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38: Ask the Dexholders

So this one is a tad different. I wrote this months ago and I forgot the origin of the idea so ^^'

Anyway, valentine's! I'm single, will stay like that BUT CHOCOLATE DISCOUNTS ON THE 15TH YAY!

Another thing: this is for my friend volttackled97 (Sofia) from twitter! Happy late birthday, happy valentine's day and have a great day, friend! You're amazing! ^w^/

38. Ask the Dexholders



As someone who had been in a romantic relationship with someone for a very long time, coming up with brand new ideas for their next date was a tough task.

Ruby thought about taking her to the movies to watch that new romantic-comedy movie everyone was talking about, but he realized that he already took her to the movies once. He didn't want to repeat it and bore the heck out of his girlfriend.

He decided to go to the traditional way. And by traditional, he meant by taking her out to dinner in an expensive restaurant while wearing the fanciest clothes they could wear.

But he stopped to think about it. They did that on their very first date; he didn't want her to think that he was running out of ideas, so he decided to not do that.

He just sighed and rubbed his head. He couldn't believe what he was going to do.

Ruby, who likes to keep his relationship details with Sapphire privately, especially the intimate ones, would ask people about their personal date ideas.

It was quite ironic once he thought about it. The Pokedex Holder, whose title is literally called 'the Charmer', was running out of romantic date ideas to charm his girlfriend—the light of his life. He wanted to give up and try to ask his seniors and his juniors about their date ideas, and he couldn't believe it was his only option because he was so desperate.

Oh well. They will understand, right?

A question to the Fighter.

"I don't know. Take her out on a fancy dinner perhaps?" Red shrugged, scratching the back of his head. Ruby just stared blankly at the Fighter. That's what he and Sapphire literally did on their first date. "It's the thought that counts, right?"

He did have a point; maybe he should. He shook his head. No. Just...no. He couldn't. He already did that.

A question to the Trainer.

Green was silent; it literally took three minutes for him to speak up. "Why on earth would you ask that kind of question?"

Ruby pondered about it then sighed. Green was one of the wisest men he had ever met. Surely he could provide a grand date idea.

"Just take her out on a picnic or something."

He actually did that last month. It was fun, but their next date has to be different.

A question to the Evolver.

Blue just giggled. Ruby swore his cheeks were flaring from embarrassment. He didn't want Blue to know, but he had to. She seemed to be more reliable than his other seniors anyway. "Just list all of the stuff you did in your dating years. I can't suggest something you two already did now, can't I?" She winked and he just sighed.

She did have a point, but he didn't have time to list them all. He had to plan, prepare and ask Sapphire out; listing them is just a waste of time.

A question to the Healer.

"Maybe take her to a walk in the forest?" Yellow suggested, tapping her chin. "Sapphire loves nature, right?"

He liked Yellow's idea. But unfortunately, he and Sapphire already did that.

A question to the Hatcher.

Gold just laughed, causing Ruby's palm to meet his face. He had to ask Gold about this but he didn't have a choice; he was desperate. "Dude, just take her out and kiss her and whatever. Do something you two have never done in bed and pleasure her! Be a man and start..."

Okay, he had enough; Gold went too far. He just had to leave.

A question to the Exchanger.

Silver just stared at him as if it was the dumbest question he had ever heard. But he couldn't blame him for being desperate, right? He was starting to wonder why he asked him in the first place. The Exchanger had been staring at him for who-knows-how-long now.

Ruby just sighed, hoping to break the silence, but it didn't.

And he thought Green had it worse.

A question to the Catcher.

"Uh..." Crystal just rose an eyebrow. Her eyes were focused on the research paper she was writing. "Why are you asking me this? You know Sapphire appreciates your efforts so why not just make it simple?"

He wished he could but someone as amazing as Sapphire deserved better. But at least she managed to say something unlike Silver, and most of all, she said something reasonable, unlike Gold. He sighed. "Thanks anyway."

Crystal's left palm met her face. "Let me guess: Gold and Silver didn't help?"

"They were terrible."

"You know, since this is a couple's thing, maybe—"

Before Crystal could finish, Ruby left her without a word.

A question to the Calmer.

Emerald just stared at him as his eyes blinked and his arms were folded across his chest. "Dude, why would you ask such a ridiculous question? Just take her somewhere she's never been to, geez."

He wished he could, but he had taken her at every place in Hoenn. Why did he even bother to ask Emerald about this if he knew he would say the same thing?

A question to the Conqueror.

It sounded like a good idea to ask Sapphire herself, but he didn't want her to think that he was running out of ideas. He had a wonderful time in all of their dates and he could tell that she had as well. Asking her just didn't seem right.

A question to the Charmer.

He thought of everything, but they had done every one of it. Ugh, dammit. He threw his notebook on the bed and laid his back there. His arms were sprawled on it as he sighed. This was harder than he thought. He asked his seniors and Emerald, and they didn't help. Maybe Blue could, but he would have to make a long list for her as a guide, and he didn't have time for that.

