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46: What Once Was Lost (AU)

This is probably one of my faves. I had a lot of fun writing this and I hope you will have a great time reading it as well. :'D

And yes, this is sort of a Cafe AU so yeah sdfkjsd

46. What Once Was Lost



The breeze surrounding the city slowly became colder; dark clouds drifted into the sky as it covered the bright sunlight. A loud crackle of thunder was heard and it was later followed by a flash of lightning. Not a moment later, raindrops started falling from the clouds, drenching the city.

A certain brunette took a deep breath as she crossed the street, running swiftly. She made it before the rain completely soaked her clothes. She sighed and turned around, entering the café. She smelled the fresh cream, coffee, and sugar lingering in the air, which placed a smile on her face.

"Welcome, ma'am!" one of the employees greeted as she approached the café's counter and leaned against it.

"One black coffee please!" she cheerfully ordered while the barista nodded.

"Can I have your name, ma'am?" the barista asked with a pen in hand.

"Sapphire," she replied and the barista nodded again.

"Oh, welcome, sir!" The barista nodded at his new customer. "What will you have?"

"Just a hot cappuccino. Extra sweet, please."

"Got it," The barista nodded and started brewing coffee. "Your name, sir?"


"Ruby?" Sapphire asked and turned to her left. Her eyes widened in shock and her heart pounded rapidly in her chest. She kept on staring at him as if she hadn't seen him in a long time. Ironically, she hadn't seen him for a year nor have any contact with him. What was he doing here?

Ruby smiled. "You heard her; that's my name."

"Right," The barista bobbed his head and continued brewing coffee for his customers. He left them alone standing in front of the counter.

Sapphire blinked and removed her gaze at him. She bit her lip as her fists started shaking.

"I'm not surprised to see you here, Sapph. How are you? It's been a year." Ruby started. He leaned on the counter sideways to look at Sapphire. She was always beautiful every time he laid his eyes on her.

Sapphire just grumbled and kept on staring at the café's menu board. She planned to relax with her cup of coffee today and seeing Ruby in this café just killed the mood. She couldn't wait to get out of here.

"Hey, Sapph," Ruby called and placed his hand on top of hers. She felt it and slapped it away. "Hey, watch it!" He tried to hold her hand but she balled her fist and punched him in the chest. His face twisted in pain as he held his aching chest.

People either looked or ignored them. Sapphire didn't care; she just couldn't stand near Ruby. Ruby, on the other hand, was too busy encircling his hand on his chest. Sapphire's punch wasn't a playful one, and he knew why. He couldn't help but be sad about that. He needed to apologize and let her know how much he regretted it.

"Listen," He stood up straight and fixed the wrinkles of his shirt. "I'm sorry."

Sapphire breathed slowly, ignoring him at the same time to calm herself.

Ruby frowned at this. He couldn't blame her; she had every right to be mad at him. "Sapphire, listen, I know that—"

"One black coffee for Ms. Sapphire and an extra sweet hot cappuccino for Mr. Ruby!" the barista announced and placed the drinks on the counter.

Sapphire didn't speak; she only placed the exact amount of payment on the counter, grabbed her cup of black coffee, and left the café.

The barista just tilted his head as he grabbed her payment. Before he could turn and ask his other customer for his, he saw five hundred yen placed on the counter with the man and his cup of coffee gone as well. He just shrugged and took the payment, placing it in the cash register drawer.





"Sapphire!" Ruby called as he held onto his cup of cappuccino. He bumped into some people while walking, but he didn't care. He was too busy catching up with Sapphire. "Sapph! Just please, stop!"

Sapphire clenched her cup of coffee. Thankfully, no coffee was spilled since she finished drinking it. She turned around to look at Ruby with fiery eyes glaring at him.

Ruby stopped a few feet from her and gulped. He sighed. "I know you don't wanna forgive me, but please, just stay with me for a few moments before—"

"I ain't interested!" Sapphire loudly replied. She threw the empty cup into the trash can and ran. She didn't care if her clothes would be soaked in this rain; she just wanted to get away from him.

