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42: Fifth Times A Charm

This is a request fic I got from tumblr. There isn't supposed to be a Randomizer update but oh well, a request was dropped and I gotta write it. ;v;

The request is the five-times Ruby confessed to Sapphire but she rejected it. I decided to tweak it a bit and hello and behold!

42. Fifth Time's A Charm




There was something about this girl that Ruby found so...fascinating. He couldn't quite put a finger on it, but all he knew was the fact that he loved spending time with her.

This girl...this cute and pretty brown-haired girl was...different, and it was a good different! She was smart, kind, and so...graceful; something that he wasn't.

"Here's your tea, Ms. Coco," the girl said, pouring an imaginary tea in the Skitty's cup. Ruby just watched her in awe. How she gracefully poured the tea was...interesting. How could she do that without failing?

"Enjoy it!" she chirped then turned to look at Ruby. Her eyebrows furrowed as she tilted her head.

Ruby swore he felt his heart race at that simple little gesture.

Why did he feel like this?

"Do you want some tea, sir?"

Sir? Why would she call him sir? He did give his name, right?

"Sir, are you okay?" she asked elegantly. He blinked.

"Y-Yeah!" the boy stammered. He grinned and scratched the back of his neck. "One tea, please!"

The brunette giggled. "You mean 'one cup of tea'."

The boy flushed. "Y-Yeah!"

The girl nodded then poured the imaginary tea on the boy's cup. He looked at it with a smile. He really likes this girl. He really loves spending time with her.

"Hey," he called, placing his teacup on the coaster. "I like you!" he exclaimed ever so bluntly.

The girl just giggled. "I like you too!"

Ruby could feel himself smiling wildly.

"I like all of my friends!"

Why did his heart suddenly sink upon hearing that?


Somehow, Ruby found himself not regretting to go with Sapphire on this so-called data distribution journey. He got to travel around Hoenn again (and with a good ride to boot), experience and appreciate nature, but most importantly, see rare Pokemon.

He thought he would miss Johto when he moved to Hoenn, and well, he technically still does, but he suddenly started accepting Hoenn as his new home.

And all because Sapphire made him treasure this provincial region's natural beauty.

He sighed, dropping his camera. A smile lit up on his face. The photo he took contained Sapphire playing with three Kricketot they just found. They were...unique Pokemon, but he found their musical skills amazing and he was still blown away by that. Who knew that those Pokemon could produce such astounding music?

He chuckled, setting his camera aside. He heard Sapphire giggle and his smile couldn't help but widen.

"Sometimes, I wonder why I like you."

His eyes went round like a dinner plate. He stopped, shutting his mouth.

Did he...did he just say that out loud? But...but why? It wasn't like him to be blunt when it comes to his feelings!

He gulped. This is not good. He really hoped Sapphire didn't hear it. She did have an unusual yet useful enhanced hearing, after all. Taking a deep breath, he stood up from his seat to look at her but noticed she was still playing with the Kricketot. He sighed in relief.

Thank goodness she didn't hear it; he didn't know what he would do if she did.


"Sapphire!" Ruby gave Ruru his and Sapphire's contest outfits and immediately crouched down. He didn't even care about the possible dirt that could lurk on his knees; Sapphire was the only one in his mind at the moment. "Hey, Sapph," he called, offering his hand at her. "You okay? Say something! Sapphire!"

To his relief, he heard a giggle. He sighed.

"I'm okay," she reassured, holding his hand.

Ruby took a deep breath. "You got me worried there. Are you okay?" He squeezed their linked hands. "Does your head hurt?"

She giggled once again. "I'm fine, really."

His lips formed a thin line. He observed her. She had a cute blush on her cheeks and her fanged smile was more than enough to make his heart skip a beat. He gulped, taking a deep breath. His eyes softened as emotions lingered in it. He took a deep breath.

It was now or never.

"All I'm trying to say is that...I love you, Sapphire."

He was so direct and he didn't know why, but he knew he had to tell her this now that the world could possibly end in a day. (Yet, he hopes it wouldn't; he already decided to spend the rest of his days with Sapphire until his last breath.)

"I-I..." Sapphire stuttered. She swallowed the lump in her throat. "N-Now's not the time for this, Ruby. Ya know—"

"I know," Ruby gently gripped their intertwined hands. "But I want to tell you this now before everything's too late." He smiled, and she looked at him. She knew he was telling the truth, and it was enough to make her smile.

Closing their eyes, both leaned their foreheads on each other as they held hands, not caring about anything at the moment. For Ruby and Sapphire, there was nothing and no one around but the two of them.


They finally did it; they saved not only the Hoenn Region but the whole world as well!

Ruby couldn't be happier now that everything would be alright after the crisis. It felt like he could scream or maybe even hug and kiss Sapphire if she wanted to.

He shook his head, trying to get those thoughts off of it. He breathed, running a hand through his hair.

Ever since they saved the world together, his mind couldn't stop thinking about Sapphire. He knew she was right beside him the whole time, but...why was she still in his head? Was he...was he yearning for something more? Maybe an 'I love you too'? But from the way Sapphire acted, he knew she felt the same.

He grumbled, gently smacking his head. Maybe he was thinking too much.

"Excuse me, Ruby and Sapphire? Yes, you'll be on stage in five minutes. Get ready," the contest personnel reminded them and the two just nodded.

Sapphire took a deep breath. Ruby noticed this and proceeded to hold her hand.

"You nervous?" he asked, concern was present in his tone.

Sapphire gave him a weak smile. "A little."

He chuckled. "You'll do great. I know you will."

"I'm...not as good as you, Ruby, ya know that," she spoke in a quiet tone, but he heard it. He pressed his lips on her left temple, surprising her. She blushed at this.

"Maybe, but I know you do your best in everything you do. It's what makes you special...and unique."

She didn't look at him. She just squeezed their linked hands.

"And..." He pursed his lips. He wanted to tell her this. He knew he already did, but he had to tell this to her every day. His lies hurt her, and the only way to make it up to her was to show and tell how much she meant to him. "And...I love you for that. I know you can do this."

She wondered why was he so...outspoken...so straightforward... Everything he said was so out of his character. Was this the effect of almost losing her life? Was this the effect of leaving her out from that mission? Was this because the planet was almost destroyed?

She couldn't tell, but she was happy that at least he was being honest with his feelings now.

As she was about to say something, the contest personnel interrupted them.

"You're up!" he said, making Sapphire sigh. She looked at Ruby and saw him smile. She smiled back and as she took a deep breath, the two entered the contest stage hand in hand.


Their first contest together was a success and people even praised them for it. As for the Charmer, he took pride in it but for the Conqueror, she just smiled and tried her best to answer the questions.

After what it felt like forever in responding to the press, Ruby told them that they needed to excuse themselves. He took her to the dressing room then closed the door, locking it.

"You did great," Ruby told her, smiling. He tucked a loose hair behind her ear.

Sapphire's cheeks flushed. "Really?"

Ruby's smile widened. He nodded. "Of course," He kissed her forehead and removed his hands around hers. She wondered at first, but her eyes widened when she felt his arms around her waist. She then felt his body pressed against hers.

He was hugging her and it felt great. She felt his heartbeat slowly getting synchronized with hers and it brought a smile on her lips. She loved listening to his heartbeat. It sounded so soothing...so relaxing... It almost felt natural her heartbeat was merging with his.

"I love you, Sapphire," Ruby confessed, his feelings exploding in every word.

Sapphire took a deep breath, her heartbeat increased its pace. She had to say this now before it's too late.

"I..." she choked and sniffled. "I...I love ya too...ya silly."

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