Quirkless Heroes: The Outsiders @natenino23
the Outsiders

"Are you alright?"

The question made Izuku look up from the ground to stare at the blond haired boy standing over him.

"I...yeah…" he mumbled, wiping his nose.

"You sure? Because you looked pretty roughed up buddy." he said, gesturing to Izuku's singed clothes and the bruises that covered him.

Izuku said nothing, opting to look back at the ground instead.

The boy tilted his head, then walked over and sat down next to him, "I'm Jake Nakamura." he said conversationally, "what's yours?"

Izuku stared at him in surprise, "a-aren't you scared of Kacchan?" he asked.

"Who?" Jake asked in confusion.

"He...he beats up anyone who tries to be my friend…" he mumbled, "so you're better off just running…"

"Heh, i ain't scared of a bully." Jake said, dismissing his warning, "he ain't the first one I've had to deal with."

"You must have a crazy strong quirk if you're not even scared." Izuku muttered bitterly.

"actually...I don't have on."

Izuku's eyes widened at that, "You too?" he asked.

Jake spared him a glance, "yeah, Guessing you are too?"


Jake grinned, then through an arm around Izuku's shoulder, "well then I guess that makes us best buddies huh!?"

"I...yeah, i guess so." Izuku said with a wobbly smile.

"Then I need to know your name."

"Izuku...Izuku Midoriya."


A little while later.

"Over here, come on Zuzu."

Izuku tried his best to keep up with Jake as they ran through the park towards an old garden shed.

"I don't think we're supposed to be here Jake." Izuku said worriedly.

"Nah, don't worry about it." Jake dismissed as he opened the door, revealing three other kids waiting.

"Jake!" a redheaded girl exclaimed, tackling the boy in a flying hug.

"OOF! Nanami, how are you?" Jake wheezed as he returned her hug while Midoriya looked around them to a chubby black haired boy and a scrawny white haired boy, who were giving him cautious stares.

"What took you so long!?" she demanded to know as she pulled back, little fists on her hips.

"I was bringing a new friend." Jake said, gesturing to Izuku, "everyone, this is Izuku Midoriya, Zuzu, this is Nanami Kendo, Madara Kan, and Jenga Watanabe."

"I-it's nice to meet all of you!" Izuku stuttered out, bowing to them.

"Relax kid." the white haired boy said with a chuckle as he rolled his purple eyes, "we don't bite...well I don't, Jenga may take a bite out of you."

"Shut up Kan!" the chubby boy whined, making Nanami stomp back in and hit Kan on the head with a karate chop.

'OW! Nanami!"

"Quit being a jerk!" she snapped as Jake and Jenga laughed.

"So, why'd you bring the runt?" Jenga asked Jake as he opened a bag of chips.

"He's like us." Jake said with a shrug, taking a seat on an overturned plastic bucket.

Kan looked at Midoriya, "you're quirkless too huh?"

"Y-yeah…" Izuku mumbled, looking down.

Kan grinned, "well don't worry, we're all the same here, so no need to be nervous...unless your potato chips." he jabbed his thumb over to Jenga, who was inhaling his bag of chips.


"I said quit being mean!"


Izuku giggled quietly as Jenga walked over with another bucket, "Take a load off friend." The hefty boy said, "no one comes out here anymore, so no need to worry about us getting in trouble with any adults."

"Thank you." Izuku thanked him as he sat down.

"So, why do you look so roughed up kid?" Kan asked, rubbing his head where a small lump was forming.

"He ran into some bullies before I met him." Jake said, "some Kacchan kid."

Kan gave him a sympathetic smile, "bullies are a dime a dozen, but don't worry, now you got us."

"I-I do?"

"Of course!" Nanami answered this time, "Us quirkless have to stick together right?"

Izuku gave a watery smile and nodded, "mhmm!"

"Welcome to the Outsiders Midoriya." Jenga mumbled around a mouthful of chips.

Immediately the other three groaned.

"Dude.' Jake sighed.

"Uncool." Nanami muttered.

"What are we? a 1980's novel?" Kan asked.

"I think it sounds cool! And it's accurate!" Jenga defended himself, "we're all outsiders!"

Izuku stared at the four arguing back and forth, and he let out another chuckle, making them look at him, "I...I like it…" Izuku said shyly, making Jenga grin and Kan groan.

"We've already lost him." Kan lamented as Jake laughed.


One Week later.

