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63: Tying Up Those Loose Ends

Happy day of the Hoe(nn)! :D

Oh, wait, it's Valentine's? The heck? Anyway, here's a one-shot update and I'm low-key proud how this turned out. Enjoy! :D

Thank you, Sree [naturaltropius] for beta reading!

Summary: Their promise to watch the Litleonid Meteor Shower Celestial Bodies Show together has come true after all.

Rating: T

Time period: Exactly one week after the ORAS arc

63. Tying Up Those Loose Ends



Ruby had been pondering for a week now.

Ever since he and Sapphire saved Hoenn—and to a lesser extent, the world—things had been going quite well for the both of them. Their relationship continued to grow and he was exceptionally earnest and true to his words; he never lied and never tried to leave her behind on important things.

There were temptations to attempt a white lie for surprises, but he tried his hardest to not fall for it.

One example was his decision to continue his career in the contest industry. It warmed his heart that Sapphire genuinely supported him. In fact, she, too, had also shared a career choice she'd been thinking about.

Thankfully, they would find a way to spend time together, especially when one was relaxing in their shared secret base, but Ruby felt like it could be better.

He wanted to ask her out.

He technically did ask her out on a date last week, but the world was in danger back then, and he thought they couldn't make it. It was the reason why he told her every bit of his feelings for her and finally proposed that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

He still meant it; he couldn't and wouldn't lie at that time. Though, he still found it ironic that he'd grown to love and appreciate her every single day.

He thought that falling for her was the end of the chapter, but it was actually just the tip of the iceberg.

A knock on the door interrupted the boy from his thoughts, causing him to sit up from his bed. The Charmer completely forgot that he'd been staring at the ceiling for a while. He stood up to open the door.

It revealed his dad wearing his usual stoic face. To the son, he had a feeling that the face meant something. He was hoping his father wouldn't turn around and show his 'angry back'. He refused to witness it again.

"H-Hey, d-dad!" he choked, hoping his cracked voice wasn't obvious. "What brings you here?"

He seriously hoped he wasn't in trouble.

Norman was silent and just handed him two tickets. Ruby's eyes widened a little, but nevertheless accepted the pieces of papers in his hands.

"They're continuing that celestial show," the intimidating Gym Leader explained. His arms were now folded across his chest. "It was postponed last week due to that asteroid."

Ruby slowly bobbed his head, inspecting the tickets. This would be a great opportunity since Sapphire lost her ticket. Plus, he couldn't recall where he placed his.

"I was going to take your mom, but there's a meeting this weekend."

The boy blinked, placing the papers in his pocket. He closed it using a zipper, making sure it wouldn't fly away. "Is it because Sapphire wants to challenge the league?"

"Yes," Norman acknowledged. "Maybe. I heard the director wants to make it challenging."

Ruby couldn't help his smug face. "She's gonna destroy them."

"I'm planning to help her train, by the way. Tell her that for me."

The Charmer didn't know how that would work, but knowing Sapphire, she would end up accepting his dad's offer. Although, he didn't know why his father volunteered. He guessed it was better since his dad was the more experienced one.

"Sure," the son replied and the father left him alone in his room. He smiled and grabbed his Pokegear.

It was quite convenient that his parents couldn't go and this gave him a good excuse to hang out with Sapphire.

And...maybe finally go on a romantic date with her.

The boy waited for the girl to answer the call and once she did, he smiled. "Hey, Sapph! You free?"

"Right now?" the Conqueror asked. She let go of a vine she was holding to grab hold of another. Her eyes remained in front of her and when she saw Littleroot Town up close, she smiled.

"I don't have time!" she exclaimed. Ruby was about to ask what time she would be free, but Sapphire interrupted him. "I'll drop by yer house now, though! Just open the window!"

"Okay...?" Ruby answered before she hung up. He went to his window to slide it open but he stopped to see Sapphire aiming towards him. "Sapph! What are you—"

The wild girl swung fiercely before removing her hand from the vine and tucked both arms to her sides. She positioned herself like a bullet and catapulted right through the window.

It was a perfect hit—a bullseye!

"Hngh," Ruby whined, his right arm went to rub his aching head. He blinked.

He did not expect that landing but he should have! He knew Sapphire could be daring at times.

"Sorry, Ruby," she giggled and Ruby swore she sounded much closer.

Lifting his head, he could perfectly understand why; their faces were exceedingly close to each other! One move would make his lips meet her own.

