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13: An Arcade Story

I would like to thank my good friend, trimystic, for insipiring me to write this. Oh, and do check out Mystic's art on tumblr. Her art is amazing. I assure you that :D

And of course, since Mystic gave me this idea, I dedicate this fanfic to Mystic (who is also a great artist). ^^

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the story. The idea belonged to Mystic.

13. - An Arcade Story



Every arcade had its story.

Ruby recalled one of the films he had seen with Sapphire a year ago.

It was about the protagonist was an `arcade villain who wanted to be a hero, because of his tragic life outside his video game. A heated argument caused the protagonist to abandon his own video game, hoping to prove that villains could be a hero. The film's plot lead the protagonist to end up accepting himself as the villain of the game, but a good guy underneath and outside his own game. It was a great film, really. It made Ruby realized something.

It was quite ironic once he thought about it.

The film's main theme was about accepting yourself, either be the good or the bad side of yourself, it was a part of you as a person in a whole.

He had a hard time accepting himself, honestly. He did lose Sapphire because of his aggressive side when they were younger, and thus, changing himself for her. But in the end, she accepted him for whom he was and he learned that maybe it wasn't bad to be himself. Sapphire accepted him and his flaws, and he learned to slowly yet surely to do so.

It wasn't just Ruby who realized something from that film. Sapphire did learn a lot from it too. She quite related herself to the protagonist, knowing what it felt like to be left out and not accepting themselves.

In the end, both loved and enjoyed the film, and it was all thanks to their younger friend, Diamond, for recommending that film to them. Diamond's taste for films may be different from all the Pokedex holders, but he surely knew the best ones.

"Maybe we should take turns." Sapphire said, inserting a coin into the slot. She turned around, looking at her boyfriend. "You know, so we could play the game peacefully."

Ruby smiled, gently shaking his head. "We could do it together. Besides," He pushed the button, scanning his surroundings. He saw five people watching them with their arms folded across their chests. Their eyes were locked on them. "I think a lot of people wanted to play, so it's best we should play it together."

Sapphire sighed and nodded. She bit her lip, her cute, left fang popping out from it. Judging the environment's annoying noises, especially the ones behind them, it really was best for them to play the game together. Besides, she wanted to finish this game and leave the arcade at once. It was getting too noisy and uncomfortable anyway.

"Heads up." Ruby went behind her, giving her all the time and space to grab the ball and shoot it in the basket.

Sapphire watched five balls roll and approach her as the game's timer started counting down. She grabbed one, and tossed it in the basket.

Three points!

She smiled. That was her first shoot and she already scored three points. She had a good feeling about this. She grabbed another ball, and tossed in the basket, gaining two points.

The process continued.

She grabbed a ball, tossed it in the basket and gained two or three points.

She was getting good at this. She was enjoying this. Now she understood why this game had a long line.

It was a ridiculous game of grabbing a ball, shooting it in the basket, gaining points and releasing all your stress, all in one game. It was definitely fun.

She felt some sweat trailing down on her forehead due to her excessive throwing of the balls. She took a deep breath, taking a glance at the scoreboard.

The highest score was three hundred and their score was two hundred seventy.

They have thirty points left to tie their score. She had this sudden urge to beat it. "Do ya think we could beat the score?"

"Hm?" Ruby looked at her, taking a glance at the scoreboard. His eyes widened in shock.

Their score was two hundred seventy seven. They were close to tying with the highest score. He could feel Sapphire's determination, and he would definitely not let this chance go to waste. Beating the highest score together did have a nice ring to it.

"Let's do it." He responded, smiling. Determination struck in his eyes.

Sapphire threw another ball into the basket, then turned around to give him a smile. Her cute fangs sticking out from her top lip as determination slowly built into her eyes. "Roughly twenty points left."

Ruby gave her a wink, going behind her. "We're close to beating it."

Sapphire nodded, grabbing another ball, tossing it into the basket.

They gained another three points, with a minute left before their game ends.

Ruby grabbed a ball, his arm gently brushed against her waist, tossing it into the basket, gaining another two points. He swallowed hard. They had a minute left, but how come his heart was beating fast? He took a deep breath in hopes to calm his fast heartbeat, grabbing another ball.

Sapphire felt his arms brushed against her waist, her heart started thumping wildly at his soft, warm touch. She felt heat rising up on her cheeks, but chose to ignore it and focused on the task at hand. How come she just felt it? They had been playing the game for three minutes, and she just felt his comfortable, warm touch. Was it because of their small conversation earlier?

She sighed, grabbing another ball, feeling Ruby's hand brushed against hers when they took the same ball. Her flustered eyes met his.


She noticed how flustered his eyes were.


She could perfectly tell he was flustered and sorry at his sudden act.


She understood him, nonetheless. They were too focused on beating the highest score and failed to notice their proximity. Everyone had their own businesses in the arcade, so she hoped no one saw them.

Game over!

After a moment at staring into each other's eyes, the buzzer interrupted them, telling them their time was up.

Sapphire swallowed hard, stepping away from him. That was slightly embarrassing. She hoped no one saw them. She looked at the scoreboard and sighed.

Their score was two hundred eighty eight. They were close in beating the high score. She wondered if she her flustered thoughts didn't bother her. There might be a chance in beating that score.

"Hey, your time is up, lovebirds. I wanna play!" A kid yelled, grabbing their attentions. The couple looked at the youngster, who's roughly about fourteen years old, placing a coin in the slot. "Just watch me beat the score! Your lovey dovey power of love is no match for my awesomeness!"

Sapphire's cheeks increased its temperature. She lowered her head, hiding it using her fringed bangs. She swallowed hard. Yes, she and Ruby were a couple, but the kid didn't need to say it loudly. It was embarrassing if someone heard it.

Ruby released a sigh, placing his left hand on his forehead in hopes to hide the growing blush on his cheeks. Why did that kid call them that? It was flattering, but it might embarrass Sapphire. And he didn't want that. "Let's get out of here." He offered his hand at his girlfriend to which she accepted. He intertwined their fingers together and gently dragged her away from the arcade's loud environment.

Truly, every arcade game had its story. Theirs was one of a kind.

`Arcade villain who wanted to be a hero – A Wreck-It Ralph reference, hehe

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