Izuku ran as fast as he could through the park, a carefree smile plastered on his face as he thought about seeing his new friends at their shack. So caught up in his excitement that he didn't even see Kacchan until the other boy tripped him, making him crash into the dirt.

"Where do you think you're going Deku?" Bakugo asked as his friends around him laughed.

"Kacchan! I...well I was…"

"Was what? Speak up Deku!"

Midoriya cowered underneath Bakugou as the boy advanced, his hands crackling with small explosions.

A whistling in the air was the only warning before a padded arrow slammed into Bakugo's forehead, making him stagger back.

"Leave him alone, jerk!" Nanami snapped from her spot by the swings, Jake and Kan running towards Izuku's side.

"What the hell was that!?" Bakugo snapped, glaring at the small toy arrow.

"It's called an arrow." Nanami sassed as Kan helped Izuku up.

"The real question is, what's your problem?" Jake demanded to know, fists balled at his side, "Zuzu wasn't doing anything to you, there was no reason to trip him like that!"

"Yeah!" Jenga huffed out as he came running up, out of breath.

Bakugo narrowed his eyes, "so you got some loser friends now huh Deku? You know what happens now don't you?"

"No...please." Izuku whimpered as Kan bared his teeth.

"You gonna try and run us off Explosion boy?" Kan taunted, standing by Jake, "Go ahead and try."

Nanami loaded up another arrow, "this thing isn't very accurate but it really hurts!" she warned, aiming it towards the boy with wings who was already starting to fly.

"I'll show you your place!" Bakugo yelled as he ran at Jake, who ducked under Bakugo's attack and punched him in the stomach as his other friends went charging in.

Kan slid under the boy with elongating fingers and took his legs out, "I have three older brothers, so this is no sweat!" Kan laughed, grabbing the boy's arm and pulling it behind his back.

Jenga hid behind Nanami as she fired a few more padded arrows at the flying boy, then at the other boy who was currently trying to go after Izuku, who was frozen in shock, "get out of there Zuzu!" Nanami shouted, jumping to the side as the winged boy swooped down, slamming into Jenga instead.

"OW! You crushed my chips, you jerk!" Jenga shouted, punching the boy as they tussled on the ground.

Izuku watched as they all fought around him, they're fighting for me… he thought, I can't...I can't let them do this on their own!

With unsteady steps Izuku charged at the boy who was trying to get closer to Nanami, tackling him to the ground.

"Alright Zuzu!" Kan cheered as he continued to wrestle with the long fingered boy.

"Kick his butt Zu!" Jake called out as he threw Bakugou away.

"MOMMY!" the winged boy cried as he flew away from Jenga, who was standing proudly, his hair dusty and his fists raised high.

"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR CRUSHING MY CHIPS!" Jenga shouted shrilly at the retreating boy.

"Tsubasa split! Lets go!" the boy Izuku had tackled shouted, disentangling from Izuku and running away, the other boy following quickly, followed by Bakugo.

"This isn't over Deku!" Bakugo snarled back at his one time friend.

"Keep running sissy!" Kan laughed, as Jake dusted off his pants while he walked over to Izuku.

"Way to go out there Zuzu!" Jake said with a grin, holding his hand out to the boy.

Izuku looked up at Jake and then carefully took his hand, standing up.

"We kicked their butts!" Kan cheered, throwing his arms over Izuku and Jake's shoulders while Nanami and Jenga ran over.

"Did you see that flying kid? I thought he was gonna piss his pants when Jenga threw him." Nanami giggled as Jenga flexed his flabby arms.

"He was no match for my awesome power!" the husky boy said proudly.

"Yeah, good thing he crushed your chips fatboy." Kan laughed.

Jenga deflated slightly, "Those poor chips...what a waste." he sighed, a small tear dropping from his eye.

Izuku and Jake laughed while Nanami shook her head in exasperation.

"Boys." she muttered, "Come on guys, lets go to the shack.'

"Yeah! And bust out Jenga's moon pie stash!" Kan whooped.

"Anything for my friends!" Jenga exclaimed as they all began moving.

Izuku sniffled slightly, "Thanks guys…" Izuku mumbled.

Jake spared Izuku a glance and a smile, "what are friends for, eh Zuzu?"


Eight years later.

Izuku slowly woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his door.

"Izuku!" His mom called, "Jake and Kan are here."

"Okay mom." Izuku groaned, slowly turning over and closing his eyes once more, then they flew open, "wait-"

The door burst open and someone jumped on top of him.

