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The Boring Days of Ninja School

The Boring Days of Ninja School

It was a sunny day in Konoha, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the wind was blowing, and I was bored as fuck.

'Good-sexy-mother-of-sage-of-the-six-path; I mentally sighed, 'Iruka can fucking talk.'

I mean, I know this is his job but, talking straight for an hour about how Konoha was created? He has some lungs. Most of the kids were sleeping by now. I, however, was counting the leaves outside the window.

"Alright, class! That's will be all for today." Iruka said, "Next will be 'Physical training' everyone pair up with another and follow me."

Naruto was my partner, obviously. We reached the Academy's backyard which had a complex obstacle course in one corner, a small area cleared off with a white circle serving as sparing area and the far wall had wooden targets painted it, obviously for target practice.

"Alright kids, this is where we will train you physically," Iruka said pointing at a bunch of ten-year-old. They were currently running a very complicated obstacle course.

"Whoa! Are we going to do all the cool stuff to Iruka-Sensei?" Naruto asked.

"No, not yet," the man smiled "for today, you kids will do five laps around the field." He grinned, "Get moving."

The kids from the clan obeyed without hesitation while a few lazy ones like Choji and Shikamaru walked instead of running. The civilian kids looked surprised and a little startled. But Iruka did manage to get us all running in the end, with Naruto, Sasuke and me surprisingly leading in the front.


New skill acquired

Running (37%)

Level: 1

Your skill to run at fast speed.

Max speed: 10 KM per hour

Cost: 10 SP per minute

Oh! Not bad. No wonder I could keep up with those two, my 'SP' is '140' and let's not forget the 'Hidden Heritage 2' skill gives me '+30%' regeneration on 'HP'; 'SP' and 'CP'.

I grinned and started to run faster. By the end, I finished the laps first following me was Sasuke and after that was Naruto.


Due to constant exercise, you have gained +2 VIT and +2 DIX!

Iruka took us all back inside and let us rest for a while before giving us another lecture on why physical exercise was important before the next class, which was about 'ninja tool' and our instructor was Mizuki.

During lunch:

We were served lunch in a cafeteria down the hall. All the kids from my year sat together and chatting with each other. Naruto and I sat in a table near the corner. Our table was being avoided by all the kids.

"So Naruto why were you late today?" I asked

Naruto scratched his head and answered with a goofy smile, "I kinda overslept, tteabayo."

We started to eat lunch. I looked at Naruto's meal seeing his tray half of what I had.

I sighed, "hey Naruto! I'm kinda full would you like to take half of my food?"

Naruto blinked, "what? Are you sick Arashi?"

I smiled, "Hey, I'm fine. I just had a heavy breakfast that's all."

Lie successful!

It wasn't a complete lie. I had breakfast, just not a heavy one.

He smiled, "Ok."

I started to look around, Sasuke was setting in another corner with other Uchiha kids.

'Huh. That makes sense, duck-butt couldn't be the only Uchiha around his age in his clan.' I thought. 'They all look so fucking smug. What's with that shit? Is it genetic?'

Kiba was trying his best to make other believe that he is an alpha; Choji was eating obviously; Shikamaru was napping; Shino was doing his…thing; Hinata was eyeing Naruto; Sakura and Ino were already fangirling over Sasuke.

The last one was kinda weird. I mean they are six for crying out loud.

'Who the fuck am I to judge. I was hitting on Sasuke's mom just a few hours ago.' I mentally shrugged.

But the one who caught my eye was Yakumo. She was sitting on our table opposite corner.

I looked at her curiously, I had a chance…meh, what the hell.

"Hey, brownie!" I waved my hand at her to notice. "You want to join us?"

Yakumo paused as she looked at me in surprise. "You talking to me?"

"Yeh. Do you see anyone else with brown hair sitting on this table?" I asked rhetorically.

"Name's Arashi. And this blonde," I said while pointing my left thumb finger at the 'bundle of joy' sitting next to me, "is Naruto."

"Nice to meet you. What's your name?" I asked with a smile.

