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typical Valesian weekend

Mi culpa, mi culpa, mi maxima culpa, I feel bad for not updating this story in so long, so to make up for that I may have put what could have been two chapters into one. Let me know what y'all think!

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"Weiss tried not to think about him, she always tried to push him into the back of her mind, ignore him for as long as possible, she could for days without even thinking about him, blissfully ignorant of his existence like she never met him; but every now and again she spies something that reminds her of the days she spent with him, the familiar scent of the cigarettes he smoked, the blue eyes of a passing stranger, sometimes even the blonde hair of her fellow Teammate Yang stirred memories of him. And these would send her into a depressive state that lasted as little as a few hours, and as long as a few days. She'd refuse to talk to her teammates and sit on her bunk, curled up against the wall, apparently dead to the world. No amount of prying and worried pleading from her friends could pull her out of it, with the exception of the leader of their sister team JNPR, but she wasn't always available when she got like this, so they were forced to leave their friend to slowly pull herself out.

Until one day her partner and leader finally got fed up with it.

"Weiss!" she shouted, barreling into the room like a red tornado, "get up! We're going to the park!"

"Go away Ruby." she mumbled, turning away from the excitable redhead.

"I will not take no for an answer!" Ruby declared, scooping her friend up and flying out the front door.

"Ruby! Put me down now!" Weiss snapped.

"Nope! Not until we have a loooooooong talk!" Ruby said.

"Can I at least change into my usual clothes!?"

"...yeah that might be ok."


"So why did you drag me out here?" Weiss asked as she and Ruby walked into one of Vale's many parks.

"I'm trying to cheer you up from the depressive funk you're in." Ruby hummed, "we're worried about you Weiss, we've been a team for a month and a half and for two weeks of that time you've been moping around in your bunk!"

"Not all at the same time." She defended herself weakly.

"Still Weiss, during your funks you don't eat, you don't sleep, you refuse to give us more than a 'go away' unless I go get Juliette, and that's not going to work every time! What if we're in the field when this happens!" she took a deep breath and calmly continued, "you have to open up and tell us what's wrong Weiss, otherwise we can't help you."

Weiss let out a shaky breath and sat down on a nearby bench, " you remember hearing about the Battle and Massacre of Terra VIsta?" she asked quietly.

Ruby quickly sat down next to her, 'I remember Professor Oobleck going over it." she said, giving Weiss her undivided attention.

"Well, I was living at my family's vacation home at that time...I was one of the White Fangs Primary targets."

Ruby's eyes widened, "I...had no idea…"

"Of course you didn't, I don't tell anyone about it." she said with a hollow laugh, "It was horrible, for the first four hours i was doing all i could just to stay alive, I didn't have Myrtenaster, i was in a city i didn't know, and I was all alone...then the Helljumpers came…dropping from a high altitude airship from their pods...a squad of them were sent to evacuate me and saved me from the White Fang that had cornered me...the squad leader...his name was Sergeant Jaune Arc…"

Ruby stiffened, " in-"

"Yes.' weiss said, tears welling up in her eyes, "we had met several times before, back before he was a helljumper ...became quite a good friend as the years passed...he got me to snap out of my funk and get me to city hall with the other civilians before the white fang surrounded us...i spent a week with him and his squad, a week getting to know them, their quirks, their families through photos and letters, i got closer to Jaune...and then I watched them slowly dwindle away until it was only him and two others, they took us down into the basement and locked us in, and held off the white fang for four hours...and when the doors opened back wasn't Jaune who opened them…"

Ruby threw her arms around Weiss as the heiress started to cry.

"He died to save us." she sobbed, "and i couldn't do anything to help him...he died...because i wasn't there…"

"Weiss...there was nothing you could have done." ruby said softly. "It wasn't your fault."

"They were only there because I was." she sniffed, "if i hadn't of been there-"

"Then they would have been there for the civilians." Ruby said gently, "he...he knew the risks, and he did his job til the end…"

Weiss continued to cry while Ruby whispered gently and comfortingly to her. "Was there a chance he could have gotten out alive?" Ruby asked her cautiously as she calmed down.

"I don't know.' she mumbled, wiping her eyes, "I couldn't get in contact with anyone concerning him...and when they released the roster for the helljumper Corps...he was listed as KIA along with the rest"

Ruby sighed, "I'm sorry Weiss," she said, "I really am...but you can't keep all this bottled up, it's not healthy."

"What, you want me to go to therapy or something?" Weiss asked with a humorless chuckle.

"No...but I want you to talk to us, we're here to help Weiss, we're your friends."

"I's hard talk about…"

"I understand." ruby said, "and you don't have to talk about him...just don't shut us out completely to where you won't even look at us."

Weiss nodded mutely, "thank you Ruby…" she said softly.

Ruby smiled, "It's nothing, we're friends, right?" Ruby asked happily.

Weiss gave her a small smile,"yeah...we're friends."


Weiss ate by herself in the Beacon cafeteria, slowly spearing leaves and tomatoes from her salad and eating them half-heartedly.

"Hey Weiss." a soft voice said, making the heiress look up.

"Hey Juliette." Weiss said, greeting Juliette Arc, the young girl was dressed in her combat uniform which consisted off a chest plate, pauldrons, greaves and bracers on her arms and legs, along with blue jeans and a black hoodie underneath the armor, strapped to her side was her family's ancestral sword, Crocea Mors, her honey blonde hair was done back in a braided ponytail and her blue eyes were looking down at her with concern.

"Are you alright Weiss?" Juliette asked, sitting across from her.

"I'm fine," Weiss said with a sigh, "I had a talk with Ruby today."

"Uh-oh." Juliette winced, "what about?"


The name made Juliette flinch, as if it physically hurt her to hear the name, "i'm guessing she wanted to get to the bottom of why you get the way you do?" she asked quietly.

Weiss nodded, "she's concerned...I understand...but…"she shakes her head, "I don't think she gets how hard his death hit me...he was a close friend...dear to me..."

Juliette nodded solemnly, "sometimes I don't believe he's dead." she said, "sometimes i think he'll stride through that door, whistling a tune with his cover crooked...but then i call dad...and find out moms still calling his scroll and getting nothing…" she sighs, "there's not much hope."

Weiss looked down, then back up, "I don't even have days when I think he's still alive." She said quietly, "I walked out of that basement and all I saw were dead helljumpers...I didn't see Jaune at all, and when I asked the soldiers what happened to him they wouldn't tell me anything...that's usually a bad sign…"

Juliette leaned back and cleared her throat, "Jaune wouldn't want us to be dwelling on this." she said roughly, blinking away tears, "he'd want us to get on with our lives."

Weiss smiled, "I suppose you're right." she conceded, then leaned forward, "how are you and Pyrrha?"

