See You Again @rainbowhairedgirl
Chapter 17

Authoress Note: Welcome to Chapter 17 of See You Again. Thank you so much to those who have reviewed and have stayed with this story since the beginning and to those who have found it later and enjoyed reading this. I hope that you guys are really liking Andi. She's a bit spunky isn't she? I know that you guys are probably wondering who she would end up with in this series, but we'll see soon enough, I promise you that. It might not be this story, but it will be sometime during this series. Without further ado please enjoy Chapter 17 of See You Again. Enjoy.

Chapter 17

Prank War

Andi awoke to the sound of Dean turning up the music loud in the Impala and his off key singing.

"Fire… of unknown origins… took my baby away!" Dean sang off key.

Sam jerked awake realizing that something was in his mouth, panicking and waved his arms around spitting out the spoon.

Dean air drummed along to the song on the steering wheel then looked over at Sam who was wiping his mouth and turned down the music.

"Ha ha, very funny." Sam said with narrowed eyes.

Andi leaned up from the backseat, her hair was mussed up from her sleep, and her cognac eyes were clouded over with sleep. "What the bloody hell were you thinking Dean?"

Dean chuckled. "Sorry, not a lot of scenery here in East Texas, kinda gotta make your own."

"Man we're not kids anymore Dean. We're not going to start that crap up again." Sam said looking at his brother.

"For once I agree with Sam." Andi said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She agreed with Sam. She wasn't about to get involved in stuff like that again.

"Start what up again?" Dean asked coyly.

"That prank stuff. It's stupid, and it always escalates."

"Aw, what's the matter Sammy, scared you're going to get a little Nair in your shampoo again huh?"

"Alright, just remember you started it."

"Bring it on baldy."

"Oh hell no." Andi said shaking her head. "You two can do the prank war. But you two are bloody staying away from me. I don't need my clothes ruined like last time by someone who got scissor happy and decided to cut holes in my shirts."

"Hey." Dean said as his cheeks flushed. "You were in training bras at the time." Dean defended himself. It wasn't like he thought that it was a bad thing at the time. It was love and war in prank wars.

Andi's cheeks flushed. "It didn't matter. I had to explain to my mum why my shirt was destroyed." She shook her head. "You get me involved in this prank war… it won't be pretty." She snapped as she looked at the older brother. She was still rather upset that her shirts had been destroyed by him when they were younger. Her mother was so upset with her for having almost all of her shirts were destroyed.

Sam looked around. "Where are we anyway?" Sam asked rubbing his eyes tiredly.

"A few hours outside of Richardson. Gimme the lowdown again?"

Andi let out a sigh. "Yeah me too please. I don't remember what you really told me Sammy." Andi said as she stretched her arms above her head tiredly.

"Alright, about a month or two ago this group of kids goes poking around this local haunted house." Sam began to explain to them what he had found.

"Haunted by what?" Dean asked looking over at Sam quirking his brows in confusion.

"Apparently, a pretty misogynistic spirit. Legend goes, it takes girls and strings them up in the rafters."

"Oh fantastic." Andi said letting out a tired breath.

"Anyway this group of kids see this dead girl hanging in the cellar."

"Anybody ID the corpse?" Dean questioned hoping that Sam had the answer.

"Well, that's the thing. By the time the cops got there the body was gone. So cops are saying the kids were just yanking chains."

"Maybe the cops are right."

"Maybe, but I read a couple of the kids firsthand accounts. They seemed pretty sincere."

"Where'd you read these accounts?" Andi asked as she leaned against the back of the front seat looking at Sam.

"Well, I knew we were going to be passing through Texas. So, umm, last night, I surfed some local… paranormal websites." Sam said quickly. "And I found one."

"And what's it called?" Dean asked raising his brows looking over at his brother out of the corner of his eyes.

" "

"Lemme guess, streaming live out of Mom's basement?"

Sam's lips quirked in a smile. "Yeah, probably."

"Yeah. Most of those websites wouldn't know a ghost if it bit 'em in the persqueeter."

Andi chuckled lightly as she leaned back against her seat running her hand through her hair trying her hair trying her best to fix it.

"Look. We let Dad take off. Which was a mistake, by the way. And now we don't know where the hell he is, so meantime we gotta find ourselves something to hunt. There's not harm checking this thing out."

"Alright. So where do we find these kids?"

"Same place you always find kids in a town like this."

"Fast food joints." Andi said letting out a sigh.


Sam, Dean, and Andi came into the music shop that the three witnesses had told them that Craig had worked at.

Andi stuck her hands into her back pockets letting out a soft breath as she looked around with a curious look. She loved music stores, always had a fascination for them when she traveled around and loved going into them when she had a chance.

