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47: Dipsomania

Warning: mention of alcohol and being drunk and crap.

Summary: When Ruby came home drunk, Sapphire knew she had to take care of him until he falls asleep.

47. Dipsomania



It was one-thirty in the morning, yet the lights in room four hundred and sixty-nine were on. There were empty packs of cup noodles and bottled iced coffee in the trash can, along with some used chopsticks. Sounds of fingers tapping the keyboard's keys echoed in the room, but it was soon interrupted by the doorbell.

Sapphire let out a tired sigh and stopped typing on her laptop, turning it off and setting it aside. She stood up and approached the door, thinking of any reason why would someone go to her and Ruby's place in such an ungodly hour.

"Where are we?" a wrecked voice said from the other side of the door, and Sapphire already knew to whom that voice belonged to.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door of her and Ruby's shared condominium. Her eyes widened in shock when saw their older friend, Silver, standing in front of the door with Ruby beside him.

"Sapphire," Silver nodded and removed Ruby's arm on his shoulder. He gave Ruby to Sapphire.

"Oh, uh..." Sapphire held Ruby and placed one of his arms on her shoulders. "Thank you, senior Silver," she replied, but her eyes were fixed on Ruby, examining him.

He had bloodshot eyes (which were redder than his signature ruby-red eyes), his face was blushing madly, and he had a pretentious smile plastered across his face. He couldn't seem to stand still either, as she observed him trying to get on his feet despite her support on his body. She sighed again; she knew that her boyfriend was drunk but how was that possible?

Ruby wasn't the kind of guy to drink as a hobby. In fact, Ruby would never drink beer; he preferred to drink wine more than beer. But he hardly took more than two glasses of wine because of his low tolerance for alcohol. She only had one conclusion about why he ended up drunk.

"Senior Silver, what happened?" she asked and Silver retained an indifferent face despite his confusion. Sapphire had now noticed that Silver didn't seem drunk. He either didn't drink or Gold wasn't able to force him to.

"Gold," Silver replied nonchalantly and shrugged.

Sapphire grumbled at that; she knew it.

"He didn't bring any wine as he promised so Ruby refused to drink."

And she knew Ruby would never drink beer unless...

"But Gold, being the idiot he is, told him that he will post that photo of you guys kissing unless Ruby will drink one bottle of beer."

Sapphire was right again, but she hoped Ruby only drank one bottle; no more, no less.

"Ruby didn't believe it, but Gold actually had a photo of you guys kissing. He said he got it from Lisia."

Crap. Sapphire bit her lip. She and Lisia are good friends, but taking a photo of her kissing Ruby was too much. Even if she did give her permission, she didn't like it when people do that. It was definitely embarrassing and could they just leave her and Ruby alone? They weren't celebrities; they are just normal people living and working in this city.

"So Ruby had no choice but to drink beer. Your boyfriend kept on complaining how bitter it was, though."

"How many?"

Silver blinked. "What?"

"How many bottles did Ruby drink?" Sapphire asked as her other arm was placed on Ruby's chest. Ruby giggled at this and started blabbering some gibberish words that neither Sapphire nor Silver could understand.

"He wasn't able to finish one bottle. He drank half of the beer then passed out. He was gonna drink again because Gold called him a chicken for passing out early, but Red stopped him." Silver answered and took a deep breath. "Anyway, blame Gold on this. I just took Ruby here since he's too drunk to go on his own. Now it's my turn to go home."

Sapphire bowed at her senior. She definitely owed a lot to him. Although she thought the boys could've just called her to save themselves from all the trouble. "Thank you again, senior Silver."

Silver just nodded and left the couple alone. Once he went to the elevator, Sapphire struggled to hold her wobbly boyfriend. She removed him around her at first before locking the door. When she turned around, Ruby was struggling to stand up. His wonky legs weren't helping either. He looked like a kid struggling to ice skate on a frozen lake. Sapphire just rolled her eyes at this (despite how cute he looked) and grabbed him under his knees. In a swift move, she carried him like a bride.

This painted a blush on her cheeks. Culture always stated that she should be the one being carried like this but she had no choice; Ruby was drunk and she was the only one around. If she just placed his arms around her and walked to their shared bed, he may struggle to do so and Ruby already had a terrible night, no thanks to Gold.

Ugh. Thinking about Gold already irked her. When she sees him, he should definitely be ready; it wouldn't be a pleasant meeting.

"You're pretty," a drunk Ruby stated out of the blue and started chuckling.

Sapphire's cheeks became redder. She had never seen Ruby this drunk. His father was strict enough to ban alcohol in their house (not to mention scare the hell out of his own son when it comes to doing drinking as a hobby) and Ruby never tasted beer until now. She couldn't help but blame Gold for this. What was that guy up to?

"No, no," Ruby shook his head and wrapped his arms around her. He took a peck on her lips, surprising Sapphire. Her eyes went wider than a UFO then tripped. Luckily, they landed on their bed, making her dump him unceremoniously onto the mattress.

