Deadshot @natenino23
Chapter 9

"Alright, our next pair will be Bakugo and Midoriya, and they will be facing All-Might."

"Me?" All-Might asked, staring at the principal in shock.

"Yes, Young Midoriya is a rare find, a quirkless who can stand up to even the strongest quirked fighter,' Nezu began, "and Katsuki Bakugo-his former tormentor and bully-who has learned humility due to horrific circumstance, the two have a tentative peace, and are even willing to work with each other...however, can they put their beliefs aside to fight an enemy they have no hope of beating? Will Bakugo's prejudices resurface when paired with only a quirkless hero as his back up? Will Midoriya be able to recognize a scenario in which a quirkless hero has a better chance of running to get help instead of staying and fighting until severe injury or death?"

"Midoriya has shown multiple times that he doesn't fear severe injury or death." Aizawa said, "we've seen it time and time again from his battle with the Nomu, to the Hosu incident."

"But things changed at Hosu.' Midnight pointed out, 'instead of forcing himself to help Deadshot with the Hero-Killer, he sent Endeavor in his stead."

"I believe that has to do with his ward, Eri." Nezu said jovially, "as well as the influence of his friends."

"But will that be enough for him to recognize when to run in a training scenario?" Powerloader asked.

"If there's one thing the little listener prides himself on; it's treating training like the real thing." Present mic said. "Still begs to question if the two can work together."

"Well, now's as good a time as any to find out."


All-Might sighed as he stepped into the battle center, "I don't want to hurt them, but I can't go easy on them!" With a grunt of exertion he put seventy percent of his power into a Detroit Smash, levelling a giant swath of the city in front of him. With a booming laugh he began to walk towards them, "WHO CARES IF I DESTROY THIS CITY." he boomed out, fully taking on the roll of the villain. "WHAT WILL YOU LITTLE HEROES DO?"

"ALL-MIGHT!" Bakugo roared as he blasted his way straight for the Number one hero, fist cocked back; All-Might easily grabbed his arm and flipped him, slamming him into the ground before quickly relocating as a hail of bullets rained down on him. Before he could track where they came from, Bakugo came rocketing back up, slamming an explosive fist into All-Might's jaw, following up with several hits to the chest.

"Texas Smash!"

Bakugo let out a gasp as he was sent flying down the street, the Number One Hero flew forward and grabbed his face, surprised when Bakugo began peppering him with low level explosions.

"Impressive, most people tend to latch on to whatever grabbing their face!" With that All-Might slammed Bakugo into the ground, staggering as a large caliber round exploded against his back, "is that all you got? Young midoriya?"

"Dont ignore me damn it!" Bakugo growled as he was suddenly jumping back up, pulling the pins on one of his gauntlets "HOWITZER IMPACT!"

the explosion sent All-Might flying, slamming into a red bricked building, coughing as he forced himself to stand up, "you're a lot stronger than I thought you were Young Bakugo." All-Might wheezed out, doing his best to see through the dust of the building, his eyes widening when he saw the walls lined with several bundles of C4, the closest one had a smiley faced painted on it.

"Young Midoriya." All-Might chuckled as the C4 went off. Levelling the building.

"You think that got him?" Bakugo asked as Izuku came running out of a nearby building, slinging his rifle as he turned his helmet to Thermal.

"I can't see him, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything good." Izuku said grimly as his mind went back to before the test had started.

"We're fucked."

"Shut up."

"Fuckin' FUBAR."

"Will you shut it already!" Bakugo ordered gruffly, glaring at the tactical teen beside him as he loaded his guns with live rounds, "never knew you for one to admit defeat."

"I'm not," Izuku growled, "but you know as well as I do that we can't match up to All-Might in terms of raw strength, he'll be toying with us the entire time."

"I know," Bakugo grunted, "so what's the plan?"

"What?" Izuku asked in surprise.

"What's the fuckin' plan!?" Bakugo snapped, "you always have some kind of strategy or plan so what's the fuckin' plan!?"