Ruby clenched his fist. He threw his cup of cappuccino in the trash bin, not caring that he hadn't taken a sip on it. He didn't care if he wasted money and coffee. He knew that he couldn't catch up on her now that she ran away. Sapphire was the fastest runner he knew. Her high school track record was one proof. He sighed and looked up at the sky. He watched rain fell from the sky, as tears of his own formed into his eyes. He was an idiot for leaving her.

The Next Day.

"One espresso coffee for Ms. Sapphire!" the barista announced and Sapphire raised her hand. "Here you go, Ma'am." He placed the cup down in front of his tired customer. "That'll be five hundred yen."

"Here, keep the change."

"Oh, thank you, sir."

Sapphire's anger returned. She turned to her right and saw Ruby paid for her drink. She didn't want to see him so she opted to leave the café despite she didn't want to.

"Sapph, please. Just...give me a moment."

She felt Ruby's hand gently holding hers. It reminded her of the time they'd spent together until last year happened. She felt her heart started racing in her chest as tears formed in her eyes. She bit her lip just to stop it from flowing. No, she couldn't. She couldn't cry anymore. She moved on from Ruby, and having him around shouldn't affect her.

"Let me explain. Please, just...give me twenty minutes." Ruby begged and squeezed her hands. She felt the sincerity and guilt in his tone.

Taking a deep breath, Sapphire turned around to look at him. He smiled, but she didn't smile back. She had a bored expression on her face, but Ruby could perfectly read her eyes. She was both mad and hurt to see him again.

"I'll stop listening to you once I finished my drink. Now talk." Sapphire responded out of her accent. She turned to look at the café's enormous menu placed on the wall.

This made Ruby gulp. Once Sapphire talked without her accent, he knew she was serious and pissed. He needed to make this quick.

"I know apologizing to you isn't gonna fix everything, but I'm sorry. I mean it." he started, his tone was sincere. He looked at her and saw no changes in her eyes. He sighed. "I'm sorry I left you after that night. I was—I was afraid." He bit his lip. He didn't want to continue, but he had to. She had the right to know why. "I left because I was scared. I'm afraid that if we continue what we're doing...things may change and I'm afraid it'll change for the worse. I've never dated anyone, Sapphire. Even after I left for a year, no person, no woman is in my mind...except you. It's always been you, Sapphire. I love you, but I'm afraid that if things went downhill in our relationship, it may affect our friendship as well. And...I don't want that. I—"

"You already broke our friendship," Sapphire spoke and placed the empty cup of coffee down.

Ruby's eyes widened, as his heart rate kept on increasing its pace. "What?"

Sapphire turned to look at him. Her eyes were teary and her arms started shaking. "Y-You broke my heart, Ruby. I kept on contacting you after that night. I thought you were busy with work when you didn't reply to my messages or answered my calls. But I gave up after a month. Do ya even realize how our lack of communication hurt me? I asked Emerald. I asked Wally. I asked Blue. Your parents. Everyone. I asked everyone where'd ya been but neither of them knew. Ya know what hurts? Everyone expected that I know where'd ya been. I thought you found another someone who's way better than me. After all, without my hard work, I'm nothing. I could easily be replaced."

"T-That's not true!" Ruby exclaimed and held her shoulders. His arms started shaking as fear shrouded his eyes. Everyone at the café looked at them, but neither cared at the suspicious eyes people were giving them. "Sapphire, you're unique. There's no one else but you. You're always in my mind ever since I left."

"Then why didn't ya answer my calls and messages? A simple 'I'm sorry, I can't talk to you right now' message will do!" Sapphire retorted, her voice grew louder as her heart continued pounding loudly. "I was so worried about ya, ya know? I don't just love ya, Ruby; I also care about you! You're not just my best friend; you're also my first crush and my first love!"

"And you are mine as well," Ruby replied. He was tempted to hug and kiss her, but he was afraid that it would make things worse. "I love you, Sapphire. I always have and what I did was unforgivable, but I'm really sorry. I really do. I promise I wouldn't do it again. I'll always be by your side from now on."