"Wakey wakey Sleepy head!" Kan exclaimed, getting Izuku in a headlock as the half-awake boy tried vainly to break it, he flicked his long white hair out of his eyes with a toss of his head, "We got shit to do lets gooo!"

"Kan come on!" Izuku grunted as he threw his elbow back, hitting the boy in the side.

"Ow! You little shit-"


The battle cry of Jake made both boys look up with wide eyes, "No! No! No! Wait-" Kan started before the boy slammed into them,getting them both in a headlock.

"What are you two losers doing wrestling on a bed for!?" the blond haired boy laughed as he stood, "We got a morning run to go on!"

"Can I atleast get dressed?" Izuku whined.

"Nah, gonna make sure Jenga and Nanami see you in your Allmight onesie." Jake said with a grin.


"When we tell this story to everyone it is." Kan chuckled, finally slipping out of the headlock Jake had on him.

"You guys are the worst." Izuku groaned as Jake let him go.

"Yeah but you love us anyways." Jake drawled, "now hurry up and go get changed!"

Izuku trudged back into his room and closed the door. He loved his friends, but they could sometimes be annoying. Like their special way of waking him up in the mornings; however after eight years of friendship he's learned to roll with the punches.

A lot had changed in the last eight years, no longer were they the small, snot nosed five year olds who were getting into fights every other day. Now they were fourteen and training to be heroes.

No one believed them when hey stated they would get into UA, and even fewer believed them when they said that they would enter the Hero course. But the five friends were determined, and since the age of nine had worked as hard as they could to gain the strength and skills needed to be heroes.

Izuku looked at himself in the mirror, at the lean muscles he had worked so hard to get, and the scars that he had gained from training and sparring. All of his friends were the same now except for Nanami-who worked on her Archery skills more then anything else, with a determined grin Izuku threw on a tank top and a pair of shorts before running out into the living room, "Come on guys! Lets hit it!"

"Be back by Dinner Izuku!" his mother called, smiling as her son gave a 'okay!" and ran outside with his friends hot on his heels.

"What are we doing today?" Izuku asked as they bolted down the stairs.

"Nanami wanted to work on her archery." Jake said, running his hands through his close cropped hair, "and Jenga wanted to lift weights."

"Jenga always wants to lift." Kan dismissed, "makes it easier to lift those jumbo burgers."

"Do you ever not have a smartass quip?" Izuku deadpanned.

"I'll let you know when it happens."

"Enough guys, lets get to Dagobah beach before Nanami gets bored and comes looking for us." Jake said sternly, making both boys shiver, both of them had scars from her arrows and permanent headaches from her chops.

Soon they reached dagobah beach, where a mound of trash was slowly getting moved across the beach, "STarted without us Jenga?!" Kan shouted, jumping onto the railing in a crouch.

Jenga slowly stepped away from the garbage, the fat that he had once had as a child was now hard muscle, though not clearly defined, one could easily see the power that coursed through his joints as he moved towards them, his once long hair was now gone, having preferred to simply shave the unruly mop off his head, "You guy's were taking too long." he said with an amused smirk as he picked up a large bag of chips and began to eat quickly, his arms tensing more and more as he did.

(Jenga Watanabe: Quirk: Food Power. By eating food, Jenga is able to up the density of his muscles, too much food ends up making his joints stiff and a full buffet will have him unable to move until the effects wear off.)

"Careful there Jenga," Jake warned, "we don't need you getting stuck."

"Yeah, it took two days for your muscles to die down last time." Kan laughed.

Jenga blushed, "they said it was all you can eat…" He mumbled as he moved back to the trash pile, beginning to push the massive debris away once more.

"Guys a bruiser and still a giant teddy bear." Kan said with a sad shake of his head, letting out a yelp when Jake pushed him off the railing; with barely any hesitation Kan caught himself on his hands and flipped back up to his feet while throwing a small knife at jake,who easily dodged it as he grinned at the glaring boy, "you know, you're not nice."

(Madara Kan- Quirkless: Skills: has trained himself in the art of Ninjutsu, and is proficient in the use of several weapons)

"Yeah but you love me anyways." Jake laughed as he and Izuku jumped over the railings, Jake landed on his feet while Izuku found himself pinned to a refrigerator by several arrows, "why are you like this." Izuku whined, glaring at the girl who was standing eighty meters away with a longbow, her long red hair tied back in a ponytail, she was petite, standing at only 5'4", but her blue eyes were hard and calculating, making most of the boys shake in fear-save for Jake.

