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53: A Time To Mourn

Day 3 is about "quiet moments". (Who came up with these prompts, I just wanna talk-)

Anyway, this is the shortest one I've written since I feel like extending it is pointless so yeah :' )

Thank you for the feedback! It means a lot! :D

Summary: A hike through the mountain turns into an emotional experience for both Ruby and Sapphire.

53. A Time To Mourn



Deep breath.

Ruby held a walking stick in his hand, as he trekked through the moist soil. Sweat was dripping from his forehead. He opened his mouth and took in a breath.

Out of all the activities he and Sapphire had to do, why did it have to be mountain climbing? He disliked mountain climbing for various reasons; he'd get all sweaty, dirt lingered on his clothes, and so much more.

Couldn't Sapphire just think of another and cleaner way for today's activity?

"Sapph," Ruby called, piercing the stick on the ground. "Are we there yet?" He sounded like a desperate kid, and could she blame him? Technically, it was her fault.

Okay, maybe not. But that didn't change the fact that he just hated this kind of activity.

"We're almost there," Sapphire replied while Ruby just furrowed his eyebrows.

"Sapphire, you said that fifteen minutes ago."

A vein popped on Sapphire's forehead. "We'll get there soon! Quit whinin'!" Technically, it was his fault.

For the record, they could've arrived sooner if he wasn't so slow and stopped complaining.

"Sure," he responded sarcastically.

He breathed and leaned on the walking stick he was holding onto. Sapphire grumbled at this. Turning around, she grabbed Ruby on the legs and draped his body over her left shoulder.

"Sapph, what the?!" Ruby screamed, trying his best to squirm out of her grasp. Her strong grip, however, forced him to stop moving. He exhaled exasperatedly, giving up.

"Fine," he conceded. "Go and lead the way."

"And then will ya learn to be patient for once?"

Ruby chuckled then smirked. "I'm pretty sure I'm the patient one between us."

"Not in this scenario, dummy," she retorted, making him drop his arrogant smirk.

Damn; she was right, and she got him.

It took ten minutes—or probably more—for them to reach the top of the mountain. Once they were there, Sapphire gently placed Ruby down, surprising him. He was expecting that she would just drop him off like she used to, but thank goodness she didn't.

He didn't want his shirt and his hat to catch some crud as well.

Once Ruby finished patting his shorts, his eyes scanned the place.

They were at the top of the mountain and honestly, he appreciated how simple yet gorgeous it looked. The sunset reflecting through the trees as light reflected and refracted through it was just simply...breathtaking. He couldn't explain everything how the environment looked under the sunset, but he could easily describe it with one word: beautiful. He understood why Sapphire wanted to go here. He wished he should've brought his camera, though; he would love to take some pictures of this place.

His smile dropped when he saw Sapphire sitting on the close edge of the mountain. Biting his lip, he approached her. He wondered why she was suddenly quiet. She would usually scream victoriously whenever they reached the top. He hoped she was alright.

"Is this seat taken?" he inquired. She just shook her head instead of giggling or replying with a 'no, silly,' and it was enough for his heart to ache.

He would be lying if he said he didn't care about her, and he had enough of hiding the truth.

"So," he started, sitting a few inches away from her left. "This place really is beautiful. I understand why you wanna go here."

"Yeah," she replied quietly. Her arms were hugging her legs and her chin was getting buried in her knees.

He bit his lip. She was definitely not alright. He sighed, running a hand through his hair. He either had to be blunt or just ignore that there was something wrong with her.

He'd rather do the former.

"What's wrong?" he asked, looking into her eyes. He could finally see how devastated she looked; her eyes were definitely the windows to her soul. Gazing at it was enough to alarm him that there was something wrong with her.

Sapphire sighed, dropping her legs on the ground. "Ya know, this is where my parents and I used to watch the sunset together."

It was his turn to respond quietly, "Oh."

"Me, my mom, my dad... We would always watch the sunset together when I was little, but..." She bit her lip, and Ruby grabbed the courage to place his hand on top of hers. He gave her a weak smile, gesturing to her to keep going. She smiled back, albeit meekly.

"Everythin' changed when my mom died," she continued, her voice was getting softer and softer the longer she spoke. "Dad became so busy with work while I...ya know..."

"You help him," Ruby finished, while she just nodded. "I'm sorry about your mom, Sapphire. I may not know exactly how you feel, but I know it's rough. I understand what you feel," He squeezed her hand before letting go.

She sniffled, and Ruby was so tempted to wipe that tear off her eye. She shouldn't cry. At least, not in a sad way. "Thank ya," she said under her breath. "I know mom's in a better place, but every time I watch the sunset, I always get sad."

"Because you remember her," Ruby said, guessing, and she bobbed her head.

"Yeah," She took a deep breath before letting out a hiccup. "I miss her, Ruby. I miss my mom."

Ruby's eyes never left her face. He watched her tears slowly streamed down her eyes. And the more he watched her weep, the more pain was flooding into his heart. He wanted to do something. Anything. But what could it be?

"I just hope..." She sobbed. "Sh-she's—"

Ruby bit his lip and breathed in. He tried his best to resist, but his emotions got the best of him and controlled him like a puppet. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her for a hug. Sapphire was shocked at first, but she let all the tears she was trying to conceal flow in an unbroken stream.

She cried in his arms while Ruby's hands drew soothing circles around her back.

"She's very proud of you. I know she is," Ruby reassured while she just continued crying.

They stayed in each other's arms for a while, not caring about the world around them. What mattered most was their embrace and the fact that they always have each other, especially when they needed one another most.


Ruby was still hugging her while Sapphire bawled her tears out. They didn't get to enjoy the sunset that much, but it didn't matter to both of them.

Once it had set though, Ruby looked at Sapphire, hoping she had finally calmed down. Her eyes were enough to reassure him that she was despite how bloodshot red they were. He took a deep breath, slowly removing himself from her. He stood up, patting his shorts, before offering his hand to Sapphire with a smile. "Let's go home, Sapphire."

Sapphire smiled at him with her usual cheerful smile, making Ruby's heart flutter. He was glad that the Sapphire he knew was back.

"Sure," she answered softly but happily with their hands holding the other.

Day 4 is about "dance" and hmm, interesting prompt that can be interpreted in many ways. :'D

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