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4: Meet the Resistance

Hey, uhh, I'm sorry for disappearing for 2 months (then again other fanfiction writers have it worse BUT HEY-) because I was really frustrated with my writing so I decided to take a 2-month break. But I'm back, I guess, so yeah, continuing with this fic! ovo

Chapter 4 - Meet the Resistance




Kiruru's eyes widened when he saw a book flying towards him. Alerted, his eyes glowed like a Volbeat at night and immediately used his psychic abilities to make the book float. He gently placed it on the ground, stacking them one by one. However, he failed to notice that one of them hit his trainer's head.

"Ow!" Ruby snapped out of his trance and rubbed his head. Hearing this, Kiruru immediately placed a hand on his shoulder, which Ruby patted. He smiled slightly, before kneeling one leg down. He was behind Sapphire, observing her, as his eyebrows creased. "Sapph, what's going on?"

Sapphire grumbled and dropped her fanny pack on the ground, sitting on it while hugging her legs close to her chest. She gritted her teeth, before releasing another grunt. "I can't find it."

Ruby continued furrowing his eyebrows, which formed a thin line on his forehead. He was now curious about what she meant by that. "Can't find what?"

Sapphire grabbed her bag and placed all the stuff she took out from it.

It was exactly what she expected to have if she remained to be that fancy and weak girl; the bag contained a makeup kit, a sewing kit, extra clothes, and books. They weren't just any books, though; they were romance novels and she had no idea whether she would be happy or cringe at her book choices. She had to make sure Ruby wouldn't see it or else he might end up teasing her about it.

"My Pokedex," she replied and once she placed all the stuff in her fanny pack, she closed it. "Do ya have yours?"

Ruby shook his head. "No. My bag was nowhere to be found. The only stuff I had left in my room was Kiruru's Poke Ball. Speaking of which," he grabbed Kiruru's Poke Ball and returned the Gallade back into it. He then offered it to Sapphire. "Here."

Sapphire looked at it and met Kiruru's bored yet confused eyes. It hurt that her own Pokemon couldn't remember her. She opted to ignore it, nonetheless, and broke her gaze from the ball. She rolled Ruby's fingers onto it. "I can't."

Ruby's mouth hang open and looked at Kiruru. The Gallade's expression changed from weariness to happiness. "Why?"

Sapphire raised her hand and returned Ruru back to her Poke Ball. "Because in this world, Kiruru thinks that you're his trainer. It explains why he's ready to attack me. Same with Ruru." She looked at Ruru's Poke Ball and saw the Gardevoir looking at her with worried eyes. She gave her a reassuring look, before placing it back in her pocket and stood up. "I don't know much about our lives in this reality, but even if it's good, I still don't like it."

Ruby stood along with her. He looked at his palm, noting how many light scars it had. He breathed heavily. He could already make a conclusion that in this world, he remained to be that snotty boy who liked Pokemon Battles more than anything else. It made him wonder if he was still good friends with Sapphire. If their paths didn't cross, then it wasn't worth staying on. He had to find Celebi and return things back to normal. "I can't waste my time here. I need to find Celebi now."

"Alone?" Sapphire spun around and her eyes went round.

Ruby bobbed his head and dropped his arm. "It's my fault why Hoenn is a mess. I have to find Celebi and—"

"No!" Sapphire spat and gripped his shirt collar. She looked straight into his eyes, and she saw nothing but pain and regret in it. She gulped, quenching her dry throat. She really wished she could do something about it. "We're stuck here together, Ruby. Whether you like it or not, we'll find Celebi together."


"Don't push me away again, please," She removed her grip on his shirt and sighed, turning around. "I thought ya learned..." she said in a meek tone. It had been a year and a half since they officially started dating, but why was he still choosing to act on his own when danger was lurking? "Don't even try to make the same mistakes again."

Ruby's left hand reached out for her but stopped. He clenched it instead, dropping it and sighed. She was right. He would just make things worse if he pushed her away again. "I'm sorry."

Sapphire bit her lip and grabbed his hat on the ground. She patted it, removing the dust skulking on it. Once she was done, she placed her hand on his chest, giving him the hat. "Come on. We have to find my dad first. He may have a clue about Celebi's location."

Ruby's eyes widened, as his jaw dropped. "What? But I checked the lab, and it's locked. And what if Professor Birch isn't who we thought he was?"

"He's still my dad, Ruby," Sapphire gripped his hat tighter. "If he's evil in this reality then I won't think twice and fight him. I'll save him from it."