"I wanted to see how much my accuracy improved.' she said as she walked over, easily pulling the arrows out and letting Izuku fall to the floor, "Look, I didn't even scratch you this time!"

(Nanami Sendo- Quirkless: Skills: Archery, has placed first multiple time in national competitions and is rumored to even take the wings off a fly without killing it.)

"Can't you practice your accuracy with a target or something! Seriously I'm running out of shirts without holes!" Izuku complained.

"You'll live." Nanami said with a shrug, before prancing over to Jake, "Hey jake!" she chirped, the picture of innocence.

"How's it going Nanami." Jake greeted with a smile, the two stood just staring at each other with warm glances while Kan and Izuku stared at each other and rolled their eyes.

"Hey love birds! We gotta get to training!" Kan exclaimed, easily ducking the arrow sent at his head.

"S-s-s-shut up Kan!" Nanami stuttered, blushing a deep red, "we are NOT like that!"

"Y-yeah, totally not like that."Jake mumbled, looking away as he blushed as well.

"Sure you guys arent." izuku deadpanned, 'Now lets go!" he turned and punched the refrigerator he had just been pinned to, his fist easily denting the metal with minimal injury to himself.

Jake grinned and charged the refrigerator, driving his fists through it and pulling it out, showing slight scrapes and scratches on his calloused knuckles.

(Izuku Midoriya and Jake Nakamura - Quirkless: skill: martial arts, the two have trained their bodies in several martial arts and have strengthened their limbs to withstand tremendous trauma!)


Several hours later.

"So guy's," Kan said, twirling his butterknife between his fingers as he stared at his friends eating yakiniku around him, "you remember that friend of mine? Kirishima?"

"You've spoken about him like...once or twice." Jenga mumbled around a mouthful of steak.

"Yeah well the guy invited me to a party some of his buddies are throwing at one of their houses in downtown Mustafu, he said I could bring whoever I wanted."

"And what, you think we're the best people to go to a party?" Nanami snorted, "we aren't exactly the most popular people around."

"So? We deserve to have some fun just like everyone else." Kan said firmly, then looked to Jenga, "Think about it man, this place is gonna have food, the good kind, the kind private middle schoolers get to eat on the regular."

Jenga's mouth started to water as he bit into the steak, "I'm in!" he declared.

"Of course you are Jenga," Izuku sighed, "look, you guys do what you want, I do NOT want to go, do you know what my mom would say if we get caught sneaking out?"

"Dude no, don't be a bitch," Kan complained, "It's either all of us or none of us."

"Then I say no." Izuku said firmly, with Nanami nodding along with him, "Two to two, your vote is the tiebreaker Jake."

"Hmm…" Jake mumbled as he chewed on some grilled chicken, "I think we all deserve to have some fun, whens the party?"

Izuku and Nanami groaned as both Jenga and Kan cheered. "This weekend is gonna be epic!"


Saturday night.

Izuku stood uncomfortably at the back wall, watching as several teenagers milled about around him, some dancing to the loud music playing while others were talking amicably around the room, the older teens were discretely pouring an amber liquid into their drinks when they thought no one was looking.

All in all, Izuku felt completely out of place.

Most of his friends were off doing their own thing, Kan had gone into the backyard with his friend Kirishima and a couple of other while Jenga was currently chowing down at the snack table while easily lifting the couch with one hand, the girls and guy sitting on said couch were cheering him on and trying to get more people to climb on the couch.

Nanami had been at his side for a while until Jake had come by and asked her to dance. Needless to say the cat eared girl had jumped at the chance and tbe two were still dancing, pressed closely in the middle of the dance floor.

"Once again on my own." He sighed, looking doen at the cola drink in his hand, "wonder if i could sneak out the back."

"Doubt it!" A cheerful voice chirped, almost maiing Izuku spill his drink as a pink skinned girl saddle up to his side, "kiri and a couple of other guys are having a "manly competition of strength"" she quotationed these words as she rolled her eyes, "which means they're having a eight man battle royal, so no sneaking out back that way if you don't wanna get punched."

"I-I do actively try to avoid that." Izuku said bashfully as he ran a hand tbrough his hair.

She giggled at that, "im Mina Ashido, you can call me Mina, whats your name cutie?"

"M-m-m-m-my name?" He stuttered out as he blushed a bright red.

"Y-y-yeah!" She laughed, mimicking him good naturedly, "unless you like me calling you cutie."

"I-I m-m-my names I-I-Izuku M-m-mi-mido-midoriya."

