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60: Knowing One's Astrology (Kinda)

It started when Yamamoto-san posted a birthday doodle for Sapphire and Whi-Two and it proved and debunked the fanon concept that Sapphire "can't" read and I'm forever grateful for Yamamoto-san about it.

This is mostly a self-indulgent fic (just like everything, as in 70 fanfics of the franticshipping fanfics I published so far) so I apologize if this doesn't meet your expectations! :)

Thank you to my irl friend for beta reading!

Summary: With a little convincing, Sapphire became curious about her horoscope's compatibility with Ruby's. The results were something she didn't expect.

60. Knowing One's Astrology (Kinda)



Sapphire had never been so annoyed; she didn't even know where she should begin!

To start things off, it turned out Ruby couldn't go home with her since he had an 'appointment' elsewhere. She didn't know what the appointment was since Ruby stated nothing about it. She trusted him, no doubt, but she had a feeling it was something related to her birthday.

If not, maybe the world is in peril. Then again, he promised to never hide anything from her, including information like that. Besides, the world seemed like it didn't need to be saved again.

So, the logical conclusion would be the fact that he had plans for her birthday. After all, her birthday was next month and Ruby being his flashy self would always plan something grand for her day.

She appreciated it, but at the same time, he didn't need to go that far just for her.

Still, she was slightly disappointed that they couldn't ride on her Salamence together on their way home. They would always go to work and go home together—it was always their routine.

Then again, he did borrow her Tropius today, just in case he may not go home with her, but still...

She tried shrugging it off and thought about something else, but that's when the...nuisance came.

"Sapphire, hi!" Lisia greeted with her bubbly attitude. Sapphire flinched at the contest idol's cheerful aura, but maybe it was just what she needed to lighten up.

Although, she had a feeling Lisia was here to tease her again which was something she wasn't in the mood to do.

Don't get her wrong: she unexpectedly enjoyed Lisia's company—she was one of the few female friends she had in Hoenn (minus the Gym Leaders like Flannery, Roxanne, and Liza), but Lisia being her usual self, would always find a way to tease her.

She was startled to find out that Lisia wasn't exactly into guys, but to girls of all people. She definitely supported her, but even though Lisia liked girls romantically, she was the self-proclaimed 'number one Ruby and Sapphire shipper'. She didn't know what it meant until Silver explained it.

With that information in mind, it was the reason why she was irked.

"Heya, Lisia," the Conqueror replied, trying to sound as enthusiastic as the contest idol. "Whatcha doin' here...in the Pokemon League?"

Lisia giggled; it was the reaction Sapphire learned how to get used to. "I'm here to give you something," She grabbed something from her bag and showed it to the Hoenn Champion. "Ta-da!"

Sapphire didn't know how to react. On one hand, she was glad that Lisia remembered she liked reading books instead of another outfit she would probably be uncomfortable to wear, but on another, why was it about horoscopes? She heard about those but she didn't exactly have an opinion yet whether or not to believe in it.

"A book about...horoscopes?" she asked, trying to sound as interested as possible.

The brunette felt like dying inside, honestly.

"Well," Lisia grabbed Sapphire's hands and placed the book in it. "More like a magazine or something but it might interest you!" she squealed and Sapphire didn't like the sound of it. Lisia went closer, giving Sapphire a hug. "Aren't you curious to know how compatible are you with your boyfriend?" She winked, as she let go of the hug. "I'll be going to see uncle Wallace. See you later, Sapphy!"

Once the blue-haired was gone, Sapphire released a breath. She then looked at the 'magazine' in her hands. Horoscopes, huh? She heard about those, but she still couldn't form an opinion on whether or not she completely believed in it. Maybe she could entertain herself with this before Ruby arrives.

Placing the bundle of papers in her fanny pack, Sapphire dashed outside and sent out her Salamence, Mandero, and flew to Route 101.

Her destination: the secret base.



Ruby shook his head, as he let his hand slid through his face.

His appointment was...stressful at best. He was just hoping Sapphire wouldn't have any idea about it, but knowing his girlfriend like a book he could easily read, he knew she would have her suspicions.

As much as he wanted to tell her the truth, however, he needed to keep it for himself at the moment. After all, it was a surprise for her birthday. He wanted to do something grand for the audience and something simple yet overly romantic for his exclusive party with her.

