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35: For Our Future (Christmas-themed)

I was planning to publish this on Christmas day (at least in my time zone) but turns out I'll be going to a [boring] family reunion of my very distant relatives so rip. I'll just publish this a bit early.

Anyway, merry christmas! If you don't celebrate it, I really hope you'll have a great day. You have to have a great day because no one deserves a bad day. owo/

Like last year, this is from a Secret Santa I joined on tumblr. So my secret santa is tales-of-fluri from tumblr. I hope you'll like this or I hope this'll make you smile. Enjoy~

Also, I have another spare Christmas themed fic coming before New Year's Eve so yeah. I hope you'll check that out too sdfssfd

Many thanks to FullAsianJay on twitter for beta reading this ^^

35. For Our Future



"How did you know that Crystal wanted Professor Birch's new book?"

Emerald's eyes remained on the cup hot cocoa. He shrugged upon hearing Ruby's question as he slowly took a sip. Once he finished, he gently placed the cup down and looked at the Charmer. The corners of his eyes wrinkled as confusion showed up on his face. "She loves Pokemon and research." he quipped in an obvious tone as Ruby sighed.

"No, not that," Ruby shook his head. "I meant do you know it's what she really wants for Christmas?"

"Well obviously," Emerald replied.

Ruby bit his lip and bobbed his head. "I see," he mumbled and fell silent. He looked into his cup of cappuccino as despair glowed into his eyes.

"Dude," Emerald waved a hand in front of Ruby but the Charmer didn't budge; his eyes remained on the now cold mug of cappuccino. He sighed and his face went blank. "Are you asking me because it is something related to Sapphire?"

"Yes!" Ruby exclaimed and slammed his left fist on the table. The customers from the café looked at the frantic young man before returning to their personal businesses. Emerald just rose an eyebrow as Ruby's hand went on his hat, his fingers trailing around its soft fabric. "How can you give the perfect and the most beautiful woman a memorable Christmas gift?"

Emerald sighed exasperatedly. "Ruby, don't ask me that kind of question; you know Sapphire better than anyone else."

Ruby grumbled and bit his lip. That's the thing; he should've known what she wanted for Christmas from the very beginning! He knew he could always sew her a new set of clothes or even give her a new berry pot, but he knew Sapphire would expect those kinds of gifts.

He wanted this year's gift to be special and memorable; this would be their first Christmas as a couple, after all. It was odd, though. When he told his parents and Professor Birch about their relationship, they were all happy and expected it would happen soon, much to his surprise. His master and Winona have the same reaction too along with the rest of their friends. He wasn't aware that their feelings for each other were that clear where people were just waiting for their official statement.

He took a deep breath, in hopes to calm himself. If Emerald didn't have clue, then who should he ask? He couldn't ask Sapphire what she wanted; this is a surprise for her and asking her would just ruin it.

"Ruby," Emerald called, gathering his attention.

Ruby didn't budge and just nodded lazily at the Calmer. "Hmm...?"

"Sapphire is your girlfriend. Just give her what you think she wants but don't stress over it."

"I try not to be."

"Yeah," Emerald folded his arms across his chest. "It's so obvious that you are not freaking out about finding the perfect gift," he responded sarcastically. "Just don't screw up and hurt her feelings. That's what I'm trying to say."

Ruby's expression hardened. "I would never screw up again," he spoke in a serious tone. "Sapphire is very important to me. I don't wanna lose her...not again. Never again."

"Then relax," Emerald hopped down on the chair. He grabbed a shopping bag placed under the table. "Sapphire would definitely appreciate whatever gift it is."

Ruby grimaced at that. He wished she would. If he were going to be asked, he didn't deserve Sapphire. It was a miracle that she had forgiven him after all the mishaps he committed in their relationship. He didn't know what he was thinking; he let fear consume his decisions and cloud his judgment then ended up hurting her because of that. It was one of the many things he regrets in his life besides lying that he 'forgot' about Mirage Island. He sighed and nodded, hopelessness still lingered in his eyes. He could feel his stomach twist into uncomfortable knots; it was enough to almost make him throw up. "Thanks, Emerald. I'll keep that in mind."

Emerald bobbed his head. "You better. Sapphire may be your girlfriend, but she's also my friend. I tried to cover up your mistakes when we were trying to save the world from that meteorite but now, I couldn't do that because you ended up hurting her and yourself. Don't screw up. You love her, so make her happy."

