Deadshot @natenino23
Chapter 1

It was appropriate, he thought, that it would rain on the day of a funeral.

Gloomy overcast, with fine mist coming down on him and a bored looking grave digger. They were the only ones left from a lackluster funeral, only three other people had shown up, their principal, and her sister and grandmother. Those three along with him were the only ones who seemed to care.

"Hey kid." the grave digger said, giving the boy a pitying look, "it's been three hours since the service ended, I gotta get to work."

"yeah...I get it." Izuku mumbled as he took a step back, sparing the grave one last look before he walked away. His feet brought him back to his apartment, soaking wet and shivering slightly as he opened the door and stepped inside to be greeted by silence, his mother was probably at her second job, he wouldn't see her for a few more hours at the very least.

With a sigh Izuku kicked off his shoes and peeled off his wet clothes, depositing them in the wash room before stepping into the shower. Within a few moments he was showered and dressed for bed, hesitating at the door. Before finally pushing it open.

Some of his hero memorabilia smiled at him from the many cardboard boxes he had been packing them up in when he had gotten the news, he walked between the boxes, eyes trailing over to a set of pictures on one of his shelves. Depicting him and a brown haired girl with soft green eyes, their poses varied, in some they were laughing as they ran, in others they were hanging off of each other, drenched in sweat but with lively eyes and huge grins. And in one, she was pressing a kiss into his cheek, leaving him blushing mid act.

With a sigh Izuku fell back onto his bed, looking up at the ceiling as his mind went back to three years ago when he had met her.

He had been beaten up by Kacchan again, the boy having roughed him up and set several explosions to leave his clothes singed and his body covered in small burn marks. Instead of going home Izuku just stayed laying where he had fallen under a tree. Having no energy to stand up.

"Are you okay?"

The soft voice had forced him to open his eyes, staring at the little girl who was looking down at him, she was likewise roughed up, but she still found it in her to smile as she held her hand out. "Let me help you."

He had hesitantly taken her hand and stood up, he allowed her to fuss over him for a while before he got the courage to ask.

"Why did you help me? Do you know what Kacchan will do when he finds out?"

"I don't care." she had declared, taking a hold of his hand, "besides, Quirkless have to stick together right?"

Izuku's eyes widened before he gave her a shy smile, "Right."

"I'm Mia Watanabe."

"Izuku midoriya.

It had been from then on that he and Mia had been inseparable, always walking with each other or sitting in class together when permitted. It was she that had gotten him to start seriously training for UA years before he could even apply. And it was thanks to her that he began to regain confidence that he thought he had never had before. Standing up to Bakugo and his thugs any time he tried to bully himself or Mia.

But now she was gone. Having gone through as tough a life as they did, it was bound to happen at some point, but Izuku couldn't get the memory out of his mind…

Trigger warning for suicide.

He had been grabbing their lunch, Mia was having a bad day so Izuku had volunteered to go grab their trays; making sure that her favorites were on the trays before happily heading towards the stairs when another bully by the name of Yoroshi had held him up, attempting to take Izuku's food so he wouldn't have to pay for his own tray. As Always Izuku had fought back, almost starting a brawl until a sickening THUD! Echoed through the air.

It felt like an eternity, turning to look at the source of the noise, seeing the blood stained pavement, the long brown hair fanning out around the girl like a halo, her body broken and unmoving.

Izuku had dropped the tray, pushed past the bullies and ran to her side, pleading to some unknown god that it would be someone, anyone, than his best friend.

No god answered that day, and the paramedics arrived on scene to Izuku screaming in loss, tears streaming down his cheeks as he cradled Mia's blood stained body close to him.

Izuku shook his head, trying to forget, was it his fault? Should he have just stayed by her side and ignored lunch? Would she still be alive had he just stayed?

His phone pinged and he slowly picked it up, his eyes watering at seeing an unanswered voice-mail, he hadn't even thought of his phone since that day a week ago, slowly he pressed the button

***Hey Izuku…***

The voice of Mia made Izuku freeze as he stared at his phone.

