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51: These Obvious Suspicions

So I ended up posting my franticshipping week entries in this collection. :'D

I've been anxious that people may not read it since I look at the stats often and seeing my fics' stats overwhelms/gives me anxiety so I just posted it here before I enter another panic attack. Anyway, I'm just anxious.

Good news is, this will be updated for 7 straight days starting today, so, yeah.

Day 1's prompt is "date" so here's my interpretation of it.

Summary: The Johto Dexholders along with Emerald have their speculations that Ruby and Sapphire are dating and all decided to "observe" the two just to find out if their hunches were correct.

51. These Obvious Suspicions



A fresh, cool city breeze could be felt throughout the dock, as dark clouds surrounded the horizon.

Sapphire's bandanna would've been blown away by it if she weren't holding the fabric. Her lips slowly curved into a smile, as laughter escaped from it.

They had finally arrived!

Ruby was right behind her, observing her with his own beaming smile whilst leaning on the wooden pole. He was enamored at how beautiful Sapphire's brunette hair fluttered with the wind. Everything else somehow felt tremendously slow in comparison.

So much so that he didn't notice someone bumped into him.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Ruby held onto the pole tightly and coughed. He regained composure. "It's cloudy today," he stated and glanced at the sky. His eyes immediately went back to Sapphire and thus, returning the smile on his face.

"Yeah," Sapphire replied, her eyes were still glued on the heavens. "But at a glance, yer hometown looks real nice."

He chuckled. "Yeah, I guess," His finger scratched his cheek. "It's way different than Littleroot, though."

She bobbed her head and stretched her arms. "Yeah, it is. The cities in Hoenn have buildings in it, but they weren't this tall. It's amazin'."

"Don't worry, we have a whole week," Ruby reassured whilst laughing. "I do plan to show you around, but I guess we should meet up with Emerald and our Johto seniors first."

Sapphire breathed in. The breeze was cold and comforting; it wasn't something she expected from a big and foreign city. She later moved her body to her right and grinned. "Yeah!"


Goldenrod Food Court

1:00 PM

The food court was jam-packed with people of all shapes, sizes, and faces!

Ruby couldn't tell who was who, but Sapphire was thankfully with him and her keen eyesight was more than enough to find their friends. A few moments of looking through the crowd, Sapphire spotted a familiar billiard cue and grabbed Ruby's hand.

"Found 'em!" she chimed, leading him to the table.

"Finally, what took you so long?" Gold asked when the two reached their table. He was drinking a can of soda.

"There were a lot of people if you didn't pay attention, " Silver muttered, flipping another page from the comic book he was reading.

Gold rolled his eyes at the former. "Yeah, yeah, but I finished my meal before they arrived! I'll be forced to buy another burger later!"

"That's not my problem," Silver commented and Gold had enough. Before Gold could scream at Silver, however, Crystal coughed.

"Anyway," the Catcher said to get their attention. She shared some of her fries with Sapphire. "I'm glad you two made it. How long are you staying in Johto?"

Ruby tried to find a seat, but apparently, everything was taken. Gold, Emerald, and Silver were all sitting under one long sofa and same with Crystal and Sapphire. He sighed. He guessed he should just stand up, then.

"We'll only stay for a week," the Charmer responded and leaned on the right side of the sofa Sapphire was sitting on. "Why'd you ask?"

"You sure you can handle the hotel fees, dude?" Gold asked, grabbing a french fries from Emerald's plate. The Calmer glared at him for taking the crispiest one he was saving for as the last bite. "You two could always stay at my house. It's fr—"

"No!" Ruby and Sapphire quickly answered, making Gold purse his lips into a scowl.

"But it's a free real estate!"

"Still no," Ruby refused. "Sapphire and I are fine at a hotel."

Gold shrugged. "Whatever you say. Y'all just waste your money on hotel junk."

"Are you two going around Johto all week?" Crystal asked, changing the subject. "If so, I don't think a week is enough."

Sapphire shook her head. "We'll just go around Goldenrod City," she grinned, swallowing the fries she just ate. "Ruby will be showin' me around and I love explorin' cities like this one."

