Deadshot @natenino23
Chapter 10

Momo was ready for the day.

Even so, she checked and rechecked her bags to ensure everything was where it was supposed to be.

"Hey Yaomomo!" Uraraka called, walking towards the heiress with her own bag on her back; a half asleep Mina trudging along beside her, "you're here early."

"I wanted to ensure I would be on time." Momo said kindly, "I am vice president after all."

"Which begs the question: where's Izuku?" Tsuyu asked as she walked up, a roller suitcase clattering behind her.

"He said he would be a little late," Momo said, "he's having trouble finding some of Eri's things."

"Is she coming along?" Kirishima asked excitedly, making Kaminari wince at the loud noise.

"Keep it down," Kaminari groaned, "my head is pounding."

"Then maybe you shouldn't be trying to spy on the girls when they're having a pool day." Jirou said pointedly, her jacks rising in a threatening manner.

"R-right, so who's coming along?" Kaminari laughed nervously, doing his best to get attention off of himself.

"Eri, Midoriya's adopted daughter." Kirishima began, "cutest little girl you'll ever meet!"

"He's right," Momo chuckled, "she has Midoriya wrapped around her little finger, and he knows it.'

"Why is she coming along?" Tsuyu asked, "not to sound rude, but we'll be training a lot, I don't think anyone would be able to take care of her."

"There's some thugs after her," Kirishima said, his voice losing it's excitement and he glared off into the distance, "sick bastards hurt her, and we don't want them getting her back; So Midoriya and a few others are doing what they can to protect her."

"And she'll be the safest with me, at a summer camp with pro heroes nearby."

"Midoribro!" Kirishima greeted as everyone looked over to the resident gunslinger, dressed in a simple white muscle shirt and blue jeans, his long hair tied back in a loose ponytail, and two bags held in his prosthetic hand.

And currently hiding behind his leg was Eri, dressed in blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt with her hair in a high ponytail, she curiously looked around his leg, staring inquisitively at the few faces gathered; some of them she had met the day before, but others like Kaminari and Jirou she hadn't met at all.

"Go on and say Hi Eri," Izuku said, gently pushing her forward.

"H-hai." Eri greeted nervously, "I-I'm Eri."

"She's so tiny." Kaminari whispered to Jirou, earning a hard nudge from the hard rocker.

"Hi Eri," Jirou said kindly, kneeling down a bit, "I'm Kyoka Jirou, I like your hair."

"T-Thank you," She said shyly, "i-it's like yamomo's!"

The girls collectively cooed at the adorable little girl, with Mina giving Momo a saucy grin as the heiress blushed.

"Oi Izuku! What's half-pint doing here?" Bakugo asked gruffly as he walked over with several other classmates.

"Kitty-san!" Eri said happily, turning and running up to Bakugo with a happy smile as the boy glowered at the nickname.

"Kitty-san?" Uraraka asked in amusement.

"The runt can't say my full name," Bakugo grunted as he picked the little girl up with one arm, glaring at everyone who was snickering, including Izuku, "thought she was gonna stay home."

"Rin and Mom think she'd benefit from having a week or two out at the summer camp." Izuku said, setting their bags down and crossing his arms, "and frankly I feel better knowing she'll be close by."

"Oh my god he's such a dad." Sato said quietly. Making everyone laugh.

"I'll ground you if you don't watch it." Izuku said with a good natured nudge to the sugar rush hero.


Bakugo growled as Eri hid her face in his shoulder, frightened by the shouting of Monoma, "shut it idiot, you're scaring the kid."

"IS ONE OF THE OH SO GREAT 1A STUDENTS SO IRRESPONSIBLE AS TO HAVE A SNOT NOSED BRAT!?" Monoma jeered as he walked towards them, "OH HOW THE MIGHTY-" he let out a terrified squeak as Izuku practically teleported in front of him, radiating a deadly aura as he pulled the slide back on a glock.

"That's my daughter you're talking about." he growled.