***by the time you hear this...well I won't be around, I know you don't check your phone often...and with what I have planned...I'm sorry for the pain I put you through, and I'm sorry I couldn't stick around to see you kick Bakugos ass at the UA entrance exam next year...but I can't keep going...its a chore just to wake up every day, and the venomous words and hate just gets worse every day...but don't dwell on me for too long okay? You're stronger than I ever was, and I know you'll persevere and bounce back...I love you Izu, don't forget that.***

The voice-mail ended, leaving Izuku in silence as tears slowly trailed down his cheeks, "im not strong...damn it I'm not strong…" he sobbed, falling back on his bed and curling up. Unmoving as his sobs drained his energy and he fell into a troubled sleep.


Bakugo Katsuki waited at the entrance of the school, red eyes scanning the crowd coming in, most were laughing and joking as they usually did. Not a thought wasted by them on what had happened a week ago.

It had affected him more than he cared to admit.

He had been a regular harasser of Deku and his brown haired friend, he hadn't pulled punches and had said things to them that made him want to bow his head in shame now. But he couldn't show weakness, not now, not ever.

As the minutes trickled by, the crowd thinned slowly, until Bakugo was alone in front of the building, eyes following a lone figure walking towards the school, unlike Bakugo, this boy had no shame in allowing his head to bow, he didn't even look at Bakugo as he walked past him. Making the blonde haired boy shake slightly.

"de-Izuku!" Bakugo called out, catching himself in time. The boy stopped, not turning around as Bakugo moved towards him, "listen...I…" he hesitated, sighing, "I'm...i'm sorry, about what happened to Watanabe...that…"

"Don't apologize." izuku muttered, his voice sounding dead to Bakugo's ears, dead and exhausted, "Don't you dare apologize."

"Look Izuku-"

"-Don't!" Izuku snapped, turning to glare at Bakugo, "you don't get to apologize, you don't get to pretend like you cared this entire time, not after how you treated us. Not after…" he stopped as tears threaten to spill, he angrily wiped them away, "you're not a friend." he muttered, "so there's no reason for you to even attempt to apologize...just...leave me alone." with that Izuku walked away. Leaving Bakugo alone in the hall.

"Damn it Deku…" he whispered, finally looking down," that's not it at all."


The day passed slowly, and Izuku went through it like a zombie, barely reacting when the teachers would try to talk to him about what had happened; shrugging them off with a cold indifference, until he finally snapped at his homeroom teacher.

"You didn't give a fuck about what was happening before, why should you care now?" He had yelled at his teacher before stomping out of the room, the last bell of the day following him a few seconds later. He just wanted to go home, he didn't want to deal with any of this.

Not alone.

He had made it to the bridge before the inevitable happened.

"Hey Deku." Yoroshi sneered from where he stood between Izuku and the bridge tunnel, "we didn't finish our game."

Izuku didn't even glare at the bully, "I'm not in the mood. Move." He muttered, pushing past the boy and his friends, who all sneered and laughed at him.

"What? Not a big shot anymore? Huh?" Yoroshi laughed, pushing deku and making him hit the ground hard, "no quirk, no life. And now no girlfriend. Such a shame, maybe you should follow Watanabe and jump off a roof! It'd be a-"

He didn't finish his sentence as Izukus fist was driving into his stomach.

"SHUT UP!" Izuku screamed as he followed up with a biting uppercut that sent the larger boy sprawling, two of his goons tried to grab Izuku, but he drove a knee into ones sternum, and brought his elbow down on the others shoulder, dislocating it with a sickening crunch! Before pouncing on Yoroshi, straddling the boy's waist as he balls up the front of his shirt and lifts the disoriented boy up and drives his other fist into the boy again and again, punctuating every punch with a screamed word.

" . . .MOUTH!" He snarled, cocking his fist back for another punch, only for someone to grab his arm, he whirled around, expecting to see one of the goons. And instead was met with a tall man in a white shirt and green cargo pants.

"Calm down there young man!" The Number one hero boomed, any joviality he usually had not present, "This is no way to act."

"All-might." Yoroshi whined thickly around the blood that was pouring out of his broken nose, "he attacked me-"

"After you provoked him!" All-might proclaimed, hauling izuku off the boy, then staring down at the bully in disappointment, "True he took it too far, but you not only physically attacked him, but also mocked him with your careless words of suicide. Be happy i don't report this to the police, now get to the hospital to get fixed up, all of you!"