"Kinda weird for a wild girl yourself to like the cities, amirite?" Gold chuckled, expecting a burst of laughter from his friends but received none. Instead, he got a menacing look from both Ruby and Sapphire.

"I like the city. It's a whole new different world from the forest," Sapphire defended and Gold had a smug reaction despite the threatening looks.

"Alright," the older male replied. "But since you two will be here for a week, why don't I show you ar—"

"No, we're good," Ruby interrupted, gesticulating his hand. "It's mine and Sapphire's vacation; we don't need a tour guide or anyone else."

Gold dropped his head, his mouth closed as a groan escaped from it. "You two are no fun!" He whined, perking his head up to give them a disappointing look. He was hoping it might change their mind, but it didn't seem to be working. "Why do you want this trip to be exclusive anyway?"

There was no response from Ruby and Sapphire, and Gold somehow had an idea. It was just a lucky guess, but it was plausible.

"I think Ruby is right," Crystal spoke, breaking the silence. "They're both on vacation, so let them explore on their own."

"But Crys, I—"

"And even if I wanna go with Ruby and Sapphire, I'll be busy too," she continued, ignoring Gold's objection. Emerald and Silver bobbed their heads.

"I'll be busy as well. You two enjoy this vacation on your own."

"I need to read a lot of the Proteam Omega comic books to catch up. I also need to go to the book's release day which is tomorrow."

"Dammit! You guys are no fun!" Gold whined and folded his arms across his chest. His friends were always busy. Well, most of his friends; Silver just liked wasting his time reading that rubbish.

"Anyway," Sapphire stood up. "Ruby and I should be goin' to our hotel. I'm kinda tired from our trip."

Ruby agreed with a nod. He took out his Pokegear and checked the time. "We also need to check-in at the hotel at three so we'll be going."

"Alright," Crystal waved at them. "Take care, you two! Enjoy your vacation!"

"Thanks!" Sapphire smiled, bidding them farewell. Ruby took her by the hand as they disappeared into the sea of people.

Crystal then turned to the boys. She blinked. "What's with those faces?"

Gold and Emerald had an eyebrow arched, their hands on their chins, and it seemed like they were in deep thought. Silver meanwhile simply stopped reading his comic.

Crystal already could tell what was on their mind and sighed at the thought of it. "I'm guessing you're as curious as I am," she stated the obvious and they all nodded.

"Very," Emerald added and grabbed another french fries on his plate.


The Next Day

Goldenrod City Hotel

10:00 AM

Gold rested his hands on his neck, as he trekked through the hotel's parking area. He looked at the clear, blue sky and breathed in the air. Today wasn't as windy as yesterday, perfect for a stroll.

"Will ya hurry it up, dude!" he called, turning to look at Silver who was behind him. Gold couldn't stop his curiosity, and it got the best of him. He wasn't the type to meddle into people's businesses, for he was a humble ma. But after what he witnessed yesterday, he desperately needed some answers.

Everything about Ruby and Sapphire's so-called vacation seemed skeptical.

First, why would they want to be alone together? How come they refused to invite him—a handsome, skilled, and expert Johto native?

Second, well...he couldn't think of anything else.

He was just curious why Ruby and Sapphire wanted to be left alone. Like, what? Were they on a honeymoon or something? He wouldn't interrupt if they were on a honeymoon if that's what they were doing.

Gold then spotted a familiar blond. His eyes widened whilst Silver stopped reading his comic book. "What the?! Why are you here?!"

Emerald heard the last voice he wanted to hear and turned. "What the?!" he said in a surprised tone. He tried to ask the same but saw someone else walking towards them. "Wait, you too, Crystal?!"

"WHAT?!" Gold shrieked.

Crystal approached them. "What are you doing here?" the three of them asked while Silver watched them silently.

"You said you were busy, super-serious gal!" Gold accused the Catcher and pointed his finger at her. It caught Crystal off-guard, causing her to giggle nervously and scratch her cheek.

"W-Well," she stuttered. "P-Professor Oak is an adult! He can handle three bundles of paperwork! B-But aren't you supposed to be at the bookstore, Silver?"