"And my niece." Kirishima proclaimed, adding his own deadly Aura to Izuku's as Bakugo came up behind Monoma, his own fiery aura adding to the already impressive threat, even with a child in his arms.

"Who you calling brat ya brat?" Bakugo snarled.

"T-t-t-typical 1A b-brutes!" Monoma stuttered out, "threatening people is not very heroic."

"Neither is being a bully Monoma." Kendo said shortly as she pushed past all three boys and grabbed Monoma by the scruff and dragged him away, "Sorry Midoriya, I'll keep him reigned in."

"See that you do," Izuku grunted as he checked on Eri, who quickly transferred to his arms, burying her face in the crook of his neck."I don't need him continually scaring my daughter."

"He'll behave or else." she said firmly, giving Monoma a glare that had him cowering.

'That was impressive.' Todoroki muttered.

"He said one thing about Eri and almost got killed by three of our strongest guys." Kaminari muttered.

"She's the most dangerous person on this trip." Ojiro sighed.

"Everyone on the bus." Aizawa called as he walked up, the buses pulling in a few seconds behind him.

"Midoriya." Aizawa started, putting a hand on his shoulder as everyone else walked past, "your stuff is stowed away under the bus," He said quietly, "and you'll have to leave Eri with me any time you're training."

"Understood." izuku said, stepping fully onto the bus and sitting down next to Momo, Eri once again transferred arms, curling up in Momo's lap.

"Are you tired sweetie?" Momo asked gently, chuckling softly when the little girl nodded an affirmative, "go ahead and take a nap, we'll be there before you know it."

"Okay momma…" Eri yawned as she closed her eyes.

Momo's eyes watered, "Izuku, she called me momma," she whispered as several of the girls nearby quietly cooed at the adorable display.

"Welcome to the family," Izuku said softly, putting his arm around Momo and making her blush.

"Aren't they so cute!" Mina gushed to Hagakure, "why can't we get a guy like that?"

"Yeah Kirishima," Kaminari started, giving the spiky haired boy an impish grin, "how come she can't find a guy like that?"

"Uh...well…" Kirishima spluttered, looking to Bakugo for help.

"Leave me out of this shitty hair." Bakugo said gruffly. Looking out the window.

"Not like Bakugo would've been able to help." Uraraka said, pointedly looking away when Bakugo whirled towards her, growling low in his throat.

Izuku rolled his eyes."Both of you cool it back there." Izuku said.

"Tch, whatever you say dad," Bakugo scoffed, making the bus erupt in surprised laughter.

"Greeaat, everyone's doing that now." he groaned while Momo giggled.

The atmosphere of the bus was, for the most part, jovial; everyone was talking, laughing, and generally having a good time. Though everyone kept their voices down for the sake of the napping Eri.

Soon they were arriving at a small outcropping on the side of a mountain, the bus slowly pulling over as Mineta charged out of the bus.

"Where's the bathroom!" he cried, dancing side to side as everyone stepped out.

"Doesn't look like there's any bathroom out here buddy." Kaminari said as he looked over the cliff and whistled, "nice view."

"Why are we stopping here?" Izuku asked Aizawa as everyone moved away to stretch out their legs.

"Get your gear." Aizawa said simply, "gauntlets and guns only."

Izuku nodded, turning to Eri before going to get his stuff, "hey Princess," he said softly as the little girl rubbed the sleep from her eyes, "we're about to start our training, no matter what, you need to stay with Mr. Aizawa okay?"

"Okay…" she mumbled, looking at Aizawa, slightly apprehensive.

Izuku gave her a kiss on her forehead, "it'll be okay," he said gently, "Just remember, I'll always come back." he stood and walked back to the bus, opening the storage space on the bus and finding his black duffle, quietly putting both gauntlets on and strapping his gun belt on his waist, checking both hand guns and nodding as he holstered them before pulling he then pulled out his M4 and pair of goggles; fitting them on before putting a ball cap on. He returned to the group as they conversed with the students, and he reached them in time to hear Aizawa.

