Deadshot @natenino23
Chapter 8

"Run that by me again?"

Rin sighed as he leaned back, currently he, Inko and Izuku were sitting in the living room, Eri was quietly drawing in the living room, "we want you to be her legal guardian." Rin said again, looking at Izuku who's eyes were wide in shock.

" do realize I'm not a pro right? I'm still in high school, my FIRST year in high school."

"Yes I get that," Rin growled, "but the truth of the matter is, this girl is only truly comfortable with you, she's tolerant of Inko and myself, but if she has any problems she goes to you, and she spends all her time with you!"

"And I'm fine with that, but there's a difference between being an older brother to her and being legally responsible for her!"

"It's more than being an older brother Izuku," Inko began softly, "the way she looks at you, and the way you dote on her, it's like you're her father."

Izuku looked at his mom, "I...well...look how would I even take care of her? I have school-"

"-she'll be looked after by your mother while you're at school." rin began, "and I'll be on deck to take care of anyone who tries to come for her, we still don't know her quirk, so we'll have to be careful."

Izuku mulled it over in his head, then sighed, "Give me the damn paper." he grumbled, giving Rin the finger when the man smugly slid the documents towards him, he read it over, signing as he went, "the Hero Association is giving us a stipend for her?" he asked, looking up to Rin.

"They recognize that we're taking a big risk taking care of her," he explained, "it's confirmed that Yakuza are looking for her, and we don't know her quirk, if it's as dangerous as they believe, then you two might need to relocate to UA."

"And you're alright with this mom?" Izuku asked, looking at his mother in concern, "This puts you in a lot of danger."

"I'll be fine,' she said dismissively, "with Rin here, and with Fourth Kind and Psyche promising to patrol around here, I couldn't be more safe."

"What about the mystery of her quirk?" Rin asked.

"I used to have to deal with dangerous quirks all the time at the hospital." she said dismissively, "I can take care of a single girl, in fact it'll probably be easier because I don't have to worry about a whole ward."

Izuku sighed and continued signing, "here." he said, handing the papers back to Rin, "anything else?"

"Yeah, your last day of your internship is tomorrow, however, due to the circumstances, I'm gonna give you tomorrow to better acquaint yourself with Eri, she'll need you around."

"Yes sir,"

Rin stood up, "well, it was good seeing you again Inko, see you next saturday."

"Have a good day Rin." she said with a smile, waving him off as he walked out of their apartment.

"This is gonna be an adjustment." Izuku sighed.

"Oh I think you'll do fine." Inko giggled as Eri ran into the kitchen.

"Mr. Ghost! Mr. Ghost! I made a drawing!" she said, holding the paper out to him.

"Well lets see it," Izuku said with a smile, his tough persona immediately melting away as he turned to the little girl, holding the paper up.

It was a crayon drawing, two little stick figures standing in front of a house, one was small with a small little pointed bump on their head and hair drawn with a yellow crayon, and right beside her was a green stick figure, with wild scribbles as their hair, and one of its arms was gray.

"It's you and me." she mumbled quietly, not looking at Izuku as the boy chuckled.

"It's perfect Eri," he said, fondly ruffling her hair, making her giggle as she gave the barest hints of a smile, "I think I know exactly where this should go." he stood and walked over to the refrigerator, pinning the drawing up with magnets, "There! A place of honor." Izuku declared as Eri stared at the spot in wonder, "now, let's get you some dinner."


Inko smiled as she watched the two interact, she slowly stood and walked towards her room, "yeah, I think he'll do just fine." she said softly.

Later that night, Izuku was tucking Eri into his old bed,the little girl was barely awake as he turned on the night light, "goodnight Eri." Izuku said softly.

"Goodnight...Poppa…" Eri mumbled sleepily as she fully went under, not seeing Izuku's look of surprise before it softened and he leaned in to kiss her forehead.

"Sweet dreams Princess." he said quietly as he walked out, carefully closing the door.

"She's asleep?" Inko asked her son as she poured tea for the both of them.

"Out like a light," Izuku sighed, sitting down across from his mother; taking the tea with a quiet 'thank you', staring into the dark liquid in contemplation.