Ruby huffed and stared at the ground. He wondered how Sapphire was able to concentrate and make the right decisions, especially when disaster struck. He often did the opposite and worsened the situation, endangering the ones he loved along the way. "Alright," he conceded, opening his hands.

There was a brief silence after that, which made Sapphire wonder and turn around, looking at him with concerned eyes. Her grip on his hat tightened. "Yer...Yer not gonna wear this?"

Ruby was quick to reply, much to her surprise. He shook his head, frowning. "I see no reason to cover my head anymore."

Sapphire bit her lip. She removed his hat on his chest and stared at it. She remembered the first time she saw this piece of clothing. Ruby often used this hat to hide the very scars that reminded him of his traumatic past. It may not hurt physically recently, but the emotional pain was still there, haunting every carve that scar possessed. She always wanted to help him with it, but she had second thoughts since she believed that it was his decision to ask for her help. She didn't want to force him, after all. Everyone has their own pace when it comes to healing.

"I...I understand," She neatly folded the hat and placed it in her fanny pack. "Let's just go back to Littleroot to find my dad, and..." She approached Ruby, but the Charmer flinched. She took a step back.

She understood why he would react like that; she did hit him, and she couldn't blame him for that. She sighed, grabbing shirt collar, nonetheless, tiptoed, then kissed the part where she slapped and punched him. "I'm sorry I went too far."

Ruby blinked, surprised that she would kiss him at a time like this, yet he felt grateful that at least he was able to receive a kiss from her. He sighed in relief and grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers together. "Don't be. You have the right to knock some sense into me." He chuckled at the pun while she smiled weakly at it. "But seriously, it's alright. I should've thought this through."

She didn't drop her frail smile, yet a hand reached for his cheek with its fingers caressing it. "We'll fix this together. I promise."

Ruby felt his heart aching with his stomach twisting into knots. He should be the one saying that.

"Come on." Holding his hand, Sapphire and Ruby went back to Littleroot Town.





Birch Research Laboratory

Littleroot Town

11:00 AM

Sapphire gritted her teeth, as her hand twisted the doorknob. It didn't budge after a few tries and she just sighed, knocking her head on the wooden door in defeat.

Ruby was concerned at this and held her shoulders. "Maybe Professor Birch is out of town."

Sapphire removed her head from the door and Ruby's hand on her shoulders. "Hoenn is in chaos, Ruby. Dad might be hiding here or worse..." She bit her lip and took a deep breath. She didn't have time to mope and cry. She had to do something and know whether or not her father was safe. Balling her fist, Sapphire punched the door, using every bit of strength she had left and destroyed it. Her punch loosened the door's hinges as it fell on the ground, leaving clouds of dust to dawdle in the air.

Oh god, I love her so much. Ruby thought as he blinked. He felt an odd mix of awe and pride just by watching her destroy the door with ease.

"Dad?" Sapphire called and stepped inside, her eyes wandering around the laboratory. She covered her nose and coughed some dust off along the way. "Dad? Are ya here?" She stopped once she heard people whispering and raised her hand.

Ruby stopped beside her, lifting an eyebrow. "You alright?" he asked.

Sapphire nibbled her bottom lip. "I think I heard some people whisperin'."

Ruby's hand reached for his pocket, not hesitating to send Kiruru out. His eyes also explored the laboratory.

Unlike the laboratory from their reality, this place looked abandoned. There were old laboratory equipment, machines, and computers along with some old papers scattered all over the place. Most of it was covered with dust while some were covered with a dirty cloth. He gulped as he slowly dipped his hand in his pocket. He looked at Sapphire and saw her doing the same; she had her hand close to her pocket while she was on all fours, ready to beat the crap out of whoever planned to attack them.

Sapphire's eyes gleamed with anger, as she kept her guard up. She was like a mother Pokemon ready to protect her precious eggs from its predator with her life. "There's more than one of 'em," she muttered, loud enough for Ruby to hear.

Ruby gulped and held Kiruru's Poke Ball tightly. "Well then," He drew his left leg back, as a crease appeared between his brows. "Shall we greet them?"

Sapphire smirked. She loved it whenever she and Ruby would battle together. "Ya bet."

A scoff was heard, however. "Oh, please."

