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44: A Realistic Dream

It's Ruby's birthday so happy birthday, Ruby! To celebrate, here's a non-smut franticshipping honeymoon fic!

Thank you, mewtwosucks96 from reddit for beta reading!

44. A Realistic Dream



It all felt like a dream.

Sapphire remembered wearing a gorgeous wedding dress, walking down the aisle while holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand, and standing in front of an 'altar' with Ruby.

The vows they stated with one another and the kiss they shared were still fresh in her mind, as if all of it just happened yesterday.

But as she fluttered her eyes open, she realized that it wasn't a dream; it was all real.

Taking a deep breath, she rolled to her left, only to meet Ruby's slumbering face. Her lips couldn't help but crack a smile just by looking at him. He looked so delightful, so peaceful, and just generally cheerful.

Funny enough, she'd seen an overjoyed Ruby before, but the happiness his face was having since they got married three days ago increased tenfold. She felt it. She'd seen it.

And it was enough to fill her heart with joy. It was enough to let rainbows and Beautiflies pop out of her chest. The felicity her heart was containing was so surreal. Just by thinking about it felt like she's trapped in a non-tragic fairy tale book; she didn't want it to end.

She heard a moan; it came from her husband. Blinking her eyes, she was surprised to see him awake. How long was she daydreaming?

"Good morning," Ruby greeted. His voice contained an odd mix of fatigue and glee.

"M-Mornin'," she choked. Her hands reached for his cheeks, but he beat her to it. His hand was now caressing her own cheek while she giggled, placing her own hand on top of his.

She didn't want this moment to end.

It would just be the two of them, enjoying each other's presence and living a happy life.

Sapphire knew that they were only officially married for just three days, but it felt like they were wedded for more than a decade. She knew meeting him since they were kids didn't count. After all, they were just young and innocent children at that time; they didn't know they would end up spending the rest of their lives together.

"Is it me or you look way prettier than yesterday?" Ruby stated, causing her cheeks to heat up.

He's often direct whenever they were alone. His words were either corny, cheesy and just charming; there was no in between and Sapphire greatly appreciated that.

She just coughed, not knowing what to say and sat up, causing Ruby to chuckle. "I'm just gonna take a shower."

"You want me to join you?"

It felt like her heart would explode at any second; she didn't know what else to say. In one sense, she wanted to, but in another, it's too early for that (even though they just spent the rest of the day sleeping).

"Sapphire?" Ruby called, grabbing her hand.

She snapped out of her trance and sighed. "M-Maybe next time. I-If it's alright." It wasn't like she didn't want to, but she thought that now wasn't the time yet.

"Of course," Ruby pecked her cheeks, before squeezing her hands. "I don't wanna force you, so it's okay."

He always knew what to say to make her feel better. She was so blessed to have him.

"T-Thank ya, Ruby," she replied, returning the soft squeeze.

He smirked, winking at her. "Anything for my wife."

My wife. Those two words were so simple, but it left a huge impact on her.

"I'll be back soon," she stood up, grabbing a bathrobe and a towel then went to the bathroom.

Once she went inside, Ruby plopped back to the bed with a big grin plastered across his face.

He was still having a hard time believing that he and Sapphire are finally married. He waited so long for this, and now it's finally here. Everything he experienced with Sapphire for the past three days felt like a dream; he didn't want it to end, but as he tried to take a deep breath, he knew that everything he was and still experiencing was all real. He wanted this sensation to last for a lifetime, and thankfully, that's what being Sapphire's husband was all about.

Sitting up, Ruby grabbed a brochure on the nightstand and opened it. He and Sapphire planned to spend their honeymoon in Johto, but their generous and rich junior, Platinum Berlitz, decided to send them on a cruise to this region called Galar. She said it was her and her best friends' wedding gift and despite the expenses, he and Sapphire just couldn't decline so they accepted it.

Besides, they could always go to Johto next time.

Something piqued his interest in the brochure and as he inspected it, he saw an exclusive dinner party located in the main dining room of the cruise. The requirements were a ticket worth 5000 yen and the person going to the party must wear fancy attires. He would like to take Sapphire to this, but the price was making him hesitate.

They'd never been to the Galar Region and he heard that it's a lovely place. Wasting 5000 yen for a party didn't sound right. Plus, they could use that money to buy souvenirs from Galar too.

Maybe he could ask his dad for some extras then pay him once they returned to Hoenn.

"Yer turn!" Sapphire beamed with a bathrobe draped around her body and a towel on her hair.