Sapphire took a deep breath. She grabbed his hands and removed it from her shoulder. "Sorry wouldn't fix what was broken, Ruby." She sighed and turned around. She started walking away from Ruby.

Ruby was dumbfounded, his mouth was opened as his eyes were filled with surprise, guilt, and regret. He was stupid for not considering her feelings. He let his fear consume him and push away the only person he loves. He gritted his teeth and shook his head. No, the reason why he returned was that he wanted to fix this. If it would take years to earn Sapphire's forgiveness, then he was willing to do whatever it takes.

Taking a deep breath, Ruby ran away from the café. He ran on the streets, hoping to find her but saw no sign of her. He wanted to give up. If he tried going to the same café tomorrow, he may not see her again. But what else could he do? He knew that if he saw her again, she will refuse to talk or listen to him. He broke her heart, and he hated himself for doing it.

"Come on," He stopped in his tracks and tried to call her but it was no use; the number he had dialed couldn't be reached. Did she have a new phone number? "Sapphire, please...please..."

"The number you have dialed cannot be reached. Please try again later."

"Ugh!" He clenched his left fist and punched the wall beside him. No, he couldn't just let this end. He couldn't. He loves Sapphire and he couldn't just give up on her. "Sapphire, please, I'm sorry. I promise I won't do it again. Just please, answer..."

He opened his mouth and lowered his head. Tears started streaming down his eyes as his arms shook with fear. He dropped his phone in his pocket. What should he do now?

Thunder roared into the heavens, surprising Ruby. He looked up at the sky as lightning flashed, blinding him for a brief moment. He shook his head. He couldn't believe he was planning to do this.





"Ruby?" The apartment's landlord's eyes widened and blinked.

Ruby stopped in his tracks and smiled. "Yeah, it's been a year, sir."

"It is, boy," the landlord spoke as he adjusted his glasses. "Are you here to see Sapphire?"

Ruby bobbed his head for a nod. "Same room, right?"

"'Course," the landlord replied. "Just place your name in the logbook then you're good to go."

"Thank you, sir," Ruby bowed then wrote his name in the logbook. Once he finished writing his signature, he placed the pen down. "Sir, please don't tell Sapphire that I'm here. I wanna surprise her."

The landlord chuckled as excitement lit up in his eyes. "Are you gonna propose to her, young man?"

Ruby smiled at him, but it was more of a bitter-sweet smile than a genuine one. He just hoped the landlord didn't notice it. "I guess you could say that."

The landlord laughed harder. "Good luck, then!"

Ruby nodded again before proceeding to Sapphire's room. That was one problem down. He was anxious that Sapphire didn't live in the same apartment anymore but he was glad that she still does. He stopped when he reached her place in the apartment; it was labeled as 'Room 3818'.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed the spare key in his pocket and inserted it in the doorknob. Ruby and Sapphire were never lovers to begin with; they started as neighbors to rivals to best friends. Their relationship grew stronger over the years and before Ruby knew it, he had fallen in love with Sapphire.

The night before he left was where his emotions burst like a balloon. He and Sapphire were staying in her apartment and were playing Jenga. Gold invited them to drink with their other friends, but both refused since they didn't trust Gold when it comes to drinking (despite being their older friend). Sapphire dared him to do something when he lost and he did something that was very of out his character: he kissed her.

That night he had with Sapphire was full of passion. He told her that he loves her more than a friend and to his surprise, Sapphire does as well. Nothing else happened between them besides kissing throughout the night. Sapphire is a responsible woman and told him to stop whatever he was doing before things could go further. Ruby respected her decision and continued to kiss her until they fell asleep on her bed.

Tomorrow came after their night of passion and he started being scared of all the negative possibilities of his relationship with Sapphire could bring. Sapphire was still asleep when he woke up that day, and he opted to leave because of his work. He gave her a quick kiss before leaping out of bed to leave the apartment.

