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Writing For Money, Seeking For Power

Writing For Money, Seeking For Power

I made my way back to the orphanage that night and did my usual routine before going to my room. I sat on my bed and started practice my kanji writing. It was improving every time. After an hour or two, my fingers started to go stiff. So, I took a break from writing and took another leaf and began my chakra control exercises once again.


Leaf concentration exercise (5%)

Level: 11

The user keeps a leaf stuck on his forehead using chakra. It helps the user to increase their chakra control.

Cost: 17 CP per minute

Leaves to hold: 3

+1 CC permanent bonus per level

I smiled as my 'CC' hit the twenty mark and my 'Control' increase from 20% to 25%.

I spend the better part of the night reading and writing, but eventually, I got bored. I started to think about what story I'll write. 'DC' or 'Marvel' or both. But how? Which one first? And how will I join the universes?


'I could start with Marvel,' I shook my head, 'no that would be a bad idea if I start with Marvel, writing DC afterwards would make no sense.'

Marvel heroes are like, people becoming gods and DC is like gods becoming human. Not literary, but more metaphorically. They are both similar yet different. If I write Marvel first, like X-men and spider-man, then making Batman later would make a mess. That's what I think.

Bruce is a normal person who became Batman to stand up against injustice. If in that world superhero's like Spider-man, Wolverine, Cyclopes already exists, then he doesn't need to be Batman.

Batman seems a much better option, in my opinion, he is flawed, have a lot of issues and he is a man who seeks justices instead of vengeance. Superman will be able to create that connection too, but again the same problem.

Ok, so, Batman in my version will have the same plot as Batman Begins and his character will be from the comics. Superman's character will be from the All-Star Superman comics. I think it will work.

Batman, it is then. After that, will be Superman and then Wonder Woman and then Flash and Martian-Manhunter, Yeh. Next will be a two-part Justice League. The first part will be Batman V Superman. Then the final part will be The Justice League.

I have no idea how I'll pull this shit off, but you can bet your ass, I will. And after The Justice League is done, I'll start introducing the Marvel heroes. In the same fucking universe. And yes I will make a Justice League V Avengers story.

Now, this may look bad, but….who the fuck am I kidding, it's bad. But hey, I'm training to be a ninja and ninjas don't play fair.

Hehehe…I can see all the money and cult following I'm about to get.




There was a sudden lightning crack on the sky. As, if the world itself was feared by the omens. What was unleashed that night on The Elemental Nation?

Next morning:

I opened my eyes slowly, the sun was rising, the birds were singing…wait-what?

'What the actual fuck!' I blinked, 'last I remember I was thinking about the stories I'll write and then nothing.'

'When did I fall asleep?'

'Fuck that, How did I fall asleep?'

'Oooo! Now I remember,' I yawned.

I was theorizing my stories when I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. It felt so good that I didn't want to open it back. I guess even if I don't need normal human needs, my brain can still get tired. That makes sense. I don't need to recharge myself with sleep but my brain still needs a little rest. Can't work nonstop, I guess.

I did my usual, took a shower, had breakfast with mama, but unlike other days, after breakfast, I went back into my room and opened my inventory and selected the 'Substitution' scroll.

I was about to read it, but a suddenly popped in front of my face and stopped me.


Would you like to learn this skill?


I blinked, this is new, I didn't get this notification before when I obtained other skills through books. I shrugged and pressed yes and watched as the scroll burst into white flames and suddenly the light from the flames started to flow into my head.


New skill acquired!

Substitution [D]

The action of replacing someone or something with another person or thing.

20 CP per object.

70 CP per person.

-15% chance of succeeding using a person each level higher than you.

Honestly, it freaked the fuck out of me. But suddenly I somehow knew how to do 'Substitution'. Like the hand-signs and the fundamentals and everything.

Sure, this was an easy way to learn stuff, but how? How does it work? And why didn't the cookbook work like this? Is this scroll exclusive? Can I just write bullshit skills in a scroll and learn like this? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Believe it or not, after all the things that happened to me in the past couple of days, this was at the top. On the plus side, this is a broken-ass ability. Total hax, if you ask me. But hey I'm not complaining.


You have made progress in a quest [S]!

Train for the dungeon!

Learn a combat type Jutsu (1/1)

I shrugged, this going well. I just need to learn how to beat people properly and I'm golden. I looked at the watch, it was seven in the morning.

'Just an hour left before the academy starts' I shrugged, 'better get going.'

On my way to the academy, I started to think about how to learn to fight properly? I can't just go up to a ninja and ask them to teach me how to beat up people properly. I can't go to the library, because Nozomi is there and she won't let me enter the ninja section.

My only option is 'legendary spots' in Konoha. I can only hope, that one of them will have a basic Taijutsu style. There are only a few places I am sure to have golden Konoha symbols.

The Hokage Monument, Training Ground 7, Konoha Cemetery, the ramen shop where Naruto eats and maybe one extra in the academy.