"My name is Kurama Yakumo. Nice to meet you too." She said.

"So, Yakumo-san, what are you doing sitting all alone?" I asked.

She blinked, "w-well I don't have any friends." She said in a low voice.

"And you won't make any if you don't try." I smiled and extended my hand, "want to friends?"

Naruto smiled and extended his hand, "I want to be your friend too. My name is Uzumaki Naruto. Nice to meet you."

Yakumo looked surprised. She blinked a few times and then with a nod she shook my hand first following with Naruto's.

I looked at her status closely to see her condition. To my surprise, she had a good amount of chakra with awesome control.

Yakumo Kurama, Heiress of The Kurama Clan

Level: 2

REP: 10

HP: 30/30

SP: 15/15

CP: 50/50

Control: 91%

Sheesh. '91%' control. Like she was born to be a genjutsu specialist. But her 'HP' and 'SP' is very low. If she ever finds a way to overcome her health issue, she would be a force to be reckoned with.

That was also the reason I wanted her to be friends with Naruto especially. With his 'therapy-no Jutsu' she can overcome her 'Ido' problem.

After lunch, we headed back to our class where Yakumo changed her sit with the free one right beside mine, making our seats full. I was the one sitting in the middle with Naruto on my right and Yakumo on my left.

As soon as she settled down the door opened and another chunin walked in, "alright kids settle down," with that our final class of the day started.

After school, Yakumo bid us goodbye and went her way.

"Alright, Arashi! Let's go and play!" Naruto cheered.

I grumbled as he practically dragged me to the nearest park. The other kids openly glared at Naruto and me but said nothing as we left.

We reached the park. Naruto guided me to the seat of swings as he quickly began to play smiling all the while.

"This has been the best day ever, I have made another new friend, dattebyo!" Naruto grinned.

I was also happy making friends with Yakumo. She is kind, has a talent for ninja-art and she doesn't have a drop of 'fangirl' bacteria in her.

"Yeh. Yakumo's pretty cool huh!" I said to him. In response, he nodded with a grin. "Hey, Naruto! Let's bring her with us next time. What do you say?"

"Yeh. That would be awesome Arashi." He said with sparkling eyes.

I smiled, "Now, what's say you and I play on the slides?"

Naruto's eyes went wide, "yes please dattebayo." He jumped off the swing set and pulled me along towards the slide. We played for hours until the sun began to go down. I honestly forgot how it felt being a child, so carefree and full of joy. It was nice to feel like this again.

Naruto and I found ourselves looking down on the park from atop the slide. Children were leaving with their parents, all of them looked happy. I noticed Naruto's eyes sadden a little watching them leave.

He suddenly spoke up, "Hey Arashi…? Do you ever feel lonely sometimes? You know without parents?"

I blinked. I never really thought about it. 'I mean, I was found in front of the orphanage when I was six-months-old' I mentally sighed. Apart from that, I have all these powers. I don't even know why or how. Who were my parents? Why did they leave me? So many questions answers I must find.

But there is a part of me just want to meet them, want to feel their embrace and want to see their faces. But there is also a part of me afraid of how they would react when they see me.

I gave Naruto a small smile, "sometimes, I guess."

We stayed silent for a while. I decided to break the silence.

"So, Naruto? What do you want to do after you become a ninja?" I asked, "I mean, do you have a dream?" I already knew the answer that was coming.

"Yeah! I going to become the greatest Hokage that ever lived, so everyone in the village will acknowledge me." Naruto cried out at the top of his lungs, the convection in his eyes spoke volumes to me.

I looked at him, "you know, a Hokage needs to listen in class."

Naruto hung his head, "I know," he looked up at me, "so…do you have a dream like that?"

I smiled, "well…no, I don't. I just suppose I want to know just who I am."

Naruto blinked, "eh? What are you talking about? You're Arashi. Duh."

I rolled my eye, "not that moron! I mean I want to know who my parents are and why they left me."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

I shrugged and told my story. By the end, he looked down on the ground.