Craig looked up from what he was doing behind the counter. "Fellas and my lady. Can I help you with anything?" He asked with a smile.

"Yeah, are you Craig Thurston?" Sam asked looking at him hoping that they didn't have the wrong person and hoping that they didn't have to continue searching.

"I am." Craig said with a nod of his head.

"Well we're reporters with the Dallas Morning News. I'm Dean, this is Sam and this is Andi." Dean said introducing them.

"No way. Well I'm a writer too. I write for my school's lit magazine."

"Well, good for you Morrissey."

"Umm. We're doing an article on local hauntings and rumor has it you might know of one." Sam said trying to diffuse the problem that was about to begin that Dean was starting.

"You mean the Hell House?" Craig asked looking at Sam.

"That's the one."

"I didn't think there was anything to the story."

"Why don't you tell us the story." Andi said with a hopeful smile tucking some of her bangs back behind her ear.

Craig looked at Andi with a smile on his face. "Sure, thing darling."

Sam and Dean looked at one another with raised brows.

Andi smiled leaning against the counter.

"Well, supposedly bad in the '30s this farmer,Mordechai Murdoch, used to live in this house with his six daughters. It was during the Depression, his crops were failing, he didn't have enough money to feed his own children. So I guess that's when he went off the deep end."

"Oh… how?" Andi asked blinking a few times.

"Well, he figured it was best if his girls died quick, rather than starve to death. So he attacked them. They screamed, begged for him to stop, but he just strung 'em up, one after the other. And when he was finished he just turned around and hung himself. Now they say that his spirit trapped in the house forever, stringing up any other girl that goes inside."

"Where'd you hear all this?" Dean asked raising his eyebrows in confusion. This was a bit of a far-fetched story.

"My cousin Dana told me. I don't know where she heard it from. Ya gotta realize, I… I didn't believe this for a second." Craig said shaking his head thinking about the story.

"But now you do." Sam said looking at Craig.

"I don't know what the hell to think, man. You guys, I… I'll tell you exactly what I told the police, okay? That girl was real. And she was dead. This was not a prank. I swear to God, I don't wanna go anywhere near that house ever again, okay?"

"Thank." Dean said looking at Craig.


The three of them walked up the muddy path towards the house.

"Can't say I blame the kid." Sam said looking at the house.

"Yeah, so much for curb appeal." Dean said looking around.

Andi wrinkled her nose. "Yeah. You can tell it hasn't been lived in for quite a while. Really looks like the Depression hit it hard." Andi said as she began to look around.

The EMF began to make noise which caused the younger two hunters come towards Dean.

"You got something?" Sam asked Dean.

Dean tapped the EMF meter. "Ye-ah. The EMF's no good."


Dean gestured up above them at the overhead power lines. "I think that thing's still got a little juice in it. It's screwing with all the readings."

"Yeah that'd do it." Sam said letting out a soft sigh.

"Yeah. Come on, let's go."

The three of them went inside the house.

Dean let out a whistle. "Looks like old man Murdoch was a bit of a tagger here in his time."

"And after his time too. That reverse cross has been used by Satanists for centuries, but this sigil of sulfur didn't show up in San Francisco until the '60s." Sam said looking at the sigil that was for sulfur.

Dean looked at Sam. "That is exactly why you never get laid."

Andi rolled her eyes shaking her head. "And your are mean to your brother you know that. At least he's not always thinking with his downstairs brain… some women like smarts you know."

Dean looked at Andi. "Oh someone like you?" Dean asked in a teasing tone.

"Shut up Dean." Andi said as she moved around to look at some of the things that were on the wall.

Dean moved to the other wall seeing a symbol. "Hey what about this one, you seen this one before?" He asked gesturing to the symbol that was a cross with a dot in the middle and the bottom of it looked like an upside-down question mark.

"No." Sam said shaking his head as he came over and took a picture of it with his phone.

"I have. Somewhere." Dean said pursing his lips together looking at it sideways.

Andi turned her head and looked at the symbol. "I think I have too."

Sam rubbed it with his fingertips. "It's paint. Seems pretty fresh too."

"I don't know guys. You know I hate to agree with authority figures of any kind, but… the cops may be right about this one."

"Yeah, maybe." Sam said looking around.

Andi let out a soft sigh looking around. "Perhaps. Maybe this case is just cut and dry. Not our type of thing at all."

A noise alerted them that something else was there with them. They slowly made their way to the other side of the room. They took sides on either side of the door, Andi and Sam on the left while Dean was on the right. Dean nodded his head and the three of them burst through the door only to get blinded by bright lights. They covered their eyes.

"Oh, cut. It's just a coupla humans." One guy said with a groan, as he held the camera shutting it down.

