile.

"It really is." Izuku agreed, sitting down on the concrete, "all that blood, sweat and tears…"

"And we still have another year to go...just think zuzu, this time next year we'll be in UA!"

"If they allow you losers in."

The sneering voice of Katsuki Bakugo made both look back as the boy walked towards them, hands in his pockets and a scowl on his lips, "they may take one look at you two and laugh themselves silly."

"Splosion boy, always a pleasure." Jake drawled, "you must be lost, the babies with the candy are at the park."

"Oh hardy har har."

Izuku just laughed, over the years-with Izuku and his friends around- Bakugo had mellowed out, no longer was the arrogant loudmouth boy who saw everyone below him.

That wasn't to say they were friends, but he at least had a good rapport with them all.

"What are you doing here Katsuki?" Izuku asked inquisitively.

"Came to check the place out." He said as he stared off towards the clean surf, only a single old truck marring its pristine sands, "So, this is the beach you nerds cleaned up," he muttered to himself, "if you losers can do this then you better not disappoint at the entrance exam next year."

"Glad you have confidence in us, splody, makes me feel all warm inside." Jake fake swooned.

"Tch, whatever." And with that Bakugo walked away, "don't you two have somewhere to be?"

The two stared at him with vacant expressions until Izuku's eyes widened "oh shit-Jake it's almost five!"

"Shit are you serious!?" Jake freaked out jumping to his feet, "we barely have ten minutes to shower! Lets go!" The two took off leaving their cooler behind, bakugo scoffed and walked up to the cooler and opened it, grabbing one of the sodas inside before hauling the cooler onto his shoulder and walking away, "idiots."


Luckily for Izuku and Jake, they both arrived at the same time Mina and Nanami did, all four meeting in front of a popular Karaoke spot.

"Midori!" Mina cheered, throwing her arms around him and making him laugh as he returned the hug.

"Hey Mina, hope you guys weren't waiting too long. " izuku said sheepishly.

"What do you mean? We just got here."

Nanami glared at Jake. Who gave her a nervous laugh, "we uh...lost track of training time…"

"Of course you did." Nanami said with a fond smile, "Now come on, you promised us a fun night on the town."

"Yeah!" Mina agreed, dragging Izuku with her as she and Nanami walked into the Karaoke joint, "and I want to see just how well you can sing stud."

"I-I R-r-r-really can't s-s-sing!" Izuku stuttered as Jake laughed at him, intertwining his hand with Nanami as they walked.

'I really am sorry we're late." Jake says as they follow Izuku and Mina into a nearby booth, Mina already looking through the songs while Nanami sighed and leaned into Jake.

"You weren't late by much..we barely arrived when you two came running up." she says, looking at him, "we have the whole day to spend together, don't spend it worrying about being late."

Jake kisses her forehead, "roger that, Kitsune…" he mumbles, chuckling as her ears began to twitch atop her head, a deep blush settling into her cheeks.

With Mina pushing things along, they all spend the next few hours singing out of tune with several songs, Izuku himself finds himself singing solo's more often then not, with his friends and girlfriend laughing at his off-tune attempts. By the time they leave the Karaoke bar a few hours later, they're all in good spirits. Jake guides them to a nearby theater where Mina convinced them all to go see the Aliens movie she was in to, ending with Nanami terrified and Izuku and Jake looking green; after calming down and settling their stomachs they walked around the mall, buying things here and there and getting into a bit of trouble at the costume store when Izuku and Jake got yelled at by the manager for remaking a star wars scene in wizard robes.

The night ended with the boys walking the girls to Nanami's house, Mina was leaning against Izuku, eyes half closed as she yawned.

"Today was fun." She mumbled, "we should do it again soon."

"Definitely." Izuku agreed.

Jake smiled as he watched Izuku and Mina, "they really are a good match aren't they?" Jake asked Nanami as the girl intertwined her hand with his.

"I knew it." she said smugly as Jake laughed, "she's going to stay the night at my place, so you and Izuku don't need to walk her home."

"Good to know." Jake said as they reached her house, Mina and Izuku were saying their goodbyes with a small peck on the lips and a hug, while Nanami turned to Jake, taking her hand away from him, feeling jealousy spike because of her friends' relationship,"I had fun Jake."

