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55: The Different Paths They Take

Honestly, I almost forgot about this :' )

Anyway, day 5 and it's about "last moments".

Summary: "I think breaking up is the best option."

55. The Different Paths They Take



"I think breaking up is the best option."

Ruby blinked and shook his head. He bit his lip, as his eyebrows arched. Those words were haunting him for the past days and it was quite a distraction, yet, at the same time, it was making him utterly unhappy too.

But he knew better; they both made a unanimous decision, whether they liked it or not.

Ignoring those thoughts, he opted to close the luggage he was dealing with earlier. He zipped it up and placed it to the side of the room. He looked around it, hoping he didn't forget anything and closed the door. He went straight to the living room and saw Sapphire and their pet bunny, a brown rabbit named 'Mocha', sitting on the couch.

Sapphire was using her smartphone while Mocha the bunny was napping beside her. He bit his lip, slowly approaching them. He sat a few inches away from Sapphire and breathed. The brunette noticed this and placed her phone on the table. She gave him a depressing look.

Ruby tried to look into her eyes, but it seemed like he couldn't. He tried it again, but no to avail; he couldn't bear to see those sad gem-like eyes. He took a deep breath. "I...packed everything," he started, his eyes were still focused on the floor. "I'm ready to leave tomorrow."

Sapphire slowly bobbed her head. She was silent; she didn't know what to say, but Ruby knew there was something in her mind. He didn't want to force her to say it, however, so he opted to wait.

It was an awkward silence. The city's hustle and bustle could be heard from their apartment, and a few more moments passed, their pet rabbit woke up. It yawned and hopped off from the couch.

Sapphire smiled slightly at the bunny's behavior.

They got this bunny three months ago and even if they had him in a short amount of time, he felt like their long-lost child.

Sapphire was a vet. She loves taking care of animals and the moment she found out that this orphan rabbit had no place to go, she opted to adopt him. She asked Ruby about it, and he thankfully agreed and understood. It was a struggle for him to have someone else in the house other than her since having a pet was similar to having an actual child; one had to toilet train it, teach it the proper behaviors, groom it, and so on.

Toilet training the coney was the worst for Ruby. He always complained at how smelly the rabbit's piss was and every time it was his turn to clean the litter box, he tried to get away with it. Sapphire ended up scolding him reminding he agreed with this and he had no choice but to deal with it. He ended up getting used to it, much to his and Sapphire's relief, but as a result, he often used gloves to handle and clean the litter box.

Sapphire was aware of how much he despised dirt so him using her disposable gloves to clean the mess didn't surprise her. It was annoying that she had to buy it often now, though, but she wasn't complaining.

Their pet bunny brought them closer even though they practically knew each other since childhood.

And that was the reason why their last day—their last moments—together was difficult to let go.

Ruby and Sapphire had a happy relationship for the past three years, but it was time to close this chapter of their lives.

They broke up and their reason?

Well, it was complicated, to say the least.

Ruby was moving to a different place for his work. He was a fashion designer, and that meant he had to make a name for himself and even travel to different places.

Their careers were vastly different from each other, and it was the reason why they broke up in the first place. They didn't break up because the other cheated nor from a misunderstanding; they decided to end their relationship because of the different paths they want to take in their lives.

Sapphire sighed, standing up. She grabbed a bag of rabbit treats from the kitchen and went back to the couch. "Ya want some treat, boy?" she asked, shaking the bag.

The sound was enough to get the bunny's attention. It stood up on its hind legs and rubbed its paws on her legs. Sapphire giggled at this and gave him a treat. Mocha didn't waste a second and nibbled on the pineapple-flavored snack with its strong teeth. Once he finished eating, he went back to beg for more.

Sapphire giggled once again. This rabbit sure loved to eat but she had to control it from overeating. "Alright, one more will do."

"He'll continue begging for more if you give him another one," Ruby stated, chuckling. He looked at the bunny who was still in a periscope position.

"I won't give him another one, don't worry," Sapphire replied, feeding the bunny another treat.

The rabbit happily ate its food and requested for more. Sapphire shook her head, placing the treat beside her on the couch. "No more. That's the last one."

Mocha seemed to have understood what she said and brought his paws back on the ground. It let out a yawn and flopped on the floor, slumbering in peace while dreaming of fresh grass.

Sapphire's smile instantly vanished once Mocha returned to sleep. Ruby saw this and moved closer. He tried reaching his hand out for her but stopped.

Maybe this wasn't right. They technically broke up and even if he wanted to kiss her, he shouldn't; it was his way of respecting her, after all.

He sighed as his hand dropped. He thought maybe a long-distance relationship would solve this, but neither of them had any experience in the matter.

However, the thought of what they had being over hurt him. It hurt him a lot. He couldn't imagine himself without Sapphire, and he knew he couldn't find love again. Sapphire taught him what love actually meant and he couldn't picture himself romantically loving another person. He only had these romantic feelings for Sapphire and for her alone.

He snapped out of his trance when he felt Sapphire's hand on top of his. He turned to look at her, but her eyes were glued to their pet. He bit his lip. "You know—"

"Ya don't have to stop yourself. I know you're only doin' it to respect me but ya can hug me if you want."

Her response was more than enough. Ruby didn't hesitate to take her in his arms, pulling closer by the waist. Sapphire placed one hand on his chest, gripping the fabric of his shirt. She closed her eyes. The tears she was holding back plummeted.

Ruby noticed this and wiped the tears off her eyes with his right thumb. He kissed her left temple, then gritted his teeth.