And he hadn't talked to her ever since that happened.

Locking the door behind him, Ruby sat on the bed and dropped the keys in his pocket. He observed the place as a small smile lit upon his face. It was surprisingly neat. He loved it that he was the only one who could see this side of her. Sapphire may be 'wild' but she was still a woman. And having a neat room was one proof. His smile fell when he saw two empty boxes of tissues placed in the trash bin.

He felt his heart sank as guilt gripped it. He could tell that he made her cry yesterday and the empty boxes of tissues were the proof. He knew that in order to gain her forgiveness, he had to prove that he was really sorry. It sounded like a tough task, but he was adamant that he would do whatever it takes to win her back.

He heard the doorknob clicked. He stood up and watched Sapphire get into her apartment. She seemed to not notice him at first, for she just casually placed her shoes in the shoe rack. He heard her sigh as she removed her coat. He wanted to approach and hug her but he resisted; he didn't have the right to do it especially after breaking her heart.

"What are ya doin' here?"

Ruby's eyes widened; he was speechless. He didn't know what to do.

Sapphire placed her bag on the floor and folded her arms across her chest. "I don't wanna deal with ya, Ruby. I'm tired of working."

"You love your job," Ruby spoke and approached her. Sapphire just glared at him, but he continued approaching her. He held her hands, but she shoved it away. He sighed. "You told me that you love your job and you will never get tired of it. I know you just want me to leave but I refuse. I did that stupid thing once and I am not doing that again."

Sapphire sighed and approached her bed. She sat on it and continued glaring at him. "Your apology wouldn't fix the pain and insecurities I've felt, Ruby."

"I know, and I'm sorry. I really am," He turned around and approached her. He knelt down in front of her and held her hand. As she tried to shove it away, he squeezed it and held it tightly. "That's why I'll prove to you how sorry I am starting now. I don't care how long it will take to earn your forgiveness; I'm willing to wait."

Sapphire bit her lip. She looked into his eyes and saw his determination. He could be quite stubborn for the things he wanted, but one proof wouldn't fix her heartbreak. She may sound cruel for not forgiving him, but she couldn't just let him take her for granted. It was true that she still loves him, but Ruby needed to know that she has feelings too. What he did still wasn't right.

"I was stupid for letting fear control me, and I'm sorry I didn't tell you my concerns."

"Friends are supposed to tell each other what's troublin' them, Ruby. I thought ya know that." Sapphire squeezed his hands. She pulled him back up and looked into his eyes that she loved to get lost into. "We just kissed and confessed to each other that night. We're not officially a couple yet. We can talk about what's buggin' ya and I'll do what I can to help. Ya know, I didn't just lose the man I love that day; I also lost a best friend. I hope you're aware of that."

"I'm sorry. What I did was stupid and inconsiderate," His eyes softened. He leaned his forehead on hers. He felt her warm breath colliding with his. He missed being this close to her. "But I wanna fix it. I don't wanna run from it this time."

Sapphire bit her lip and pushed him away from her, but Ruby resisted. "I don't want ya here. Just leave me, please."

"I hurt you and I'm not gonna let you cry on your own again," Ruby leaned in closer. He could see tears in her eyes and he wanted to wipe and kiss it away. She didn't deserve this. "I wanna stay this time, so, please..."

Sapphire clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. Tears fell from her eyes as Ruby wiped it with his thumbs. She closed her eyes to stop it, but it did nothing. She opened it again, only to see Ruby crying as well. She reached her hands for his face and caressed it. She used her thumbs to wipe his tears away.

As the rain poured loudly from the heavens, so did their tears. They stayed in each other's arms, wiping the tears from each other's eyes. Neither spoke a word nor continued doing anything else.

They didn't know what would tomorrow bring, but both were at least thankful that they were finally together after the pain they'd been through for a year.

Sapphire telling Ruby that she'll stop listening once she finished her drink is a reference from Thor: Ragnarok where Val finished that drink before Thor could finish talking shdfksd

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