Deadshot @natenino23
Chapter 6

Rin Watanabe was silent as he stared at the breaking news bulletin that cut through the final moments of the Sports Festival feed.

"Breaking news here in Hosu city as, just moments ago, an attack on the Pro-Hero Ingenium was attempted by the Hero-Killer Stain, it is currently unknown how Stain was able to corner the veteran hero, but he remains in critical condition. The whereabouts of the Hero Killer are currently unknown. This marks his-"

Rin shut the TV off, eyes narrowed as he stands up, brushing stray crumbs out of his beard as he walked out of the room and into his basement, the rectangular concrete room had once housed all of the guns he had collected and modified over the years before he had given the arsenal to Izuku.

But that didn't mean he had given the boy everything.

He flipped a small panel opened beside the door, punching in a five digit passcode before walking down the stairs; directly in front of him, the wall began to slide up, revealing hundreds of guns lining the white walls of another room with larger dimensions. Also in the room were crates of grenades and ammo, as well as several rocket launchers ranging from a six shot 40mm grenade launcher, down to a Cold War era RPG

In the back of the room, in a bullet proof glass case, was a hero costume, ballistic armor spray painted silver with gold buckles and straps, a red jumpsuit made of stab and cut resistant materials sitting underneath, and a white full head mask, a targeting device sat in front of the right eye hole, "time to clean up a mess." he muttered as he stared at the costume, "one last time."


Izuku woke up in the infirmary, his entire body feeling sore and weak.

It took him a moment to remember the circumstance that led him to waking up in the white walled room, and when he did, he couldn't help the small smile that graced his lips.

He had done it, he had won the Sports Festival, the first quirkless student to do so; pride welled in his chest and actually felt painful as he let loose a few quiet coughs.

"Ah, awake huh?" Recovery Girl mused, walking around the partitioner beside Izuku's bed, ``Congratulations, you woke up before your opponent."

Izuku slowly turned his head, looking at Bakugo in surprise, the boy had an IV in his arm and looked nowhere close to waking up; his entire body was covered by bandages.

"Don't worry, he's okay." Recovery Girl chuckled, "he passed out from a combination of dehydration and pain. You two don't seem to know when it's best to stop a fight instead of continuing on." she sighed, "but I suppose that's the problem with you Heroes; you never think of the consequences until you're done doing what you do."

"If we thought of the consequences then we wouldn't be heroes." Izuku croaked out, wincing at the pain in his parched throat."

"I'm sure you're right." she grumbled, slowly walking over to the boy and offering him a cup of water; which he guzzled down thankfully.

"What about the awards ceremony," he gasped breathlessly as he pulled away from the cup.

"Oh, it's already happened." Recovery girl explained, "only Tokoyami was in any kind of shape to accept his medal from All-Might; with how long you two took recovering, it was a bit of a letdown for those who wanted to see you two again, but this isn't the first sports festival that ended like this."

Izuku sighed quietly, letting his head fall back as Recovery girl checked something, "hmmm...your ribs are still dislocated, and you have a minor concussion, since you're awake, I should be able to heal it with my quirk; you'll have to spend a few more hours here to rest, but it'll definitely be better than waiting three days to get it healed."

"Go ahead then." Izuku mumbled, eyes already feeling heavy.

"Alright then Sonny, now, remember to go see that raven haired lass when you wake up; she's been worried about you since you were carted off the field."

"What?" Izuku asked as Recovery Girl kissed his forehead and everything went black.


Two days later.

Izuku sat beside Bakugo in his apartment, the two boys were currently on the couch; covered in gauze and unable to move on their own as their mothers spoke happily in the kitchen.

"You two need anything?" Mituski asked in amusement.

"Fuck off ya old hag!" Bakugo growled out, wincing when his mothers shoe connected with his head.

"Do you have to provoke her?" Izuku asked quietly.

"Fuck you, she's only got one shoe left." Bakugo grumbled as Mitsuki and Inko laughed at their expense.

