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25: In Ten Years

Well I guess publishing this piece I've written last year will do after being hospitalized for a week plus therapy. This fic is dedicated to my fluffy friend Fluffbucket#2469 on discord. Enjoy! :D

Also, I apologize for the errors. I got lazy editing it...

25. In Ten Years



The sun had risen from the east. Its soothing daylight indicated every living being that the terrible storm that hovered the region for two days, had left.

Some bird-like Pokemon let out its respective cries as it soared around the horizon, feeling the warm yet comforting rays of the sun kissed its feathers.

The daylight further spread as the clock ticked. Its scintillating rays now reached a small town called Littleroot. Such glistening rays of sunlight reflect and refract extravagant colors as it passed through the raindrops, converting it into different colors of the rainbow upon seeing it in the naked eye, while it performed the process of transpiration along the way.

Indeed, a beautiful day was upon them as the perfect weather greeted the small town.

Ruby let out a sigh, placing the cup of hot chocolate on the coaster. A smile plastered across his lips with passion igniting in his eyes. He watched his beautiful wife lean on the terrace handrails with her Pokegear positioned on her left ear, answering her father's call.

"Dad, we're fine." Sapphire said, taking a glance on her husband. She returned the exact, sincere smile and passionate look, her cute fangs poking out from her top lip.

Her immeasurably cute form made the charmer's heart flutter as Butterfrees suddenly formed into his stomach. So... cute... So... beautiful...

Ruby let out a light cough in hopes to calm his fast heartbeat. His right hand made its way back to his cup of hot chocolate, gripping the handle gently. He released another sigh, still watching his beautiful wife talk to her father through her Pokegear. The sincere smile on his face and the passionate look in his eyes, with such intense flames constantly igniting it, returned.

"I told you we will watch the laboratory while you're havin' your vacation with the veteran professors."

It was strange though.

Some people say a person would get tired of one thing if they constantly repeat on doing or seeing it, like watching the same episode of a television program for instance.

A scenario like that was never applied onto the charmer's case, however.

Although he often see Sapphire every day, from day to night, every time he spent with her was completely memorable. Every second with her was never dull or letting him lose his motivation.

It further intensified the motivation pervading in his soul, actually.

It felt like nothing could ever replace her. Nothing could ever make him happy than being by her side, making sure she was happy and contented every time she was with him.

That was what he often felt every time they were together in the simplest manner, whether they were just simply enjoying each other's company or doing other activities like traveling in a foreign region.


They were married for ten years now, which explained the excessive amount of happiness running through his veins, present in every fiber of his being, despite some struggles and challenges they had encountered along the way.

He had no idea that this immeasurable amount of glee exceeded his expectations though.

He thought nothing could ever make him happy beside Sapphire, but life proved him wrong.

If he were going to be honest and sincere, which he would be where his heart and his mind were more than a hundred percent certain, his happiness couldn't help but to increase continuously.

It never decreases.

It was never constant.

It just continue to increase continuously, much to his surprise.

And it kept on surprising him as time passed by.

He knew his life would be completely dull, unstable and unsatisfactory without Sapphire.

He really couldn't help it despite the number of times he tried to ignore his growing feelings for the conqueror in that certain time where he feigned amnesia about that incident happened in Mirage Island years ago.

He just... couldn't.

Sapphire was special to him.

She changed him.

He changed for her.

She was the reason why he was able to accept himself.

He could go on at how much Sapphire meant the world to him, and he may sound exaggerating, but no contest ribbons or any amount of cash could ever replace his amazing time with her.

Just by being happily married with her and continuously spending the rest of his life with her were more than he could ask for.

Truly, he was absolutely blessed to be her husband.

"The storm had passed now, if you're worried about that." Sapphire reassured, sitting beside her husband and leaning her head against his left shoulder. She could feel his fast heartbeat and his left arm wrapping around her waist. He pulled her closer, closing the ever so little gap between them.

"That's a relief, alright then. Take care, you two."

"We will, and take care, dad." Sapphire ended the call, placing the Pokegear on the table. She jerked her head to her right, placing a soft kiss on his cheeks.

It caused the charmer to tighten his hold around her, but she didn't mind it. She knew how contented he was whenever she did that. She took a deep breath, sighing, and placed her palm on his chest. Her fingers trailed around it, creating circular patterns from it. "Ya seem to be in deep thought. What is it?"

Ruby let out a soft chuckle, removing his hand around the cup. He placed it on his chest, grabbing her hand and intertwining their fingers. It was now his turn to jerk his head to his left, pressing his soft, warm lips on her cheek.

She blushed at that.

Though they were married for ten years, it was her inescapable habit to let her cheeks increase its temperature every time he kissed her. It may look like it was her first time receiving a kiss from her husband, but to Sapphire, it often helped her fight back her insecurities.

"I was just..."

"Hm...?" Sapphire sat up straight, her cheeks kept on increasing its temperature from their proximity.

He scooted closer to her again, to which she didn't mind though. It was just another one of her inescapable habits to blush from their surprise proximity.

