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26: Nightfall (Collab fic)

A collab fic I did with freddyomega from tumblr. I wrote the entire thing while he wrote the bonus scene and the entire idea for the fic was Freddy's. The flow of the story also belongs to Freddy, and not mine. I only interpreted his story.

As much as I hate this day, but...happy Valentine's, I guess. ^^'

26. Nightfall



Ruby took a deep breath, letting his back fall on the bed. He sighed, his eyes were fixed on the ceiling. Not much had happened today. It was pretty dull. It was pretty much lifeless.

His day had always been the same for the past few weeks. Not much happened in his work. Not much happened throughout his day. He was getting sick of the dullness he was currently going through. He sighed, sitting up.

It didn't help that Sapphire was a bit busy. A thought snapped into his head. He just couldn't believe it.

Well, it did made sense once he thought about it.

"I can't believe it." He mumbled, chuckling.


Sapphire was a bit busy this past few weeks which explained why his weeks were lifeless. It was such a shame he had forgotten but he was elated to find out he knew why his days had been lifeless. Although he really hoped this would end soon. He missed hanging out with her. His day was always fun whenever she was around.

He heard a tap coming from his window. His lips couldn't help but to curve into smile. He didn't need to wonder who was tapping his window. He already knew that it was Sapphire. He jumped off his bed and approached the window to open it. His cheeks blushed from the sudden proximity.

"Hey, are ya busy tonight?" Sapphire asked, her lips curved into a grin. She seemed to not have noticed their proximity, which was good. Ruby didn't want to make her uncomfortable.

The last time a scenario like this happened, they ended up falling on the floor with Sapphire on top of him. Although he was happy that she was unharmed, it was still embarrassing. He didn't know if he had placed his arms around her correctly. He was used to touching her but being that close to her was new. It felt great. It was refreshing yet embarrassing at once.

"N-Not really." He respond, doing his best not to stutter.

"Ah, I see." She said, giving him a small, white envelope.

Ruby furrowed his eyebrows, but accepted it, nonetheless. "What's this?"

"Just read it. I'll see ya later at eight!" She said before jumping off from his house.

Ruby could only smile and watch her depart her house from his window. He knew she could pull a stunt like that, but he wanted to make sure she was always safe from harm. He sighed, closing his window and took another glance at the Birch's household.

He always do this every time she went inside her house. He would look at his neighbouring house for several seconds and return from his personal business. He knew she was safe, but still...

He shook his head, opening the letter. He smiled once he saw her handwriting.

It was clearly not one of the best, but it was decent enough for one to read. Sapphire didn't have a legible handwriting. He taught her how like how she had taught him the best way to pick the freshest berries and surviving in the wild. They always learned new things from each other as time passed by.

He chuckled, closing the letter. Their secret base it is then.





"Hey," Ruby went inside the cavern, his lips curved into a small smile. His eyes met a precious pair of ocean-blue sapphire eyes that always made his heart leap with joy.

"Hey!" Sapphire greeted, her lips curved into a grin. She approached the charmer and held his hand. Heat crept onto his cheeks from it, but he later wrapped his hands around hers. "Are ya ready for tonight?" She wasn't used to these sort of things, but this was the least she could do for Ruby.

"Ready for what?" Ruby asked, furrowing his eyebrows. He didn't know what Sapphire had planned for them. But one thing was certain. He was thrilled. His heart couldn't stop from pounding excessively. She was doing this for him, and although it hadn't even started yet, he already loved it.

Her smile flashed into grin, and Ruby swore his heart just couldn't stop from beating wildly. His feelings for her were like fire, it just kept on burning brightly. "We're gonna hang out." She responded, letting him tag along with her. "Now come on, let's go!"

He let out a chuckle, holding her hand tightly. His smile continued to curve widely as his eyes were fixed on her beautiful form.





The night was peaceful. Rustling leaves of the trees were heard as it mixed with the faint sounds of wild Pokemon lurking around the area. It was quiet, serenity surrounded the atmosphere. Faint heartbeats and breaths got mixed up with the night sound, creating such unique melody as the couple walked through forest. It was a peaceful and calming night. It was enough to let one drift into their own world where such serenity binds the area.