"Huh? M-me and Pyrrha? W-w-we're good, i-i don't know why we wouldn't be!" she said quickly, flushing a deep crimson as she looked anywhere but Weiss.

Weiss smiled, "come on Juliette, i know the way you look at her, and she looks at you the same way."

Juliette smiled shyly, "I-I might have...have asked her on a date?"

"Good for you!" Weiss said encouragingly, "what did she say?"

Juliette looked around, then practically exploded, "she said yes!" she squealed with glee, giggling like a little school girl, "oh and it's going to be sooo perfect! I'm going to take her to the Point, you know that nice restaurant in Vale? The one with a dress code? They're going to have a live Jazz band and i know she likes Jazz so I'm going to get to dance with her at least once and-"

Weiss smiled as she listened to her friend gush about her planned date with her partner, this is what Jaune wants… Weiss thought sadly, to see us happy.


Jaune stepped off the bullhead a few moments after it landed, fixing his Barracks cover on his head before stepping out of the way to allow his team to step out as well, Ciel and Penny were dressed in the white cadet uniform that Atlas Academy wore, while Jaune wore a gray Class A uniform with gold buttons and a standing collar, his rank proudly stamped on the shoulders and his awards and medals pinned on the right side of his chest, Rhodey was in her service uniform, black jacket over a light blue shirt and tie.

"So, finally here." Rhodey sighed, looking over Vale as Jaune shouldered his pack, "Vale, heart of the Valesian Kingdom, spot of the Vytal festival, hometown of our esteemed leader-'

"-not my home town," Jaune muttered as he watched Professor Goodwitch walking towards them, "Professor," Jaune greeted, standing at attention and saluting as she got closer, "Gunnery Sergeant Jaune Arc reporting as ordered with Team PARC."

"At ease Gunnery Sergeant." she said, holding out a file to him, which he gladly accepted, "that contains all you need to know about your housing, as well as your class schedules, door keys should have already been sent to your scrolls; should you have any questions feel free to speak with me about them."

"Thank you ma'am." Jaune said with a small nod, "I'll get my team squared away and up to snuff."

"See that you do." she said, turning and walking away as the team came together and began looking through the paperwork.

"Says we're in housing unit Beta," Jaune muttered, pinpointing the room on the map the professor had provided, "and our first classes aren't until monday."

"Well, it's a friday, so let's get our things situated in the new room and get some R&R." Ciel said.

"I want to see the town!" Penny said giddily.

"You're not going anywhere on your own." Jaune said, "our job is to keep you protected, so don't go traipsing off without at least one of us, understood?"

"Yes sir, gunny!"

Suddenly Church appeared as a hologram between all of them, "Hate to throw a wrench in the plans, but you got the local Atlesian Base requesting your presence boss," he said, "something about getting you and Rhodey on some shifts for the next few days."

"We're not supposed to be on any other assignment except this one," Jaune growled.

"Try telling that to Deputy Dumbass, he's basically ordering you two into this and won't listen to anything I have to say, I'm planning on fucking up his schedule for the next six months."

"Lets go get this sorted out," Jaune said to Rhodey, who nodded and gave Ciel a hug and a kiss on the cheek as they began walking away.

"See you back at the room!" Rhodey called, snickering as Penny began badgering the Specialist in Training about why she was so red.

"You two gotta put a cap on the PDA." Jaune said as they boarded another Bullhead, "I don't give a fuck what you do in your spare time, but I'm tired of having to try to explain it all to Penny."

"I'll talk with metal head later." Rhodey said dismissively, "you gonna show this base commander our standing orders?"

"That I am," Jaune said, "and I'd rather talk to him face to face instead of over Scroll, he may try and curtail any verbal explanation and give me a headache."

"Understood, though I wouldn't mind taking some patrols, whenever I'm not needed that is."

"I'm sure that can be arranged." he mused as Church appeared once more.

"Commander is losing his patience," Church said, "guys threatening to have you two court martialed if you don't show up in the next thirty minutes."

"He threatened to do what?" Jaune asked coldly, pulling his scroll out, "go ahead and have him call me."

"On it boss."

"This'll be fun." Rhodey chuckled as the phone vibrated and Jaune answered.

"This is Commander Wallace of the Atlesian base Gemini," a youngish voice sounded over the scroll, full of self-importance and pomp, "I don't care what you two dunderheads have going on right now but I need you on this base five minutes ago, so get here or else-"

"I'm going to stop you right there." Jaune interrupted, his voice carrying a steely edge to it, "First off, I don't give a fuck whether you're the base commander or his enlisted Lackey trying to put the fear of god into me, I will NOT be talked to like some wet-eared private waiting for his shore leave to be approved; secondly, as I'm sure my AI has told you, myself and Master Sergeant Rhodes are currently on assignment for General Ironwood, a man who supercedes your pathetic position ten fold, meaning I don't have to follow your orders unless there are dire circumstances, should you have those dire circumstances then I urge you to tell me what they are and I will drop everything I am doing to get to your base, if not I suggest you hold your fucking horses and wait patiently for me and my teammate to arrive at our leisure. And if you EVER threaten me or my subordinates again, I will shove my size thirteens so far up your ass that the boot size will be hard pressed into the back of your throat, do you understand?"

The line was silent for a few moments, then a quiet, 'Understood Gunnery Sergeant...we will await your arrival."

Jaune hung up the phone and rolled his neck, "fuckin' blue bloods." he grumbled.

"I wish I could've seen his face." Rhodey snickered, "way to put the fear of fuckin' god in him Gunny."

"I'll put more than that if he threatens us again." Jaune said as the bullhead docked and they stepped out, "let's go find a diner."

"What about the base?"

"I told him we'd arrive at our leisure, so let's go eat."

"Shouldn't we get to the base so we can get back to the room quicker?"

"Come on, how long could the base take?"

Two in the morning.

"Fuckin asshole." Jaune growled as they got the door open to their room and found Ciel and Penny already asleep, "he did this on purpose, 'important documents' my ass."

"Probably," Rhodey mumbled, slowly shedding out of her uniform, "but you gotta admit, it was funny to see him flinch every time you moved."

Jaune grinned at that as he took off his coat and untucked his under shirt, "showering can wait for the morning," he said as he collapsed onto his bed, groaning in relief, "get some shut eye."

"Agreed," Rhodey sighed, carefully climbing into Ciel's bed and cuddling up against her girlfriend, who sleepily put her arm around the tired faunus, "Night Gunny."


"Hey boss," Church whispered from his scroll, "you want me to set an alarm for the morning?"

"Sleeping in tomorrow," he muttered, turning over in his bed.

"Don't you gotta guard Penny?"