Quickly the bullies scattered, only one helping up their friend before backing ass.

All-Might turned his attention to the boy beside him, the young man wasn't looking up at him, instead staring at the ground, "I'm sorry you had to hear that young man, are you alright?"

"Im fine." He muttered, slowly turning and walking away, "thanks All-Might."

All-Might watched the boy leave, a stab of pain going through his heart, "I know it isn't easy now, but one day it will get better!"

Izuku scoffed at that. Making the pro tilt his head in confusion, "life doesn't get better, not for quirkless...not for me…" with that he continued walking, not looking back once.


That night Izuku sat at his desk, staring at the picture of him and Mia.

"Its painful…" he whispered to the picture, "it's only been one day and I already want to end it all…" he set the picture down and looked around his barren room, the only thing still up was a single All-Might poster, for ever grinning despite the way the boy below feels.

Izuku quietly pulled his phone out and played the voice-mail again, listening to his friend's voice.

**I love you Izu...don't forget that.**

Izuku slowly looked over to his calendar, narrowing his eyes slightly as he stood and moved to the calendar, flipping forward ten months to where Mia had written "izuku's big day." On the date of the UA entrance exam. "I'm going to make you proud least one more time."


Ten months later.

Bakugo looked around as he walked onto the UA campus, eyes searching for that ever familiar mop of green hair.

Ten months had passed since the death of Mia Watanabe, and for the most part, things didn't change; the only thing that changed was that Yoroshi never went near Izuku again. And Izuku stopped fighting the few bullies who still went after him.

Bakugo had been concerned and had brought his concerns to his mother. Who simply told him to try and be there for Izuku."

"He's going through a hard time, and needs to know that he still has friends who care for him." She had said.

Sadly Bakugo couldn't summon the courage to tell her he hadn't been friends with him for years.

But he still tried to be there for the boy. Quietly sitting with him at lunch, inviting him to the arcade and even training; but he would always turn it down.

Still Bakugo persisted, hoping beyond hope that his old friend would come around. Watching as his friend slowly changed, becoming colder and more withdrawn as the months passed; his hair got longer, his muscles bigger and more defined. Sometimes he'd show up to school with bruises and other various injuries on him, and would brush off any attempt to find out what happened.


The blonde boy turned around, staring at izuku as the green eyed boy glared at him. His hair was past his shoulders now, tied back in a loose ponytail, and wearing a black muscle shirt and blue jeans, hefting a long bag on his back.

"You're blocking the entrance." He muttered before stepping around his rival and walking to the door.

"I was doing that a lot, wasn't i?" Bakugo asked, making Izuku stop. "Trying to block the entrance…"

Izuku looked back at him, his gaze softening just a bit, "dont worry about it." He said, before walking away, "I don't."

Bakugo sighed, following the boy into the auditorium and taking a seat beside him. He sat through the explanation of the entrance exam and had even been able to finish the written portion before Izuku, waiting against the wall outside until the boy walked out.

"Youre not here to do something stupid are you?" Bakugo couldn't resist asking as the boy walked by, he didn't stop so Bakugo walked beside him.

"If that was the plan I wouldn't have waited ten months." Izuku said as they reached the buses, this was the last chance they had to talk before the practical, after this they wouldn't see each other until school the next day. "Don't worry, I'm just gonna blow your score outta the water."

Bakugo sneered at that for a second, then the sneer fell and he looked contemplative, "if anyone could, it would be you." He said simply, "good luck Izuku." With that Bakugo began walking away.

"Goodbye, kacchan."

Bakugo froze, dread creeping into the pit of his stomach as he turned around once more to ask why Izuku would say goodbye, only to watch as the bus pulled away from the curb, taking the boy away and leaving Bakugo alone to feel fear for the first time in awhile."


Izuku looked at the large gates that would lead them into the battle center, with a small grunt he set his bag down and opened it up; Tactical equipment filled the bag alongside guns.

He had trained his body for ten months to be the peak fitness of his age. Training with weapons of all kinds until he could pick one up at random and handle it like a pro, he thought over his plans as he put a plate carrier on.

Don't worry about the other candidates, take out as many bots as I can and set up a sniper position. Don't lose.