Silver gave Crystal a look. He lifted the book he was reading and showed her the cover. It seemed to be the 42nd volume of the comic book. "It arrived early," he replied as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Tsk, tsk," Emerald snickered, shaking his head. They all lowered their heads to see the smallest Pokedex Holder. Shame on you three for spying on Ruby and Sapphire. I—"

"Aren't you doing it as well?!" the three retorted and Emerald dropped the smirk on his lips. He laughed anxiously.

"W-Well," he stammered and stomped his foot. "I'm just checking if my suspicions are right! It's about damn time those two get together!"

"Well, I'm here to know if mine was right as well!" Gold reasoned.

It looked like they all dropped what they had planned for the day to check on Ruby and Sapphire. The coincidence here was that they all thought of spying on this very same spot.

"I'm curious too. I wanna see if they'll actually go on a date on their vacation." Crystal chimed.

There was silence and the three shifted their gaze at the redhead. Silver felt uncomfortable at the eyes staring at him, and he could only guess they wanted his answer.

"Fine; I'm curious too," he admitted, putting his book down.

"Alright!" Gold pumped his fists in the air. He slowly placed his arm in front of him and pretended there was a table in front of him. "Operation: finding out if prissy boy and wild gal are actually dating!"

He let his hand stay there for a few moments, hoping his friends would also put their hands on top of his so they could chant their little plan, but all eyes went to the hotel's entrance. The Hatcher noticed this and dropped his arm. "Hey!" he yelled and everyone shushed him. He pouted at the lack of attention he received and stood beside Silver.

The wait wasn't that long; Ruby and Sapphire left the hotel moments after their bickering. The latter seemed cheerful as ever while the former followed her. Curiously, they weren't holding hands like they did yesterday. Gold was already doubting his suspicions, but Crystal muttered to him that he might still be right about this.

"They're probably not holding hands because this isn't a crowded area," Crystal mumbled, as she focused her gaze at the Charmer and the Conqueror.

"Makes sense," Emerald commented. "We should keep a safe distance from them before they start suspecting something."

Silver nodded. "Good idea," he replied with fire in his eyes. "Let's do what the Proteam Omega characters did in the previous volume. They successfully managed to spy on the enemies without them noticing."

The others, meanwhile, gave Silver an odd look.

"You can be a nerd sometimes, Silv," Gold murmured and Silver loured at him. It didn't seem to affect him, however. "Just tellin' the truth, bro."

"Enough," Crystal quietly screamed. "Let's just follow them quietly."

"You're the one who's been talking really lo—"

"Shut it, Gold!" Crystal scolded him under her breath. She sent out her Xatu, Xatee, and flew away. Begrudgingly, the boys simply followed her; Gold flew with his Togekiss, Emerald with his Mantine, and Silver with his Honchkrow.

Ruby and Sapphire later reached the bustling road of Goldenrod City and it was filled with people. Crystal thought that would be a difficult place to 'observe' Ruby and Sapphire, so she told the boys that they should stay in the air until Ruby and Sapphire leaves this gigantic assembly of people.

There was one problem, though.

"Yeah, sure, nice going, super-serious gal," Gold remarked with sarcasm lingering in his tone. "How can we even observe the two if we're up here and they're down there!" he exclaimed, his arms were moving all over the place. Crystal placed her hands on her face and released a breath.

"Do you want Ruby and Sapphire to spot us?" she asked and Gold blinked.

"Duh! Of course not!"

"Then this is our best bet, Gold!"

"But how are we gonna observe them!"

"Don't worry," Silver interjected their bantering. He was holding a Silph Scope that Blue gave close to his eyes. Gold's stare went to Silver and saw what he meant. The Honchkrow was holding its trainer's shoulders whilst Silver was observing Ruby and Sapphire from a great distance.

"Well, spill the beans, Silv!" Gold commanded. "What are those two lovebirds doing?!"

"Quiet!" Silver rebuked. He focused his vision on Ruby and Sapphire. "I'm trying to observe them. I'll tell something soon."

"Well, hurry up!" Gold said impatiently. He was sitting onto Togebo's back and crossed his arms across his chest. Silver didn't reply. He was silent for a moment until a smile formed on his lips. It was somewhat sincere and conniving at the same time.

"They're holding hands," the Exchanger stated.

"So they are dating!" Gold concluded but Crystal shook her head.