"She'll be fine with Ciel." Jaune grumbled, "Now shut up so I can sleep."

"Whatever you say."


Jaune woke up to someone pounding on their door, "what the-" he started as he practically shot to his feet, Rhodey sat up in her bed, holding a knife, the light of the setting sun shining faintly through their window.

"We under attack?" she asked sleepily, having been deep in sleep like her boss.

"Don't think so." Jaune groaned, standing and striding over to the door and opening it up, 'what the hell Tin Can?" he asked angrily as he looked at a happy Penny and the nervous redhead behind her, "where's Ciel?"

"Oh! I gave her the slip about two hours ago!" Penny said jovially, making Jaune sigh in exasperation.

"We'll be talking about this later." he warned Penny, who had the decency to look ashamed while Jaune turned to the girl behind her, "who are you?"

"Uh...I'm Ruby, Ruby Rose, leader of Team RWBY." Ruby said hesitantly, "and I was out looking for one of my teammates when I ran into Penny, who said you could help me search."

Jaune sighed and looked back at Rhodey, who was rubbing the sleep from her eyes, "you down to help little red here?"

"Let me get my uniform on and we can head out." she muttered, walking over to her pack.

"Will we need weapons for this?" Jaune asked.

"I'm not sure...but the white fang might be involved-"

"-got it, Rhodey! Get your gear, we may have some Fangs to fuck up."

"Got it."

"Church!" Jaune barked as he picked up the backpack his armor was in, prepped and ready for auto-deployment.

"Yeah boss?" Church asked, winking into existence.

"Contact the Atlesian Base, let them know we may have a White Fang plot going down tonight and to be ready, Tops and I will be investigating."

"Got it boss."

"Gunny," Rhodey called, tossing him his rifle, which he caught without looking, inspecting the weapon quickly before hitting a button on one of the straps of the backpack, his armor began to deploy, piecing together from the back out until he was completely covered, same with Rhodey.

"Base will be on stand-by." Church informed as Jaune clipped his weapons to his person, "they'll have a Bullhead ready for us in ten."

"Copy, Tops, go ahead and take to the sky, scan Vale Police frequencies, see if we have any kind of lead on where the fangs will be and if Ruby's friend is there."

"Copy." Rhodey said, opening the window and streaking out the window.

"Tin Can, you and Little red are with me." he said, striding out of the room and down the hall, the two girls rushing to follow, "what's your teammate look like?"

"Uh...fair skin, black hair, kinda tall, yellow eyes-'

"-and she's a cat faunus!" Penny said, making Ruby wince, "oh! Sorry Friend Ruby, I forgot your friend doesn't want people to know."

Jaune paused and looked back, "what's her name?" he asked.

"Blake Belladonna." Ruby said quickly.

Jaune tensed a bit, "I see…"

"Jaune!" Ciel shouted, running down the hall towards them, "Thank goodness you found Penny! She took my scroll and-" she stopped when she realized he was in his armor, "what's going on?"

"Potential White Fang raid," Jaune said, "unsure of location, Rhodey's gone ahead, we're also helping Little Red there look for her friend who may be affiliated."

"S-shouldn't we alert the teachers!?"

"White Fang is Atlesian jurisdiction." Jaune said grimly, "you can stay if you want, but myself and Rhodey are going."

Ciel hesitated, then nodded, "let me go get my weapon."

"Hurry," Jaune said, then turned to Penny and Ruby, "I want you two to stay on the sidelines if anything happens, understood? This is now a military Op and I won't have a VIP or a Huntsmen In Training getting potentially injured."

"But I can fight!" Ruby objected.

"You're also under age and not a part of the Atlesian Military," Jaune retorted, "and I'm not gonna be liable for you just because you want to go out and make a name for yourself."

"But-" Ruby began.

"Don't worry Ruby!" Penny said, "Gunny is the best! He can take on anything, so your friend will be fine!"

Ruby hesitated, then slowly nodded.

"Ready," ciel said as she ran back to them.

"Alright, we got a Bullhead waiting at the Docks, Ciel, I'm tasking you with securing Ruby's friend, goes by the name Blake Belladonna."

Ciel's eyes widened in recognition, but she simply nodded.

"Alright, let's green light this shit," Jaune said, taking off at a brisk pace, the three girls following as fast as they could, "anything Rhodey?" Jaune asked over the comms.

"Got a report of two suspicious persons near the dock, one black haired female and a yellow haired Monkey faunus."

"Sounds like our missing person." Jaune said, looking back at Ruby, "you know a monkey faunus?"

"We ran into one yesterday who was stowing away on a ship." Ruby said.

"So possible hostile, Rhodey, get over there now and secure both of them, you see any Fang activity you light them up, will be enroute shortly."


Weiss truly didn't know how to feel about Blake's revelation. Yang and Ruby seemed to think she no longer cared for her teammate; and in all honesty if Blake was still a part of the White Fang then Weiss was inclined to agree with them, but there were too many unknowns, too many variables, leaving her simply numb.

"You really don't care if we find her, do you?" Yang asked, shaking Weiss out of her thoughts.

"Of course I care." Weiss said, her usual attitude creeping into her voice, "I'm just worried about what we'll find out when we do find her…"

"Weiss…" Yang started, only to stop when her scroll went off, she stared at Weiss for a bit then went to answer it, "hey Rubes, you find anything?"

"She's at the docks, some kind of fight is going on; me and Team PARC are going in to see if we can help."

"Team PARC? Who are they?"

"Penny's Team, look just get here quick an-" the line cut off abruptly, making Yang tense, "Ruby!"

"What happened?" Weiss asked in alarm.

"I don't know, her signal just cut off." Yang looked towards the docks and saw smoke rising, "Come on! She said they were heading towards the docks!"

Both huntresses took off running down the street as the smoke got thicker, "There's a bullhead taking off!" Weiss said, pointing at a black blip hovering over the docks, slowly pulling away as another dot streaked across the sky towards it, only to be blasted down by the ship's guns as it made it's escape. "I really hope that wasn't Ruby."

"No way, Ruby's fast but she can't fly." Yang muttered. "Must be someone on Team PARC."

"Team PARC?"

"Penny's team, they're helping out." Yang groaned as police cruisers sped by, heading for the docks, 'Ugh! By the time we get there everything will be over!"

"That might be a good thing Yang," Weiss said, "anyone who gets caught there is going to get arrested."

"Which is even more reason to get there so Ruby doesn't have to spend a night in jail!" Yang lamented, "she's too cute to go to jail! They'll eat her alive!"

"Quit being so dramatic Yang!" Weiss snapped as they rounded the corner and slowed down, the police were already apprehending several white fang members while also covering their dead. "Did...did they kill…" Yang started.

"Yang!" the high pitched voice of ruby called, catching their attention, "over here!"