I sighed, 'the first one is near impossible right now, science I have to go through the clan district. Good luck with that.'

'The second one is off-limit to me, plus I don't know where it is, even if by some miracle I do happen to find it, I'll probably get kicked out by whoever would be using the ground that day.'

'Third, I don't know where that is. Maybe I could ask someone.' I shrugged.

'Fourth, same as third and I don't have any money…probably should have selected the cash price. Damm.'

'So that leaves fifth. The academy. I already found one. I just have to search the entire building and the front and back yard. Fuck my life.'

Why do I think the academy could have an extra, simple! Naruto's team was formed there. Theirs have to be one extra. But where?

I stood in front of the school gate. I did a quick peek in the front yard. Nothing.

I went towards my classroom. After reaching the classroom I looked around, it was empty. This means I was early again. But a shade of dark hair caught my eye. Sitting on the top right corner was a girl around my age.

She had dark short hair, light violet colour eyes, wearing an off-green colour t-shirt and had a golden bracelet on her left arm. Her skin was pale white;

Hinata Hyuga, Heiress of The Hyuga Clan

Level: 4

REP: 35

I blinked, her 'REP' was 35, what did I do for her? I didn't even have any conversation with her. Then I realized, 'oh yeah! I'm good friends with Naruto, that's right.'

I took my usual seat and took my notebook out. I thought about talking to her, but what should I talk about with her? Come to think of it, I never liked any girls from Naruto's generations. I mean they are all kinda weird.

Ino is a gossip queen, Hinata is a stalker and Sakura is plain pathetic. You know these girls are annoying as shit when bloody side characters are more interesting than them. Like, Gara's incredibly hot sister, Temari was it.

Wait, shouldn't she be around my age!

Oh! Oh god! I did not mean it like that. I'm not a paedophile. SHIT.

Anyways, the movie girls were better than them too. Wait, is that the reason Hinata got her own movie. Hmmm….something to think about.

Ah…what the hell.

I looked at her, "Yo! What's up?"

"Ep," came a sound from her mouth.

I walked toward her seat and extended my hand, "hi. My name is Arashi, nice to meet you."

Hinata took a step back at first but slowly she shook my hand and bowed in a very professional manner.

"Ni…nice to…meet...yo…you, Ar…Arashi-san. M-my…Na…name…is…Hy-Hyuga…Hi…Hinata."

I mentally sighed, 'oh my god, this is going to be a thing, isn't it?'

I awkwardly smiled, "so, Hinata, why are you so early today?"

She looked towards the ground, "n-no…re…reason…at…at all."

We talked for a little awhile before class started to fill in.

I introduced her to Yakumo and Naruto. Hinata became instant friends with Yakumo, but when Naruto tried to talk to her, she instantly fainted.

And believe me, it was hilarious.

During lunch, all four of us seated together, Naruto and I on one side, Yakumo and Hinata on the other side. Naruto was going on about her dream, Yakumo was talking with Hinata about 'stuff', but my mind was elsewhere.

'Where could the golden Konoha symbol be?' I thought, 'maybe in a very important place. But where?'

It could be in one of the classes, but my class in clean, I would know, I checked. Which means it either in other classes or maybe somewhere in the backyard.

I got it. Maybe it is in the final year classroom. It was….or is….or gonna be...the place where Naruto's team will be formed. Yeh.

"Hey guys, please excuse me," I said, gaining their attention.

All of them looked at me, "are you ok Arashi?" Naruto asked.

I smiled, "yeh, I just need to go to the washroom, see you in class." I quickly took my leave and ran to the older year classroom.

I entered the classroom, it was lunch so no one was around. Good. I searched the place top to bottom. Nothing not a single thing. I searched everywhere, even under the tables, not a fucking thing.


Dammit. The bell rang, means lunch was over. I quickly ran to my class. 'Where the fuck is it?' FUCKKKKKK.

After school, I thought everyone except Naruto will be going back to their house. But to my surprise and Naruto's pure joy, both Yakumo and Hinata were free from clan studies today. So they decided to play with us.

We want to the park next to our academy, we all played various games like 'tag' where I was 'it', 'hide and seek' I-I mean 'ninja game', on the swing and slide etc.

I never saw all three of them so happy. You know, I maybe didn't find what I was looking for but this cheered my mood up.

I narrowed my eyes, a faint sound caught my attention. It was coming from the pound near the park.

"What's wrong Arashi?" Naruto asked.

I turned my head toward the pond's direction, "sushh…! Can you hear that?"

Everyone looked at each other and made a nod. They, like me, tried to hear the sound. It wasn't a strong sound, more like a whimper, almost like a puppy…drow…ning.


I ran straight at the pound and spotted the source. Just like I thought, a puppy was indeed drowning in the middle of the pound.

I quickly took my shoes off and jumped straight at the pound. I did remember how to swim from my previous life's memories.


New skill acquired!

Swimming (5%)


Oh, fuck off.