Ruby took a deep breath and nodded, his eyes still remained in his cappuccino. He didn't notice how long he was staring at it until he heard the chimes ring. He blinked and looked around his surroundings, only to see his friend left him alone in this café. He released a breath and stood up, heading straight to Lilycove Mall.





Ruby threw his head and stared at the cloudy sky. He watched some Flying-Type Pokemon soar through it with their trainers riding them. He sighed as a small smile lit up on his face. He remembered riding Pilo, Sapphire's Tropius, into the sky and somehow it felt slightly nostalgic despite that they do it every week. He removed his gaze from the horizon and looked at the ground.

Hoenn wasn't like Johto; it was a tropical region and it didn't snow every Christmas season. The wind just started to become cooler, signaling that Christmas is indeed coming or has arrived. He used to miss Johto when he arrived in Hoenn, but somehow, it became his new home and Sapphire made him feel that.

Sapphire had done so many great things to him; she helped him accept his old and current self, she taught him what true beauty really meant and she kept on understanding him despite he keeps on messing up. Those were just some of the good deeds she did to him. He could be stating it all day if he wanted to, but he didn't have time for that. Although, thinking about it just made his heart sank. Sapphire really deserves more than just new set clothes as a present, but what could it be?

When Emerald left him alone in the café, Ruby spent the rest of the day hopping onto every store he could spot in Lilycove City. He was desperate to find a perfect gift for Sapphire, but none of the things he'd seen wasn't the thing he was looking for.

"Thank you, mate!" A man in his late twenties yelled, opening the door and its chimes started jiggling and creating a clanging tune.

A pair of ruby eyes went round, surprised at the sudden noise. He certainly didn't recognize that he was standing close to a shop.

"You'll definitely be invited in my wedding!"

Ruby's eyes narrowed. A wedding? He assumed that the man who went out of the store would propose to the love of his life. He started wondering when would he pop that kind of question to Sapphire. It wouldn't happen anytime soon, unfortunately; they were still too young.

"Anytime!" The owner of the store replied and waved his hand at his customer. He grabbed the doorknob and as he was about to close the door, he saw a hand stopping him, making his eyes widen. "Young man, what's the meaning of this?"

"You sell jewelry, right?"

The store owner rose an eyebrow. "Yes...I do. It's obvious if you look at the sign."

"Good," Ruby sighed and stood up straight. "My name is Ruby, and I need your help, sir."

"And what would that be?"

Ruby smiled for the first time of the day. He placed a hand on his chest, showing just how confident he is about this idea. "I wanna give a unique piece of jewelry for my girlfriend."





Sapphire removed her hands on the vine and landed on the entrance of a cavern, which happened to be her shared secret base with Ruby. She stretched her arms in the air as a smile continued to linger on her face.

Today is December 25th also known as Christmas day. Her tradition every Christmas would usually involve having a stroll in the forest in the morning just to enjoy the cold breeze. Then at night, her and Ruby's parents would gather together and just enjoy each other's company. Gifts were exchanged throughout the occasion along with laughs and stories. But today was different, however. She wasn't able to have a stroll in the forest because Ruby told her to meet him at their secret base at ten.

She could only conclude that he wanted to spend the rest of his day with her. After all, today is their first Christmas as a couple. She just guessed he wanted to change their Christmas tradition.

After removing her shoes and placing it on the shoe rack, Sapphire's eyes scanned the cave. She could still see well despite the lights were off, but she couldn't find any signs of her boyfriend. She concluded that he must still be on his way.

"Ah, there you are, Sapph!"

Sapphire's eyes widened as her body jolted. She jumped then turned around with shock written all over face. How come she didn't notice his presence? Was she too occupied with her thoughts earlier?

"Ah, hold on. I can't see your beautiful face completely." Ruby approached the light switch and flicked it on. The lights lit up around the secret base. As he turned to look at his girlfriend, he saw her cheeks heat up and he couldn't help but smile at that. So cute.

"A-Anyway," Sapphire tried gathering her voice by coughing. "Why did ya tell me to go here? You know we'll see each other tonight."

"Yeah, but," Ruby scratched his neck with one of his hands buried in his pocket. "It's our first Christmas together as well, us! And I wanna change our tradition a bit." He smiled and Sapphire was right all along. "So what do you say? You and I will spend the Christmas morning together then join our parents at night. How does that sound?"

Sapphire smiled and bobbed her head. "I would love to!"

"Great!" Ruby held her hand with his left hand still in his pocket. His smile widened. "Merry Christmas, Sapphire! I love you."

