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Outtake 1

Hello! So, I can explain: this isn't exactly chapter 14; this is an outtake. Basically, I've written these scenes called "outtakes", but they couldn't fit in the main story due to certain conditions.

It's either they would spoil the "surprise" in the next chapter, these are actually prequels/explained what happened to certain characters before they meet their demise, or just something I must remove since it gives out too much information in a chapter. However, these outtakes will show why a character did that certain decision/action, and I feel like they should be a part of the fic so it'll be explained or some could at least sympathize with the characters/understand their motivations despite how wacky it is.

Anyway, this is one scene that would definitely spoil chapter 13's surprise and might explore another certain character as well. I know this fic is already complicated as it is, but since it is time travel, it was bound to be complicated. Nonetheless, I'll do what I can to make sure stuff will make a bit of sense.

Also, this is NOT beta read. Enjoy(?) this chapter! :D

Outtake 1 - Alternate Wally and Alternate Courtney




Time Period: After Wally received help from the Resistance



Courtney stopped in her tracks, as she watched her target slowly entered Professor Birch's abandoned laboratory. She looked intently at the green-haired lad, as a smirk slowly appeared on her lips.

So, this is more than an abandoned laboratory after all... she slowly reached her conclusion, watching the boy knock on the door. She noticed he looked around to scrutinize the area, before returning his eyes to the wooden platform. She waited and tried to be patient as possible.

The woman didn't know what was taking the teenager so long, but her patience was finally paid off when the door opened as the green-haired lad entered it. Her smug reaction returned as she grabbed her Pokegear.

"Blaise," she called. "I got a lead."

"Good," Blaise answered. He was in Lilycove City helping Maxie. "Return to Lilycove City immediately before those resistance goons find out."

Courtney chortled. "You're no fun."

The blond tried not to show his frustration. He breathed. "Courtney, we can't screw this—"

"I know, hotman," she hissed. "Just make sure to provide me all the information we have about the Professor's assistant."

"I'm not sure about that," he countered, his vexation got the best of him, and sighed. He had a feeling Courtney would stalk the boy, which would give them more issues with the Resistance and the other rebels. Although, there was one more thing that irked him. "And don't call me hotman. That's childish."

"Fine," Courtney rolled her eyes and ended the call before her colleague could respond. "I'll just do it myself."



Time Period: Before the Search for Celebi Mission



Littleroot Town

Birch Research Laboratory

"...and remember to keep a low profile, got it?"

The three teenage boys nodded as Archie nodded back. The dark-haired man stopped to look at Sapphire. She seemed distant and he couldn't get his finger on it. Even though he wasn't in the place to be worried about her, he couldn't help himself. He snickered moments after to grab her attention.

The young Hoenn Champion perked up at this and blinked. "Wha-What?"

Something was definitely wrong with her, as Archie concluded.

"I asked if you understood our plans for tomorrow, princess," he quipped, making Sapphire bite her lip. She slowly bobbed her head with the Resistance leader taking a deep breath. He hated that even considered caring for these kids.

"Alright, alright. Something's in your head," he continued, still despising himself even further. "Can we know why, princess?"

The brunette was silent. She looked at Ruby, then at the rest of the boys. She swallowed the lump in her throat. "Can I tell it to Ruby first?"

Archie grumbled, scratching his chin. He took a glance at Emerald then at Wally. His reactions were just as he expected—Emerald was curious whilst Wally was shocked. He rubbed his nape. "Fine, go ahead. I need to smoke outside anyways."

Sapphire nodded, biting her lip, before grabbing Ruby's wrist and taking him out of the room. They went straight to Room 3818.

As the couple went outside, however, a pair of suspicious eyes were watching them. The green-haired lad bit his lip, as his eyebrows creased, wondering what was going on between the two. When he opted to follow them, however, he was met with a pair of emerald-like eyes staring at him. He sighed.

"What?" Wally asked, his tone was exasperated. He had better things to do, but he couldn't just ignore his friend's inquisitive look.

"Are you gonna stay here?" the blond asked with a smile. "We should catch up!"

The taller teenager closed his mouth, chewing his lower lip. He wanted to, but he couldn't stay here for that long; he still needed to find Professor Birch's friend from Johto so he could track down his mentor's killer. He wanted to avenge him now that he got the time. "I can't, sorry."

This caused Emerald's lips and shoulders to droop.

"I have to go home now," He grabbed his bag, placing it on his back, and bent down, patting the small blond's head. "Maybe next time."

The moment Wally opened the door, smoke that smelled like Sitrus Berries greeted him, spreading throughout his face like wildfire. He coughed, looking at Archie dead in the eye. "What the fuck, man?!"