The other guy who held the light shut it off.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"What the hell are you doing here?" Dean questioned them.

"Ah-ha-ha. We belong here, we're professionals."

Andi's brows raised and she crossed her arms looking at the two of them. They were supposed to be professionals? "Professional what?" She questioned her British accent coming through and she started to curse her accent for coming through now.

"Paranormal Investigators, sweetheart." He handed them each a business card. "There you go, take a look at that, boys. You too sweetheart." He said with a wink.

Andi shifted nervously when he winked at her.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me." Dean said with a groan as he looked at the business card.

"Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler? You guys run that website?" Sam questioned looking at the two of them.

"Yeah." Ed replied looking at them with a smile.

"Oh yeah, yeah, we're huge fans." Dean said as he began to look around the room that they were in.

"And ahh, we know who you guys are too." Ed said looking at them.

The three hunters looked at Ed sharply hoping that Ed really didn't know who they were.

"Oh yeah?" Sam asked raising his brows.


Dean shrugged his shoulders losing interest and went back to what he was doing.

"Looking for ghosts and cheap thrills."

"Yep. So if you guys don't mind, we're trying to conduct a serious scientific investigation here." Harry said looking at the three of them.

"Yeah, what have you got so far?" Dean asked as he opened up a cupboard.

"Harry, why dontcha tell 'em about EMF?" Ed said looking at Harry.


"EMF?" Andi asked playing dumb tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear trying her best not to laugh. These boys were really stupid.

Sam tried his best not to smile at Andi's performance. He had to admit that she was fairly good at what she was doing at that very moment and that was getting these two boys believing that she was interested in what they were talking about.

"It's an Electromagnetic field. Spectral entities can cause energy fluctuations that can be ready with an EMF detector. Like this bad boy right here, sweetheart." Harry said showing it to her before turning it on.

Dean smirked at Sam and Andi.

"Whoa. Whoa. It's a 2.8mg."

"2.8. It's hot in here." Ed said with a smile. "And it's not only you sweetheart."

Andi rolled her eyes at the cheesy pickup line.

Dean whistled in admiration and clenched his fist at what Ed had said.

"Wow." Sam said showing his admiration as well.

"Huh. So you guys ever really seen a ghost before, or…" Andi asked looking at them.

"Once sweetheart. We were, uh… we were investigating this old house and we saw a vase fall right off the table…" Ed said trying his best to sound smooth.

Andi's brows went up knowing that didn't sound like a ghost at all.

"By itself." Harry finished for Ed.

"Well, we, we we we didn't actually see it, we heard it. And something like that… it uh… it changes you."

"Yeah. I think I get the picture. We should go, let them get back to work." Dean said looking at Sam and Andi.

"Yeah, you should. Hey sweetheart you're more than welcome to stay with us." Ed said looking at Andi.

"Yeah no thanks. I'll let you two get back to work."

"Sam. Andi."

"Coming." Andi said quickly following Dean and Sam out of the room.


Andi and Sam came down the stairs of the library after doing some extensive research of looking up the resident that had lived in the Hell House.

Dean came up to them after his little jaunt to the police station.

"Hey." Sam said looking at Dean.

"Hey. What did you two find out?" Dean asked hoping that they had found something in the archives.

"Well, I couldn't find a Mordechai, but I did find a Martin Murdock, who lived in that house in the '30s." Sam said rubbing the back of his neck. "He did have children, but only two of them, both boys, and there's no evidence he ever killed anyone."


"What about you?" Andi asked putting her hands in her pockets as she walked with them. She hoped that Dean had some luck coming across something that would help them out.

Dean stopped at the Impala. "Well, those kids didn't really give us a clear description of that dead girl, but I did hit up the police station. No matching missing persons. It's like she never existed. Come on, we did our digging, this one's a bust alright. For all we know those hellHound boys made up the whole thing."

"Yeah, alright." Sam said in a defeated tone.

"I say we find ourselves a bar and some beers and leave the legend to the locals." Dean said as he got into the car.

Andi was about to get in when Sam grabbed her arm stopping her from getting in. Andi looked at Sam in confusion. She saw a smile on Sam's face and saw him leaning down to look in the window. Andi's brows furrowed and then knew exactly what was going on. Sam had done something to the car and he didn't want her to suffer by getting into the car with Dean. Andi let out a breath as she looked into his hazel eyes.

Sam smiled at her causing his dimples to show which made her weak in the knees.

Dean turned the key in the ignition and Latino pop-dance music blasted from the speakers. Dean tried to turn it off but the wipers turned on. Dean moved back. "WHOA! What the…" He quickly reached to turn everything off.

Sam got into the car laughing. He licked his finger and marked an imaginary 1 in the air and pointed at himself.