"So did I Kitsune." he said with a smile, putting his hands in his pockets. His eyes darting over to Izuku and Mina, then back to Nanami, "Nanami you're...um...I...you see...um...the...train." he stuttered out as his nerve failed him, "we...need to make the train."

Nanami blushed "o-oh...right." she mumbled, and took a few hesitant steps back as Izuku walked back over, "oh screw it!" she snapped, grabbing Jake by the front of his shirt and dragged him down, giving him a fierce kiss that took both Jake and Izuku by surprise.

"Alright Nanami!" Mina cheered while Izuku started laughing.

Nanami broke the kiss and looked at Jake, who's eyes had fluttered shut during the kiss, "goodnight." Nanami whispered before pulling away from Jake and quickly going up the steps, Mina right behind her giggling, "I can't believe you're so bold!"

Izuku walked over to Jake, "about damn time." he said with a grin.

Jake opened his eyes, "i...wha...Nanami…"

"Come on stud, let's get you home."


Izuku and Jake were silent as the doors began to close in their cart, the two were the only ones on the train. The fluorescent lights flickering every now and then.

"So." Izuku started as the train began to move, "you and Nanami?"

"yeah…"Jake said, still slightly dazed from the kiss Nanami had given him.

Izuku snorted, "you're courageous enough to fight Bullies, but not enough to ask a girl out."

"Hey! It's hard." Jake said defensively as Izuku laughed.

"Sure it is." Izuku chuckled, looking out the window, "it's about time all honesty, you two have been dancing around each other since middle school started."

"I didn't want anything to change." Jake admitted. "I was scared if we went further then it might throw off the group-" he stopped when Izuku began to laugh again.

"Dude, we were taking bets on when it would happen." he snickered, "thanks, by the way, you helped me win 3,000 yen!"

Jake joined Izuku in his laughter, "glad I could help." he said as he looked down at his calloused hands, "we're almost there, aren't we Zuzu?"

Izuku sobered up and smiled, "Yeah, ten months and we'll be taking the entrance exam." he said, "just think, us as pro heroes!"

"Yeah, we'll easily make the top fifteen," Jake cheered, pumping his fist in the air, "we'll be an unstoppable team! With Kitsune, Shinobi, Zuzu and Buffet!"

"Come on!" Izuku said with a groan, "Zuzu isn't a good hero name! Neither is Buffet!"

"Not my fault, you were Zuzu since we were like...six! And Jenga doesn't really have very many options unless he wants to be called tubby like Kan suggested."

"Or we can call him Slim and see how many people get the joke." Izuku retorted as the train began to slow down, the two boys stood up and headed to the sliding doors as they opened, "but I think we can definitely do better then Zuzu."

"What about Midorkia?"

"That was a lame attempt and you know it." Izuku snarked as they walked towards Jake's apartment.

"Ah whatever, I'm sure we'll figure something out for you." Jake drawled, falling into a comfortable quiet as they walked, until they reached the steps of his apartment, "hey Jake…"

"Yeah?" Jake asked, pausing on the stairs to look back at Izuku, "what's up?"

"Why do you want to become a hero?" Izuku asked, "I don't think i've ever asked you."

Jake smiled, "yeah, we never got around to why we want to be pros huh? I know you want to be a hero to show everyone a quirkless can be, and I can relate...but I want to be a hero like All Might, someone who can fight for what's right with a smile on his face...so I'm going to become a Pro-Hero, Top Ten, and I'm gonna deliver justice with an Iron Fist...heh, that could be my hero name huh?"

Izuku smiled, "yeah, great hero name…" he sighed and stepped back, "guess I'll see you tomorrow, meeting at my house right?"

"Yeah, make sure you bring your A-game, gotta get you up to snuff!"

Izuku grinned, "always." he said with a carefree shrug as he continued to walk, his smile disappearing as he thought over his reasonings for being a hero.


Izuku and Jake ran across the hot sands, arms and legs pumping as fast as they could go as they heckled each other.

"Come on Izu, you're slowing down!"

"Yeah right, I see you straining, all them muscle's slowin' you down huh?"

