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36: A New Tradition (AU)

Last fanfic for this year, haha. Ah. It's so weird I updated this one-shot/ficlet collection twice in 1 month but hey it's the holidays so why not? Haha...

This is supposed to be my secret santa entry but I feel like it won't please my secret santa. My daily insecurities says I may think it's "okay" but one will "shit" on it so yikes. Thanks, insecurities. Excuse my language. I have failed you, Captain America...but enough of that!

This fic is dedicated to my friend/daughter, irokonn. Please please please please please go and check her art (and be nice to her or else). She's amazing. Her art is amazing. Iro, I hope you'll like this. ;w;

Fluff warning just in case some hates too much fluff in a fic (I tried my best to lessen it though). Also, this is a Modern Day-AU fic. Based on my other franticshipping multi-chap fic, Incomplete so...yeah. ;w;

36. A New Tradition



December 24th

11:45 PM

"Well, folks," The newscaster said and pointed on the map of the country behind him. There were different colours around it like green, blue and yellow. "It looks like this year's Christmas will be filled with snowstorms. It's assumed that it will pass on the 26th of December. For now, we suggest staying warm and comfortable in your houses until we say it's safe to go outside. And now back to Malva for some—"

Sapphire let out a sigh and turned off the TV. She set the remote on the table and stood up, stretching her arms. She slowly approached the glass door of the balcony. Her eyes wandered around every building she could see in her field of vision.

The cold, white flakes of snow were freely flowing in the city at a fast pace, almost covering every view. Sapphire bit her lip and placed a hand on the glass. She was hoping that anyone she knew wasn't out in the cold storm. The snowstorm seemed terrible just by looking at it and she just wants her friends to be safe in this cold weather.

It was a shame, though. Christmas used to be a happy celebration, but the storm ruined it. Everyone was forced to stay in their houses until the snowstorm cleared and she hated it. It was making her feel lonely and isolated.

She and Ruby were supposed to be on their way to the countryside to visit their hometown and his parents, but it was apparently not happening. They were stuck together in their shared condominium.

Sapphire took a deep breath and leaned her back on the cold glass. She scanned their little home. The place wasn't as extravagant as Ruby's house during Christmas. There was a small Christmas tree next to the TV, a snowglobe on the table in front of the TV, and tinsels decorated on top of the doors; one was coloured red and the other was coloured blue. Just looking at these decorations reminded her of her home province.

She remembered when she and Ruby were younger; their families always gathered together every Christmas and just enjoy each other's company. Gifts were exchanged throughout the occasion along with laughs and stories. She and Ruby usually excused themselves from their parents in favor of hanging out in his room. They would have their own gift exchange and their own talk.

Sapphire grew up with that tradition despite her family's death years ago. It was something she always looked forward to every Christmas, but this snowstorm ruined it.

Sapphire felt something warm on her cheek. Her eyes widened, and her cheeks blushed. She jerked her head to her right only to see Ruby smiling beside her. His face was incredibly close; she could already feel his warm breathing colliding with hers. How long was he standing beside her? How come she didn't notice him? She gulped.

"You alright?" he asked and wrapped one arm around her waist. He kissed her right temple.

Sapphire placed her hand on his chest and sighed. She bobbed her head. "I guess I am."

Ruby wasn't convinced at that, however. "You can tell me anything," His other arm was now resting on her waist. He pulled her closed and leaned his chin on her shoulder, burying his nose into her soft, brunette hair.

Sapphire bit her lip, her left hand gently squeezed his arm. "I'm just kinda pissed that this snowstorm ruined Christmas. Everyone's forced to stay in their houses until the weather people say it's safe to go outside. We're supposed to be on our way home...we haven't seen your parents for a while nor visited them and this is our only chance to do so."

Ruby took a deep breath and inhaled her relaxing scent. A small smile crept on his lips. "That's true. I may have grown up in the city but the province is always a nice place." He chuckled, making Sapphire smile. She removed her arms around him as his eyebrows furrowed at this and decided to follow her. She placed a hand on his chest to stop him, however.

"I'm gonna get some cup noodles. Ya want some?"

Ruby smiled at that and nodded. "Although," His smile widened into a smirk as his index finger pointed at the ceiling.

Sapphire could feel her heart beating fast. She followed his finger and her cheeks flushed at the sight. There was a sprig of mistletoe placed on the ceiling and they were under it. "Ya crazy good-lookin'—ugh!" She exclaimed and playfully punched his chest.

Ruby's chuckle converted into laughter. He held his chest and his face twisted in a mock-pain expression. "Rules are rules, love."

