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39: Something More (AU)

This is my take in a college AU so yeah. Many thanks to my friend, Ambient for reading this months before I publish this! ;v;

Prompt: "Tell all those other guys/girls you don't need them 'cause you got me."

39. Something More



"You got it all wrong! That was Professor Oak's idea. Professor Elm just took the project since Professor Oak seemed to trust him."


"It's right there on page 41, dummy."

"If it's right there, then why does this damn book stated that's it's Professor Oak and not Professor Elm?"

"Have you even read the entire thing?"

"I was just asking, alright?"

Sapphire could only sigh as she held the book close to her face.

It was a normal day at the university; nothing new or exciting happened. Everything went as Sapphire had planned: finishing her classes, eating lunch at the university canteen and heading straight to the university library to study. She was having a peaceful time studying her notes until two of her classmates, Ronald and Aaron, seated in front of her to 'discuss' their latest lesson from Professor Kukui's class. The so-called discussion ended with Ronald and Aaron arguing who's one of the famous professors started the research; thus, annoying Sapphire in the process.

She could only sigh just so she could calm herself. She wanted to focus on the book she was reading, but Ronald and Aaron were loud—really loud. She couldn't concentrate well and she was so close in yelling at them, just so they would stop quarreling. She could transfer to a new table but she preferred to stay in front of the aircon, and this table happened to be the closest one. She bit her lip and gripped the book tightly. She couldn't shout at them because they were in the library. She could let the librarian shush them, but it seemed like the librarian hadn't heard this petty disagreement yet. That could be the case or the librarian is somewhere else.

"Okay, how about we move to Professor Birch's research," Aaron said and grabbed his notebook.

"Oh, hey," Ronald's smile curved into a smirk. He looked at Sapphire. "Isn't he like—I don't know—your dad, Sapphire? You know, I'm a huge fan of his work. He..."

Sapphire just rolled her eyes and ignored the rest of his rant. She was happy that her classmates look up to her father. He deserved it, after all, but she knew Ronald is just flirting with her and she hated it. Why would he even flirt with a weird and unfeminine girl like her?

"You know, I always wanted to meet your father. What do you say? Are you free this weekend?"

Sapphire had enough; she dropped the book on the desk and stood up. She released an irked sigh and grabbed her backpack. She placed her book and her notebook inside and headed straight to the bookshelves.

Ronald threw his head back and grumbled. Well, so much for asking her out. "Dammit. I was so close."

"No, you're bad at asking girls out," Aaron commented and laughed. The librarian finally noticed the two students and shushed them. Students looked at the pissed lady before going back to their personal businesses.

"Psh. Whatever," Ronald whispered, his eyes scanned the library hoping to find Sapphire.


"That guy is annoying."

Sapphire's eyes went round like a dinner plate, and as she turned around, she came face to face with Ruby. "What are ya doin' here? I thought ya prefer studyin' in your room?"

Ruby just shrugged and huffed. He folded his arms across his chest. Ever since he saw those two guys sat in front of Sapphire, he couldn't help but to watch them from afar. According to their friend, Blue, those guys are called Aaron and Ronald, and they seemed to have a crush on Sapphire; that alone irritated him. Was he jealous? He doubted he was. He's just not comfortable at the fact that those two dummies are Sapphire's classmates—be it in more than one class or not, he despised it already.

"I just borrowed a book. That's why I'm here," he said as an excuse and grabbed her hand.

Sapphire blushed at the sudden contact, but let him guide her through the library. "Where are we goin'?"

"To a place where no one would interrupt us," he replied, ignoring the glares from her classmates.

For the record, he is Sapphire's best friend; he knew her better than anyone else and they didn't have any rights to glare at him.





Sapphire grumbled and placed her book in her bag. She sighed and stood up; her eyes darting around the university field. Almost every student occupied every tree around the campus. She couldn't leave this tree either, for it was her favorite.

Sapphire's day went well, but all it needed to ruin her day was a group of freshmen laughing on the other side of the tree. She could tell that they weren't studying. All she heard was them teasing each other or laughing at some sort of 'meme' they found on the internet.

She threw her head back as she watched the flock of birds flew on the sky. She couldn't believe she would do this but she had to; she didn't have any choice.

With her breath held, she climbed on the tree and sat on one tree branch. She placed her bag on her lap and started reading her book in peace. She could still hear those annoying freshmen but it wasn't as loud as before. She sighed as she flipped a page. Where's Ruby at a time like this?

He said he would meet up with her on this exact spot after class, but his class ended fifteen minutes ago. What was taking him so long?

"Do it! Do it with a heavy Scottish accent!" one of the freshmen hollered and Sapphire's face just twisted. Her eyebrows were furrowed while her mouth was hung open. Typical freshmen students; one day they would feel the wrath of college.

One day.


Sapphire tumbled and her bag fell. She managed to hold on to the tree branch, but she felt slightly embarrassed for grabbing people's attention. She looked like a monkey hanging on a tree just now.

"Oh, crap." Ruby ran and caught her bag. He returned to look her below the tree. "What are you doing up there?!"

Sapphire grunted and climbed down. She stood in front of Ruby and grabbed her bag. Her eyes widened when his face was too close to hers, causing her to back off. "W-What does it look like? I'm studyin'."

