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Chapter 3 Small Warmth

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Chapter 3: Small Warmth

Sakura sighed as she laid down on her bed, the night sky visible outside her window as she listened to the silent house around her, too silent. She should be used to it, the loneliness that seemed to engulf this entire house as she stare out the nightstand window.

Her parents were still out on business, like usual. Her aunt had left to China for her travels, a common occurance ever since Sakura had turned 10. She didn't blame her though, her aunt had a free spirit that could not be held down by anything. It has been a miracle that she had taken care of her for two straight years whilst her parents were busy at work. She was old enough now, she shouldn't be afraid. She wasn't afraid.

"Saku-chan?" She heard a small voice speak beside her. Turning her he head, Sakura was met with the sight of Mizuki staring at her, her small form illuminated by the moon's light.

"Are you okay? I could hear you mumbling." She small chibi questioned, her eyes wide in question as she looked at Sakura while floating just a few inches away from her face.

Sakura contemplated her response, her mouth opened to make up some half excuse before Mizuki's eyes shone with knowing. "Character change, from a girl who doesn't speak her mind to a girl who does." She heard the small figure say before words spilled out of her mouth without her consent.

"I'm afraid of sleeping alone at times. I don't like the silence, its too...desolate." Sakura blushed brightly at the words she was forced to say, she glared at the small chara as her green eyes darkened slightly. She huffed before turning her head away from Mizuki in both rage and embarrassment. "There I said it, you can laugh now."

When she heard nothing, the pinkette turned to look at the small chara. The sight shocked her, the usual arrogant looking chara now had tears on her eyes, her lips downturned. "Saku-chan, you don't have to be lonely no more." She whimpered pitifully, her form floating to Sakura as her small arms hugged her face, causing Sakura's cheeks to become wet from the small chara's tears.

Sakura couldn't help the small smile that formed on her lips, taking the small chibi form into her hands, she made sure not to accidentally crush her as she hugged her against her chest. "Then, will you sleep with me tonight?" She asked, not wishing for this to be a dream anymore. Who knew that such small forms would hold so much warmth in them.

"Okay!" The small figure exclaimed in excitement, her form was suddenly concealed in an egg, Sakura smiled lightly as she carrassed the black and grey egg slightly before laying it next to her. Suddenly, Sakura felt a small tug in her chest. Turning towards the table in which she had placed the other eggs, Saku felt the urge to bring those eggs to her as well.

Sighing, she found no harm in doing so, especially seeing as that she didn't move in her sleep, so the fear of accidentally crushing them was unneeded.

Carefully getting out of bed, Sakura grabbed the two other eggs as she placed them on the bed along with Mizuki's egg. Sakura curled into a slight curve as she moved the eggs against her stomach, forming a kind of protective arch around them. Pulling the blanket to cover them, Sakura get the surprisingly warm bumps next to her, feeling peacefulness fill her very soul.

That was the first time in years that Sakura was able to sleep peacefully.


"Mizu, can you make food? I woke up late today." Sakura said as she pulled her pajama bottoms off, the proceeding to look in her closet for her uniform. Mizu nodded happily with a wide smile.

"Okay! Mizu will make pancakes with eggs." Sakura gave the small chibi a grateful smile as the chara saluted before floating out of the room and to the kitchen. The young teen felt even more warmth fill her chest as she finished dressing herself. Sakura grabbed a new fluffy blanket as she put it inside of her school bag, on top of her books. She then turned to her bed, were the two other small eggs were located. 'Wonder what type they will be." She wondered to herself, slight excitement filling her. She couldn't believe it, but it seemed these small beings were once more filling her life with color.

'Well, who wouldn't be moved by such beings of light after living in darkness for so long.' Sakura thought to herself as she gently picked up both eggs, placing them in her beg before putting another protective blanket over them; momma bear has been reawoken.

"Saku-chan! Breakfast is ready!" Sakura smiled, closing her bag as she grabbed a hold of it before walking out of the room. Arriving downstairs, Sakura sat on the couch in the living room. "Just bring the food here, Mizu-chan." The small chara floated to the living room, a big tray filled with pancakes and eggs floating in front of her, two cups of juice besides it. While the pancakes were slightly overcooked, and the eggs looked a little misshaped, Sakura only smiled happily at them. This was the first time in months that she was getting a meal cooked by someone else.

"Itadakimasu." They both said before digging in, Sakura using a fork while Mizuki used a toothpick with the small pieces of egg and pancake Sakura had cut for her. After finishing the meal, Sakura grabbed the dishes and put them in the sink, ready to clean for when she got back.

"Now we should be heading out, else I'll be late for sure today." With those words, Sakura grabbed the keys from the counter before heading out of the house, Mizuki having taken rest on her shoulder. While outside, Sakura looked at the small form on her shoulder with question.

"Not that your company is unwanted, but wouldn't people freak out if they saw a small chibi person on my shoulder?" Sakura asked, a sweatdrop forming on the side of her head as she looked at the small chara sitting leisurely on her shoulder with both question and amusement. "No worries, only Saku-chan and other people with Charas can see me."

"Ah," Sakura nodded in understanding, then a question mark popping on the side of her head but she decided to question further later. Heading towards the school, Sakura continued her usual effort of dodging around the mass of students around her as she swiftly walked into the classroom and plopped down on her desk. Mizuki looked around the room in wonder, yet made sure not to stray too far away from Sakura.

Sakura kept an open eye on the window and door, she was still quite paranoid that that cat creep would burst in and try another attempt and snatching her precious eggs. She swore if that bastard got his hands anywhere near her eggs again, he would find himself missing an appendage.