"Oh thank god Ruby!" Yang said in relief, jogging over to her sister where she sat with three others on crates, "are you okay?" she asked, "are you all okay?" she asked, looking over Blake and the Monkey Faunus that they had chased after the other day.

"We're fine." Blake said, "Ruby came in with the cavalry just in time…" she trailed off as Weiss stepped forward, "Weiss…" She started.

"I've had a lot of time to think over the past few days," Weiss said, cutting Blake off, "and I've come down to a conclusion...and that's that I don't care."

"E-excuse me?" Blake asked in confusion.

"You're not a part of the White Fang anymore right?" Weiss asked.

'N-no! Not for a long time-" she stuttered.

"Then it doesn't matter, that's your past Blake, whatever happened doesn't matter anymore, but next time when you come across a problem, you tell your teammates."

Blake hesitated, then nodded, "okay." she said with a small smile.

"Aw, they made up." Yang said with a grin, "so...where's this Team PARC I've been hearing so little about?"

"Well Penny and her partner had to leave...some guy picked them up...but Tops and Gunny are over there!" Ruby said, pointing towards the police where they were talking to what looked like two robots.

"Tops and Gunny?" Yang asked.

"Yeah, apparently it's related to their ranks but...hehe, I didn't really ask…"

One turned and walked towards them, as it got closer Weiss could see the twisted armor on it's arm where blood was slowly seeping out, "this your team Rose?" it asked, its voice coming out with a slight burst of static from external speakers as it looked at Yang and Weiss.

"Yes ma'am Ms. Tops!" Ruby said quickly, jumping up and saluting awkwardly.

She chuckled, "relax kid, it's either tops, first sergeant Rhodes, or Rhodey," she took her helmet off, revealing a fox faunus, "i'm First Sergeant Amy Rhodes." she said, extending a hand to Yang and Weiss, "most just call me Rhodey."

"Or tops apparently." Yang said, shaking her hand, "nice ta meet ya Rhodey, Yang Xiao-Long, so let me ask, is that hulking thing over there a person too?" she asked, gesturing to the figure still talking to the officers.

"Yeah, that's my partner." She said, "Gunny! Hurry your ass up and come meet the local trainees."

Weiss rolled her eyes, but held a hand out, "Weiss Schnee," she said to Rhodes.

"Weiss Schnee..wait, you're-" she started.

"Weiss?" a staticky voice asked, making the heiress stiffen up, she slowly turned around and looked at the man standing off to the side, his armor was painted black with yellow and red accents, the helljumper emblem on his right pauldron, and tied around his left arm was a torn white scarf, slightly tattered and stained in blood.

" can't be…" Weiss whispered, taking a step back as he reached up and unclasped his helmet, slowly pulling it off.

"Jaune…" she said as he put the helmet under the crook of his arm, he was different from the last time she saw him, a new scar on his neck and chin and his hair had been sheared off, but it was still him.

"'s me Snow Angel." he said with a small smile.


"Yeah, surprised me too." he said with a small nod, "here in Vale, and on a hunter team no less, it's-"


" idiot!" she snapped, as his head jerked back from her slap.

"What?" Jaune asked in confusion a split second before she slapped him again.

"Ooh!" Yang and Rhodey chorused, wincing slightly.

"Do you know how worried we've been!?" she asked angrily, hitting him again, "it's been four whole months and not once did you try to contact us! We thought you were dead Jaune, DEAD!"

"Weiss! Stop-" Jaune tried, only for her to hit him again, "Weiss-" another attempt, another hit, "Weiss stop!" Jaune shouted,catching her arm as she went to hit him again, she tried with her other arm, only for him to catch that one too, letting his helmet fall to the ground, "Weiss.." he said calmly, "stop."

She stared at him for a little while, her eyes tearing up, "I thought you were dead…" she choked out before dissolving into tears, Jaune let go of her arms and wrapped his arms around her. She sobbed into his chest as he gently caressed her hair, "Church." Jaune growled out, making his AI construct appear out of his data pad.

"Yeah boss?"

"Find out who fucked up."


Jaune leaned against the wall in the students common room,Team RWBY, Sun, Rhodey and Ciel sitting in the chairs, most everyone was in their sleep attire except for Jaune who was dressed in his BDU's, they were all processing what Church had just told them.

" explosion trapped you and your team under rubble, and you guys were lost for three days?" Yang asked.

"I was lost, everyone else was dead." jaune muttered, looking at Weiss, she had refused to look at him since they're little reunion at the docks. "But what i don't get is why the hell was my KIA status not changed as soon as they fucking found me!"

"Shit like this happens all the time Gunny," Church said, appearing on the table where everyone had left their scrolls, "From what i can tell it was changed a total of forty-eight times throughout your career as a Helljumper, usually between KIA and Active, one MIA in there, but you know, no one counts second place."

"What I want to know is, who fucked up?" Rhodey interrupted, "I mean, it's not like they didn't know he wasn't dead, he's been walking, talking, and working with Ironwood himself. How did they NOT catch it?"

"I'm guessing some jackass in logistics who puts everything on sticky notes to remind himself about it later." Church said.

"But sticky notes work." Ruby mumbled, earning a jab from her sister's elbow.

"Welp, call me old fashioned but I think I'd be better off fixing this one myself." Church said, looking at Jaune, "want me to print off a copy of your death certificate? You know, for memories?"

Jaune glared at him for a bit.

"Just a joke asshole sheesh." Church said, winking out.

"Welp," Yang started, standing up and stretching, "after all the near death experiences, surprise reunions, and what I'm sure was a hallucination of a little man on our table, I'm gonna hit the sack."

Several others agreed and they started leaving, Rhodey patted his shoulder on the way out, "good luck Gunny." she said while Ciel just gave him a pointed look.

"Be back before one." She said, "That way you at least have seven hours of sleep."

Jaune rolled his eyes and looked over at Weiss, who was still sitting down, looking at her scroll, he sighed and slowly walked forward, sitting beside her as the lights above dimmed out when the clock struck ten, leaving only the fire crackling merrily in the corner as their source of light, "weiss...i'm sorry.' he said quietly, 'If i had known, i promise i would have told you as soon as i got out of the hospital-"

"You were in the hospital?" she asked, looking up, then she shook her head and looked back down, "of course you had so much shrapnel and bullets in you-"

"I made it out in more or less one piece." Jaune said, "isn't that what you told me to do?"

She rolled her eyes, "I told you to come back in more or less one piece, not disappear for four months and then show up out of nowhere."

Jaune cracked a smile, "again, not my intention." he went into his breast pocket and pulled out the torn scarf, "guess i can finally give this back to you." he said, holding it out.

