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59: Birthday Surprise

There's honestly no point in posting this fic since people don't like what I write, but my partner said our collab art for Sapphire's birthday is based on this, so I should publish this one-shot. He's right. It may not change anything and I know it'll be worthless to share this, but I had a wonderful time writing this.

I know this is late for Sapphire's birthday, but we got delayed. And by "we" I meant my irl partner and art collab partner aka the other half of franticcakes from instagram and twitter. We decided to make a fic version of our late birthday art of Sapphire's birthday, and I admit, the only reason why it's here is because...hey,,,,,my franticshipping bias is showing :'D

I had a lot of fun working on this (fic and art versions) and as much as we wanted to put all the dexholders, we decided to limit it with the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn dexholders only. Surprisingly, it worked. :0


Summary: Ruby planned a surprise birthday party for Sapphire! However, things didn't work out as he hoped.

Yes, rated T because Gold cusses.

59. Birthday Surprise



Birthdays were one of the events Sapphire always looked forward to. It wasn't just her own birthday, but all of the people who are important to her. Though, she found it kind of depressing that Ruby himself didn't even try to greet her on her own birthday. He would usually be the first one to greet her—be it personally or through text messages.

But apparently, for this year, there wouldn't be a single greeting from him. She already went to his house, but his parents said he went somewhere and left early. They even asked her where he was going and were surprised that she had no clue.

It hurt her a bit since she would usually know what to say whenever they ask her that kind of question.

They did greet her, though, but it wasn't the same; Ruby's greeting was always special, especially now that they were dating. She took a deep breath and looked at the path she was heading.

If Ruby wasn't in his house, then he would probably be at their secret base.



Ruby took the deepest breath he had to take. His eyes wandered around his and Sapphire's shared secret base. He saw his remaining seniors putting up the decorations, as he observed them, making sure each and every piece was placed as flawlessly as possible. He looked at his Pokegear, checking the time, and realized something.

"Ah, dang it," he cussed. "Someone needs to distract Sapphire while Green and Blue are getting the cake," he uttered loudly and everyone gave him an odd look. "Hey!" For the first time, he flinched at the unwanted attention. "It ain't a surprise birthday party for nothing!"

"We get that," Emerald commented, waving his hand to disregard his older friend's words. "But we all know who should watch over your girlfriend."

Ruby was almost speechless when Emerald mentioned the g-word. Right. He almost forgot that everyone knew they were dating even before they announced their romantic relationship in public. He blamed his parents, Professor Birch, their masters, and Lisia with this. "Listen," He coughed. "As much as I wanna distract my girlfriend, I—"

"Aww, he's using the g-word! What a SIMP!" Gold exclaimed, laughing. Everyone just stared at him, wondering what was so funny, whilst Ruby tried to not return the sarcasm. The Hatcher noticed this and stopped chortling. "What? It's funny!"

"What's a SIMP?" Red asked, completely clueless at the new 'hip' word he just heard.

"Don't even try to know what that is," Silver commented and started opening his Proteam Omega comic book. "I bet it's a Gold-exclusive word, which is always bad."

"It's an actual word, Silv! Look it up!"

"In what? A dictionary that everyone can edit and place misinformation?" Emerald continued and Gold had no words from the little gremlin's mockery.

"Guys, focus!" Ruby clapped his hands to gain their attention. "Someone needs to distract Sapphire who is not me! I have to stay here to make sure everything is perfect for the party!"

Crystal grimaced at Ruby's reasoning. "Ruby, we know you want to make it perfect, but you're the perfect candidate to keep her distracted."

Ruby growled. "I know, but I want Sapphire to have the best birthday ever. I can't give her that if the party isn't perfect!"

Crystal knew there was no point in arguing, so she conceded. "Fine," she replied. "But who will distract her?"

"I'll do it!" Gold volunteered, standing up from the Snorlax beanbag. "I'll just take her to the mall and it'll be easy as pie."

"Sapphire is not into shopping," Ruby corrected and Gold's mouth fell. The Charmer chuckled, remembering that time he and Sapphire went shopping for the first time. It was supposed to be the girl who was distracted from the clothes they were seeing, but it was the other way around. But, hey, gender norms were just some stupid rule that society built. "Trust me, you'll just bore the heck outta her," he continued with a smirk.