Archie exhaled, the smoke continued to dawdle around him. He dropped his vape and folded his arms across his chest. "Sorry about that," he apologized but stopped when he noticed the boy's gear. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going home. I'll be back here tomorrow and now if you'll excuse me," He used his right hand to swat the smoke away from his view and continued walking. Once he was out of Archie's base, he took the deepest breath he had to take and let it all out.

It didn't help that he had asthma, so smoke from vapes or cigarettes weren't really good for him. He threw his head back, looking at the clear, blue skies. He frowned at that before letting his head look ahead, as he started walking back to Petalburg City.

Hoenn wasn't like this; it used to be a tropical paradise. Ever since Groudon went feral, however, this drought became...everlasting, just as those books and research notes he'd read in the past stated. He hated that he couldn't do anything about it. This was his home and even if he became a researcher-in-training to get closer to Sapphire, he was actually enjoying the fieldwork.

Other than that, he desperately missed the rainy season. He could picture a perfect scenario in it too; he would enjoy a cup of hot chocolate with his girlfriend and all those good stuff one could imagine during rainy weather.

Speaking of his girlfriend, Sapphire has been acting weird lately.

Why did she have an accent? What was with her boring outfit? Why the hell was she spending time with that loser? Who was that fucking loser anyway?! Why did she want to be alone with Mr. Fancy Pants instead of him?! The thought of it was enough to make his blood boil.

This is bullshit!

What did that guy have that he didn't?!

"My, my."

He stopped, his eyes widening in shock. He scanned Route 101, as his hand slowly reached for his pocket to grab his Sceptile's Poke Ball.

"Oh please, there's no need for that."

A figure—two figures came into the light. Wally's mouth fell.

The silhouette turned out to be that hot lady from the famous land-loving Team Magma, but what surprised him more was the fact that the professor's friend was beside her, all beaten up. He had scars all over his arms, dry blood from his lips, and his left eye seemed sore. He gulped.

What did this woman do to him?! Don't tell him that she was the one who killed Professor Birch...?

"You're Professor Birch's assistant, right?" she asked, but there was no response.

Wally just stood there, frozen, unable to move. Tried as he might, he couldn't lift a finger and it was making the lady impatient.

She grumbled. "This is the boy, right?"

Norman tried to nod, but it was too painful. She sighed, then rubbed her forehead, dropping Norman on the ground with a thud. "Listen, Maxie wants you to help us locate Celebi or we will kill your beloved girlfriend."

Wally gritted his teeth, his eyes slowly widening and his heart was beating wildly. He couldn't tell if it was his asthma that was causing his hastened breathing, but he really hoped it wasn't. He knew Sapphire wasn't good at Pokemon battles—let alone being strong enough to defend herself—and there was a possibility that this crazy bitch might be telling the truth. He grounded his teeth together, slowly raising his arms in defeat.

Courtney smirked. "'Atta boy."

Wally's brows stitched together. His vision remained on the ground, however. "How did you know I was the professor's assistant?"

The woman just rolled her eyes. "Are you dumb? I got the professor's friend to spit it out for me! Hell, did you even know that your beloved master died?"

"Mention my dead mentor and I will break your fucking arms," the boy spat coldly, his eyes finally met hers and it was filled with rage.

To his surprise, Courtney laughed. He was right about her being a madwoman. "Please, if you do that, I will kill his friend right here, right now, and you know he wouldn't want that."

Wally grunted, clenching his fists. He hated that he couldn't do anything about it.

Time period: After the Search for Celebi mission failed



Courtney was high-key proud of herself for coming up with such an idea. Blaise never approved it at first, but surprisingly, Maxie did. Her boss even complimented her that one of their prisoners would finally be out to good use. How Maxie let that Gym Leader from Johto live was still a mystery to her, however.

Norman was close to Professor Birch; he was his best friend. At least, that's what the information she gathered said. Other than that, she knew nothing about the Johto Gym Leader. She did focus more on the professor's assistant, Wally, and he was the perfect bait.

Putting the professor's daughter on the line would always be music to her ears; she could control the boy and order him to do favours for her.

And that's what she was doing now.

She giggled. She was quite ecstatic about this idea of hers. Surely, she would be Maxie's most trusted employee, probably even more dependable than Blaise.

"Are you really sure about this, Courtney?" Blaise asked through their call.

Courtney, once again, released an exasperated breath. "Lighten up, Blaise," she cackled. "I managed to manipulate Wally, what more could you want? Plus, stalking them made me see some tension between him and that other boy named Ruby. They both have their eyes on the professor's daughter, so they're the perfect prey."

She heard Blaise rumble and she just rolled her eyes at that.

"I'm still wondering why Maxie gave you permission. I don't even know if you're helping us to actually save Hoenn or do these things for your own gain."

The woman giggled. Was that what he really wanted to know? He was such a cutie trying to play hard to get. "You really wanna know?"