Sapphire swallowed the lump in her throat as she tried to control the blush creeping on her cheeks. Ruby told her many times how much he loves her despite being in a romantic relationship for months. However, she still ends up being a blushy mess and she felt ridiculous at that.

"Y-Yeah," She tried speaking and tucked a loose hair behind her left ear. She felt Ruby squeezed her hand. "M-Merry Christmas to ya too, Ruby. I..." She gulped. She was able to say that she loves him; in fact, she was the first one to confess all those years ago but why was she having a hard time saying it now?

"I love you too, Sapph." Ruby placed a kiss on her forehead, deepening the blush further. "In fact, I got a present for you. I just hope that you'll like it." He took out a small box from his pocket and showed it to Sapphire.

Sapphire bit her lip and accepted it. He didn't need to get her anything, frankly. Just being his girlfriend was the best Christmas present she could ever have. Now she wished she'd brought his present too but she left it in her room. She mentally shook her head. She could always surprise him later, nonetheless.

Taking a deep breath, Sapphire opened the small box and her eyes went round. "R-Ruby, you didn't have to. T-This looks expensive!"

What's inside the small box was a shiny Ralts necklace with bits of a sapphire gem scattered around its head, giving a 'sparkly' appearance. Sapphire didn't know how much it was but it looked expensive.

"It's our first Christmas together and I wanna make it special." Ruby's mouth curved into a smile as he grabbed the necklace. He placed it around her neck and took a step back, admiring her appearance. His heart couldn't help but thump wildly. Yes, Sapphire's hair was a mess from all that vine swinging, but in his eyes, she's always perfect. "Beautiful."

Sapphire swallowed the lump in her throat and looked at the necklace. She usually receives a new set of clothes from Ruby every Christmas and receiving a piece of jewelry as one is something new and special. "M-My gift for ya is still in my room, but I can get it now if you want."

"Maybe later," Ruby went closer to Sapphire and held both of her hands. He interlocked their fingers together, brought her hands close to his mouth and pressed his soft lips against it. Sapphire's face increased its temperature at that. "Besides, I still haven't given my other gift."

This shocked Sapphire even further. He had another gift? How was he able to afford two gifts for her this Christmas? This shiny Ralts necklace already looked expensive! "Wait, Ruby, I—"

Sapphire was more startled than before. Before she could finish what she was trying to say, Ruby bent his left leg and knelt down. He looked into her eyes and she could see how passionate and sincere he is for this next gift. She gulped as her heart rate increased. Was this what she thought it was?

"Sapphire, I know we're too young, but these past months made me the happiest man alive. I know I kept on screwing up. I know that I made you more insecure and question your abilities as a trainer and even as yourself as a person. But I regret that. I should have never kept things from you. I made you think that I don't trust you but the truth is, I do trust you. I just wanna protect you but I ended up hurting you instead." He sighed and squeezed their linked hands. "What I'm trying to say is, I love you, Sapphire. I love you so much that even if our relationship hasn't reached its first anniversary yet, I already decided that I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Sapphire felt her heart tumbled as her stomach twisted. She couldn't believe she was hearing this. She knew that the way he confessed before they go to space sounded like a proposal, but that didn't count; the world may end at that time! But hearing an actual proposal from Ruby was something she had never expected.

"So...Sapphire, will you marry me in the future?" Ruby asked with a smile. Passion continued to ignite in his eyes. "But you don't have to answer my question right away! We're still too young to get married aft—"

"Ruby!" Sapphire threw herself at her boyfriend and wrapped her arms at the back of his neck.

Ruby sat on the floor, stunned from her reaction. Did this mean that she wants to marry him? He could feel his heart pounding loudly in his chest. This must be a dream.

"I love ya, Ruby. I..." Sapphire removed herself from their hug, but still remained seated on his lap. She giggled. She didn't know what has gotten into her, but knowing Ruby wanted to marry her in the future just makes her elated. She felt the same too, honestly. "Of course! I wanna marry ya one day!" Her smile widened and Ruby swore his heart just melted at the beautiful sight in front of him.

"I love you too, Sapphire," His hand reached her cheek, caressing it. He slowly lifted himself up and stopped when his face was inches from hers. He then tilted his head, closed his eyes and slowly pressed his soft lips against hers to seal the deal.

Merry Christmas (Eve?)!

(The next christmas-themed fic will be dedicated to a good friend of mine owo)

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