"I doubt," she answered. "There are too many people. They're probably doing that so they wouldn't lose each other."

"Bruh, that's low-key romantic," Gold let out a mischievous titter.

Silver was still inaudible. He focused on 'observing' Ruby and Sapphire. He wondered if they were actually a couple. He only joined Gold since he didn't want to be left alone in his house despite the number of books he was supposed to be reading, but now that he was 'observing' Ruby and Sapphire, his curiosity was at its peak and he was desperate for an answer if those two were actually dating or not.

He didn't care about their relationship since romance wasn't really his interest, but the way those two acted around each other yesterday made him inquisitive about it. Was he trying to put his nose into someone else's business like Blue sometimes? Probably. Did he regret it? Maybe not.

He noticed Ruby and Sapphire stopped walking to get some ice cream. His eyebrows furrowed at that. It was probably typical for couples to eat that treat together. "They stopped," he announced.

"Finally!" Gold pronounced. "What are they doing now?"

"Buying ice cream," Silver said as he eyed them closely. Ruby and Sapphire seemed to be talking about something, but Silver couldn't tell what it was since he couldn't hear them. Just as he was about to say what he saw, Gold's face was too close to him. He removed his eyes from the Silph Scope and looked at him. "Get out of my face," he uttered coldly.

Gold glowered. "Crys said it's my turn to use the Silph Scope."

Crystal was confused. "I-I didn't say anything!"

"Get out or we'll lose Ruby and Sapphire," Silver reprimanded, but Gold was too stubborn.

"I wouldn't even do such a thing, dude!" Gold defended himself and tried to grab the item, but Silver took it away from him.

"Actually, you will," Silver answered.

The Hatcher went back in his bs and grabbed the Silph Scope away from him. It angered Silver and he tried to take it away from him. Gold raised his arm so Silver wouldn't reach it, but the Exchanger told his Honchkrow to fly a bit a higher. The raven-haired eyes widened and gulped. "Fly higher, Togebo!"

The Togekiss did as it was told and flew higher than the Honchkrow. Silver told the Dark-Flying type to do it again. He thrust out his arm and forced the Silph Scope out of Gold's grasp. Gold fought back, however, and when Silver did it again, Gold accidentally let go of the telescope-like device and it fell into the sea of people.

It hit a passer-by, causing a large bump to form on his head. The man looked up to find who threw the thing and saw four Flying-type Pokemon in the sky. He groaned. Kids. he thought and continued walking, rubbing the injury on his head.

Emerald smacked his palm on his face. "Great job, Gold! Now we wouldn't know what Ruby and Sapphire were doing!"

"I wouldn't let it go if Silv here didn't try to take the Silph Scope away from me!"

Silver shot him a glare. "This is your fault and you are paying for that Silph Scope. Blue gave it to me."

Gold grunted, giving up. "Fine."



"I'll pay for it," Ruby insisted, making Sapphire sigh for the umpteenth time. She gave him a look and it was enough to make him chuckle softly. "It's just ice cream, don't worry, Sapph."

Sapphire breathed. "Alright," she gave in. "But I'm payin' next time."

"Perfect!" Ruby exclaimed and placed some bills in front of the seller. "Two chocolate ice creams, please!"



"We're lucky that we managed to follow those two," Crystal mentioned, as she put on her disguise. She was wearing black sunglasses, a black hat, and a black dress that seemed like dresses exclusive to mothers who just gave birth. She gave a pacifier to Emerald who was sitting on a stroller. Emerald gave her a disappointed look.

"Why do I have to be in a stroller and put this thing on?!" he grouched. He looked at Gold who was trying to control their laughter and a chuckle from Silver. He hated how much they enjoyed his torture and it was annoying the hell out of him.

"Well, duh!" Gold cried, as a spout of laughter escaped from his lips. "Obviously, you're sma—"

Crystal managed to kick Gold's groin before he could finish. She smiled at Emerald. "We told Ruby and Sapphire we're busy so we have to disguise ourselves. Just until Ruby and Sapphire confirm our suspicions are right, okay?"

Emerald bit his lip before shoving the pacifier in his mouth. He better be rewarded for doing this crap. "We should've ashed 'em pinsted," he mumbled with the pacifier in his mouth.