She looked at the soft silk, still stained with his blood, she shook her head and pushed it back towards him, "you keep it." she said, "as a reminder to always come back, because if you do this again i'm going to kill you."

He smiled, "I'll remember that then." he said.

She then leaned over and took his dog-tags from around his neck, "hey!" he started, but stopped as she fixed them around her neck.

"There, now it's an even trade." she said with a teasing smile.

"I think this strip of silk is worth more than two bits of scrap metal." jaune mumbled, "even with my blood on it."

"I disagree." she said, leaning back.

Jaune sighed and leaned back too, "whatever you say Snow Angel." he hummed.

They sat in companionable silence for a bit, until Weiss spoke again.

"You know your sisters here too right?"

Jaune tensed at that, "actually i didn't." he muttered, "Family hasn't exactly been keeping in contact, even before Terra Vista...Juliette tried but it got hard…"

"She says your mothers been trying to call you almost every day since Terra Vista."

"That wouldn't have worked," Jaune said, "my Scroll got destroyed at Terra Vista, the new one didn't transfer any contacts...and I'm sad to say I probably would have ignored them anyways…"

"Jaune-" Weiss started.

"She didn't make an effort before," Jaune said, "why would I have thought she would try after?"

"Either way, it's probably a good idea to let her know you're still put her mind at ease."

Jaune sighed, "I've been thinking about stopping off at home for a while now...but…" he shook his head, "it'd be too much trouble.'

"No it wouldn't," she said, turning to him and putting a hand on his shoulder, "i'm sure we can find suitable travelling arrangements during the break-"

"I don't mean getting there is too much trouble," he said, standing and walking over to the fire, "last time i was home, my father told me that if I walked out the door to not come back, 'keep stepping' he said, 'I don't need an Atlesian Dog here', mom wasn't too happy about me joining the Atlesian Military either, refused to even look at me when i went to say good bye...didn't answer my letters...after a while i just stopped trying."

Weiss stood up and moved to stand next to him, "I'm not saying that mistakes weren't made…" Weiss said softly, "I'm just saying that now might be the time to correct them...and clear any bad air before something else happens."

Jaune continued to look at the fire, untensing as Weiss leaned into his side in an attempt to comfort him. He slowly put an arm around her shoulders, "I'll think about it.' he mumbled.

"Good.' she said, "either way you're going to have to tell Juliette."

"Where is she by the way?" he asked.

"On a date with her teammate and Partner, Pyrrha Nikos."

Jaune chuckled, "go big or go home right?" he asked with an amused smile.

Weiss rolled her eyes, "it seems like it." she said.

They stood together for a couple moments more, until the sound of slow 'mood' music started to play, "what the-" Jaune started, turning around to look at his scroll, where Church was standing on it.

"Don't mind me, just came to get my things, just ignore me, ignore the glowing blue guy and continue on with your night."

Weiss took a step away from Jaune, cheeks burning, "I better get to sleep," she stuttered out as she briskly walked to the exit, "good night Jaune."

"Goodnight." Jaune said as she left, then he turned and glared at Church, "what the hell?"

"Hey! I was trying to help!"

"By playing 'mood' music?"

"Yeah! You two looked really close! I figured it would help!"

"You're such an asshole, and what 'things' were you going to get? You're an AI!"

"Yeah, and I like playing Tetris on your scroll, but if you were going to be busy with a new kind of workout I'd have to fuckin' play it somewhere else now wouldn't I?"

"It's not like that! Me and her are just friends."

"I'm sure, just like I'm just a computer program, or Penny is just another robot, don't fucking lie dude, it looks bad on you."

Jaune growled slightly and picked up his scroll, putting it in his pocket while Church transferred to the data pad.

"I'm just saying, it looks like she's interested, so why don't you try huh?"

"Because I'd like to be her friend." Jaune said. "Beside's she's not my-"

"If you say she's not your type I'm going to shock you the next time you get in your armor." Church threatened.

Jaune laughed and walked out of the common room, "then i won't say it."


Juliette walked towards the cafeteria with a slight skip, a soft smile playing on her lips as she hummed merrily, "I take it last night went well?" Yang asked as Juliette sat down at their usual table, the other members of RWBY and the RN of JNPR sat.

"It was amazing." she sighed.

"They were very close when they came into the room." Ren said, "I had to convince them at about one in the morning that it was time to end the first date."

"They were dancing around to Lion Ritchie." Nora piped up, "It was so mushy gushy i almost died."

Juliette felt her cheeks burning," it was a good song." she mumbled, then cleared her throat, "How was everyone else's night?"

Instantly the table went quiet, "well...Ruby and Blake got into a fight at the docks…" Weiss started, "and we...reunited with an old friend…"

"Old friend?" who?" Juliette asked, looking around in confusion as all of team RWBY shuffled uncomfortably, "Come on guys, who? Tell me-Ruby why are you recording me?"


She stiffened, "that voice…" she muttered, slowly turning around in her seat to find none other than her brother, standing in his BDU's, his patrol cap as crooked as the smile on his face.

"Hey little sister." he said with a weak smile.

Juliette stared at him for a few moments before standing up and hesitantly taking a step forward, "Jaune? it really you?"

"Yeah, it's me spitfire," he said.

With that Juliette rushed forward and wrapped her arms around her brother, who returned the gesture in kind.

"Awww." Yang and Ruby chorused alongside Nora.

Suddenly Juliettes face hardened and before Jaune could react she had gotten behind him and lifted him up over her head and slammed him down hard into the cafeteria floor in a suplex.

"OOOOOOH!" the entire cafeteria winced as Juliette got up.

"Fuckin' jackass!" she exclaimed, "making me worry like that!"

Jaune swept her feet out from under her and got her into a head-lock, "not my fault they put my status as KIA." he said,wincing when she drove her elbow into his stomach and switching their positions, getting his right arm into an arm-bar.

"four months, no calls, no texts, not even a damn letter!" she snapped, "that wasn't the damn military's fault is it?"

"Up yours." he grumbled, raising his arm up and slamming her into the ground.

"Shouldn't we do something?" Weiss asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I got fifty bucks on vomit-girl." Yang said with a laugh.

"I'll take that action."

"Thirty bucks her bro kicks her ass."

"Forty on a tie."


A crash made them look up, Jaune and Juliette had crashed out of the window, continuing their fight on the grass, Juliette quickly summoned her locker and pulled out Crocea Mors.

"Boss, locker inbound." Church said as Juliette swung at Jaune, he jumped out of the way and pulled his blouse off, rolling out of her attack once more and getting around her shield, wrapping the shirt around her head and tying it off as his own locker came crashing into the ground, the door popping open to allow him access to his weapons, he quickly pulled his warhammer out and turned around to block another attack from Juliette, who had ripped his blouse in half and was once again attacking him with uncontained rage.

