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19: A Movie Date

This next franfic is based from fabulousblackunicorn's art from tumblr. (Do check their art. Their art is beautiful. T-T)

Thank you so much for the permission, my friend. It means a lot, hehe. ^^

Uh...not really much anything, but just a trigger warning that this is a bit gory. Blood will be mentioned and mild gory stuff or however it's called.

Disclaimer: The art belongs to fabulousblackunicorn on tumblr. I own nothing but the story.

19. A Movie Date



Ruby could not believe what he was seeing.

He could feel a shiver run through his spine every time he had either seen or watched such horrid stuff like blood spilled on the floor or a chopped hand placed in the kitchen sink. He swallowed hard, making sure the popcorn he was eating wouldn't choke himself to death. He took a deep breath, sighing.

This all started because of that free movie ticket that Emerald had given to them. The calmer said he didn't have time to watch the film on that day, so he decided to give it to Ruby. The calmer added it might gave him an idea about his next date to Sapphire, which it did.

Ruby had never taken Sapphire into a movie date until now. He kept on hearing that such dates like these often bring a romantic atmosphere around the couple.

One reason was the dark environment of the theater house. No one could see him stealing a kiss or two from his girlfriend, for all attentions were focused on the film.

It was the perfect opportunity for them. After all, Ruby always wanted to take Sapphire on a date where she could relax and be free from her work. He knew how hard she worked. The least he could do was to take her in a place where she was free from all the stresses from her work and give her a relaxing time.

Ruby placed the popcorn on the empty seat to his left, glancing at Sapphire.

He didn't know that the free movie ticket he got from Emerald was a free screening of a latest horror movie. He was never a real fan of horror films, honestly. It did tell such great stories, but the movie genre itself was still uncomfortable for him. This was the consequence of not checking what the free movie ticket contained.

Nonetheless, he was glad Sapphire didn't seem scared at all. In fact, she looked relaxed and was having a great time watching.

What was her secret?

He couldn't bear to look at the screen again. He had seen too much. One more look and it would be his end. He felt like he could throw up at any second once he would see another chopped body part from any character of the film.

He heard Sapphire let out a sigh, making him remove his gaze on the floor. He jerked his head to his left. He chuckled. She had some excess popcorn on her lip and she looked so cute. Maybe he should...?

"Come on."

"Hm?" Ruby asked, furrowing his eyebrows. Did she need to go to the bathroom? The thought of it was enough to make his cheeks heat up. He mentally slapped his head at the thought. No, that was not right. If she needed to, she would just give his hand a soft squeeze then leave.

"Ya look uncomfortable. Come on." Sapphire grabbed his hand, standing up. She dragged her boyfriend away from the theater house.

"Sapphire, hold on." Ruby called, making Sapphire stop on her tracks.

"What iā€”" Sapphire's eyes widened in shock once she felt Ruby's soft lips pressed against hers. She could feel her cheeks increased its temperature. Her mind couldn't help but to wonder what made him kiss her.

"You got an excess popcorn on your lip." Ruby said, gently pulling away, answering her question. He licked his lips and smiled. "Although you looked cute with it, I have to take care of it."

Sapphire could only roll her eyes at her boyfriend. She made a mental note to use a napkin next time.

It was not like she didn't enjoy the kiss, really. She enjoyed every intimate moment they share, in fact. But kissing her on public was just uncomfortable. Although it was just the two of them in the lobby at the moment, it was still embarrassing. Nonetheless, she knew Ruby wouldn't kiss her if there were a lot of people around them. He told her a lot of times that he loved and respected her. Not to mention her intuitions felt nothing suspicious about the place, and those were enough for her heartbeat to return in its normal pace.

"Yer such an idiot." She mumbled, pouting, her left fang sticking out from her top lip.

Ruby's heart thumped at that. Arceus, she never failed to look cute every time she did that.

"Anyway, let's go home." Sapphire continued. "Ya need to calm down after seeing that horror movie."

"I'm fine." Ruby said, his lips curved into a sincere smile. "Thank you for worrying, but I'll be alright. This day is about you, after all." He tucked a loose hair behind her ear then pressed his soft lips against her cheeks, resulting it to heat up from his act.

"R-Ruby," Sapphire stuttered, giving his hand a soft squeeze. "It's not a date if both of us weren't having a great time together."

Ruby sighed in defeat, the smile on his lips didn't fade. Oh, Arceus, he loved her so much. She was always considerate at every one of their dates, making sure he was also having a great time. She truly was a selfless person. "Alright." He chuckled, gently squeezing her hand. "Let's watch some animated films at my house. Will that be okay with you?"

"Only if it isn't a horror film. I can't stand seein' yer sick expressions at every gory scene from it." Sapphire responded, biting her lip.

Sapphire always thought that girls were often the first who would get scared at every horror film, but she was wrong. It actually depended on the person. Her short, movie date with Ruby made him uncomfortable because of the film's gory scenes. She wanted to drag him away the first time she saw a glance of his scared expression, but since his eyes were still fixed on the screen, she opted to wait for a few minutes until he could no longer look at it.

She was glad it didn't took him long enough to do so. She was getting worried about him. Every date was supposed to be fun for both of them, after all.

"It's not, don't worry. Diamond said this film is great. It's about a boy and his robot. He said we'll love it."

"Alright." Sapphire said, nodding. If it was from Diamond, then it was definitely not a horror film. That was one problem down.




Ruby let out a sigh, clicking the pause button. He placed both of his arms around Sapphire's waist, pulling her closer, letting her sit on his lap. He smiled, inhaling her berry-forest scent. Arceus, her scent was beautiful. It suited her perfectly. He mentally shook his head. No.

Everything about Sapphire was beautiful. She was perfect just the way she is and he loved her for that.

He chuckled, feeling her warm breathing touch his cheek, and pulled her closer.

It took thirty minutes for them to travel on Troppy from Mauville City to Littleroot Town. The couple went straight to Ruby's room, with a few snacks in hand. They immediately watched the film Diamond was telling them. They did enjoy every part of the film, but after a good amount of thirty minutes, Sapphire fell asleep with her head placed on Ruby's shoulder.

Ruby decided to pause the film and cuddle with her until she wakes up. The movie could wait. All that matters was his time with Sapphire.

And he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Get some rest, Sapphire." Ruby mumbled softly, his voice as soothing as the ocean's gentle waves on the shore. "You deserve it." He continued, his soft lips pressed against her cheeks.

Between watching a film in the theaters and in his room, he preferred the latter. This way, he could reassure that he wouldn't make her feel uncomfortable from his simple affections.

He couldn't wait for their next movie date.

"A boy and his robot" ā€“ It depends. It can either be a Big Hero 6 or an Iron Giant reference ^^

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