"What's wrong?" Inko asked her son, sitting down fully as she took a sip from her own cup.

"I...Eri...she called me 'daddy' when she was falling asleep." Izuku said quietly.

"Well, you do give off such a fatherly air," Inko said gently, "the way you act with's like how your father used to act with you."

Izuku stiffened a bit, they didn't talk about his father much, the man who had divorced his mother when he was nine and only sent christmas cards; it had been a mutual break up from what his mother said, but it still left a bitter taste in his mouth. "Why would I want to act like that bastard?" Izuku muttered, leaning back with her arms crossed.

Inko sighed, "I know you have your problems with your father, I do too, but I didn't mean that as an insult; you treat that little girl with unconditional love, despite only knowing her for a few days now, don't you think that would make her hold you on a pedestal?"

Izuku ran a hand through his hair, "'re right, but…" he groaned, "I was hoping all this would happen after high school, not in the middle of it."

"I can't say I disagree with you...but it is happening now, and you'll need to come to terms with it, because that little girl can't handle a betrayal after all that she's been through."

Izuku nodded slightly, "all honesty…" he began, a small, soft smile spreading on his lips, "I felt...warm, when she called me that…"

Inko smiled, "Drink your tea." she urged, sipping her own once more.

Izuku brought the tea up and took a small sip, "I want to take her down to the beach tomorrow." Izuku said, "she's starting to smile just a little more every day, and I think she'll enjoy the beach."

"I think you're right," Inko agreed, "why don't you invite that Kirishima boy as well, Eri was fond of him."

"I think Kirishima's having to work with Fourth Kind tomorrow." Izuku muttered, then smiled, "but I know someone who just finished his internship who would be VERY happy to help with this."


"I hate you."

"I know."

"So much."

"I'll live with it."

"Mr. Izuku! Come play with us!" Eri called from where she and Inko were making a sand castle, Izuku smiled at the little girl's enthusiasm as she tried to balance a seashell on top of one of the towers.

"Mr. Izuku?" Bakugo asked in confusion, looking at Izuku who simply sighed.

"She called me Ghost until she met mom, then tried Mr. Ghost, now it's Mr. Izuku, glad we're slowly getting to simply 'Izuku'."

"Hmph, surprised she isn't calling you dad or something." Bakugo scoffed as they began walking towards them.


Bakugo looked at him sharply, a smug smirk beginning to tug at the corner of his lips while Izuku stared resolutely ahead.

"Here," Izuku said, kneeling down next to Eri and helping her keep the seashell standing while he packed sand around it, "Now it won't go anywhere."

"Thanks!" she said, that small, barely there smile getting just a little bigger.

"Of course kid," he said, ruffling her hair as she giggled.

Bakugo rolled his eyes and sat down beside Inko, "hows it goin' Auntie?" he asked.

"It's been okay Katsuki, how was your internship?"

"A waste of time," he muttered, doing his best to ruffle up his still combed hair, "Best Jeanist was trying to 'fix me' apparently I'm too angry and loud."

"Did you tell him about your hearing aides?" Inko asked him, making Bakugo tense.

"No one needs to know about those damn things." he grumbled, wincing when she grabbed his ear and twisted it.

"If you're not careful you're gonna lose your hearing by the time you're twenty five." she chastised him, letting his ear go, "and if you could actually hear, you may not come off as so angry."

Bakugo said nothing, watching Eri and Izuku make the castle, "he looks happy." Bakugo muttered, "much better than the beginning of the school year."

"Yes, I was worried for a bit...but he's starting to heal." she gave a soft smile, looking at the young boy, "you really helped him."

"I didn't do much."

"You did, more than you know." she said kindly, patting his shoulder as Izuku and Eri approached, Eri hiding a bit behind Izuku as he put a reassuring hand on top of her head.

"Hey Bakugo," he said, carefully moving eri up as he knelt down beside her, "this is Eri, she wants to meet you, but is kinda scared."

Eri looked up at him, averting her eyes, "h-hello Mr. Bakugo…" she mumbled cutely.