"Well, shit," Gold cursed and Crystal gave him a glare. "Geez, sorry, there are children around, Crys."

"Please, don't cuss. It sounds horrible," Crystal responded snarkily and Emerald was trying to contain his laughter. "If you really wanna distract Sapphire so bad, Emerald should go with you."

"What?!" Emerald protested. "Why can't I stay here?"

"You need to keep Gold out of trouble," The Catcher explained. "I know that because if we paired Gold and Silver together, things would be chaotic."

Silver heard what she said and scowled at her. In his defense, Gold was the one bringing him into trouble.

Knowing Crystal wouldn't stop bugging him, however, Emerald sighed in defeat. "Fine, we'll distract her."

"Make sure she won't go anywhere near the secret base until 3 pm!" Ruby reminded as the two headed out the cave. "Thanks!"



As much as Emerald enjoyed pulling pranks and causing trouble with Gold, he knew messing up or even infuriating Sapphire off would never be a good idea. He experienced it once, and he would never even try to undergo it again. He shuddered, remembering how she was able to lift that boulder and that tree with ease and used those to smash him. Seriously, he was just laughing at the irony back then, she didn't need to go that extreme.

"Yo, short stuff," Gold patted his head, snapping the Calmer out of his trance. "Isn't that Sapphire?"

Emerald looked ahead and saw Sapphire approaching them. He had a feeling she was heading to the base where the party would be held, and they were specifically told not to let her go there yet. "Yeah, come on."

Gold grinned, as he held his billiard cue. "Nice. I have an idea on how to distract the wild gal."

Sapphire could already see a billiard cue and a blond hair from a distance. She could tell who they were and she was surprised to see them both in Route 101. She had a feeling they were either lost or had something else planned. Still, it was nice to see Emerald (and maybe Gold) again.

Picking up her pace, Sapphire sprinted, and approached the two. "Heya, Emerald!"

"Hey!" Gold complained, as he folded his arms across his chest and tapped his foot on the ground. "I'm here too, ya know!"

Sapphire stopped in her tracks once she approached them. She heard Gold clearly and even if she didn't expect him to be here, he did have a point, kind of. It was easier to tease Ruby, so how come she couldn't do it with anyone else? "Why are ya here?"

"Geez," Gold closed his eyes, faking a cry. "Is that how you treat your master?" He placed a hand on his chest and gripped it. He tried to act like he was hurt, but it didn't seem to buy Sapphire.

"Ya ain't my master," the Conqueror replied with no concern. "What are ya doin' in Route 101 anyway?"

"Ah, we're looking for you!" Gold answered, going back to his happy-go-lucky attitude. He placed his arms around her shoulder whilst Sapphire glowered at him. "See, we need your help, wild gal!"

Sapphire grabbed his arm and pushed him away. Gold was surprised at the immense strength and when he blinked, he realized that he was at least 6 feet away from her.

"Uhh," The Hatcher tried to register what just happened. Did she just remove his arm from her shoulder with ease?

"If I were you, I wouldn't try that again," Emerald advised and Gold just looked at him. "Trust me, I'm an expert at this."

Gold breathed. Well, if that method wouldn't work, then he would have to try other things. "Okay, fine," He stood up straight. "Wild gal," He pointed his finger at her. "I need you to take me to the finest casino in Hoenn!"

"What?!" Sapphire and Emerald reacted.

Gold pouted at their...negative reaction. "What? Never been to a casino before?"

"Not interested in those," Sapphire responded with a snarky attitude. Gold didn't like it one bit. This wild gal was totally missing out! "And if you're lookin' for one, the forest is not a good place to start."

"Yes, but," Gold scratched his cheek. "You see, wild gal, I was leading the way and we got lost."

"Yeah, sure," the brunette retorted. She could tell he was lying because Gold always lies.

"So, come on, be a dear and help your poor old uncle Gold get to the casino?" Gold placed both his hands together, interlocking it, and pleaded like a baby Poochyena. To Sapphire and Emerald, he looked like a rhesus Grookey wearing a powdered wig.

"No," Sapphire refused and turned around.

Emerald looked at Gold, telling him that he shouldn't just let her walk away, but the older teen had something in his sleeve.