"Oh you'd like that wouldn't you!" Jake laughed as he passed the pier first by a hair, "HA! I won!"

"No way! I stepped into the shadows first!"Izuku argued as they both walked towards the stairs.

"Yeah but I passed into them first! Head went first bitch!"

"Fuckin' cheat." Izuku grumbled as they reached the cooler, "next time double or nothing."



A powerful explosion nearby sent both teens flying back into the sand as dark plumes of smoke shot into the air, Izuku could only hear a high pitched ringing as he slowly got back to his feet, "jake." he called to his friend, who was already standing and staring towards town, his voice sounding muffled and far away, "Jake you good!?"

Jake turned towards Izuku and began to move his lips, Izuku didn't know what he was saying until his hearing slowly came back.

"-attack! There's an apartment building in flames! We gotta help!" Jake shouted at Izuku before he took off running. Izuku didn't hesitate to follow his friend back to the steps, pausing at the top to stare at the destruction, "God…" Izuku whispered.

Two of the three apartments that were nearby were gone, collapsed into nothingness where they had once stood, the third was fully engulfed in brilliant gold flames. The screams of the injured and the terrified rang through the air as the two middle schoolers ran as fast as they could to the fire, ignoring calls and cries of warning as they tore their shirts off, covering their mouths with them before plunging into the smoke that covered the front door, "find as many people as you can and lead them out!" Jake shouted to his friend as they separated, both Jake and Izuku began kicking doors in, calling for anyone inside, soon people began to stream out of the building; Izuku and Jake running back and forth to usher the people they found, they took stairs two or three at a time to reach some of the higher floors.

"Izuku! Help me with this door!" Jake coughed out as his friend ran by, glaring at the door in front of him that just wouldn't budge.

"Got you." Izuku said as they both began kicking the door until it finally gave in on the fifth kick. The two rushed inside calling for anyone.


The two boys ran forward, coming around a corner to find an older man trying to get through a blocked hallway, debris from upper floors having blocked the walkway, doing his best to keep his thick glasses clean, "my son is in that room!" the man screamed, pointing a soot covered figure at a nearby white wall, stained by the smoke, "I have to get him!"

"We'll get him! Just head for the stairs!" Jake shouted as he and Izuku moved forward.

"I won't leave until my son is with me!" The man snapped, crossing his arms.

"Your son will be fine-" Izuku tried to calm the man down, but he only pushed Izuku away from him.

"-I won't leave him!"

"Come on old man!"Jake snapped, as Izuku looked up, his eyes widening.

"Jake watch out!" Izuku shouted, pushing Jake back and screaming as the ceiling collapsed on him.

"IZUKU!" Jake cried, quickly digging through the fiery debris until he pulled Izuku out. Who began screaming in pain as he got just a bit of breathable air into his lungs, his arms and legs were covered in cuts and scrapes as well as minor burns, his right calf was bleeding profusely from a jagged piece of rebar that was lodged sideways in it.

"Jesus fuck." Jake breathed, looking at his friend to the old man, who had backed away in horror, "Izuku we need to get you out of here." Jake said as he tied his shirt around the wound, making Izuku choke back a scream.

"We can't leave the kid." he gritted out.

"You're no good here! Just get out! I'll get the kid." Jake stood and strode over to the old man, "get my friend out of here." He commanded angrily.

"...save my son." The man said soflty, before going to Izuku and helping him up, the boy doing his best not to scream as they moved out of the room.

"Okay…" Jake took a deep breath as he turned to the wall, the door was lodged and with the debris in front of it, he wasn't going through there.

So there was only one way.

Jake began punching through the wall, ignoring the splinters and cuts he got as he worked, "you in there kid!" jake called.


"I'm comin' buddy, just hold on!" he began using his legs as his arms began to give, wincing as wood and bolts dug into his skin. "Hold on kid!"


With most of the city's heroes dealing with the villain that had caused the collapse, only a few sidekicks were able to commit to helping the recently arrived firefighters with the blaze. And with most of them having ill-fitting quirks, they were mostly providing crowd control and helping whatever people were lucky enough to find their way to the front doors or the fire escapes.