Andi shook her head and got into the backseat. "God just keep in mind my warning boys. You prank me you won't like it." She said as she crossed her arms as she leaned back in the seat.

Dean gave Sam a dirty look. "That's all you got? Weak. That is bush league." Dean said as he pulled the car away from the curb.

Andi shook her head. "And why do I have a feeling that this is going to get so much worse?" She questioned softly as she looked out the window.


Sam, Dean, and Andi walked up to a man that was standing outside of the Hell House.

"What happened?" Dean asked at the scene that was happening before them.

"A coupla cops say a girl hung herself in the house." The man said looking over at them.

"Suicide?" Sam asked looking at the man.

"Yeah. She was a straight A student, with a full ride to UT too. It just doesn't make sense." The man said walking away.

"Whaddaya think?" Sam asked looking at Dean and Andi.

Andi pursed her lips together. "We had to have missed something inside of that house." Andi said crossing her arms as she tried to think of what they could've possibly missed. And whatever it was, it was going to be a major key in finding out what was going on there.

Dean nodded his head in agreement.


Andi, Dean and Sam were crouched in the bushes outside of the Hell House and a police car was parked outside of it and two cops were outside of it.

Sam let out a soft sigh. "I guess the cops don't want anyone else screwing around in there."

"Yeah, but we still gotta get in there." Dean said softly looking at the two of them.

Andi heard whispering and peaked her head out from their hiding place. "Bloody hell I don't believe it."

Sam spun around to look and Dean did as well.

Ed and Harry were hunched over wearing all sorts of gadgets and whispering to one another and trying their best to keep quiet.

"I got an idea." Dean said with a cheeky smile.

Andi blinked a few times. "Dean what are you…" Dean raised a little bit and turned towards the cops cupping his hand to his mouth. "Who ya gonna call!"

"Wha… huh?"

"Hey! You!"

Andi tried her best not to laugh as the cops began to chase down Harry and Ed away from the Hell house. Finally laughing she followed Sam and Dean into the house.

Sam took out the rifles and handed one to Andi and then one to Dean.

Dean turned on a flashlight. He looked at the symbol on the wall. "Where have I seen that symbol before? It's killing me!" Dean complained looking at it.

Andi rolled her eyes. "Dean come on."

"We don't have much time." Sam said looking at his brother.

The three of them went down to the basement and began to look around.

Dean picked up a jar and picked it up. The pale red liquid sloshes around inside of it. "Hey Sam. I dare you to take a swig of this."

"What the hell would I do that for?" Sam questioned his brother looking at him like he had grown a second head.

"I double dare you."

Sam shook his head looking away.

Dean grinned as he put it back down where he had gotten it from.

Andi rolled her eyes. "How much of a child can you be Dean?"

A noise alerted them and they slowly made their way towards a cabinet. Dean nodded his head and Sam opened the door and rats squeaked and scurried away from the light.

Dean lifted his feet. "Arghh! I hate rats."

"You'd rather it was a ghost?" Sam questioned his brother looking at him.


"Wow… what a flip flop… most would prefer the rats instead of ghosts." Andi said looking at Dean thinking.

The three of them then realize that something was wrong and swung around to see Mordechai raising an axe above his head.

Sam shot his gun twice, but Mordechai was still there.

Dean and Andi fired their guns and Mordechai misted away.

Sam looked at Dean and Andi. "What the hell kind of spirit is immune to rock salt?"

"I dunno. Come on. Come on come on!" Dean yelled as they began to run towards the stairs.

Mordechai brought his axe down catching the shelves bringing the jars crashing down on Dean.

Sam began to fight with Mordechai.

"Go! Get outta here!" Sam yelled at Dean and Andi.

Mordechai smashed the electrical box and sparks flew everywhere.

The three of them bolted for the door.


Sam, Dean, and Andi bursted out of the front door and fell through the emergency tape and rolled down the steps and sprung right back up onto their feet and kept running.

"Get that damn thing outta my face." Dean said pushing the camera out of his face.

"Go go go!" Sam yelled.

"Bloody hell!" Andi said as she kept running ignoring the pain that she felt in her one ankle when she had rolled and got right back up to her feet.


Andi laid on the couch with her ankle propped up due to twisting it when she had fallen. She was trying her best to help Sam the best she could with the research since the boys didn't want her to do much since she had hurt herself when she had fallen.

Dean sat on his bed drawing the symbol that was driving him up the wall since he had seen it in the Hell House. "What the hell is this symbol? It's bugging the hell outta me. This whole damn job's bugging me. I thought the legend said Mordechai only goes after chicks."

"It does." Sam said looking up from his computer.

"Alright. Well I mean that explains why he went after you, but why me?"

Andi rolled her eyes. "Smart ass." Andi said with a scoff.

