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49: Closer

This is based on the franticshipping doujin I bought last year. Should've updated this a long time ago but procrastination. I got lazy. I asked the artist if I could turn their doujin into a fic too and it took a while so yeah. ;;;

If you wanna see the doujin, I recorded a video on my IGTV flipping through every page of the doujin so you can check it out there since FFN doesn't make me link stuff. ;;

49. Closer



Ruby's eyes widened. He took a step back, as a shiver ran through his spine. His hand then slowly reached for his cheek, touching the three, long scars that were recently engraved in it. "Geez," he spoke, caressing his wound. "Sapphire, you don't have to scratch me. It's not like I was going to kiss y—" He stopped, realizing what he just said. Was it really his intention? His face was only close to hers, maybe too close, and— "W-Wait, I-I can ex—"

Before Ruby could finish, a frantic Sapphire ran away from their secret base. He sighed, rubbing his neck.

Did he really want to kiss her? He was so confused, yet at the same time, it felt right.

"Ah," His mother giggled, gently placing the bandage on his cheek. "So you accidentally stepped on Nana's tail?"

"Uhuh," Ruby lazily responded.

"But it's weird that she scratched your cheek."

Ruby gulped. He was glad that his mother bought the story. "Y-Yeah," He stood up, looking at the mirror to see the bandage on his cheek.

It looked terrible on him, but he had no choice but to deal with it. He took in a breath, grabbing his hat on the table and went upstairs and into his room quietly. His mother watched him, suspicious on the wound on his cheek. She was certain that Nana wasn't the one who scratched it, but if it wasn't Nana, then who would it be?

Ruby threw himself onto his bed. He turned around so that his back was lying on it. He released another breath, whilst closing his eyes.

He couldn't understand himself.

Everything was fine in the secret base. He was having a good time with Sapphire, talking to her like there was no tomorrow, then suddenly, their conversation shifted onto his glasses. Sapphire was curious about it, and instead of removing it so she could have a good look at it—like how a normal person would do—he moved his face closer to her. He could feel her own haste breathing tickling his skin, and it felt great. He tried to move closer and closer until he felt pain in his left cheek.

She scratched him.

He was stunned to see her react like that, but now that he had time to reflect about it, he should have thought it through.

The Charmer grumbled and closed his eyes. Maybe he was overthinking. Or maybe he wasn't. He swore it wasn't his intention to kiss her, but still, why was he acting so...strange to her recently?

Emerald often accused them of flirting and while they both defend that they weren't, maybe the Calmer was right all along; they just didn't know that they were flirting.

So what's wrong with flirting with Sapphire? He thought and he swore he would smack himself just by thinking about it.

Then, he felt something cold and sticky on his left cheek. His eyes opened at that and his jaw slacked.


"Ah, yer awake," Sapphire said. She was holding a small bowl in her right hand while the other was filled with—from the smell of it, it smelled like crushed berries.

"Wha—What is going on?" he asked. Despite the gooey stuff on his cheek, it did smell amazing. Maybe he should try to make a perfume out of those berries. It smelled so natural and so...so...Sapphire.

"I'm sorry that I scratched yer cheek," the Conqueror apologized, rubbing his cheek. She placed the bowl on the nightstand and Ruby just realized their position. His face blushed, rivaling the color of his own eyes.

He was lying on the bed with Sapphire on top of him.

It sounded embarrassing yet comfortable at once. He does admit that he wanted to share a bed with Sapphire one day, and this was the closest one he could get.

He sighed dreamily, his body finally relaxing from their awkward position. "It's okay," he muttered, smiling. "I'm just glad you're not mad at me."

Sapphire returned the smile. "I'm glad yer not as well."

There was silence emanating between them until Sapphire removed herself from him.

"Anyway," she called. "I'm gonna go outside. Be right back!" She went outside using the window. Ruby frowned at the absence of her warmth but opted to stand up to look outside. He saw Sapphire and her Gallade collecting more berries from a tree and he couldn't help but turn his smile into a grin.

She was doing all of this for him. That was...so nice of her.

"There," Sapphire went in, holding three berries with her but stopped when she realized that his face was too close to hers again. She gulped, trying to get away from him, but his hand stopped her from moving. He gently gripped her wrist, causing the berries to fall on the floor.

"Thank you," Ruby mumbled, his face inching closer to hers. He stopped when he bumped her nose. He looked into her eyes and chuckled at her flustered reaction. She looked so cute.

"Y-Ya should rinse yer face now," Sapphire croaked and Ruby forgot about the sticky stuff on his cheek. He chuckled.

"Be right back," he said, going to the bathroom. He quickly rinsed his face and when he got to look at himself in the mirror, he was shocked to see the scars were gone. His jaw dropped. "H-How?!"

Sapphire stood on his side, smiling proudly. "That's the power of nature for ya. I—Ruby! What are ya doin'?!"

To Sapphire's surprise, Ruby's face was inching closer to hers again. She gulped.

"This is amazing. Thank you so much, Sapph!" Ruby exclaimed and Sapphire swore she could feel his breath tickling her face. She didn't know what to do. "What kind of berries did you use? How did you know those berries are the cure for this?"

"Ya have too many questions, silly! One at a time!"

"I'm sorry but this is an amazing discovery!"

Outside of the bathroom, Ruby's mother giggled softly. Those two were really something, alright. She wouldn't be surprised if they started dating sooner or later.


Sapphire gasped. She looked at her nails, admiring them. They were colored blue, like her eyes, and now shorter.

And it was all thanks to Ruby.

"What do you think?" Ruby asked, smiling triumphantly.

"I love it!" Sapphire squealed, moving herself closer to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into an embrace.

Ruby tipped his glasses, before returning the hug. There was a huge smile on his face. He didn't need to think twice that he had these strong feelings for her. Maybe it was time to ask her out.

It's very short. Quarantine isn't helping me squeeze more creative juices since my mind is in that Emerald fic I'm working on but this is the best I could give. And just like the hot springs one-shot, I do not know Japanese so this is the best translation I could give. Stay safe and wash your hands, everyone!

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