He snapped out of his trance when he heard Troppy flapped its wings, creating a gust that almost knocked his hat off his head. Placing one hand on it, he chuckled and grabbed some Sitrus Berries in his pocket.

"Don't worry, I know what you need, Troppy," he stated, standing next to the Grass-Flying type. He watched it slowly grab one berry with its mouth. A small smile appeared on his lips. He often forgot that Troppy needed to be fed before ascending into the sky. It was the least he could do to take him to his destination quickly.

The Tropius continued grabbing each berry from the Charmer's hand, making sure to not drop saliva on the latter's hand. He was quite aware that his trainer's boyfriend didn't really like getting drool on his clothes and his body.

The Grass-Flying type let out a cry, lowering its left wing, signaling Ruby that it was ready for take-off. Ruby noticed this and slowly went on the flying dinosaur's back. It was quite odd that Sapphire wasn't with him; he would usually kiss her temple before hugging her as they flew into the sky.

He knew he had to get used to it since things might get in the way, preventing them to hitch a ride on Troppy or Mandero on the way home, but it just wasn't the same without her.

Troppy let out another cry, making Ruby's mind revert back to reality.

"Huh?" Ruby blinked, looking at the Tropius. It took him a few seconds before he perceived what it meant. "Ah, sorry," he apologized. "Let's go to Route 101."

That was all the Tropius needed to flap its wings and took off into the sky. Ruby wrapped one hand around the flying dinosaur's neck whilst his other hand held onto his hat. He gritted his teeth, holding tightly on Troppy and his hat, as the wind tried to blow him away from the Pokemon.



The Tropius let out a roar, as it slowly descended from the sky. Ruby once again held his hand and wrapped his right arm around the flying dinosaur.

He hated it every time this happened. He didn't have any problems with this whenever he was with Sapphire but somehow, he found himself freaking out whenever a Pokemon that could fly would land or soar into the sky.

How did Sapphire handle this flawlessly? He had absolutely no idea. But, hey, this just proved how beautiful Sapphire is even when this crazy wind thing happens whenever they mount into the sky.

Ruby released the biggest relieved sigh when the Tropius came into the land. He removed his arms around the creature and hopped down.

Oh, how he missed the solid ground.

Stretching his arms, he later grabbed his Pokeblock case and gave the Grass-Flying type a red-colored Pokeblock. "Thanks for the ride, Troppy."

Troppy's eyes gleamed at the delicious treat placed on the Charmer's hand. It licked its lips before grabbing the treat with its tongue. It left a trail of slobber on Ruby's hand and the contest master was trying his best to not scream in horror.

He slowly grinned, as the muscles of his jaw quivered. He gulped. "G-Glad you like it…" he replied and slowly left the Tropius. He grabbed a hand sanitizer and some tissues to clean the fluid-like filth off his hand. He shuddered, as he slowly threw the used tissues in the nearest trash can. He squeezed more hand sanitizer on his hand just in case.

Once he was finished, he breathed, as he slowly made his way to his and Sapphire's shared secret base.

This was exactly another reason why he needed Sapphire.

Ruby just ignored his thoughts about that horrid thing. It was done and he shouldn't worry about it.

When he entered the cavern, it revealed Sapphire reading some sort of book.

He furrowed his eyebrows at that but later realized something. He smiled. Sapphire loved to read too despite her athletic abilities. Still, he was glad that she came home safely.

He removed his shoes, as he took a glance at her.

Her reaction was unusual; she would usually greet him with a 'welcome home' like the loving wife she is—

Ruby felt like smacking his head on the wall, as his cheeks leisurely turned rosy.

Well, to be fair, he did plan to marry Sapphire, but he had to wait for at least two years to ask her hand in marriage. He didn't want to rush it, of course.

Still, his mind automatically registering her as his wife was both embarrassing and flattering at the same time.

"Hey," he called, hoping to get a reply from her.

There wasn't and he chuckled at it.

She must be so indulged with the book.

With a smile returning on his face, he approached her and wrapped his arms around her for a side hug. He then pressed his lips on her left temple. "Whatcha reading?" he questioned after kissing her, but his arms around her still remained.

His voice greatly astonished Sapphire that she almost jumped off the bed she was sitting on.

"R-Ruby!" she squealed, holding the 'magazine' close to her chest. "I-I..."

Ruby couldn't help but let out a burst of genuine laughter. Her reaction was so cute that he couldn't help but cackle. It mortified Sapphire, however. She gave him a pout, telling him to stop.