"Hilarious. The legend also says he hung himself, but did you see those slit wrists?"


"What's up with that? And the axe too. I mean, ghosts are usually pretty strict, right? Following the same patterns over and over?"

"But this mook keeps changing."

Sam clicked away on his laptop. "Exactly. I'm telling ya, the way the story goes… wait a minute."

"What's wrong Sam?" Andi asked putting her book down on her lap looking at Sam in concern.

"Someone added a new post to the Hellhound site. Listen to this. They say Mordechai Murdoch was really a Satanist who chopped up his victims with an axe before slitting his own wrists. Now he's imprisoned in the house for eternity."

Dean stared at the symbol he drew on the motel notepad before he sat straight up on his bed.

"Where the hell is this going?" Sam said pursing his lips together.

"I don't know, but I think I might have just figured out where it all started." Dean said getting up.

Andi got up to her feet wincing. "I'm coming with you."

"You really should be resting your ankle up, sweetheart."

Andi put her hands on her hips. "It's just a little sprain. We're working. I'll rest it a little later."

Sam let out a sigh. "Dean… you know Andi…"

Dean let out a sigh. "Yeah… alright."


Dean, Sam, and Andi walked into the music store and saw Craig looking rather depressed.

"Hey Craig? Remember us?" Dean questioned as he came in with his hands in his pockets.

"Guys, look I'm really not in the mood to any of your questions okay?" Craig said softly.

"Oh don't worry. We're just here to buy an album, that's all." Dean said as he flicked through the albums and picked up one. He walked up with Sam and Andi. "You know I couldn't figure out what the symbol was and then I realized that it doesn't mean anything. It's the logo for the Blue Oyster Cult." Dean looked at Craig. "Tell me Craig, you, uh, into BOC? Or just scaring the hell outta people? Now why don't you tell us about that house… without lying through your ass this time?"

Andi nodded her head. "It makes it a lot easier on your part buddy."

Craig let out a soft sigh. "Alright, um. My cousin Dana was on break from TCU. Ah, I guess we were just bored, looking for something to do. So I showed her this abandoned dump I found. We thought it would be funny if we made it look haunted. So we painted symbols on the walls, some from albums, some from Dana's theology textbooks. Then we found out this guy Murdock used to live there so we… we made up some story to go along with that. So they told people, who told other people. And then these two guys put it on their stupid website. Everything just took on a life of its own. I mean I, I thought it was funny at first, but… not that girl's dead! It was just a joke, you know. I mean, none of it was real, we made the whole thing up. I swear."

"Alright." Sam said softly.

The three hunters left the store.

Dean looked at the two younger hunters. "If none of it was real. How the hell do you explain Mordechai?"

Andi pursed her lips together. "Now that is a very bloody good question."


Dean returned to the motel room carrying a packet of itching powder in his hands.

Andi looked up from her book. She saw the itching powder in her hands and shook her head. She sat up and put the book down on the couch.

"Hey, I'm back!" Dean called to Sam.

"Hey, where were you?"

"Oh, I went out."

Andi shook her head as she got up off of the couch. "You put any of that shit on my stuff I'm going to shoot you with a bullet Winchester." She said as she headed out the door.

Dean knew to take that warning to heart. Andi never gave a warning out like that and did not mean it 100%.


"There you go guys." The server said giving their drinks to Dean.

Dean took the three coffees. "Thank you." Dean handed Andi her coffee since she didn't trust him carrying three coffees.

The three of them made their way towards the table while Sam grimaced and adjusted his jeans.

"Dude what's your problem?" Dean asked watching him.

Andi shook her head as she took a seat at a table.

"Nothing, I'm fine." Sam said as he sat down.



"So, ahhh, alright keep going. What about these Tulpas?"

Andi looked at Sam. "Oh this is what we were talking about earlier before Dean came back from his trip."

Sam nodded his head. "So there was this incident in Tibet in 1915. Group of monks visualised a golem in their head. They meditated on it so hard they brought the thing to life. Outta thin air."


Andi let out a sigh. "That was 20 monks, Dean. Imagine what 10,000 web surfers could do."

"I mean Craig stats the story about Mordechai, then it spreads, goes online. Now there are countless people all believing in the bastard." Sam said letting out a sigh.

"Now wait a second. Are you two trying to tell me that just because people believe in Mordechai, he's real."

"I dunno, maybe." Sam said looking rather uncomfortable.

"People believe in Santa Claus… how come I'm not getting hooked up every Christmas?"

