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Stage 4: Depressive Times, Part I

Stage 4 - Depressive Times, Part I



"Sapphire?" Ruby called her name, his voice was soothing like the wind's gentle breeze through the forest. He opened his left eye, taking a glance at her. Contentment and relief appeared in his eyes once he saw Sapphire sleeping soundly beside him with her hands sprawled across his chest. A sincere smile appeared on his lips because of that.

She was able to release most of her tears and her emotions the moment he had hugged her, and that was what she needed. He didn't say anything else while she was on her breakdown, for she needed someone to listen to her and to reassure that she would never be alone, especially in her worst times. He just kept on hugging her, pulling her closer to him and making her feel that he truly cared for her.


That was what he wanted to do from the moment he found out about her family's death. He felt every ounce of her grief through her tears, and he wished he could have done something.

Something to make her feel better.

Something to help her conquer grief.

Something to make her hold on to the good things that life would provide for her.

Something... something...

He understood how much it had hurt her to lose her family again. He understood the depth of the pain it left in her heart.

After all, it would take time for a person to conquer grief. The processes or the steps sounded simple, but it was easier said than done. He had to be patient for her. He knew she could conquer it and embrace what life had given to her.

"I won't leave you." He whispered, letting his right fingers run through her soft, brunette hair. "I swear, I won't." He felt her arms shake and shoulders tense, making her grip his shirt collar.

He panicked because of that.

Anxiety started gripping his heart, making it increase its pace because of her shaking arms.

He hoped and prayed that she was not having a nightmare, especially a certain nightmare that she feared most: losing every one of the people who mattered to her.


Ruby's heartbeat slowly decreased its pace when she called his name. He placed his right arm around her waist, pulling her closer. Was she...?

"I..." Sapphire said in her sleep, her knuckles gently gripping his shirt, still trembling. She bit her lip, shutting her already closed eyes, as if she was seeing another worst case scenario in her life. "...I..." She managed to say, her heartbeat becoming less synchronized with his. "I'm... s-scared..."

Her words made his anxiety return, increasing the pace of his heartbeat. He could feel she was breathing heavily as her grip on his shirt tightened, making him panic and feel guilty, for he had no clue on what to do.

Whatever nightmare she was having, it is disturbing her peaceful slumber. And he was not going to allow such horrid, abstract incidents ruin such a beautiful person like Sapphire.

He swallowed hard, taking a deep breath, thinking about his next action. He planned to place a kiss on her forehead. He didn't know why it first came into his mind but he was quite desperate to make whatever nightmare leave her at once. Sapphire had suffered enough and that nightmare was too much for her to handle. He couldn't bear to see her like this. Sleeping was the only way for her negative emotions to not take ahold of her and he was not going to allow a simple, unrealistic nightmare ruin her peaceful slumber.

"Don't be." He reassured. His tone was sincere yet desperate. He tucked a loose hair behind her left ear, closing his eyes and slowly moving his head close to her forehead. He swallowed hard, feeling her grip on his shirt tightened further. "I'm here." He said in a quiet tone, pressing his soft lips against her forehead, pouring every ounce of his burning feelings for her.

A moment had passed, he could feel her tensed shoulders slowly relax, and her arms slowly stopped from trembling. He sighed in relief, wrapping his other arm around her for a hug.

She was feeling better, thank goodness.

He didn't know what else he could do if the kiss didn't work. "You're going to be alright now. The nightmare is gone... It's gone..."

Sapphire let out a soft grumble in response, adjusting herself on his chest, finding a comfortable spot. He chuckled at her cute behavior, tucking another loose hair behind her ear. He almost forgot how cute she was in her sleep. Well... He admits she looked cute all the time.


He missed their younger days where they often bicker on such random stuff like was it necessary for Nana to wear a scarf despite having a long yet luscious fur or what should be the flavor of Nana's birthday cake for instance. A smile appeared on his lips at that.

They were twelve year olds with simple goals in mind. Nothing could ever bring them down. Indeed, he had definitely made a lot of memories with her, good or bad.

Darn. Ruby bit his lip, feeling a sharp, emotional pang strike through his chest. It was true every time he reminiscence their time together bring such joy into his heart. Every one of it was absolutely unforgettable, in fact. But despite the blissful times he had with her, there were a few rough times they shared. Two of those rough times still make him feel guilty until this day. After all, he had made her cry in those circumstances, and he still blamed himself for doing that.

He understood when she got mad at him for lying about his condition and for not telling about his real problem. She was his best friend, and she was hurt when he didn't open up his problems to her. He knew she wouldn't hesitate to help. It was one of the qualities he admired and loved about her. But he just couldn't help himself that day. He thought he could bear that problem alone, but he couldn't. His problem often ended up making him cry alone or punch a wall in his room.