Ruby just chuckled and removed the dried leaf on her head. His face blushed when his fingers brushed against her skin. As someone who isn't that girly, Sapphire's skin felt so soft and smooth. If he could hold her hand all day, then he would definitely take that chance. He gulped, mentally shaking his head, and awkwardly removed his hand on her head. "I-I see," he stuttered but managed to smile.





"It's Professor Rowan's study!"

"No, it's Professor Sycamore's!"

Sapphire growled, aggravated at the fact that Aaron and Ronald sat in front of her again, just to argue and maybe even brag how much they know about each famous professor's research. She grasped the book as tight as she could. She swore she would tear it in half at any moment.

"Sapphire!" Ronald slammed his palm on the table. "Who do you think is correct?!" he asked desperately. If he was right, then he would definitely add more `'handsome points' to himself. And he was dying to gain such points.

Sapphire took a deep breath and closed her book. She opened her mouth but before she could say something sarcastic, a hand was placed on her shoulder. She turned around and her cheeks flushed. "Ruby?" she mumbled loudly, her eyes widening in shock. What was he doing here? She thought he had to meet up with his groupmates.

"Let's go to our place," he said and offered his hand with a smile. He felt two pairs of eyes were glaring at him, but he didn't care.

How long have they known Sapphire? Only for one semester. How long did he know Sapphire? Almost his entire life; their experiences with her were nothing compared to his. He gulped. Maybe he was being harsh, but it didn't matter, really. He could tell how displeased Sapphire was the moment they sat in front of her.

"Hey," Ronald intervened and stood up. "Whoever you are, pretty boy, she's staying with us. Can't you see we're discussing something here?"

"Yeah, a pretty loud discussion," Ruby retorted and crossed his arms on his chest. This caused a vein to pop on Ronald's forehead. "And for the record, I'm her best friend. I've known Sapphire since we were kids. We practically grew up together."

"Pfft," Ronald grunted and glared harder.

"Ruby," Sapphire placed her hand on his chest, stopping him from taking a step closer. She sighed. She didn't like the aura around their place at all. "What are ya doin'?"

"Sapphire," Ruby breathed and held her hand. "Tell all those guys you don't need them," he bit his lip, his eyes scowling harder at the two men. "'Cause you got me."

"Please, who needs a guy like you? I'm buffer than you, pretty boy. Girls like guys with muscles."

Ugh, dammit. Sapphire sighed and pushed Ruby farther. She grabbed her bag and his hand, and headed straight to their isolated place in the library, leaving Aaron and Ronald alone.

Their 'secret place' was on the farthest side of the library, where it was surrounded by bookshelves. There was one table and two chairs close to the wall. Ruby found this place when he was searching for a certain book, and since then, he started to like this place and stay here often. It was free from the library staff and the loud or annoying students. He decided to bring Sapphire here, since he wanted to share this place with her.

Sapphire removed her hand from his and folded her arms across her chest. She impatiently tapped her foot on the floor. Her eyes were glowering at him. "Do ya really hafta say that?" She sighed and threw her head back.

Ruby swallowed hard and ran a hand through his head. "He was getting on my nerves."

"I can handle myself, okay?"

"I know, but I just wanted to be there for you..." he responded in a soft whimper. He wanted to hug and kiss her, but they weren't in the right place to do that; he had no right either since he was just her best friend.

But if he were going to be honest with himself, he wanted to be more than that.

"I appreciate it, Ruby..." Sapphire took a step closer to him and buried her head in his chest. She took a deep breath. "But ya don't have to go into a fight with him."

"They have to know their place," Ruby responded, receiving a punch from her. He winced from the pain. "Sapph..."

"I'm sorry," she mumbled and continued to embrace him.

Ruby looked around. He smiled when he saw no students around the place. It's finally nice to be alone with her. With a sigh leaving his mouth, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his nose in her hair to inhale her unique scent. Frankly, it was enough to calm him. "It's okay."

Maybe in the future, he and Sapphire could be something more than friends.

`There's this saying here that "handsome points" mean something a guy to brag about because the girl/person they like or a pretty person complimented them or said they're right. So yeah. ^^'

This is based from my multi-chap fic's flashback (Lost Fragments and Incomplete) so yeah. They aren't a couple at the end. At least...not yet. ;v;

Five of things:

1. Yes, the Scottish accent thing was based from the Scottish Pokemon trainer meme but since I wrote this months ago, before Wreck-It Ralph 2 is released in theaters, it's actually a Merida meme but then the gen. 8 protag is widely accepted as Scottish so I decided to keep it. XD

2. Personally, I never enjoyed jealous Sapphire (or literally anything related to jealousy with my otps). It's cute but too much can be really toxic. (I have my experience and I still beat myself up to this day) Sapphire's "jealousy" was her way to show her insecurities. Sapphire grew up wanting to be strong enough to protect the people who matter to her and knowing she can't do that is just, ouch. Also, Sapphire is aware that she isn't girly and good enough for Ruby which is why she was so dang insecure when that thing happened in ORAS.

3. I said I don't like writing jealous stuff but this is based from a prompt and I wanna see Ruby getting jealous, at least once or twice. Never got to see it in canon so might as well feed myself.

4. I don't have time to write a full-blown college AU fic but I can try with a one-shot? No? Okay. Shoot me. Please.

5. I'm taking ko-fi writing requests until May 31, 2019, so yeah just DM me for more details. Any amount will do. ;v;

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