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34: In For A Treat (Halloween-themed)

I know I'm 29 days late for a Halloween-themed fanfic, but I can explain; this is actually from an art trade my friends had on discord! The theme is either Halloween or Fall and since I haven't written nor experienced Halloween irl, I decide to write a Halloween-themed fic! ;w;

Since I mentioned this is an art trade, this is dedicated to my friend, softoriginals. (Please read her works. She has an AO3 account of the same name so please read her beautiful works. So far, she has a specialshipping and a franticshipping one-shots! Go and absorb her beautiful writing! owo)

Also, soft, I hope you'll like this. Thank you again ;w;

34. In For A Treat



"Ruby," Sapphire grunted and tried to pull her boyfriend's arms away. She sighed when his hold didn't budge for the nth time. "Ya know, for a guy who's always concerned about his outfit, ya sure are doin' a great job of ruining yours."

Ruby yelped and held Sapphire tighter, but made sure he wasn't choking her at the same time. "Who cares about my outfit? We're trapped in a haunted house!"

Sapphire just rolled her eyes. "Ya silly. This ain't one."

"But what if it is? And it's just revealed itself now!" Ruby freaked out.

Sapphire took a deep breath, calming herself. Ruby's anxious responses weren't helping the situation. She could easily open the door to let themselves out but if only Ruby wasn't hugging her. His comfortable, warm hug was the only thing that was stopping her from doing it. She then felt Ruby buried his head in her chest. It made the heat from her cheeks deepen its color. Once Ruby decided to place his head in her chest, nothing could stop him.

She tried to remove herself again but when she moved her left foot, she realized that her back was leaning against the wall.

She was securely trapped now.

Earlier that night.

"Do I hafta wear this?" Sapphire asked as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a matching white t-shirt and green leggings under a white skirt with a cap that shaped like a Gardevoir. She thought it was too much for her taste, but Ruby made it just for her. And she appreciated it, nonetheless.

"Of course!" Ruby replied happily. He was wearing his own matching white t-shirt and white shorts with a cap that shaped like a Gallade. "I mean, it is Halloween and since we're now officially adults, there's no reason for us to wear a costume."

"This is honestly close to wearing a Halloween costume." Sapphire deadpanned.

Ruby dropped the sleeves attachment on the bed and sighed. "Alright, maybe it's close to being a Halloween costume so we'll just wear the outfits and the cap."

"Good," Sapphire folded her arms across her chest. "I don't wanna look silly in front of the kids."

Ruby chuckled at that. "Come on, love," He winked, making her blush and roll her eyes. "I think you look beautiful." He continued with a serious tone and Sapphire swore her cheeks resembled a tamato berry.

It was Halloween in the Hoenn Region and Ruby decided to go trick or treating with Sapphire despite their ages. He prepared a matching Gardevoir and Gallade outfits for them to wear for the occasion.

"Now come on," Ruby offered his hand and she accepted it. They both went outside to go trick or treating around Littleroot.

Littleroot may be a small town, but the citizens often decorated the place beautifully whenever there was an occasion or a holiday. There were Pumpkaboo-shaped lanterns placed on each house while Duskull-shaped lights were decorated on the trees. The children were scattered around town and all were wearing Pokemon costumes.

Sapphire took a deep breath and dragged her boyfriend deeper into Littleroot. She stopped when they reached their favorite spot; an old tree standing a few feet away from her father's laboratory. She then sighed and removed her hand from him. "Are ya serious that we'll go trick or treatin'?" She asked nervously. She enjoyed trick or treating as a kid, but now that she's an adult, people may judge her for it.

She knew she shouldn't care about that part, but being a Champion meant she also had to set a good example; being badly judged by people wasn't one of it.

Ruby scratched his head and leaned on the tree. "Well, no," He shrugged. "I just wanna spend my time with you."

Sapphire bit her lip. Her intuitions were right once again, but she didn't mind if he just wanted to spend with her; frankly, she felt the same. "Ya could have told me. You know I'll always make time for ya."

"I know," He smiled. "But isn't great that we'll be celebrating Halloween together? It's usually just me giving candies to kids going to my house and it's kinda tiring to do it every year. I wanna do something different."

Sapphire smiled back and rubbed her arm. He did have a point. When she reached her adulthood, she started joining her father by giving candies to the kids. It was a lot of fun trick or treating while it lasted. "You're right."

"Hey mister, are you there?!" A kid, not too far from the couple, yelled. Hearing this, Sapphire turned around. "You have decorations in your house and the light is on so I'll be trick or treatin'!"