"I'm sorry," Naruto said in a low whisper.

I smiled, "why are you apologizing for moron! You didn't know that, so stop feeling sorry."

We stayed silent for a while again.

I looked at Naruto, "tell you what! I'll help you with your dream to become the greatest Hokage."

"Really! Arashi! You're not joking right?" Naruto asked with sparkling eyes.


Quest alert!

Help Naruto to become the Hokage [M]!

Naruto wants to become the greatest Hokage, help him to achieve his dream.


Increase Naruto's INT stat to 80 or above.

Train him to be at least a mid to High-Kage level ninja.

Help him achieve Sage-mode.

Help him master Kyuubi chakra mode.









I blinked, holy shit, those are some tough objectives and a lot of question marks…ah, what the hell. I clicked yes.

I accepted the quest and smiled, "I promise."

Naruto quickly nodded and held out his pinky. I looked at the finger, what was he trying to do? Naruto blinked, "you don't know the pickle promise?"

I shook my head, "no, what is it?"

Naruto grinned, "Well it's a promise you make between friends! You hold each other's pinkies together and make a promise you can never break."

I chuckled, "Alright," I bent my pinkie around his. Naruto's REP score went from 25 to 35 in one leap.

Naruto smiled, "then I also promise, to help you find answers about your parents."

"But Arashi?'" he spoke up, "there has to be something you want to do?"

I blinked and thought about it. 'What do I want to do with my life?'

I looked at Naruto, "Well…there is one thing I want to do."


"I want to become the strongest ninja so I can protect the people who are precious to me."

Naruto smiled, "see! You do have a dream."

I grumbled, "Naruto that's not…" I paused and wondered, could that be it, 'protect the people who are precious to me' that is my dream?

I do want to protect the precious people in my life. Koime is like a mother I never had, Yakumo is my friend and Naruto is probably my best friend. Maybe in the future, there will be more. I need to be the strongest.

No, I want to be the strongest so I could protect them.

I looked at Naruto, "Yeh! Guess you're right."


Quest alert!

Become the Ultimate ninja [M]!










I blinked, awesome, two main quests in one day.

"Anyway Naruto, it's time to go home, it's getting late."

Naruto looked around and realized the park was being emptied, "heh-heh, yeh! Let's go."

After saying goodbye to each other, Naruto and I went our separate ways promising to play together again. As I was leaving the park something caught my eye, there was a symbol right beneath the fire monument I spotted what looked like a red shining start.

I was taken back. The way the symbol glowed wasn't normal. I looked around, Naruto was gone and no one was around. So I decided to go touch it.

I touched it and suddenly a new box opened;

Natural Dungeon unlocked!

Dungeon Dex unlocked!

You have discovered a natural dungeon! Would you like to go inside?


Dungeon level: 1

I was torn, on the plus side, a dungeon means a lot of other goodies, maybe even some cash if I'm lucky enough. But on the other hand…I might fucking die. I had no weapons and no idea how to fight.

Yup. I can die. So no, not now. I might go later, but not until I have a weapon, a Jutsu I can use and how to fight.


Quest alert!

Train for the dungeon [M]!


Learn a combat type Jutsu (0/1)

Have a weapon (0/1)

Learn how to fight



+100 EXP


Being a loser and never having the guts to enter a dungeon


I grumbled reading the failure option. An annoying little fucker aren't you? Either way, I accepted the quest.

I closed the box and was about to leave when another box popped up in my face.


Natural Dungeon has been added to your menu!

I blinked. Wait, What? And just like the notification said 'Natural Dungeon' was added to my menu just below 'Dungeon Dex'.

"Never in my life have I needed something so much and never known until I received it," I spoke out loud. I left the park with a happy grin.

As I entered the orphanage I noticed it was dinner time and all the kids were eating. I joined them again and sat down quietly listening to them talk to each other again.


Your skill has levelled up!

Eavesdropping (11%)

Level: 2

Ability to listen to someone else's conversation without them being aware of it. A very useful skill for ninjas to possess for information gathering.

