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20: An Extraordinary Treat (Collab fic)

I can't believe it's the 20th chapter, lol, but hey, for the 20th story, it's a collab. It's written by me and my friend. She goes by HyperMaxGB#9615 on discord and DibsonHyper on AO3. Remember that I don't own this story. Hyper and I own the story as a whole.

Also, I have to admit that this is an impromptu work when I first wrote this. I managed to fix some mistakes, nonetheless.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The story idea and some dialogues belong to Hyper and the story details belong to me. It's a shared work, but we all know Spe belongs to Kusaka and Yamamoto (and Mato), hehe.

20. An Extraordinary Treat



"I'LL TASTE ALL OF THE ICE CREAM FLAVORS! NO ONE CAN STOP ME!" A kid, about fourteen years old, yelled. His messy brunette hair swayed with the wind as he balled his fists, pumping it in the air. His lips beaming into a toothy grin as his right foot stepped forward. He took a huge step, his pace increasing in the process, running and leaving his buddy behind.

Another kid about his age took a deep breath, sighing. He brought his left palm onto his forehead, sliding it across his face. "Oh woopie." He stated, sarcasm lingering in his tone. "You'll definitely get a brain freeze and a major sore throat after that."

"Hey, mister!" The kid stopped on his tracks, placing his hands on his knees. His mouth hung open, gasping for breath. With his current state, he definitely needed a lot of ice cream. He could already imagine what the cold, sweet dessert tasted like. Either chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, cookies and cream, strawberry or even cheese, he would definitely taste it all. Today was a hot day in Slateport City, so why not spend the day by literally eating all the available ice cream flavors the store had. "One flavor of each please!"

"Hold on, kid." The seller said, waving his hand at the kid, scooping a chocolate flavor ice cream in the container. "Let me finish."

The kid's lips curved into a small pout, his mouth puffing some air. "Okay."

"Alright, one vanilla ice cream for the charmer and one chocolate ice cream for the conqueror. Anything else? How about a gallon of ice cream?" The seller said, grinning. How lucky he was to serve ice cream to the saviors of Hoenn and also known as two of the Hoenn region's Pokedex holders trio. He wished he could get a photo from them for his niece. His niece really admired Sapphire and look up to her like her role model.

"Ah," Ruby waved his hands in the air, declining politely, and placed some money on the counter. "There's no need. Thank you for the offer."

"Ah, sure thing." He grabbed the money on the counter, his eyes darted at his next customer. "Now, what's up lad?"

"Ya should have let me pay for mine." Sapphire said, leaning her back on the lighthouse's wall, and took a bite from her chocolate ice cream. She knew what chocolate ice creams tasted like, but she had never tasted something that was this delicious. The chocolate flavor was well blended with the heavy cream and whole milk, letting the sweet, creamy flavor dance through her tongue, indulging it with complex flavors. It was not too sweet for her to gain sore throat. The sweetness of the chocolate ice cream was just perfect for her. It didn't lack or had too much sugar. It was just right for her taste.

The rumors were true about Slateport's ice creams were the best. She didn't regret it.

"It's only five yen per cone." Ruby responded, smiling. His lips made contact on the vanilla ice cream, licking it. The rumors were definitely right. Despite which flavor you would choose, Slateport's ice creams were still the best. "It's my treat."

Sapphire took a deep breath, finishing her chocolate ice cream. It was a delicious treat, but she would enjoy it more if she bought it herself. Unless, this was another one of Ruby's mini dates for her. He always paid for her expenses every time they were on a date, whether it'd be grand or simple ones, he was the one who was always paying. It was true it was normal for guys to pay for their girl's meals, according to Blue and some ancient folklore tradition, but she wished he would just let her pay. She knew his wallet couldn't take those expenses.

