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31: Scars

This franticshipping fanfic is for Copper. I never showed this fanfic to anyone in the server and it has been sitting in my drafts for months. I decided to rewrite it to make it better and now...here it is. I hope you enjoy it! :D

This fic happened somewhere in December so the weather is a bit chilly. ^^'

PS: This can be a bit angsty, so...yeah. T^T

This is also a part from Pokespe discord server's July event.

Fic Idea: Sapphire having a matching scar with Ruby. How about a quiet night between the two of them and Ruby couldn't help but keep on looking at her scar.

A gift for Copper from Specord. Enjoy :D

31. Scars



Somewhere around Route 103

7:00 PM

Ruby threw his arms in the air, stretching it. He let out a soft yawn and lay down on the picnic blanket. His eyes were fixed on the vast, dark night sky. The night sky was cloudless. Stars of varying shapes and sizes were spread over the horizon. Despite the cloudless sky, the breeze was cold enough to leave a chill on his spine.

He let out a sigh as a smile perked on his lips. His eyes darted around the sky, observing every stars' faint twinkle. Each twinkle reminded him of a heartbeat. It was small, yet important. Every twinkle signified a star's existence. Without it, a star is confirmed to be dead. He heard a soft giggle on his right side. He removed his gaze on the stars and turned around. His eyes were now focused on the woman he loved. "What's funny?"

"Hmm?" Sapphire's fangs poked on her top lip; her eyes remained on the night sky. She threw her hand up as her index finger pointed at the sky. Ruby chuckled at her cute favor and followed her finger. "If you connect those stars, it looked like a Minun...or..." She dropped her arm, her index finger tapped her chin. "...or is it a Plusle?" She opened her mouth, blowing some strands of her hair away from her left eye. "I can't tell if it's a Plusle or a Minun."

"Why not both?" Ruby said. His eyes were now focused on Sapphire; his smile widening.

"I guess," Sapphire just shrugged. Her eyes continued to move around the horizon, searching for more Pokemon shaped constellations. She sighed when she found none, but her eyes remained fixed on it.

Ruby just chuckled. His right hand held her left hand. He lost interest in looking at the stars. After all, Sapphire was way prettier than the stars above. He sighed, lifting their intertwined hands. He pressed his soft lips on it as it later curved into a frown when he felt something rough on her hands. As he lifted their intertwined hands together, anxiety started piquing in his eyes. His left thumb moved around the back of her hand, tracing the rough surface engraved in it.

Ruby felt his heart sank as he looked at the scar on Sapphire's left hand. It wasn't a deep scar like the ones on his head, but it was long and rutty. It often looked like a fresh wound every time he traced his fingers on it.

And it was all his fault.

He bit his lip and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and held their interlocked hands. He lifted it closer to his lips.

Ruby blamed himself for the scar on her left hand. It was his impulsive act that let this scar existed in the first place. He bit his lip before taking another deep breath. He kissed her scar again, hoping it would at least soothe her from the pain.

Sapphire said this scar was nothing compared to his. After all, the scars on his head were the result of her being weak. But Ruby thought it wasn't useless. In fact, it was something he'd regret to see. It hurt him to see that such scar tainted a beautiful woman like Sapphire.

He was the reason why this scar existed.

If only he had told her about the upcoming meteorite, then he could have stopped the pain Sapphire felt when she received this scar.

But he didn't.

He failed to stop it from happening. And it was all because of him that the very person he wanted to protect when that catastrophe happened was hurt. He could have done better. He should have done better.


Ruby snapped out from his thoughts, blinking. His eyes met Sapphire's. "Sa...Sapph..."

Sapphire bit her lip. She held his hand tightly. She wasn't lying on the picnic blanket. Instead, she was on top of him with her eyes flaring with anxiety. Her legs were on either side of his arms. She was wondering what was on his mind, and she hoped he was alright. "What's wrong?"

Ruby's left hand held her cheek, giving her a small smile. "I'm fine."

Sapphire removed her gaze from him, but her position remained. She sighed and squeezed his right hand. "Don't lie to me."