Many were telling them of two teenagers who were running around the apartment helping people.

"They're gonna get hurt! You need to help them!"

"That blaze is too dangerous to just rush into!" one of the sidekicks berated them, "Gemini! Go see if you can't get some air tanks from the firefighters! We need to get into that building without getting ourselves trapped as well!"

"Help!" the old man shouted as he helped an injured boy through the front doors, "we need medical attention! HELP!"

Two sidekicks ran forward, helping the man and the boy to the paramedics, "you're alright! You're safe!"

"My grandson is still in there!" the old man sobbed, covering his face with his hands.

"My friends are trying to get him now." the boy gritted out as the Paramedics checked his leg and other injuries, "that apartment is about to collapse! We need to go get him!"

"You're not going anywhere on that leg kid, stay down!" the sidekick commanded, "fuck the air tanks i'm going in!"

'Wait! Someone's coming out!"

Izuku looked to the front doors, seeing the smokey silhouette of a man carrying a small child in his arms, "It's jake!"

Jake did his best to keep his vision clear as he walked, his breathing raspy and uneven, his steps were stilted and painful from the several burns he got kicking the last of the wall down, and his ankle was swollen slightly, the the boy in his arms was unconscious, having past out as they walked down the stairs.

"Don't worry kid...we're almost there.' Jake muttered as he stared ahead, grinning as he saw a few pro heroes running towards them, "we got this."


He didn't know where the call came from, but he knew he wouldn't be able to run fast enough with the kid in his hands, "Sorry bud" he muttered, throwing the boy forward, he landed just outside of the building, allowing a hero to easily pick him up and run away.


Jake forced his legs into a sprint, hand reaching out for the hero as the ceiling gave and the floors above came crashing down around him.

The last thing Jake sees before everything goes black is the hero screaming as he gazed on in horror.


Jenga let the phone fall from his hand, his entire body numb as he walked towards the kitchen, "It can't...be true…" he whispered as he slowly sat against the wall, tears in his eyes, "it can't be true…"


Kan let out a pain filled scream as his Mother finished telling him the news, tears streaming down his cheeks as he fell to his knees, his younger sister is quick to run forward and hug him, crying alongside him.


Nanami was with Mina when she heard the news, Mina was stricken and immediately began gathering her things so she could head to the hospital.

Nanami sat down in her chair, tears welling up in her eyes as she stared at her phone, she broke down with a choked back sob that had Mina rushing back to her friends side, holding onto her smaller friend as she let out a grief filled wail that had tears pricking her eyes.

"I'm sorry Nami...I'm so sorry…"


"-it's been a week since The Super-Villain Rampage was stopped by All-Might, the villain Having used a strength enhancement quirk to demolish a small uninhabited building before contributing to the an apartment being fully engulfed. The villain is now in custody and the casualties are-thankfully-low thanks to two Aspiring Heroes, a one Izuku Midoriya and Jake Nakamura reportedly ran into the blaze and lead the tenants of Lincoln Heights Apartment Complex out to freedom, alongside five other tenants who were injured, Midoriya and Nakamura were both counted among the casualties, with Midoriya suffering from smoke inhalation, first and second degree burns, and an unknown injury to his leg. Nakamura was caught in the buildings collapse, his body has not been recovered at this time and Authorities believe the fires were hot enough to have not left any trace of the would-be hero."

Izuku turned off the TV as he stared at the ground Lifelessly, his leg in a cast and most of his body covered in bandages. Slowly, he placed the remote down as Mina walked in carrying a tray with food on it.

"You need to stop torturing yourself." she said softly, having heard the broadcast in the other room, "Jake wouldn't want you to keep torturing yourself like this."

Izuku slowly nodded his head as she placed the food in front of him, "I'm sorry Mina...I said I wasn't hungry."

She sighs and shakes her head as she gives him a small smile, "you haven't eaten since yesterday Izu, please, eat."

Izuku was still for a few moments more, before leaning forward and pulling the tray towards him, wincing at the slight jostle the movement gave his leg, he looked at the bowl of soup on the tray for a few seconds before picking up the spoon and taking a bite. The soup was delicious, but it tasted like ashes in his mouth as he quickly ate it and finished it.