She remembered Wallace had to lend some money to Ruby just in case he wouldn't go bankrupt when he took her to that five star restaurant on her birthday. She appreciated his efforts, but he didn't need to try very hard just to please her. Every time they had and would spend together was always precious to her. No money could ever buy her happiness every time she was with him. "Alright, where are ya taking me next time?" She asked, her fangs poking out from her top lip, making Ruby's smile curve wider.

Arceus, she looked so cute.

"Soon." He responded, blinking his left eye at her. She knew him too well.

"Just don't go overboard with the expenses, please." Sapphire stated, her serious and concerned sapphire blue orbs met his confused and surprised ruby red orbs. "Ya don't have to spend too much money on me, and ya know that."

Ruby took a deep breath, sighing. He bobbed his head, up and down, slowly nodding. "I'll try. But you know I can't help it."

"I'm gonna buy another ice cream if you do." She retorted, pouting. Her eyebrows furrowed.

Ruby's eyes widened in shock. "W-Wait, what?"

That was…an unexpected one. Why would she buy another ice cream? He knew Sapphire very well and he knew that one ice cream was enough to satisfy her cravings. Unless...

"Ya heard me." Sapphire taunted, her eyes glaring at him.

Ruby took a deep breath, shaking his head. There could be another way to not let her spend any money and let her have another ice cream at once. "You haven't tried their vanilla ice cream, right?"

"Ehhh?" Sapphire took a step back, her eyes widened in shock. Did he just suddenly changed the topic?

"It's really good." Ruby continued eating the ice cream slowly, making Sapphire stare at it.

Her head titled to her side as her eyebrows furrowed. He was definitely teasing her. She knew it. She could feel it. Her intuitions kept on telling it to her. She took a deep breath, sighing. "Fine, what does that taste like?"

"Hm?" Ruby arched an eyebrow. His lips curved into a small smirk. "Wanna try it?"

A thought occurred into Ruby's head. He turned around and swallowed hard. Was he certain about this? He may have a brain freeze after this. He shook his head. He wouldn't know until he tried. Opening his mouth, he ate the whole ice cream and turned around to face his girlfriend. "Wanna try some? Go ahead." He muffled, his mouth filled with vanilla ice cream.

Sapphire felt her cheeks increased its temperature. Yep. She definitely knew what he had in mind. She honestly didn't mind it, really. She knew he wanted it. She knew he didn't want her to spend money despite how little it could cost her. But was he even certain to be doing that in public?

She swallowed hard, taking a few steps towards her boyfriend. She knew he was having fun with this. Should she do it or not? A part of her wanted to, but her mind kept on reminding her that they were in public. Oh she could hear Emerald's groan in her head every time they 'flirted' in public. Her cheeks continued to heat up on that. She mentally shook her head, biting her lip. Her fangs were poking out.

To do it or not to do it? That was the question.

"Hey, how about over there? It has a perfect view of the ocean too!"

Sapphire took a deep breath, ignoring the stares of the few people within that area. She should just do it just so he could shut up. She had to admit his puffed up cheeks made him look cute and silly at once. It looked like he was a child begging to their parents to carry them. She took a step closer, her heart continued to thump faster. Every step closer would either make her melt into a puddle of girl like she always was every time they were alone together or from sheer embarrassment.

"Don't run just so you could test how thick that ice cream is!"


"Watch where you're going!"


Sapphire felt someone hit her back. She couldn't tell who it was but she knew it was a boy less than sixteen years old based from his impact. She didn't have time to turn around to see who bumped her. What she felt was a pair of soft lips crashing onto hers and a pair of arms wrapping around her waist, preventing her from falling on the ground.

"Oh wow. This is just wonderful. You made a flirting couple kiss each other in public, accidentally. Great job." The other boy said, sarcasm was lingering into his tone. His eyes darted at his friend, who was grinning widely while holding two cones of ice cream in his hands.

"It's an accident. I didn't see them." was all the boy could respond, only making his friend shake his head.

Sapphire didn't care who and why that kid bumped into her. All she knew that the other boy sounded like a fifteen year old or of the same age as the boy who bumped her.