He sat up, rubbing his head. He couldn't believe he would ask his juniors who were years younger than them. But hey, youth is a good thing. They could provide better ideas than his seniors and Emerald.

A question to the Empathizer.

"Maybe plan a picnic for her and watch the stars with her? I'm sure senior Sapphire will appreciate it. A quiet night with the one you love is always nice." Diamond beamed, chewing the rice balls with delight. He became so intrigued with his meal that he didn't notice Ruby's smile just dropped.

Diamond's idea was great, but as he said: he and Sapphire already did that. It was one of the best nights he had with her. Maybe Diamond's best friends could help.

A question to the Determiner.

Pearl just scratched his cheek. "Take her to a show? I don't know about these dates stuff, senior. I thought you've been going out with her for a long time? You should know what she wanted."

Ruby felt like he was slapped on the cheek. Pearl was right; he was the only one who knew everything about Sapphire. He should know what she wanted. He didn't expect Pearl would give him a decent answer, but ah. He didn't have time to think about it, unfortunately. He'd been forcing his brain to spit out some ideas but all were not good; they've done every one of it.

A question to the Understander.

Ruby just blinked as he received a book from Platinum. His eyebrows crooked as he read the title.

'Guides on how to take your girlfriend out on a date for dummies...!'

His face fell flat as sweat dripped from his forehead. Now he felt offended just by reading the book's title.

First of all: he wasn't a dummy, and second: he has been dating Sapphire for years now. Years. He didn't need a silly guidebook to tell him that.

"I do not know much about senior Sapphire, but I hope that book helps." Platinum chirped and continued to drink her tea.

Ruby just smiled awkwardly. He couldn't return this book and decline her offer now. Platinum seemed sincere in helping him too.

A question to the Dreamers.

"Have a Pokemon battle with her, senior!" Black yelled as a smile lit up on his face. "You can always know her better through battles, right?"

"Oh wait, senior! How about I give you these exclusive tickets to watch BW Agency's latest romantic-comedy movie!" White handed Ruby a pair of tickets with a smile. "Movie dates are always romantic!"

Ruby just bobbed his head and accepted the tickets. He couldn't deny free stuff and he appreciated their help, but...he and Sapphire already did those things. He had an amazing Pokemon battle with her. He admits that she caught him off guard and made him lose the battle. They had watched a romantic-comedy movie too, but it was in his room (he didn't like watching movies in public anyway), and instead of focusing on the movie's plot or characters, they focused on each other more. They ended up not watching the movie and cuddled in his bed instead.

He opted to leave that part, though. He didn't want his juniors to find out.

A question to the Arrester.

Lack-Two (if that was his real name) was the same as Silver; he just stared at him for a minute before dismissing him. The young 'police officer' said he didn't have time for it and said he was 'too young'.

Why did he even bother to visit his junior?

A question to the Liberator.

Whi-Two twiddled her fingers and continued staring at the ground. Ruby wondered how she and Lack-Two got along so well; they were not the same! Whi-Two seemed like a sweet, innocent girl while Lack-Two was a stoic boy; he seemed more stoic than Green and Silver if people ask him.

Ruby shook his head and sighed. Then again, he and Sapphire were exact opposites too but here they were: dating for more than five years.

"Just maybe tell her how you feel? It will make the date special if you told her how much she means to you." Whi-Two finally spoke, blushing. She smiled at her senior while Ruby just nodded.

She had a point, but he did that a lot of times already. Of course, he never planned to stop. He would definitely tell Sapphire how much she meant to him on their next date.

A question to the Loner.

X was the same as Green: he didn't speak until for a moment. He just sighed and shrugged, making a vein pop on Ruby's forehead. "I don't know any of this stuff. Just leave me alone."

Ruby's smile faded and sighed. Then what was the point of letting him enter his hotel room if he wanted to be alone? He could have said that earlier!

A question to the Flyer.

"Senior, that's so sweet of you!" Y laughed, embarrassing Ruby. She didn't need to say it out loud. "I'm really sorry if X just ignored you or didn't answer your question; he's always like that."

"It's not my responsibility to think of stuff like that," X muttered, resting his arms on his knees.

"X, TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY!" Y yelled at her childhood friend, her temper was present in her tone. "OUR SENIOR RECOGNIZED US EVEN IF IT'S DATING IDEAS!"

X just shrugged. Y, who was more pissed than before, proceeded to grab his collar and shook him.

Ruby could see some parallels between them and his relationship with Sapphire when they were kids, but...they weren't exactly them. It looks like this is gonna take a while.

"You know they have more experience than us," X said as-a-matter-of-factly, fueling Y's irritation.

"Oh sorry! I'm pretty sure younglings like us are dumb and clueless about romance!"

A question to the Saver and to the Mixer.

"Just take her to a cheap place of course!" Sun said happily. His lips curved into a smile that imitated a Meowth's mouth. Ruby wondered how was that possible. "You don't wanna waste so much money on her over—ow! What was that for, miss?!"

