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Okaa-san; Mother

Outoto-sama; (Respectable) Father

chan; suffix used to refer to females or young children

Lost Soul: Never Forget

"Okaa-san do we really have to move?" A small child stood by the entryway of a large room. In front of her sat a woman in the bed placed in the middle of the extravagant bedroom; red sheets of satin fell smoothly over the bed creating an almost water like image in the exterior. Even with all the lavishing furniture of the highest quality wood, and the beautifully decorated walls with their eloquent designs, the room was sparse of personal identity. All that truly told of the people that resided was a single family photo sitting atop the bed stand.

The child always tried not to visit this room, finding herself feeling small when inside the cold room. Yet as she stood there in the doorway, shaking arms wrapped around herself as she bit her lips to keep the treacherous sniffles from escaping, she was not as intimidated of the room as she was at the prospect of leaving the house that contained it. Glassy apple green eyes stared pleadingly at the beautiful silver haired woman as she tried to convey how much she did not want to do this, please don't make her.

The young mother stared at her silently crying daughter sadly, icy blue eyes softened as she elegantly stood up from her place. She quietly walked towards the child's shaking form as she kneeled to her level and cupped her cheek gently. She brushed away the flowing tears as she smiled gently to her daughter, looking into her eyes with pure tenderness.

"I am afraid so sweetheart." she whispered lightly, as if trying to lighten the affect with her soft, calming voice. "Your father and I need to relocate to better supervise the company, we need you to be strong now." She brought her daughter into a warm embrace as she started rubbing her back soothingly.

Yet Sakura did not want to be strong, she wanted to stay here. Her friends were here. Her teachers. The new mentors she had just acquired though hard work to prove herself of being worthy. Her family was here, he childhood was here, her whole life was here. She...she needed to stay here.

"Please Okaa-san, can you leave me here with my uncle, with anyone, I don't want to leave!" Sakura broke down into wails as her hair fell over her eyes. The pinkette did not like to cry, she believed that she had given up on the petty habit after she had joined the dojo to become someone strong, but with all that was happening around her she needed this outlet once more. The walls felt as if they were slowly closing in around her as she quickly escaped her mother's embrace and covered her eyes with small hands.

Her mother stared at her with a saddened gaze. It was true that she had thought of that option, she knew that it was cruel to take this child away from the life she had always known and the friends she had been able to bond with over the years. Yet, she will admit to herself that she was selfish, and while it could be seen as heartless, she would rather have her daughter be temporarily saddened than having to give her up. As the young mother was about to say soothing words to calm the young child, she was intercepted by her husband's voice.

"Sakura" The child heard the gruff voice of a male say, she turned to look at the male in question, tears still streaming down her reddened cheeks. In front her her stood her father, his intimidating presence radiating around the room as she automatically shrank into herself at the sight of his narrowed eyes on her. Her father was a tall male, dark red hair neatly combed with a few strands falling down to his eyes.

He was a strict man, someone who made Sakura feel self-conscious when she was in his presence. He has always pushed her to be nothing more than perfect, to always be strong, to never show weakness. He was the one who put her in the dojo and the reason why she wished to become stronger, if only to finally see that glimmer of pride she had seen in her friends' fathers.

While her mother was warm and caring her father was cold and calculating. The perfect Yin and Yang, the perfect couple. They may not be compatible, but instead they balance the other making them successful in the field of business. Yet, as Sakura stared at her father who looked at her with narrowed eyes, she knew, had always known really, that she was not the perfect child. Her father did not need or want a weak daughter, did not wish for a burden he needed to cuddle and care for.

The day she had been born as a girl, she had failed him.

He stared at her, jade eyes the same shade as her own narrowed causing a shiver to run down her spine as she stifled a whimper. Pure disappointment was eminent in his gaze as Sakura could no longer hold his gaze and instead looked down to the ground. Again. Again she had displeased him.

"Stop crying child." The moment that command was uttered Sakura felt her tears stop as she tried to calm her slightly labored breath. Sniffles still made their way out of her mouth along with hiccups here and there, that she could sadly not stop. She closed her eyes shut as pink bangs covered her still teary eyes. She wished she could run, could escape from here as the tense atmosphere seemed to almost choke her.

"Stop acting foolish." Those words seemed to almost strike her as she flinched back. She tighten her hold on herself as she tried to contain her shaking as she bit her lip in grief.

Sakura felt new tears forming in her eyes, but she held them back. She always tried to please her father, that is all that she wanted, to make her father proud of her. Her father would never be proud of some crybaby who could not even control herself.

"I'm sorry Outou-sama" Sakura managed to whisper, not making eye contact as she kept her head bowed, eyes closed behind her bangs. She did not wish to show him the weakness in her puffy eyes and red cheeks. She did not want her father to be further dissatisfied with her.

"People are here to see you, go clean yourself up and see them for your goodbyes. We will leave by sundown, make sure you are ready by then." Sakura nodded her bowed head as she bit her lip to keep the words she wished to say, the pleading she wanted to do as a last effort to stop everything, to make them change their minds. In the end, she knew it would be worthless to try and change her father's mind. With a heavy heart Sakura went towards the door to meet the only people she actually opened up to, and who she would not see for what she knew will be a long time.