Bakugo narrowed his eyes a bit, then reached into his pocket with a sigh, pulling out a set of hearing aides that he put into his ears and turned on, "can you say that again kid?" he asked, keeping his voice as calm and even as he could, tapping his hearing aides, "need these to hear ya know."

Eri gulped and nodded, "H-hello Mr. Bakugo," she said again, "I-I'm Eri…"

"Nice to meet you kid," Bakugo said, holding a hand out, Eri hesitantly reached out and took it, "strong grip." He chuckled, "could hurt someone with that strength."

"Hurt?" she asked in a scared voice, pulling away.

"Bakugo stiffened as Izuku swooped in to quickly put the girl at ease.

"He just means you're gonna grow up to be big and strong." Izuku said with a light chuckle.

"Yeah," Bakugo chuckled awkwardly, "That's what I meant kid.'

"Okay," she said unsurely.

Bakugo felt his leg start to shake as he stood up, "you like Ice cream kid?"

"Ice cream?" she asked in wonder, "what's that?"

"Lets go get some so you can see." Izuku said, standing as well, picking Eri up and carrying her as Bakugo followed with his hands in his pockets, Inko right beside him, looking at him with a smug smile.

"Don't say a thing." he grumbled.

"I said nothing."


Later on that evening, Izuku was putting Eri to bed once more, though she was still awake, eyes drowsily trying to stay open as Izuku tucked her in.

"But I'm not tired," she mumbled, stubbornly trying to stay awake despite the inviting warmth of the blankets, and the belly full of homemade food weighing her down."

"I'm sure you're not," Izuku said with a smile as he turned the nightlight on and sat down beside her bed, "but bedtimes here, so we all have to go to bed."

"But I'm really not…' she pouted.

Izuku chuckled, "you sure about that?" he asked, yawning real big, making her yawn in return.


Izuku leaned back, checking his book shelf until he pulled a picture book out, 'How about, let's read a story for a bit."

Okay." she said, leaning towards him as he opened the book.

"Many, Many years ago in the city of Nara, the old capital of Japan, lived a wise state minister named Toyonari."

A few minutes later Izuku was quietly walking out of Eri's room, rejoining his friend at the table.

"She didn't want to go to sleep, had to read her a story." Izuku sighed, sitting down.

"Fatherhood suits you." Bakugo scoffed, making Izuku chuckle.

"Yeah, guess so." Izuku sighed, looking at his hands, "after all that bullshit we went through…"

Bakugo nodded, "Auntie Inko said she'd be taking care of her when you're at school."

"Yeah, she's really happy to be a 'grandmother'," he rolled his eyes with the quotations, "she's gotten Eri to call her Obaasan."

Bakugo chuckled, "well, if you guys need any help, I'll be there."

"Thanks Bakugo."


Izuku walked into the classroom, smiling at the sense of normalcy at walking in and hearing arguing and laughter.

"Yo Midoriya!" Kirishima called, running up to Izuku, 'How you doin' man? How's Eri?"

"I'm good, and she's doing great." Izuku chuckled, bumping fists with the Hardening user, "all moved in, mom's probably having a blast keeping her occupied."

"Hell yeah man, you ever need any help hit me up!"

"Thanks, but for now we should all get to our desks!" Izuku raised his voice, catching everyone's attention as he moved to his desk. Putting a comforting hand on Iida' shoulder as he passed him.

'Who's Eri?" Uraraka asked Kirishima as the boy sat next to her.

"Little girl Midoriya saved from some Yakuza thugs in Hosu.' Kirishima said with a grin, "she's stayin' with him now, practically his daughter."

"Awww Midoriya's a dad!" Mina gushed.

"So cuuuute!" Tooru sang beside her.

"Dad Midoriya?" Kaminari asked, "well he's up for the job, he acts like our dad sometimes."

"Hehe yeah!" Sero chuckled, "Like, Hey Dad, can we have Ramen after school today?"

"Or how about, hey Dad! Can we go over and play with class 1B?" Sato said, laughing as Uraraka giddily joined in.

"Oh! Dad! Can we play stick-ball after training? Please dad!" she fake begged as everyone began to laugh harder.