Silver's shoulder shook, signaling he was having a peal of inaudible laughter. "I feel like they'll just dodge the question," he remarked.

"A-And you're right!" Gold exclaimed as the pain subsided. He removed his hands on his groin. He gave Silver a black, lacey dress and two small balls. Silver stared at it with dismay and displeasure shrouding in his eyes.

"Are you serious?" he inquired and he felt stupid for asking an idiot this kind of question.

Gold threw his head back and laughed. "Well, duh!" he cried. "You have long hair and I'm a gorgeous man!" Everyone rolled their eyes at that. "Just put these two balls on your chest so they can act like boobs," A vein popped on Crystal's head, as she tried to contain herself from kicking him. "And we can simply disguise ourselves as a couple! Simple as pie!"

That's gay. Emerald thought, watching the two argue until Crystal moved the stroller away from them before she could cause a scene with Gold by sending him pain.

They still managed to spot Ruby and Sapphire despite losing the Silph Scope (no thanks to Gold) and followed them to the Department Store. Crystal thought they should wear disguises so the two wouldn't 'notice' them. Gold was onboard with the idea but Emerald and Silver had their reservations. Still, though, they agreed.

Crystal continued walking while pushing the stroller. Her eyes wandered around the women's clothing section and finally saw whom she was looking for. She opted to stay a few feet away from Ruby and Sapphire, and feigned she was looking for a dress but in reality, she and Emerald were listening.

"I think you look great in blue, ma'am," the saleslady commented on Sapphire's outfit. The Conqueror was wearing a simple blue pencil dress and she thought it was too 'fancy' for her taste. She preferred wearing the clothes Ruby made instead of the garments someone else crafted. "What do you think, sir?"

Ruby scanned Sapphire from head to toe. She was blushing madly and he couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked. He dug his hands in his pockets. "How much is it?"

The saleslady smiled. "It's only 7000 yen."

"I think that's too expen—"

"It's okay, Sapph," Ruby reassured. His eyes softened at her and the way he looked at her became more endearing. "I'll pay for it."

Sapphire's eyes went round like a ball. "B-But—"

"I insist," Ruby answered and Sapphire knew nothing could change his mind once he insisted on it. She gave up and nodded. "Perfect!"

Crystal's eyebrows furrowed as she kept her eyes on Ruby and Sapphire. What's with the clothes? Were they going out somewhere fancy? Wait. Were they going on an expensive dinner date later? There was a newly opened restaurant in the city.

Just as she was about to leave though, Gold and Silver came in and she was shocked to see how pretty Silver looked in that dress. She wondered how Blue would respond when she saw her brother like that. She had a feeling that the Evolver would tease how 'attractive' Silver looked.

"Hey, all!" Gold greeted with the deepest voice he could muster, and Ruby and Sapphire glanced at each other before giving the Hatcher a disgusted look. He was wearing Groucho glasses, a black fedora, and a black suit. His hair was somehow flat but there were some spikes popping out of it. They could already tell that the glasses were a costume, but was that even necessary? He looked like a high-class clown in a circus. "That dress looks nice for a wild—"

Silver stepped on Gold's foot before the idiot could blow their disguises away. Gold yelped from the pain and realized why Silver actually stomped on his foot. He breathed through his gritted teeth and cough. "That dress looks lovely for a pretty girl like you. Isn't that right, honey?" he asked for his 'wife's' approval while 'she' just blushed and nodded.

Sapphire somehow felt unease at this shady man's words. Ruby noticed this and decided to avenge Sapphire.

"Actually," Ruby stepped in, eyeing Silver from head to toe. The Exchanger gulped, worried that Ruby might see through his disguise.

"Your wife...looks alright, I suppose," he said in a judging tone. "You could imp—"

Sapphire grabbed Ruby's hand and took him away from the shady husband and wife, before he could get himself into trouble.

Once they left, Silver's face was blank but anxiety dawdled in his eyes. The redhead didn't know how to react after what Ruby told him, but he could tell that the Charmer straight up called him 'ugly'.

And he hated it.

Gold, on the other hand, removed his glasses and he didn't seem happy at all; he was pissed.