I got there just in time as the poor puppy was about to sink to the bottom. I somehow grabbed it and tried to make my way toward land. It was hard holding the little one with one hand but Naruto swam towards me and helped me.

We reached the ground where all of us were worried about the little puppy. He was not opening his eyes. I put my ear on his chest, the breathing was very slow.

Fuck! What to do? I don't know any animal hospitals around here.

Got it.

"Hey, any of you know where The Inuazuka compound is?" I asked.

They blinked, "I…I…know." Hinata was the one to answer.

I nodded, "great! Can you lead us their Hinata?"

In response, she nodded and we ran towards it, Hinata leading us, while I carried the puppy on my arms. Naruto and Yakumo following in the rear.

We ran as fast as we could and reached our destination. There was a big, open iron door, guarded by two clan members. They were both males, but I didn't care about their names right now.

"HEY! Is Tsume-san is here?" I breathed heavily and asked, "It's an emergency."

They blinked, "what do you want runt?" One of them asked.

"Look, please, it's an emergency, this little one needs treatment ASAP," I begged.

They looked at me and the puppy I was holding and snorted. "What the hell do you think this is? A pet clinic?" the other guard said.

"Get lost, kid." The previous one said in an annoying tone.

I was shell shocked, this was a clan that uses a dog as their ninja partner and here these two assholes told me to leave!


I was about to say something but Naruto beat me to it, "HEY, DON'T YOU SEE THIS PUPPY NEEDS HELP DATTEBAYO!"

They narrowed their eyes, "listen here you de-"

They didn't get to finish their sentence as I ran past them through the open door. I ran straight ahead toward the biggest building I could see and went inside.

"HEY WAIT!" The guards said in unison and chased after me into the compound.

I ran as fast as I could, shouting, "TSUME-SAN, HANA-SAN ANYBODY HERE?"

"What the fuck is all this noise is about?" a feminine voice made her presence known.

I was relieved to see this individual;

Hana Inuzuka, Heiress of The Inuzuka Clan


REP: 5

She looked down at me and smiled, "ah! Arashi right? What brings you here?"

I breathed heavily, "Hana-san…I…need…your…help!"

"HEY! STOP YOU LITTLE SHIT." The guards came running at me.

"Why you little-" one of the guard started but stopped himself after seeing who was standing in front of me.

They bowed, "Hana-sama, we apologize for the disturbance-"

Hana cut them off, "it's fine." She turned her attention back to me, "now what this is about?"

I showed her the puppy, "it's this little guy, he needs help."

Hana's eyes shot wide open, "what the hell happened to him?"

I gave her a short version of the events that happened, by the end, she was furious with the guards and waved them off.

"Give him to me, we must hurry,"

I nodded and did what she told me. She took the puppy and told me and others to stay in the leaving room area.

Fifteen minutes later:

Naruto, Hinata, Yakumo and I were waiting for Hana to come back. Naruto and my clothes were soaked and it was getting cold for us.

Finally, the door opened and Hana came to us with a smile.

She smiled, "well, don't worry. Your friend will be ok in a week, he just needs a rest and a place to recover."

"I apologise for how our guards behaved to all of you." Hana bowed her head. "I'll make sure they learn their lesson by the next time all of you visit."

"It's all right Hana-san," I said and smiled. The others agreed with me as well.

Hana smiled, "before we get to other things, you and blonde needs a shower." She said pointing her figure at me and Naruto.

We both scratched the back of our heads and apologized for the mess we made. Hana waved it off and showed us towards the bathroom.

I walked in and quickly took off my clothes and put them for drying. I took a quick shower and walked out, hanging my clothes in a clothesline Hana set up in their backyard.

Naruto did the same as me. So now I found myself sitting with Naruto, nothing but a towel on our lower body. And that was not the worst part. No.

The worst part was, both of us sitting in the living room right opposite of Yakumo and Hinata. The later fainted and the former blushing a storm. If that was not bad enough for you, Hana now joined by her mother Tsume, made it even more worst.

I have to say, this is not how I was expecting today to go.

Thirty minutes later:

I talked with Hana and Tsume for a while. Yes, only me. Hinata fainted again after waking up fifteen minutes ago. Yakumo is still blushing and holding Hinata's head in her lap and Naruto, well he is blushing colours that would make Hinata jealous. Why? Hana teased him to embarrassment. She tried to do the same to me but I'm me. I teased her back, this went on for five minutes and I levelled up my 'Flirting' skill by three levels.

"Oh! So you have a fetish for women older then you, is it?" Hana teased.

I smirked, "no, I have a fetish for hot women. Like you."


Flirting (0%)

Level: 5

The ability to charm your target to drop their guard, confuse them or getting them to like you.

10% chance of working

+5 REP bonus if it works

Scratch that, by four levels.

Our clothes finally dried up fully. We both put our clothes on and waited for an update. Hana went back to check on the puppy while Tsume gave us some milk and cookies to eat.

Hana came back after a few minutes. "Alright, the pup is recovering. He just needs good food and a lot of rest." She smiled, "so, who's gonna look after him?"