"Izu." Mina started, sitting next to him, "they're saying there's going to be a memorial for Jake tomorrow…"

Izuku clenched the spoon, "they haven't found a body." he whispered hollowly.

"I know…"

Izuku slowly looked at her, "I'm sorry…" he mumbled, "I haven't been very good company these last few weeks."

"Don't apologize for that Izu." she said, putting her hand over his own, fingers lightly running over the white bandages, "I get it, what happened isn't something you get over quickly."

Izuku slowly turned his hand around and intertwined it with hers, "I don't deserve you." he whispers.

Mina sighed and leaned into him, "that's not your choice to make." she mumbled as he softly kissed the top of her head.

"I'll go tomorrow...my leg should be healed enough for me to walk with a cane..." he said quietly. "I hope you'll be there with me."

"Of course."

"Thank You Mina…"


The sun shone brightly overhead, birds chirped as they flittered between the trees in the park. In all, it was a regular summer day.

And it didn't fit the somber mood of the few who gathered to remember and mourn Jake Nakamura, all of them sitting in rows of chairs in front of a small shrine for Jake, his mother had refused to show, having buried herself in her work to escape the grief of losing a child.

His father was there, William Nakamura was a stout man, standing 6'3 with a basic enhancement quirk that had made him the most deadly sniper to ever step into the US Military and held that title until a lucky Mortar strike hit his position and had him lose his dominant arm, Now he stood with a blank face, his soft gray eyes staring at nothing as the Priest droned on, dressed in his old dress uniform, the sleeve of his right arm pinned up.

Sitting beside him were Nanami and Jenga, Nanami's eyes were red and swollen and she was shaking against Jenga who was doing his best to comfort her. Then beside them was Izuku, who had his arm around Mina and a cane leaning against his leg.

Behind them were several of Jake's classmates, a few teachers, as well as the heroes who had been on scene, one of them in the same row as them, letting his tears fall unashamed as he stared at the shrine.

Finally at the very back sat Kan, who was leaning against a tree as he glared ahead.

When the priest was done and everyone had paid their respects, most everyone left, Only Izuku and his friends stayed, Nanami and Jenga were at the shrine, Nanami sniffling as a new wave of tears came.

Kan was still by the tree, glaring at the shrine as the heroes conversed off to the side, Izuku was limping forward, Mina at his side to keep him from falling.

"Izuku." the call was soft and hoarse, Izuku slowly turned to look at Jake's father, who was slowly walking forward, "how are you son?" He asked quietly, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm..here…" Izuku mumbled, smiling slightly when Mina squeezes his hand reassuringly, "Mina's really been a help…"

"I'm sure...I came to say good-bye." he said, "with Jake...gone...I don't think I can bare staying in country…"

"It'll be sad to see you gone sir…"

"I'll visit when I can...but before I left I wanted to give you these." he pulled two small rolls of cloth out of his hand, "I was going to give these to Jake when he got into UA...I think it's best to give them to you now, you two were so close…" he put the wraps into his hand once Izuku pulled his free hand away from Mina, "They're made from a special material, guaranteed not to burn or be destroyed."

Izuku shook as tears began to well in his eyes,"i...I can't accept this…" he whispered, looking up at the man, "I can't...I...I'm the reason he's dead...the reason he's not here...if I hadn't of been injured we...we would've-"

"-Izuku." the man said sharply, making the boy stop, "it wasn't your fault." he continued on in a gentler voice, "both of you ran in to save people after a villain, you were injured trying to save my boy once; and he died saving another from death...I...couldn't be more proud of either of you. And I hope…" he took a steadying breath, his own tears beginning to fall as he stared at a boy that had become like a second son to him, "and I hope those wraps will show you that even with him gone, he's still going to be there for you."

Izuku choked back a sob, "thank you sir...I'll use them proudly."

The man smiled sadly as he stepped back, "good-bye Izuku, Mina, I hope we'll be able to see each other again."

Izuku watched the man walk away, slowly putting the wraps into his pocket before taking Mina's hand again.

"Are you okay?" Mina whispered softly to him.

"Y-yeah...fine…" he mumbled, turning towards the shrine where Nanami and Jenga were standing; "I think I'll make my way home with everyone else." he said, turning to look at her.