Izuku stared at him for a few moments before shaking his head and pulling a small notebook out, and beginning to sketch out a map of their battle center as he spoke, "like I said, we'll be out matched fighting all-might, we simply don't have the strength or firepower to do any kind of damage save for maybe a few bruises...but if we play smart, we can take him using hit and run tactics, wear him down." he began putting X's on the map, "we put explosives here, here, and here, lure him in and blow em, second explosion should give us a smoke screen as well as deal some damage with the initial concussive blow.' he looked at Bakugo, "If he gets wise to it too early, then the plans Kaput, but if we play it smart, we may be able to stall him long enough for both of us to get to the gate."

"And if we don't?"

"...we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.'

"Fifteen seconds," Izuku said as he took off towards the nearest alleyway, "four buildings down, cafe, that's our next target."

"Make sure you're clear." Bakugo snarled as he jumped back to avoid All-Might's punch, the hero-playing-villain was still smiling as he darted out of the smoke, none the worse for wear as he grabbed Bakugo's leg and slammed him into the ground, throwing him into one of the buildings.

"Barely even a sting." All-Might boasted as he charged after Bakugo, "did you really think that would work!?"

"SHUT UP!" Bakugo snapped as he set off another large explosion in All-Might's face.

Izuku took a deep breath as he finished climbing the last flight of stairs in a nearby high rise, sliding into position by a shattered window as he sighted in All-Might, "explosive tipped rounds don't fail me now." he said as he followed the carnage that was All-Might and Bakugo's fight; if you could call a one sided ass beating that.

"Come on Bakugo get him to stand still." he muttered as All-Might slammed Bakugo into the ground once more, standing over him as he seemed to Monologue, "Smile asshole." he growled as he took a breath and squeezed the trigger, the bullet flying through the air straight for All-Might's chest.

Only for All-Might to turn and swat it out of the sky, the round detonating on his hand as he stared directly at Izuku as he tossed Bakugo away.

"Oh shit-"

Izuku rolled to the side as All-Might exploded into the floor.

"Thought you could get me with the same strategy as before eh Midoriya?" All-Might laughed as Izuku raised his wrist mounted gun and unleashed automatic fire on All-Might as he jumped out the window, his other wrist snapping up to fire a grappling hook into another building, swinging down towards safety, "Bakugo he's made me! Get to the gate! Get to-"

"Not so fast!" All-Might ordered as he suddenly appeared beside Izuku and punched him out of the sky, his line snapping and sending him crashing into the cafe, All-Might following right behind him.

'Your plan was well thought out Young Midoriya." All-Might commended him as the injured student dragged himself away from the hero, "had I been any other enemy, you would already be clasping the handcuffs on me now, but I'm not; you've failed Midoriya."

"Have I?" Izuku asked through gritted teeth, his right ankle was twisted at an awkward angle, he forced himself to his feet using the bar as a hold, glaring at All-Might, "you stumbled into a bit of a pickle here All-Might."

"And how's that?" he asked, his voice full of amusement.

Izuku raised the detonator, "you're standing in a bomb." he snarled, "Boom bitch!"

All-Might instantly lunged forward for Izuku, but he was too slow to stop the boy from pressing the button.

The explosion sent Izuku flying out of the cafe, tumbling across the rubble strewn ground as he forced himself to his feet, limping down the street as the smoke grenades he had paired with the explosives did their work, covering the area in a dense fog, "Bakugo, if you can hear me, get to the gate, I'll do what I can to keep him occupied, just go!" he practically yelled into his radio as he turned his infrared back on, raising his MP5 and firing at All-Might's lumbering form as he came teetering out of the cafe.

He watched as All-Might clapped, clearing the area of smoke and making Izuku slump, "well that didn't last long," he said out loud as his goggles returned to normal.

"You didn't think a bit of smoke would've kept me out of the game did you?" All-Might coughed, a few bruises and scratches covering his arms and chest, his uniform was also torn, revealing his right arm and pectoral, "you fought hard Young Midoriya, worthy of being called a hero! Now, admit defeat."

