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17: Alternate Ending II

Okay, so this is the official 2nd alternate ending! Don't worry, this is not as stupendously long as the first alternate ending ^^;

Chapter 17- Alternate Ending II: Lost Memories



Sapphire ran as fast as her stiff legs could carry her.

She forced herself to sprint at a much quicker pace whilst making sure her hands and her back were holding Ruby close to her. Her teeth were gritted, as sweat trickled down her forehead. She then moved her gaze to the creature soaring above them.

Celebi was still there and it was moving hastily just like her. She could see it glancing at her and she couldn't tell the expressions it gave. The Grass-Psychic type looked concerned. Was it worried at the disastrous timeline or to its former master?

She took in a breath, removing her eyes from the Psychic-Grass type, and the moment she did, her foot tripped on a rock, causing her and Ruby to fall on the ground with a thud.

She grumbled, letting the pain dissipate. She breathed and tried to flutter her eyes open. Her eyes widened in shock.

"Sapphire," Ruby attempted to move, but his aching leg prevented him. He inhaled whilst hissing, biting his lip from the pain. "A-Are you okay?" he asked, but he received no answer. This alerted him. He struggled to move, but he ignored all that pain and suffering just to get closer to her. He gasped. Dirt wrecked his outfit and his skin, but he didn't pay heed. All he wanted was his girlfriend to be alright and safe in his arms.

"Sapph? Sapphire?" he rested his right hand on her shoulder, giving it a soft squeeze, but there wasn't any response. He gulped, as his body bathed in his sweat.

He had a bad feeling about this.

"Sapphire! Sapphire!" Ruby panicked, shaking her body. It was subtle at first, but his frightening demeanour was too much for him to bear. He shook her body a tad aggressively, yet there was still no response.

How come she wasn't answering? There was no way that trip caused her to lose her consciousness unless... No, he shook his head. He couldn't even entertain such an idea! It was more than enough to make him lose control. That'd never happen! That would never happen! He would never allow it! "Sapph, Sapphire! Are you okay?! Answer me!"

"How did you know my name?" she answered, making him sigh in relief, but her words made him realize something. He blinked.

What was going on?

"Who are you? How did you know my name?" 'Sapphire' asked, turning around. She gently removed herself and scooted away from him. She placed a hand on her chest. Her face twisted from confusion and mortification.

Ruby could feel his tears spilling from his eyes. No. No. No. No! NO! "S-Sapphire," he crawled closer, but the girl moved away, her scared expression, however, made the boy stop. He gulped. "I-It's me...R-Ruby..." he said, his tone was trembling in fear.

The brunette stared at him and blinked. She bit her lip. Ruby? She didn't know any boy whose name was Ruby. This guy must have mistaken her for someone else.

"Sapphire, please..." he called, his voice cracking and choking. "I-It's me. It's Ruby...don't you—don't you remember me?"

His explanation was puzzling; she couldn't react properly other than gawking at him whilst keeping her distance. Ruby was still denying what he was saying. He tried to move his gaze to her eyes, but he didn't have the strength to do so. He gnashed his teeth, closed his eyes, and clenched his fists.

Sapphire had to be in there. She had to. He...He couldn't lose her! He went back in time to remove her traumatic experience just so she could be happy. He—He can't lose her now. He would never allow it!

"Who are you, really?"

He cracked his eyes open, as he released a breath. He may not be able to see her facial expressions, but he knew she'd always speak with her accent. He inhaled, forcing himself to look into her eyes.

They were genuinely bemused. He knew he had to accept the truth—she couldn't recall him. Her eyes were blank and confused instead of the usual warm, cheerful, and comforting ones. She...She really did lose her memories.

He lowered his head, as tears plummeted from it. He didn't care. All he could feel was hurt. The pain in his heart seemed to hurt more than his bleeding leg. He screamed.

Everything was too late. He couldn't fix it—he failed. He failed to save her.


Wally heard some screaming at the very depths of Route 119. He didn't care to whom it belonged; all he knew was his piquing curiosity and it was getting the best of him.

Snickering, he followed the source of the voice. He would blame himself if he ended helping another injured man.