It was something called 'guilt-tripping' and so far, it always worked.

"Come on, wild gal! It's not like every day I get to go here!" Gold begged, causing Sapphire to stop and turn around. He smiled slyly at that. It was working perfectly! "Try treating me like a tourist and give me all of those 'Welcome to Hoenn' vibes!"

Her reaction was something Gold wasn't expecting. "My job is at the Pokemon League, not to give ya a tour."

Gold gritted his teeth. Shit! He was so close! "Well, then," He went back to crossing his arms on his chest. "Your job is temporarily changed, Champ."

Sapphire grumbled as she tried her best to not punch him. How did Silver and Crystal even handle Gold's obnoxiousness? Clearly, it was annoying her. "Why don't ya take Emerald, then?"

"Hey, don't drag me into this!" Emerald intervened. He was quietly observing them. "I'm too young for a casino!"

"Well, so am I. I—"

"Hello, tourist here!" Gold exclaimed, grabbing their attention. "I wanna go to the casino ASAP!"

Sapphire released another grunt and clenched her fists. It looked like she couldn't argue her way out. She gave up, for now. "Fine, but I ain't goin' inside that place."

"Not a problem," Gold waved his hand. "Just fly me there and wait for me until I get out."

Sapphire was silent. She placed her fingers in her mouth and whistled to call her Tropius. Not a few moments later, a flock of Tailow flew from a nearby tree as a Flying-Grass type emerged from it. It let out a cry as it descended from the sky to give its trainer a ride.

The birthday girl smiled and petted the Tropius neck. "Sorry for callin' ya today, Troppy. I know ya want a day off too."

The Tropius just nudged its neck, prompting its trainer to keep on caressing it. Sapphire giggled and continued to do so.

"Great! Let's hop on and—"

The Tropius ascended a bit in the sky, making Gold fall onto his butt. He glared at the two. "Hey!"

"Go ride on yer own flyin' Pokemon," Sapphire instructed, pissing off Gold.

"So, Ruby gets a free ride on the bananasaur but not us?!" Gold tried to guilt-trip her into this, but it wasn't very effective. He had to do something to get a free ride.

"I know ya brought yer Pokemon!"

Gold growled like an angry Mightyena and sent out his Togekiss. "Why does Ruby get a free boyfriend pass?"

Emerald laughed, as he sent out his Mantine. "Please, Ruby always gets the boyfriend free pass."

Gold rolled his eyes. Why was he not surprised?

"Follow me and don't get lost. You're on yer own if that happens," Sapphire reminded and Gold just pouted. She was definitely giving him a bit of payback.

"Fine, wild gal, whatever."



The ride from Route 101 to the casino in Mauville City was brisk. Sapphire was thankful that she didn't get to hear any more of Gold's ridiculous stories. She couldn't even tell if those were half-truths or half-lies. She was aware the Johto Pokedex Holders met Arceus, but other parts of Gold's story like Crystal kicking 'god' in the face sounded like a lie. Luckily, she had enough patience to not leave him and Emerald alone.

"Woohoo!" Gold screamed, hopping off from Togebo. "Now, who's coming to the casino with me?!"

Sapphire hopped off her Tropius and observed the structure. It seemed...kind of dull, or was this Ruby's attitude for judging designs getting into her? Still, she was expecting the casino to have flashing lights and everything. No wonder people barely talk about this place. She bet there would be a lot of scammers here, too.

"I'm not going," Emerald answered and Sapphire agreed with her younger friend.

Gold moued at their responses. "Killjoys," he uttered and just went into the casino alone.

Route 101

Ruby and Sapphire's Secret Base

2:30 PM

Yellow raised her arms as high as she could, but the wall was too much for her reach and she fell, knocking off some decorations near her. She immediately stood up and looked at the mess she made. She gulped, bowing her head as low as she could muster.

"I'm so sorry!" she apologized. "I'll clean it up!"

Ruby let in a breath then released it. He tried his best to calm down. He knew Yellow wouldn't do any harm. It was an accident—just a tiny mistake. It wouldn't ruin the party.

"I wonder how Green and Blue are doing?" Red asked out of nowhere and Ruby looked at his senior. Red did have a point.

"I'm sure they're on their way here right now," Crystal reassured, as she helped Yellow clean up the mess.