"Maybe I should," Izuku muttered, holding his head up high, as he dropped his MP5 "Put up a good fight, gave you some scratches worth talking about, anyone else would say that's a job well done and take the lower grade...but this isn't about grades, this is about my pride, and my pride isn't gonna let me do anything less than my absolute best...besides, there comes a point in every mans life where he has to pull himself up by his boot straps, look his opponent dead in his eye and say COME FUCKIN' ON!" Izuku roared as he charged All-Might, prosthetic arm vibrating with raw energy as All-Might met the blow with his own; their fists connected and blew out the windows in every building on the street, Izuku let out a roar of pain as his prosthetic jarred his shoulder, he jumped back and tried to pull his dual sidearms, only for his prosthetic to fail and hang uselessly by his side, "Son of a bitch!" he swore as he raised his single baretta and emptied the mag at All-Might as the man lunged for him. Bullets bouncing harmlessly off his body as he cocked his fist back.

"Time to say goodnight!" All-Might shouted.


"GOODNIGHT ASSHOLE!" Bakugo snarled as he came rocketing onto the Scene, pulling the pin on his gauntlet and unleashing it's full power in All-Might's gut, sending the Faux Villain flying into the sky, crashing through a skyscraper as he went.

"You were supposed to go to the gate." Izuku muttered as he fell to his knee.

"Fuck off." Bakugo retorted as he put an arm under Izuku's and helped him up, the two hobbling off towards the gate, "you think I'd let you have all the fun?"

"Is that what you call it?" he asked, doing his best not to fall as he looked his ally over, one gauntlet was gone, probably shattered by one of All-Might's attacks, his uniform was covered in tears and gashes, and he was holding his right arm awkwardly. "He broke your arm didn't he."

"Nothing but a bruise." Bakugo snapped, both collapsing as they stumbled through the gate, Izuku fell forward while Bakugo crumpled where he stood, staring up at the sky, "did...did you really stand off against All-Might you Iidot?"

Izuku started laughing, "what, you wanted me to run like a little bitch?"

"You wanted me to."

"That's because you are a little bitch."

Bakugo's eyes widened, then a tired chuckle escaped his throat, soon both were laughing, both too tired to stand and head towards the viewing station. It wasn't until All-Might came to collect them that they stood and walked towards the infirmary, arms over each others shoulders as they stumbled along the trail together.


Izuku grunted as he limped out of the infirmary, missing his prosthetic and on a single crutch, Momo right beside him fussing over him worriedly.

"Your ankle should be fine by tomorrow," Recovery girl called to him as she finished healing Bakugo, "just keep your weight off of it; Hatsume also knows about your arm, she should have it fixed by tomorrow afternoon."

"Got ya," Izuku called back as he limped through the halls, "thanks for the help Yaomomo."

"You're welcome." she said with a pleasant smile, "do you want to go to the Ramen stand?"

"Moms not expecting me for a bit so sure."

"Young Midoriya!"

Both Izuku and Yaomomo jumped as All-Might came sliding to a stop in front of them.

"all-Might." Izuku said in confusion, "what are you doing here?"

"I was hoping to talk with you privately." the man boomed, "It may take a bit."

"Well me and Yaomomo-" Izuku began.

"Go ahead Izuku." Momo urged him, "it's not every day the number one hero wants to talk with you."

Izuku sighed and nodded, "fine...rain check on that Ramen?"

"Of course!" she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek and walking away, making Izuku blush furiously as she quickly walked away. Likewise blushing from her impromptu kiss.

'You sly dog Midoriya!" All-might laughed, "Now, follow me to my office, we have much to discuss."

"After you." Izuku said, following All-Might down the halls and into his office, "So, what's this about?"

"It's about the future." All-Might sighed, "Young Midoriya, I have decided that you will be my Successor."

Izuku blinked, "I...what?" he asked.