"Well its nice to meer you I-I-Izuku." She chuckled, "so, whats a stud like you doing just lounging around by the wall?"

"I...well...I'm not the best when it comes to parties…" he said bashful.

"Well tonight's your lucky night because I am AWESOME at parties!" She cheered grabbing his arm and dragging him out onto the dance floor, "lets start with some dancing Midori!"

"Wha-w-w-wait!" Izuku called out as a slow song began to play.

"Aw man, I dont know how to dance slow songs." She pouted, "i guess we could go to the snack table-that big guys bench pressing eight people now and-eep!" Mina let out a surprised squeal as Izuku suddenly spun her around, hands easilt going to her hips.

"I-i know H-h-how to-to d-danve slow songs." He mumbled quietly, blushing furiously as she stared at him in shock, a purple blush sprouting on her own cheeks."

"W-well then, lead the way Midori." She said softly.

Nanami looked over from where she and Jake were taking a break from dancing and grinned at what she saw.

"Hey Jake." She whispered, nudging him, "look, I told you learning how to dance would pay off.

Jake looked over and gave a whoop, immediately regretting it when Nanami chopped his head, "sorry, but come on! Look at him being smooth." He grinned and stood up, pulling Nanami with him, "makes me feel bad that I'm slacking. "

Nanami blushed as the boy danced with her, holding her much closer than normal, "you're beautiful tonight."

"O-oh are you trying to say I'm not usually beautiful?" Nanami flustered, averting her eyes.

Jake laughed, "you're beautiful every day."

Nanami stuttered to a stop, staring up at Jake,who was staring down at her with warm eyes, "Jake...I…'


The sound of the back door being slammed open made the two dancing couples spring apart as Kan backflipped onto the dance floor, dodging the attacks of a large boy with horns groing out of his head.

"STOP DODGING YOU QUIRKLESS BASTARD!" the horned guy snarled.

"Quit missing you simple bitch." Kan retorted landing by the snack table and grabbing the plastic knives, throwing them at the charging bull, who winced as the serrated plastic kept slamming into his forehead.

"I'm gonna turn you into mincemeat!" he snarled, cocking a fist back and throwing it forward with all his might, aiming for the smaller boys chin, only to slam his fit into abs like Iron.

"You wanna check the rage?" Jenga asked, glaring at the other man.

"This don't concern you muscle head."

"It barely concerns you Horney." Kan quipped.

"Soma leave him alone!" Kirishima shouted, running into the room, "this is stupid man just drop it!"

"Shut it Kirishima!"

"Alright ENOUGH!" Jake snarled, stepping forward, Izuku and Nanami at his side, "what the hell is going on!?"

"Horney is mad that his ex girl wants a guy who doesn't live at a feedyard." Kan said, cringing when Jenga hit him with a backhand before pushing Soma back.

"You quirkless trash! I"ll put you six feet under!" the man snarled, "you and your kind should've been drowned at birth-" the bull let out a gasp of pain as he was jerked back by his horn and caught a flying knee to the nose, making it spurt out blood as it broke.

Jake-who had taken the boy down- forced him to look the smaller boy in the eyes, "enough with that quirkless bullshit." he growled at him, "you say one more thing like that about my friend and i'll shove my foot so far up your ass you'll be tasting leather."

"W-w-what do you care." Sora asked thickly, "sticking up for this quirkless-" this time Izuku drove his fist into the boys stomach, making him double over as the breath was knocked out of him.

"Because we're quirkless asshat." izuku mumbled, not looking at Mina as her eyes widened. The room was now deathly quiet as Nanami stepped forward and took Jake's hand, "come on," she whispered, "lets get out of here, we're obviously not welcome anymore." her eyes darting around the room at the other party goers, most were simply shocked, while others were staring at the four in disgust.

Jake glared at the downed boy a little longer before turning around, "Kan, come on."

"Yeah...alright…" Kan muttered, any good cheer now gone out of the boy as he jumped off the table and followed his friends with his hands in his pockets, Mina went to step forward but Kirishima stopped her, giving her a look as they walked out the door.

Jenga followed as well, glaring at anyone who hadn't already averted their eyes.

"Jenga you can stay if you want." Jake said quietly as they all walked away from the house.

"Like Kan said." Jenga started, "either we all go or none of us go."

"Sorry guys…" Kan said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head, "this is all my fault...in my defense, Meathead's girl was a hot one."

"I thought you were all having a battle royale in the back." Izuku questioned, "how did you have a chance to hit on a girl?"