Ruby dropped the brochure on the bed and stood up. He took a deep breath. Sapphire must have used the Pecha Berry flavored shampoo he bought for her, for the smell lingering in the air was heavenly. "Alright then," he grabbed his own bathrobe and towel, then stole a kiss from her cheek, before entering the bathroom.

Sapphire was left flustered and busy with her thoughts and fast heartbeat. She should've expected he'd steal a kiss from her!

She shook her head and just went to her luggage to grab an outfit. She took out a plain blue long-sleeved blouse, a pair of jeans, a bandanna, and a red scarf. She placed it on the bed, but stopped when she noticed a brochure laying on it. She examined it. The exclusive extravagant party promotion was the first thing she saw.

It made sense if Ruby wanted to take her there, but it looked so...fancy. There was no way she could fit in with those kinds of people. She may look good in a dress, (well, according to Ruby and she trusts him) but she still didn't know how to act properly around them. They could judge her for all she cares, but she didn't want them to give Ruby some harsh criticisms with her 'not-noble behaviour'.

Her faults were her own and not his.

...Maybe she was overthinking this.

"Hey, Sapph?" Ruby opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom, not bothering to wear a towel.

Seeing this made Sapphire shriek and close her eyes.

"Ruby, what the heck?!" She grabbed the towel on her hair and threw it at him. She then turned around. "Wear that thing around ya for Arceus' sake!"

"Hey," Ruby cackled, grabbing the towel and placing it around him. "Aren't we married? You can always look at me whenever I'm na—"

"Well, obviously I ain't takin' advantage of it! Now, what do ya want?!"

Ruby was taken aback at her answer. It was just a tease; he didn't know she would take it seriously, but it felt nice that she has that mindset. Frankly, he felt the same as well. He would never do those sort of things with her unless he had her consent and if she's comfortable with it.



Sapphire didn't understand; why would she and Ruby were just wearing casual attire? She thought they were going to that snazzy dinner party.

She didn't have time to ask him earlier, for she opted to go outside and let him change. She didn't want to embarrass herself in front of him when he was getting dressed. Sure, they had done it before they got married but the thought of it was still enough to make her flustered.

When he opened the door, she found him locking it before smiling in front of her and offering his hand. She thought he would tell her to change her outfit but the only word he uttered about her clothing was 'beautiful'. She never expected that and she should have. Ruby had called her beautiful a thousand times and if she had a yen every time he would call her that, she would probably as rich as their junior.

"You alright?" Ruby asked, gently clasping their hands tighter. He stopped on his tracks and turned around to face her.

Sapphire gulped and bit her lip. She observed the place.

People were walking around the hallway and none seemed to be minding them, which was good 'cause she didn't like that much attention unlike her husband here.

"Y-Yeah, I guess," she replied, muttering the last words. Ruby leaned on the handrails and held both of her hands.

"Come on, love," his thumbs brushed against her fingers and his left one managed to touch her wedding ring. Seeing it never failed to make him smile. He's absolutely proud to be her husband. "You can tell me anything."

Sapphire nibbled her lip, before slowly bobbing her head for a nod. "I was wonderin' why we're wearing these outfits. I thought we're goin' to that fancy dinner party here."

Ruby gulped. He forgot to set that brochure aside. He knew she was referring to what she saw in that piece of paper. He stood up straight, then placed a kiss on her forehead. "Well, I want to but not only that the ticket is expensive, but I feel like doing something else with you. Something both of us will enjoy."

Sapphire titled her head. She was curious now.

Her cute reaction was enough to make Ruby's heart thump faster than a racing Rapidash. He could kiss her right now. He coughed, brushing that thought off. They could always make-out once they're alone. "You'll see," he responded while winking.

To his surprise, she tugged his hand. "If that's the case then come on! I don't wanna miss it!"

He laughed. He always loved her enthusiasm.



Ruby took Sapphire to the ship's dock. The dock was like any ordinary ship dock except for a pool and a few chairs surrounding it. He ignored the people screaming and having fun in the pool, and went to the far end.

The Charmer and the Conqueror saw a romantic movie once where two characters who boarded on a ship fell in love. The story was tragic, since the male lover died, and Ruby hoped it wouldn't be the case for them.

He and Sapphire just got married for three days, after all, and he knew they were safe in wherever part of the ocean this ship was going.

He took a deep breath, taking a step back and bowed his head. His arms were onto his side, gesturing her to enter first. "Ladies first, my love."

His silly antics made her giggle. "How about we go together?"

His smile widened. "Even better."

They both leaned on the handrails with their hands interlocked. Sapphire couldn't help but be amazed at the view around them.