Slateport City

2:35 PM

Green had no idea what was going on, but he was certain that everyone in Hoenn did not share the same birthday with each other. He took a deep breath. "Why are there so many people buying a cake today?" he asked, looking around. They weren't even in the half of the line but he could tell this line was incredibly long since it reached all the way to the market.

He was hoping that there was some cake sale or discount. Not every person in Hoenn shared the same birthday, right?

Blue, who was right next to the Trainer, let out a soft giggle. She'd been quiet the whole time—maybe too quiet—and Green was wondering why she hadn't said a word ever since they stood on this line. "I don't know," she finally answered. "But I think I have an idea how to get the cake faster," she uttered mischievously and Green thought she had been through it.

Rolling his eyes, Green placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her back in line. "No scamming, pesky woman."

Blue let out another giggle, as she removed her white gloves. "You're no fun, Greenie."

Green ignored her, hoping her little mischief was enough to buy some time. Unfortunately, it wasn't. He sighed in defeat.


Mauville City

2:40 PM

A few—several games had passed, Gold finally decided to go outside, as he tried his best to hold his tears.

No matter how hard he tried, winning in a casino definitely wasn't a good mix. Worst part? He lost all of his money in that stupid card game!

"I'm guessing that you lost," Emerald spoke and stood up from his seat. His time with Sapphire went surprisingly well. They had ice cream and talked about stuff, mostly her job at the Pokemon League as the new champion. She definitely had a lot of responsibilities as one.

"No," Gold replied and perked up. "Is that...ice cream?"

"Yes," Emerald stated the obvious. "It was really good too!"

"No fair! I want one too!" Gold complained like a six-year-old. "Yo, wild gal, why didn't you—"

"Gee, I dunno, whose idea was it to waste money in a casino?" Sapphire asked sarcastically and Gold was absolutely offended.

"Hey!" He pointed his finger at her. "Casino is an art! It's—"

"If it is art, then why is your wallet crying?" Emerald interrupted and Gold had no words. Why were they roasting him like this?!

"My wallet isn't crying!" Gold defended. "I-It wants Lava Cookies. Yes, Lava Cookies!"

"That's called denial and stress eating," Emerald laughed whilst Sapphire tried controlling it.

"Shut it, short stuff!" Gold loured at the two. He would show them who was superior among them! "Take me to that place that sells Lava Cookies, now!"

Sapphire raised an eyebrow and gave him an exasperated look. "'Scuse me?"

Gold grinned and tried brushing off the embarrassment he was feeling. "Please take me to buy those Lava Cookies?"

Sapphire rolled her eyes and stood up. She hopped on to her Tropius and told it to fly, leaving Emerald and Gold chasing after her.

"Dude, word of advice," Emerald said, as he and his Mantine soared into the sky. "Don't piss her off. You wouldn't like it."

Gold shrugged it off with a laugh. "Please, what can a little girl do?"

"I warned you, dude. Don't blame me if you ended up in a hospital."

Sapphire heard parts of their conversation and personally, she didn't like it if she lost her patience. With Gold being Gold, however, she had a feeling it would be out any time. She did appreciate Emerald warning Gold, but the Hatcher was as stubborn as a Slaking. If anything happened to him, it would be his loss.

Several minutes passed, they arrived in Fallabar Town. Gold could see the hot springs from above and as he went closer to take a glance at the ladies' side, Sapphire and Emerald were right behind him. The Hatcher flinched and turned around, laughing nervously.

"I-I was just checking the place out!" His excuse was petty as usual, and his younger friends could see it flawlessly. "Come on! I'm not lying!"

"Yeah, sure, a Spoink can stop bouncing for two seconds and it can still live," Emerald retorted.

"Do ya want those Lava Cookies or not?" Sapphire asked as Gold turned around to take a peek—just a little peep—but the steam covered his view. The Hatcher grumbled.

"Fine," he gave in. He would find a way to get that gorgeous view. For now, he should distract wild gal so he can get rewarded with a giant slice of cake.

They descended from the sky and hopped off from the Pokemon they were riding. Sapphire brought the two to this little shop that sells the best Lava Cookies in Hoenn, and when she turned around to ask Gold how many boxes of cookies he wanted, Gold laughed.