"Your training starts now."

"Maybe we should get back on the bus-" Kaminari started to say, only for the ground to give out under them, the electric user grabbed onto Izuku in the hopes he'd keep them both up, instead he dragged Izuku into the open air.

"POPPA!" Eri cried, rushing to the edge, only to be stopped by Aizawa.

"Don't worry," Aizawa told her, "he's tough, and this is training, we would never put them in actual danger."

Eri continued to worriedly peer over the edge.

Izuku hit the ground with a grunt, "you alive Kaminari?" He groaned as he sat up.

"Yeah...that didn't work out like I planned." the sparky teen sighed, lying on his stomach atop a boulder.

"No shit," Izuku grumbled, standing up and looking towards the cliff, "I'm okay Eri!" he called up, "we'll see you at the lodge!" he turned to look at his classmates, nodding as he sees Momo handing out headsets, "alright, we gotta head do west from where we currently are, I don't know what kind of shit they got out here for us so I want Kirishima and Bakugo at the front with Todoroki; Iida, you'll scout ahead with Shoji, see what we can see; Tsuyu, Uraraka, Ojiro and Hagakure, you guy's tag along incase they need protection, give us as many early warnings as you can; Sato, I want you at the rear with Tokoyami, Mineta, Jirou, Sero and Mina, make anything attacking us from the rear regret it. Yaomomo, you're with me and Kaminari in the center, we're providing support for our heavy hitters, everyone clear on the plan?"

"Let's hit it!" Kirishima whooped, bringing his hardened fists together as Bakugo's hands crackled.

"We won't fail you Midoriya!" Iida proclaimed as he took off into the forest with his team at his back as Sato downed two packets of sugar as the sound of breaking trees had all of them tensing.

Izuku pressed a button on his goggles several times, cycling through the different optics available, "I'm not getting any kind of visual on whatever it is, scout team what do you got?"

"Nothing yet!" Iida's voice came through the comms, "whatever it is it's huge!"

"Let's get moving people! Stay together!"

"CONTACT!" Iida shouted as they began heading into the forest, "some kind of rock monsters! We have one attacking us! Two more heading your way!"

"Lock and load people!" Izuku snarled as he brought his rifle up, peppering the head of an eight legged beast as it came bursting into the clearing, Bakugo and Kirishima shot forward, Kirishima breaking through its legs and causing it to stumble as Bakugo unleashed a devastating explosion that destroyed its body. Todoroki froze the second beast, keeping it in place as Kaminari charged it, frying the beast before Kirishima barreled through it, finishing it off.

"Keep moving!"


Izuku stumbled out of the forest alongside his class, doing his best to support Momo as they looked at the mansion.

"Finally." Mineta whimpered as he collapsed.

"That was intense," Mina whined, leaning against an equally exhausted Hagakure.

"Seriously," Kirishima muttered, looking back where Ojiro was helping Shoji guide a fried Kaminari and Sato.

"You guys did better than we thought you would!" Mandalay said with a smirk as they trudged towards them.

"You said it would take us three hours!" Mineta accused.

"Oh! I guess we were going off how long it would have taken us to get back here." Mandalay said flippantly.

"So harsh," Kirishima sighed.

"Well I think you guys did amazing!" Pixie Bob exclaimed happily, flouncing over to them, "Especially you three!"

Izuku snorted as she began fawning over Kirishima, Bakugo and Iida, "glad she didn't snag me." Izuku said with a slight shudder.

"Are you feeling left out?" Momo asked innocently, giggling when Izuku gave her a tired glare.


Izuku grunted when Eri practically flew into his chest, "hey princess," he wheezed, giving her a one armed hug, "how was the way?"

"It was okay," she said shyly, "Mr. 'Zawa showed me pictures of his kitty's and Ms. Manda-man-mandy gave me a coloring book!"

"That's great!" He said with a fond smile, his eyes going to the young boy who was standing by the door, arms crossed as he glared at the class, "did you make a new friend?"