It was a mantra he had been repeating in his head since the end of the written exam. One that he was going to follow to the letter.

He barely paid attention to those around him as he put magazines into their pouches. Checking and clearing his UMP .45, looking down the holographic sights with the barrel pointed away from everyone, then checking the foregrip and built in suppressor before setting it down and picking up two beretta M9 pistols; he had customized these himself after he had become proficient enough in shooting. The trigger system allowed for a three round burst and the '7 inch barrel had been replaced with a '9 inch barrel and compensators for better velocity and range. He twirled them in his hands before holsters them in the drop holsters he had strapped on prior. Then he pulled out the gun that he had saved up for ten months.

A Remington 700 tactical chassis .338 rifle, bolt action. It had cost him most of his money to buy it bareback. The customization ate up just a bit of his savings, with a variable zoom scope, hairline trigger, as well as a bipod stand and extended 8 round magazines, he was ready for this test.

"Isn't it a bit dangerous to carry all of that hardware?"

The voice was soft and feminine, and very curious; Izuku didn't bother to answer as he loaded the rifle and slung it over his shoulder before pulling a tactical tanto blade out of the bag and sliding it into the polymer sheath that was mounted sideways on the back of his belt, "we're fighting robots, not people." Izuku said, grabbing the .45 and standing up, adjusting its sling on his right arm before putting a backpack on.

"What about ricochet?" She asked.

"I'll be careful." He said simply, looking back at her.

She was taller than Mia had been by about an inch, curvy with pink spots on her cheeks and friendly smile, her brown eyes were gazing worriedly at the weapons, but she didn't seem to have any other argument against them.

"Well so long as you know how to use them right?" She asked.

"Right." He said, pulling a pair of goggles out of his pocket and putting them on.

"Do they compliment your quirk?" She questioned, "I only ask because I didn't know we could bring support equipment." She giggled sheepishly.

"I don't have a quirk." Izuku stated, moving away from her as she gaped at him. He didn't want to know what her response would be to that.

He'd never seen a positive one before and he'd rather not hear a negative one.

"You there!"

Izuku stopped and looked back as an angry looking boy with glasses and dressed in what Izuku would refer to as a speedo.

"Any weapons should be unloaded until the beginning of the test!"

"If I wait until then I'd lose the edge, wouldn't i?" Izuku asked, "don't worry. They're on safety."

"That's hardly the point!"

"Then what is your point?" Izuku asked dryly.

"Safeties can fail!what would you do if the gun went off!?"

"Cover my ears." He deadpanned, making several around chuckle, "actually. The gun in my hand is nothing."

"How can you be so dismissive of the potential harm!" The boy spluttered.

"Because I know what I'm doing."


The exclamation made Izuku instantly take off through the now open doors, barely listening as Present Mic explained how there were no warnings in real life. His sub machine gun came up as two three pointers rounded the corner; the low caliber bullets pinging off its chest armor as he slid under their attacks, with almost inhumane speed the gun was pointed at the unprotected joints. Turning the internal systems to slag as the bullets bounced between the armored hulls. He didn't turn around as they fell, instead he kept going, dropping the empty mag and reloading as he engaged a one and two-pointer, this time he he didn't fire until he had gotten close inside the one-pointers reach, jutting the barrel under its head and firing, separating the head before turning around and peppering the two-pointer, its armor thinner than the three's and easily being punctured by the gunfire.

Another reload another charge towards a three-pointer lumbering inside of the building, izuku worked meticulously as he destroyed it, and the subsequent robots inside the building.


"well, this years examinees are a lively bunch, aren't they?" Principal Nezu commented as he watched the monitors, taking note of certain individuals, "don't you agree Toshinori?"

"Yeah." All-Might agreed, currently in his skeletal form as he watched Bakugo fly through the air, explosions ripping through the air as he distracted lying attacked robots.

"Some use brute force to collect their points." Nezu said, having seen who Toshinori was staring at, "while others use coolness under pressure to excel." He motioned to another monitor showing Iida running through the city, attacking any robot he came into contact with.