He stopped in his tracks once he reached the location and placed his hands on his knees. He panted, but his gaze on the floor stopped when he heard a whimper. He saw Ruby and Sapphire sitting on the ground. Ruby was crying and he thought he looked pathetic, but what caught his attention most was Sapphire's expression.

His mouth slightly opened, as he observed her. She looked perplexed, as she placed her left hand close to her chest.

Wait a second!

His eyebrows stitched together. He knew that gesture! "Sapphire?" he asked, catching her attention.

Sapphire stopped looking at Ruby. Tears welled up in her eyes, as relief flooded in her system. "Wally," she croaked his name. "W-What's going on?"

Wally moved closer and knelt on his left leg. He placed one hand on her shoulder. "It's complicated, but we need to get you out of here before Maxie sees you."

"Maxie," she mumbled, and Wally nodded.

"Yeah, that asshole," he replied. He helped her stood up, but she refused, making him wonder. "What's wrong?"

"I..." she gulped. Thinking about it was more than enough to bring her into tears, but she had to say something. "I ran away because I-I saw..." her voice tremored, and Wally could only come up with one conclusion—Maxie somehow did something horrible to her. His arms trembled but his clutched fists tried preventing such.

If that asshole did, he was going to pay more than his blood and riches; she didn't deserve this.

"H-He..." She placed her palms on her face to cover it and started sobbing.

Her cries made Ruby stop. He looked at her and tried to move closer but restrained himself; she wasn't the same Sapphire he knew and loved, and he shouldn't make her feel uncomfortable. "Did he hurt you?" he asked, and Sapphire vigorously shook her head.

"I saw him..." she continued then sniffled.

"Saw him what?" Wally questioned, growing a bit impatient. Ruby shot him a glare. He wanted to scold the green-haired lad so badly. He should be more patient. Sapphire was trying her best; it was a miracle she managed to even mention Maxie's name!

"He—He killed Roxanne," she bawled, and their eyes widened.

Wally's jaw slacked. He flinched and took a step back. "That fucking piece of ass!"

"There might be a way to fix this," Ruby spoke up. The brunette removed her hands from her face and looked at him. "We can fix the mess Maxie created. We can—"

"You're not taking her!" Wally placed his hand on Ruby's shoulder and pushed him away. The raven-haired's back hit the ground. He tried to sit up using his hands, but the pain on his leg was too much for him to endure. He jeered from such discomfort.

"Look around!" he yelled with both frustration and anger. He couldn't tell who was he mad to—himself or Wally. "If we didn't go back in time then Maxie will—"

"You are going back in time!" the green-haired boy stressed, pointing his finger at him. "Leave Sapphire out of this! She's finally back to her old self and you're not taking her away from me! You're just gonna take her with you because you just wanted her for yourself!"

"That's not true!" Ruby argued, his tone continued fuming with rage. He managed to sit up despite the pain and loured at Wally. The audacity of this idiot! He loved Sapphire and there was no way he'd even attempt to control or influence her choices! "Sapphire is a human being! She's free to make her own choices! She—"

"Then why the fuck are you taking her with you!?" he debated. He grabbed Ruby's shirt collar. He lifted the helpless boy and shook him. "Aren't you forcing her to go with you, dipshit?!"

"I just want her to take me where Celebi is!" he placed his hands on Wally's chest and shoved him away. "I can't run in this condition no thanks to you!"

"Wally," the girl spoke, causing both boys to stop bickering. "What did you do?"

"Nothing!" Wally defended and dropped Ruby. "I just did what I have to do. It's nothing to worry about!"

"He worked with Maxie and shoot my leg with a gun!" he spat, making Sapphire cover her mouth and gasp.

"Why did you do this?" she questioned, shaking her head. She forced herself to stand up.

"Sapphire," Wally moved closer to her, but Sapphire backed off. "I only did it to—"

Her tears caused Wally to stop. His eyes widened, as he lowered his head. He never made Sapphire cry until now. What kind of monster was he? "I—"

"I made the right decision to run away after all," She sniffled, before dashed off.

"Wait, Sapphire!" Wally tried to follow, but his body stood frozen.

He could go after her, but he shouldn't. The last time it happened, she didn't talk to him for a week, and he couldn't take much more of that. The thought alone enraged him.

This wouldn't happen if Ruby kept his stupid mouth shut. He didn't even have the chance to explain himself! He knew Ruby wanted Sapphire for himself. That asshole ruined everything!