Huffing, Sakura's attention was brought back to the front of the class as the teacher walked in to start his lesson. "Saku-chan, how come nobody here talks to you?" Mizuki questioned her, now floating in front of her face. Smiling, Sakura discreetly grabbed a hold of the wolf chibi as she placed her on her lap, caressing the cute chara as she continued feigning attention to the teacher.

"I'm not really what you would call a social person, also people find me quite weird here." Looking down at the chibi momentarily, Sakura saw that Mizuki was now pouting with a saddened expression on her usually excited eyes. Sighing slightly, Sakura grabbed hold of the chibi as she wrapped her hands around her head, pressing Mizuki against her cheek. "Don't worry," she murmured, making sure that none of her classmates or teacher heard her, "I'm fine, and now that I have you guys, I won't be completely alone anymore."

Brightening at the idea of being helpful, Mizuki nodded rapidly as she snuggled herself agsint Sakura's cheek. Smiling, Sakura continued to half-heartedly pay attention to the lesson at hand whilst Mizuki fell into a light sleep.


"I can't do this." Sakura whispered to Mizuki, looking at the recipe in front of her. They were currently in home economics and, much to her inner embarrassment, he was a horrible cook. Even if she was the 'mothering type' she was not much of a cook. She wished she was, it would have been easier to nurse back friends of her that had gotten sick in the past. She was quite knowledgeable in herbs and nutritional values in every fruits and vegetables there was, the bad thing was that she was not exactly able to mix them into edible food.

She could make dango and some other easy recipes her aunt had taught her, but new recipes usually took her over months to even make in an edible manner, much less tasty.

Sighing, Sakura started giving up all hope for herself. As she placed the ingredients around her, she readies herself for her instructor's usual forced smile as they paled at the flavor of the monstrosity she always managed to create.

As she was about to grab her knife, she felt something warm spread through her as a feeling filled her to the core. Her egg pendant started to glow a light color, her ring changing colors to a white jewel with a icy blue kanji. Her irises seemed to turn into a aquamarine color, teeth sharpening to canines. Two pink round ears sprouted from her head, and she could feel a round fluffy tail sprout from her behind, yet none of her classmates or teachers seem to see her new appendages.

Her hand grabbed the knife quickly, expertly flipping it in her hands as she quickly grabbed an aubergine and a green pepper. Placing a cup next to her, she quickly mixed together 2 tablespoons of mirin, one and a half tablespoons of tuyu. She grabbed another smaller bowl and made miso. Measuring out 60 grams of miso, she powered it into the original mixing bowl before grating and measuring 30 grams of ginger before also adding it to the mix. Adding a final 30 grams of sugar, Sakura mixed the ingredients together quickly but expertly without a drop ever leaving the bowl.

After being done with her mixing, Sakura went back to the vegetables and quickly diced the aubergine into precise squares and sliced the peppers into thin strips. Grabbing a frying pan, she poured some oil into it and turned on the stove into medium heat. She continued on with the recipe, adding the peppers into the pan after a few minutes, placing the whole thing into a plate and then adding the mixture on top in precise amounts to make sure that every vegetable had equal amounts of the mixture.

Finished with her work, Sakura stood there, stock still as she looked at her dish. Before she could fully comprehend what she had done, people started forming around her as they whispered about a certain smell. Looking at Mizuki, she saw a happy expression on her face. The small chibi pointed to the side and, much to Sakura's shock, a smiling form of a young chibi was sitting on top of her bag, a pleased expression on her face.

Eyes widening, Sakura turned to her teacher who was staring at her dish. "I'm going to the bathroom, you may try the dish and grade me for it." With those words Sakura quickly rushed to her bag and grabbed it, the small chibi taking flight and proceeding to sit on her unoccupied shoulder.

Sakura bit back a smile, walking out of the class as whispers became more prominent behind her. Once she was out in the hallway, Sakura turned to her newly awakened chara with slightly wide eyes.

"I..ah..I…" The chibi seemed to understand her current shock, a gentle smile not unlike that of a mother forming on her lips as she caressed Sakura's cheeks with a gentle hand

"My name is Yuki." She introduced herself, eyes closed as round ears twitched slightly. Sakura could just see a small round tail behind her. Her eyes were an icy blue, her long white hair was tied in a beautiful french braid that reached just above her thighs, a blue snowflake hairpin holding her bangs to the side. She had on a white white puffy jacket, the hat and collar having thick white fur framing it. She wore cream colored pants, two pockets in the top front while other two were on the side of her tights, just above her knees. Finally, she wore light cream ankle boots with fur in the inside with hints of grey and blue. On her hands were black fingerless leather gloves like Mizuki, but without the fishnet arm warmers.

"I am in your care." Sakura smiled, spreading her hand out towards the chara. The white haired chibi smiled happily in return, sitting on Sakura's hand as she nodded. Mizuki, not one to be left behind, sat next to the bear chara as she hugged the warm looking being. "I'll also be in your care, Imouto."

Yuki looked slightly startled at the way the other chara addressed her, but then merely smiled as she hugged the exuberant Chara. "I will be in your care, Nee-san." Sakura almost squealed at the sight, they were so cute!

Smiling brightly, Sakura brought them gently towards her as she hugged them against her chest. "Now I believe we should get back to the classroom, unless you want to ditch that is."

This time, she was met with two disappointed stares. Sakura ducked under their eyes, smiling sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her head. "Joking joking, let's go back." Turning towards the classroom, the two chibis sat on either side of her shoulders as she walked in, met with the familiar whispers.

Her life, for the first time in years, was finally starting to look up.


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