"Hey Dad! Can we go to the pop stand and get some drinks? Please Dad! Dad!" Kaminari snickered, nudging Kirishima as the boy almost fell out of his desk laughing.

"Enough." Izuku ordered, giving all of them a glare.

"Okay Dad,"

"Yeah sorry dad,'

"Won't happen again dad!"

Izuku groaned and leaned back in his chair, "Kami's cursed me." he grumbled.

"Who's a dad?" Momo asked as she stepped into the classroom, looking confused as most of the class went quiet.

"Midoriya is," Kaminari chuckled. Freezing when Jirou punched the back of his head.

Momo was likewise frozen, staring at Midoriya in shock with a blush on her cheeks.

"We'll talk about it after class.' he reassured her, giving her a tired smile, "I promise it's not what you think."


"Everyone to their seats." Aizawa said gruffly, walking in, "we have a lot to cover today, namely reviewing your time at your Internships individually, but first an announcement."

"This summer we will be going to a summer training camp."

Instantly the room was in an uproar as the majority of the students began to cheer and excitedly talk about what would happen at the camp.

"Enough." Aizawa growled, eyes flashing as they all sat back. "Your ability to go to this camp is entirely dependent on all of you passing your final exams, if you fail, you will not be going on this trip, and you'll be in summer school with, get ready for english."


Izuku began to put his things up as the bell rang, releasing them for lunch.

"Midoriya, Stay behind a bit."

Izuku looked up to find Aizawa and Nezu waiting, allowing the other students to pass, including yaoyorozu, who hesitated at the door as Izuku stood.

"I'll be along soon." Izuku reassured her, making her smile and give a slight nod before walking away.

"So, what's this about?" Izuku asked, leaning back against the front row desk, arms crossed as he stared at his teacher and principal.

"We wanted to talk to you about the training camp." Nezu said, jumping onto the desk, "the camp will be focusing on training the students quirks to their greatest potential, and the fact of the matter is; you don't have a quirk, so we wanted to speak to you about a potential way to help your skills grow while still being able to go to the camp."

"What did you have in mind?" Izuku asked cautiously.

"We want you to spend your time at the camp, harassing the other students." Aizawa said, "Heroes are always on guard, and need to be able to react at a moments notice; which means-"

"-which means they would need to be on guard even in a setting that they would normally be safe at." Izuku finished for him, looking at them with an interested gleam in his eyes, "am I just going after the 1A students?"

"You'll be going after both classes," Nezu said joyfully, "and you'll be allowed to take whatever you want from your armory to see it through. As well as your costume."

"I'll have to get with Hatsume." Izuku muttered, "see about adding a cloaking feature to my armor."

"All that can be handled at a later date, for now you need to pass your final."

"Yes sir," Izuku said with a nod, "though I do have to ask where Eri will be during this time?"

"We acknowledge that your ward is a special subject, and while I would like to say you may bring her along, there will have to be extensive talks with the owners of the land we will be utilizing as well as Mr. Watanabe, as he is technically in charge of the investigation; if she is unable to join us, then we can see about extra security around your apartment complex."

"Thank you Principal Nezu,"

"Go ahead and run along, I'm sure you have some friends waiting for you."

Izuku bowed to them and walked out of the classroom, finding Yaoyorozu waiting, "hey," he greeted with a small smile.

"Hello," she said with a beaming smile.

"So, I have a lot to catch you up on." Izuku sighed, walking alongside her as they made their way to the lunch room.


"So you're a poppa now…"

Izuku sighed as he leaned back against the wall, he and Momo were currently on the roof, both had finished eating and were now near the door. Momo was sitting on a chair she had created while Izuku had stayed standing, "yeah, technically,' he muttered, "she's only truly comfortable around me, and I gotta say, kids grown on me."

"Well, if you need any help I would be happy to give it." she said with a kind smile.

"Thank you Yaomomo, I'm sorry, but we may have to reschedule our date."

"I know," she sighed, then perked up a bit, "how about we have a day with Eri? I would love to meet her."

Izuku hesitated, then nodded, "we can go this friday to the beach, don't be surprised if she's wary."

"I'm sure we'll be best of friends by the end of the outing!"