"And Sakura" slightly flinching, Sakura looked at her father who did not meet her gaze, instead looking at something on the other side of the hallway. Following his gaze, Sakura was met with the sight of a portrait. The portrait contained the image of a beautiful angel, in her hands the angel held a glowing orb as she held the orb against her chest, eyes closed. Her hair looked white and her wings seemed to fold over her yet Sakura could slightly see the beautiful white dress with different patterns that she wore. In her head the angel wore what looked like a beautiful tiara, yet from this distance Sakura was unable to see the details fully. "I believe your grandmother has something to give to you, don't keep her waiting." Nodding in understanding, Sakura made her way through the twisting hallways and into the bathroom.

Walking inside, she wahed her face quickly as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Reddened eyes stared back at her, regret and sadness present in their depths as she glared at the Sakura in front of her. She was weak. That's all she will ever be.

Turning away from her reflection the young girl rubbed her face with her towel as she glared once more at her reflection. She was too weak to do anything. She was too weak to stoop this. She was too weak to stay.

Walking outside the bathroom door, the pinkette walked down the hallways once more until she made it to where the door leading outside the huge house was located. Hesitantly grabbing hold of the metal knob, she opened the door slowly before walking out the door and closing it behind her.

Sad jade eyes roamed the exterior of the house as she tried to memorize every detail of the place she had called home her whole life. Closing her eyes, she breathed in slowly before letting out the puff of breath she accumulated. "I will come back." She quietly promised to herself, jade eyes opening as they narrowed in determination. "And when I do, I will be strong enough to stay here." She stared at the tree located next to the house, its branches bearing the beautiful pink blossoms that were her namesake. "That is a promise of a lifetime." She smiled at the familiar words as she turned away from her home. Walking out the gates, Sakura did not look back as she steeled herself for the goodbyes that were to come.


Sakura looked out the back window in the car as she saw her friends waving at her in farewell. She could just see their different smiling faces along with bitter sweet ones. The crying face of her first ever friend as she smiled though her tears, blonde hair flowing around her as she waved at her.. A certain rough looking boy with triangle marks on his cheeks and a pop on his head, slightly sharp teeth glinting as he grinned at her. Her uncle, waving lazily at her with the familiar book in his other arm. The timid face of a blue haired girl as she timidly waved back, tears also seeming to slip from her pale eyes. More and more faces could be seen as they blended together. Home. She was being taken away from her home.

Tears she could no longer hold slipped out, they always seemed to be able to bring out the weakness in her.

She saw her two idiots, the most important people in her life who she saw as brothers, running to her, but she knew that they could not keep up with the car even with their seemingly endless stamina.

"DON'T FORGET US SAKURA-CHAN" the blonde idiot she loved so much screamed out to her. From her view she could just make out his famous grin as he gave her a thumbs up while still running. Running next to him was an equally smiling black haired male, he saluted her and she replicated the action with a watery grin.

To her amazement, males in cloaks covered in red clouds seemed to appear out of nowhere. A black haired teen along with a red haired teen were in front as they both looked at her with what she would guess were comforting eyes. Their words from before played in her mind as she stared at their running forms.

"While you might be leaving don't forget this, once you join Akatsuki you can never leave it, the only way to leave Akatsuki is through death." The red haired teen named Sasori Akasuna said. Sakura inwardly gulped as she looked down from the gaze of her mentor. She had come to the Akatsuki 'lair' to tell them the news of her moving and subsequent leaving of the group. The minute she had said that she would not longer be part of Akatsuki her statement was shot down.

"You will still be our apprentice until the day you beat us, we will meet again Sakura" the black haired teen stated, voice smooth and deep as his black eyes glistening slightly. He was Itachi Uchiha, the genius son of the famous Uchiha family and one of her mentors along with the red haired teen, Sasori Akasuna, first and only son of the Akasuna corp. CEO. Even at the young ages of 13 and 15 they were respected and admired for their genius in both academics and combat. To have such exceptional proteges as her mentors was a true honor, one that Sakura could not believe she was able to accomplished. She nodded as she looked up at them, happy tears rolling down her cheeks. They were not going to make her leave, she will always be an Akatsuki member, that thought made Sakura's chest fill with happiness.

She will not be left behind.

"Thank you, thank you so much" Sakura had muttered, tears still streaming down her face, she had a family, because no matter how cold the Akatsuki seemed, they were still family. The members were one, alway there for the other. In this group, she will never be left alone.

Itachi and Sasori raised their hand up, the back of their hand facing her. The rest of Akatsuki followed their example. Sakura could see the membership rings of the Akatsuki glinting under the sun. Smiling, Sakura took a hold of the ring that was hanging from her neck by a chain. She might still be in training, but she was still counted as a member, that fact made pride swell inside her being as she clutched the ring tightly.

Bringing her ring up she showed it to them, she could just make out the small smiled on both Sasori and Itachi's faces as all of Akatsuki gave her a salute, she saluted back with a grin.

New tears streamed down her face as she saw the rest of her friends waving from the back, running as well but not able to keep up to the car like the Akatsuki could. She waved at them as the Akatsuki seemed to stop on their tracks.

'I will never forget you, you guys will always be my one and only family,'

'I will miss you, Konoha, I promise I will come back... someday'

That day Sakura Haruno, the only daughter of the Haruno family, left her home in Konoha; forever lost in the maze of destiny.

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