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22: Free Time (Collab fic)

Oh, hi. This is another collab that me and Hyper made. It's our first collab fic, actually, hehe. Let's just say that Hyper came up with all the dialogues and story while I just put all the details into this fic. I can say it's roughly 65% of the fic was Hyper's work while the 35% was mine, hehe. We hope you like it.

22. Free Time



Route 101

Secret Base


It had always been a trainer's guilty pleasure to decorate their respective secret bases. Whether it would be those musical tiles, Pokemon plush dolls or posters, one's secret base would always be filled with any those. Ruby and Sapphire's secret base was no exception. Ever since their eighty-day bet, Ruby started decorating her secret base. It wasn't until he decorated the cave that Sapphire gave him her permission to also claim the cave as their shared secret base.

Ruby clearly remembered how her cute cheeks were blushing, as her lips were curved into a small pout as she said those words to him. He couldn't stop smiling once he thought about it. He never had an interest in secret bases. Clearly those must be located outside, and it meant that dirt and filth would lurk on his clothes and to his Pokemon if he ever made one.

But this was special. This cave was special. It meant a lot to him. This is where their bet started. It was where his plan changed for the better. He didn't regret it. He was glad he agreed with her bet. He got to know her better and accept his old and current personalities as well. Sapphire was a blessing. She was his blessing.

"Ruby, is this a new doll?" Sapphire asked, grabbing the Marill plush on the bean bag. She inspected it, her eyes darted around it as her fingers traced around the soft wool. Knowing Ruby, cute things often piqued his interests and this doll was one of them. She expected he would buy stuff like this and she had to admit—the doll looked cute. "Just look at how many dolls we have!"

"Awww," Ruby cooed. His eyes darted around her. "But don't they look cute?" He asked as he admired and started playing with the plush like a six year old.

Sapphire couldn't help but to let her lips curved into a small smile. Her cute fangs poked from her top lip. His admiration for cute things never cease to put a smile on her face.

"Ah, aren't you so adorable?" Ruby stated. His tone was bubbly as his fingers squeezed the cheeks of the Marill plush.

Sapphire's smile widened from his gesture. He was always like that when it comes to cute things and she loved it. It felt nice to spend some time with him for once in a while. She took a deep breath, biting her lip. A thought in her mind occurred. "Yeah, go ahead." She said, her voice was low. She plopped down in a corner and grabbed a Poke Ball pillow, covering her face with it.

What was she thinking?

They finally had time together and here she was, changing the cheerful aura in their shared secret base.

Ruby placed the plush down. His lips curved into a frown. He didn't quite understand her sudden mood change. Was it because of the new plush toys? Did she not like them? Were they too much? He shook his head, biting his lip. He sighed. There was no point in guessing, really. He knew and he felt that something was troubling her.

But what was it?

"Sapphire," Ruby quietly walked to his girlfriend. His lips still wore that frown. What was in her mind? He hoped and pray to Arceus that she was alright. "…something wrong?"

His question sounded more like a statement than an actual question. He knew something was wrong with her.

Sapphire jerked her head to her left, her eyes darted on the Relicanth poster on the wall. Was there something wrong with her? Yes, there was, unfortunately. He just knew her too well. She felt irked at herself. It was finally their time alone together and here she was with her downright mood, ruining everything.

She grumbled, pressing the Poke Ball pillow on her face, hoping to wake up from whatever dream or nightmare she was having. "No, I'm fine, Ruby." She muttered. Her words echoed through the pillow. "I'm just tired from my training with Coach."

Ruby removed his glasses and placed it in its case. He took a deep breath, sighing. He knew it, and thank Arceus it was nothing serious. Oh, Sapphire. He thought, chuckling. Sapphire could be a tsundere sometimes. Well, most of the times, really. But that was one of the many qualities he loved about her. Sometimes, that behavior of hers often tempted him to tease her. He didn't know why, really. He just found it cute every time he teased her.

At the beginning of their relationship, she would just jerk her head from him with a pout on her face as her cheeks increased in temperature. As time passed by, her flustered state somehow took over her a bit and every time he teased her about it, she would just hug him. It was rewarding once he thought about it. He would tease her, see her cute and beautiful reaction then have his reward in the process.

Arceus, he was so blessed to have her as his girlfriend. He couldn't ask for a better one.

"You aren't usually this tired after your training. What's wrong?" Ruby loomed over her lying position, slowly removing the pillow away from her, revealing her 'sleeping' face. He moved closer, positioning himself. "Sapphire, I know you're not sleeping." He whispered huskily into her ear, placing a soft kiss on it.

It brought shivers onto Sapphire's spine. She could feel heat was slowly rising on her cheeks.

Oh Arceus, she knew where this was going.

"R-Ruby!" Sapphire squealed, her hands were now placed on his chest, gripping the fabric of his shirt. She pulled him closer. "Ya idiot!"

Ruby let out a soft chuckle. His arms travelling around her waist, wrapping it and pulling her close to him. It worked every time and he loved it. She was so cute. His heart couldn't stop beating wildly from it. He felt blessed and honored to be the only one who could see and experience this side of her.

"So…what's going on in your mind, Sapph?" He asked, pressing his left cheek to her right cheek. He felt the warmth from her cheek as his own increased, sharing the heat that surrounded their flushed faces. The individual heat on their cheeks merged, forming a soothing warm temperature building between them. This heat that he could only share with her was irreplaceable, and he would cherish this for as long as he lived. "You can tell me everything."