It was a good thing Sapphire was able to find it out not because of her family or his mom mentioned it, but because she just knew him too well. If she didn't confront him on that day, then he would have given up and started running away from his problems, for he was too scared to face it. She just knew if there was something bothering him or not, and she knew whether or not he needed some help on that problem he was carrying on his shoulders.

She had never given up on him that day, and he felt blessed to have her in his life. She became his guide, his shoulder to cry on and his strength to face that challenge with determination. He owed her for being there for him, no doubt, but his real reason why he was also not giving up on her was because of his feelings for her.

He only wanted her to be happy.

He wanted her to continue what life has yet to offer despite the tragedy just like how she wanted him to continue with his.

After all, despite how rough life can be, there was still some good left in it. It may not be as massive as the largest planet in the galaxy, but its impact could have a massive effect on the person, especially when they were having their tough times. Sometimes, a person who was going through their toughest times, the greatest tragedy or the hardest challenge they had ever faced, needed a little push or support from someone in order for the person to go further and face that toughest times in his life with such determination burning into their soul.

Ruby sighed as he leaned onto the couch, his arms still remain around Sapphire's waist. It felt like yesterday, he just conquered that problem he ran away for almost a month. He was too afraid to conquer it. He kept on running away from it until Sapphire helped him and gave him the determination to face it.

He was a selfish coward.

He didn't consider his selfish act would not only affect his mother, but also Sapphire, his best friend.

He thought he could run away from it. He thought he could take care of it on his own if he ever had to face it.

But he couldn't.

He was too scared to face its consequences.

He was too scared to ask for help and assistance from his friends.

"You alright?"

Ruby snapped out from his thoughts and blinked. He removed his gaze on the tiled floor, letting it meet Sapphire's concerned yet flustered one.

Wait, what? Flustered?

Ruby noticed her cheeks increased its temperature, making him feel she was getting a bit uncomfortable from their position. He swallowed hard, gently removing his arms around her waist. Heat slowly crept onto his cheeks, blushing due to embarrassment as his heart thumped wildly.

He just now realized how little the gap between their faces were, resulting her flustered aura. He could feel her fast heartbeat becoming synchronized with his as her breathing patterns suddenly increased its pace in such a little amount of time she was that close to him. He felt Sapphire removing her hands on his chest, gently pushing him away from her. He stole a glance at her and chuckled at her cute reaction.

It seemed like the color of her cheeks were slowly returning to normal, which was good. He wouldn't know what else he could do if she was still uncomfortable from his previous action.

"I should be asking you that." He said softly, avoiding an eye contact on her. He may not have said anything, but he knew she would easily know whether or not he was alright just by looking into his eyes. It was definitely not the time to feel down about that certain tragic event in the past, honestly. Sapphire was still grieving from her family's death, so he must be strong for her.

Sapphire sighed, biting her lip, revealing her right fang. Ruby may have been in good terms with his father after that certain incident, but he still couldn't help himself from being guilty. He said something to his father that he shouldn't have. And up to this day it was still haunting him.

It was still the cause of his fragmented relationship with his father, a relationship that could not be put together that easily. She wished she could have done something besides helping him that day. She didn't want Ruby to say those words to his father when his time in this world ended.

Her eyes met the pillow placed on the couch as sadness slowly crept into her eyes. She breathed in.


The pain of saying it in front of their tombstones hurt.

It hurt at the fact that they could no longer answer you with those words too or feel the warmth from their hug.

She didn't want him or anyone to experience it. The emotional pain it contained gave nothing but pure agony.

"Does it... Does it still haunt you?" She asked, her concerned yet grieving eyes met his sad face, asking for an honest answer from him. Though she knew he would answer her question. But the pain of remembering it still lingered badly and it hurt. She knew how much he repented for it.

Ruby let out a depressed sigh, biting his lip, and nodded slowly.

What else could he say? It still haunted him. Remembering it brought guilt into his heart.

Not only his past relationship with his father could not be mended, but he almost lost her because of the intense fear and anxiety burning in his chest, making him think that no one could understand what he was going through back then.

He was wrong, and he was glad he is.

He was wrong to think that no one, not even Sapphire, his best friend, could understand what he felt. He could still remember the time when she barged into his room. She went inside using the double hung window of his room and grabbed his shirt collar, pulling him from the ground. She gave him that determined, concerned yet feisty look in her eyes and told him something.

"I'm yer best friend, Ruby. I can't stand seeing you like this. Whether you like it or not, I will help ya."