"The night sure is beautiful." Sapphire spoke after a moment of silence. Ruby jerked his head to his right, meeting her gaze. Passion continued to light up in his eyes as heat enveloped his cheeks. She was beautiful, more beautiful than the peaceful night. "I love how nature could be this peaceful. It's so relaxing."

"It's not as beautiful as you." Ruby mumbled quietly, hoping she wouldn't hear it. He averted his gaze from her and fixed it on the ground. What he said was true, nonetheless. Sapphire was the most beautiful being he had ever laid his eyes on.

"E-Eh?" She let out a cough, rubbing off his statement. She had heard it loudly and clearly. Somehow her cheeks couldn't help but to heat up on that.

He could only smile at her, such smile that was exclusively for her and could only curve for her. "So... what's your plan for tonight?" He asked, changing the subject. He knew he had made her flustered, and she looked cute too. But it wasn't necessary for now.

She let out a cough and bit her lip. She had heard him correctly, alright, and frankly, she was relieved he changed the subject. That wasn't necessary for now. "Just follow me."


Sapphire placed her hands behind her head as she lied down on the picnic blanket. She knew how much Ruby hated when his clothes got dirty so the least she could do was to bring a picnic blanket for them to lie on as they stargaze. She sighed, her eyes darted around the vast, night sky.

The sky was dark. The moon was shining down brightly as diverse stars were spread around the horizon. The wind howled gently, letting the leaves and the grass sway along with it. Something caught her eye, making her close her eyes for a second then sat up. She looked for its source, which did nothing to let her eyes widen in shock.

It was like an ocean filled with sparkling gems. The way the stars' glowing faint light reflected on the lake water were like rare pieces of gems that could only be found in this area. She felt her heart ignite with wonder and enthusiasm as she observed the stars' behaviors on the lake water. It was such a unique and beautiful sight. This is the first time she had seen this.

"It's so pretty." She mumbled, her eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"It is." Ruby responded, his eyes were fixed on her. He didn't care how beautiful the lake looked like. He was already seeing the most beautiful being right in front of him. And smile couldn't help but to widen. Arceus, she was more beautiful than anything in this galaxy.

"I wonder what it's like if there's a full moon. I mean... you know... there isn't any moon tonight but what if there is? I bet the lake will be prettier than before."

"I guess so." He responded quietly, slowly averting his gaze from her. He sighed. He didn't know if she had caught him staring at her, but it was always worth it to fix his eyes on her and absorb her beauty.

"Maybe one day we can do this again, and next time, it'll be a full moon night." Her lips flashed into a grin. Happiness couldn't stop from flowing into her system. She hoped he felt the same.

"I would like that." He jerked his head to his right, returning the smile. His eyes lit up with passion as he observed her beauty under the moonless, starry night sky.

The crisp breeze continued to howl. The stars continued to twinkle in the vast, dark blanket.

Sapphire took a deep breath, turning around to face Ruby. Her lips curved into a smile. "Hey, maybe we should go for a swim."

"E-Eh." Ruby stuttered, breaking his gaze from Sapphire. His eyes darted around the lake, searching for something... anything. Just anything to keep his mind off her. He didn't know why he suddenly felt flustered when she said they should take a swim in the lake.

Sure, it was the summer season, but nighttime during summer wasn't that hot compared to the day. He swallowed hard, sweat trailing down from his forehead. He couldn't help himself, really. He knew Sapphire grew up to be a beautiful lady. It was already obvious. Sapphire's beauty was already recognizable from the moment they've met.

He couldn't explain it; because, no words could perfectly explain her unique beauty. Her beauty would always stood up above the rest according to Ruby.

And nothing could ever change his mind about it.

"I-It's pretty cold." He continued, doing his best not to stutter. His eyes were fixed on the lake water. Heat crept onto his cheeks, turning it into crimson. "Y-You might get sick."

"I'm just g-going for a swim." She stuttered, finding a bush or a tall tree for her to change. "I-It won't take long."

"Y-Yeah, but..." He turned around, his eyes looking for the conqueror. He could have sworn she was just beside him. "S-Sapphire...?"

"Don't turn around!" She called, hiding on top of a tree.

"Wait, what?" He threw his head up, only for his face to meet her fanny pack. He fell on the floor, his butt hitting it. "What was that for?"