Sapphire immediately noticed this. Despite her flushed cheeks, she moved away and stood up. Ruby felt a tad disappointed that her comfort and warmth faded.

The brunette cleared her throat. "I-I'm sorry about that," she closed her eyes to laugh and rubbed the back of her head with her hand. "I got a bit reckless there."

His eyes softened and smiled. "It's fine," he reassured, before lifting himself up to sit on his bed. Sapphire followed him but moved a bit when he patted the specs of dust on his shirt.

"So," Ruby began once he finished dusting his shirt. "I've been thinking..."

Sapphire raised an eyebrow with her fang poking out. "What?"

Ruby clenched his right fist and coughed on it. He didn't know why his cheeks felt hot but one thing was certain.

Sapphire looked extraordinarily cute today and her messy hair just added the charm. He breathed, hoping his fast heartbeat would calm itself just for once.

"S-Since...you know, you were busy helping your dad in his research, and.." he scratched his head, still feeling ashamed of what he did during that meteorite catastrophe. "...that meteorite issue got in the way, we never really had a proper date."

He stopped, realizing what he just rambled. "Uhh, what I meant to say was—"

Sapphire found it quite amusing, causing her to giggle. She knew that 'date' meant something romantic and she could see how serious he was. "Funny," she uttered. "my dad said I'm only allowed to go on a date with my partner."

Ruby's jaw slacked. Weren't they...? He thought...? "But I'm your boyfriend!"

She was taken aback by his answer. He definitely sounded desperate and serious. It was enough to bring the heat back to her cheeks. "W-Well, did ya ask?"

Ruby opened his mouth to reply but quickly snapped it shut. She had a point.

Despite the number of times he kissed her cheeks, held her hand, hugged her, and actually kissed her on the lips once, he never really asked if he could be her boyfriend. He always thought—and still did—that there was always a special 'spark' or connection between them that they didn't need to follow the traditional way of courtship.

Though they didn't need words to communicate, it was still better to try to contact one another through words. He learned that the hard way, and he wasn't going to waste that.

The boy placed a hand on his forehead, then released a defeated sigh. "Okay, my fault for not asking," he admitted. "But hey, since I got the time and chance now..."

Sapphire swallowed the lump in her throat and bit her lip, composing herself. She knew Ruby had learned from his mistakes and was willing to never commit the same faults ever again. However, she still needed to keep her guard up.

After all, if Ruby lied or left her out again, then...that would be the last straw. She had to set her limits.

Ruby clasped onto her hand and looked straight into her eyes. He smiled. "Can I be your boyfriend and will you go on a date with me this weekend?"

Sapphire flinched, but Ruby's hands remained on hers. She blinked. She didn't expect that he would be straightforward and casual with this. Then again, his emotions did explode like a bomb last week. And she knew he uttered every feeling he had for her.

She darted her eyes, hoping she would be at least less overloaded with such affection. "Y-Yeah," she stammered. "I-I'd like that."

The Charmer's smile converted into a large grin. He threw his arms in the air and screamed.


He was, without a doubt, the happiest man alive.

"YEEES! YES! YEEEEES!" he yelled, dropping his arms and proceeded to embrace her. "You won't regret it! I'll be the best boyfriend you will only have!"

Sapphire's world just paused for a second. 'Only'? Was he...was he really—

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt Ruby's soft lips pressing on her cheeks. Her blush increased tenfold and he seemed to be unaware of it. He chuckled.

"I'm surprised you haven't fainted yet," he uttered, removing his arms around her.

The Conqueror raised an eyebrow. "What do ya mean?"

His eyes glinted with passion. "Well," he smirked. "remember when I asked you to go to space with me?"

"Of course," she answered swiftly. "I have to since you have to keep yer word or else."

He nodded. His face was serious—it almost resembled his father's. He swore to never lie nor leave her out, and he would keep his word. He cleared his throat. "I mean, you fainted after I asked you out since..." he scratched his head. "I technically asked you out on a date, heh."

"Ya said ya wanted to be together until the last moment."

"And I meant that!" he screamed. His hands went back to holding her own. "Not just on that day but for the rest of our days! Forever!"

The brunette was aware that he could be passionate about the things he loved—sometimes too passionate, but it warmed her heart knowing that he would never go back on his word. She noticed he was committed to learning and fixing his mistakes too, and this was more than she could ask for.