"I want you to become my successor." All-Might said, "I don't have long to be the Symbol of Peace, and I want the world to know that there will be a symbol when I am gone."

"Come on All-Might," Izuku sighed, running a hand through his hair, "you're still in your prime how could you-" He stopped as steam filled the office, eyes widening when the smoke cleared to reveal a familiar figure, "Mr. Yagi?" he asked in shock.

"The one and only." Toshinori coughed, settling down in his chair.

Izuku slowly sat down on the nearby couch, "the injury that ended your career…" Izuku muttered, looking at Toshinori, "it didn't end your career...but i'm gonna assume that it's the reason why you can't continue being the symbol of peace."

"You assume right," Toshinori sighed, lifting his shirt up and showing Izuku the wound once more, "five years ago I got into a fight with a Villain who put this hole into my chest, lost my stomach and half of my lung due to it…" he looked up at Izuku, staring him dead in the eye. "I came to UA in the hopes of finding a successor, for you see, my Quirk was passed on to me; like you I was born quirkless with the dream of being a hero. my master passed the quirk on to me and told me one day I would have to pass my Quirk on, and I choose you, Izuku Midoriya."

"But...there's better options than me." Izuku said softly, "i'm just a gun-toting quirkless kid-"

"-a gun-toting quirkless kid with more heart then the next three classes combined." Toshinori said honestly, "you want to be a hero to help people, not for the glamour or fame, but to better the world around you." the skeletal man stood and walked over to Izuku, putting a hand on his shoulder, "I know this is a lot of information to process, so why don't you take the next few days-"

"-i already know my answer.' Izuku said, making All-Might raise an eyebrow in surprise, "and I'm gonna have to refuse."

"I see." he muttered quietly, "May I ask why?"

"A few reasons." Izuku sighed, holding up his prosthetic, "my arm for one, it was completely trashed after taking just one punch from you, I don't think it would hold together well if I inherited your quirk. I also don't think becoming the symbol of peace is for me; I'm a simple guy who just wants to help out, not some messiah that everyone will look up to; besides, I have a kid to watch, I don't want to subject her to that kind of scrutiny...also, how would we explain how I suddenly received a quirk?"

Toshinori nodded slowly, "I understand...just know that I truly think you are the best candidate to receive One For All, my quirk."

Izuku chuckled, "Nah, I don't think I am." he said, standing back up and limping to the door, "you want my advice, I think Kirishima is leagues better than I am."

"Young Kirishima...he definitely has the spirit." Toshinori muttered, "well, thank you for hearing me out Young Midoriya, and please, keep this a secret."

"Of course, see ya later." with that, Izuku limped away.

Toshinori watched him leave, "he'll be a great hero, All For One or no, and I hope he goes farther than I ever did.'


Two days later. Kiyashi Ward Shopping Mall.

Izuku yawned as he happily walked after Momo and Eri, content to simply watch Momo gush over cute outfits for his ward while Eri followed with her usual subdued enthusiasm.

"Oh you would look cute in this!" Momo gushed as she pulled a small blue sun dress off the rack, "simply darling!"

"I would?" Eri asked in surprise.

"You definitely would." Izuku agreed, ruffling her hair a bit and making her giggle, "you'd be the cutest blue unicorn this side of Shizuoka."

"Do you want to try it on?" Momo asked gently.


"I'll be waiting out here!" Izuku called to them, sitting down in a nearby chair.

"Hey Midoriya…"

Izuku looked up, not too surprised to see Kirishima standing at the entrance of the store awkwardly, "thought you went to go find weights with Bakugo and Sero." Izuku said conversationally as the red head walked over and sat down beside him.

"I...wanted to talk to you real quick." he sighed, "about...about All-Might."

"This isn't the best place to be talking about secret matters." Izuku said, looking at the other customers milling about, "why don't you join me at the shooting range this evening; I don't know about you, but it really clears my mind to dump some brass."

"Never really shot a gun before, but sounds good." Kirishima said with a grin as the door opened.