Jaune ducked under a sword swipe and hooked Juliette's foot, pulling it out from under her and sending her to the ground. He quickly pulled his side arm and pointed it at her head, "you done?"

She glared at him, before putting Crocea Mors up, "you're still a jackass." She muttered as he put his gun up and helped her up

"Granted." Jaune said, hugging his sister.

"Alright! Who had Jaune winning the fight?" Yang called as money started to exchange hands while Weiss shook her head in exasperation.

"We have a lot to talk about." Jaune said, looking at his sister, "do you want to head into town where we can talk?"


"I still can't believe you're alive.'

"That's what a lot of people have said." Jaune said, leaning forward on the bar ordering a whiskey, his sister sat next to him nursing a beer.

"Why didn't you send us a letter? Or called?"

"Would you have answered?" Jaune asked, "you stopped answering my correspondance almost a year ago."

"Fair." she conceded.

"Besides, i didn't know they had me listed as KIA, obviously i would have at least let you know."

She nodded, "are you going to let mom and dad know? Or are you going to delegate that to me to handle?"

"No, I think it's time to go see them." Jaune said, "besides, I'm sure our siblings miss me...maybe."

"Ducky'll be ecstatic." Juliette said with a chuckle.

Jaune nodded, "Beacon's about to go on break right? Two weeks?"

"Two weeks." Juliette confirmed, "Me and Pyrrha were planning on visiting mom and dad that first week, then going on to her parents place in Mistral."

"Go show your girlfriend off to the folks huh?"

Juliette blushed, "I-I don't know what you're talking about." she mumbled,

"Weiss told me that you two had your first date last night." he said, "and now you're planning on taking her back to the farm, introducing her to the folks."

"She's my partner." she defended, "I'd take her to meet them anyways."

"I'm sure." Jaune said in amusement, "anyways mind if me and Weiss tag along for that first week?"

"Weiss? Why Weiss?" she asked in confusion.

"Weiss wants to go to make sure I don't just camp on the outskirts of town and say I went to see the folks."

Juliette laughed into her beer, "one day back and she's already got you whipped?"

"It's not like that." Jaune said, "me and her forged an unbreakable bond during the battle at Terra Vista."

"mhmm...Weiss told me all about your 'unbreakable bond'." Juliette said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

"So we slept side by side at night," Jaune dismissed, "it was cold in Atlas."

"I heard that's not all you two were doing." she said innocently.

Jaune sighed, "how much did she tell you?"

"Oh she told me a lot."she said with a smile, "she doesn't hold her liquor as well as you and I."

"Of course," he muttered, "we both thought we were going to die, last night on Remnant kind of thing."

"Yeah she told me, only six hell jumpers left, and an entire army of White Fang terrorists outside preparing an attack before the Grimm destroyed the defense walls, your squad was resting before moving the civilians into the underground bunker and Weiss led you away to a private room." Juliette faked a swoon, 'and then you two made love before you had to suit up and face the oncoming horde."

"You make it sound a lot more romantic than it was." Jaune said.

"She made it sound more romantic then it was." Juliette corrected, "but hey, if that's how she wants to remember it, who are you and I to sit there and say that's not how it happened?"

"Oh that's how it happened, but she left out the part where we almost got caught by my second in command Squints, and even when he didn't catch us he still knew it happened."

Juliette laughed while Jaune smiled, "oh man, he probably didn't let up on anything did he?"

"Not for about four hours he didn't." Jaune admitted.

"Only four hours?" she asked

"Yeah, then he died."

Juliette's smile disappeared, "way to destroy the mood bro." she mumbled.

"Terra Vista tends to do that." Jaune grumbled, finishing his whiskey and raising his arm, "get a beer?" he asked the bartender, who nodded and went to grab one.

"Well why don't you talk about boot camp? I know you didn't tell me all those stories." Juliette said, holding her hand up for another beer.

"Hmm...did I tell you about the girl in the white house?" he asked.

"Nope." Juliette said, thanking the bartender as he put their beers in front of them.

"So, it was during my duty station, where they were training us for our jobs, and one day, while we were in the field, performing maneuvers, me and squints saw this white house, and sitting outside of it, tending a garden, were these two girls, teenagers around our age, one might've been a little older but that's not important; we got the order to sit down and hydrate and we started talking."

"Talking about what?" Juliette asked.

"Oh you know, talking about how easy it would be to sneak over to that house, get in those girls pants, Squints seemed to think we could sneak past the sergeants and get it done." he chuckled, "well squadron commander over heard us talking and said, 'if any of you motards actually got to that house and scored, i'd promote you to sergeant before planting my foot up your ass!', well we took that as a challenge, at least the rest of the platoon did."

"Oh I'm sure you were the perfect saint who didn't even think about going over to that house." Juliette chortled.

"I don't try to pretend I was a saint during my enlistment." Jaune mused, "but at that time i figured it'd be more trouble than it was worth, the Sergeants and instructors knew about the plans, which meant for a time they'd be on high alert, and they were. Within the first four days they caught fifteen guys trying to get to the white house, all fifteen of them were smoked so bad…" he laughed, "one guy started crying when the sergeant told him that if he jumped up and touched a low hanging tree branch they would be done, but he couldn't because his legs were practically jelly."

Juliette laughed, "oh man, so did you ever try?" Juliette asked.

"Tried and succeeded." Jaune said, taking a drink of his beer before continuing, "it was about two weeks after we first saw them, and every day since then we'd be out in those fields, like the DS was taunting us, well, Me, Squints, and three other guys decided to try our luck, and we had the advantage of working together."

"Did you honestly think two girls would even think about banging one of you? Let alone five?"

"Oh we didn't have delusions, you see, those three were fall guys, they knew it too, but they just wanted to see the captain eat his words, so with their help, me and Squints get to the door, squints knocks on the door and the elder of the two girls answers and she goes, "about time two of you were able to get here."

"She was actually waiting!?"

"Yep." jaune laughed, "apparently she wanted to see what a private could do, her sister couldn't care less, but both decided that we earned a hot shower and a good meal, they washed our uniforms, and we spent the evening drinking and talking until Squints and the eldest left into her room."

"Leaving you and the sister alone."

"Yep," jaune said, "we kept talking, and drinking, and she admitted that she was curious about sex, because she'd never done it before, well i don't like toot my horn, but i was pretty popular at our school."

"You did it once in the hay barn with Mayra Bellucci, and you cried." Juliette deadpanned.

"Yeah, but she didn't know that." Jaune said, glaring at the bartender who was chuckling in the corner. "So I tell her, "If you're really curious, I can satisfy that." and at first i thought she was going to throw a drink in my face, but instead she took me by my hand and led me to her room."