"Cuz you're a bad person. And because of this…" Sam turned his laptop around showing Dean a photo of one of the Hell House symbols that he had taken of. "That's a Tibetan spirit sigil. On the wall of the house. Craig said they were painting symbols from a theology textbook. I bet they painted this, not even knowing what it was. Now that sigil has been used for centuries, concentrating meditative thoughts like a magnifying glass. So people on the HellHounds website, staring at the symbol, thinking about Mordechai… I mean I don't know, but it might be enough to bring a Tulpa to life."

"It would explain why he keeps changing." Dean said pursing his lips together into a thin line.

Sam grimaced and adjusted himself again. Right, as the legend changes, people think different things, so Mordechai himself changes. Like a game of telephone. That would also explain why the rock salt didn't work."

Andi let out a sigh rubbing her temples.

"Yeah because he's not a traditional spirit."

"Yeah." Sam said as he continued to fidget in his seat.

"Okay. So why don't we just… uh… get this spirit sigil thingie off the wall and off the website?"

"It's not that simple." Andi said shaking her head. "Onces a tulpas created they take on a life of their own."

"She's right." Sam said with a s nod of his head.

"Great. So if he is really a thought form how the hell are we supposed to kill an idea?" Dean said rubbing his mouth.

Sam continued to itch and adjust himself. "Well it's not gonna be easy with these guys helping us. Check out their homepage." Sam showed Andi and Dean the footage from the previous night. "Since they've posted the video their number of hits have quadrupled in the last day alone."

"Hmph. I got an idea. Come on." Dean said getting up from the table.

Andi got up and so did Sam.

"Where are we going?"

"We gotta find a copy store."

Sam itched and moved around. "Man, I think I'm allergic to our soap or something."

Andi pursed her lips together into a thin line trying her best not to laugh at Sam's discomfort.

Dean laughed as he walked away.

"You did this?"

Dean continued to laugh.

"You're a friggin jerk!"

"Oh yeah."

"You knew about this?" Sam questioned whirling around to look at Andi.

"I wasn't getting involved in this." Andi said holding up her hands. "I told you this already Sam." Andi shook her head. "I'm not getting involved in any of your childish games in this pranking war. I've already told you that." She moved to walk past the younger brother. She knew that he was upset, but she wasn't part of the prank war, and wasn't going to plan on it either. It always got so bad that someone ended up getting hurt in one way or another.


Dean pounded loudly on the door of Ed and Harry's trailer which caused a squeal to come from inside.

Andi blinked a few times covering her mouth trying her best not to laugh.

"Who is it?" Harry's voice rang from inside.

"Come on out here guys, we hear you in there." Dean called as he crossed his arms.

"It's them!" Ed said.

The two of them stuck their heads out the door.

"Ah, would you look at that! Action figures in their original packaging… what a shock."

Andi giggled lightly.

"Guys, we need to talk." Sam said looking at them.

"Yeah, um, sorry guys. We're ahhh, a little bit busy right now." Ed said shaking his head. He didn't feel like talking to them.

"Ok well we'll make it quick then." Andi said looking at them rolling her eyes. "We need you to shut down your website."

Ed laughed looking at her like she had gone insane. "Man, you know, these guys got us busted last night, spent a night in a holding cell…"

"I had to pee in that cell urinal. In front of people. And I get stage fright" Harry said looking at them.

Andi wrinkled her nose in distaste.

"Why should we trust you guys." Ed said looking at them.

"Look guys. We all know what we saw last night, what's in the house. But now thanks to your website there are thousands of people hearing about Mordechai." Sam said shaking his head.

"That's right. Which means people are gonna keep showing up at the Hell House, running into him in person, somebody could get hurt." Dean said nodding his head. That was the last thing that they needed. Someone getting hurt.

"Yeah, yeah…" Ed said rolling his eyes.

"Ed maybe he's got a point, maybe…" Harry said looking at Dean.



"We have an obligation to our fans, to the truth."

"Well I have an obligation to kick both your little asses right now…" Dean started only to have Andi put her hand on his shoulder.

"Dean… Dean, hey, hey, just, forget it, alright. These guys…" Sam let out a sigh. "Probably bitch slap them both, I could probably even tell them that thing about Mordechai… but they're still not gonna help us."

Andi nodded her head. "Let's go please? My ankle is killing me."

Sam wrapped his arm around her knowing that she meant that her ankle was bothering her.

"Whoa… whoa." Harry and Ed said at the same time.

"Yeah, you're right." Dean said looking at Sam and Andi. "Let's get going." He said turning on his heels to walk away with them both.

Harry and Ed began to walk with them.

"What you say about…" Ed began to talk.

"Hang on a second here." Harry said following them.

"Wait… wait."

"What thing about Mordechai you guys?"

"Don't tell 'em Sam." Dean said looking over at his brother.

"But if they agree to shut the website down Dean." Sam said looking at Dean.

"They're not going to do it, you said so yourself."