"Well look at this little princess!" Izuku suddenly gushed, making Kirishima stare at him in shock as this practical assassin suddenly turned into a doting dad, scooping a giggling Eri up, "princesses shouldn't walk on the floor! Where's your servants!"

"I'm not a princess!" Eri giggled shyly.

"You aren't? I could have sworn you were! You're as pretty as one! Isn't that right Kirishima?"

"That's right." Kirishima instantly agreed, sharing an amused smile with Momo, "prettiest in all the land!"

"I think we'll take the dress then." Momo said warmly, "lets go pay for it."


Later that Evening.

Kirishima watched as Izuku emptied the mag on a M16, the boy letting out a satisfied groan as the last round left the chamber, "Nothing like a mag dump." he sighed, sitting down in the chair next to Kirishima, "well, Eri's pestering the old man and Momo's on the phone with her mom, why don't we get to that discussion you wanted."

"Why did you refuse it?" Kirishima blurted out, making Izuku blink in semi confusion before slowly nodding, "like I told All-Might, I have Eri, I can't dedicate my life to being the symbol of peace, nor do I want to, I"m just a simple gunslinger." he held up his newly repaired prosthetic, "This thing wouldn't hold up to his full power either…" he looked at Kirishima, the redhead was lying "you should feel honored, All-Might chose you-"

"-only because you recommended me." Kirishima muttered, "and I don't even know why you did, you could've chosen Bakugo, or Todoroki-"

"Bakugo is too prideful," Izuku said bluntly, "he's here to fight bad guys, doesn't really put an emphasis on reassuring the people; same with Todoroki, you actually want to help-"

"But I'm a coward!" Kirishima snapped hotly, making Izuku raise his eyebrow; with a sigh Kirishima began to tell a story.

"Back in Middle School I wanted nothing more than to be a hero, I was obsessed with Crimson Riot and tried to live my life being the best man i could be...but I could never hold up in a fight, my quirk was so weak that I could barely harden my fists; no one took me seriously, even my own friends...then that day…" he shook his head, letting it hang, "i saw a gigantic villain threatening a couple of my classmates, and no one was moving to help I...I couldn't move, I was frozen in fear...I didn't move until after Mina got rid of him by pointing him in the direction of a police station instead of the hero agency he was looking for…"

The two boys were quiet for a bit, then Izuku slowly leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees, "sounds like something that would stop you from being a why are you at UA?"

"I...a few nights later I found an old Holodisk with one of Crimson Riots interviews on it, he talked about how he wasn't able to save he charged into situations because he was scared, not because he was fearless; I promised myself I'd live my life exactly like that.'

Izuku smirked, "and that, is why I think you'll be a great successor." Izuku said, patting his shoulder, "you aren't in this for the looks or fame, you're in to be a 's exactly who we need as the symbol of peace."

Kirishima felt tears well up in his eyes as he looked away, "You...really think so?"

"I know so," Izuku said, standing up and removing his hand from the other boys shoulder, "Now enough crying, I brought the manliest gun in my arsenal for you to shoot, and I'll be damned if we end up having a chick flick moment instead of belting it out."

"Manliest gun?" Kirishima asked as he wiped the tears away.

"Oh yeah," Izuku pulled a large bag up and unzipping it, Kirishima looked in and gasped.

"Is that…"

"It is."

"How did you get one?"

"Old Mans got a lot of contacts, this is the only gun I didn't give up when I brought all my weapons to UA," he hefted the gun out of the bag, "The M134 Minigun.' he said as he flipped a switch and pulled the trigger, making the barrels spin, "ten barrels, chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO, this bitch can turn a car into a bonfire in under a minute." he set it on the table and reached under the table to slide out a large steel container, "This would go on your back if you were carrying it, holds up to 3,000 rounds of ammo for this little darling." he hooked the feeder up to the gun and fed rounds into it, "wanna know what pure ecstasy feels like?"

"You know it!"

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