Her words struck his heart. It got stuck into his mind, which was a good thing.

Her words alone gave him the confidence to face his father and told him what he really wanted to do once he finished high school. Though his father may be against it at first, the two men learned to set aside their egos and did their best to understand one another.

It was all thanks to Sapphire for explaining to Norman what Ruby desired in his life, giving him time to understand his son's intentions.

It was all thanks to Sapphire that Ruby learned to not run away from his problems. Instead, she taught him to face it with determination and enthusiasm despite how tragic it seemed.

Sapphire truly was an amazing person. Feeling lucky to have her as his friend was an understatement.

Ruby was blessed to have such a kind and understanding friend like Sapphire.

He taught her to accept himself to which he was still thankful for. He learned to appreciate her more, and somehow it made his feelings for her evolve and extend beyond friendship.

"Ruby..." Ruby felt Sapphire's palm on top of his right hand, squeezing it. He went out from his trance and finally let his depressed yet guilt-ridden eyes meet her concerned yet grieving orbs of blue. He sighed, smiling weakly.

"You still got time... It's never too late to tell your father how much he means to you." Sapphire returned the weak smile. She felt his hand rotate, his fingers on hers now intertwining with his. She saw some raw tears in his eyes, making her frown at that. She scooted closer to him, closing the gap between their bodies. Before Ruby could jerk his head to his left, he felt her arms wrap around his chest, hugging him.

Ruby sighed heavily, resting his head on her shoulder, and wrapped his arms around her waist for a hug. He felt a lump in his throat, choking it out from his mouth if possible. He felt his eyelids became heavy and warm, and not a moment later, his tears fell freely from it. He sobbed, pulling her closer to him.

His relationship with his father had not healed since their misunderstanding. He couldn't help but to be slightly jealous to see other children who had a good relationship with their own fathers. He wished he could turn back time and fix his mistakes.

"I probably told you this a lot of times," Ruby released himself from their hug despite he didn't want to yet. He grabbed his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped off the tears from his eyes. He let out a light cough. His grateful gaze met her grieving ones. He was quite ashamed to talk about his problem to her. Her case was far worse than his. "But... thank you."

Sapphire could only nod at his words. She bit her lip, smiling weakly. What mattered is he was alright and was able to release his emotions. She didn't want him to stress about his own problem. After all, her condition was already a burden to him. "I'm glad you're feeling better."

"I am," Ruby nodded gently, standing up. He took a glance at the door, hearing the constant knocks from it. He looked at Sapphire and saw grief still consuming her eyes. "It was all thanks to you that I'm alright." He added, making Sapphire smile weakly.

The knock on the door continued, making Ruby sigh in exasperation. He approached it, wondering who was behind that constant, loud knock. Well, it was quite annoying to hear it especially when he and Sapphire were having some intimate time together. Letting out another sigh, he twisted the doorknob, swinging it from the outside.

His eyes widen in shock.

"Crystal? A-And Emerald?"

"Wait, Ruby? I'm so glad you're here." Crystal stated, sighing in relief. Sapphire was not alone in her apartment, praise the heavens for that. She didn't want see her friend grieving alone again. After all, Sapphire needed some company after bearing her emotional pain alone for two weeks.

"I-It's nice to see you guys." Ruby greeted. He honestly didn't expect Crystal and Emerald would pay a visit at Sapphire's place. For all he knew, Blue, Yellow and Red often pay a visit to Sapphire beside him. Although it did feel nice to see Crystal and Emerald visit Sapphire in spite of their busy schedules.

Crystal was a busy researcher with a lot of projects on her shoulders while Emerald was a geologist known for his unique skills of easily determining the type and the location of a soil just by putting it through a three-day experiment in a laboratory. They were not yet in their thirties, but they were already successful in their respective careers. As their friend, Ruby was happy and proud at their accomplishments.

"And it's a good you finally answered. These vegetables might get dry at any moment." Emerald said, his tone sounding a bit sarcastic, crossing his arms on his chest.

"The heat is not that bad, Emerald." Crystal told her younger friend, making Emerald sigh and rub the back of his head, feeling remorseful about his sarcastic remark. "Anyway, Ruby." She looked at Ruby, concern and anxiety present in her eyes, making Ruby swallow hard and bit his lip. He knew what would be her question, and frankly, he wasn't quite certain at his answer. He knew they understood that grief could not be cured that easily, but he wished he could tell them she was not yet completely alright without being emotional about it.

"I really hope Emerald and I could stay longer, but we have to return to the office around three o'clock. You two haven't eaten lunch yet, right?"