Sapphire sighed, giving up, and turned her face to look into his eyes. Guilt-ridden sapphire orbs met those concerned ruby orbs. She bit her lip. She made him worry about her, and she hated it when she met those concerned eyes of him. It was the window to his soul. It perfectly described how anxious he was every time she was not alright. Although she appreciated it, but she wished she wasn't the cause of his negativity. He didn't deserve any of it.

"I-It's just…I haven't done anything different lately. I battle with my coach every day. I just feel like…bored." Sapphire confessed. Guilt lingered in her tone. She sat up against the couch as Ruby helped her up.

Ruby frowned as he realized they had been busy for a couple of days now, doing the exact same things. While Sapphire was training with her coach, he went to his master to help him organize contests and sometimes, his master would tell him to either judge or host a contest. He would often ask his master if he could go home earlier just so he could see Sapphire, but since after the incident, contests started popping out of nowhere and Wallace needed some help. He was his only option.

Ruby took a deep breath, guilt now lingered in his eyes. He removed his hat and proceeded to lay his head on Sapphire's lap. Reaching up, he tucked some loose hair behind her ear while Sapphire's hand reached his cheek, her fingers trailed around it, caressing it gently. "We should take a break sometimes, you know? We…haven't spent much time at all together, and if we do, we're all exhausted and tired." He paused, a thought clouded in his mind.

Of course.

He almost forgot about it and how could he?

That was for Sapphire and he felt so stupid for forgetting it.

He sighed, biting lip. "That's…That's why I have an idea."

Sapphire perked up. Her eyebrows were furrowed. Her head titled to her side, curious, while her fangs poked out from her lip. "What is it?"

Ruby sat up and sat across her. His lips curved into a smile. His passionate eyes were locked on her curious ones. "Check what's inside the Luvdisc plush behind you."

"Ehh?" Sapphire flinched a bit, then turned to grab the Luvdisc. She looked at it with curiosity piquing in her, hearing a small chuckle across her. "What?" She asked, completely clueless. But despite that, she couldn't help but notice how cute and handsome he looked. His smile often had that unique charm on her. His Pokedex Holder title did make sense, but she was the only one who could see past through his charmer ability. She felt honored to be the only one.

Ruby's smile widened, now curving into a cheerful grin. "Ah, it's nothing. You're just too cute when you do that."

"Do what?" Sapphire blurted, clueless. Since when did she become cute in her gestures?

"That." Ruby pointed out. "Right now " He tucked another loose hair behind her ear. His eyes lit up with passion burning into it. He sighed, contented at this little, precious moment with her. "My girl is too cute when she's curious about something."

Sapphire felt her cheeks heat up. Of course. He would always say that. It was not that she was tired of it, really. She just couldn't help but to lower her head from his gaze in hopes to hide the growing blush on her cheeks.

Ruby titled his head, smiling. Oh Arceus. She is so cute. "Alright, open it."

Sapphire took a deep breath, hoping to cool down her steaming cheeks. She looked closely into the Luvdisc, and indeed, there was a zipper hidden inside the plush. She slowly opened it and saw two tickets.

"We're invited to a contest in Sinnoh." Ruby stated. "Master and Winona were supposed to go there, but they gave me the ticket instead." He stood up and reached for Sapphire's hand. His fingers brushed along with the girl's delicate yet strong ones. The small heat forming in their joint hands increased, engulfing their hands with a comfortable heat. "We can take a break there for a while and I'll bring our costumes from the contest spectacular so we can wear it there."

Sapphire held her breath. Tears were slowly welling up in her eyes. She couldn't believe it and yet at the same time, she was happy. Despite their busy schedules, he never stopped thinking about her. She felt her chest tightened as her heart started beating faster. She squealed with joy, tackling Ruby for a hug. So much for standing up, heh. "Thank ya, Ruby."

Ruby let out a cough, regaining himself. His arms now wrapped around her waist, closing the already small gap between them. His lips started curving into a sincere smile. He knew she would love it and he was glad she did. Her happiness was enough to remove his anxiety. Her happiness was his cure from any negative feeling he could ever had. Arceus, he loved her so much. "Don't thank me. Thank my master. And…be careful with the tickets this time." He planted a kiss on the tip of her nose, increasing the heat from her cheeks. "Alright?"

Sapphire rolled her eyes, hoping to stop the increase of temperature in her cheeks. She balled her fists, playfully punching his gut. She caught a glimpse of him, wincing a bit from the pain. Although he knew it was just a playful punch, her strength was just above the average. She bit her lip, returning her arms around the back of his neck, pressing her soft lips against his.

Ruby closed his eyes, melting into the kiss. He pulled her closer, his lips curving into a smile as their kiss deepened. Why am I so lucky to have her? Why am I so…blessed to have her?

"I love you." Sapphire pulled away, gasping for air. Her lips curved into a smile.

"I love you too." Ruby responded, lightly pressing his soft lips against hers. His eyes met hers again, and in one, swift movement, he gently pressed his lips against hers, and earning another chaste kiss from the woman he loved.

I swear...okay, I now have an official date for LF C8 and that's on Monday, November 13. In my timezone, yep, Asian time zone, specifically.

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