Darn it, Ruby! Even if you're drunk, ya still steal kisses from me! Sapphire grunted and sat on the bed. Her face fell flat when she heard Ruby laugh.

"You look exactly like my girlfriend!" Ruby exclaimed and laid down. His alcohol-induced laughter continued to echo around the room.

Sapphire just rolled her eyes. Could he just stop talking and pass out? "I am your girlfriend," she stressed and folded her arms across her chest. "Ya silly."

"No way!" Ruby jolted up from the bed. His eyes were wide and he went close to her. He looked at her with surprised eyes.

Maybe he was too near.

Okay, he was. Ruby already closed the distance between them and his face was literally an inch away. "Sapphire?! Sapphire is that you?! I thought I was dreaming when you carried me so I had to kiss you! Is this really you?! The love of my life?! The only woman for me?! The only person for me?!"

Sapphire gulped and placed her hands on his chest, gently shoving him away from her. "Y-Yes? I-I am..." She didn't know what else to say when he told her that, but it was nice to know that despite his drunk state, he was only willing to kiss her and no one else.

Ruby was in tears and Sapphire didn't even wonder why he was crying. He does cry a lot and if he cries in his drunk state, then it wasn't an unusual behaviour for him. "You look so..." He sniffled and held her hands. He dipped his head and messily kissed her hand.

Sapphire swore her cheeks were redder than his face.

"You're so...so...beautiful...absolutely beautiful...!" Ruby finished and continued crying.

There was a saying that drunk people only stated the truth, and Sapphire now believed that it was real. Ruby never failed to tell how 'beautiful' she is and him calling her 'beautiful' in his drunk state just made her flustered.

"I missed you! Gold was being a douche! He made me swallow some disgusting drink!" Ruby whined and buried his head in her chest. His arms snaked around her waist and pulled her closer. "He's being an asshole and a bully when I said I can't finish one bottle!"

Sapphire tried to regain her senses. She took a deep breath and gently patted his head. Her hand roamed around his hair, playing with it. She now just understood his last statement. Her eyebrows furrowed at that. Did Ruby just curse?

"I love you so much, Sapphire!" Ruby removed his head from her chest and pressed his soft lips against hers.

Sapphire's heart thumped wildly. She could taste the bitter beer lingering on his lips. Despite his drunk condition, the way he kisses her remained the same; it was gentle yet passionate. She could feel the heat igniting in the pit of her stomach as it slowly turned into knots. She swore butterflies started forming in it. She had kissed Ruby before he was forced to go with Gold earlier, but kissing him just felt so right, as if she needed this to complete her night.

As she was about to return the kiss and wrap her arms around him, she reminded herself that this wasn't a good time to make-out with him. She didn't want to take advantage of his condition after all. She preferred to kiss him in his sober condition despite how good this kiss felt. Taking a deep breath, she gently pulled away much to Ruby's dismay. She saw him pout at that.

"You don't wanna kiss me?" Ruby asked in a hurt tone.

Sapphire immediately shook her head. "N-No! I love to kiss ya! I always do, but..." She stopped to bite her lip. After gently pushing him down on the bed and lying beside him, she continued. "It isn't the right time to do it. I promise we'll do it tomorrow but for now, please," She placed a hand on his chest and she moved closer, closing the small distance between them. "Get some sleep."

Ruby turned around to face her. His hand cupped her cheek. "Can I have my goodnight kiss first?"

Sapphire giggled at this. She couldn't help but think how cute his behaviour was when he's drunk. She knew her boyfriend was a passionate man but his passion somehow increased tenfold whenever he's drunk. She liked it, but she preferred his sober state more. "Just one kiss, and then you'll sleep?"

"We will have more tomorrow night, right?" Ruby asked again, but she knew he was pretending not to beg.

She giggled again. "I promise."

"Yay!" Ruby laughed triumphantly before pressing his soft lips against hers.

"I love you so much, Sapphire!"

The Next Morning

9:00 AM

Ruby opened his eyes and blinked. There was a sudden smack on his head, causing him to hold his aching head. H looked at the ceiling and blinked again. It seemed like no one literally smacked his head; it was just a splitting headache. He grunted at this and stopped to sniff himself.

He smelled terrible. How could he go to sleep smelling like this?


Ruby let out a sigh to calm himself before turning to his left. He was relieved to see Sapphire. "Morning, Sapph," He held his head and grumbled loudly. "What happened last night?"

Sapphire just smiled and kissed his cheek. "I'll tell ya after breakfast." She said before leaving the bed to head to the bathroom.

Ruby just chuckled and stood up for some stretching. If that's how Sapphire would greet him every morning, then he could definitely get used to this.

Okay, I admit that when I was drunk, I never vomit. Just had a very terrible headache so….yjfuftfufi

Plus, Red stopped Ruby from drinking further...

Also personal headcanon that Ruby has low tolerance in alcohol...like me...

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