"Brute force or coolness under pressure, this kid here's got my ten." Snipes said motioning to a monitor in the far right corner, depicting Izuku, now in a fifth story window, rifle set up against the windowsill as he fired round after round, taking down several faux villains without any kind of hesitation or jerky movements, "haven't seen that kind of sharpshooting since my master."

"Who is he?" Midnight asked, making Powerloader move the video feed to the main monitor where everyone could see as Nezu brought up Izukus file.

"Midoriya, Izuku," nezu said, making Toshinori perk up, "fifteen years old from Aldera Middle School, he was one of our more promising applicants."

"Promising is right." Cementoss says, "the precision in his movement speaks of hard work and training."

"Makes you wonder what his quirk is." Vlad King wonders out loud.

"He's quirkless."

All the teachers stared at All-Might in shock, the number one pro hero was staring at the screen like he'd seen a ghost.

"Do you know him Toshinori?" Nezu asked, having been surprised the man had known that little fact.

"Know of him, yeah," he muttered, looking to Nezu, "remember the kid from Aldera i told you not to let apply?"

"Yes, Yoroshi, Kaiba, you were very adamant."

"It's because I caught him bullying a quirkless kid, this kid."

"From getting bullied to being in the lead for points." Midnight mused, "impressive."

"Actually, he had tackled Yoroshi after a certain insensitive comment, and had to pull him off the boy." Toshinori said.

"Hot temper." Ectoplasm intoned, "could be dangerous, how did he get the weapons he's currently using? He's nowhere near the legal limit."

"If he sought out a trainer then he'd have access to a veritable arsenal." Snipes said, "and if he filled out the proper paperwork, he'd have been able to exploit a legal loophole in regards to support equipment."

"But he doesn't have a quirk." Midnight pointed out. "Wouldn't that disqualify him from support equipment."

"Technically since he's listed his quirk as quirkless, he can have access to a wide variety of support equipment." Nezu says, "it's a loophole that's rarely exploited by the quirkless part of society."

"We'll have to watch him closely." Toshinori muttered quietly to Nezu as the other teachers discussed Midoriya.

"Why do you say that?"

"That Yoroshi boy who had been bullying him made reference to a suicide case." Toshinori whispered, "the situation didn't feel right so I went to the school for further inquiry…" he looked down, "the girl who had killed herself was Young Midoriya's girlfriend."

Nezu frowned at that, "Well then, we may need to inform Hound Dog to follow the boy, make sure he doesn't do anything reckless."


Izuku reloaded his rifle for the last time, aiming down the sights and scanning the area, most of the robots had been dealt with already, and he knew he had more than enough points to pass, at this point he was just watching the other applicants.

His gaze settled on the brown haired girl who had spoken with him before the test, she seemed to be struggling now that the time was winding down. "Not my concern." He muttered, moving his gaze away from her.

Suddenly an explosion rippled through the air, shattering the windows around him and making him jump away from the window to avoid the glass; when he approached the window again he caught sight of the zero pointer, "that's certainly an obstacle." He grumbled, turning to head towards the stairs.


Izuku froze, head turning to stare out the window, he brought the rifle up to scan the ground. Swearing as he saw the same girl from before now trapped under rubble, he angrily slung his rifle and began walking to the stairs again, slinging the rifle onto his shoulder, "its not my problem, its not my problrm…" he grumbled, slowly stopping, "God fucking damn it!" He snapped, running to the window, pulling a rope out and anchoring it on a nearby pipe, he then threw the rest of it out the window, using it to rappel down to the street fast. As soon as his boots hit the ground he was running towards her.

"Im here!" He said as he slid to a stop beside her, clearing rubble away as fast as he could.

"I think my ankle's broken." She whimpered, staring in fear as the zero pointer bared down on them.

"You'll be fine, I'm gonna get you out of here," he said, glancing behind him,"don't look at that, look at me." He instructed, making her turn her fear filled gaze onto her rescuer, "i'm gonna lift this slab, when I do I want you to pull your leg out okay?"

"O-okay." She stuttered.

"One-two-Three!" Izuku exclaimed, pushing with his legs and lifting the slab slightly, the girl quickly pulled her leg out.

"I got it!" She cried, gasping when Izuku suddenly hauled her up, fireman carrying her as he ran. She stared at him in astonishment; here was a quirkless teenager doing everything just to save her.