I blinked. I haven't thought about that. This could be a big problem. I looked at Hinata and Yakumo. Judging by their looks both of their parents won't allow it. But before I could say anything, another voice beat me it.

"Oh! Me! Me!" Naruto raised his hands jumping like a rabbit, "I can!"

"Yeh! No!" I said, "and when I mean no, I mean hell no!"

"WHAT! But why ttebato?" He asked with pure shocked expression.

I narrowed my eyes, "alright Naruto, just answered this one question,"

"Who will look after him when you are in the academy?" I asked,

He blinked, "well…I…" he looked down at the floor, "fine."

I turned towards Hana and Tsume who were listening to our conversation with amusement, "well, you see, none of us can look after him. Sorry." I said in a low voice.

Hana smiled, "well I knew that, but I wanted all of your opinions first."

"Don't worry we will look after him for now, but you guys can visit anytime you like," Hana said while Tsume nodded with a smile.

We all thanked them and promised to drop by later. After today's event, everyone went their separate ways.

I slowly walked towards the orphanage, thinking about today's event that transpired, but I still couldn't find another 'legendary spot'. Honestly, it was annoying. Where the fuck it could be?

The only places that are left are the backyard, the rooftop and the faculty room. I sighed, I'll start from the rooftop tomorrow.

I reached the orphanage and did my usual routine before going to my room.

I opened my inventory and started practising on my writing. Half an hour later, my writing was looking like a decent work. I shrugged and thought, 'it looks ok! Readable at least.'

So, I started to write on my first 'original' character, Batman. It was basically 'Batman Begins' with some materials from the original, Batman volume 1.

The story starts with introducing Bruce Wayne and his iconic parents getting murdered stuff. This story takes place in The Gotham city of America. It's a country where chakra doesn't exist, people relay on highly advanced technology and all that and they have democracy instead of dictatorship.

The story is the same, just Ra's al Ghul is a ninja from the elemental nations now and…that's it. Yeh.

It took me five hours to write this story to a decent level. After five fucking hours of non-stop brainstorming and writing, I finished my first book. It was the best feeling ever.

Ok, maybe not 'the best' feeling. I do remember trying weed, drugs and sex in my previous life. So, not 'the best', but it's in the top five yeh.

The first is eating food, second is sex, third and fourth are weed and cocaine, fifth and finally is writing your own book. But why am I having this conversation with myself right now?

I looked outside the window, the sun hasn't even rosed yet, so it was pretty early. I stored my books back in my inventory and took a leaf from the tree brunch near my window. I placed the leaf on my head and started doing leaf concentration exercise.

By six in the morning, I levelled it up by three levels, which increased my 'CC' and 'Control' to '23' and '25%' respectively.

Leaf concentration exercise (29%)

Level: 14

The user keeps a leaf stuck on his forehead using chakra. Helps the user to increase their chakra control.

Cost: 16 CP per minute

Leaves to hold: 3

+1 CC permanent bonus per level

I got up from my bed and ran down my way towards the bathroom. I wanted to head to the library as quickly as possible. Why? Because I needed a professionals opinion on my book. I could let Koime read it but she could show favouritism towards me, plus I wanted this to be a surprise.

I took a quick shower and ran back to my room to get a fresh pair of clothes, but as I said before 'fuck my life.'

"And where do you think you're going so early, Arashi?" Koime asked, standing right in front of me, crossing her arms and smiling.

I looked at her and immediately backed a step. The smile she was giving me, promised me pain, lots and lots of pain if I didn't answer her question.

I gulped, "well, you know," I said with a weak voice, "to my room, to get a new pair of clothes."

"Ooo…." Koime made an 'O' face, "and where will you go after that?"

At this point, my balls were sweating. I knew if I lied to her and got caught the pain she will put me through will be hell, but I also knew if she found out I was going to visit Nozomi, she would come with me forcefully.

Well shit! I chose life.

"Well…" I started, "you know….the library."

"Ok." She smiled and clapped her hand, "but you should have breakfast before you go."

I blinked, "WAIT! That's it!"

I blinked, "yes." Koime responded, "But if I hear any complains about you from Zomi-chan…." She looked me in the eyes and smiled. That smile was not motherly, it was pure evil.

I swear to the fucking universe, I could saw a hyena mask behind her head. THAT IS FUCKING TEREFFING.

I gulped and followed her to the kitchen, where she cooked a light breakfast for both of us.

After breakfast, I walked out of the orphanage and went towards the library. I found Nozomi in the building, organizing some books. I went up to her and cleared my throat to get her attention.

Nozomi turned around, "Arashi!" she blinked, "again? It's six-thirty in the morning?"

I smile, "good morning to you too Nozomi-oba-san."

Nozomi sighed, "Give me a minute," and she went back to organizing books again.

Five minutes later she came back and crossed her arm, "alright, what do you want today?"

"Hey, what's with the annoying look," I asked, "I haven't even done anything."