Range: 11 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

I continued to spend the rest of the dinner listening in on everyone's conversation. In the end, I levelled up my skill again.

Eavesdropping (56%)

Level: 3

Ability to listen to someone else's conversation without them being aware of it. A very useful skill for ninjas to possess for information gathering.

Range: 12 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

After dinner, I found myself back in my room. I was about to open my 'Status' and spend my stat points but a sudden knock on my door stopped my action.

Koime walked in with a smile. "Hello Arashi-kun, how was your day?"

I smiled back, "fine, I had a lot of fun. I think I'm going to like being a ninja."

"Oh? That's good to hear, I'm sure you'll make us all proud," she smiled before slowly it replaced with a concerned look. She sighed walked towards me sitting down right next to me on my bed.

I looked at her curiously, as too what she was going to say. She smiled, "you know, I heard from the other children you made a friend today."

Oh great, it's about Naruto. Wonderful. I put my best poker face and nodded, "yes, she's a nice girl, very kind."

Koime smiled, "I'm glad to hear that Arashi but you see…wait 'She'?"

I nodded, "Yeh, her name is Kurama Yakumo."

Koime blinked, "but the kids told me you friended a boy?"

"I don't know what you're saying but Yakumo is a girl." I smiled.

Lie successful!


Your skill has levelled up!

Lying (9%)

Level: 2

The ability to lie to people without getting caught.

+10% chance of success

-20% if the lie is too unbelievable.

It wasn't a lie. I knew she was talking about Naruto. But I became friends with him yesterday and I had befriended only Yakumo today.

"Oh! Ok, then Arashi but before I go, I must warn you that there is a bad boy who joined the academy today with all of you. Stay away from him alright sweety?" She said with a smile.

I sighed, better get this out sooner rather than later. Alright, 'innocence child' face time.

"Bad boy? But how would I know him oba-chan?" I asked with the best 'innocence child' face I could.

She smiled, "I'll tell you, he has blonde spike hair and three pair of whisker marks on his face."

"Wait! Are you talking about Naruto? But he is a nice guy and funny too. Why would you think he is bad oba-chan? He is a good friend of mine."

She narrowed her eye, "Friend? But you said you friended a girl today. Did you lie to me Arashi?"

I looked straight at her, "No I didn't. You asked about the friend I made today but I'm made friends with Naruto yesterday."

She sighed, "The boy isn't very good. You shouldn't associate with him."

I blinked, "why? He seems fine to me?"

She narrowed her eyes, "don't argue with me, young man! I am older then you, I know who is good and who is not. You shouldn't associate with him."

"Why not?" I asked her, "he is nice to me, he plays with me. He is my friend."

"He is very bad, he can hurt you. Arashi I am warning you, stay away from that boy. Do you understand?"

I huffed, "I don't understand, why would he hurt me? And why are you so afraid of him?"

"Arashi you will do as I say, I'll hear none of it." Koime got on her feet glaring down at me, "do you understand?!"

I closed my eyes, "NO. I won't."

I opened my eyes and narrowed at her, "Unless you give me a good reason, I won't."

Koime looked right into my eye, but her eyes didn't hold any anger instead those eyes had sadness and fear in them. I looked at her, something was eating her.

"Look, Arashi," she started, "he is dangerous, he could kill you. I don't want to lose you too," her eyes leaked tears.

"Please, please just stay away from him, I don't want to lose you to that…him. Please."

Koime was practically begging me. I looked down from her eyes towards the floor. I knew what I was doing but her tears are hurting me more. Dammit.

"No," I said in a low whisper which she heard, "I won't abandon a friend."

"Why do you have to be so stubborn?" Koime came close to and seated again in my bed, beside me.

She cupped my face in her hands and lifted, "I wish I could tell you my reason, but I can't. Arashi please-"

"Oba-chan, Naruto is not the Kyuubi." I cut her off before she could finish.

The world seemed to come to a stop for Koime. Her skin peeling as if she had seen a ghost. "W-what?" She asked in a ghost whisper.