"You see," He went closer and patted her shoulder. She glared at the hideous contact. "I lost all of my money in the casino and..."

"I knew it," Emerald murmured.

"Would you treat me as a guest and buy me 5 boxes of Lava Cookies?" Gold asked with the most charming smile he could muster. It always worked on the ladies, after all. Well, except for Blue...and Yellow...and Crystal...and even DJ Mary…

Sapphire gave him an irked look. She was slowly losing her patience and she wasn't supposed to feel like this! She breathed, calming herself. It's her birthday, nothing should ruin her mood. Slowly, she grabbed her wallet and ordered 5 boxes of cookies just so Gold would shut up.



Ruby scanned the base for the umpteenth time. There were decorations everywhere from streamers to even photos of Sapphire's adventures with him. They were all neatly placed according to his plan. He could cry at how perfect it looked; he could tell Sapphire would love it.

"Great job, everyone!" the Charmer congratulated. "Now, all we need is the cake and for Gold and Emerald to bring Sapphire here."

"Good," Silver adjusted his back on the Snorlax bean bag. "'Cause I'm tired."

Yellow furrowed her eyebrows. "But..." She tapped her finger onto her chin. "Aren't you just reading that book this whole time?"

"This arc is frustrating me and therefore, I'm tired," Silver explained, opening another comic book. How many did he bring anyway? "Everyone on social media is pissed about it, including me."

Yellow had no idea what he meant and how did he even get a signal to see what's going on on social media?

Fallabar Town

2:55 PM

Gold opened the first box of Lava Cookies and sniffed it. He smiled, as the aroma lingered in his nostrils. He always loved these cookies but buying it in the place of creation yourself was always better than just purchasing it at the Goldenrod City Mall. He grabbed a cookie and bit it, savoring the flavor; it felt like he was in cloud nine. He could do this all day.

"So," Gold started, grabbing another cookie in the box. "You and prissy boy are dating, right, wild gal?"

Sapphire blushed at that. She still couldn't believe they were, but she had to get used to questions like this. "Y-Yeah," she stuttered, looking down.

Gold swallowed the dessert and chuckled. "A shy one, huh?"

Emerald gulped. He had a bad feeling about what Gold would say next.

"So, when will you and your bf do the thing? Before or after getting married? Better have some protection though, amirite?" He guffawed.

Sapphire took a deep breath and calmed herself. No, she mustn't. She must ignore his words and just walk back to Littleroot. She—

"And when you did get married, though, will you post it on social media or let that cute contest gal named Lisia post it for you? She does post a lot of cute photos of you and your bf."

Something inside Sapphire snapped. She knew Lisia was taking photos of them, but she wasn't aware that the contest star was posting it publicly. She could feel anger running through her veins.

"And when you and prissy boy have a kid, can you make the god—" Gold stopped when a ginormous tree almost hit him—it was at least an inch away from his left and he gulped. He looked at Emerald. "What the fuck just happened?"

Another tree almost hit him, but it was an inch away from his right. He dashed off as fast as he could, as another tree almost hit him.

"What the?!" He looked behind and saw Sapphire chasing him with another tree on her left hand. He furrowed his eyebrows. Wait, how the hell was she able to carry that tree with just one—

Another tree was launched at him and Emerald and he sprinted faster.

"What the hell Ruby saw in her?!" Gold yelled as he ran for his life. "She'll dominate him!"

"Don't ask!" Emerald shouted, trotting rapidly than him. "Just run!"


Ruby sneezed, wondering why it happened in the first place. He just shrugged it off then grabbed a handkerchief.

Slateport City

2:55 PM

After what felt like an eternity, Green and Blue finally made it past the line. Green released a long breath through his nose, as he and the pesky woman approached the bakery staff. "We're here to pick up an order for Ruby."

The bakery staff raised an eyebrow. "Rupee?"

Green stitched his eyebrows together. He didn't have time for this! "No, Ruby."

The employee turned around to call his co-worker. "Hey, Joe, do we have an order for Rudee?"

"No," Green interjected. "It's Ruby."

"Okaaay," the worker replied hesitantly. "Do we have an order for Boo-mee? Is-Is that right?"