He despised him already and his hatred towards Ruby continued to increase. He clenched his fist and turned around. It all happened on a whim; his body took control of him and released all his pent-up rage through one punch. "Why the fuck did you do that for?!" he yelled and grabbed Ruby's shirt collar. He shook him forcefully. "I only did that to protect her, for fuck's sake!"

"She has to know the truth whether you like it or not!" he retorted, and Wally dropped him on the ground. This was all his fault and he wanted to avenge himself. None of this would've happened if he just disappeared. He couldn't kill him; it would only break Sapphire's heart even further, but he could take something important to him.

He knelt down and opened the zipper in Ruby's pocket. Ruby tried kicking him away but Wally grabbed his leg and tossed it aside. He grabbed the feathers.

"This is bullshit," Wally muttered and threw the feathers behind him, letting it flow in the air for a brief second.

Ruby's eyes widened and crawled to get the feathers.

A Houndoom, however, jumped between Ruby and Wally. It grabbed the feathers with its mouth. Ruby watched in horror and moved his head. He saw Maxie catching up with the Houndoom. He tried to find Archie but there was no sign of him. He gulped.

This was bad. Sapphire lost her memories and now Maxie's canine got the feathers. He tightened his fists. This was not supposed to happen!

"Maxie!" Wally roared and charged towards the redhead. Maxie saw this and moved to the left to avoid the punk. Wally missed his aim and Maxie used his palm to chop Wally's neck. Wally's pupils dilated at that, as he later lost his consciousness.

Ruby gritted his teeth. He moved to where Maxie was heading and decided to grab his leg. Maxie, however, noticed this and kicked the boy's face. It didn't satisfy him, though so repeated it. This time, it was on the boy's bleeding leg.

The boy yelped and held his aching leg. He looked at it briefly, before glaring at the redhead. However, he was too late; Maxie was gone, and he couldn't remember anything that happened after that.

He could only recall closing his eyes and the pain lingering in his body. He thought about Sapphire. He tried to bring his mind to his girlfriend, but the memory she had with him was fuzzy. In fact, he was wondering why that Sapphire girl was relevant to him.

How important was she to him? Was she a friend? A foster sister? Or...something beyond that?

He didn't know. He couldn't remember.

But he did know was the fact that half of the world flooded. Johto sunk into the depths of the ocean along with Kanto. He was unaware if there were regions that survived such catastrophe, but he was in Hoenn—the only safe place in the world for now and a shelter for the survivors of this flood.

He heard about a legendary Pokemon named Kyogre flooding every land in its sight, but another rumour that occurred was a man named Archie controlling the Pokemon. People mentioned he was a madman and the one who could probably stop him, his best friend, finally showed up after years of hiding.

Archie's best companion, unfortunately, was powerless against him, so the lunatic continued his reign of flooding the world. For what reason? Nobody knew.

Now, why did that sound familiar? He tried shaking his head. He watched the heavy rain fell from the heavens and hit the ocean. His eyes traced to where the ocean was touching the land.

The water was increasing. People behind him were panicking. His mother started calling him, but all were blurry.

It was cold, empty, and wet. People said hell was an eternal fiery pit of flames ready to engulf anyone it could touch. However, it was the exact opposite; in fact, it felt much frostier than what he expected. Though maybe this was what hell was like now that the rest of the world was getting flooded.

You can say this is karma for Ruby when he pretended he forgot mirage island. Honestly, I didn't expect this to sound much darker than I thought it would be and I just inflicted more fear and trauma on Ruby. Feel free to murder me :'))

When Ruby had a vague idea about Sapphire in the almost ending part, it's inspired by the after-effects in RS where Courtney said she had a vague memory of her dying after Celebi changed the timeline. I honestly wished they could've kept Jirachi so it wouldn't be Celebi Ex Machina. Sigh. This sounds a lot more complicated but feel free to ask questions. I don't know anymore.

Next alternate ending will be coming soon and after that, some outtakes. Those outtakes are basically part of the main story but I couldn't fit it in there. Kinda like deleted scenes in a movie ^^;

If you made it this far, thank you for reading this and thank you for being patient since this fic's update schedule is very wack. :'))

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