"I guess this is as good a punishment as any for being so reckless." Inko sighed, looking at her son fondly, "I'm proud that you won the sports festival, but did you have to give me a heart attack while doing it?"

"That wasn't my intention." Izuku mumbled as he closed his eyes, remembering how much his mother cried when she had picked him up from UA after the sports festival, barely able to walk even with Recovery Girl's quirk; the fussing and worrying she had done on his behalf until Mitsuki had showed up the night before with Bakugo in tow, the boy looking just as bad as he had if not worse.

"Intention or not, you two really put us through the ringer." Mitsuki said, giving her son a small frown, "I thought you were trying to kill each other for a second."

"Hmph, Izuku just knew I wouldn't accept anything other than his best." Bakugo said gruffly.

"Says the guy who held back in the second round." Izuku muttered.


'Still held back."

Bakugo stewed in his anger as a knock sounded at the door.

"Oh! That must be them!" Inko said happily, heading towards the door.

"Them?" Izuku asked warily as he looked at Bakugo, who looked just as worried as he did.

"Hello you two! I'm so happy you both were able to come by!"

"Of course! Anything to help Katsuki and Midoriya!"

Bakugo paled as Uraraka spoke, "kill me now…" he muttered as Izuku chuckled quietly.

"It could be worse." IZuku mumbled back to him.


"I'm also happy you invited us Mrs. Midoriya. We were worried about both izuku and Bakugo after the third event."

"Oh think nothing of it Yaoyorozu dear, how are your parents?"

Izuku let his head fall, "it got worse…"

Momo and Uraraka walked into the living room, both looking over their schoolmates with sympathetic eyes, "is there anything we can do for you two?" Yaoyorozu asked worriedly, "perhaps a bit of water, or a snack?"

"Don't worry about those idiots." Mitsuki scoffed, "It's their own fault their injured, why don't you two come in here and try this Jasmine Tea that Inko just got."

"Well, it would be impolite to accept…" Yaoyorozu hesitated as Uraraka giggled.

"I'm sure they're fine for now Yaomomo." she said as she sat down by Mitsuki.

"Now this girl knows how it is." Mitsuki chuckled, pouring Uraraka a cup of tea as Momo and Inko sat down with them, "So, how are those two in class?"

"Please just get my gun from my room and shoot me." Izuku muttered as the women in the room began to laugh at Uraraka's portrayal of Bakugo in class.

"Shoot me before you do." Bakugo muttered, glaring at his mother from his seat, bristling as his mother gave him an unsubtle middle finger.

Izuku sighed, staring at the ceiling as he allowed his mind to drift, thinking of the boys Yaoyorozu had told him about before his last fight, as well as the handicapped little girl who had waited at the gate with a pen and paper, practically begging for his autograph as he hobbled out of the infirmary with his mother.

"When I grow up, I'm going to be just like you!" she had gushed as he carefully signed his name, "if you can be a hero with one arm, so can I!"

Izuku let out a sigh, "hey Bakugo…" he said softly, catching the boys attention.

"Yeah?" he asked, voice just as quiet as Izuku's as the girls kept gossiping behind them.

"Thanks...thanks for looking out for me at the festival." He mumbled, "You're a good friend."

Bakugo stared at Izuku in shock, then began to chuckle, "what kind of hero would I be if I didn't do what I did?" he asked, "Just watch yourself next year, I'm gonna beat you and claim the Number One spot."

"If anyone could, you can, Kacchan."

Bakugo felt tears sting his eyes as he looked away, "you idiot…"


The next day had Izuku limping towards Watanabe's house, eyes narrowing when he heard gunshots coming from the range; he walked down the path as quick as he could, stopping a few meters away as he watched his sensei sighting in a MK13 rifle. "Thought you gave me all of your weapons." Izuku said as he walked up to his old teacher, right hand going into his pocket.

"You think i'd give you my entire arsenal and leave myself defenseless?" the old man asked gruffly, slowly turning the dials on his scope as he lined up for another shot, "I have a job lined up."

