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30: In the Cosmos

Hey there! So this fic contains my old writing style and I've been hesitating if I should publish it or not. I let a bot make decision for me and it said I should publish this now so here it is! XD

This idea came from translating Hyper's dream. Her dream didn't have a happy ending so I decided to make this have a happy ending. Without further ado, here's the chapter.

"What if the meteorite wasn't destroyed completely?"

30. In the Cosmos



"We did it!" Ruby exclaimed, his lips curving into a smile. He took a deep breath as his eyes darted to his left and looked at Sapphire. "With this…we've protected the planet, Sapphire!" His eyes widened, the smile on his lips curved into a frown. "Sapphire..." He bit his lip, gently turning his body to face her. His hand squeezed hers, asking if she was alright. Guilt and sadness lit up in his eyes. "What's wrong? Are you alright?"

He could only look at her. His body, his mind, and his heart were begging him to make a move just to comfort her. But what should it be? Hold her other hand? Hug her? He bit his lip. His heart started thumping wildly at the thought. He swallowed hard. Should he...kiss her? He didn't quite understand why she was crying. Did she think they failed? But they destroyed the meteorite, right?

Did she think she wasn't much of a help? He mentally shook his head at the thought. If he were to ask, then Sapphire was a massive help in this mission. He sighed and looked at the cosmos.

The space was nothing but a vast, dark blanket of skies with stars and planets spread throughout. It was cold, lifeless and empty. Yet, it was the very same thing that he and Sapphire gazed every night, making such unique patterns from the twinkling balls of gases burning in the sky, and just talk about how their day went. Now that they were here, the place felt surreal. Being surrounded by the cosmos was such a great feeling, especially when the danger was over. However, he wouldn't be able to enjoy it if his girl was not alright.

"I'm sorry...Ruby." Sapphire spoke while sobbing. Tears were still falling freely from her eyes. If they weren't wearing these space suits, she would have covered her face from crying. Why did she have to cry now? They saved not only the Hoenn region, their home but also the world. This was not the time to cry and mope. She gritted her teeth as another series of sobs escaped from her lips. Tears continued streaming down her eyes. Ruby must be worried now, and she hated making him worry. He let fear control him in this entire mission, and now that they saved the world, there should be no space for fear and anxiety for him. She hated herself for making him feel like this.

Ruby could feel his heart break just by hearing her sad tone. What else could he do? He couldn't bear to see her like this. "Sapphire..." He spoke, his hand continued to squeeze hers. He took a deep breath. "You can tell me anything..."

"T-The..." A small hiccup escaped from her lips. She could have sworn she felt Ruby move closer to her, but her blurry vision couldn't confirm that he did. "The tickets you gave me for the constellation star show... I..."

A loud screech was heard, interrupting Sapphire.

The conqueror's tears stopped as she threw her head, looking at the legendary Pokemon. Her eyes were locked on the Dragon Lord. She bit her lip.

"Sapphire..." Ruby called, his free arm made its way around her waist, pulling her closer. He wished he could feel the warmth from her skin, but the space suits just ruined it. Could they return to earth now?

"Rayqauza sensed somethin'," Sapphire said, jerking her head to face Ruby. She swallowed hard, hoping her cheeks would cool down from their proximity. The space suit prevented her from feeling his warmth, and she hated it. But it wasn't her focus at the moment. She placed her free hand on his chest, while the other squeezed his. "I don't know what it is, but it said somethin's wrong."

"I thought we managed to destroy the meteorite?" Ruby asked, his hold on Sapphire tightened, pulling her closer. Not now. Not everything was alright. He couldn't do this. Not again. Dammit.

"Ruby..." Sapphire squeezed his hand again, making the charmer look at her. His anxious eyes met her determined ones. He sighed.

What mattered most was she was safe in his arms. Nothing could ever separate them now. Not now. Not ever. He would always be with her…until the very last moment.

"It's alright..." She stated, her lips curving into a small smile. He could only look at her with passion and concern lit up in his eyes. As long as he was with her, nothing could ever bring him down. Not the possible danger. Not the tragedies ahead. Not the cosmos. Not the heavenly bodies that were surrounding them.

Rayquaza let out another cry, gliding its way to the two trainers as fast as it could. Why didn't it notice the meteorite fragments? It knew Deoxys used a meteorite fragment to throw at him before he charged with Dragon Ascent. He didn't consider the speed that Deoxy's applied to the meteorite fragment when it threw it. Now, a meteor fragment was approaching the two trainers in a constant speed, and it could possibly destroy their only life source in the cosmos—their space suits.