A few seconds passed, Ruby's chortling died down. He sat right next to her and finally got a good view of the book's title. "Horoscopes?" he inquired, raising an eyebrow. "Wait, I thought you weren't—"

"Not a word from ya!" Sapphire hissed then shushed him. Ruby utterly adored her feistiness; it never ceased to amaze him. Sapphire later released a sigh, setting the book on the empty space to her right.

"Lisia gave it to me," she admitted. "She said I might be curious about how 'compatible' our horoscopes are."

"Wait," Ruby moved a few inches away from her. "She went to the Pokemon League today?"

Sapphire nodded. "Yeah, why?"

Ruby hit his face with his hands. "She was teasing me earlier with you, as usual," he spoke, trying not to sound like he was dying inside (which he was). He swore she was the most annoying co-worker he ever had. He was starting to wonder how he managed to tolerate her and her constant teasing. He felt like she was more of a fan of Sapphire and was only dragging him because he makes Sapphire happy.

He dropped his hands, realizing what he meant.

This was...better. At least, she wasn't teasing Sapphire with another person. He would lose it if that happened.

"I can't believe she gave you garbage once again," he muttered, causing Sapphire to crease her forehead and purse her lips.

"Garbage?" she asked, grabbing the 'magazine' once again. "Don't tell me ya don't believe in horoscopes?"

Ruby gave her a once-over, scrutinizing her expressions clearly. "I'm not letting some predictions control my life," he replied, trying not to sound cold. It wasn't her fault, after all. She was just curious about that garbage.

Sapphire bit her lip. She was quiet as she tried to understand his answer.

It didn't take her more than a minute to realize that it all made sense. After all, Ruby hated it when people told or controlled him about what he should do with his life. Running away from home when he and his mother moved to Hoenn was the best example. He wanted to do Pokemon Contests but his father didn't allow him at first, which caused him to leave. He didn't know at that time that his father finally allowed him to compete in contests and she always wondered if Ruby knew that when he moved to Littleroot.

Would they have the same bond as they have now? Would things be the same as they are now? Would they...would they still be in love with each other?

She shook her head. She should just focus on the future. She and Ruby did go through a lot, and that was all in the past. They either put it behind them or learned from it.

"I get yer point," she responded. "But aren't ya curious to see what it says?"

Ruby's mouth twitched then folded his arms across his chest. "Don't tell me you actually believe in that thing?"

Sapphire rolled her eyes. His stubbornness was very obvious. "I don't but I'm curious," she corrected. "Besides, ya can say this is just a little guide; it wouldn't exactly predict our future and tell us what to do with it."

Ruby glared at the book, still refusing to drop his arms. "I'll be the judge of that."

Sapphire's jaw slacked. "Alright," She opened the book and found the page that contained the horoscope for those who were born on July 2nd. Ruby, however, placed one hand on the page, causing her to stop.

"Let's skip to the compatibility page," he addressed angrily. "I don't want this garbage to show what I should do with my life."

Sapphire scowled. "Will ya calm down?" she begged, pecking his cheek. She was hoping that would calm him down. "I'm not tellin' ya to believe it. Think of it as a guide!"

Her kiss was enough to bring back his smile. He chuckled. "If you put it that way," He took a quick kiss on her cheek.

It took a few seconds for Sapphire to register everything that happened, but she managed to react. She covered her face with the 'magazine', anticipating she wouldn't look like a fool in front of her boyfriend.

Ruby laughed wholeheartedly. He wrapped his right arm around her waist, pulling her closer. He slowly removed the book from her face and when Sapphire saw his eyes, she got a good view of his soft and endearing look—it was always the same look he would always give exclusively to her. She breathed, trying to calm herself.

"F-Fine," she stuttered, placing the book in front of her, making sure she and Ruby got a good view of it.

It took her a few seconds but she found the compatibility page of each horoscope then hers and Ruby's horoscopes.

"I'll check the rest later. I need to make sure your horoscope says you're cute. If not, I'll have to borrow Chic so she can burn that book," Ruby interrupted, making Sapphire set her mouth in a hard line. "What?" he asked innocently.

"It's just a guide, Ruby," Sapphire stressed.

"Are we reading it or not?" Ruby asked with a smug reaction.

Sapphire gave up at this point and returned to find hers and Ruby's horoscopes. "Fine," Once she found it, she turned to that page.