Ruby's and Sapphire's eyes widened, as they both glanced up at the ceiling. A small boy jumped down at them. The boy hit Ruby's head, knocking him out, while Sapphire was able to dodge him. As she was about to attack the boy, however, she felt two pairs of hands holding her wrists, pulling it back, while another hand went to her neck. She gulped as she tried to resist but the ones holding her captive responded by digging their nails into her skin. A knife was jabbed towards her throat. She yelped in pain, causing Ruby to regain his senses.

"Sapphire!" he cried and stood up, but couldn't. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at his body. He saw his wrists and his ankles were already tied up. How?!

"Alright," the boy who tied Ruby said, removing the scarf that covered half of his face. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Ruby and Sapphire were both shocked to see the boy's identity.


Emerald rose an eyebrow while the corners of his eyes started crinkling. "How the hell do you know my name?"

Ruby closed his gaping mouth and took a deep breath. He had no idea why Emerald tied him, but he was absolutely glad to see him. "Emerald, this is a huge misunderstanding. You see—"

"A misunderstanding?" Emerald intervened, his loud voice echoing around the room. "You two broke into Professor Birch's Laboratory! How do you call that a misunderstanding?!"

Ruby blinked and tried to recall that this wasn't the Emerald he knew. "Listen, we didn't mean to break in. Honestly, we didn't," he begged and looked into the small man's eyes.

Emerald immediately averted it then looked at Sapphire. He blinked. "Why on earth are you dressed like that?"

Sapphire furrowed her eyebrows. "Wait, what?!"

"Alright," A familiar voice came in and stepped into the light. He had both of his hands dug in his pockets and stopped in front of Emerald. He was a dark, tall and muscular man wearing a blue bandanna, a blue shirt, and black pants. "You go and fix the door, Emerald. I'll take it from here."

Emerald sighed and nodded. He followed the order, nonetheless, and grabbed his toolbox before going to the door.

"Well, what do we have here?" He knelt beside Ruby and held the boy's chin.

Ruby countered it with a glare. "Place your filthy hands on Sapphire and you'll regret it."

Archie rose an eyebrow. This boy definitely looks a lot like that Gym Leader from Johto. He could only conclude that this boy must be that man's son. "And why is that?"

Ruby didn't reply. He only continued glaring at Archie until the older man stood up and approached Sapphire. This made Ruby's heartbeat hammer. "Don't you dare take a step closer to her!"

Archie ignored the boy and stopped in front of Sapphire. He scanned her from head to toe. "My dear, why are you dressed like that?"

Sapphire just dropped her head. Yes, she may be the prissy and delicate girl in this reality, but why on earth were people judging her outfit? Ruby has the only right to do such a thing! "Let us go, and then I can tell ya why."

Archie's pupils dilated as he clicked his tongue, pursing his lips. "I could, but I don't trust you, especially when you displayed such a fascinating accent. Besides, you're in my territory now, so I suggest you do as I say."

Sapphire sighed. She took a glance at Ruby and saw how anxious he was. She didn't like it. If Ruby was anxious, he would most likely do something reckless. She needed to move now before Ruby's irrational decision could lead them into bigger trouble. "I'm just lookin' for my dad. His name is—"

"Professor Birch? Norman?" Archie interrupted, raising an eyebrow as Sapphire nodded. "Well, funny," His hand traveled on his chin, massaging his beard. "We're also looking for him as well and since you somehow brought a stranger with you, then I'm afraid you have to go down with him." He took out a Poke Ball and threw it in the air.

A Walrein later came out of it and landed on the ground. Archie patted its head, while the Pokemon smiled. "Walrein, treat our guest nicely and use Ice Beam on her."

The Walrein nodded and opened its mouth, formulating its attack. Sapphire gulped and prepared herself for the worst.

Ruby fidgeted from his position, trying to untie the ropes around his wrists and ankles, but it was no use. Dammit, dammit! No! His heart didn't stop beating wildly, his breathing hastening, as sweat excessively dripped from his body. Things shouldn't be ending this way.


Archie turned around and patted his Walrein. It stopped and looked at its trainer.

"What the hell do you want?" Archie asked.

"Just stop, please! Freeze me instead!" Ruby implored, as fear and concern continued to surround his eyes. "Just don't hurt her, please."

Archie folded his arms across his chest. "And why would I do that? Why do you prefer to die instead of her?"

"Because..." Ruby bit his lip. He didn't need to figure out why he wanted to die for Sapphire; he told her a year ago that he was willing to die for or with her. But how come he couldn't even say it in front of people? What did he have to lose if he told Archie the truth? It's true that Archie may ignore his words, but he needed to tell this to Sapphire before it's too late. He may have shown it in his actions, but he had to say it as well; Sapphire had every right to know about it. As he released a breath, his gaze immediately went to Sapphire. He could see her trembling at his choice, which was seen in her worried eyes.