Just alright?! Are you kidding me?! Gold thought as a vein popped on his head.

First of all, how dare Ruby! He picked the perfect dress for Silver! He knew Silver would look good on it because he chose it himself! "That prissy boy is getting on my nerves. Pretty sure you look wicked on that dress. Right, Silv?" He was hoping to see a positive reaction but instead, he saw Silver sulking in the corner. His mouth fell. "Dude, did you actually take his words way too seriously?"

Crystal managed to see everything and just facepalmed whilst Emerald finally released the fits of chortle he was trying to hold. Leave it to Gold and Silver to ruin everything.



Goldenrod Flower Shop

4:00 PM

After the department store fiasco, Crystal decided that they should just watch the two from afar. Silver and Emerald were relieved that they didn't have to wear such ridiculous costumes, but Gold thought otherwise.

They saw Ruby and Sapphire leave the department store, and they were holding hands all the way to the flower shop. The group followed them as discreetly as they could.

Still, though, every time Sapphire turned around, they'd often panic and hide behind anything that could block her view. They couldn't tell if Sapphire knew what was going on. But if she did, they'd be in big trouble.

Ruby, meanwhile, seemed to be unaware, though. They could only guess that Silver's dress was 'too ugly' that Ruby didn't find out about someone stalking them.

Crystal's thoughts were jumbled, throughout their little follow the leader game. She was trying to figure out the places Ruby and Sapphire had been to today. They went to the department store and now the flower shop. She eyed Ruby and Sapphire from the building she and the boys were hiding at. They seemed to be talking, but she couldn't see everything, for some of the shop's items were blocking her view.

"Still," she muttered, removing her eyes from the couple. She stopped peeking from the wall and leaned on it. Her hands were placed under her chin with one finger massaging it. They went to the department store and they probably bought that dress. Now, they were at a flower shop. She could only come up with one conclusion: they were definitely going on a date tonight.

Gold groaned, as he peeped through the wall. He then clenched his fists. "Just kiss already! I'm getting tired of watching you motherfu—"

Gold's voice didn't do anything but infuriate Crystal. She moved her left leg and kicked his butt. Gold was interrupted from his intense cursing and his chest fell on the ground. He blinked and coughed some dust off.

"Crys!" He turned around. "What the f—"

She kicked him again, but on the groin this time. Emerald and Silver somehow felt the pain Gold obtained, and just remained quiet. They were glad they weren't that idiot.

"Language," the Catcher scolded.

Gold held his aching groin, as his face twisted from the pain he was receiving. Crystal finally calmed down and folded her arms across her chest. She went back to inspecting Ruby and Sapphire. They were still talking inside the flower shop. What was taking them so long? She took a deep breath and went back to leaning on the wall.

"I think they're preparing for their big date tonight," The boys shifted their gaze from the flower shop to look at her. "I mean, think about it: they bought that dress and now they're at a flower shop. They're probably going to that new expensive restaurant I kept on hearing about."

Gold sat up and removed his hands from his groin. He rubbed his head. "So, I guess they are dating?"

"We are," Ruby answered and all eyes widened. The four flinched from their spots and tried to move their vision in front of them. They saw Ruby and Sapphire standing in front of them and they didn't seem irritated. In fact, they looked...fine, emotionally speaking.

"How did you...?" Gold asked, his mouth finally fell from the astonishment he got.

Sapphire's left hand pointed at her ear. "I can hear yer yappin' from there."

It was then that Emerald comprehended something. He dropped his head. "I forgot that Sapphire has an enhanced sense of hearing too."

Gold screeched and pointed his index finger at the Calmer. "Now you told us about this?! Not cool, dude!"

Emerald's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "I said I forgot, okay?!"

"To be fair," Silver stated, standing upright. "She wouldn't hear us if you weren't so loud."

Gold glared at Silver. "HEY!"

"Now that you know that we're dating," Ruby folded his arms across his chest. It wasn't that his relationship with Sapphire was a secret, but he didn't want another set of paparazzi to come after them; Hoenn's media and Lisia were too much for them already. "Could you please leave us alone? I want no one else but Sapphire with me, especially tonight."

Crystal arched an eyebrow. "You're taking her to that fancy restaurant, right?"