Whoo!" Juliette whooped, laughing, "big bro got lucky."

"Hell yeah I did, we went til the early morning hours." Jaune said with a grin, "Fell asleep in each others arms." he coughed, "Then in the morning I woke up, got dressed, and gave her a kiss good-bye, then I stepped out of her room and walked into the living room, where her parents were having breakfast."

"Oh shit."

"Yeah, I thought they lived alone, apparently I was wrong...well, they had already seen me, so I just walked through and said, 'morning mom, morning dad' and got out the front door before the dad came after me with a shotgun."

Juliette burst out laughing, falling out of her chair.

"You alright?" Jaune asked as Juliette slowly climbed back into her chair.

"Yeah, so what happened?"

"Well, me and Squints got caught, obviously." Jaune said, "spent the entire day outside of Squadron Commanders office while there was some kind of shouting match going on in there between SC and the Regimental commander, we were confused you know, because this should've been a squadron or even a Troop matter." he started to laugh, "we didn't get it until the RC stepped out...we didn't know the RC had two daughters."

Juliette covered her mouth as the Bartender started laughing, walking by with two beers each for them.

"That deserves two beers each, on the house." the bartender laughed as he walked back to his corner.

'Thanks." jaune said, popping the top off and taking a drink, "so understandably, the RC was pissed, and he gave an earful to to the SC about it, and then left, giving the both of us nasty looks, so we get called in; and for the first fifteen minutes the SC is tearing us a new asshole, i mean he's calling us every name in the book he's yelling ,cursing, threatening and for a few moments he actually throttled Squints when the idiot made a comment about the SC needing to get some. But then he took a deep breath and pulled out some paperwork and handed it to us, said, "I'm a man of my word, but I can only get one of you the Sergeant position, one of you will be a corporal, and since Squints made a stupid ass comment I guess that's him."

"No fucking way," Juliette laughed, 'he actually gave you the position?"

"Yep." jaune said, "No bullshit, that's how I got my Chevrons, and that's how Squints met his wife."

Juliette snorted, "and what about you? Did you go back to see the RC's daughter?"

Jaune shook his head, "No, she ended up enrolling in Atlas Academy and met some guy." he shrugged, "i never pursued it, too much trouble."

"And is Weiss too much trouble?"

"This again," he muttered.

"Yes this again." Juliette said, "do you not notice the way she looks at you? The girl holds a torch for you, don't you think that deserves at least a cup of coffee?"

"I've got a shit ton of baggage Jules," he said, "I"m not about to throw caution to the wind and get into a relationship with her...end up hurting her.'

Juliette rolled her eyes, "you over think things.' she said.

"Maybe, but I'd rather not hurt the one person in my corner."


"Other than you."

Juliette narrowed her eyes, "okay, let's make a deal, if I out drink you tonight, you have to cover the tab and take Weiss out on a date, a real one, you can't say taking her to the family farm counts as a date, got it?"

Jaune looked at her, "and what would I get if I win."

"I'll pick up the tab and never bother you with your love life again….and fifty lien."

Jaune nodded, "alright baby sister you're on."

Eighteen bottles of Jack Daniels, fourteen bottles of tequila, three bottles of absinthe, thirty bud lights and a bottle of Vodka later.

"So you're saying they're trying to out drink each other?" Yang asked the bartender as they walked into the bar,Pyrrha, Rhodey and Weiss behind her.

"Yeah, I thought they'd be done after two bottles of Jack, next thing I know they've drunk half my bar."

They entered the main bar area where both Juliette and Jaune were still drinking, half a bottle of Vodka still beside them.

"They're still drinking?" Yang asked in amazement.

"You haven't cut them off!?" Weiss demanded angrily.

"They keep flashing their money to show they can cover it...and I'm honestly scared to try."

"You-you're-you-you're gonna lose this…" Jaune slurred out as he poured the next shot for both of them.

"Yeah right!" Juliette spat, grabbing her shot and downing it, "you-you don't...dont know i'm...uh...a better drinker!"

"You're s-sway-*burp*-swaying." Jaune mumbled, slowly bringing the shot up and downing it, wincing slightly,

"You gon...gon lose brudder.'' Juliette cackled. Shakily grabbing the bottle and pouring another shot, "and you'll have...have to uh..have to admit feels!"she exclaimed proudly, knocking back the shot without flinching.

"Don't wanna admit feels." jaune pouted, slowly reaching for the shot, swaying ever so slightly.

"Why?" Juliette asked.

"What...what if she...if she doesn't..want...want me?" he asked, "what if...what what...what if...uh...what if she can do better? I'm...i'm a mess...i'm not...i'm….i'm not...i'm...uh...not...not good for her…"

"Jaune...Jaune, look at me jaune." Juliette slurred lazily, pointing two fingers between her and him, "you're good Jaune, she'd be lucky to have you." she reached out and downed her shot, then looked at him and held out her hand, "admit defeat," she said.

Jaune hesitated,then begrudgingly handed over his shot and pulled his wallet out, tossing it on the bar while Juliette downed the last shot.

"Whoo!" Juliette exclaimed, "I won! I'm da weiner...i'm...feelin' woozy." with that Juliette fell back onto the ground, retching.

"And Vomit girl strikes again." Yang said, shaking her head as Pyrrha ran to help her partner.

"Man." the bartender muttered, pulling jaunes money out and counting out what they owed him, "with how much you two drank tonight, i'll be able to shut down for at least two weeks, maybe even take the misses on a vacation."

"Awesome." Rhodey said, looking at Jaune, "Gunny, you alive?"

"Mhmm…" Jaune mumbled, laying his head down.

"You're not gonna throw up?"

"Ain't...ain't thrown...thrown up since…*burp*...Hell-jump.' Jaune said.

"Iron stomach." Rhodey said as yang and Pyrrha helped a half conscious Juliette up.

"Don't forget Jauney…" she mumbled as she leaned into Pyrrha's side, making the spartan blush. " fear…"

"Right…" Jaune groaned, slowly standing up and started falling forward, instantly Rhodey and Weiss stepped forward to steady him as the bartender handed his wallet back.

"Haven't seen him this drunk since Tung-shao pass." Rhodey muttered as they helped him stumble out of the bar.

"You idiot jarhead." Weiss berated jaune, "what possessed you two to even have this drinking game!"

"My own stubbornness." he chuckled, looking at Weiss with blood shot eyes, "you''re so beautiful…"

Weiss blushed and looked at Rhodey, who shrugged, "don't look at me, i'm pretty sure he's talking to you."

" girl…" Jaune said as they continued on.

"Thank you Jaune." Weiss said, grunting as Rhodey let go and answered her ringing scroll.