Ruby frowned at that then sighed. "I'm...not okay."

"Tell me what's wrong…" She spoke softly. A cool breeze ran past them, tussling Sapphire's hair along the way.

Ruby was silent for a moment. Thoughts were jumbling in his head, trying to find the right words to convey. He couldn't grasp enough courage to tell her what was on his mind, but at the same time, he was desperate to not make her sad. He sighed. He looked into her eyes and saw nothing but anxiety burning into it. "I could have done better…"

"But you're doing everything ya can," Sapphire mumbled. Her grip on his hand tightened. "Don't push yourself too much."

"But you're hurt..." He mumbled, his voice mixing with the rustling leaves.

Sapphire shook her head. Her right hand traveled on his cheek, holding it. "I'm not hurt. See?"

Ruby broke his gaze from her eyes. He dropped his left hand on her cheek and held her left hand. "If I told you about that meteorite..." He kissed her hand, emotions pouring into it. "...then you wouldn't have this scar at the back of your hand." He sighed, removing his hands on hers. His right arm covered his eyes as he clenched his left hand. "...you wouldn't be hurt if I told you about that meteorite, but you got hurt and I couldn't forgive myself for it."

Sapphire frowned and sat beside him as her eyes were focused on her left hand. She traced her right fingers on her scar. It was true that this could have been prevented from happening, but Sapphire didn't regret it. This scar was a lifelong lesson she would never forget. And even if it hurt, she knew this was meant to happen. She sighed, removing his right arm from his eyes.

Ruby let out a sigh as he let her hold his arms. His eyes were fixed on the skies, however.

"Ruby," Sapphire called. She moved forward to block his view from the sky.

Ruby had no choice but to look at her. He furrowed his eyebrows. Why did she look happy?

"If this is how you felt about my scar, then…" She bit her lip and sighed. "...then that's how I feel about your scars as well."

"But we talked about my scars." Ruby sat up straight. His face was an inch apart from hers. Sapphire tried to move away from him to give them some space, but Ruby refused. His arms slowly wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer. His nose bumped hers. "These scars were out of your control. It may have changed us, but it brought us together. If it weren't for these scars in my head...then...I wouldn't know that the woman I love and my childhood love were the same person." He sighed and lightly pressed his soft lips on hers. He pulled her closer for a hug, letting his head rest on her shoulders. "I couldn't imagine a life without you."

"This scar…" Sapphire removed herself from the hug. She placed her palms on his chest and looked at him in the eyes. "My scar; I know it's different from yours, but…" She looked at her hands as she gripped his shirt. "I didn't regret it. I was fighting for what I thought was right, and in the end, I was able to find my own voice and my own reason to fight." She kissed the tip of his nose and hugged him.

Ruby returned the hug and closed his eyes. The breeze was colder than before, but he didn't mind. Being close to Sapphire was enough to warm him throughout the night. "I didn't mean to make you feel that you're useless. You were never one. I...I only wanted to protect you."

"We talked about this." Sapphire removed herself from their hug. She held his cheek. "I understand yer intentions, but ya have to think logically as well...ya hafta make sure that your mind and your heart will agree unanimously."

Ruby could only nod at her words. He removed her left hand on his cheek and held it tightly. He brought it to his lips and planted a kiss on it. His lips brushed along the rough patches of her scar.

Sapphire could only blush from his actions. It was weird that his kiss made her scar whole again. The feeling was odd, but she loved it.

"My heart and my mind do agree on one thing," Ruby spoke. His eyes were on hers.

Sapphire could only bite her lip. She watched him snaked his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. She felt her breath collided with his and his warmth spreading throughout her body. She breathed. She could tell his next move already.

"That I'll make sure that you will always be happy. That...you deserve the world." Ruby mumbled. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He tilted his head a bit before pressing his soft lips against hers. Warmth spread throughout their kiss. Their hearts continued to beat in a synchronized rhythm as he pulled her closer.

Scars were an indication of bad memories, but to Ruby, it was something that gave him the strength to protect the people he loved. And one of them was the woman in his arms.

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