There was nothing in sight but the ocean and some Pokemon swimming in the water or flying in the air. The Conqueror didn't mind it, of course, she just focused on the sun setting on the horizon.

The colors of red, orange and yellow were splattered all over the sky. The view looked like someone threw a can of paint in there and used whatever art skill they had to mix the colors together to form one, magnificent sunset.

If the sunset wasn't pretty enough, then the light reflecting on the ocean water was another gorgeous sight. The sun's rays twinkled once it touched the water surface, making it look like glimmering gems.

"It's beautiful," Sapphire choked, her eyes fixed on the natural view in front of her.

Ruby chuckled. "I've seen better."

She rolled her eyes. "Let me guess: it's me." It's not that she's trying to be arrogant like him but she heard this like a thousand times. Yet, despite that, she would never get tired of it.

Her husband laughed. "Of course! You're beautiful and that's a scientific fact!"

He was trying to sound as charming as possible, and she found it quite amusing. Her giggle was enough proof that she appreciated it. "So are we just gonna watch the sunset then?"

Ruby nodded, squeezing their linked hands. "Of course, and well, we'll stargaze too then go to dinner."

"Ya mean that fancy dinner?"

He shook his head. "We'll just buy food then take it to our room. If...If that's okay with you."

"I'm alright with it," she mumbled, closing her eyes and let the cool breeze meet her face. She then leaned in closer, resting her head on his shoulder. He smiled at this, removing his hand on hers to wrap it around her waist. His right hand then proceeded to hold hers as he stole a kiss from her left temple.

They stood there silently, hands tenderly grasping one another, like the complete set of a puzzle they were, and the wind blowing their hairs and their clothes. Not a single noise bothered them, for they were stuck in their own, little world.

As time passed by, people around the dock lessened. The Pokemon flying or swimming in the sea reduced as well, but the stars twinkling in the sky kept on increasing. Sapphire removed her gaze from the ocean to look at the stars above. Just by looking and connecting them to form a shape was enough to make her elated.

Even if they are married, things like their favourite pastimes never changed.

Sapphire and Ruby always stargazed every night after dinner. They would look at the sky, form silly and even out of this world shapes from the shimmering stars in the horizon, and just talk about anything they could think of. Whether it's their life, their Pokemon team, their careers, their respective parents, their masters' relationship with each other, and even their feelings.

It's one of those times where the couple shared a peaceful time and strengthen their bond.

And both were forever thankful to share such intimate and quiet moment.

"I thought the stars we see in Hoenn were a lot, but seein' this, I realized that there's more," Sapphire said after a moment of silence. Ruby turned around, kissing her cheek once again.

"The world is beautiful. Nature is beautiful," Ruby spoke. Sapphire turned around to look at him with wide eyes. "You helped me appreciate it and I'm more than glad to be enjoying it with you. I..." He sniffled, as a tear fell from his eye. "I love you, Sapphire."

She gulped. Her heart and her eyes welled up with so many positive emotions. Ruby could be so blunt sometimes, and behind that straightforwardness is the constant passion igniting in his heart.

Many said that Ruby was a hard book to read, but Sapphire was thankful that she could easily read him. She wanted to know everything about him—what's troubling him, his goals, his dreams, all of it. He was never really the type to open up his feelings. That's one similarity he had with his father, but Ruby being vulnerable around her was something Sapphire was forever grateful for.

She wept, her own tears streamed down her eyes, but his thumbs wiped it off. "I love ya too, Ruby. I..." she hiccuped. She tried to continue her words but she continued choking with tears. She was definitely ruining the moment.

He chuckled, much to her astonishment. He leaned down, pecking her cheek. "No words could describe how happy I am now that we're spending our lives together...forever... You're my other half, Sapphire."

Sapphire didn't know what to say; what he said was exactly what her mind was trying to convey. It felt amazing that they could read each other and finish one another's sentences. She always thought that fairy tale happy endings only happened in fiction, but what she's experiencing with Ruby made her consider that maybe...just maybe that happily ever afters were real.

"I'm glad we get to be together until the very last moment," Ruby continued before pressing his soft lips against hers for a kiss.

There would be new places to explore, new people to meet, new lessons to learn, new experiences to encounter, but they knew they would always get through everything as long as they're together.

This is actually the 2nd draft. The 1st draft is about their honeymoon in Alola (and yes, I explicitly mentioned that they made love), but I didn't like how the fic went. The ending made me cringe since it's not persuasive enough then I talked to my friend and she gave me this idea!

If you want the 1st draft version, then please, tell me so I can publish it!

Thank you for reading! Also, I just opened writing commissions, so if you're interested, just DM me!

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