"I know why people don't like Naruto," I looked at her, "I know why all the adults tell their children to stay away from him, but you need to understand he is not the Kyuubi, he is the one that keeps it at bay."

"How do know that?" she argued.

I shrugged, "I know because I read about this in a book. People like Naruto are called 'Jinchuuriki' or in other terms 'Human-sacrifice', they are the jailor of those beasts, they are not the beasts they hold."

Lie successful!

She wiped her tears and crossed her arms, "oh! So you think you're right and everyone in this village is wrong? You think you know these kinds of stuff better because you read this in a book?"

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes, "so what you're saying is everyone in this village is a seal-master? Every civilian knows the art of sealing?"

Koime stayed silent and looked away. After a while, she broke the silence.

"Even if I were to believe you that still doesn't change the fact that he is a danger. What if the beast forcefully takes over his mind, then what?"

"You were an infant when the beast attacked the village, the vile aura I can still feel it, that thing took everything from me. I can't…" She said with tears.

I held her hand in mine, "why are you so afraid, please tell me?"

She looked outside my room's window, "When the Kyuubi suddenly attacked the village we along with children escorted out of the village first in a safe zone." She continued, "At that time I was engaged to a man named Daichi. He lived in the shopping district, that's where the Kyuubi was appeared out of nowhere."

She was crying, "It took two days to find his body in the rubble, they said the beast crushed his house with one of his tails."

She looked with her teary red eyes, "we were supposed to get married in a few months, and not only that but we even decided to after we would get married we would even adopt you and raise you as our son."

"I don't want to lose you too. If something ever happens to you because of that beast, I won't be able to live with myself. Please Arashi-kun."

I looked at her with a few drops of tears in my own eyes. Her chance of a happy life was crushed by Kyuubi…no, not the Kyuubi, because of Obito.

I tighten my hold on her hands, "just give him one chance, please."

"I never asked anything from you, not even on my birthday, I never wanted anything from you…but today I want you to not take my friendship away from him. Please. Give him a chance."

She was about to leave but my next words stopped her in her tracks, "Mama! Please."

Her eyes became wide after hearing those words. She was crying again, but those tears were not of sorrow, those were the tears of joy. She started to breathe in and out heavily for a few minutes.

She looked at me and sighed, "fine…."

"But promise me you will stay safe."

I smiled, "I promise…Mama."

After that, Koime left me in my room. I let out a breath I was holding.

I sighed as I lay down on my bed, now thinking that what she said. If Obito never happened I would have had a family by now and Naruto would have his parents and maybe the upcoming 'Uchiha massacre' could have been avoided.

And all of this happening for what? Just because he could not bang the pussy he wanted. Fuck that. That cunt needs to die. But I can't do that right now need to start training asap.

I looked out the window and could see a worked close the gate shut. The compound walls were twenty-foot high, there was no way I was getting over them. The gate was also being patrolled by a guard, no way I can sneak past him. So I was stuck here with nothing interesting to do.

Tap tap!

I looked and saw a tree branch tapping on my window. Hm…leaves…what can I do with leaves?

Oh, I know, chakra control!

I grabbed a single leaf from the branch and held it in my hand. I focused on it trying to remember what I had to make the leaf stick. Channel chakra into the palm of my hand focusing on the leaf. If I gave enough it should stick to my hand…no, wait, not hand, forehead.

I placed the leaf on my forehead and focused. I didn't know what chakra felt like, but I knew I had it. I closed my eyes and sat in the lotus position. From what I remember chakra came from one's gut, so I focused on my gut.

I closed my eyes. I remained calm. I took a deep breath.

With every breath, I took in my stomach expanded. As I let it out it pumped air out and shrink back down. Slowly every breath made my stomach rise and fall. And slowly, I felt something move.

It was in my gut, slowly rising every time I breathed out. Like a water pump being pushed down squirting a little bit of water out every time.

I continued the exercise.