Kan grinned at that, "She was watching the fight with a couple of others so i got 'knocked out' and went to chat her up, he took exception to that."

Jenga laughed at that, "you really can't stay out of trouble can you?"

"It's my middle name." Kan said flippantly, "anyways I got a consolation prize-" he held up a bottle full of amber liquid, "one of the upper classmen there had snuck this in, so I swiped it when they weren't looking."

"Dude...we're fourteen." Nanami deadpanned.

"so? "

"So we're not drinking liquor!" Izuku spluttered, "Do you know how bad we'd get in trouble!?"

Kan rolled his eyes, "fine, how about we hold onto it, hide it in the shack for when we get into UA? To celebrate our win."

"We'd still be underage." Jenga pointed out.

"Yeah, but the guys I stole this from were fifteen, so-"

"I'm for it." Izuku said, making Jake and Nanami stare at him in shock, "might as well right?" he mumbled, staring back forlornly at the house.

Jenga threw an arm over Izuku's shoulders, "you'll be fine man, but yeah, lets keep it."

"They got the vote." Nanami murmured, her hand still intertwined with Jake's, "guess we're doing it."

Jake gave a soft chuckle as he gave the top of her head a small kiss, "Guess we are." he responded, smiling when she gave his hand a soft squeeze and leaned into him, "lets get home."


The next day.

Izuku grunted as he pushed the broken down refrigerator across the beach, during the initial clean up they hadn't seen the fridge partially buried in the sand, but now Izuku was working his hardest to move it towards the ever shrinking pile that his friends had worked to eliminate in the last few weeks; today he was out alone, as he usually was on sundays, putting in the extra time to make sure he kept up with his friends.

He had pushed it about twenty meters before more weight was added on top of it, "Jake come on i'm not in the mood…" Izuku started, stopping when he looked up and saw Mina sitting atop the fridge.

"Hey." she greeted, not moving her eyes from the sweat covered boy.

"Hey…" Izuku said hesitantly, "what are you doing here?"

"Kirishima asked Kan where you would be today, his answer was either the park or this beach…" she looked around, "I remember a year ago when this place was nothing but trash...you guys really did good work."

"Yeah...we did…" he mumbled, "you still haven't told me what you're doing here."

Mina sighed, "I wanted to see you…" she murmured, "hell, I wanted to run after you last night but Kiri stopped me...said you guys needed some time alone…"

Izuku said nothing as he started pushing the fridge again, making her grin, "you're strong."

"Usually." he grunted as he kept going, "why did you want to see me? Wanted to stare at a quirkless for longer."

Mina frowned, "is that who you think I am? Some asshole who wants to make fun of you?"

"At this point I just assume." he muttered.

"Well you know what they say about assuming." she jumped off the fridge and gently pushed him away from it, "I don't care if you're quirkless."

Izuku stared into her eyes, finding nothing but sincerity in her eyes, "you're a first." he mumbled, going to move around her, only for her to step in his way, "Mina please…"

"Not until we have an actual conversation." she said, crossing her arms, "I like you, and I want to get to know you, why are you trying to avoid that."

Izuku said nothing, staring at the sand, "i've...never had anyone who sincerely wanted to get to know me, except for Jake and the rest of the guys…" he mumbled, slowly looking up, "the few people who've tried have turned on me as soon as they had the chance-"

"-and you think I"m the same?" she demanded to know.

"No! I...I don't know what to think! I barely even know you!"

"Then shouldn't you try and get to know me before passing judgement?" she snapped.

"I don't have that luxury-"

"-and why not-"

"BECAUSE I'VE BEEN FUCKED OVER BEFORE!" Izuku snarled, making Mina take a step back, "I've been injured and hurt by people who reassured me that they were my friend, or they liked me, and every single time i've been hurt or manipulated…" he turned away, "after several times getting hurt, you learn to be cautious…"

Mina took a shuddering breath, tears in her eyes, "Just because you've been hurt before doesn't mean this time won't be the same.' She whispered, carefully reaching out to take his limp hand "sometimes you just have to take a chance…"

Izuku looked down, his silence dragging on for a few minutes until Mina started to step away, her eyes downcast, stopping only when Izuku closed his hand around hers.

"Are...you hungry? I know a decent restaurant nearby...serves good Katsudon."

Mina looked back at him, a smile slowly breaking out, "yeah...I could go for some Katsudone…"

Izuku gave her a hesitant smile. "Follow me."

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