"Y-Ya know," she stuttered, her eyes still not meeting his. "I-I was overwhelmed when I fainted, just to make things clear!"

The contest master thought her reaction was too appealing. The way she blushed to defend herself was the icing on his cake. He cackled. "To be fair, I was as well, and my emotions were bursting all over for you!"

She rolled her eyes. "No wonder ya cried after I said yes."

It was now Ruby's turn to blush and be embarrassed. "T-To be fair, it was tears of joy!"

Sapphire found herself giggling whilst Ruby couldn't help but smile once again with an endearing expression.

"I know, silly!" she stated. "Ya should've seen yer face, though! Ye have snot drippin' from yer nose like Mumu!"

"H-Hey!" his face flushed, but he ended up laughing with her.

Their laughter echoed throughout the room and Ruby just grew fond of the little moments like these. It was one of the many reasons why he loved her so much. He sighed. "So," he continued. "I'll pick you up at 7 on Saturday. Sounds good?"

The girl bobbed her head enthusiastically. "Yeah!"



Littleroot Town

7:00 PM

Ruby removed his hat for the nth time of the night. He inspected his hair, hoping every strand was in its place. He placed his hat again and took a step back.

Everything seemed to be perfect. Now all he needed was to pick up Sapphire. Luckily, she was his neighbor, so he didn't have to worry about traveling that far to get there.

He grabbed his Pokegear and scrutinized his room. He opted to leave his bag and his Pokemon since he wanted to spend some time alone with her.

With everything ready, he went outside his room and downstairs.

He was wearing his casual gear and while it was unexpected of him to be this bland on such a big occasion, he would like to start small and humble—just like how he started his relationship with Sapphire.

"Ruby!" his mother called from the kitchen. "Are you sure you're gonna wear that on your date with Sapphire?"

The boy almost tripped if he wasn't holding onto the rails. His cheeks were rosy. "Mom!"

He heard his mother snigger. "Are you and Sapphire gonna spend the night here or at a hotel?"

Ruby hated the fact that his parents wouldn't stop teasing him about it. How did they even find out anyway? "MOM! No! We're not—"

"They'll stay at a hotel," Norman butted into the conversation. He was watching TV in the living room whilst smirking. "For alone time, of course," he murmured, but loud enough for his son to hear.

Ruby had enough. He didn't expect to have both parents teasing him like this. "I-I'll be leaving now!" he announced, before carefully slamming the door. Once he was outside, he released his frustrated scream.

Why did he have to suffer from this?!


Sapphire took a glance at her Pokegear for the umpteenth time of the day. She was still having a hard time believing that Ruby didn't insist on wearing something...formal or fancy. She was aware her reading skills had gotten better throughout the years, and she knew what she read was exactly the message stated.

She could let her father read it just to be sure, but there was no way she would let her dad read her message history with Ruby.

It was either filled with friendly debates, flirting, and random topics; there was no in-between.

"You nervous, Sapphire?" Professor Birch asked and Sapphire recoiled, almost dropping her phone.

She made sure to not look at her father. "D-Don't ya have some paperwork to do, dad?!"

The scientist laughed. "Well, I have to see you and Ruby go—"

"Yer papers ain't workin' themselves, dad!"

The doorbell rang before the professor could reply. The girl shoved her Pokegear in her fanny pack and opened it. The motion was quick and before the professor could even try to greet his future son-in-law, the door was slammed to his face.

Ruby blinked, wondering what the fuss was about. "What—"

"We're leavin' now, right?"

The Charmer was even more confused. "Well, yeah, but how about—"

"My dad is busy," she intervened.

"Uhh, Sapphire? Can you open the door?" the professor knocked and begged his daughter on the other side. He kept on turning the knob, but it wouldn't budge. "I think it's stuck!"

Ruby laughed at the comedic display he was witnessing. "He's teasing you too, huh?"

Sapphire rolled her eyes and growled like a Mightyena. "Ever since he found out."

Ruby raised an eyebrow and placed a hand on his chin. It did bring up an important question he just perceived. "How did they find out anyway?"



Lisia released a mischievous titter, as she sent her uncle Wallace a text message.

"Sapphire and Ruby are going on a date! Isn't that cute, uncle?! Text me back ASAP! Love you! Tell auntie Winona I said hi! Tell uncle Steven that I still need Ali's keystone! 💙"



Sapphire was clueless and replied with a shrug. It was probably their parents' intuition. "Where are we goin', by the way?" she asked, changing the subject.