"I... just..." His sweet, chocolate scent escaped from his lips, making her cute fangs poke from her top lip as her smile widened. She thought it was quite unique to smell something natural from him.

"Go on..." She encouraged, her hand stopped moving around his chest but didn't budge when his other arm made its way around her waist.

He moved his arm further, wrapping it, caging her like she was the most precious person to him whom he must protect at all costs, which she was. He did know and he would never forget that she was strong enough to protect herself, but he just couldn't resist his burning desire to hug her protectively. Yet there were no dangers lurking around the area, being this close to her further reassured himself how blessed he was to have her in his arms, safe and happy. "I... can't help but to... feel nostalgic and recall the first time we've met... under both circumstances..."

Sapphire bit her lip, shaking her head, and adjusted a bit to her left. Her arms were now wrapped around his nape as her cute face was buried in his chest. "It's been exactly..."

"Twenty-four years..." Ruby mumbled, letting his hat fall freely on his wife's head. He smiled at how cute she looked whenever she wore his hat. "Nineteen years..."

"Respectively..." Sapphire continued, adjusting her husband's hat on her head, to which the charmer couldn't help but to let his heart thump faster.

Oh Arceus, it was truly an adorable sight. It was quite irresistible to look at.

"It's... quite... ironic..." He said, chuckling, reminiscing the large disparities between their first and second meetings.

"What do ya mean...?" She bit her lip, already knowing what the irony meant. It was quite evident on the mischievous glint in his eyes nonetheless.

"You were a properly dressed, like a princess, when we met in Johto and after that..." The charmer released another soft chuckle. Though he could feel she would give him a light punch at any second, he knew it was worth it. She did look cute whenever he teased her. "You were dressed like a cavewoman."

"Ya freaking idiot."

And as the charmer predicted, her right hand balled up, clenching it, and lightly punched his chest.

It made the charmer recoil a bit, wincing from the pain. His arms around her didn't budge, nevertheless. A soft chuckle escaped from his lips at her predicted move. It never tire him, actually. It was one of her ways when it came to show her affection, after all.

"You know I was helpin' my dad with his research." She buried her face in his chest, a blush started crawling onto her cheeks. She swore her cheeks were now rivaling his eye color.

"I know, don't worry." He reassured, gently removing her face on his chest. He advanced, placing a quick, chaste kiss on her forehead. "In fact, you do look cute on that leaf outfit."

The temperature on her cheeks couldn't help but to increase from his words. It was quite rare for a prissy guy like Ruby to say such compliments at her unfashionable attire, an outfit that was literally out of this world.

It was made of leaves. A product of nature, and there was no doubt that there were still some specks of dirt left on it.

Nevertheless, she did clearly remember noticing his reaction when she suddenly revealed herself, removing the leaf cape wrapped around her, and boy, he was blushing madly once he saw her. She shrugged it off the first time, of course, since she didn't know he was the boy she kept on thinking during that time, but after realization struck her, she couldn't help but to let shame run through her veins.

Why wouldn't it be? The moment they were reunited in an unexpected and ironic circumstance. He also saw her almost revealing half of a percentage of her exposed skin. She was a girl, after all, and being seen by a guy, not to mention by the man she loved, in that circumstance was totally embarrassing. Though they have talked about it a few years back despite some awkwardness engulfing the aura that surrounded them, no words could further explain how embarrassed she was upon realizing it.

He did keep on reassuring her every time they both remembered it that there was nothing to be ashamed of, but she just couldn't help herself.

"Hey, it's okay."


His smile returned. His left hand reached her cheek, his thumb fidgeting around it. "It really doesn't matter how..." He swallowed hard, returning his left arm around her waist. He took a deep breath to ease his fast heartbeat and flustered thoughts. "H-How... embarrassing it was... what matters is... we have each other, spending the rest of our lives together... I have no regrets..."

"Ruby..." She mumbled his name. The gentle wind synchronizing was with her genuine tone. She too also had no regrets at every good or bad circumstances that happened between them.

The good circumstances made them appreciate at how blessed and contented they were for each other, and the bad circumstances helped the foundation of their relationship stay firm, stronger, and sturdier than before.

"...Thank you, I... have no regrets as well..."

The sun continued to emit its bright, comforting warm light around a small town called Littleroot. It provided such energy... such motivation, burning intensely at the people who would soon receive its extraordinary energy.

Some bird-like Pokemon continued to fly around the horizon, telling the people and the Pokemon around the small town at how beautiful this day had to offer.

There was a saying that after every storm, a rainbow would approach next. It was a representation—a symbol of hope, in fact. It was not a chance, but rather a choice that mustn't be wasted. It would take guts and sympathy to make a person realize its necessity. It would take time and patience to make a person appreciate the little things life had to offer. But once it all do, it would be worth it.

The hope part was a nod from Rogue One *cries in a corner because reasons*

Yeah, I'm still online on discord if you wanna talk to me. I don't bite. ^^'

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