Friday. Takoba Municipal Beach.

Momo laughed as she watched Eri splash around in the shallows with Izuku, both clad in their bathing suits as they splashed each other

"Izu!" Eri giggled as she threw water at the crouching teen, making him splutter as the water hit his face.

"Oh you're gonna get it now!" Izuku laughed as he scooped up a happily squealing Eri and jumping back in the water, drenching them both.

"Izu i'm all soaked now!" she complained, still smiling happily.

"Really? Hadn't noticed.' Izuku chuckled as he stood up fully, walking back over to Momo, who handed the two a towel, "waters fresh.' he said to Momo.

"I'm sure it is," she said with a bright smile.

"Are you going to come with us into the water Yamomo?" Eri questioned innocently, now wrapped up in a bright pink, fluffy beach towel.

"Oh I would love to, but I don't think-" she started to say, only to give out a small "eep!" as Izuku suddenly picked her up at the hips, slinging her over his shoulders, "To the water Eri! To the water!" he shouted, running towards the surf, a cheering Eri right behind him.

"Izuku! Izuku at least let me take my wrap off!" Momo laughed as he splashed into the waves.

"We can dry it." Izuku said with a grin as they plunged into the water, laughing as Eri jumped in after them.

Momo splashed water at Izuku as she stood up, taking off her now sopping wet wrap and leaving her in a simple one piece, "you're gonna pay for that." Momo declared, giving Eri a wink as she began creating something at the back of her leg.

"Really?" Izuku asked with a smile of amusement, standing up fully out of the water.

"Yep." she said, as she and Eri quickly brought up water guns, drenching Izuku as he fell back into the water.

"Think he's had enough?" Momo asked with a mischievous smile, laughing when Izuku suddenly picked her up, "Eri! Oh Eri please help!"

"I'm coming Yamomo!" Eri shouted, running towards them and shrieking with Laughter when Izuku picked her up as well.

"Anyone else hungry?" Izuku asked conversationally, walking towards the doc while the two girls laughed. Soon they were all sitting in a row on the dock, letting the setting sun dry them out while they ate the sandwiches Inko had prepared them; after a bit they were walking back towards the apartment, Eri asleep on Izuku's back.

"She had fun today," Izuku said, giving Momo a small smile as they walked, "I did too, all honesty."

"I'm glad." Momo said, running a fond hand through Eri's hair, "she's such a bright little ball of sunshine."

"All honesty it was tough the past two weeks." Izuku admitted, "she's still dealing with all that she went through, I was honestly surprised when she was okay with wearing a one piece today, she usually wants to hide the scars on her arms."

"Any progress is good progress." she said lightly, slowly coming to a stop as they reached the apartment, "I had a good time today." she said, "I'm happy we were able to do this."

"Me too." Izuku said with a smile, "do you want to do something next friday too?"

"Of course!" Momo said quickly, before blushing profusely, "i-I mean, it would be a delight! If-if you're not busy that is."

"R-right," Izuku chuckled nervously, clearing his throat, "um, have a good night Yaomomo."

"You as well Midoriya." Momo waved goodbye as they walked up. Still blushing as her limo pulled up.

"Are you alright Ms. Yaoyorozu?" the driver asked.

"Y-yes, I'm perfect." she said, smiling warmly as she got into the back of the limo.

A little while later upstairs, Izuku was helping a now clean Eri into bed, "did you have fun today squirt?"

"Mhmm...i like Yamomo…" she mumbled as she seemingly burrowed into her bed.

"I like her too," Izuku said with a soft smile as he tucked her in. "sweet dreams princess." he said, giving her a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Sweet dreams, poppa…" she sighed as she drifted off to sleep and the door closed with a quiet click.


Three weeks later.

Izuku checked over his armor one last time, making sure the dented and scratched metal was still viable before putting it on, "this new feature should allow full camouflage right?" he asked Hatsume as he fiddled with his vambrace.

"Yep! Wasn't too hard to incorporate it alongside the suit's biometrics, I also made the helmet collapsible so you don't have to keep wasting time taking it off and on!"