"You're leaving now?" Professor Birch asked on the other side of the door. "But I haven't even—"

"Yes, dad, we're leavin' now'!" Sapphire snapped, before placing her thumb and her index finger between her mouth. A loud whistle came out afterwards, and the sound was adequate to haze one's hearing.

It didn't take a minute for a loud cry to respond to the whistling. The breeze moved in a circular pattern, causing Ruby to hold onto his hat. He made sure it was in place before he raised his head to see a Tropius descending from above.

The Grass-Flying type landed on the ground, shaking it a bit. Sapphire petted the bananasaur before giving it a Sitrus Berry.

"So," she started, patting the Tropius' neck once again. "Where to?"

Ruby dropped his arm and smiled widely. "Remember that meteor shower show I told you about?"

Sapphire drew her eyebrows together, as she sat on the Pokemon's back. "Yeah?"

"Well," the boy grabbed his girlfriend's hand, as she hoisted him up. He sat behind her and moved closer to fill the gap between them. "My dad gave me his tickets, so we don't have to worry about ours."

"That's really nice of yer dad," she commented, but Ruby just laughed it off.

"He said he couldn't go, so I wouldn't count it."

She rolled her eyes. "Sure," she giggled. She was fully aware of her boyfriend's relationship with his father. It wasn't the best, but she hoped everything was going alright despite that. Her mouth opened, as she blinked.

Did she just say the 'b' word?

She gulped. "W-We're goin' to Mossdeep Space Center, then?"

"Yeah," he responded with a grin.



Ruby had soared through the skyline many times. He did experience it with his Master's air car and his flight with Rayquaza. However, flying through the skies with Sapphire was quite different; it was special and unique. After all, he did get to enjoy this magnificent view with her and traveling with Sapphire, in general, was always fun.

He never knew it would be fun until they did that data distribution journey together. He got to know her more through it, and he was beyond thankful that he joined her on that expedition.

He paused when he heard a chattering sound. He observed his girlfriend and saw her rubbing her arms. It was just as he thought; she was shivering.

It made sense why she would tremble from the cold more than he would. She was wearing a short-sleeved shirt. Maybe he should design some outfits for her during the cold season. He had to make a note of that.

Still, he had to keep her warm at the moment.

His hand reached for her, but he hesitated. He gritted his teeth. He was her boyfriend, right? He shouldn't be indecisive about this. Still, a part of him wanted to have her consent first. While he could easily be suave and just nuzzle with her, he had a feeling it was better to have permission.

"Hey," he called. "you cold?"

Sapphire gnashed her teeth. "I-I forgot to bring a jacket or...sumthin'..."

"You...want me to hug you?" he suggested, causing the girl's cheeks to heat up.

Now she felt warm.

"Uhh... W-We're almost there anyway, but...yeah...s-sure."

Ruby was quick to gently wrap his arms around her waist. He pulled her closer so that her back was resting on his chest. He sighed dreamily and a satisfied smile appeared on his lips.

He liked this sensation.

The Tropius growled a few seconds later, making Sapphire move from her spot. She placed a hand on its neck, stroking it. "What is it, Troppy?"

Troppy let out another grumble—a louder one—and Sapphire knew what it meant.

"We're almost there, hold on!"

It instantly alerted the Charmer, as he held his hat and placed one arm around Sapphire. With another roar, the Tropius made a landing. Ruby held his hat as tightly as possible, hoping his hair wouldn't be a mess after this.

However, based on Sapphire's hair flying all over his face, he could tell that it wouldn't end well. He scowled. He should've brought a comb.

Troppy settled safely in front of the Space Center. Sapphire hopped off, causing her boyfriend to land on the ground with his cheek smacked it.

"Thanks for the ride, Troppy!" she gave the Pokemon another berry. "I'll whistle later!"

The Pokemon happily accepted it and headed off. Ruby whined in pain but later stood up. He fixed his hat and swept every inch of his outfit with his palms. His girlfriend just watched him and then rolled her eyes. She turned around to scan the area. Her eyes flared with excitement.

The brunette was always aware that this event was kind of big and the breathtaking astral decorations were no exception. The event organizers definitely put a lot of effort into it. "This looks amazin'!'' she squealed.

"Huh?" the contest master stopped to look at her. He was perplexed at first and when he noticed how thrilled she was, he couldn't help but smile. He was attracted to her raw exhilaration that it became so contagious.