Nozomi raised her left eyebrow, "you see that," she pointed her finger towards a pile of books laying on a table, "you did that when you visited two days ago."

I blinked and narrowed my eyes, "Hey, I didn't do that! I placed the books back in the bookshelf, this is-"

"Yes, you did," She nodded in agreement, "but you placed the books in the wrong shelves."

I scratched my head, "well, sorry about that,"

She sighed, "Well? What brings you here today?"

"And no! I'll not be allowing you to take any more books if that's why you're here. If you want a book, Koi-chan must permit you or-"

"Alright-alright! I'm not here for a book sheesh…" I grumbled.

Nozomi blinked, "oh!" She blinked again, "so, why are you here today?"

I put my right hand in my back pocket and opened my inventory. From there I selected the book I wanted to show her 'The Batman' and showed it to her.

She blinked, "The Batman," she looked at the book and then back at me, "what's this?"

I smiled, "I wrote it. Can you please read it and tell me what do you think?"

Nozomi blinked, "a book? You wrote a book?" She took the book and looked at it, "what is this?" she asked about the cover, where I drew the Bat-symbol.

I smiled brightly, "read it and find out."

Nozomi smirked, "maybe I could but only on one condition," she pointed her finger towards the book pile, "If you help me to organize them correctly!"

I blinked, did she just blackmailed me on doing work, and she did, didn't she!

I grumbled but nodded and helped her with the massive pile of books, it was such a shame all of the books were normal books, not a ninja book.

After an hour later it was all finished. Every unorganized book was now organized.

I sighed, "There, all done. Now, will you read it?"

Nozomi chuckled, "a deal is a deal Arashi, I promise to read it, ok?

I nodded, "thanks! I'll come back tomorrow! You better have read it by then ok!"

"And don't tell mama, I want to surprise her, please!"

Nozomi chuckled, "alright-alright, I promise."

I grinned and quickly ran towards the academy. I still had half an hour left before class begins but I wanted to search for that, GOD DAMM LEGENDARY FUCKIN SPOT.

'Woah! Calm down Arashi, calm down!'

I reached the academy and ran straight to the rooftop. I swear to the sexy-mother-of-the-six-paths if I can't find that spot today, I'll fucking kill myself.

After reaching the rooftop, I started to look around everywhere. There were two rows of trees. Both of the rows were opposite of each other making a nice present road towards the back of the rooftop. All in all, it was a well-decorated, big rooftop.

At the end of the road, I saw a shining object that put a smile on my face.

'Finally,' I breathed out in relief. There it was, a golden Konoha symbol.

I clapped my hands together and prayed. Prayed, to all that was hot and sexy, to the goddess of beauty and boobs;

'Please, please, please, please…. Please, in the name of all the hot goddess that resides on heaven and beyond, let there be a Taijutsu style in the prize. Pretty please."

I slowly walked to the symbol and touched it. The symbol started to glow a causing a box to open in that spot.


Congratulation! You have found a legendary spot: Academy rooftop!

Location found in Konoha: 3/30

You can select only one reward!

+500 EXP

+10 stats point

+10 skill scroll 7X

Special Taijutsu Style: Fist of flowing water, Crushing rock

After seeing the rewards options, my eyes leak, flowing with anime tears of joy.

"The happiness…*sniff*…the amount of happiness…*sniff*…I never felt before." I cried in joy, "thank you! Thank you to all the sexy goddesses, who granted my wish."

"From this day forth, all my victories will be in all of your names, be it on the battlefield or in the bedroom."

After praising and promising a few more things that I'll not mention, I looked at the last reward. The name sounded a lot familiar, but I can't seem to place it where I heard this type of Taijutsu.

I blinked, "HOLY SHIT!" I screamed in excitement, "Now I remember!"

"Yeh, that Taijutsu style is from 'One-Punch Man'; this is the signature Taijutsu style used by Garou and his master Bang a.k.a Silver Fang."

I immediately selected the Taijutsu option. There was a puff of smoke as the symbol vanished leaving behind a sky blue coloured scroll with the word 'Fist of flowing water, Crushing rock' written on it. The moment I opened it a new box popped up;


Would you like to learn this skill?


I smiled and pressed yes. The scroll exploded in white flames and the light from the flames started to flow into my head. I suddenly started to understand the skill. Its movement, the stance and around thirty different katas were installed into my head.


New skill acquired!

Fist of flowing water, Crushing rock [S] (0%)

Level: 1

The perfect blend of offense and defense. Users of this taijutsu style can repel the attacks of their opponents, nullify them, or redirect them with twice the power.

Damage: STR+DEX= X*2X + [+10 per skill level]

I suddenly realized I knew many different ways to attack, evade and block. But at the same time, it was like a fog covered the rest of the knowledge from me. Judging by how the skill is listed. I need to level up to obtain all, it was a little irritating but can't have all at once, I guess.


You have made progress in a quest [S]!

Train for the dungeon!

Learn how to fight


Quest Completed!