There was no response from the old house, making Sapphire more curious. She didn't know to whom that house belonged to; all she knew is that house was abandoned ever since she was five years old. Rumors said that the owner of the house is now living in a different region and didn't even bother to sell the house they had in Hoenn. She didn't know that someone is already living in it.

Well, it looked like someone was based on the lights and the decorations placed around it. It was odd that she never noticed it, but then again, she was very busy with the Pokemon League and helping her father these past weeks.

"Ruby," She called her boyfriend and turned around, only to see his face very close to hers. She gulped and took a step back at this, but Ruby managed to hold her hand, stopping her. She only blushed at this. "D-Do ya know that someone already lived there?" She pointed at the house the kid (who's dressed as a Dusknoir) was yelling at.

"Hmm?" Ruby looked at the house then shrugged. "I don't know, to be honest."

"The kid looks like he needs help, though. Maybe we should knock on the door."

Ruby's lips curved into a smirk at her suggestion. "And say that our son just wanted candies?" He received a punch on the chest and his face twisted in pain from it. "Ow. What? I mean we can pretend we're that kid's parents," He paused and his face changed its expression into a mocking sad look. "Unless you don't wanna marry me in the future..."

"E-Eh?" Sapphire's blush deepened. She swore this would break her record for blushing several times within an hour. "I-It's not that—I mean of course I wanna marry ya in the future b-but don't ya think it's too early for us to adopt a child? W-We're not even married yet!"

"Ah," Ruby just chuckled. "Well, at least I know you wanna marry me in the future." He replied with a mischievous tone, receiving another punch from his girlfriend. "Ow, come on, Sapph..."

Sapphire rolled her eyes again and just dragged her boyfriend closer to that house. She stopped and removed her hand on his just to approach the kid. "Ya need help?"

The door suddenly creaked open and revealed an empty house. Sapphire's eyes furrowed at this and turned to look at Ruby. He just shrugged at this.

"Trick or treat!" The kid yelled; his voice echoed around the house.

There was no response after that.

"Dang it," The kid dropped his bag of treats and sighed. "And I knocked on this house for hours only to get no treats." He pouted.

Sapphire was curious, however. It may seem like this was another Halloween trick and she wasn't letting the people in this house scare the little boy away. "No," She placed her hand on the boy's shoulder. "I'll make sure you'll get at least one candy from this house."

The boy's eyebrow rose as excitement lit up in his eyes; his smile complimented his enthusiasm. "Really?"

Sapphire bobbed her head. "Yeah!" She beamed. "What's your name?"

"Tim!" The boy replied happily.

"Okay," Sapphire patted his head and tousled the boy's dark hair. "Tim, we'll be gettin' you some candy. Wait here. I'm sure the owner must be pullin' a trick to scare ya away."

Ruby just smiled at this. Looking at Sapphire and Tim made him picture the future of Sapphire doing the same thing to their son. He blushed at that thought and shook his head. He knew he mentioned about Tim as their 'pretend' son, but he was partially bluffing at that. He respected Sapphire's wishes. If she thought it was too early for them to have children, then he wouldn't force her. He suddenly gritted his teeth at that. Darn it. We're not even married yet!

"Ruby, stay with Tim, please?"

Ruby blinked and snapped himself back to reality. "W-Wait, what?"

"I'll be goin' inside and deal with whatever trick the owner's house had in store."

"N-No!" Ruby placed a hand on her shoulder. "I-I'll be going with you."

Sapphire sighed at that. "I'll be okay. Tim needs someone to wait with him."


"That's okay!" Tim intervened. "You two can go inside together. I'll just wait here."

Sapphire looked at Tim then at Ruby. If she would decline again, Ruby would just insist on going with her and they would be arguing in circles if that happens. She sighed in defeat. "Alright, ya can come with me."

"Great!" Ruby grinned at this and held her hand. She blushed and looked at Tim. He didn't seem to be disgusted at their little public display of affections, which was good.

"See ya later!" Time waved at the couple as they head inside.

Once Ruby and Sapphire went inside the house, the door immediately slammed shut as they heard something being pulled down from a crane. They turned to their right only to see a Shuppet going at them.

"Look out!" Ruby thought of pushing Sapphire out of the way, but before he could move, the Shuppet was getting closer. He thought of just staying on his position since Shuppet could phase right through him but he felt Sapphire's hand on his wrist and pulled him to her.

Ruby breathed and looked at her with a smile. "Thanks, love. You saved me there."

Sapphire's cheeks flushed at her pet name. "S-Sure," She gulped. She tried to walk away from him only to hear a sound coming from the ceiling. Before they could move, Joltik stuffed toys and action figures fell at them. "Ow!" She complained while placing her arms on top of her head.