"What are we waitin' for?!" Sapphire grabbed his hand. She was like an enthusiastic child in a chocolate factory.

Ruby laughed tenderly, as he let her take him to the entrance. A guard, however, blocked them on the way, but the boy showed him their tickets.

"Aight," the guard stated after getting their entry fees. He moved to the side to let the couple in the building. "Enjoy the show," he adjusted his sunglasses. "lovebirds."

The Contest Master stood still as his eyes wandered around, contemplating the guy's words.

Were they really that obvious?!

"Ruby!" the brunette called and stood in front of him. "Come on! Let's go!" she took his hand before he could reply and dragged further inside the Space Center.

All of Ruby's worries dissolved when he felt Sapphire's warm hand on his. He smiled, interlocking their fingers together. Her hand was smaller than his, but it was strong and feisty at the same time. He was expecting her hand was rough due to the outdoor activities she often did, but it wasn't completely like that; it was resilient and it showed some parts of her deep character.

But most importantly, her hand was comfortable and he would love to hold it for as long as he could.

"Look!" Sapphire stopped in her tracks while Ruby followed. He snapped out of his trance and followed what her finger was pointing at. "Ain't that an astronaut cut out?"

"Hmm, yeah," he hummed. "I guess it's for photos. I'm surprised there aren't many people there."

The Conqueror instilled her boyfriend's words for a few seconds and then it clicked. "Ehh?" she exclaimed, confused. She studied the place once again.

He was right. There weren't many people, but why? She heard this event was grand and the tickets were expensive, but were they really that costly?

"I guess..." she steered her words for a moment, before tugging Ruby's arm. He understood what she meant and the two approached the cutout.

Sapphire immediately whined when she got a good view of it. "Darn it, there's only one astronaut..."

Ruby couldn't help but chuckle. "Ah, so you were expecting two of them, like a couple of astronauts?"

The girl's pout dissipated. She rolled her eyes at the horrible joke her boyfriend stated. He was fortunate that her dad's...well, dad jokes were much worse than his. "Very funny," she replied in the most sarcastic tone she could muster.

The boy couldn't help but laugh loudly. "Hey, that wasn't even a joke!"

"And it's already bad!"

"Really?" he retorted with a smug face. "'Cause I can see you trying not to smile, hmm?"

She blushed and let go of her hand from his. She folded her arms across her chest and turned her head to her side, hiding her reddening cheeks.

Alright, she could acknowledge it was kind of funny.

"Yer lucky my dad's jokes are worse."

He cackled. He was wondering if he would throw some dad jokes when the time was right. He suddenly contracted. He ceased his thoughts.

Where did that even come from?

He cleared his throat instead and went behind the cardboard. He peered through the lensless helmet with a smile. "We can always take a photo together," he recommended, gesturing her to join him. "Besides, I think this cardboard is big enough for the two of us."

"Yeah, but," Sapphire moved closer. "who will take our picture?"

She had a good point.

"Umm," Ruby tried to find someone, but he couldn't find anyone 'trustworthy' enough to take their photo. He closed his eyes to exhale and grabbed his Pokegear. "I'll do it."


The Charmer's arms reached for the Conqueror's shoulder. He pulled her closer, placed the camera in front of them, and winked. He snapped a photo of them with a press of a button. Once it was done, he let go to view the picture and a smile plastered across his lips.

He was both winking and flashing a grin whilst his girlfriend was perplexed and blushing. She had a nervous smile and he thought she looked adorable. It was a decent picture in terms of the camera quality, but he regretted not taking his camera with him.

Still, this would suffice.

"We should take one again," Sapphire suggested, and Ruby turned to face her.

It was now his turn to go scarlet—Sapphire's face was right next to him! It would only take one quick motion to kiss her cheek—let alone her lips...

As much as he would love to do that right now, he knew Sapphire wasn't really comfortable with public displays of affection. Even holding each other's hands in front of their respective parents would mortify her! He coughed, hoping he could cease the pink hue from diffusing.

"Y-Yeah," his words fumbled "G-Good idea!"

The brunette raised an eyebrow. "Are ya—" she halted, grasping the reality that her face almost smacked his. She backed off but bumped into the astronaut cardboard, causing it to fall.

The other guests heard the ruckus, making them look at the source. They saw two embarrassed teenagers having an awkward moment. Some rolled their eyes while some just ignored the two.