A grinding sound made her look up, her eyes widening as the zero-pointer crashed through a nearby building, sending debris straight at them "watch out!" She screamed as the rubble slammed into them, without a thought Izuku threw her forward, out of the worst of the debris, while his legs were pinned.

"FUCK." Izuku screamed in pain, looking back at his legs, with a grunt of effort and adrenaline he forced the rubble off, wincing as he saw blood already beginning to seep through the denim before looking over to where the girl was, blearily trying to sit up; he then looked to the Zero Pointer, which was already coming after him.

He felt a strange calmness settle over him, the area around him quiet even as the girl screamed for him to move. He let his muscles relax as all of the stress, anger and pain bled out of him; he stared at the gigantic arm bearing down on him.

And closed his eyes.

Suddenly a hand was slapping him across the head, making his eyes shoot open as he began to float slightly.

"Come on!" The girl shouted, doing her best to drag him with her, giving him a tear filled smile, "don't look at it! Just look at me!"

Her words shook Izuku from his funk and he began to drag himself alongside her; both sighing in relief as the bell rang and the zero pointer stopped moving. Izuku collapsed back, staring up at the sky.

"Are you okay?" She gasped out. Clutching her stomach.

"I'm fine...thank you." He said softly.

"Don't mention it." She said weakly before throwing up.

Izuku just continued to stare at the sky, I'm sorry Mia...he thought as he passed out.


The viewing room was silent, shocked and appalled at what they just witnessed.

"Did he just…" Snipes started, trailing off as Midnight nodded.

"Had that been an actual combat scenario…" she whispered, slowly sitting down.

"Kids gonna need to speak with hounddog if he's gonna be enrolled here." Vlad muttered.

"I might need to see him too after that." Mic mumbled.

"For now let's get them healed up." Nezu said solemnly, "we can discuss this more later."


A few weeks later.

Izuku sat eating his dinner, his mother watching him worriedly.

She had been worried about her son since his girlfriend had died, he had changed so much since that day and it broke her heart to see how closed off he had become.

They hadn't had a good relationship for a while, no matter how hard she tried; but she at least knew that he would be okay.

Now she wasn't so sure.

"Izuku honey." she said softly, making the boy look up, "is there...anything you want to talk about?"

He shook his head, "nothing at all." He said quietly. "Why?"

"I just...I'm worried about you sweetie, you've been...distant lately."

He gave her a sad smile, "I'm sorry...a lot of stuff on my mind." He stood up, "I promise ill try and do better."

He walked out of the room, leaving his mother alone as she watched him leave.

"Maybe I need to call a therapist…" she fretted, "it can't be healthy to lock himself away like this." She stood and began walking to the door, hoping to go talk with Mitsuki about everything, only to stop just outside the door when she looked at their mailbox.

And a golden sealed letter.

"Izuku!" She exclaimed, running back inside with the letter in hand, "ITS UA!"

Izuku opened his door, staring at the letter in surprise.

Slowly he took the letter, "is it alright if I read it alone?" He asked unsurely.

"Of course dear." She said with a smile.

"Thanks mom." He said, stepping back into his room and closing the door.

He looked down at the letter in his hand, slowly stepping over to his desk and opening the letter. Letting a holodisk clatter onto the old wood. Squaring his shoulders, he pressed the play button.


Izuku smiled slightly, leave it to All-might to somehow lift his spirits.

"You must be wondering why I'm here, well, its because I'll be teaching at UA this coming year! Now, on to the results! You scored eighty hero points, which puts you at first place overall, however, there is another aspect of the test that we keep secret! And that's the introduction of rescue points! And you were awarded sixty rescue points atop of your combat points! Giving you a whopping one hundred and forty points!"

Izuku looked down, his smile turning sad, "I did it Mia...I did it."

"Onto another matter."

Izuku looked up, surprised to find that All-Might was no longer smiling.

"Young Midoriya," he began quietly, "I ran into you over eleven months ago, fighting a bully and proclaiming that life would never get better for a quirkless student such as yourself; i had grown worried at your words, and even more so upon finding out your reasoning. And after your actions at UA, I could not stand idly by any longer, and I am not the only one." He motioned to a screen that came to life, showing the girl who he had saved.

