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1: A Proposal

Hey guys, before I tell you what this is all about, I have an announcement! ^w^

There is one fan fic I will advertise (and not to mention I highly recommend) you to read. That amazing fan fic is written by my pal, "Totally Not Adex" here on FFN and his fan fic is called "The Last Beast". It has three chapters so far, and it is already amazing and the very, absolutely, an interesting read (I may sound exaggerating, but it's true). Adex is a great writer guys and his fan fic is amazing and beautifully written. You'll love it! Go ahead and read his fan fic. You won't regret it, I swear. :D

And now that you'll also read Adex's fan fic, time for me to explain this crap. Hehe.

This is based from dexholderrumi's art which is based from that ask from the ask-franticshipping blog. Also, I would like to thank my friends, Hyper, Ness, ML, Spies, Mystic, Adex, SapphDragon, and Tanit for reading this (all from discord).

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Another note is that I wrote this last 2017. My writing style had changed a lot if you ever compare it to my first and latest work but despite that, I hope you will enjoy all these one-shots/drabbles I wrote for franticshipping. I just wanna express my constant love and loyalty for the ship and writing these many works for them is the only thing I'm capable of so yeah. I think chapters 18 up to the latest chapters are decent enough in terms of quality. My goal for this one-shot collection changed recently and I wanna just continue writing franticshipping until I die. ;w;

1. A Proposal



Ruby bit his lip. Sweat slowly trailed down from his forehead and to his cheeks as he swallowed hard, his tongue slowly popping out from his mouth. His eyes were fixed on the television screen, every bit of his attention was focused on it. He sighed, relief started flooding into his system.

It was close.

It was a threatening death battle they had from that world, but they won. He released another sigh, placing the controller beside him. His left hand was placed on his glasses, pushing it and adjusting it a bit upwards.

He and Sapphire hardly played a video game together and it was always fun playing it with her, especially when they work together as a team. They only did this for fun, frankly, but their current game made them too focused on it, letting them pour everything they had to win that stage.

And in the end, it was worth it. They'd won; their characters won and advanced to the next stage.

"We should play a different game," Sapphire stood up from her seat, stretching her arms. She grabbed a water bottle on the nightstand and sat beside her boyfriend.

"How about Mario Kart?" Ruby asked, placing his left hand on Sapphire's, making the conqueror flinch a bit from her position.

"G-Grab your own water bottle, w-will ya?" She stuttered, feeling Ruby's gentle grip on her hand, guiding the water bottle to his lips. She watched her boyfriend drank from her water bottle, her cheeks were slightly burning from his soft, warm contact.

"It's the same," Ruby responded, placing a cap on the water bottle, closing it tightly. "Besides," His lips curved into a small smirk. He already knew what would his girlfriend react but he couldn't help it; her reactions were often cute and priceless. If he could take a video of it, he would watch and replay it again and again and he would never get tired of it. "The water tastes better if it came from your water bottle." He continued, his lips slowly curving into a chaste smile.

Sapphire could only swallow hard, jerking the water bottle off from his hold, and placed it beside her. Her cheeks couldn't help but increase its temperature. "Silly," She mumbled, her cute fangs popped out from her top lip.

Ruby could only chuckle at her response. He knew exactly what she meant in that word and he couldn't help but to smile and reward her with a kiss every time she said that. It was always so natural for her to say that word; she always did it cutely and beautifully. It was always perfect for him. He couldn't help but tease her every time just so he could see that cute reaction and that cute response from her. "We should get married, you know?"

It was now his turn to swallow hard and let his cheeks increase its temperature.


Normally, he would always say "I love you too," and place a kiss on her cheek. But his response made him almost punch himself from complete and utter surprise.

It was true he planned to marry her; he had this perfect idea of proposing to her. It would be in a quiet place where there would be no one but them. The starry night sky was accompanying them along with some night Pokemon lurking in that area. He would bend down on one knee, showing that beautiful ring he bought just for her, say his impromptu yet heartfelt speech, and ask those four-words question to her.

It would be the perfect marriage proposal for his perfect woman, but it wouldn't come true now that he spilled the beans.

"Ehhhh?" Sapphire flinched from her position. She bit her lip, her hands were placed on her chest, gripping the fabric of her shirt. She could feel her fast heartbeat. It felt like it could pop out of her chest at any moment now.

She heard it correctly, right? If she did, then why now? Why would be in a random time where he was unprepared? Well, once she thought about it, Ruby could be a bit blunt at times, especially with his growing feelings for her.

There would be times where he would just bury his head in the crook of her neck, mumbling such words that often make her heart leap with joy. She wasn't complaining about it, frankly. In fact, it was always enough to drive her insecurities away, burying it in the fiery pits of her system where all of her negativity must and should stay.

And this was definitely one of them. She heard it correctly, no doubt. She tried looking for any signs of joke in his eyes and through his movements, but found none.

Her heart thumped faster. She bit her lip and took a deep breath. He said he wanted to marry her. And of course, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him too. But how could she say her approval? She wanted to hug him while telling how happy she is at his proposal, but how could she express it?

"I-If you want to," Ruby added, stuttering. His anxious eyes finally met her flustered ones. His hands found its way to hers, gripping it gently, giving it a soft squeeze. "I mean..." He bit his lip, taking a deep breath.

How would he explain this?

Surely, he was certain he would spend the rest of his life with Sapphire, but he had to make sure she was ready. It wouldn't be a happy marriage if she weren't ready. Besides, he would rather wait for a long time instead of rushing their marriage. He wanted to marry her because he wanted to give her the life that she deserved. Sapphire's happiness was his happiness.

"I don't wanna rush you, Sapphire; I can wait. You don't need to answer right away." He stated as calmly as he could. His hands gave hers a soft squeeze, pouring every bit of his burning emotions for her. He removed his left hand on hers, letting it travel around her waist then pulled her closer to him. He closed the small gap between them. "I can wait." He said, pressing his soft lips against her forehead.

"F-Fine," Sapphire managed to say, choking the words out. She bit her lip, her flushed nose touched his. She sighed. "Only if you let us plan it together."

"O-Of... of course! I..." Ruby could not believe what he just heard. Was he dreaming? Was this all real? She approved his blunt marriage proposal, right? He heard her approval, right? He blinked his eyes, registering everything that had happened in such a short amount of time, only to meet her soft lips pressed against his. He took a deep breath.

It was all real and it felt great. It may not be like what he planned and fantasized, but it was all worth it. What mattered most was Sapphire's approval and he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with her, living with her, being with her until the very last moment.

"We're not done yet," Sapphire stated, gently pulling herself from their kiss. Ruby's arms remained around her waist, nonetheless. "We still have to play Mario Kart."

Ruby let out a soft chuckle, briefly pressing his soft lips against hers. His lips later curved into a sly smirk. "We could, but I prefer kissing you for the rest of the night."

"You're silly," was Sapphire's only response. Her cheeks continued to increase its temperature as her lips curved into a pout. She knew he would say that. It was not that she was complaining, really. It was his way of telling that they should celebrate now that they're engaged.

"I love you too," Ruby responded, chuckling, before slowly closing the gap between them for a passionate, chaste kiss.

The Mario Kart is a nod to my friend, ML, since he loves it, hehe.

This is a bit...well... very straightforward since I already wrote a proposal fic *cough* Perfection, *cough* but I hope it's good enough.

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