"I went on top of this tree just so I can change to my swimwear, ya pervert!"

"You could at least throw something light on my face! Now my butt is covered with dirt!"

"That's what ya get for peekin', idiot!"

Ruby let out a sigh, turning around to give her some privacy. Somehow, he couldn't help that smirk curve onto his lips. She was always so cute whenever they bicker. I love you too, Sapphire.


"Ya can turn around now."

Ruby took a deep breath, sighing. He turned around to look at Sapphire. He couldn't help but to scan her outfit from head to toe. He tried his best to stop himself, but he some things just never changed. He would always look at her from head to toe every time she was wearing a new outfit.

Although he had to set his limits. He was a guy, after all, and despite his growing feelings for her, the least he could do was to respect her privacy.

"A sleeveless shirt? I thought you're going for some swimsuit or..." He swallowed hard, disregarding that thought off his head. He let out a cough. Yes, he knew Sapphire would look pretty on it, but it's unnecessary for now.

"Ya said it's pretty cold. Plus," She bit her lip, fidgeting her index fingers. "I don't feel like wearing it at nighttime."

"Day time it is." He mumbled. Heat crept onto his cheeks again. He really needed to get that thought off his head.

"Idiot." She mumbled, her cheeks heating up. She heard it correctly, alright. "A-Anyway," She continued, still avoiding any eye contact from him. "I'll be takin' a swim."

"Why won't we do it together?" He asked, removing his shirt.

She could only rolled her eyes at him. Unlike him, she wouldn't look at him undressing his shirt despite it was just his shirt. "Just get in there when you're ready." She sprinted away from him, and jumped into water, leaving a stunned Ruby behind.

He sighed. A smile curved onto his lips. He grabbed his swimwear from his bag, his mind was still thinking about her. That's my Sapphire. He folded his shirt and placed it in his bag. Then, later followed her once he changed to his swimwear attire.

It wasn't his intention to make her flustered but he had to admit she always looked cute whenever she is flustered.

Sapphire let out a sigh, feeling the warm, lake water touch her skin. It was the most relaxing swim she had for a while, and it felt great.

"I made it." He said, approaching her. He poked his head in front of her, only to receive a blush growing on their cheeks. He gently backed off, giving her the space that she needed, and let out a cough.

"I-I c-can tell." She managed to speak, hoping her steaming cheeks would die down.

"We... uh..." He tried to continue their conversation but a thought occurred in his head. A sly smirk appeared on his lips.

"If you're trying to splash water on my face then yers is worse than that." She snapped. He lowered his head, pitying himself.

"It was just for fun."

"I know." She responded, diving deeper into the lake while Ruby just followed her.

It didn't take a while for Sapphire to swim to the surface water. She could hold her breath in the water for a long time but she felt like she didn't need to do that exercise. She threw her head back, fixing her messy hair, as she bit her lip.

Ruby could only stare at her in awe. He felt like he had seen a goddess. The way the surface water's reflection touched her skin felt like she was a missing gem...his missing treasure he'd been looking for so long. And now that he had found his most valuable treasure, everything was complete.

"Ya alright?"

He snapped out of his trance, and let out a cough, hoping to remove the possible uneasiness he'd caused. "Y-Yeah. I'm okay." More than that, actually.

Sapphire just nodded. She took a deep breath, gathering all her courage to speak what her mind was trying to convey. "Ruby, do you...know why I wanted to do this?"

"N-No...?" He was confused and curious why, but one thing was certain. He was enjoying their time together. He wasn't a good swimmer like his father or Sapphire, but the way they'd swam together was one of the best times he had with her. Well, actually…every one of her time with him was always the best.

"I wanted..." She swallowed hard, pulling the towel closer. "...w-wanted you to enjoy this. I know it's weird that I've already given you my birthday gift and yet... after a few days..." She smiled, and Ruby's heart just couldn't help but to thump wildly. She was his light. She was his strength. "...here is another one but simpler."

He took a deep breath, his lips curved into a smile. His eyes softened. Passion lit up into it. He couldn't help but to stare at her. The way the stars' reflect on the water, letting the faint light touch her skin was mesmerizing to look at. It felt like he was lost in his own world, and there was no one in that world but him and Sapphire. He held his breath. Heat crept onto his cheeks. She was twice as beautiful now. Her hair maybe messy to look at, but to him, she was his perfect mess.