"It's over there." Sapphire quipped, her eyes locking on the medium-sized meteorite fragment slowly approaching them. She bit her lip, her grip on Ruby tightened. It was approaching them, and she must do something. "R-Ruby, get behind me, quick!"

"No!" Ruby's hold on the girl tightened. The visors of their helmets touched. His anxious eyes were fixed on hers. He took a deep breath, his eyes were now lost in her deep, ocean blue orbs. He felt like there were no spacesuits blocking their already close proximity. He felt her heartbeat, her warm breathing and every bit of her presence. He would never let her go. "It's my turn to protect you."

Sapphire's eyes widened, her vision was now fixed on Rayquaza, who was still approaching them. "This is no time to play like a hero, Ruby! A meteorite is approaching us! I... Rayquaza...! Dragon Ascent!"

Rayquaza let out another loud roar, a cloak of green aura started surrounded its body. It charged with a great speed through the meteorite. It let out another roar, moving as fast as it could to destroy the last piece of meteorite fragment that Deoxy's threw. It could only hope its move could reach the meteorite on time.

Ruby closed his eyes, his arms wrapped around the woman he loved. He pulled her closer for a hug and took a deep breath. The fragmented piece of the meteorite didn't matter. She was in his arms, and that was what mattered most. "I love you. Stay with me."

Rayquaza let out another roar and closed its eyes.





Ruby slowly opened his eyes, blinking it. His mouth opened up for a yawn as he sat up, only to feel something warm and soft placed on his head. His eyes widened in shock. "Sa..."

"Can you let go of me so I can remove the rest of this space suit?" She asked, her eyes were fixed on the floor as heat went up on her cheeks.

The charmer let out a cough, gently removing his arms around her. He didn't know what happened, but thank goodness they could finally remove this space suit. A train of thought occurred in his head as he removed the last piece of space suit on his body. Was he dreaming? Were they alive? What exactly happened? How did they manage to return to earth? Why did the sun feel warm and comforting? Was Sapphire alright? "S-Sapphire!"

Sapphire took a deep breath, turning to her left to face him. Her eyes were still fixed on the moist, grassy soil. She almost forgot that they were in their contest outfits when they wore the space suits, and Ruby himself hasn't seen her in it completely. Now, she was anxious. What if the outfit didn't look good on her? She had to admit. She liked every outfit that he made and would make for her, but was she really worth his time every time he made such pretty outfits like this? She hoped he wasn't pressuring himself.

Ruby felt his heart thumped loudly. His eyes darted around her. Heat was finally present on his cheeks. His eyes stopped scanning her and were now fixed on her beautiful and cute face. He swallowed hard.

Arceus, She looked perfect.

He didn't care if the space suit wrinkled her clothes. What matters was they were safe and finally free from harm. He had only seen a glance of her full outfit before Red approached them, and now that no one was interrupting them, he had finally seen her full beauty. He poured his heart and his soul into making that outfit, and it was worth it. Everything he did for Sapphire was worth it. She looked like a beautiful goddess that the heavens blessed him with it. Did he do something good in his life? He didn't deserve such a beautiful person like Sapphire, personality wise and appearance wise.

"I-I look terrible, am I?" Sapphire managed to speak, twiddling her fingers. He was observing her again, and for how long was he planning to? She was anxious that he might be hesitating or wondering why he wasted his time on this outfit. It was cute, but she felt like she didn't deserve it.

"No," Ruby gently shook his head, his feet moved on its own, slowly approaching her. He took a deep breath, grabbing her left hand, and intertwined their fingers together. "You look beautiful." He spoke softly, his left arm wrapping her waist, and pulled her closer.

Sapphire removed her gaze on the ground, her eyes widened in shock from the warmth she felt from him. She lifted her head up a bit and met his gaze. "I…" His look never failed to make her speechless. She saw nothing but passion and concern lit up in his eyes. She felt something warm on her forehead, and once she went out of her trance, she realized his soft lips were pressed on it. A small smile crept on her lips as her arms slowly wrapped around his chest, pulling him closer. She took a deep breath, and slowly let it out.

She felt a chill from her body, only to notice that he pulled a bit from their hug. As she was about to open her mouth to call his name, his soft lips met hers, gently pressing it for a chaste kiss.

Ruby took a deep breath, pulling her closer, savoring every moment they could share through this kiss. He finally felt every bit of her after yearning for it for so long.

Hope you like it! :D

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