Eri's smile disappeared, "no," she mumbled in disappointment, "he doesn't want to talk to me."

"I'm sorry," Izuku said, "but you know, sometimes it's scary to make new friends, so he may just need a little time to adjust, okay?"

"Okay." she said, her smile coming back just a bit.

``Let's get you kids fed!" Mandalay called as they all trooped inside, Kirishima walked up to them, ruffling Eri's hair as he leaned in to whisper.

"I need to talk to you as soon as possible."

Izuku gave a mental sigh as Kirishima moved on like nothing happened, "tonight's gonna be a long night," he mumbled as they reached an indoor cafeteria.

"What was Kirishima wanting to talk to you about?" Momo asked as she walked up, taking a seat with him at one of the tables.

"He wanted some advice on hand to hand combat the other day," Izuku said, "was just telling me to meet him later tonight for it."

"Will you need me to watch Eri?" Momo asked.

"I'd be grateful," he said with a smile.

"I'd be delighted." she giggled.

"You two are nauseating." Bakugo growled as he sat down across from them.

"Don't be jealous." Izuku said, "have you even tried to apologize to Uraraka?"

"Of course I have, she walks away before I get the chance!" he seethed, "but it doesn't matter! We're here to get stronger, Not try and date."

"The path to number one is a lonely one." Izuku chuckled, "but you don't have to ignore every other aspect of life you know."

"Shut up you idiot." Bakugo snapped as food was placed in front of them, soon they were all eating ravenously, after a full day of not eating they were starving and not worried about appearing unsightly. Eri watched them all with wondrous eyes, visibly impressed with how fast the teens were eating.

As they sated their hunger, the stress of the day slowly began to untense from their shoulders and they began a lively conversation amongst each other.

Kota watched on with a scornful sneer.


Izuku sighed as he sank deeper into the waters of the hot spring, the stinging sensation of the steaming water did wonders to draw out any lingering tension in his shoulders.

"Just what the doctor ordered." Kaminari groaned, "today was seriously killer."

"But we got through it with little to no problem." Sero said, "thanks to our powerhouses and Midoriya."

"Yeah, you really know how to take charge dude." Sato said, slapping the shorter boy on the shoulder.

"I'm class president, kinda the job." he said with a shrug, "you guys would've had it under control without me."

"But still."

Izuku rolled his eyes, leaning back against the lip of the hot springs as Mineta began to approach the divider wall. "Mineta." he growled, making the boy freeze, "My daughter's on the other side of that wall, so is my girlfriend and several close friends, you sure you wanna risk it?"

Bakugo perked up from where he was moping, his hands crackling with micro explosions.

Mineta gulped, "n-no."

"Then sit your ass down and don't go near that wall again or I'll pin you to it with my knife." he said bluntly.

"Hardcore much?" Kaminari asked with a chuckle as Mineta settled back into the water beside the electric user, "you wouldn't really stab Mineta would you?"

"If he tries to peep on my daughter and girlfriend, then yes." Izuku said, making the boy sweatdrop.

"So you two are an actual item now?" Sero asked curiously, "None of that 'we act like a couple but we're not a couple' bullshit?"

"I think we are," Izuku admitted, "we haven't really talked about it."

"Gotta talk about that kinda stuff bro," Sato said, "you can't just assume."

"Yeah, and you gotta be tactful," Kaminari piped up once more, "not like Kacchan over here."


"Dude, we can all tell you and Uraraka are having some kind of fight," Kirishima pointed out, "or did you think we wouldn't notice?"

"It's not my fault she won't let me apologize." Bakugo growled through gritted teeth.

"Then don't leave her alone when she walks away," Todoroki suggested, "keep pestering her until she hears you out."

"Look at Todoroki giving good advice." Sato snickered.

"It'll end in one of two ways," Shoji muttered, "either she listens to and accepts your apology, or she floats you into space."

"Either way, I see it as a win." Izuku said, making the boys chuckle good naturedly. Soon they began to leave one at a time, until it was only Kirishima and Izuku left.