"I'm sorry for dragging ya here. I know we should be gettin' some rest..." She stopped. Her eyes widened. She felt his warm hand cupping her cheek. Her eyes were now fixed on the lake water. She couldn't look at him. The way his soft hand caress her cheeks and his warm breath tickle her face were already enough to make her flustered. "R-Ruby... w-what are ya..."

"Ah," He backed off, removing his hand on her cheek. He let out a cough. The smile on his lips didn't fade. "I'm sorry. It's only that..." He took a deep breath. "...you're so cute, a-and... so pretty... I-I couldn't..."

"Ruby..." Sapphire took a deep breath, gathering all her courage to speak up. She knew he had heard this twice. Well, once if he count the first time as infatuation rather than the deep, romantic love she was feeling now. But really, he still needed to know that her feelings for didn't change. "I... y-you... I just wanted to say that..."

"Sapphire..." His eyes softened. He could only look at her. He wished he could wrap his arms around her now.

"...I love you." She mumbled, averting her eyes from him. She bit her lip. Heat increased on her cheeks.

Ruby closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He smiled. His heart leap with joy. After all this time, she still loved him, and frankly, he still loved her too. In fact, his feelings for her couldn't help but to grow as time passed by. "I love you too, in fact... I keep on falling for you. My feelings for you... just keep on growing."

"I-I... Ruby..." Sapphire held her breath. She felt Ruby's right arm wrapped around her waist as his left arm went to caress her left cheek. Her eyes were now locked on his. All she could see was passion and sincerity burning into it. It was like fire. A unique kind of fire that she had never seen before. It felt different, as if touching it wouldn't burn her, but it could only make her better.

And this type of fire that he had could and would only burn for her.

She closed her eyes, feeling Ruby get closer until she felt his soft lips crashing onto hers, capturing it for a chaste kiss.

She felt the fire within them growing stronger as their kiss deepened. She placed her arms at the back of his neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. Their hearts and their breathings synchronized as their kiss grew deeper.

As the cold breeze continued to howl, the warmth from their kiss was enough to prevent their bodies from shivering.

A few minutes had passed, they slowly pulled apart to gasp for air. Ruby's left hand reached for her cheek. A smile perked on his lips. "We should continue this in our secret base. It's getting a bit cold here."

"Y-You're right." She responded, doing her best not to stutter. She held his hand on her cheek as she watched him placed a kiss on her forehead. The heat from her cheeks continued to heat up from that.

"Shall we?" He offered held her hand, gently pulling her close to him. Their bodies collided once again as his lips met her nose. He pressed it, capturing the tip of her nose for a kiss as his emotions poured wildly onto it. He smiled, placing her arms around him, and swam closer to the shore.

Swimming with Sapphire in his arms was definitely an amazing experience.


"I've never had a fun swim for a while." Ruby spoke out of the blue. He jerked his body to his right, his lips curved into a smile. "Hey, closer." He gestured, telling her to lie down beside him.

She could only let out a cough as heat crept onto her cheeks. "Hold on." She gave in and lay beside him, resting her head on his left arm. She felt his right arm snaked around her waist as he pulled her closer. She felt her heart thumped loudly, and his warm breath colliding with hers.

Maybe they were too close. Maybe this was too early for them.

But why did she feel so... comfortable? As if this was already a normal thing for them.

Despite their mutual feelings, they never cuddled. Both were afraid to do intimate things together, for it might make each other feel uncomfortable, but now that they were doing this, she didn't want it to end... ever. It just felt amazing to be this close to him.

And she could feel that he felt the same through his soft, passionate kiss on her forehead, her nose, her cheeks and her lips.

She had never seen him like this, but she was happy that he was doing this because he wanted to. She could tell it from his smile and his eyes just how happy he was at the moment.

And it felt great.

Once they reached the shore, both were silent as they wrapped themselves with a towel to dry themselves.

Ruby just couldn't stop the smile forming on his face. He didn't expect that they would re-confess, but frankly, it was worth it. It felt great to share this mutual feeling he had with Sapphire, and no one else could make him this happy beside her. It felt... amazing.