Despite the appalling display she caused, Sapphire disregarded it and whirled around to place the cut out back in its place. She heard her boyfriend saying something, but she paid no heed for now.

"Sapph?" he placed a hand on her shoulder, but it made the situation worse. Sparks of electricity flowed from his touch and made her knock the item she was trying to put back. He winced when he heard another loud thud.

He...probably shouldn't surprise her like that again.

The same bystanders looked at the commotion. When they got a glimpse of the same teenagers, they just went back to whatever they were doing.

She facepalmed at the shameful events she experienced. And she thought she was going to have a great time with Ruby. She was extremely mistaken. It wasn't as bad since her dad didn't embarrass her, and she couldn't imagine if he got the chance to do so.

Ruby felt horrible for giving her a rough time. His eyes dawdled around the vicinity, hoping there would be something to cheer her up and lift the mood. When he did, an idea entered his head like a flick of a light switch. He clasped her hand. "Hey, is that a souvenir shop over there?"

"Huh?" Sapphire perked up and followed what his finger was pointing to.


The shop was brimmed with different stellar-themed items—from keychains to plush toys, and even outfits like t-shirts, caps, swimsuits, or hoodies.

Sapphire dropped her hand, letting go of the price tag attached to the Ralts plush, and scowled. Ruby noticed this and looked at the item on sale. His eyes went round like the moon.

"How come this costs 10,000 yen?!" he asked loudly, and his girlfriend just shrugged.

"It's funny cuz the difference is it's only wearin' a spacesuit. The regular Ralts plushies in the mall were surprisingly cheaper than this."

"Exactly," Ruby warded off from the stuffed toy to look at her. "Still, do you want me to buy it for you?"

Her eyes widened, but she hastily shook her head. "No! Don't!" she declined. However, she could tell her boyfriend wasn't convinced. "It's too expensive, Ruby. I'd rather have the Ralts plushie we have in our secret base."

The boy bit his lip. He glanced at the Ralts plush toy once again before giving a dubious nod. He made a mental note to buy one for her on her birthday or their anniversary. "Alright," he gave in. "Still, do you wanna buy something else before the show starts?"

"Nah," she refused with a grin. "I don't have money and I think I don't need some at the moment."

"Alright," he nodded. "Wha—"

"Good evening, everyone!" the announcer interrupted. Everyone in the Space Center stopped to listen. "The Litleonid Meteor Celestial Bodies Show will start in 5 minutes. It's best to grab a seat now so you wouldn't miss the show!"

"I guess we better get goin'," Sapphire stated moments after the announcement. Ruby shut his eyes before exhaling.



The couple was still baffled that the auditorium wasn't packed. Were the tickets that pricey? They were certain most people in Hoenn could afford such valuable tickets.

They sat on a chair that was closest to the stage and thankfully, no one tried to sit with them. The waiting room seat did have the capacity of three people and while the other could just ignore the lovebirds, Ruby preferred to have the seat all to him and his girlfriend for privacy reasons.

Still, he was kind of bummed that Sapphire seated a few inches away from him. He knew she was shy and this little space between them shouldn't bother him. But somehow, it did and he hated it.

He moved closer, but the announcement once again disrupted his opportunity.

"We would like to apologize for the delay but the show will start now. Thank you for your patience, and we also apologize that this couldn't be held last week as intended. But now, sit back, relax and enjoy the wonders of the sky!"

The lights went dim and the screen in front of them revealed the vastness of space.

It was interesting at first but the fact that both Ruby and Sapphire went there a week ago, seeing it on screen felt different; it wasn't as real and authentic as they expected.

Ruby glanced at his girlfriend. He could tell that she wasn't as amazed as before, and he decided to use this opportunity. He let his left arm rest on the seat's top rail, before scooting closer. "Can I tell you something?" he whispered.

Sapphire stopped eyeing the screen to look at her boyfriend. Her cheeks flushed when she noticed he was an inch away from her. She tried moving away but Ruby held her hand, halting her. She breathed and yielded.

They were dating, and she might as well get used to this despite her annoying fast heartbeat.

"Go on," she encouraged.

Ruby thought of something. He turned his head to kiss her left temple before replying, "What I've seen with you was better," he confessed. He peeked and saw her flushed face. "I mean, I'm really glad that we finally got a chance to go on a proper date, but the one we've seen in space and the stargazing we often do were better."