Green couldn't handle it anymore and smacked his palm on his face. Who hired this man? He could hear laughter—a naughty one—causing him to glare at the annoying pest beside him. "Don't just laugh here," he said in a surprisingly calm tone. "Do something."

Blue winked at him and continued giggling whilst covering with her left hand. "But it's fun seeing you all pissed off."

Green's facial expression went back to an emotionless one. "Why am I stuck with you?" he muttered, but Blue heard it, however.

"Because you're fun to hang out with!"

Curse you, Ruby, Green cursed internally. His junior really had to pair him with the most annoying person he knew other than Gold. Red or Yellow would've been better companions.



"Man," Gold panted, holding his hat. "I now feel lucky with Crystal just kicking my ass and Silver roasting me with his dumb words. Having Sapphire in your group is a nightmare!"

"Now you know why I don't wanna make her angry!" Emerald yelped, as he dodged another tree aiming at them.

"It was nice knowing you, little buddy. Our time has been too short for us!"

Emerald furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you talking about?!" he asked as if Gold was the craziest man on the planet, which, he could be—he was one of the best candidates. "Just get Ruby and hopefully she calms down!"

Gold's jaw dropped. "What do you mean hopefully?! Does it not work all the time?!"

Emerald dodged another tree and dashed quickly. "It depends on the situation!"

Sapphire flung another tree, which was twice as large as the ones that she was tossing at them. The two decided to split up. Hopefully, Sapphire would stop, but she didn't.

Instead of chasing both, she was chasing Gold.

"Wait!" Gold screamed, looking for Emerald. "Don't leave me behind, small fry!" he begged. "What kind of a soldier are you?! You swore an oath!"

"This is your problem," Emerald corrected. "You're the one who pissed her off!"

Gold's face dropped. He...did have a point. "Fuck me."



"For the last time," Green said with annoyance dawdling in his tone. "We're here to pick up an order for Ruby. Ruuuby."

"Yo, Joe," The employee turned to call his co-worker again. "Do we have an order for Rooom-beee? Is that it?"

Green's eyebrow twitched. If he wasn't in the mood, he would call the owner of this place and complain about this specific employee. He lowered his head and facepalmed once again. "I give up."

"Oh, Greenie," Blue giggled, patting his back. "You tried your best!"

"Shut up."

Blue let out another chortle then removed her hand on Green's back. She grabbed the receipt that Ruby gave and showed it to the bakery employee. "We're here to pick up an order for this guy named Ruby. Here's the receipt."

"Oooh!" The employee laughed. "That boy! He's a very loyal customer of our business. Come, come, follow me!"

Green felt like he was slapped several times on the face. He glared at the woman beside him. "If you have the receipt this whole time, why didn't you show it earlier?"

Blue laughed at his disgrace, which displeased Green even further. "Simple, Greenie, you didn't ask for it and take this as revenge for not letting us cut in line."

Green wanted to dig his grave so no one would bother him ever again.

It took a while for Green to recover, but Blue managed to drag him to where the staff was going. Though, it was weird that he didn't just give them the box. When they went to the back of the store, however, they now understood why they couldn't just give them the box.

"Took us a while to make this bad boy, but here ya go," the staff said and laughed.



Emerald had no idea how he managed to dart from Fallabar Town to Route 101, but in his defense, he was running for his life. So, it didn't count, really. Nonetheless, at least, he didn't have to bother about bringing Sapphire back here. All he needed to do was to warn his friends before Sapphire destroyed the place.

"SAPPHIRE IS ON HER WAY!" the Calmer yelled as he went inside the cavern. "AND SHE IS PISSED!"

Ruby furrowed his eyebrows. "Now, who would make her—" He stopped, realizing who was the idiot who made his girlfriend mad. "Oh."

Crystal gave him a curious look. "You're not even annoyed that Gold ruined her mood?"

Ruby folded his arms across his chest as a smug reaction appeared in his face. Everyone wondered if he was alright with that expression. "Trust me," he spoke confidently. "She can teach him a permanent lesson more than I do."

In a nick of time, Green and Blue appeared, making Ruby drop his arms and approach them.

"Good, you're back," Ruby said in relief. "All that's left now is for Sapphire to arrive."