The blond gulped. He didn't know he rambled quite loudly. He breathed. He should admit now before she would tease him about it. "Be my guest."

Courtney smiled; it wasn't sinister, surprisingly. It was genuine. For the first time in years, she finally smiled genuinely. "Maxie changing Hoenn has always piqued my interest. Whether if it's a good or a bad change, I'll be sure to have a front-row seat and see those changes with my own eyes."

He was confused. "That's it?"

She shrugged, as she laid her back on the tree trunk. She'd been skulking Wally ever since she saw him in Petalburg days ago. She practically knew everything about the boy, which made him an incredibly easy target for her. She could also hunt the other boy named Ruby, but she was more interested in Wally. She breathed.

Wally's feistiness always reminded her of her ex-girlfriend. While her ex dumped her for a man, she still loved her after all these years. She never was loved anyway, and Daisy...made her feel that way. She shook her head.

"I could tell Maxie to kill my parents for abandoning me and threaten my girlfriend for dumping me, but it really doesn't matter anymore," she explained with a smug reaction.

Instead of being sad about it, Courtney embraced her past and became who she was today. If her parents could abandon her, then she could do the same. If Daisy could toy her, then she could toy people as well. What happened to her did hurt, but maybe, it was meant to be. It could explain why she was twisted; she had always been, but that's why she joined Maxie.

She believed Maxie would provide her the appreciation she desired, and so far, it was working. Maxie fully supported her plans to manipulate the rebels and even praised her to boot.

Her own parents wouldn't do such things. Daisy would probably approve of the manipulation.

Courtney gripped her Pokegear. "I'll be going," she said, her tone didn't even change at all. It was still snarky and devilish. "You're making me remember some bad memories and I still have a boy to control."

Blaise released a breath. He still couldn't understand her.

The Team Magma lady was patient after all this time. She'd followed Wally since they left the Petalburg Forest and she was hiding on a tree this entire time, waiting for him to make their bargain. She loved the idea of double-crossing the rebels. She already made a bargain with that Ruby boy, and she knew he had no choice to agree.

They have Celebi and his precious father. That plan would surely work.

And now, she needed extra help—Wally's help, to be precise—for this double-crossing plan to work. Just when she was about to yawn, she heard a door slammed open.

She saw Wally stomping his way out of Littleroot Town, and she knew this was her chance. She saw him going to their meetup spot, and she could tell her plan had worked flawlessly.

"Bingo," she murmured and watched him on top of a tree.

Wally screamed like there was no tomorrow. Tears spilled in his eyes, as he clenched his fists, punching the ground with all his might.

He took a deep breath as tears continued to flow down his eyes, like water constantly plummeting down a waterfall. His breath hitched, his snot dripped from his nose, but he didn't give a fucking damn about it.

As he was about to stand up, he heard the same laughter, making him clench his fist tighter that his knuckles turned white. He gulped.

"Are you a stalker or what?" he croaked, while Courtney just giggled.

"Well, I was tasked to keep an eye on you, so...kind of," She hopped down from a tree and placed a hand on his chin, making him look at her. Her smile was creepy, and Wally shivered at that. What did this woman even want from him?

He took a step back to remove her hand on his chin, grunting, and louring at her. "What do you want?"

Courtney smiled, folding her arms across her chest. "Maxie still needs your help. He wants you to shoot Ruby just in case he changed his mind."

Despite how vengeful Wally felt towards Ruby, he would rather not waste a fucking bullet on that ass. "And what if he didn't?" he asked with Courtney chortling.

"As if he'll follow Archie's orders," was all she replied. Wally didn't say anything. He just watched her drop a gun in his hand, as he inspected it. He took a deep breath.

If this woman managed to gather this much information about him and Sapphire, then he had no choice. He couldn't believe he was doing this, but he knew he had to for Sapphire's safety.

He sniffled, biting his lip, and grabbed the gun on the ground. His arms trembled in fear the longer he held this horrid weapon.

He hated this, but he didn't have any choice; Sapphire's life depended on him.

Unfortunately, Courtney is still that...yeah,,, :')

"Hotman" = "Flameo, hotman!" - Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender, 2005)

1st scene/The Resistance asked Wally's help: around chapter 8

2nd scene/Before the Search for Celebi mission: around chapter 10

3rd scene/After the Search for Celebi mission: around chapter 11

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask them! I know this is probably confusing thanks to the outtakes, but I feel like this must be done to humanize the side characters. Plus, with no beta readers guiding me with this,,,yeah,,, ^^;

Huge thank you to shinyskarmorys on twitter for giving her opinion about these sort of extra chapters! Thank you, friend! :D

I'll update chapter 14 in 1 - 2 weeks and I'll make sure it'll be in that time period. ^^;

PS: I hate saying this dammit, Joshua TWEWY just gave me a lot of energy to edit this in the last minute XD

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