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45: Alola To A New Life Together!

So this is the first draft of the honeymoon fic and since tomikawa-sakurako from tumblr requested me to publish the first draft, I decided to...you know, haha ^^'

I didn't like how this turned out but I hope you do!

45. Alola To A New Life Together!



Sapphire threw her hands in the air, stretching it, as a big grin plastered across her face. "The weather feels nice today!" she exclaimed before running towards the beach water.

Ruby just chuckled as he watched his wife dipped into the water. He squeezed the bottle of sunscreen and rubbed it on his arms. He took a deep breath, as the strong gust of sea breeze met his face. He closed his eyes for a brief moment to let the wind tousle with his hair before locking his eyes on his wife playing in the water.

He couldn't help but smile at the beautiful sight in front of him. Despite that it had been two weeks since their marriage, he was still having a hard time believing that he was finally married to the person he loves ever since he was a little boy. He also couldn't believe that it had been that long since the start of their officially connected lives together—forever.

He bit his lip. He knew he wasn't dreaming; the constant bliss he'd felt this week was real; all of it. His heart just couldn't help but tumble back and forth because of that. He was always happy whenever he was with Sapphire, but he didn't know that marrying Sapphire would make him even more grateful than before.

His eyes widened in awe once Sapphire popped her head out of the water as she threw her head back, letting her hair tumble to the back of it. The sunset's rays reflected on the water and onto her skin, making it glisten in the faint night. It was like a rare piece of gem glowing under the water. He gulped and breathed deeply.

After three days of being married, Ruby and Sapphire decided to stay in the Alola Region for three weeks to celebrate their long-awaited honeymoon. They got to the Alola Region on a ship and arrived in one of the four islands after three days. They were staying in one of Alola's finest hotels in Akala Island, which was the Hano Grand Resort. Staying in the expensive hotel was too much for their budget, but luckily, one of their juniors, Platinum Berlitz, paid for the hotel and travel expenses.

The heiress said it was her wedding gift for the couple, and since the Understander insisted, the couple just agreed with her. Platinum's family is the richest family they knew so surely she could afford it.

Ruby and Sapphire thought that Platinum went a bit overboard. She booked one of the largest rooms in the hotel that contained a huge bed, fancy cabinets, a terrace that contained a wonderful view of Alola's ocean, and a bathroom that looked like every marble was carved by the gods. It was too much, yet the couple was thankful for their junior. Judging on what the hotel looked like, she really did want them to have a pleasant honeymoon.

This painted a blush on Ruby's cheeks. It was his and Sapphire's honeymoon but every time they go to bed, they always fell asleep due to being exhausted for the whole day. They may have only been on the first island but they already did a lot of the activities it offered. He had fun doing those with Sapphire, though but wished that maybe tonight, they would able to have a lovely chat just like they used to.

He sighed and looked at the sky then returned to look at Sapphire. A smile perked on his face as memories jotted in his mind regarding their first nine days stay in Alola.

Sapphire did her first Alolan trial in Brooklet Hill. Being the husband of the Hoenn Champion, he couldn't help but brag to the trial captain about how great Sapphire is. Thankfully, the trial captain didn't seem annoyed when he talked about Sapphire's achievements.

Lana placed a hand on her mouth and started giggling. She looked at the Hoenn Contest Champion with a smile. "The way you talk about your wife makes me more interested on being friends with her. You two seemed to be married for a long time now."

Ruby just chuckled. He closed his eyes and pushed his glasses up his nose. "Well, to be fair, Sapphire and I were only married for two weeks so far." he corrected then looked at Sapphire. She had Kiruru out and she seemed to be battling a gigantic Pokemon. It was bigger than the Pokemon with it and he could only conclude that it must the so-called 'Totem Pokemon' everyone in Alola was talking about.

Sapphire won the trial with ease and managed to earn a Z-Crystal. Ruby was so proud of her and he couldn't help but to hug and kiss her in front of the trial captain. The trial captain was nicer than he expected; she just giggled and told them how cute they looked.

That night after finishing the trial in Brooklet Hill, Captain Lana brought the couple to Konikoni City. Ruby was amazed at how simple and beautiful it was. There was a torii at the entrance of the city and once one entered in it, they were greeted by different shops. There was one that massages one's Pokemon, a clothes store, a salon, a restaurant, and the best part was the Alola Photo Club he kept on hearing about.

Ruby was dying to visit the Alola Photo Club but his hunger prevented him, so the couple decided to go to this restaurant Lana was talking about the whole day. Once they settled their orders, Ruby thought that the food tastes good. It wasn't as great as his mother's, his or Sapphire's cooking but it was still good.

"Are you the happy couple Moon was talking about?" A lady with a green pigtail hair approached them. Lana was on a separate table while Ruby and Sapphire were sharing one.

"Mr. and Mrs., this is Mallow," Lana introduced. "She's the other trial captain of Akala island and one of the chefs of this restaurant."

Ruby just nodded while Sapphire greeted Mallow with a smile.

"Nice to meetcha, Mallow!"

The rest of their days in Alola were the same; they tried the things Alola offers to its tourists, meet some new people and enjoy the day together.

Ruby yelled and fell into the water for the nth time. The Mantine he was riding approached him as Ruby swam back to the surface.

"Balance is the key, bro!" one of the surfers told Ruby and chuckled. Ruby just rolled his eyes. It was not his fault that Mantine Surfing was tough! "But whoa, dude! That chick is really good at this!"