"This house is weird," Ruby muttered as his eyes traveled in front of him. He gulped as shivers ran through his spine. There was a six-foot-tall man wearing dark clothing, a white mask that resembled a serial killer and a hook on his left hand. He screamed and hugged Sapphire tightly.

"Ruby, what the heck?!" Sapphire yelled back and tried to remove her boyfriend around her but it was no use. "We can't find a bag of candy if ya won't remove yourself from me!"

"I can't let go!" Ruby exclaimed. "The man has a hook and a mask with him! I can't! I won't let him hurt you!"

Sapphire tried to convince Ruby that whoever that man was wouldn't kill them; it didn't work, however. He continued to wrap his arms around her as they argued until Sapphire couldn't move further when the wall blocked her movements.

She heard a Shuppet's voice linger in the air as sounds of gears got mixed with it. She felt Ruby removed his head in her chest to meet her eyes. She blinked at this in order to control the blush on her cheeks.

"Sapphire," Ruby called in a trembling voice. "If we won't make it, I just want you to know that I love you. I wanna marry you someday but since we're trapped in a haunted house filled with scary Pokemon and a psychopath, I have to let you know that I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I—"

"You have got to be kidding me!" A familiar voice exclaimed sarcastically.

Ruby's eyes widened and turned around. Sapphire just blinked as the so-called psychopath removed his mask.

"Dude," Gold placed Emerald down on the floor. He removed their outfit. "We're having so much fun scaring the prissy boy here."

"Yeah, sure," Emerald rolled his eyes. "It was fun but when these two started flirting, I just couldn't take it. Can I have a flirt-free vacation from these two?" His thumb pointed at Ruby and Sapphire who were behind him.

"Pfft," Gold laughed. "Looks like I need to teach you on how to deal with it."

"Wait, wait," Ruby intervened. "You two planned this?" He asked, embarrassed at the fact that these two managed to scare him. He did not want this news to spread. He was only okay if Sapphire knows about this, but everyone? No way.

Gold's laughter reached its peak. He continued laughing as he held his belly to maintain his balance.

"Yeah," Emerald replied sarcastically. "It was originally for the kids but when you two lovebirds came in here, we decided to just continue scaring you guys until you two started flirting."

"Sorry?" Ruby replied with furrowed eyebrows and just looked at Sapphire.

Sapphire had an irked expression. She just sighed and went closer to smack Gold's and Emerald's heads.


Ruby chuckled at that. He thought they deserved it for scaring him.

"I can forgive ya two for scarin' my boyfriend if ya two give us two packs of candies!" Sapphire spoke in a scary tone. Ruby's heart thumped at that. She called him her 'boyfriend' in front of their friends. She was often too shy to say that he is hers in front of their friends.

"Now?" Gold looked at her but immediately averted his eyes. Her eyes reminded him of a dangerous predator and it was scaring him. He couldn't believe that wild girl was this scary. He was starting to wonder what Ruby saw in her. This woman is absolutely terrifying!

"Yes," Sapphire responded annoyingly and stood beside Ruby.

"Ugh," Gold rolled his eyes and threw two packs of candies at the lovebirds. "Now can you two leave? We need to prank more children."

Sapphire held the packs of candies in her arm and used her free hand to hold Ruby's hand. She stomped away from the two Pokedex Holders before slamming the door tightly. She didn't even bother to look at Tim; she just gave him one pack of candies then stomped away from the house with Ruby behind her.

Once they were away, she sighed and sat on the ground. She opened the leftover pack of candies and started eating.

"What?" She asked her boyfriend who was smiling at her this whole time.

"You scared the heck out of Gold," He chuckled, recalling the glorious memory earlier. "He was trembling in fear!"

Sapphire pouted at this. "He deserved it."

Ruby chuckled again and sat beside her. He kissed her cheek before grabbing a candy from the bag.

"About earlier..." Sapphire bit her lip and stared at the ground.

"Hmm?" Ruby arched an eyebrow as he chewed the candy he was eating.

"Ya really mean it? That...that ya wanna marry me?" Her cheeks flushed just by thinking about it.

Ruby smiled before locking his lips on hers. She tasted the chocolate candy lingering in his mouth as their kiss deepened.

He slowly pulled away several moments later and smiled. "I always do."

Tim. As in Tim Drake. The third Robin. Red Hood. Been watching a lot of superhero-related stuff lately…

I kinda like how this turned out so yeah ;w;

Also, I know that the scary part lacks tension but I mostly did it for comedic purposes. I never intend to make this a horror fic since horror isn't my cup of tea plus I'm a wimp and never watches/reads horror related stuff so yeah ;w;

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