"I thought you were retired." Izuku muttered, not even wincing as the old man fired the gun and ejected the brass, nodding to himself as he moved the side dial a few clicks as well.

"I was until Hosu." he said, firing again, "Hero Killers got closer to Mustafu."

"And? They already have heroes on the lookout for him-"

"-they won't find him." Rin said decidedly, firing three more times to make sure the gun was sighted in correctly.

"You sound really sure about that…" Izuku sighed.

"I should, I'm the one who trained him." Rin stood, looking at Izuku's stunned expression, "don't be so surprised, you're not the only one over the years that I've trained since I took up the name Deadshot." he sighed, "his real name is Chizome Akaguro, several years ago he came to me wanting to learn what he could about bladed weapons, not my best area of expertise but good enough to make him proficient. He joined Chiketsu to become a hero almost twelve years ago; dropped out his first year when he couldn't agree with how the school viewed and taught heroes. After that he became a Vigilante known as Stendahl, bit on the bloody side, but nothing that I hadn't done to criminals…" he sighed, "then six years ago he dropped off the face of the planet, and the Hero Killer came to be four years later; using the very same hit and run tactics I use and that I taught you."

"How many other people were trained like us?" Izuku questioned, mind going a mile a minute as Rin turned away from him, he put the rifle up and picked up two boxes and set them on the table.

"Only other person I know of would be my master, Floyd Lawton, but he's been dead for years now. And I was his first and only student, his daughter might still be running around, but she's not one to train anyone, and she didn't train under him; trained under an american Vigilante known as Deathstroke." Rin sighed, slowly letting his hands come off of the boxes, "I'm gonna need your help on this kid, I'm not as young as I used to be; I'll need you to watch my back and make sure I don't get blind sided by anyone he's working with."

"Of course," Izuku said immediately, "we have internships coming up, you send an offer then I can join legit, don't have to worry about either of us getting in trouble."

Rin laughed, "gotta love legal loopholes," he sighed, becoming serious once more, "you should know that I'm not going in to incapacitate and capture...I'm going to kill him."

Izuku nodded, "I figured...after what he did to Ingenium, I'd like to put a round in his head as well."

"You knew him?" Rin questioned.

"His brother, guy won't even answer the phone right now. Which isn't a good sign."

"You're right...keep an eye on him then, we don't need anyone going cowboy and getting in the way."

"Yes sir."

"Good, now, give me a rundown on the loadout you'll be prepping, that way I know what I'll need to take." he opened the boxes and Izuku gaped.

"I thought Hatsume only made the one for me…" he muttered, staring at the two wrist mounted machine guns.

The older gunslinger grinned at Izuku, "her design is good, improved trigger control, larger caliber, belt fed magazine...but these are my masters old wrist gauntlets." he held one up, "bastardized from a Glock 19, thirty round mags, and you can change the fire setting. Unlike that .40 you sport, hair trigger and built in gas system for steady recoil control."

"There's no chance I'll ever get to try those out is there?"

"Not in my lifetime you won't. Lets get to work."


Izuku waited in the entrance hall, sitting on one of the benches as he waited for Iida to show.

Soon enough the engine user walked through the door, shaking the water from his raincoat, "midoriya?" he asked in confusion as he began to put his things up, "class starts in fifteen minutes! As the representative you should be setting an example for our classmates!"

"I'll head to class after this." izuku said as he stood and walked up to Iida, "I heard about your brother."

Iida stiffened.

"I want you to know that I'm here if you need to talk to someone, I know it can't be easy, going through what you are…"

"It's okay Midoriya." Iida said, giving him a stilted smile, "but I'm okay, what happened to my brother is truly tragic, but injuries happen all the time in our profession; we must learn how to cope." with that Iida walked away, his movements even stiffer than usual.

Izuku sighed, "you're not gonna make this easy on me, are you?" he muttered quietly as he followed his friend to their classroom.

"There's our Rep!" Mina cheered as Izuku stepped into the room.

"The slugfest champion of Class 1A!" Kaminari whooped.