"That's not an excuse."

"Accidents happen, Joshua!"

"No, it's just you being reckless, David."

"Shut it! My ice creams are melting!"

The young boys' argument became faint in her ears. All her senses were focused on Ruby's lips pressed against hers. She felt his head tilting to his side as he pulled her closer, deepening their kiss. She tasted something cold, sweet, creamy, and... warm from his lips, all huddled into one. Was it his taste? Did his taste got mixed with the vanilla ice cream? She couldn't recall that his lips tasted like this. She felt the heat from their kiss and the cold from the ice cream in his mouth, battling each other for dominance. Nonetheless, every kiss they shared felt like it was their first. Who knew the vanilla ice cream tasted better when they shared it?

Ruby pulled her closer, savoring and sharing the droplets of the melted vanilla ice cream with her as he felt her arms traveled its way onto his chest, gripping the fabric of his shirt. They didn't know how long they shared and tasted their kiss but one thing was certain.

They were doing it for quite some time. A minute, perhaps? No one knew.

The charmer opened his mouth, gently pulling away from their kiss. His lips curved into a smile. His eyes darted around Sapphire's beautiful face. He let out a soft chuckle. She looked so cute. "You still have some ice cream left." He winked his left eye at her, making her cheeks flushed. "Let me take care of that."

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but you two are currently in a public place." Joshua said, his eyes were fixed at the lighthouse. He couldn't even look at them in the eye because of his friend's stunt earlier. He needed a break from him.

"Yeah, flirt somewhere else. I couldn't enjoy my ice creams over here." David added, chuckling.

Ruby let out a sigh, not bothering to care what the younger boys said. He grabbed Sapphire's hand, intertwining their fingers together, and gently dragged her away from the two boys. They had enough embarrassment for the day.



"Are you alright?" Ruby asked after a moment of silence of walking away from Slateport City. He decided to turn left and went straight to Route 103, hoping to find a secluded place there. He could ask Troppy to fly them home, but thanks to that accidental stunt earlier, it would only grab everyone's attention. He didn't want to embarrass Sapphire again. She had enough embarrassment for today. He didn't know why he decided to pull her closer and deepen their kiss further.

He only intended to take a quick peck on her lips, and share the little amount of ice cream he had in his mouth. Although he had to admit that the vanilla ice cream tasted better when he shared it with Sapphire, especially through kissing. He now knew what he would do when they would eat ice cream together again.

However, he had to make sure they were alone at that time. He didn't want to embarrass her again.

He took a deep breath as they sat under a tree. The sounds of the leaves' gentle rustle through the wind were heard, engulfing the peaceful aura. Ruby couldn't help but to stare at Sapphire, his eyes darting around her, looking and waiting for the right moment to speak. He sighed. "I blame that kid for bumping into you."

"I-It's fine. Let's not talk about that." Sapphire responded, biting her lip. Her gaze finally met his. She could tell he was worried from their little public display of affection earlier. Well, it wasn't until that kid bumped them for who-knew-what-was-the-reason. She didn't mind, nonetheless. She was used to Emerald constantly reminding them to quit flirting in public. She was not proud of it. She was just used to it. Her old habits of blushing and being speechless from it had not changed. "The ice cream tasted nice, I guess."

She couldn't help it. It did taste nice, but she couldn't say that was what she felt earlier in front of him. His smirk may look charming when she said that, but she had to remind herself that they were still in public.

"Well…" Ruby grabbed her hand, his fingers brushed against hers. His lips curved into a smirk. She knew it. It looked charming and irritating at once. He was such a guy. "It came from me, so of course it is."

Sapphire balled her fists, lightly punching his gut. She knew he would also say that. Why did she even bother? "Idiot."

"I love you too." Ruby responded, immediately recovering from her punch. Arceus, he would never get tired from seeing her reaction. It was always cute... and beautiful... perfect, even. He couldn't wait to do it again with her, but he had to make sure they would do it privately next time.

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