Despite their quiet walk through the forest to their secret base, it was relaxing and peaceful. He had always wanted to have this peaceful walk with her.

He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he inhaled her unique scent. It always had this ability to make him calm down. Make him feel at ease in their own, little world.

He remembered the time he had fallen for her. He remembered all the time they had spent together. It wa something he would cherish for as long as he lives. He learned how short time was during the meteorite's travel to earth. He remembered how desperate he was to be with her... just to make sure she was safe... free from harm.

He couldn't afford to lose her and to see her get hurt. He only wanted her happiness. He...loved her. There was no else he could romantically love that was so pure... so good... so positive other than Sapphire. There was no one else but Sapphire.

She was his 'precious someone' that he would do anything to protect.

And her being in his arms just made him more determined to do so. Sapphire wasn't always an ordinary girl. She was unique, one of a kind. No one...not even an existing goddess could replace her.

She deserved happiness, and he was willing to give her that.

"I love you..." He mumbled, pressing his soft lips on her forehead.

She could only smile, and bury her head in his chest. "I love ya too..."

"Still can't believe our first, romantic kiss is in a lake. I was expecting it to be on our first date." Ruby mumbled, a sly smirk appeared on his lips. Not that he regret it, but it was just unusual for them to share their first kiss there. He was not gonna lie that he had such fantasies about their first kiss.

"Gee... I'm sorry...?" Sapphire removed her face from his chest and sat up. She furrowed her eyebrows and folded her arms across her chest. She knew he was just kidding, but she couldn't help but to respond sarcastically.

He sat up. His sly smirk continued to light up. His eyes were burning with passion and mischief. "We could always do it again. After all..." He closed his left eye, winking at his beloved. "...you're the only person I will kiss for as long as I live."

"Cheesy." Sapphire quipped sarcastically, slamming a pillow on his face. Heat crept onto her cheeks. Well, he wasn't called 'the charmer' for nothing. That was one note.

"Hey," He chuckled, removing the pillow on his face, placing it on his lap. "It's true."

"I know." She bit her lip, throwing a random plushie on his face. She heard him chuckle, making her curious, and turned around to face him. Her face turned into crimson.

It turned out that random plushie she threw was a Luvdisc.

"I love you too, Sapph." He pulled her closer, wrapping his left arm around her for a hug. His right hand held on the Luvdisc plush toy.

"Idiot!" She removed herself from their proximity only to feel his soft lips pressed against hers. Her eyes widened in shock but later returned the kiss, and wrapped her arms around him.

"Will you be my girlfriend, Sapphire?" He asked after their kiss. Passion lit up in his eyes. He knew they had already shared a kiss before he popped the question, but he wanted to this formally. She deserved it, after all.

"I thought I'm already yer girlfriend. We did share a kiss and all." She responded, pulling him for a hug.

Ruby wrapped his arms around her, planting a kiss on her right temple. He let out a sigh in relief. A bright smile flashed on his lips.

It felt great to finally be with her after all this time, and he would continue doing it until the very last moment.

"Sapphire, thank you."

Bonus scene:

The lovers had joined their hearts that night, and that explosion of romantic energy had left them very exhausted. They released a smile as they rested side by side in the tranquility and warmth of their abode.

In a moment, Ruby sat to look out the window at the stars and remember the feelings that in the light of the stars dazzled, while Sapphire reclined on his warm lap and looked at him in love with that beautiful boy. Seeing his young beloved in his arms, he also thought about her and how much he loved her as they crossed their eyes tenderly, and Ruby slowly brought her face closer to Sapphire's and left a sweet and soft kiss on her lips.

Fatigue consumed them slowly, but they did not care.

They only thought of each other and their love that occupied all the space in their mind at that time. They lay down while their bodies were joined, Ruby's arms encircled Sapphire's body as she rested them on the young man's chest and closed her eyes, knowing she was safe near him. Ruby approached his head to hers and followed his example thinking that in dreams he will see her again in a completely different world, but that his love will remain exactly the same both in that dream and when he wakes up at his side.

"I love you..." is the sound that sounded eternally in their hearts, and that never stopped sounding.

I promise I'll update LF soon. My reason is in my profile but yeah. Been taking therapies to make myself better. ^^'

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