"Yeah! Long may he reign!" Sato said, giving Izuku a semi-serious military salute, Hagakure, Uraraka and Sero mimicking him. Sero wiping away an imaginary tear as he did so.

"Knock it off," Izuku said, the usual bite in his voice softened by the unusual carefree smirk he had, patting Iida's shoulder in a gesture of comfort before heading to his desk, "Mr. Aizawa will be here soon, so lets get ready for class."

Everyone quickly found their seats, sitting up straight as Aizawa stepped in. "Good morning." he yawned as he moved to his desk, "alright, lets jump right to it; first off, good work in the Sports Festival, all of you put forth your best and proved that you earned your spot in this department. And now that the festival is over, we get to move on to the student work Internships. Several of you have gotten offers from Hero Agencies across Japan who want you to go to their agencies for the internships; for those of you who didn't get any offers don't worry, you'll still be participating and will be able to choose from a list that UA has on hand."

"It'll be too much work to tell you individually, so I'll just write it on the board."

Izuku leaned back as Aizawa wrote down their names and the offers each got. He wasn't surprised that both Todoroki and Bakugo had gotten enough offers to break the thousand mark. And Tokoyami and Iida both had collected a respectable three hundred each.

But the number two beside his name was almost an insult.

"Guess people still aren't so big on a quirkless hero." Izuku sighed with a shake of his head.

"Or they don't like the way you nearly killed three contestants…" Mineta muttered, shrinking back when several glared at him.

"Try and have your choice ready by the end of the day." Aizawa said, "now, the rest of the day will be spent on something very important."

The class tensed in anticipation as Aizawa looked at all of them.

"You all need to choose code names."

Instantly the class burst into cheers as they thanked whatever lucky star out there that they weren't doing anything boring or dangerous.

Only Izuku didn't join in their cheering, his mind still on Iida as well as his upcoming mission, he barely even noticed when Midnight walked in and the process of choosing their names had begun. He only looked up when he felt Kaminari prod his shoulder.

"Hmm?" he looked to the blonde haired boy, then to the front, where Midnight was staring at him worriedly.

"I've been trying to get your attention for the last few minutes, are you Okay Midoriya?" she asked in concern.

"Yeah, fine...just thinking about something." he muttered.

"Do you need more time to think of your name?" she asked.

Izuku shook his head and quickly wrote a name down, standing up to show the class.

"The Tactical Hero: Ghost." he said, making Tokoyami nod in approval.

"It sure does fit." Sero said with a nod.

"Yeah, and it's not the worse name to be said, looking at you Explosion Murder." Ochako said, making Bakugo bristle up.

"Ghost it is then!" Midnight said with a smile as Izuku walked back to his desk; still pondering over the challenges in front of him.

After class Izuku was quick to latch on to Bakugo, "we need to talk." he told the boy as he grabbed his shoulder, "we'll catch up." he told the girls as they waited until the hallways emptied.

"What is it?" Bakugo asked rudely.

"Who are you choosing for your internship?" Izuku asked quietly, letting go of Bakugo's shoulder.

"Already turned in for Best Jeanist?"

"Shit, you think you could switch for something closer to Hosu?"

"Not if you don't start explaining what the fuck is going on." Bakugo growled pointedly, he may be trying to fix his relationship with the green haired boy, but he was really starting to get pissed off with all of this whispered secrecy shit.

Izuku hesitated, then nodded to Bakugo as they began to walk, "My old Master, he's going after the Hero Killer, asked me to tag along."

"You're an idiot." Bakugo said immediately, 'no offence to your master, but this is a Hero Killer-"

"I know, but he's going to go after him, and he sent me an internship so I can help. The problem is Iida."

"What does Four-Eyes have to-oh…"

"Yeah, oh." Izuku grumbled, "I'm worried he's gonna go after the Hero Killer on his own, and if he gets between my Master and the Hero Killer…"

Bakugo sighed, "why not tell one of the teachers? Get him blacklisted from anyone in Hosu?" he questioned.