The first thing they saw was the summary of their horoscope's camaraderie. Sapphire gathered her voice and read it aloud, "When Cancer and Virgo get together, there is potential for great, everlasting love," she read, making her more curious about how 'compatible' she and Ruby were. "They have a possibility to become an inspirational contact of heart and mind, if only they give in to the opportunity to enter each other's worlds."

Ruby listened to her with a smile plastered across his face. He was proud that Sapphire's reading skills were deliberately improving. It wasn't a haste development but a steady one, and he wouldn't have it any other way. He was already pleased with her for doing her best.

He opened his eyes once Sapphire stopped reading, but his mood suddenly changed when he saw the percentage written on the paper.

"95%?!" he yelled, making Sapphire look at him.

"It's just a percentage, Ruby," his girlfriend reassured. "It doesn't define our relationship."

"Well," Ruby looked like he was about to burst with exasperation. "I am completely offended!"

Sapphire tried to ignore her boyfriend's words, as Ruby looked at the rest of the percentages. The more he stared at the numbers, the more he felt insulted. It made his eye twitch and grab a permanent marker in his bag.

"You don't mind me putting some notes in that book, right?"

Sapphire was confused. "Yeah?"

"Good," Ruby removed the book from her grasp and placed it on his lap. Sapphire watched him fill all the bars drawn in the 'magazine' with a permanent black marker and change the percentages of each category.

For communication and intellect, their horoscopes gave them 60%, but Ruby changed it to 100%. They surprisingly have a 99% trust but Ruby wasn't satisfied with it; he changed it to 100% yet again.

The process continued. Whenever there was a new category, Ruby would always erase the result written on the paper and change it into 100%. It didn't matter if it's 60%, 75%, or 90%; nothing will content him unless all of it is 100%.

"Last one," Ruby said, erasing the 77% result of their horoscope compatibility's summary to 100%. "Done," he stated, his lips curving into a smirk, and set the marker aside. "We are now perfect for each other!"

Sapphire didn't know whether or not she should laugh or feel disappointed that he easily get offended with some random numbers written in their horoscopes. She closed the book. "I thought ya don't believe in these things?"

"W-Well," Ruby stammered, scratching the back of his head. "I-I don't!" he defended, but Sapphire didn't seem to buy it. "But the results were rude! We are perfect for each other! Everything in it should be at least 100%!"

Sapphire raised an eyebrow, louring at him. Her left fang poked from her top lip. "At least 100%?"

The Charmer cackled. "Do you want it to be in infinity percent?"

The Conqueror dropped her glared and released a fit of giggles. It was music for Ruby's ears. The sound was so beautiful that he couldn't help but smile.

"Alright, alright," the new Hoenn Champion said in between laughs. "I getcha," she continued, as her fits of sniggering died. "I guess yer right about not believin' in these things."

Ruby chuckled softly; it was almost inaudible that no one could hear, not even Sapphire's enhanced sense of hearing. However, it remained authentic and heartfelt; it was the kind of laugh he would always release whenever his girlfriend was around.

"Of course," he answered, his arms returned to wrap around her. "I'm not letting anything or anyone define our relationship," He placed his forehead on hers, leaning against it. Sapphire followed and placed her forehead on his. They smiled wholeheartedly, as they both wrapped their arms around each other.

"I'm not letting anyone define our relationship," Ruby continued, kissing her lips for a brief second. And that second was enough to make their hearts flutter.

"No one can define it but us..."

Sapphire closed her eyes, as Ruby pulled her closer. She let her body collide with his, as she drifted into cloud nine.

"I'd like that..."

I'm crying. I love these two and another passionate shipper from another fandom has been continuing to inspire me to make more franticshipping content, so, thank you. ;_;

Lesbian Lisia propaganda? I like the idea of her being lesbian and it's a good reference to idol anime/games where the main ships are gay/lesbian couples :0

Sapphire having a Salamence is a reference to my time travel fic (A Ripple in Time) and it will be shown how she managed to get it. Or...is it...? Hmmmm

Also, please keep in mind to DM me if you have any problems with me as a person. I'll only accept constructive criticism or your constant yelling/uwuing about the fic and nothing else. You can send all the negative things you wanna say to me! I would love to see those! 💜

I can't link the website I found about the signs' compatibilities so DM me, I guess if you wanna know where it?

Have a good day/night! ovo

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