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7: Sick Days

This is actually the drabble I will represent on the sixth day of Pokespe week on tumblr. (Day 6: Friendship or Relationship). I decided to publish this a day early because paper works suck. T-T

(And I finally have an AO3 account, also go by Team_Cap there. xD)

I just love Ruby and Sapphire as their own character and their relationship. (It doesn't matter whether or not that relationship involves romance or not). It's just amazing how these two changed for each other after losing each other (and their respective fathers) after that Salamence attacked them.

It's the favorite drabble I've written so far, and it's canon to my other fanfic called "Perfection", just a reminder. x3

Anyway, enough of my rants. xD

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story

7. Sick Days



"Ruby, I told ya to not leave yer bed. I'll take care of everythin' for ya."

Ruby let out a whiny grumble, letting his girlfriend place her right palm on his chest as she gently pushed him to lie down on his bed with her left hand placed at the back of his head, supporting it on the way.

It was not that he's complaining, really.

Guilt just couldn't stop flooding into his heart, for he was letting his amazing girlfriend do all his work and take care of him at once.

He blamed his severe fever and sore throat.

He was the man in their relationship, and he should be the one who's taking care of her, being more than just a simple gentleman, being more than just her boyfriend who makes her happy and contented at what she had. After all, they were not just in a romantic relationship.

He was also her lifetime companion.

Their strong, romantic mutual feelings were just the tip of the iceberg. It sort of acted like the gravity, a force, even, that makes their relationship stay strong and exceed from its friendship boundary.

She was the reason why he was able to get through every challenges life would throw at him.

She was his major source of inspiration and motivation.

Her smile keeps him determined and often completed his day despite how stressful it was.

Protectively hugging her makes him contented under any circumstances. She was just too important to him.

She meant a lot to him.

Ruby could feel her warm yet comforting palm on his already steaming forehead. He watched her release a heavy sigh in relief as she slowly linked their fingers together. Despite her sweaty hand, it made him feel a bit better. He could feel like his fever could leave any second.

"I'm glad yer fever has gone down. Staying in yer bed all day definitely helped." She said, relief present in her tone, as her anxious gaze met his confused one.

"Still," Ruby adjusted a bit to his left, lifting his shoulders a bit. A pained groan escapes from his lips, making Sapphire's heartbeat increase its pace.

"Ruby, ya can tell me if ya wanna adjust your position." Anxiety consumed her tone and her eyes. She reached for his shoulder blade, placing her right hand on it. She lookd at him with anxiety present in every fiber of her being. "Don't force yerself, please."

He released a long, and heavy sigh. He grabbed her right hand and placed it on his lips, pressing his soft, warm lips against her fingers. She couldn't help but to let her cheeks increase its temperature. "I'm... supposed to be..." He let out a light cough.

It increased her anxiety for him, making her remove her left hand on his to grab the bottle of water placed on the nightstand.

"Ruby, you should drink some water. I'll help ya get up."

He could only nod at her words, for he wastoo weak to sit up in his bed on his own. Guilt flooded his heart again as he watched her place one hand on his back and her other hand wrapped around his own. He let her open the bottle of water, and later placed it in his right hand. He let her guide his arm to his lips just so he could peacefully drink some water.

It made him somehow feel better.

"Ya wanna lie down now, or—"

His sudden strength surprised her greatly. Her eyes widened in shock for literally a second at the moment her soft lips made contact on his. Ruby pulled her closer, deepening their kiss as she slowly closed her eyes, placing the water bottle on the nightstand, and wrapped her arms around him. She returned the kiss with the same enthusiasm building between them.

Ruby slowly pulled apart to gasp for air. A smile plastered across his lips at her cute reaction. A slight blush was painted across her cheeks and her fangs were sticking out from her top lip. Frankly, it made him feel better. "Sapph..." He mentioned her name, intense passion still forming into his tone.

"W-What is it?" Sapphire asked, now gently pushing him to lie down on his bed.

"Could you..." Ruby swallowed hard. The blush creeping onto his face was definitely the result of him imagining the consequences from his favor. "Could you... sleep with me...? Just... Just for tonight. I-I won't do anything. I promise."

Sapphire released a sigh, the blush on her cheeks increased its temperature at his words.

It was strange though.

They had spent many nights and days together, so it was quite expected she's used to it. However, the thought of literally sleeping beside him was often new to her. After all, she was not allowed to share a bed or a room with a guy. Ruby was one of them, however, he was no ordinary guy. He was her only, and obviously her last boyfriend. They were engaged for five months now, of course.

"I-I know you won't be doing anythin' stupid, don't worry. It is... quite legal fer us to do so anyway." She said, now lying beside him, and turned to her right. The blush on her cheeks deepened from their proximity. How did he manage to get enough energy to close the gap between their bodies?

Ruby released a contented sigh, a smile now forming its way onto his lips. He gently and protectively wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer for a hug. "I'm feeling better already."

His contented gaze met her flustered one. His smile widened at the emotions in her eyes. Thank goodness anxiety was no longer consuming her. It did make him feel worse whenever anxiety was consuming his future wife.

"I'm glad I'm helping ya feel better." Sapphire mumbled softly, her left hand placed on his cheek, affectionately caressing it. Slowly, she kissed the tip of his nose.

They stayed in each other's arms, listening to each other's respective heartbeats and breathings. Several moments passed, they slowly fell into slumber. Ruby's arms were still wrapped around her in a protective hug while Sapphire's arms were placed around the back of his neck.




Sapphire closed her eyes, pressing the handkerchief onto her nose and let out a sneeze that Ruby thinks it was the cutest thing he has seen all day. Although he wished her sneeze was not the cause of her cold.

"I have a cold, Ruby." Sapphire said, grabbing the bottle of water on the nightstand. Her voice was a bit sore and lower than the usual. "Unlike yer fever last month, I can't let ya sleep beside me. It's contagious."

Ruby released a sigh in defeat, frowning.

It was true though.

He couldn't sleep beside her because of her cold despite how he badly wanted to. Oh how he wished for her speedy recovery already. "If I can't, then, I'll just have to stay in your house for the night."


Ruby pressed his soft lips on her forehead. His hands travelled around her waist, pulling her closer to deepen the kiss. "It's time for me to make sure my future wife will go into full recovery."

"I..." Sapphire bit her lip. What else could she say, really? Nothing could ever make him change his mind. Well, she was quite stubborn when he was sick. She guessed he was somehow returning the favor, or better: doing this because he loved her and wanted her to be safe and healthy, just like she was to him when he was sick.

She released a contented sigh, her soft lips pressed against his neck. He was definitely her ideal guy.

The contact of her warm lips on his made shivers run through his spine. It felt amazing. He should let her kiss his neck more often, if she was comfortable to do so of course.

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