"No wait. Wait. Don't listen to him okay? We'll do it. We'll do it." Ed said looking at Sam.

Andi gripped onto Sam's flannel holding onto it tightly. "It's a secret Sam." Andi said softly.

"Look, it is a really big deal alright. And it wasn't easy to dig up. So if we have your word that you'll shut everything down." Sam said looking at them.

"Totally." Ed said with a nod of his head.


Dean handed them some paperwork.

"It's a death certificate. From the '30s. We got it at the library. Now according to the coroner, the actual cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound." Sam explained to the two of them.

"That's right he didn't hang or cut himself."

"He shot himself." Ed said looking at the paperwork.

"Yep. With a .45 pistol. To this day they say he's terrified of them."

"Matter of fact they say if you shoot him with a .45, loaded with these special wrought-iron rounds… it'll kill the sonuvabitch." Dean said with a smile.

Ed and Harry snigger gleefully.

Harry spun around and bolted back towards the trailer and Ed followed more slowly.

"Harry. Slow your roll buddy. They're gonna know we're excited."

Andi shook her head. "Too late for that." Andi said rolling her eyes. "Can we go now? My ankle is killing the bloody hell out of me."


The three of them sat at the diner in a booth. Sam was busy looking at his laptop checking the website.

Dean reached up pulling the cord on the 3D artwork of a fisherman holding a big fish. The fisherman laughed an annoying laugh.

Sam pulled the cord to get it to stop. "If you pull that string one more time I'm gonna kill you." Sam warned his brother.

Dean looked at his brother with a deadpan look and pulled it again.

Andi reached over and pulled the cord stopping it this time giving him a glare.

"Come on you two, you need more laughter in your life. You know you're way too tense."

Sam gave Dean a dirty look.

Dean let out a soft sigh. "They post it yet?"

Sam moved the laptop so Dean could look at it and stabbed at his salad angrily.

"We've learned from a reputable source that Mordechai Murdock has a fatal fear of firearms. Alright. How long do we wait?" Dean asked looking up at Sam.

Andi let out a sigh as she took a bite of her salad.

"Long enough for the new story to spread, and the legend to change. I figure by nightfall iron rounds will work on the sucker." Sam said as he held his beer out to Dean who lifted his own up and tapped Sam's.

"Sweet." Dean took a long drink from his beer.

Sam grinned.

Dean went to put the bottle down, but it was stuck to his hand.

Sam began to laugh.

Andi blinked a few times and looked at the bottle that was stuck in Dean's hand. She then looked at Sam. "You didn't." She exclaimed a small smile coming to her lips.

Sam smiled laughing holding up a tube of superglue. "Oh, I did."

Andi began to laugh.

Sam pulled the string of the fisherman and the annoying fisherman began to laugh with the two younger hunters as Dean tried to shake the beer bottle off of his hand.


Andi, Sam, and Dean entered the house on high alert with their guns drawn.

Dean readjusted his gun in his hand. "I barely have any skin left on my palm." Dean complained as he continued to walk.

Andi rolled her eyes as they slowly walked being very methodical with their search for Mordechai.

"I'm not touching that line with a ten foot pole." Sam said before Dean shined his flashlight in his eyes causing Sam to wince.

Dean then moved to another room. "So you think Old Mordechai's home?"

"I don't know." Sam said softly.

"Me either." Ed replied.

The three hunters spun around pointing their guns at Ed and Harry.

"Whoa! Whoa!"

"What the bloody hell are you two doing here? Trying to get your heads blasted off?" Andi said her cognac eyes going wide at the two of them. How the hell did they not notice that these two morons were following them in here?

"We're just trying to get a book and movie deal, okay?"

A sound from the basement of knives being sharpened put Sam, Dean, and Andi back on alert.

"Oh crap."

Ed and Harry crowd in close behind Sam, Dean, and Andi with their camera.

"Ah guys, you wanna… you wanna open that door for us?"

"Why don't you?" Dean said looking back at the two scared ghost hunters.

Mordechai suddenly burst through the door, holding his axe screaming.

The three hunters emptied their gun chambers into Mordechai. He held his form, wavered and then disappeared into a misted away. The three hunters waited for a moment and then went to check the other rooms to check to see if it was all clear.

"Hey! Didn't you guys post the B.S. story we gave you?" Dean yelled at them.

"Of course we did." Ed explained to Dean.

Andi and Sam came running back into the room with their guns ready.

"But then our server crashed." Harry explained what had happened.


"So it didn't take?" Dean asked looking at the two want to be ghost hunters.

"Uh...mmm…" Harry and Ed looked at one another nervously.

"So these, these guns don't work."

"Yeah." Ed said pursing his lips together.

"Great. Sam, any ideas."