"The only proof I have is my gut, and no one except maybe Aizawa would listen, but getting Iida blacklisted isn't something we need…"

"Get what you mean." he grumbled, "so you want back up in case shit hits the fan right?"

"If you can."

"I'll do what I can, but the way Aizawa talked, our decisions are final."

Izuku sighed, "well, do what you can." he muttered, moving off.

"Izuku," Bakugo called, making the boy stop, "take care of yourself, this is some serious shit."

"You're telling me."Izuku scoffed, giving him a smile, "see ya."


The end of the day came and Momo was quietly talking with kyoka about her choice in internships.

"I still don't see the sense in going with a battle hero like Fat Gum? I thought you wanted to be a rescue hero?"

"I do, but I need to work on my battlefield awareness, and Izuku said that Fat Gum has a quirk similar to mine."

"I still think you shouldn't just listen to everything Midoriya says, guy may be smart but he's...dangerous."

"No more than anyone else here.' Momo said dismissively.

"Did you just...gloss over the two kills he has under his belt?"

"That was unavoidable."

"But still-" Jirou stopped as they neared the door and saw Izuku waiting, looking slightly uncomfortable as the girls approached.

"Hey Yaomomo." he greeted with his usual drone, a slight edge of uncertainty in it.

"Izuku," she greeted, "did you need something?"

"Um yeah...I you...want to go to the Ramen stand?" he finished lamely.

The two girls looked at each other, then back to Izuku, "of course," Momo said with a smile, "I would love to."

"Cool," Izuku said with a small smile, walking out the door, Momo followed with a quick smile to Kyoka.

"Huh...guess he does have another emotion other than rage." Kyoka muttered.


"So, what brought this on?" Momo asked as they waited for their food.

"Like I said, when I won the Ramen would be my treat." he said, then gave her a smile, "also, this is a thank you, for everything you did during the sports festival."

Momo smiled, "well, you certainly are a man of your word."

Izuku nodded as their ramen was placed in front of them, " chose fat gum?"

"Yes, he really was a good suggestion."

"I'm sure you'll learn a lot with him." Izuku said, running a hand through his hair, "so um...I uh...I wanted to ask…"

Momo raised an eyebrow in surprise at Izuku's uncharacteristic stuttering, "is...something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"N-no! No, not at all, I just…" he sighed, going back to his Ramen, taking a big bite. Get yourself together Midoriya, he turned back to Momo, "do you...want to go out sometime?" he asked, voice cracking a bit.

Momo blinked, "I...what?"

Izuku took a deep breath, "Look, I'm not good with emotions anymore, or ever, and I don't like beating around the bush; so, would you like to go on a date with me?"

Momo stared at him for a few seconds, then began to blush, "y-yes...I would enjoy that…." she squeaked out, making Izuku smile.

"Great...weekend after the internships?"

"Sounds grand.' she smiled, smile disappearing as her driver honked his horn, "it seems it's time for me to leave." she sighed, finishing her ramen and standing up as Izuku paid their bill, "thank you Midoriya,"

"Anytime Yaomomo." he watched as she walked down to her limo. Driving off as he walked away.


The next week.

Izuku watched Iida as they neared the Hosu train station, "you good Iida?" Izuku asked the boy.

"Fine." Iida said curtly.

"Watch yourself out there." Izuku warned as the train stopped and they stood, "there's a hero-killer out there you know."

Iida tensed, "I know." he muttered, walking out and disappearing into the crowd. Izuku walked out after him, immediately seeing his mentor waiting against the wall in his hero gear.

"Get your shit on kid." Rin growled as Izuku walked up, "we have patrols to go on."

"Couldn't even rent a hotel?" Izuku asked as he began walking towards the restroom.

"Consider it a camping event." Rin grumbled, kicking off the wall a few minutes later when Izuku walked out in his repaired armor, a few dents and scratches still showing through the paint job.

"Nice helmet.' Rin mused as he looked at the skull painted on the face, "Mia's work isn't it?"

"Y-yeah...keeps her close…"

Rin nodded, "Let's get going."

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