Gold was running out of breath. While he could try to run from this violent wild gal forever, he didn't have any energy left. He tried to move forward, nevertheless, just so he could reach that cavern from afar. However, he felt his collar was being pulled back. When he turned around, he gulped and saw Sapphire who was ten times angrier than before. Her eyes looked like she could murder him.

He could perfectly see her eyes engulfed in flames, too, as her sharp, clawed fingers clenched into a fist. He tried pulling himself away, but it was no use; she was too strong.

"We-We can work this out, wild gal! I—"

Sapphire smacked her fist onto Gold's face, and it was powerful enough to throw him all the way inside the cavern. Sapphire followed him and when she tried searching for him, the lights were suddenly opened and revealed not just Ruby but Emerald and their senior Pokedex Holders.

The anger in her eyes and her bad mood dissipated thanks to that. "W-What?"

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAPPHIRE!" Ruby exclaimed as everyone followed. Sapphire's confusion was changed into happiness.

"Ya do remember!"

"Of course, I remembered, love!" Ruby smiled at her and approached her. He stepped onto something, which was an almost unconscious Gold, and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend for a hug. He closed his eyes to savor her in his arms, as Sapphire returned the same affection he was giving.


Everyone in the room cooed at their adorable moment, but it was ruined when Gold let out a loud cough.

"Yo, do you mind?" Gold asked, still in pain. "You're literally standing on my back here!"

Ruby didn't even try to apologize. He just silently went down, as Sapphire giggled.

"Explains why yer suddenly tall," she uttered, making Ruby laugh. He placed his arms around her waist.

"You do deserve this, Gold. I warned ya but you didn't listen!" Emerald stated, shaking his head. He found it funny yet tragic that Gold suffered this fate. He was thankful that this didn't happen to him.

Silver closed the comic book he was reading and approached his pained friend. He looked at him, as he tried to control his chortling. "So, does that mean I get the TV on my own?"

"Just shut up and help me stand up!" Gold complained, but no one cared to do so. "Hey! I'm in pain here!"

"Wait, where's the cake? I thought we're supposed to eat it?" Yellow asked, making Ruby panic.

"Oh, shoot, the cake," Ruby removed his arm around his girlfriend. "Green," He approached the male brunette adult in the room. "Where's the cake?"

"Outside," Green replied, making everyone wonder.

"Well, why didn't you bring it here?"

"Come on, follow me." Green turned around and the rest followed him.

When they went outside, everyone was surprised at the 500 centimeters 3-tiered tall Pecha Berry cake, complete with fresh pecha berries placed around it. They now understood why Green and Blue couldn't put it inside. Ruby gulped, as he removed his hand on Sapphire's and covered his face.

"May I see the receipt?" the Charmer asked, preparing himself to see the horror written in the piece of paper.

Green handed him the proof of purchase and when Ruby saw the extra zero on the cake size, he felt like crying. "My wallet is gonna die…"

Sapphire turned to face her boyfriend and placed her hand on his shoulder. "I'll help ya pay for it."

Ruby hid the receipt in his pocket and went to hug Sapphire, trying his best not to cry. Sapphire encircled her hand on his back, in hopes to make him feel better.

"No, no, I'm supposed to pay for it," Ruby reassured despite his defeated tone. "You're not supposed to pay for your own party."

"Well," Sapphire said. "Gold just let me buy 5 boxes of cookies. He owes me! I'll help ya pay with that money."

"That is for my hospital fees!" Gold exclaimed as Silver was slowly carrying him to where everyone was. "Pay the cake with your own money!"

"Whose fault was it for pissing her off?" Silver asked, as he slowly let his friend sit on a rock.

Gold gave him a vexing look. "Touché."

"We can worry about paying for the cake later," Yellow stated. "How can we eat this?"

"Well," Red rubbed his cheek. "Maybe we can divide the cake into pieces and eat it together?"

"Red, honey, that's a good suggestion," Blue said whilst giggling. "But we'll be left with big chunks for each of us."

"Let's just let our Pokemon eat with us, then," Silver proposed and everyone looked at each other.

He had a point.



While everyone was enjoying their own large slices of cake, Gold was struggling to let his Pokemon out and get a bite himself. He grumbled. "Hey!" he shouted. "What about me?! Someone feed me some cake here!"

A Snorlax heard Gold's ruckus and offered him a cake. Gold was about to move closer until the Snorlax coughed some of the cake it was eating, leaving some saturated crumbs on Gold's.