Jaune continued to look at Weiss, "I...I missed you Weiss." he mumbled, wrapping his arms around her. "I didn't think...i didn't...think i'd see…"

"I missed you too, Jaune." Weiss said, putting her arms around the drunk man's waist, "I'm glad you came back."

"I'm..i'm glad too…"

"Weiss," Rhodey said, catching the girl's attention as she tapped away on her scroll, "I just got roped into a patrol by the local Atlesian Base, can you get him home?"


"Thanks, you're a lifesaver." Rhodey said as her locker came down, she quickly put her harness on and deployed her armor, and then handed Weiss Jaunes Datapad, "Church will get you into our dorm."


"Thanks Weiss!" Rhodey said, activating her armor and blasting off into the sky.

"See ya rhodes!" Jaune called ,waving after her, and then face planting onto the concrete.

"...what just happened?" weiss asked to no one.

"Don't know," church replied from the data pad, "asshole left me in the fucked up is he?"

"Very." Weiss sighed.

" know they don't have any kind of patrols with the local base right?" Church asked.


"So you didn't it."


Weiss sighed as they finally got onto the airship, setting Jaune down in a seat beside her, "can't believe they all abandoned me." she muttered, glaring at the floor.

"What do you expect?" Church asked from the datapad, "no one wants to take care of a drunk guy, the drunk girl maybe, but the drunk guy? He's usually left in the gutter."

"Still, you'd think they'd at least wait so we could all go on the same ship."

"Maybe they're giving you some time with your man." Church said.

Weiss banged the data pad on the chair.

"OW! Hey!"

"Did that really hurt you?" Weiss asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No...but if Iwas really in this it would have."

Weiss rolled her eyes and checked on Jaune, who was half asleep, 'alright Jaune?" She asked softly.

"M'fine…" he mumbled, looking at her, "how're you?"

"I'm fine." Weiss said.

"That's good...I'm tired…"

"Why don't you lay down and get some sleep." Weiss suggested, "the airship won't be taking off for another thirty minutes.

"Sounds like a plan." he mumbled, putting his head back.

Weiss stared at him for a bit, "that looks uncomfortable."

"'M a Helljumper…" he muttered, "sleep anywhere…"

"Still looks uncomfortable."

He just shrugged noncommittally. Closing his eyes.

Weiss sighed and checked her scroll, rolling her eyes at the several texts that Yang had sent her, many of them bordering on obscene, "Like I'd do that with him here…" she muttered.

"Do what?" Church asked.

"Nothing Church."

"You know I could probably hack into your phone." Church said.

"You do that, I erase your programming, ALL of it."

"Sheesh what is with you guy's and deleting my programming?"

Weiss ignored him and continued tapping away at her phone, only stopping when Jaune slumped over onto her lap, she stared down at the blonde soldier, her eyes softening as she watched him snore softly, she gently ran a hand through his short hair, humming softly.

"Mmmm...Weiss…" he mumbled, making her blush.

"Wow, you two are so nauseating." Church said, disappearing quickly.

Weiss rolled her eyes, but continued to hum, her hand gently tracing a couple of his scars as the ship jolted into movement, making Jaune wake up.

"Hmm...we moving?" he asked.

"Yes," Weiss said, "you can go back to sleep."

"Okay…" his eyes narrowed as he realized something, "why is my head in your lap."

'You fell over," Weiss said, still running her hands through his hair.

"Hmm.." he looked up into her eyes for a few moments, then slowly reached up and ran a hand through her hair, "I like your hair…" he mumbled, "it's silk…"

Weiss blushed, 't-thank you."

"Do you remember the first time we met?" he asked softly, "when my unit was assigned to guard you and your brother at a charity event?"

"Yes," Weiss said with a smile, "you looked so...awkward in your armor, you weren't used to it yet…" she started to laugh, "I remember when you stumbled into my fathers office, tripping over your rifle while trying to report to your lieutenant."

Jaune chuckled, "I got in so much trouble that day." he chortled, "CO tore into my ass for that…" he smiled even as a tear began to trail into his hairline, "and of course, Squints just had to get in on the fun, tried to do the same thing the next day, only ran into the wrong room."

"I never heard Whitley scream that loud." Weiss mused sadly, absentmindedly running a hand through his hair.

Jaune let out a watery chuckle, " remember that little bar that we went to after the ball?"

"How could I forget," Weiss giggled, "it was a karaoke bar, and you and squints were trying to outdo each other for the most horrible pick up lines ever."

"You liked that song we sang," Jaune defended, his eyes clearing slightly as his aura began to filter out the alcohol. "Wasn't our fault you lost that lovin' feelin'"

Weiss blushed as Jaune slowly stood up, wavering slightly as he turned towards her, "you never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips!" Jaune sang, off key and over the top, making Weiss giggle,

"Stop," she said as she stood up, putting a hand on his shoulder, "I hate that song, I liked that other one you sang."

"Oh right...well excuse me, but I think you got my chair." Jaune started singing. His voice taking on a softer tone as a hand slowly went down to her waist, the other gently taking her hand into his. "No that one's not taken I don't mind...if you sit here."

Weiss blushed as they began to slow dance in the bullhead,

"I'll be glad to share, yes it's usually, packed here on Friday nights, oh if you don't mind could I talk you out of a light."

In the back of her mind Weiss noticed that music was quietly filling the air shps cabin, but she was lost in the moment as she and Jaune swayed along with the music,

"Well thank you, could I drink you a buy," Jaune chuckled, "oh listen to me, what I mean is can I buy you a drink? Anything you please."

Weiss sighed as his hand left her waist and went up to cup her cheek, she leaned into his touch slightly, closing her eyes,

"Oh well thank you, but I don't think I caught your name. Are you waiting for someone to meet you here well, that makes two of us, glad you came."

Weiss giggled quietly and opened her eyes, looking into Jaunes own, the music and words continued on as Jaune slowly leaned forward, Weiss mirrored him and met him in the middle, her hands slowly reaching up to wrap around his neck.

No I don't know the name of the band but they're good, aren't they would you like to dance? Yeah I like this song too it reminds me of you, darling do you think there's a chance? That later on, I could drive you home? No, I don't mind at all.

They were lost in their own world as they deepen their kiss. Jaunes calloused hands gently going around Weiss's smaller frame, pulling her just a little bit closer.

Oh I like you too and to tell you the truth. That wasn't my chair after all.

The two slowly separated, slightly out of breath. Foreheads touching as they stayed in their embrace, neither noticing the small blue hologram watching from Jaunes abandoned datapad, laying back with an air of smug satisfaction around him.

Oh I like you too and to tell you the truth…

"ah, I fucking knew it" church said in amusement as he winked out of existence.

That wasn't my chair after all.

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