"E-excuse me sir?" She hesitantly called to present mic, who turned to look at her, "I um...I wanted to talk to you about the boy who saved me...long green hair? A lot of guns? Kind of a Rambo vibe? Well...i...I think he needs help!"

"Life may not get better, and it may hurt, but you must never forget that there are those out there who care for you."

"He didn't move after he got me to safety! He was just going to let the zero pointer hit him! I can't just ignore that! I don't care if he hates me for it, so long as he's safe!"

Izuku felt himself shake as the video switched to one of Bakugo, bowing in front of Nezu, tears streaming down the boys cheeks.

"I want to formally withdraw my application to UA."

the words hit Izuku like a punch to the gut, why would Bakugo give up his dream school?

"I can't in good conscience be accepted here's all my fault...he's this way because of me! I didn't even think about what my words would do! I belittled him, cut him down, him and Watanabe...I...I cant...if him coming to UA without having to worry about me will help him then ill gladly step away! I'll go to Shiketsu...or give up being a hero all together! Please! He cant...I wont…"

"Atonement." All-might said softly, "care for others. Speaking up even though you may be ridiculed and punished for your actions. Risking the anger of a newfound friend to make sure they'll be safe. These are the marks of true heroes...and true friends.

"Don't worry little listener," mic said gently as the girl wiped her eyes, "we know and understand, and are already getting things together for him. I promise we'll keep an eye out for him."

"Your sacrifice is appreciated, but unneeded." Nezu said with a gentle smile, patting Bakugo on his shoulder, "while I cant condone your actions, I can safely say that owning up to them are the first steps towards self forgiveness, we will help young Midoriya, you just make sure you learn from your mistakes."

"Young Midoriya." All-might stated, "I cannot lie, when I saw you, a young man who had fought against injustice with fire in his eyes, suddenly give up and accept what looked like an inevitable death...I couldn't help but feel sorrow and guilt, as teachers, we are supposed to take care of the children placed under our care, and it's plain to see that your former teachers did nothing of the sort. So I promise you here Young Midoriya, we will not fail you. Your friends will not fail you. Welcome, young Midoriya, to your Hero Academia."

The hologram cut out, leaving Izuku in the darkness as tears ran down his chin, dropping onto the desk.

"Damn it…" he whispered as he balled up his fists, "damn it…"


Inko looked up as her son stepped out of his room, giving her a small smile.

"I got in.:

"Oh Izuku!" She gushed, throwing her arms around him, "i'm so proud of you honey!"

"I know mom, thanks." He whispered, returning her hug. "Im...I'm gonna go for a walk okay?"

"Oh..okay…" she said quietly as Izuku walked to the door, zipping up a brown leather jacket, "i'm going to make a celebration dinner, so be back soon." Inko said with a smile.

Izuku looked back with a sad smile, "thank you mom...I love you."

"I love you too sweetie." She called to him, smiling to herself.


Izuku walked through the quiet streets, hands in his pockets, his mind a jumbled mess; with a sigh he pulled a small pack of cigarettes out of his pocket, tapping one out and pulling it out with his lips, lighting it with a worn zippo. He let smoke stream from his nose as he reached a familiar bridge. With a small chuckle he walked over to the edge and leaned against the railing, looking down at the water rush by.

"We'll be friends forever?"

"Of course! I can't think of anyone else who would take the position."

"What if I asked you to be my girlfriend?"

"Is this hypothetical? Or should I just kiss you now?"

Izuku sighed, this bridge had been the start of their serious relationship. It was both a fond memory, and a painful one.

"What are you doing here kid?"

Izuku looked back, not bothering to put the cigarette out as he stared at a skeletal looking man, who was staring at Izuku in concern."

"Remembering." Izuku said softly, looking back at the water.

The man nodded, still watching the boy cautiously.

With a small, humorless chuckle, Izuku shook his head, "i'm not gonna jump." Izuku said.

"Oh that's a relief." The man chuckled nervously, "I just assumed-"

"-its fine...I think most everyone did…" he muttered, running a frustrated hand through his hair, "i...I guess they weren't wrong...but...i'm tired, i put everything i had left just to get into UA...not even because i wanted to get into my dream school; but because Mia left me a message before she...before she died...she said she was sorry, that she wished she could see me beat Bakugos score for the entrance exam; so I did what I could to get there...I'm not strong...not like Mia said I was a chore, even getting this far."