Gold tried not to puke and cry; he wanted this! That's why he offered to distract the birthday girl! But now, he couldn't even get a piece! His plan was ruined!


Ruby released the biggest sigh he had done for the day. This time, thankfully, it was a relieved one. He sat on a rock, as his eyes wandered around the vicinity of his and Sapphire's shared secret base. A smile slowly plastered across his lips, as he observed the aftermath of the party.

The cake has surprisingly finished all thanks to their Pokemon and with Yellow's help, all the trash was organized in one bag.

While this left his wallet in a tight condition, at least the party was a success, partially. He wanted to be as perfect as possible, but clearly, Gold ruined everything. He tried to shake it off his head and focused on something else.

Well, the good thing was that Sapphire liked it. She was in a bad mood earlier—no thanks to Gold—but it all seemed to disappear once the party started. He had a feeling Sapphire wasn't in a good mood all day, but in his defense, he had to keep this a secret from her as much as possible. He swore to never lie to her, but maybe avoiding her for half a day wasn't exactly...wise, per se.

"Aren't we gonna clean this up?" Sapphire asked, pointing at the mess they hadn't cleaned yet.

Ruby smiled, shaking his head. "May I?" he asked, giving her a passionate look, and Sapphire knew what it meant.

Sapphire followed him. She held Ruby's hand, as he squeezed it gently, and took her inside their base.

Ruby was laughing nervously when he saw what the place looked like. He could tell there were cracks on the wall, but then again, everything was Gold's fault; Sapphire was not to blame on this one. He breathed, trying to contain himself and turned to look at her. "I hope you enjoyed the party."

Sapphire gulped, blushing. "Y-Yeah," she stuttered. "I told ya: ya don't have to throw a party for me."

"But I want to," Ruby replied and just by looking into his eyes, Sapphire could tell that he really meant what he did. She sighed in defeat.

"Though," the boyfriend continued. "I feel like it could've been more perfect. I mean—"

Sapphire giggled and squeezed his hand. "It's perfect just the way it is. Thank ya."

Ruby's eyes softened. There was a study that stated the pupil of the eye would expand by 45% when people looked at someone they love. Sapphire didn't know if that study was true, but she was slowly believing that it was. "I'm glad. I wanted to show how much you mean to me by throwing a party, but," he laughed. "But I guess Gold ruined it."

Sapphire giggled softly. They always blamed Gold for everything, but then again, it was his fault in the first place. "Yeah, I guess so, but, still, I—"

"I almost forgot," Ruby interrupted her, grabbing something in his pocket. "Oh, sorry," he realized his fault. "You were saying?"

Sapphire shook her head. "Nothin', don't worry. I'm just glad ya didn't forget my birthday."

Ruby kissed her forehead, and Sapphire swore she could melt at any moment. "I would never. You're that special to me, and...speaking of," He opened a small box in front of her and smiled. "I, uhh, bought you another one," he smiled sheepishly.

His mother suggested giving her a ring. While there was a hint of "I want Sapphire to be my future daughter-in-law" in that advice, he decided to consider it and bought one. It wasn't much of an engagement ring, but maybe something as a symbol in their relationship. It could be a wedding ring now that he thought about it. "Happy birthday, Sapphire."

"Ruby..." Sapphire could feel herself crying. Her breathing was hastening, and tears couldn't help but form into her eyes. She couldn't believe Ruby would go this far. She knew it was probably too early for this kind of thing, but, it was still nice of him to give her this. "I...dunno what to say..."

Ruby grabbed her hand and inserted the ring in her left ring finger. He pulled her closer and pressed his lips on her forehead once again. It was a little difficult since they were only a few inches away in terms of height, but he managed to. He chuckled. "It's okay," he reassured, giving her a hug. He closed his eyes, as he let his body collide with her, like a perfect piece of a puzzle.

"I know it's too early for this, but I'm willing to wait. I..." he sobbed, trying to control his tears from coming out before his words.

"I...always meant what I said before... I want to be with you until the last moment."

Yeah, as you can see, I wanna put a lot of franticshipping moments here but my bf suggested other hilarious scenes that I have to abandon them. It will be apply in future rusa fics. :D

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