Train for the dungeon [M]!


Learn a combat type Jutsu (1/1)

Have a weapon (1/1)

Learn how to fight


Light armour [D]

+100 EXP

My grin grew wider, I can already taste the unlimited power, "HAHAHAHAHA…"


"Oie! Shut up brat! Don't you have a class or something!" came a cry from down the backyard. I lowered my head and quickly ran to my class.

I reached my classroom just in the nick of time. Iruka was just about to start the attendance.

Iruka turned his head towards me, "Arashi? You're late!"

"Sorry Iruka-sensei, won't happen again," I said in a low voice.

Iruka nodded and smiled, "it's ok, go to your seat."

"HEY, THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Came a cry from the back of the classroom.

Iruka and I turned and looked at the source, it was Naruto, pointing a finger at Iruka.


My sweatdropped, Naruto, stupid Naruto. And looking by the bump in his head he was late today. Again! I sighed.

Iruka's eyebrow twitched, "that's because you come late all the time. NOW SIT DOWN, NARUTO!"

I took my usual seat, Naruto was grumbling, Yakumo and Hinata, later who sat in front of our seat, were giggling.

At the end of the class, Iruka cleared his throat to get everyone's attention, yeh, like that would ever happen.

"Eh-hm; listen up everyone…."

"Everyone, listen up….." Iruka's eyebrow twitched.

I smirked and blocked both of my ears with my hand. Why? Because I knew what was coming.

Iruka made a hand-seal and suddenly his head expanded ten times of his body, "SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN!"

Everyone stopped talking out of fear while I smirked at the outcome. This was a regular thing.

Iruka breathed out, "good! Now all of you gather up in a line and follow me, we are going to meet the Hokage today."

Iruka had gathered us all and took us to the Hokage building.

The Hokage building was not that epic I thought it would. It a three big oval-shaped building joined together and the middle one has a Fire kanji on it. All in all, they probably should have hired a better architect for the job.

Iruka showed us around the lobby and explained what this building is for, i.e the Hokage's workplace and assigning missions, he then took us to the roof.

I looked around, the Hokage monument was right above our head. The four Hokage heads looking straight at the village. I looked at the four Hokage heads and one by one when I started to look at them, I realized something, I've never really been a fan of any of them that much. I don't hate them, it's just I don't look up to them as much.

Don't get me wrong they were all awesome ninjas, best of their generation's. They were just way too stupid or dumb in my opinion.

I mean they did take a lot of the shitey decision;

The First Hokage was the strongest individual in his time, he could have easily stopped all of the fightings and war in his time, but no, he just sat back and let other people kill each other. And I won't hear any bullshit like, 'Oh, he just wanted actual peace so that's why he didn't interfere with other clans or villages'. He beat the shit out of Madara so much that in the end, Madara agreed to join the Uchiha clan with the Senju clan, to form this village. And don't forget after defeating Madara in the Valley of the End for the 'final' time, he went and started collecting tailed beast's and taking their freedom away while condemning their jailers to a life of loneliness, hate and fear. And I saved the best for the last, yeh. After catching the tailed beasts, he just gave eight of them away to other ninja villages.

Yeh, awesome leader. Guess the best way to lead your people is to give away fucking nukes to other countries. Who would have thought!

The Second Hokage was an awesome ninja. I mean he did invent all the badass Jutsu's out there. You want to know how to fast travel in real life, no problem, 'Flying Thunder God' Jutsu, you are alone because you're too cool and a grouchy fuck, 'Shadow Clone' Jutsu. The only thing remaining that could have probably pissed him off was death, So 'Reanimation' Jutsu. And let's not forget his genius plan to record all forbidden Jutsu's in a scroll for reasons, I guess. I mean what's the worst could have happened? Not like people would steal the Jutsu's and wage a war against the world. Right!

The Third Hokage. Ok, now where to start, there are so many, but his biggest accomplishment was, giving his boyfriend Danzo the green light to start his own personal military system. The Root. An organization that the third Hokage himself has no control over. That fucking organization alone is pretty much responsible for the upcoming Uchiha massacre, child enslavement, unauthorized mission's that can potentially start a war, just to name a few. I could name a few hundred more. Truly deserving the title as 'The Professor' and 'The God of Shinobi'.

Which reminds me I do have a tittle, I never equipped. Gonna have to do that before I hit the dungeon tonight. And last but not least;

The Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze a.k.a 'The Yellow Flash'. The fastest ninja that ever born in this world. A ninja so fast that he probably moves past the time barrier. Makes you wonder, how he always arrives late to save anyone important to him. And let's not forget how much of an awesome father he was! He is the sole reason why his only son is treated with such high 'love' in this village. But in his difference, I understand! How could he know a Jinchuuriki is treated like this in a village? It's not like he ever lived with one before? Right!