Ruby let Crystal and Emerald went inside the apartment then closed the door. He watched Emerald go to the kitchen to place the grocery bags and went beside Sapphire afterwards to know her condition. He smiled at his friend's concern.

It felt like yesterday Emerald didn't need anyone to help him, but now, he was here helping Sapphire conquer her grief. Emerald had definitely learned the value of friendship, and it was proven more than once. Some of them were his patience and understanding at Sapphire's situation and how much of a help he was to Ruby when he was looking for a job a week after his college graduation.

There was an old saying that one could not live alone in this world, and he was glad Emerald was able to learn its necessity.

Crystal noticed Sapphire's expression. It seemed like Emerald was telling her something important. Emerald may be an orphan but he knew what it felt like to not have any parents or family bounded by blood. All Emerald had were his friends and the trick master.

They were the only family he had left, and seeing Sapphire's condition must have hurt him. Sapphire was one of the most optimistic person Emerald had ever met, and seeing her optimistic aura shift into severe grief and agony was new to him. And like all of their friends, Emerald still hoped and prayed she would go back to her old, optimistic self. Sapphire could still do a lot of great stuff in her life in spite of the tragedies she had experienced.

"Looks like Emerald and Sapphire needs some time alone." Crystal said, patting Ruby's shoulder. "Come on, Ruby. Let's go to the kitchen and cook some lunch."

Ruby took another glance at Emerald and Sapphire then sighed. Emerald's emotional pain of not having his biological parents as he grew older was quite similar to Sapphire's. The only difference, however, was the fact that Sapphire lost her family when she got older. "Okay." He responded, following Crystal to the kitchen.

"I hope Sapphire will be okay... It's been three weeks." Crystal managed to say after a moment of silence. She placed the dirty dishes in the sink and leaned her back onto the kitchen counter, watching Ruby wash the dishes before the four of them could eat their lunch together.

Ruby said nothing. He only nodded at his friend's words as he let the tap water naturally flow from the pipe and onto the dishes, washing away the soap left on the plates, knives and kitchen utensils.

He badly wanted to hear and see she was one hundred percent alright. A state where Sapphire was free from grief and embracing every good thing life had to offer.

"I'm really relieved that she didn't have any suicidal thoughts... let alone... commit suicide..." Crystal muttered, biting her lip. She observed Ruby's reaction.

Ruby turned off the faucet. He gripped his hands to prevent his arms from shaking. He felt a lump in his throat, giving him a hard time to breathe, as his heartbeat suddenly increased its pace. It felt like it could pop out of his chest any second.

The idea of Sapphire committing suicide was enough to make his fear and anxiety return. It was the only thought that made him overthink and trigger every fiber of his being at every possible negative outcomes that could happen to her.

He sighed, calming his fast heartbeat and grabbed a paper towel.

No... Please, no...

She couldn't... She mustn't... She shouldn't... She wouldn't...

Sapphire would never commit suicide or even have an idea of it!



She deserved her life, no doubt, and life was still beautiful despite the tragedies one experienced from it! She hadn't yet accomplished every single one of her goals, so life for her still had a meaning. There was no way that she would ever commit suicide. She did tell him five days ago that she would wait for her death, and that alone was enough for him to conclude that she wouldn't kill herself.

There was not a chance she would ever commit suicide. She would never commit suicide.

"I'm sorry."

Ruby's grip on his hands loosened once he felt Crystal's palm on his shoulder. He blinked. His mouth left hung open from his thoughts as he gasped for air. He jerked his head to his left, seeing his friend's guilt-ridden eyes. "I..."

"I shouldn't have mentioned that to you." Crystal stated, squeezing Ruby's left shoulder in hopes to calm him. Ruby only bit his lip and nodded, gesturing her to continue. "I just read it from a book that depressed people sometimes have suicidal thoughts, and thinking Sapphire is currently going through depression..." Crystal looked down, her eyes meeting the marbled floor. "I..."

"You... overthink..." Ruby finished for her, placing his left palm on hers. He gave it a soft squeeze, reassuring her that she didn't do anything wrong. "It's alright. It often happens..."

"I did overthink." Crystal confessed. "But I know Sapphire is smart enough to not let those thoughts get to her." She quipped, determination was slowly building up in her tone. "She isn't called the conqueror for nothing."

Ruby chuckled at that, smiling. He clearly remembered how Sapphire got her title.

It was their final exam week at their university, and Sapphire was literally the only person who had eight major exams in one day. Every student in their campus knew no one could survive that many tests in one day, but Sapphire proved them wrong. Not only she passed all of her exams that day, but she had also earned a perfect grade or a grade having a discrepancy of two to three from the one hundred percent grade mark in all of her college courses.