"Let me ask." The man started slowly, "when you got here...was it alone?"

"Of course." Izuku said hollowly, "the only friend I have-had, was Mia."

"Is there truly no one else?"

Izuku hesitated, "I guess Bakugo...but he only started treating me like an actual human after Mia died."

"Death has a way of making people reevaluate their priorities." The man said.

"That doesn't make the last fourteen years go away."

"No, I suppose it doesn't." He agreed, "but doesn't the fact that he's trying to make amends say anything to you?"

"I guess…" Izuku looked down at his reflection, "there was that girl too...I saved her at the entrance exam, and she talked to the teachers about me...she was worried about me."

"That's good, it means you have a potential friend-"

"But why would she care?" Izuku snapped, not looking back at the man, who took a step back, "why would she care if I was in a bad spot mentally? Why would she even tell the teachers!" He whirled around, tears streaming down his cheeks, "why would she care about the quirkless freak?"

"Son…" he whispered softly, walking towards the boy, "let me tell you something; just because you don't know someone, doesn't make them a bad person. If this girl was at UA, then that means she wants to be a hero; you saved her, dragged her out of a bad situation. Do you think she'd let anything go if she found out her savior was in trouble? And as for being quirkless." He put a hand on Izuku's shoulder, "the world is a cruel, and harsh place, especially in regards to quirkless, but that doesn't make you a freak, nor does it make you any less a hero then someone with a quirk; I should know, until I was fifteen i was regarded as quirkless." He smiled sadly when Izuku looked up at him in shock, "my quirk turned out to be some kind of stockpiling quirk...and it stockpiled all my strength until the entrance exam...but before that I thought I didn't have a quirk." He sighs, "it's not entirely the same, but I remember the hurtful words, the sneers, the hits; but if I had given up, if I had let them win, I never would have been a hero."

Izuku sniffled, wiping his eyes, "I don't recognize you." He muttered, "as a hero, I mean."

He laughed, "yeah, I wasn't very active for long." He said, letting go of Izuku's shoulder and pulling up his shirt showing him a horrible injury, "knocked me out of the game pretty quickly."


"Don't worry about it my boy." He said with a laugh, "now, I think its late enough, why don't you head on home."

Izuku nodded, "yeah, you're right...and thanks." Izuku said, turning to walk away, stopping for a moment, "oh, I'm Izuku Midoriya." Izuku said.

"Toshinori Yagi." He replied.

"Thank you Mr. Yagi," izuku said, walking away.

"You're welcome, Young Midoriya." He said quietly, turning away and leaving the bridge behind.


A few weeks later.

Bakugo blocked out the annoying four eyed student berating him for having his feet up on one of the desks. He was too nervous to even care, he hadn't seen Izuku since the entrance exam, and while he knew the boy was still alive; he still couldn't help but worry.

The door slid open and Bakugo looked over, relaxing ever so slightly as Izuku walked in, hair tied back as usual and smelling faintly of cigarettes.

"Greetings! My name is Tenya Iida from Somei-" four-eyes started, walking towards Izuku with his hand outstretched.

"Yeah, I heard you from the hallway." Izuku said, shaking the boys hand, "Izuku Midoriya."

"Midoriya, I must apologize for my rude behavior in the entrance exam." the boy said, bowing to him, "you were obviously the better student."

"I wouldn't go that far." Izuku said with a small smile, turning when the door opened again and a brown haired girl with pink cheeks came in.

"You!" she gasped nervously, "I...i wasn't sure if I would see you."

Izuku nodded, "Yeah...I saw what you did…" he mumbled. Making her shrink slightly, "thank you."

"Wha-" she squeaked in surprise, "I thought you'd be mad."

"I was at first." he said with a shrug, "but seriously, thanks...and don't mention it again please."


Izuku finally looked to Bakugo, who instantly tensed when he did, "Katsuki." he greeted, giving him the barest hints of a smile, nodding his head to the other boy.

Bakugo returned the nod before their teacher came in and ordered them to get changed and meet him on the fields.

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