"Don't stay too much longer!" Iida exclaimed as he walked out, "We don't want you two getting pruney!"

"Whatever you say Iida!" Izuku called, rolling his neck and sighing in relief as it popped, "so, I take it you accepted One For All?" he asked, giving Kirishima a sideways glance."

"Yeah, All-Might gave it to me before I went to the buses this morning." Kirishima said, looking down at his hands, "it should be accessible now…'

"So what's the problem?" he asked.

"I uh...well I don't know how to properly use it."

"Of course not, that's why we're here to train." Izuku said as if it were obvious.

"I know," Kirishima grunted in frustration, "but his power is so different from mine, he can call upon immeasurable strength! All I can do is harden my skin."

Izuku made a small noise of understanding, "you want to be able to use it without giving away that it's an entirely different quirk."

"Something like that yeah," he sighed.

"Then focus on your quirk." Izuku recommended as he stood up, moving to grab his towel, "I mean, your whole thing is durability right?"

"Yeah, but I have a limit." Kirishima confirmed as he reached for his own towel.

"Do you?" Izuku asked, smirking when Kirishima paused, "all that immeasurable power and you can't fuse it with your quirk? Sounds like an excuse to me."

"Fuse...durability…" Kirishima grinned, "Midoriya you're a genius!" he shouted before running out of the hot springs, returning a few seconds later to grab his abandoned towel.

"At least one of us is." Izuku sighed, following Kirishima.


The next day.

"We're here to train your quirks and surpass your limits!" Vlad King said gruffly as he led his class towards a clearing, "and to do that you'll have to push yourselves beyond anything you've ever known."

"But how will we do that?" Tsuburaba asked.

"When you work out, your muscles tear and heal back stronger, that's what we're doing here.' Vlad King said as they stepped into the clearing, the students watching in shock as they see class 1A, "we're going to push your quirks until they break."

Kendo stepped forward, "This is insane!" she said, watching as Iida ran full tilt around the clearing, weaving in between Ojiro and Kirishima, who were dueling, her eyes flitted over the others towards a weird glint in the distance, "what's-" She began, only to be cut off as a rubber bullet slammed into her forehead, sending her crumpling to the ground.

"What in the-" Monoma yelped as they all scattered, 1A doing the same when Iida was likewise hit in the chest and sent sprawling; only Kirishima stayed on his feet, standing unafraid as he looked around the clearing for any signs of the shooter.

"Are we under attack!?" Tsuyu called from the cliff she had been climbing, hesitantly peeking from her cover.

"I didn't even hear a shot!" Sato growled from behind the overturned table he and Momo had been sitting at.

"Everyone relax." Aizawa called, making them peak their heads up, "now that we're all here, I can explain another aspect of your training." he watched as they helped Kendo up, the poor girl disoriented and with a sizeable bruise in the center of her forehead; Iida pulled himself up, rubbing his chest and doing his best to get his breath back, "to help train you all in situational awareness, we have tasked Midoriya to be something of a sniper, he's to take shots at anyone he catches slacking off or otherwise not paying attention; on the other side, should you spot him then you're allowed to engage."

"So he's training in stealth and we get shot." Ojiro sighed, "Great."

"Bring it!" Kirishima exclaimed, slamming his fists together.

"It shouldn't be that hard to see him right?" Setsuna asked, looking at everyone, "I mean he's a pretty big guy with a metal arm!"

"Is that all I am?"

Setsuna jumped, turning around quickly as Izuku de-activated his cloaking and pulled his helmet off, smirking at all of them.

"Don't think I came unprepared.'' he taunted, '' I'm going to make all of you work for it."

"That's not fair!" Hagakure whined from somewhere off to the side.

"Look at it this way," Izuku said, scanning the clearing, "I can't see you, you can't see me...the rest of you, good luck." with that, Izuku put his helmet on and disappeared.

" anyone else completely terrified right now?" Kaminari asked.

"Everyone back to work," Aizawa commanded, "let's get 1B situated Vlad."

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