He such a loving father and a husband that he condemned his own child to a life of misery and let his wife die and like I said before, I won't take the bullshit, 'Oh! Kushina jumped in front of Naruto so fast that Minato couldn't do anything' because that is a Bullshit with a capital 'B'. His wife, Naruto's mom, who was exhausted by childbirth and bijuu extraction and probably also had chakra exhaustion by that point, still manage to outspeed the 'fastest' man in the world. Yeh, not gonna fall for it.

In my personal opinion, I think the jackass couldn't cop that Kushina would probably move on from him and find someone else if she would have lived and Naruto would have hated him for what he has done to him. It's just a theory.

They are all awesome ninja's. No doubt about that. They just don't use their brain too much. But this is, however, my personal opinion.

"And that is why this building is the most important structure in all of Konoha," Iruka said.

I blinked, 'holy shit! Was Iruka still talking! The fucking lungs on him are unreal!'

"Now, can anyone tell me why we are here? Iruka asked.

I raised my hand, "the Hokage is going to speak to us."

Iruka smiled and nodded, "very good, Arashi, but do you know why?"

"Because we're gonna be kick-ass ninjas ttebayo!" Naruto cried out making everyone laugh.

Iruka's left eyebrow twitched, "Naruto! Behave! This isn't the classroom!" He yelled.

"Oh, it's fine Iruka-sensei, they are children, they need to act their age after all." Came from an old but kind voice.

Hieuzen Sarutobi, The Third Hokage of Konoha

Level: ?

REP: 5

The man smiled, "Good afternoon, my name is Sarutobi Hieuzen. It is nice to meet such fine young boys and girls."

The Hokage turned his attention to Iruka, "tell me Iruka, have they given you any trouble?"

Iruka smiled, "no lord Hokage, they are a well-behaved batch, well except Naruto."

"HEY," Naruto cried out, "that's no way to talk to your future boss dattebayo!"

I smirked, "Yeh, but you know Naruto, you have to get that hat from the old man to become the Hokage."

Naruto grumbled, "I know Arashi."

"Arashi! Don't call the Hokage old!" Iruka cried out.

I raised an eyebrow, "why not? He is an old man."

"It's disrespectful!" Iruka cried out again.

"How is that disrespectful?" I asked, "he is old, that's a fact isn't it?"

"Yes, that is true," the third smiled and said, "but most people don't like it when you point out their shortcomings."

I snorted, "being old isn't a shortcoming. Especially when you are old in an occupation where men die young. It just means you are the kind of person who shouldn't be taken lightly."

Hieuzen's smile disappeared, the grandfatherly figure slipped away, he lowered his hat and took a drag from his smoking pipe, "tell me, what is your name?"

"Arashi," I smiled and told him, "orphan."

The third nodded, "Arashi, tell me, what is a ninja?"

I blinked, it was a good question if asked correctly, but the old man didn't ask me correctly. And I do like to play with words.

I closed my eyes and answered, "a ninja is a tool, an object, an instrument or a weapon for his or her village or leader, a ninja is whatever his or her leader, mission or country wants them to be. A perfect tool."

My answer was blunt, the old man looked at me with disappointment, "but," I continued, "neither I believe in that nor I want to be a ninja, like that."

Hieuzen raised his eyebrow, "if you don't believe in that, then why did you answer like that?"

I looked at him and smiled, "Hey, you asked me 'what is a ninja', you never asked me 'what is a ninja to me'."

The third blinked, "alright! You do have a point! So let me ask you again!"

"Arashi, tell me, what is a ninja to you?"

I smiled and looked him straight in his eye, "for me, a ninja is someone who can change the world, be it with a crime or an idea. A ninja can be a hero to one person or a monster to another."

"But the kind of ninja I want to be is someone strong enough to protect the people who are precious to me. The kind who protects the people he cares about not just kills his enemies. That's why I dream of becoming the strongest ninja to have ever lived."

"To protect the people who are precious to me, I need to become the strongest. No, I want to become the strongest."

"That is a nice dream you have, but to be able to do that one would suffer a great deal of pain." The old man countered.

"Yeh, I know! But I won't back down from my dream. No matter what the world throws at me, I'll endure it, because…" I started, "because a ninja is also someone who endures."

The Hokage raise a single eyebrow and met my gaze, we looked at each other for a moment before he smiled, " tell me Arashi, if you had to kill one of your friends to save another, would you do it?"

Of course, you would ask this question to me. Seems right in character.

"No! No, I won't," I told him.

The third blinked, "so you won't save your friend being killed by your other friend?"

"I didn't mean that," I sighed, "what I meant was, I will find another way to solve the problem between them without resorting to violence."

"What if there isn't another way?" He countered.

"There is always another way. You just have to look for it." I said.

The third closed his eyes, "but what if, one of them is trying to start a war and the other one is trying to stop it, which side will you pick, Arashi, the one that wants to start a war or the one who seeks peace?"

I blinked, this one was tough to answer. I closed my eyes again and thought about the predicament. On one side I have a friend who wants to start a war and kill innocent lives and on the other side, I have a friend who wants to stop that person, so war doesn't start.