"I love her," he choked out, making tears well up in Sapphire's eyes while shocking everyone around him. "I love Sapphire and I will gladly die for her."

Archie closed his eyes and took out his electric cigar. He placed the mouthpiece in his mouth, pushed the puff button and inhaled deeply. A few moments passed, he puffed vapor out of his mouth and a Pecha Berry scent dallied in the air. "Release them."

"What?!" everyone asked. They all looked at their boss, wondering if he was certain with his decision.

"This boy seemed sincere that he loves this girl," Archie reasoned and continued inhaling his vape.

"But boss," one of his troops interjected. "What if he's lying?"

Archie stopped vaping and dropped the electric cigarette in his pocket. "Then we'll kill him. Simple as that."

Ruby gulped upon hearing that. It looked like he has to prove how much he loves Sapphire, then. It may seem hard, but he was determined to do so. This reality may be a mess, but he's always unquestionably sure about one thing: he would always love Sapphire no matter what reality or alternate timeline they were in.

Once the grunts released their hold on Sapphire, she immediately shoved them away, making them fall on the ground, and approached Ruby. She placed a hand on his back and then untied him. Ruby's face twisted in pain as Sapphire removed the last rope around his wrist. "I'm sorry. I should've knocked 'em out before their other friend pointed that knife at me."

"It's okay," Ruby wiggled his wrist then held her hand. A small smile perked on his lips. "We both let our guard down when we saw Emerald. Don't blame yourself."

Sapphire smiled weakly. She squeezed his hands, before helping him stand up. She laid one hand on his chest while he encircled his left arm on her waist. She bit her lip.

This day had so many surprises for them. Ruby telling her that he loves her in public is definitely the only good thing that happened. She didn't expect him to say it at a time like this, but she thought it only happened because Archie was threatening to kill her. She just wished he would have said it under different circumstances. He may have meant what he said, but she wanted him to confess when neither of their lives was in danger. She shook her head. Even so, it was great to know that Ruby loves her, despite seeing and feeling it through his actions.

Her gaze then went to Archie. Why did she have a feeling that Archie didn't seem that worse compared to Maxie? He may have threatened to kill Ruby (and even herself) but that would only happen if Ruby lied about his feelings. And Sapphire knew Ruby wouldn't lie about what he feels after their talk a few years ago.

"I may have released you both, but I still don't trust you, especially your boyfriend," Archie said and dismissed his grunts.

"It doesn't matter," Sapphire responded, gripping Ruby's shirt. "We're just here to look for my father."

"Professor Birch or Norman?" Archie asked again with a raised brow.

"Both will do," Ruby responded while Archie sighed.

"Unfortunately, we don't know where he is. Last week, they went to see Maxie, the new head of the Pokemon Association and hasn't returned since then. I tried calling them, but they never picked up. Hell, I even tried to call Maxie, but..." he paused. He didn't want to talk about his call with Maxie. It was...heartbreaking. He inhaled instead, trying to change the subject, "You're just wasting your time here. You won't find your father, princess." He stopped to look at them. He saw nothing but complete shock from the two teens. He scratched his head. "Why are you surprised?"

"Archie," Sapphire spoke softly. "I know ya won't believe us and may think we're crazy but we ain't exactly from here."

Archie was skeptical. He didn't know what kind of trick they were trying to pull, but it was piquing his interest. It was an odd feeling. "Follow me," He reached the edge of the lab and pulled the lever attached to the wall.

Once the lever was pulled, one part of the tiled floor slid open and revealed stairs that lead them further down the laboratory.

Ruby and Sapphire were blown away upon witnessing this. They both looked at each other, before following Archie downstairs.

It'll be explained why Archie smokes. But I guess it's not that worse since it's a vape. Real cigarettes are more destructive. But of course, we all know that smoking, in general, is bad, kids hjfskf (and yes, Archie is my fave alternate version character of this fic ovo)

Also, how Ruby and Sapphire were caught after getting in the laboratory was a Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension reference.

I told you: this is gonna be crazy. I'm following Flashpoint Paradox's craziness, so everything, as in EVERYTHING from the past and even before the Salamence incident, changed. So, yes, Emerald is in Hoenn because he is not an orphan in this reality.

I'll take another one month break since Christmas season, so yeah. The next chapter will be next year, January 2020!

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