She gave him a smile and kissed him, "call me when you get home Midori." she said quietly before walking away.

Izuku sighed and limped to his friends, looking at the shrine with them for a few moments. None of them were talking until Kan finally walked over; hands in his pockets.

"Fucking Jackass." the boy muttered angrily. Making Jenga and Izuku look at him sharply.

"Idiot should have let the Heroes do their job." he spat, turning to glare at the heroes who were still there, looking away from the boy in guilt, "as shitty as they were in helping him! Was it because he was quirkless, asshats!?"

"Kan that's enough." Izuku growled, stepping towards the boy.

"I'm not lying." he grumbled as he turned to Izuku, "they didn't do their job, but what about you Midoriya? Huh? Why didn't you drag his ass out of there? Instead you saved your own ass-"

"-You have no idea what happened!" Izuku snarled.

"I may not but I know it's your fault!"

"-thats enough both of you." Jenga ordered firmly, stepping between them and pushing them back, "you two seriously doing this right now?"

The two glared at each other a little longer until Izuku let his gaze fall, "Sorry." he muttered.

Kan sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "I'm sorry too, its just...hard to believe he's gone...that he would…" Kan coughed, trying to get rid of the emotions welling up in him, "Hard to imagine someone who walked so tall to be laid so low…"

Nanami let out a quiet sob, making Jenga go back to her side, giving her a hug.

"I know what you mean." Izuku mumbled as he looked at the sky, "Come on guys." he said, turning to walk away.

"It's getting late…and we have somewhere to be."


The four friends slowly made their way to the park, all of them looking around with a bitter nostalgia as they looked at the swings where they had all become friends after fighting their bullies; Nanami let her hands brush the chains, tears building up once more.

Soon they were at the shack, over the years it hadn't changed much, most of the tools and buckets that had been inside had been removed by the actual owners and the building had been left to rot; but the teens had worked hard to keep it from doing so, and had taken over the inside with their own knick nacks and property, including a mini-fridge that Jenga kept stocked.

They all trooped in, quietly sitting on the old chairs they had left inside, Kan walked over to where he had hid the bottle of whiskey from the party that had happened over two months ago, though it felt like years, "I think Jake wouldn't hold it against us if we had a sneak peak…" he mumbled, grabbing four tin cups and breaking the seal on the bottle, pouring all of them a shot of the whiskey.

The cups were passed around and they all sat quietly, staring down at the amber liquid, lost in their own thoughts.

Izuku slowly looked up, "I have to get stronger." he said quietly, making Jenga and Kan look at him, "I...I have to go above and beyond...to make sure nothing like this happens again."

"Izuku it wasn't your fault-" Jenga started.

"-I'm sorry for what I said," Kan added, "I was way out of line and just looking to hurt, you know what I said wasn't true-"

"-that doesn't excuse the fact that I was too weak to do more." Izuku said bitterly, "if I were stronger we could've gotten that kid out of his room a lot faster and no one would've been injured…"

"I understand…" Nanami whispered quietly, slowly looking up to her friend, tears stained her cheeks and her body was shaking as she slowly stood up and approached Izuku, who slowly looked away from her grief filled gaze, "you don't want to lose anyone else like that, so you want to be as strong as you can so it won't happen...but you know that won't be easy right? You're not even fully healed yet."

"I know...but that doesn't change my plan, I'm going to get stronger...and I need all of your help to do it…"

Kan grinned, "well count me in, soon as you're healed up we're hitting the gym harder then we have been."

"And you're focusing on strength training this time around." Jenga said pointedly, "You know martial arts but you only focused on the techniques, not the power behind your punches!"

"You're reaction time needs to go up too." Nanami added, slowly looking down.

"I'm willing to work on it all." Izuku said with conviction, 'For Jake."

Kan smiled sadly, "For Jake." he said, raising his glass.

Jenga followed suit, "For Jake," he said quietly.

"For Jake," Nanami agreed, a tear trailing down her cheek as her friends downed their shots, she simply set her own shot against the windowsill. Knowing she couldn't enjoy the drink unless she knew that Jake was with them.

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