She found herself giggling. He had a point. She didn't know what made this meteor shower show so special. The ones they witnessed in nature were ten times better. "They are."

The audience cheered, but neither cared, for they were too busy looking at each other.

The Charmer had a smug reaction when he got a new idea. "Wanna stargaze outside?"

She grinned. "I thought ya'd never ask."

Ruby reached out his hand—like the gentleman he was—to which Sapphire accepted. They stood up hand in hand and swiftly went to the side of the auditorium before the other guests could complain.

They looked at each other. They didn't need words to communicate; they could easily tell that they should've stood for a long time to block the crowd's view and laughed at the idea. A watcher shushed them, though, causing them to cackle quietly.

"Ya know," Sapphire muttered. "we would be kicked out if we did that. Maybe."

He chuckled. "Maybe next time?"

"No, silly," she rolled her eyes but released another giggle. "I don't wanna deal with their security or sumthin'."

"To be fair," Ruby interjected. They managed to get out of the assembly room and were now walking past the store they went to earlier. "you could easily beat him up."

"Ehh, I don't know," she grinned sheepishly, and he knew she was doubting her skills.

He wished she still had some confidence in her abilities and he knew it was his fault for shattering it; locking her in the aircar was one root.

They made it outside the Space Center with ease. The cold breeze met them like a friend tackling them for a bearhug. Sapphire quivered a bit and Ruby cloaked her shoulders with his left arm.

It seemed to have worked.

"Let's stargaze close to the shore," the brunette recommended and her boyfriend just nodded.

It didn't take more than five minutes to get to an isolated cliff on the edge of the city. Mossdeep being a huge metropolis was definitely convenient for finding a secluded area.

The waves crashed onto the rocks and the serene environment perfectly complimented it. Sapphire stopped to linger at the scenery. She closed her eyes and breathed in. Ruby was watching her and his features softened the longer he stared at her.

She looked so...pretty...

The Conqueror smiled with her fangs poking out. "It's good to be outside again."

The Charmer bobbed his head leisurely, his passionate gaze remained at her. "Yeah..."

They sat next to each other on the grassy ground and later elevated their heads to view the sky.

It was dark, but the different stars twinkling in the horizon made up the unlit environment. There wasn't any sign of the moon shining with the stars, but it didn't stop them from enjoying the view.

It felt odd being on earth to gaze at the heavens; everything in space seemed different. It felt like they were in a different world despite the dangers ahead.

Ruby averted his eyes to look at his girlfriend. Despite their proximity, he moved closer and grabbed her hand. Sapphire flinched for a split second but managed to relax. She leaned her head to her left, resting it on her boyfriend's shoulder.

Fortunately, they were two inches apart, so she didn't have to worry whether Ruby was too tall or too short.

Ruby did the same and tilted his head and lazed it on top of hers. He hoisted their interlocked hands and pressed his lips on it. He smiled sincerely while Sapphire's cheeks heated up from the sensation.

They wished this moment could last forever.

He later lifted his head and it made Sapphire wonder. When she turned, she met his earnest expression. They stared at each other's eyes for a little while until Ruby chuckled.

"Remember when we wore our contest outfits for the first time?"

Sapphire pursed her lips for a pout. She then used her right index finger to tap her chin. "Remember what?"

His smile faded. His heartbeat raced—not because of these overwhelming and authentic feelings he had for Sapphire—but the fact that she just...stated those words he formerly used to get away or lie about his feelings.

His mind was discombobulated. Did she just…? He was hearing this correctly, right? He couldn't grasp the words well. Was this all a dream?

The brunette giggled at his puzzled reaction. "I'm kiddin'," she reassured. "but how does it feel?"

He ended up cackling genuinely with his left hand covering his left eye. He was now put to ease.

"It was nerve-wracking," he answered, still chortling. He was petrified that she actually forgot that amazing yet emotional moment they had. Still, he got a taste of his own medicine, and he practically deserved that. "but I now know how you feel about it."

She stuck her tongue out. "Ya have no idea how annoyin' it was."

His mouth set a hard line. He was aware of the pain, insecurities, and disappointment he caused, and he was willing to fix it. He squeezed their linked hands.

He could always start repairing it now.

"I never told you this," he started. His eyes went back to look at her. His expression softened once again.

"Hmm?" she hummed and her inquisitive reaction was enough to make his heart pound faster.

She never failed to make him feel different positive emotions at once.