To her surprise, Ruby shook his head. She was now puzzled at the revelation. Then, what was the point of buying that dress and going to the flower shop?

"I can't tell you since it'll ruin the surprise," Ruby replied. "But, no, I'm not taking her there yet. Just stop spying on us. You're all ruining my time with Sapphire."

Crystal, Emerald, and Silver felt bad when Ruby said that. They would feel the same if someone was skulking them if they ever want to be alone with someone.

"Ya could've asked if we're datin' or not. We'll try not to avoid the question," Sapphire added, making Ruby nod.

"That's what I said!" Emerald intervened, but the Johto Pokedex Holders yelled something at him.

"You were okay with spying on them!" they said.

Ruby and Sapphire released a breath, as they watched them argue. It seemed like they wouldn't stop since they kept on blaming each other, which was perfect because Ruby really wanted to get out of here. Grabbing Sapphire's hand, he took her away from their friends and onto the closest shore in the city.

The sun was beginning to set when Ruby inspected the place, he finally felt the sense of nostalgia come upon him. Taking a deep breath, he took in the smell of the air; it was fresh with a hint of the ocean. Exhaling, he smiled and sat on the sandy beach with no objections. Sapphire sat beside him.

Ruby's gaze shifted to her as he smiled wider. He closed the small gap between them and wrapped his arms around her waist. Sapphire felt his warm arm around her and slowly placed her head on his chest. The Charmer's eyes softened at her little but impactful gesture and pulled her closer.

They sat silently on the sand, as they watched the sunset and the waves gracefully crash onto the shoreline. The stars slowly started appearing on the horizons and Ruby thought this was a perfect time to stargaze. His smile dropped.

"This is where I go and train with my dad during his day-offs," he uttered, making Sapphire remove her head on his chest to view him. "The forests can be dangerous at night, so my mom said we should train on the beach at nighttime. You know my dad had a day job before he became a Gym leader, right?" He felt Sapphire's head moving up and down from his chest. He chuckled. "It was...fun training with him. I—"

His eyes widened when he felt her thumb rubbing the tear off his eye. He removed his eyes from the ocean to look at her. It caught him off guard when he felt Sapphire's soft lips give his cheek a gentle peck. She returned to lean her head on his chest, as her left hand drew soothing circles on it.

"Ya don't have to continue if ya don't wanna," she mumbled and Ruby's heart was filled with glee and satisfaction.

He smiled weakly, as the look in his eyes became more passionate, and gently kissed her forehead. "This place has one of my most precious memories no matter how sad it became in the end," he continued, pulling her even closer. Their bodies were now a complete set of a puzzle. "And...I wanna share it with you."

Sapphire closed her eyes. She felt...elated. She was happy to be a part of his life.

"Dad and I used to train a lot together before we drifted apart, and even if my relationship with him is a...so-so, I still cherish those memories."

He paused for several seconds and kissed her forehead again. "I wanna make new memories this time."

Sapphire smiled. She couldn't completely fix Ruby's broken relationship with his father, but she would gladly guide him. "I'm sure yer dad will—"

"I wanna make new memories...with you," he continued and Sapphire opened her eyes. She removed herself from him. She was wearing a surprised yet endearing reaction and tears couldn't help but stream from her eyes. It was now his turn to use his thumb to wipe the teardrops off her face. His smile widened. "I know we live in Hoenn and I love Hoenn, but is it okay if we make great memories in this city while we're here?"

Sapphire smiled and tackled him for a hug. Her embrace was so strong that Ruby's back managed to fall onto the coarse sand. He laughed, as his arms returned to wrap around her delicate body, caging her like she was something worth protecting.

And she was.

He buried his head in the crook of her neck. He got a whiff of her gorgeous berry-like scent, and it was perfect for her. He felt her giggling and it was enough to bring back his smile.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," the Conqueror responded and removed herself from their hug. Ruby sat up for a bit to meet her eye level. He tucked a loose hair behind her ear, as his hand never left her cheek. He started stroking his thumb around it whilst she started giggling. His smile didn't waver.

"I'm glad."