"We are getting outta here."

"Yeah Come on, Ed." Harry grabbed onto Ed.

They ran past Dean to the other room.

Andi let out a groan. "We're gonna have to come up with something or we're gonna end up getting killed by a bleeding Tulpa."

"Hey! Come and get it you ugly son of a bitch!" Sam yelled calling the Tulpa towards him.

Andi let out a groan looking towards Dean. "I got an idea."

"What's that?" Dean asked looking at her.

"Did you see kerosene anywhere?"

"Yeah I did."

"Hurry up and start splashing it around. We're going to light this blasted place up. Sam might not have much time."

Dean nodded his head.

"I'm gonna get those bloody bastards out of here." She said as she broke out into a run grabbing both Harry and Ed's arms hauling them towards the door. She kicked it with her foot breaking the door open.

"How'd you?" Harry asked with wide eyes.

"Oh shut the bloody hell up. Just move it." Andi said as she pushed them out the door before bolting out the door herself. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw Dean and Sam come running out of the house and the building catch on fire.

"That's your solution? Burn the whole damn place to the ground?" Sam asked rubbing his throat.

"Well nobody will go in anymore. I mean look, Mordechai can't haunt a house if there's no house to haunt. It's fast and dirty, but it works. And it was Andi's idea." Dean said looking over at Andi with a small smile.

Andi smiled a small smile.

"Well what if the legend changes again and Mordechai is allowed to leave the house?" Sam questioned looking at the two of them pursing his lips in concern.

"Well… well then we'll just have to come back."

They watched the house burn.

"Kind of makes you wonder. Of all the things we hunted, how many existed just because people believed in them."

Andi let out a soft chuckle. "You know." Andi said looking at Sam. "I never thought of it in that light. It kind of does make me wonder."


Sam, Dean, and Andi hung out by one of the picnic tables in the trailer park.

Andi smoked a cigarette relaxing some leaning against the table closing her eyes.

Harry and Ed walked carrying grocery bags.

"I was thinking that Mordechai has a really super high attack bonus." Harry told Ed.

"Man I got the munchies right now." Ed told Harry. "Gentlemen and my lady."

Andi rolled her eyes as she took a drag of her cigarette.

"Hey guys." Sam said offering them a smile.

"Should we tell 'em?" Harry asked Ed.

"Hey, might as well, you know, they're going to read about it in the trades." Ed said with a smile.

"So this morning we got a phone call from a very important Hollywood producer."

"Oh yeah, wrong number?" Dean questioned looking at Harry.

"No, smart-ass. He read all about the Hell House on our website and wants to option the motion picture rights. Maybe even have us write it."

They place their grocery bags into their overloaded car.

"And created the RPG." Harry said with a smile.

"The what?" Dean asked in confusion.

"Role playing game." Ed said looking at Dean like he was an idiot.


"A little lingo for you. Anyhoo, ahh, excuse us, we're off to la-la land."

"Well congratulations guys. That sounds really great." Sam said with a smile.

"Yeah. That's awesome, best of luck to you." Dean said with a smile.

"Oh yeah, luck. That has nothing to do with it. It's about talent. Sheer unabashed talent."

They all nodded at each other.

"Later." Ed said making a hand gesture. "Hey sweetheart… you're more than welcome to join us."

Andi wrinkled her nose. "Nah no thanks. I'm quite happy with my boys." She said looking at Sam and Dean. She wasn't about to leave the brothers when there was still quite a bit that she needed to do with them. There was just no way that these two would be able to keep up with her like Sam and Dean kept up with her.

Ed and Harry got into the car.

"See ya round." Ed said as he pulled away.

Andi shook her head.

"Wow." Dean said shaking his head.

"I have a confession to make." Sam said softly looking at Dean and Andi.

"What's that?" Dean questioned looking over at his brother.

"I, uh… was the one that called them and told them I was a producer."

Dean laughed lightly. "Yeah well I'm the one who put the dead fish in their back seat."

Sam laughed.

Both laughed.


"Yeah truce. At least for the next 100 miles."

Andi smiled lightly. "Um… I also have a confession to make…" She said as she looked at the two brothers.

The brothers looked at Andi.

"Um… they won't make it too far. They'll have to be stopping for gas soon. I may have siphoned some of their gas out of their tank."

The brothers laughed.

"They pissed me off what can I say?"

The three of them laughed as they got into the car.

Dean started the car up. "Remind me not to upset you any time soon."

Andi smiled and chuckled lightly. "I have a feeling you won't be doing it. They were just bloody annoying as hell. Those two never knew the meaning of no… Especially that Ed." She shook her head. "I'm just hoping that we don't run into those two bleeding morons ever again."

Sam nodded his head. "I agree with you there."


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