"You've really outdid yourself this time Hatsume." he said as he pressed a button on his vambrace, making the helmet shutter into place, seamless in it's design, "you used the scraps from my last helmet to make this, didn't you?"

"Yep." she chirped, "easiest way. I've also updated the HUD, if you hit the right sequence-" she hit two buttons at once and then a third on it's own, making the glass tinge blue.

"What the hell-" Izuku started as his hud turned to a soft blue, he looked at Hatsume and almost immediately she was outlined in red, pulsating ever so slightly with her heartbeat. "Now this is interesting,…" he muttered quietly.

Hatsume grinned, "yep! It tracks anyone's heartbeat up to fifteen meters, even through walls and rubble!" she giggled as suddenly the function timed out, switching back to its regular setting and giving Izuku a slight shock.

"Jesus!" he griped as he disengaged the helmet.

"Hmm, could still use a few tweaks." she mumbled, "your time limit is about forty five seconds, with a minute recharge, so i'd go ahead and limit that to thirty seconds so you don't get a full body shock."

"Always comes with a catch huh?" he asked wearily, reactivating the helmet and checking the time, "shit, practical starts soon, thanks again Hatsume, hope we won't give you too much work after we smash these bots." he called as he walked out.

"Oh I doubt it, we usually don't...wait bots?" she asked in confusion, looking to the door where Izuku had disappeared, "huh, wonder why he thinks they're facing bots…"


Izuku sat in the back of the bus, beside Momo and Bakugo as they waited to reach their destination.

"Look what Eri drew for me yesterday," Momo gushed, showing the crayon picture of her, Izuku and Eri standing on the beach.

"You're disgusting." Bakugo grumbled, "we're heroes, not nannies, man up!"

"I know it might be hard for you to realize Bakugo, but Yaomomo is a woman, not a man." Ochako said pointedly, looking away with a huff.

"What the hell did you do there?" Izuku asked Bakugo quietly, making the boy stiffen up.

"Hey Uraraka." Bakugo said gruffly as he walked up to the bubbly girl in the hallways.

"Oh hey Bakugo," Uraraka greeted happily.

Do it, ask her to train with you, it should be easy just ask! "You need to hit the gym." he stated bluntly, mentally cringing as Uraraka's eyes widened in surprise, then narrow in anger.

"Excuse me!?" she demanded to know.

"I-I didn't mean it like that! I just mean you're pudgy-"

"How dare you!"


"You're a jerk!" she snapped, shouldering past him and stomping angrily down the halls.

"You called her pudgy?" Izuku asked incredulously while Momo looked away from him in an offended huff.

"I Didn't mean it like that." Bakugo growled, "I was trying to ask if she wanted to train with me."

"How does that turn to calling her pudgy?" Izuku asked incredulously.


"We're here." Aizawa said dryly as the bus stopped. Soon they were all piling out and heading towards a large structure meant to be a control tower.

"Why are the other teachers here?" Kirishima asked quietly, making Izuku and Bakugo tense.

"Everyone listen up!" Aizawa called, "now, I'm sure you've all heard different things about the practical test."

"Trashing bots!" Kaminari cheered alongside Mina.

"Unfortunately no." Nezu said jovially, peaking out of Aizawa's scarf before scaling down his leg, "while in years past we utilized battle bots to test our first years, this year has shown us we must take different methods."

"You'll be facing us," Midnight said with a grin.

"We're...we're facing our teachers!?" Uraraka cried out in shock alongside the rest of her class.

"But you guys could kick our ass six ways from sunday!" Mineta cried.

"We'll be handicapped by these weights." Aizawa said, holding a set of cuffs up, "they're designed to weigh half our body weight, giving all of you a fair chance, you pass by either capturing your opponent, or making it through the gate to escape; each of you will be paired off and will be facing one teacher, Jiro, Koda, you two will face off against Present Mic, Kirishima, Sato, against Cementoss, and Bakugo and Midoriya, you two will be facing-"


Izuku felt a chill go down his spine as All-Might jumped onto the scene, posing in front of the two boys, "HOPE YOU TWO ZYGOTES HAVE BROUGHT YOUR A GAME TODAY."

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