He had no right to kiss her, yet he felt like he had to do it just to make her feel better. He knew why she was crying and he wished he could do something about it.

"I..." Sapphire choked and sniffled. She took a deep breath. "I still love you. I...I don't wanna break up with you..."

Her words made Ruby's stomach flip. He breathed, kissing her cheek this time. "I love you too. I love you so much. I don't want to break up with you either."

He cried. He pulled her closer, hugging her like there was no tomorrow, as if this was their last moment together.

And they wished it wasn't their last. Both wanted to be together for a lifetime. Both yearned to be in each other's arms until the very last moments of their lives.

Sapphire sniffled, gently pushing him away. Ruby gave her enough space but she stopped. He wondered why.

She placed both hands on his chest and looked at him. Ruby had enough courage to gaze upon her eyes. He could tell that she meant everything she said and frankly, he meant everything he stated too. He took a deep breath. His hands slowly started to move on its own. One hand cupped her cheek while the other encircled around her waist.

He couldn't control himself and he didn't want to stop either.

"I...don't want to be apart from you..." he confessed, before slowly closing his eyes and the gap between them for a kiss.

Ruby poured everything in their kiss—his feelings, his desires, his dreams, his everything—everything about him. He wanted to be in her life. He wanted to be hers. He wanted to be with her in the future. He wanted to be with her forever.

Their kiss was cut short, unfortunately, for Mocha woke up and hopped in between their laps. He went back to sleeping, making both his owners—his parents, rather—chuckle.

Sapphire smiled genuinely and Ruby was elated to finally see her beautiful grin. "I guess Mocha is tellin' us that we should be together as well."

Ruby patted the bunny's head. "Yeah."

Sapphire joined him and patted the coney's back. "What will we do now?" she asked, frowning. Ruby saw it and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers together.

"My flight is tomorrow," he uttered softly, and the realization made his heart sank. "It's too late to cancel. We have no choice but to—"

"Be in a long-distance relationship," Sapphire finished, making Ruby nod his head.

"It's the only option," he added in a melancholic tone.

Sapphire took a deep breath. "I'm anxious but I'm willing to do it," she paused, looking at him. "Are ya okay with it?"

Ruby smiled and kissed the back of her hand. "As long as I'm yours."




Three Months After.

Ruby blinked, observing a brown-colored bunny hopping towards him. He swore he let Mocha stay with Sapphire when he left, so how come there was a brown bunny here who looked exactly like his?

"Sorry 'bout that, mister!" a kid exclaimed, grabbing his pet bunny on the floor. The rabbit fidgeted around her master's grasp and hopped off. "Hey!"

Ruby chuckled, watching the boy chase after his pet. He remembered Mocha's first time in their apartment. He was always hiding under the tables, chairs, or couches. He only went out of it if it was time for his meal or when Sapphire was around.

"Come back! I'm not gonna hurt you!"

The rabbit stopped in front of Ruby and he decided to grab it. He placed his hand on the coney's bottom while the other held its chest. He then gave it to the kid. "Here."

The boy sighed in relief. "Thanks, mister."

"Be sure to hold her bottom. Don't carry her like a cat," he advised and the boy nodded. He smiled. "Can I take a picture of your bunny?"

The boy titled his head. "Sure."

Ruby grabbed his phone and tried to find the right angle. Once he did, he snapped a photo of the rabbit and sent it to Sapphire.

Ruby: I wish you were here. I just saw this bunny and it looks a lot like Mocha. 💙

He typed in their chatbox and waited for her response. Fortunately, he saw her typing already. It was enough to make him excited.

Sapphire: So cute! It does look like Mocha! 😍

Seeing her reply made his day a thousand times brighter. He went back to typing on his phone.

Ruby: I miss you.💙

He waited for her response and thankfully, she was quick. She must be free. It was around five in the afternoon in her timezone now that he thought about it.

Sapphire: I miss you too. ❤️ Mocha does as well.

Ruby took a deep breath. He looked at the window to the left of the lobby. He smiled.

Ruby: One more week and this will all be over.

Sapphire: I can't wait. 😁 Take care and stay safe, Ruby.

Ruby's eyes softened at her reply. The kid was wondering why the man was endearingly looking at his phone but decided to just slowly leave him alone.

Ruby: You too, Sapphire. I love you. I love you so much and I can't wait to see you too. 💙

Sapphire: I love you too, Ruby. I love ya a lot. ❤️ Anyway, I gotta go. I have to make dinner. See ya!

Ruby: See you later, love.

Ruby saw her react to his message with a red heart emoji and that was a sign that she put her phone down. He took a deep breath, placing his phone back in his pocket.

He'd been away from her for three months and once this week was over, he would see her again; he couldn't wait for it. He couldn't wait to feel her in his arms again and wake up in the morning with her on his side.

This pandemic made long-distance relationships more difficult. I hate it. :/

WHEN RUBY SAID "I wish you were here" I FELT THAT

I asked my bf what's a good bunny name and he asked what color and I'm like "uhhh brown?" and yeah that's how the name came. :D

Also, cheating in a relationship is dumb, stupid, and useless. Don't ever do that because cheating in a relationship is literally a scumbag move and I could continue saying bad words about cheating in relationships but yeah. (No, I never have any experience with this and I hope not but cheating in relationships is sh*t and should be banned.)

Anyway, while I was writing this, I found out that another term for "rabbit"/"bunny" is "coney". It's crazy but huh, trivia, I guess?

Day 6 is one of the entries I'm a little proud of since I think it's one of the most decent ones. It's about "Alternate Universe". :D

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