Sapphire pouted at that and folded her arms across her chest. She broke her gaze from him and puffed some air out of her mouth. "Silly," When did Ruby place that mistletoe? She couldn't recall seeing that until now. Did Ruby hang up the mistletoe while she was occupied with her thoughts earlier?

"Come, Sapph," Ruby's arms returned around her waist and pulled her closer.

Sapphire removed her arms on her chest and placed her hands on his. She gripped the fabric of his shirt. Despite the cold weather, he was comfortably warm. She knew the condo's heater was already helping them warm up in this freezing weather but being in Ruby's arms makes her feel more comfortable and warmer than a thermostat ever could.

"You know what should we do when we're under a mistletoe." he continued in a teasing tone.

Sapphire rolled her eyes at this. "I know," She bit her lip, her fang poking from her top lip. "But if ya really wanna kiss me, you could have asked!"

"Awww," It was now Ruby's turn to pout. Sapphire couldn't help but to giggle at that; he looked like a cute kid who got teased by his friend or sibling. "But it's fun surprising you with these..."

"You're silly," She giggled again and wrapped her arms at the back of his neck. "But I'll let this pass."

Ruby leaned in closer and tilted his head. "I love you."

"I love ya too."

Both closed their eyes before pressing their soft lips against each other. Sparks flew between them and Ruby could feel every bit of passion and love Sapphire was providing into their kiss. The snowstorm continued to blow outside, but their kiss was enough to warm them up. Their passion for each other exploded like fireworks, and before Sapphire knew it, she couldn't feel her feet on the ground; Ruby managed to lift her up while kissing. She felt Ruby pulling her closer to deepen their kiss as she let out a moan.

Their kiss continued to last longer that made Ruby feel that he's been kissing Sapphire for eternity. The need for air caused them to slowly pull away from each other, however. He gently lowered Sapphire down until her feet touched the tiled ground. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

"Will there be more later?" he asked only to receive a punch on the chest. He held one hand to his chest dramatically, as his mock-pain expression returned.

"Sorry," She muttered and kissed his cheek. She proceeded to the kitchen to boil some water.

"By the way," Ruby called after a moment of silence. Sapphire turned around to lean on the kitchen water as she waited for the water to boil.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It turns out it was my mom who called me," He started folding his arms across his chest and stood beside her, leaning his back against the kitchen counter.

"Oh?" Sapphire rose an eyebrow. "What did she say? I hope she's alright. Is your dad with her?"

Ruby nodded. "Yeah, dad came home days before the snowstorm arrived; they're alright. She said that we shouldn't try to get home when the storm is up. We should return home once it's safe."

"Guess we'll be spendin' Christmas here," Sapphire quipped in a quiet tone and bit her lip. She was looking forward to visiting her fiancé's parents but it looked like she had to wait for a few days. "Great."

"I don't mind spending Christmas here, though," Ruby smiled and took a deep breath. Sapphire looked at him with confused eyes. His smile widened. "I get to spend Christmas alone with the love of my life."

Sapphire rolled her eyes at this as a blush sneaked its way on her cheeks. "Gee, thanks, Mr. Smooth Charmer."

Ruby laughed at that. "Hey, it took years to perfect these smooth lines!" He took a deep breath and kissed her cheeks. "But seriously, at least we're together. Isn't that what matters?"

Sapphire sighed then smiled. "I guess this year's Christmas wouldn't be that disappointin'."

There was a clicking sound from the electric kettle heater, causing the couple to break their stares at each other. Sapphire removed the plug from the socket and poured the boiling water on the two empty cup noodles. She grabbed two chopsticks from the container and handed one to Ruby.

Sapphire grabbed a seat in the dining area and smelled her food. It may be an instant food but it's just what she needed to warm herself more.

"My..." Ruby let out a cough to gather his voice. Sapphire looked at him as a noodle dropped into the cup, leaving a small piece of it on her lower lip. He chuckled at that and leaned in closer.

"R-Ruby, what are ya—" Before Sapphire could react, Ruby licked her lower lip and took a peck from her lips. She blushed at this and lowered her head. She used her bangs to hide her blushing face.

Ruby chuckled at her cute reaction and sighed lovingly. "You have something on your lip so I have to remove it for you."

Sapphire turned to glare at him. "Ya could have said so! I could remove it on my own!"

"But that will ruin the fun! Plus, you look so cute after that."

"Well, yer lucky that I didn't spill it or else ya have to clean it!"

"Touché," Ruby gave in and raised his arms in the air as another sign of surrender.