The chakra at first began to spin around near my gut, I felt it began to swim all over my body. It was like there were several tiny rivers in my body and chakra was the water finally being poured in.

I opened my eyes and let go of the chakra allowing it back into my gut. It was amazing.

I looked the leaf in my hand and placed it on my forehead. I closed my eye and felt my chakra once more. This time it was much easier to use it, allowing me to direct the flow into my forehead.

I found the chakra was running around my face. My cheeks were heating up. It passed over my incident before meeting on my forehead. I focused on keeping the leaf steady by using all the chakra I could muster to hold it there.

Slowly the chakra flow became natural to me, it was like I didn't have to tell it what to do anymore.


New skill acquired!

Leaf concentration exercise (0%)

Level: 1

The user keeps a leaf stuck on his forehead using chakra. Helps the user to increase their chakra control.

Cost: 20 CP per minute

Leaves to hold: 1

+1 CC permanent bonus per level


You have gained +1 CC.

I looked at the box and grinned. 'At least something to take my mind off.'

It didn't look like it had any limit. So now it's time for me to train. Today I didn't want to sleep, so I closed my eyes and focused on keeping the leaf on my forehead for as long as possible. This might not be that bad.

Five minutes later:

Note to self. Chakra exhaustion fuckin sucks.

It was two minutes into the exercise when I figured that out.

There was one small thing I overlooked.

Cost: 20 CP per minute

Yeh, that's the one. I thought that I had 120 CP, that means I could use the exercise for ten minutes. But I was fucking wrong. Why? Because…

Control: 10%

That meant I could only use 10% of my max CP. Meaning not only could I not do the exercise for ten minutes but I would also drain my chakra to '0' just only using my 10% of max CP in thirty-fucking-six seconds.


I wasted 90% of my chakra because I didn't have enough control. 'This is Bullshit with a capital 'B' in it'.

So now I was sitting panting on my bed. I have to raise my fucking control fast. But I didn't know-how. Then I remember I still have stats point left where I can spend.

I opened 'Status' and looked at my status bar my CP was slowly filling itself up. But before I rase any of my stat points I needed to know which adds what. So I clicked on the stats and a new menu popped up;

[STR: Attack power + HP and SP regeneration; (Every 10 points adds +2% REG)]

[VIT: Every 10 points adds +25 HP and +20 SP per level with base 25 HP and 20 SP]

[DEX: Speed and Agility + RP and MP regeneration; (Every 10 points adds +5% REG)]

[CH.E.R.M: Every 10 points gives +20 to CP, EP, RP and MP per level with base 20 CP, EP, RP and MP]

[CC: Every 5 points gives +5% in control and +2% in regeneration]

[INT: Every 25 points gives +5% boost in learning and levelling up skill]

[LUC: Higher the luck, higher the chances are for easily gaining legendary-drop, money etc.]

Perfect, just what I needed. From what I can see I need VIT for more life and stamina. Right now I have 27 points in VIT if I add 3 more and make it 30, the next time I'll level up I'll get +50 HP along with base 25 points means total 75 and that same goes for stamina, with base 20 along +40. STR determines how hard I can punch people and my rate of regeneration.

Then there is DEX that keeps up my speed and movement and oh, it also regenerates my RP and MP.

Then comes 'CH.E.R.M'. According to this CHERM deals with CP, EP, RP and MP capacity. CC deal with control and chakra regeneration. So both are on equal footing so far.

The more INT I have the faster I can learn and level up my skills. LUC helps for 'S' rank or above item spawn and money etc.

I realized something very important. Most of my status is good. The only two that sucks are CC and LUC.

For now, control is more important to me than anything else. And while gaining a level in leaf concentration exercise would help me gain an additional point into CC, I can't do that if I don't have enough chakra to work within the first place.

So reluctantly I took the four points I had on hands and placed them on CC and the rest in LUC.

CC: 10

LUC: 7

I blinked, my control instantly raised to 15%. I waited for three more minutes until my CP bar was full and then started the exercise all over again.

Alright. This is gonna be my whole night routine for today.

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