Moon just sighed and folded her arms across her chest. She looked pissed and scary. And in such a young age too. "Seriously, courier, senior Sapphire is senior Ruby's girlfriend; she's worth more than your cheap strategies."

"B-But," Sun tried to argue as he held his aching head. "If he started cheap then that means he will have more money for their next date and if he had more money on their next date then that means he could afford more!"

Moon just rolled her eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry about him, senior Ruby. He's always like that when it comes to talking about money."

Ruby just nodded. He was glad Sapphire only punches or scolds him when he had done something wrong.



Ruby took a deep breath and dropped himself onto his bed. His body sunk on the mattress as he let out a sigh. Out of all the Dexholders, he'd ask, only a few gave him decent answers but none were great ideas in his opinion. He was starting to give up but he realized that he shouldn't. There was no way in hell that he would give up on this. He would find a way to take Sapphire on a unique date despite the struggles. He loves her and he wanted her to know and feel how much he loves her.

"It's the thought that counts."

"You know Sapphire appreciates your efforts so why not just make it simple?"

"A quiet night with the one you love is always nice."

"I thought you've been going out with her for a long time? You should know what she wanted."

"Just maybe tell her how you feel?"

Despite the already used date ideas, his seniors and his juniors were right about one thing: in the end, it would all just depend on Sapphire.

Maybe he was overthinking this. He just wanted to give Sapphire a good time, and—

There was a tap on the window, causing him to snap out of his trance. His lips curved into a smile as he approached the window to open it. "Hey."

"Hey." Sapphire smiled and offered a hand to him. "Ya wanna fly around with Troppy and me?"

"Always," Ruby spoke softly and grabbed her hand. He linked their fingers together before hopping onto the Grass-Flying type's back. He was greeted by the cool breeze that almost toppled his hat off his head. He chuckled and held his hat. Once the breeze cleared, he wrapped his arms around her waist, rested his head on shoulder and pulled her closer.

Sapphire in his arms was just what he needed after a long, tiring and disappointing day.

"I heard ya went on a Pokedex Holder hunt," she spoke after a moment of silence. She jerked her head to her side, looking into his left eye. "Yer lucky that all of them are on vacation right now."

Ruby was surprised, but he couldn't hide it now, could he? He just sighed and slowly bobbed his head. His arms around her tightened. "I was...desperate for help."

"Hmm?" Sapphire hummed, her left fang poking from her top lip. "Why? Ya know I'm always here if ya need help."

She didn't sound sad nor disappointed, which was a relief. Hold on. Did that mean she knew it was something about her? He always asked for her help whenever he needed one except when preparing for their date. Did she manage to follow the pattern? It sounded like she did from the way she talked casually. "Yeah, I mean..."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. I got this. Calm down. He then opened his eyes. The cool breeze ran past them, causing him to hug her tighter. "I was just asking them for date ideas."

She giggled. His eyebrows creased. That was an unexpected answer. "What did ya get?"

He chuckled, remembering the silly, unexpected and quiet answers he got. "Sun said I should take you somewhere cheap so I can have money for the next one. Black suggested Pokemon battles. White gave us free movie tickets. Diamond said a picnic under the stars. Platinum..." He stopped and sighed. He would definitely not specify that book's title; that would be embarrassing. "She gave me a book about dating. Senior Yellow says a walk in the forest. You know, all those stuff we did in the past years. Some were cheesy lines where they said 'it's the thought that counts' and other basic things. Except for senior Silver and Lack-Two, though; all I got was silence."

She giggled at that, causing a blush to paint on his cheeks. "They're all nice suggestions, though. Well, except senior Silver and Lack-Two's."

"Yeah, but we did them all. I want something different."

Her hand rested on his. She squeezed it as she removed them around her waist. Ruby was confused at first but got her message when she lifted her left leg. He immediately held her hand as he assisted her to turn around. She faced him with a smile. His heart raced in his chest at the beautiful sight.

If they were on the ground and if he had a ring right now, he would kneel down on one knee and ask her hand for marriage.

He knew they were still too young (they were in their early twenties), but Arceus, he knew he already wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

"If it's alright with ya, we could already consider this as a date. Just you and me slowly flyin' around Hoenn was something we had never done before."

He thought she was a genius for suggesting that.

Ruby just laughed and pulled her closer. He tilted his head, closed his eyes, and captured her soft lips for a kiss.

In the end, Sapphire was the one who had the best idea for their next date. And it was brilliant.

Funny, I said being in their early 20s is too young yet I always say I'm old even though I'm still in my early 20s. The irony. XD

I just realized "the light of his life" is kinda like a Kingdom Hearts reference. It's very unintentional since I wrote this months before I went back to KH hell. OH MY GOD THIS IS ALSO NOT AN INTENDED REFERENCE TO (POSSIBLE KH3 SPOILERS SO PLEASE DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T WANNA BE SPOILED)











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