The answer looks simple on the paper but nothing is black and white in real life.

I had my answer.

I locked my eyes with him, "I'll pick the third option."

"The third option?" Hieuzen raised his left eyebrow.

"Yes, if I had to betray Naruto or kill him to ensure peace, then I won't do it and I will not allow him to start a war either. I will stand against him for peace, no question asked, but if the only way the world will be happy is if I killed him then I won't do it. Because a world like that isn't ready for peace."

The man smiled, "you are a smart boy Arashi."

The Hokage smiled turning to address the children, "your classmate isn't wrong, in fact, his belief closely mirrors the First Hokage himself, one of the founders of this village."

The other children and Iruka looked at me with awe and respect.

"Awesome, Arashi!" Naruto cheered joyfully.

The old man continued, "this village was built to give peace a chance, to stop the needless killing and violence that took many innocent lives. Konoha was founded on unity and brotherhood. Our greatest strength is our friends and family. And the will to protect the people who are precious to us, to protect the next generation, to protect the young leaves that will blossom on the branches of this village, these very feelings that burn brightly is called the will of fire.

Hireuzen gave a long speech about what it meant to be a ninja, I could relate to some of it, I felt a little proud. I did stand up for my beliefs and earned his respect. His 'REP' score turned from '5' to '10'.

Later that night:

I did my normal routine before coming into my room. I opened my 'Menu'. It was time to prepare for dungeon crawling.

"Menu," I whispered.

Main Menu:



Skill List


Quest Log

Perk List (Locked)

Character Database

Dungeon Dex

Natural Dungeon

'Ok, now where is that tittle,' I thought.

I opened 'Profile' it wasn't their so next I went to 'Status';

Arashi, (Tittle Hidden)!

Level: 2 (100/400)

HP: 175/175

SP: 140/140

CP: 120/120

EP: Locked!

RP: Locked!

MP: Locked!

Control: 25%

STR: 20

VIT: 29

DEX: 19

CH.E.R.M: 15

CC: 23

INT: 33

LUC: 7

Status Points: 10

Money: 0 Ryo

I saw the 'Tittle Hidden' part and clicked on it. Suddenly a new box opened;

Little genius: +5% bonus marks to every written and oral test. +5 INT boost

I smirked and selected the title.


Arashi, Little genius

Level: 2 (100/400)

HP: 175/175

SP: 140/140

CP: 120/120

EP: Locked!

RP: Locked!

MP: Locked!

Control: 25%

STR: 20

VIT: 29

DEX: 19

CH.E.R.M: 15

CC: 23

INT: 33 (+5)

LUC: 7

Status Points: 10

Money: 0 Ryo

Ok, so the title gives me an extra '+5' boost in 'INT', that's nice and I do have '+10' status points left. I gave '+1' to 'VIT' and 'DEX'; '+3' to luck and '+5' to 'CH.E.R.M'.

STR: 20

VIT: 30

DEX: 20

CH.E.R.M: 20

CC: 23

INT: 33 (+5)

LUC: 10

I rechecked my inventory and skill list. Inventory was ok and the skill list was also ready. I rechecked my new Taujutsu style just to understand how much damage I'll do.

Fist of flowing water, Crushing rock [S] (0%)

Level: 1

The perfect blend of offense and defense. Users of this taijutsu style can repel the attacks of their opponents, nullify them, or redirect them with twice the power.

Damage: STR+DEX= X*2X + [+10 per skill level]

According to the damage section, my base damage is right now '90'. How? Well, simple. My base 'STR' and 'DEX' get added together and then the result gets multiplied by two and finally, that result gets a boost from base skill damage which can increase on per skill level.


20+20= 40X2= 80+10= 90

All in all it's OP.

I wore my armour I got from completing the 'Train for the dungeon' quest. A basic leather armour. Calling it armour is an overstatement, but better then nothing I guess.

It was a brown coloured tracksuit with hand pads on it.

I clicked the 'Natural Dungeon' on my menu and suddenly another box popped up;

Dungeon level: 1

Dungeon level: 2 [reach level 20 to unlock]!

The second one was new, maybe I missed it last time. I selected the first one and another box opened, damm, this is getting annoying;

Dungeon level: 1

Stage: 1

I selected 'Stage: 1' and finally the confirmation box popped up;

Would you like to go inside?


'Yes, please,' I immediately pressed yes and a bright light surrounded me. Here I go!

Ok, as you see few parts in this chapter may not join with 'chapter 4' because the current 'chapter 4' is a stand-in for the original. I'll rewrite the original after 'chapter 10' will be complete.

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My first choice was 'Digimon', but a friend of mine pointed out it won't make sense to start from 'Digimon'.

She did have a few solid points, like, ''Your MC is six! And your brilliant idea is to toss him in a world where monsters evolve whenever they are backed into a corner?"

"What is he gonna do, when he is trying to kill an Agumon and suddenly it Digi-volves to Greymon?"

And few more, so, yeh, Pokemon first and then Digimon.

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