Ruby was curious enough to look to the waters. His irritation suddenly vanished when he saw Sapphire happily surfing on the Mantine with ease.

"She's good!" the surfer exclaimed. "Real good!"

Ruby stood up and patted the Mantine he was riding. He folded his arms across his chest as a smile lit up on his face. "That's my wife you're admiring. There are limits, bro." he reminded the surfer, imitating how he said 'bro'.

"She's your what?!" the surfer yelled and looked at Ruby with wide eyes.

It was now Ruby's turn to look cocky in front of this random stranger. "She's my wife and she's definitely mine, bro."

The surfer's mouth dropped at this while Ruby just returned to watch Sapphire surf on the sea's big waves. Once the waves crashed on the shore, Sapphire jumped off the Mantine, patted and thanked it, then approached Ruby with a smile on her face.

"That was fun!" Sapphire happily exclaimed and Ruby just kissed her forehead. Sapphire blushed at this and backed off but Ruby caught her. It was the first time they bickered playfully in Alola and everyone just looked at them as a sweat dropped on their foreheads.

The new people they'd met in Alola were all nice, but Ruby wished to have just one night alone with Sapphire where neither of them was tired and just cuddle as they let the time pass by. And he just hoped it would be tonight.


Ruby snapped out of his trance and blinked. The smile returned on his face when his eyes met Sapphire. She was dripping wet from her swim but to him, she looked perfect. "Hey, how was it?"

"It was good. The water's great!" she replied and sat beside him. She leaned her head on his shoulder as Ruby let his left arm wrapped around her waist. He kissed her forehead.

The couple sat silently on the sand together while they watch the sunset. It was a beautiful view; the sky was in the color of red-orange as it rays continued to reflect with the ocean water.

Sapphire yawned and removed her head on Ruby's shoulder. She placed a hand on his chest and pecked his cheek. "We better go back and get dressed. We're goin' to the Alola Photo Club today. I think the closest one is in Konikoni City."

"About that," Ruby stood up and grabbed a towel. His eyes scanned the beach before wrapping them around Sapphire.

"What is it?" Sapphire stood up as well and hugged the towel closer to her body. The ocean breeze didn't help but to make her shiver. Ruby noticed this and wrapped his body around her. He kissed her on the cheek, making her blush at their little public display of affection.

"Maybe we should call it a day."

Sapphire was surprised to hear this. She turned to look at him only for her blush to deepen. They may be married but she still needed to learn how to not blush from their sudden proximity. "B-But...you were lookin' forward to it since we visited Konikoni City."

Ruby shook his head then smiled. "We can always do it tomorrow. And tonight, I wanna spend my time alone with my wife."

Sapphire looked deeply into his ruby-red eyes. She could tell that he was yearning for it, and who was she to decline? Frankly enough, she too wanted a night alone with him. Their trip in Alola so far was fun; the people were nice and the activities were amazing. But this trip wasn't about that; it was about her and Ruby's first days as husband and wife. She took a deep breath and placed her hand on his bare chest, caressing it. "I would love that."





Once Sapphire dried her hair, she threw the towel into the basket and joined Ruby on the bed. She was wearing a white nightgown that Ruby had sewn for her while Ruby was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of white shorts.

"Hey," Ruby called and immediately wrapped his arms around her. He moved his face closer until their faces were an inch away. He could already feel her warm breath colliding with his. This made his heartbeat increased its pace as a blush sneaked its way on his cheeks. He finally had his chance to show her how much he loves her.

"Hey," Sapphire softly replied. Her cheeks flushed at their close vicinity.

One of Ruby's hands held her cheek, caressing it. His eyes didn't leave hers. "You look beautiful tonight."

Sapphire bit her lip and averted her gaze from him. She loved it whenever he reminds that to her, but she still never failed to be flustered. "Y-Ya look nice as well."

Ruby chuckled at this. He would usually agree with her, but instead, he took a quick peck on her lips. "Sapphire, I…." He gulped and took a deep breath. "I love you. I always have."

"I love ya too, Ruby," Sapphire responded with a smile.

Ruby slowly leaned in closer until his lips caught hers for a passionate kiss. The couple slowly closed their eyes as they let the passionate flames in their bodies ignite further.

The longer Ruby tasted Sapphire's lips, the more he wanted and crave for her. Her lips were soft and tasted like fresh berries; it suited her perfectly. He removed the hand that was cupping her cheek and wrapped it around her waist. He slowly pulled her closer, causing her to moan between their kiss. This gave Ruby permission to let his tongue slowly went inside Sapphire's mouth. He felt his stomach turned into knots. The bug Pokemon in it wouldn't stop as he explored his wife's mouth. He could feel his cheeks continued to increase its temperature. He dipped his tongue out of her mouth and continued kissing her.

Not a moment later, it was Ruby's turn to let out a moan when Sapphire slid her tongue into his mouth. She tasted the different flavours of Pokeblocks meshed together, and it was amazing. Ruby's arms continued to pull her closer to deepen their kiss as her hands started playing on the soft locks of his hair.

For what seemed like an eternity, both slowly pulled apart to gasp for air as a trail of saliva lingered from their mouth. Sapphire wiped it off while Ruby just licked it. He smiled.

"I'm glad we finally have some time alone," Ruby spoke.

Sapphire smiled at this. "Yeah," she muttered, laying her body down on the bed. She looked at the ceiling. "Alola was fun, but it's just...tiring to do its activities every day."

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