Sapphire just rolled her eyes and used her chopsticks to grab another instant noodle from the cup. "Anyway,"

"Hmm?" It was now Ruby's turn to have a noodle on his lip. She giggled at this.

"But first, ya have something on your lip," She pointed and Ruby's eyes followed her finger. He smiled.

"Could you remove it for me?"

Sapphire's cheeks blushed tenfold. She knew he was using this as an excuse to kiss her. Then again, she likes kissing him. She just didn't like to mention it, for it was embarrassing. Besides, she loves him and kissing him was just a bonus. "F-Fine," She used her thumb to wipe off the noodle from his cheek, but before she could grab a tissue to remove it from her thumb, Ruby licked it with a satisfactory smile perked on his lips. She swore her blush was redder than a ripe tomato. "Ruby!" She squealed, making him remove his hand on her wrist.

"I couldn't help it," he replied snarkily.

Sapphire just sighed at that and rolled her eyes. "Anyway," She coughed, changing the subject. "What were ya gonna say before ya started kissing me?"

It was now Ruby's turn to cough. His cheeks flushed just by thinking about it. His eyes wandered around Sapphire's left ring finger to examine their engagement ring. He finally got her a ring after confessing that he wanted to marry her. It was odd that he didn't ask her to marry him, though.

"Marry me," Ruby stated out of the blue. His arms were on her waist as his chin was resting on her shoulder.

Sapphire blushed; her mind is asking billions of questions. Why would he ask such question under a random scenario? She was expecting that he was planning something grand for his proposal. "W-What?" she squeaked and turned around to face him. Her eyes met his and she could see just how serious and sincere he is.

"Do you want to marry me?" he asked again. This time, he held her hands and kissed it passionately.

"W-Wait, this is so sudden! W-Where's the ring? Why aren't ya kneeling? I mean why did this question come out of nowhere? I thought ya were gonna plan something fancy?" she rambled as the blush on her cheeks increased.

"About that," Ruby bit his lip then sighed. "The store was closed when I got there so I'll get it tomorrow. I promise."

Sapphire couldn't believe was she was experiencing. She blinked her eyes just to wake herself from this amazing dream, but it did nothing. What just happened was real; Ruby asked her hand for marriage in the most unexpected way and she appreciated it. Taking a deep breath, she bobbed her head for a nod. "I-I would love to."

Ruby got her a ring on the next day and proposed to her again just in case. They'd been engaged for two months and told his parents about it through a phone call. His mother was asking him a lot of questions about it and he swore his heart couldn't take the embarrassing things she kept on saying. He later received a text message from his father, telling him that he was very proud of him. The news about their engagement spread fast; people at Sapphire's workplace kept on asking her when is the wedding, along with their friends, especially Blue.

Luckily, the question stopped for everyone was busy preparing for the holidays. His mother was the only one who popped the question again.

Ruby took a deep breath and held Sapphire's left hand. His fingers trailed around their engagement ring. "My mom is asking about it again."

"O-Oh," Sapphire fell silent and gently squeezed his hand. The truth is she and Ruby haven't thought about that. Financially, they still needed more money. Besides, it's only been two months since their engagement. Some even get married after one year since their engagement. Nonetheless, she was thrilled for their big day. She never imagined that she will be spending the rest of her life with the man she loves. It almost felt like a dream. If she would go back in time to tell her younger self about this, she would probably laugh at how ridiculous that sounds.

"What do you think? Should it be next year? Before Christmas?"

"Eh?" Sapphire's eyes widened. She poked her chopsticks into the now cold noodle broth.

"I mean just so everyone would stop asking us. But if you wanna then I'm okay with it."

Sapphire gulped and squeezed his hand. "I...B-Before Christmas sounds nice. I-I like it."

"Then it's settled!" Ruby kissed her cheek then threw his cup noodles into the trash can. He grabbed his phone and texted his mother. "Almost forgot," He kissed Sapphire's cheeks before smiling. Sapphire turned to her left only to see his phone in front of her. It said December 25th, twelve midnight.

"Merry Christmas, Sapphire."

Sapphire didn't notice that time had passed. She was too busy knowing when will the snowstorm ends and she forgot that Christmas was minutes away. "I—"

"I love you," Ruby intervened and pressed his soft lips against hers.

Sapphire expected this, but she was still surprised that he was always this thrilled to kiss her. She loved it, nonetheless. For what seemed like an eternity, she closed her eyes and returned the kiss with the same passion and enthusiasm. The snowstorm may have ruined their Christmas tradition, but she was happy to spend it with Ruby. And next year's Christmas was something she was ecstatic to look forward to.

See you all in 2019! ^w^/

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