The fact that I get distracted every 5 seconds when editing this is...something. Thanks again to Nue for looking at this. He doesn't read pokespe but I appreciate him trying to help me with the editing. ;;;

42nd volume because it's the HGSS arc. :'D

Tomorrow's prompt is "seasons" and I'll post it tomorrow. If you're just beginning to read this collection, hello! This is my franticshipping one-shot collection which started in 2016! My writing has changed throughout the years so you'll notice the big difference but I hope that doesn't stop you from reading this! Take care, everyone!

Anonymous reviews have been disabled. Login to review. 1. 1: A Proposal 1315 0 0 2. 2: Commissions 971 0 0 3. 3: Eyesight 704 0 0 4. 4: Battle Subway 1016 0 0 5. 5: Insecurities 1125 0 0 6. 6: Creativity 1666 0 0 7. 7: Sick Days 1320 0 0 8. 8: Beautiful Mornings 364 0 0 9. 9: Parenthood? 601 0 0 10. 10: Fashion Statement 1411 0 0 11. 11: A Date 1076 0 0 12. 12: Realization 1107 0 0 13. 13: An Arcade Story 1234 0 0 14. 14: Scarred Memories 1211 0 0 15. 15: Sacred Strength 911 0 0 16. 16: Contest Outfits 674 0 0 17. 17: Something Good 366 0 0 18. 18: A Token of Appreciation 1753 0 0 19. 19: A Movie Date 1323 0 0 20. 20: An Extraordinary Treat (Collab fic) 2327 0 0 21. 21: Temporary Caretakers 763 0 0 22. 22: Free Time (Collab fic) 2096 0 0 23. 23: Experiences throughout the holidays 3395 0 0 24. 24: Secret Base Haven 2546 0 0 25. 25: In Ten Years 2030 0 0 26. 26: Nightfall (Collab fic) 4432 0 0 27. 27: A Journey Through Meals 2066 0 0 28. 28: Mister Florist and Teacher (AU) 1782 0 0 29. 29: In Another Region 994 0 0 30. 30: In the Cosmos 1783 0 0 31. 31: Scars 1628 0 0 32. 32: Limits of Patience (Collab fic) 6027 0 0 33. 33: Hot Springs 3029 0 0 34. 34: In For A Treat (Halloween-themed) 2571 0 0 35. 35: For Our Future (Christmas-themed) 2610 0 0 36. 36: A New Tradition (AU) 2369 0 0 37. 37: A New Year 1007 0 0 38. 38: Ask the Dexholders 2820 0 0 39. 39: Something More (AU) 1883 0 0 40. 40: It's a Process 3967 0 0 41. 41: Something Simple 435 0 0 42. 42: Fifth Times A Charm 1477 0 0 43. 43: Unbreakable Connection 3185 0 0 44. 44: A Realistic Dream 2783 0 0 45. 45: Alola To A New Life Together! 1773 0 0 46. 46: What Once Was Lost (AU) 3244 0 0 47. 47: Dipsomania 1912 0 0 48. 48: The Truth 1070 0 0 49. 49: Closer 1100 0 0 50. 50: Drowning His Sorrows 1684 0 0 51. 51: These Obvious Suspicions 5525 0 0 52. 52: Complications 2038 0 0 53. 53: A Time To Mourn 1184 0 0 54. 54: All About Us 1850 0 0 55. 55: The Different Paths They Take 2041 0 0 56. 56: VS Groudon and Kyogre 2756 0 0 57. 57: Missing Memories 2441 0 0 58. 58: Sapphire, Week 1, Day 6 (TWEWY AU) 2643 0 0 59. 59: Birthday Surprise 6348 0 0 60. 60: Knowing One's Astrology (Kinda) 3237 0 0 61. 61: The Training of the Mind 3553 0 0 62. 62:On the Hunt 6604 0 0 63. 63: Tying Up Those Loose Ends 6880 0 0 64. 64: Looking Forward To Our Future 7618 0 0 65. 65: Through the Different Regions 12044 0 0 66. 66 Finding Inner Peace 9168 0 0 67. 67: Enlightening the Truth 4486 0 0 68. 68: Taking Risks 5735 0 0 69. 69: Curiosity Wins Again 6688 0 0 70. 70: Ending Hopefully on a Good Note 12266 0 0