He breathed. "You're...you're actually beautiful..." he coughed. That didn't turn out as he intended. Maybe he could revise it. He inhaled. "I mean, you're beautiful, Sapphire. You always have been."

He stared at her again and to his delight, her face was red. She tried to shift her attention to something else, but the heat on her cheeks didn't seem to disappear.

To be honest, Sapphire didn't know how to respond. She always knew Ruby held an extremely high standard when it comes to beauty. She didn't know if he hit his head when he told her that.

Though, she could tell he wasn't lying; his tone was profound and his expression gave away the sincerity.

"Can I kiss you?"

Her eyes widened and her attention went back to him. "Ehh?" she shrieked. "H-How can ya say that so casually?!"

To her surprise, he kissed her hand and smiled wholeheartedly. "I told you before: I want to be with you until the last moment and I meant it. I..." one hand went to scratch the back of his head. He chuckled cordially. He was starting to wonder what took him so long to have the courage to say these words.

"I love you."

Sapphire was speechless. She opened her mouth, but tried as she might, she couldn't utter a word.

"Ever since we got to know each other, I couldn't stop thinking about you and my feelings for you in general."

The wind howled loudly, as Sapphire's hair flowed with it along with his hat. Once it calmed down, he placed his hat back in its place. His free hand then reached for her hair to tuck some loose strands behind her ear.

"That meteorite catastrophe made me realize a lot of things and the things I should change about myself," he paused, still contemplating that he could've done better during that time, but there was no point in dallying in the past. He gripped her hand for a bit. "I could act like nothing happened, but I feel like I shouldn't."

Tears welled up in his eyes and when one fell, Sapphire wiped it off with her thumb. He smiled.

"I almost lost you," he said silently. His tone was dark, grim, and full of regrets. "I tried so hard to protect you, just so I couldn't lose you, but I almost did. And I'm not gonna let that happen ever again. That's why I'm telling you this now."

Sapphire understood where he was coming from. Frankly enough, she was also afraid of losing him. She tried to act like a jealous freak on the outside, but on the inside, she was frightened.

She lost her mother already, and she didn't want to lose another important person in her life.

"I know we're young, but I wanna tell you how much I love you...before it's too late," he leaned in closer to gently press his lips on her forehead. It sent sparks traveling through their systems and they liked that sensation. "I love you, Sapphire," he confessed again. "I always have."

Sapphire was on the verge of tears. She didn't expect this; she never expected this. Being Ruby's girlfriend already felt like a dream she didn't want to wake up from, but knowing Ruby confessed his love was overwhelming in the best possible way.

"I..." she swallowed the lump in her throat. "Y-Yeah...ya can kiss me."

He removed his hand on hers to wrap his arm around her waist. Their bodies were now facing each other, as they rested their foreheads together. He smiled. "You can take your time to say those three words. I assure you that my feelings for you will only grow stronger."

He pulled her for an embrace whilst she returned the gesture. They barely shared hugs before but now...they would like to do it often. It was warm and comforting; it made them feel safe just by being in each other's arms.

It felt like forever but they let go, and Ruby took this chance to cup her cheek with his left hand. Slowly, he tilted his head and gently pressed his soft lips against hers.

They may have shared their first kiss before, but this one was special; it signified the start of their relationship that would last until their last moments.


A camera flashed at the couple kissing on the cliff. Luckily, the photographer was far enough from the two, or else the camera's flash would ruin the mood. The paparazzo smirked devilishly and hid the device safely in her satchel.

"You do realize that stalking is creepy," Emerald stated for the nth time but Lisia dissed it.

"I told you," the contest idol corrected. "I'm observing them! Plus, aren't they cute? They are so cute together! No wonder my uncle Wallace and auntie Winona and basically every Gym Leader want them to be together!"

Emerald rolled his eyes. At this point, everyone in Hoenn wanted Ruby and Sapphire to be together. He wouldn't be surprised if people asked when their wedding would be. "They are," he admitted. "but don't tell them I said that!"

"I'm sure they'll appreciate it," Wally chuckled nervously. He had no idea why he was here, but he liked these people already.

"See? Even you admit they're cute together!" Lisia tittered wickedly. "Besides, the RuSa fan club will appreciate these photos I got!"

The blond stitched his eyebrows together. "RuSa club? What the hell did I miss?"

Wally shrugged as a response. "I've been away from Hoenn in a while, so I have no idea too."

Remember, kids: consent is key~

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