Her exam results surprised everyone, thus gaining every student's respect and giving her a title called 'The Conqueror'. Sapphire conquered the impossible, and her success made her friends and her family proud. She made an extraordinary legacy into their university, and after two years of being a college graduate, no student had surpassed her record yet.

"Anyway, I should call them so we can all eat lunch together." Crystal said after a moment of silence. "You should set up the—"

"I should call them." Ruby volunteered and went to the living room, leaving his confused friend in the kitchen.

Crystal let out a sigh and crossed her arms. He didn't even wait for her consent. She shook her head at the sarcastic thought. Ruby only acted like that because he wanted to see and know that Sapphire was alright.


"Sapphire... Wait, where's Emerald?" Ruby stopped on his tracks, scanning the living room, looking for their short, blonde friend.

"In the bathroom." Sapphire quipped tediously, standing up from the couch. "Ya know his urinating habit."

"I see." Ruby responded, wondering how a twenty-three year old still manage to have that sort of mannerism. He thought Emerald's urinating habit had lessen as they grow older. It turned out it hasn't.

"I heard its lunchtime. We should wait for Emerald first."

Ruby sighed and nodded. His attention went to Sapphire's. A weak smile appeared on his lips. Despite her talk with Emerald, she still wore the same melancholic and dull expressions. However, he was absolutely relieved to see her alive and in good health. She may not be emotionally healthy, but he knew she would get there. She just needed time and constant support.

"What?" Sapphire asked, upon noticing him scanning her from head to toe. Why was he doing that? There was nothing wrong with her outfit, right?

"I'm just happy to know that you're alive and well." Ruby bluntly stated, the weak smile on his lips didn't fade. He watched Sapphire bit her lip and nodded, fixing her gaze on the tiled floor. It seemed like she didn't know what to say. "Sapphire..." He called her name with such concern and passion forming into his tone. He took a step closer to her, placing his hands on either side of her shoulders. Sapphire removed her gaze on the floor and met his own. She could feel her heartbeat increasing its pace at his warm yet gentle touch on her shoulders. She sighed, biting her lip.

There goes these complex emotions forming in her chest every time she was with him. She didn't quite understand why such positive emotions like contentment existed whenever he gives her that passionate look in his eyes. She knew he had never given that look to anyone besides her, but out of all the people who mattered to him, why her?

Why was that look exclusively just for her?

Was it because of that certain feeling he has for her? Was it because he...

Sapphire mentally shook her head. She didn't have time for that. It may be nice to hear she was that important to him, but it wasn't enough to make her feel better. It had been three weeks, and she was still grieving at her family's loss. Grief was the strongest emotion she had at the moment. Overcoming it was quite impossible for her.

"Please, don't think that you're never gonna get through this." Ruby's arms gently snaked around her nape, pulling himself closer to her. He leaned his head to hers, letting his nose touch her hair. "You'll get through this." He whispered with such concern and sympathy, making Sapphire wrap her arms around his chest, returning the hug.

Sapphire could only nod, slowly yet determinedly, as she pressed her head into his chest, sobbing faintly. It meant a lot coming from him.

"Hey," Emerald called, grabbing their attentions. He folded his arms across his chest as he watched Sapphire remove her arms around Ruby and back off a few paces away from him, making Ruby sigh and removed his arms around her. They looked at Emerald. Confusion and surprise struck into their eyes. "Let's all eat lunch together. You two can flirt later when Crystal and I are not here."

His words made Ruby cough to awake his senses. He grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket and placed it on his mouth, covering it. Emerald's last statement definitely surprised him. Why on earth would he and Sapphire be flirting? He was just hugging her to make her feel better, to share her grief with him. He swallowed hard.

Emerald just couldn't stop teasing them since their college days. It was not that he was tired of it, really. But he just wished their friend would just take his teasing at the right time and at the right place. He knew he was just saying it to lighten up the mood, but he didn't want to make Sapphire uncomfortable at his impetuous act.

Sapphire could only sigh at Emerald's last statement, ignoring it. She left the two grown men in the living room and proceeded her way to the kitchen.

Ruby just watched her leave them alone. He shifted his attention on the nightstand beside the couch and noticed a vaguely familiar letter placed in a pencil holder. He furrowed his eyebrows.

Was that the same letter he delivered to her five days ago? Before he could grab the letter, however, he heard Crystal's call from the kitchen, telling them to go there before the food cooled down.

He sighed, walking his way to the kitchen with Emerald. "We're definitely not flirting." He recalled, stressing that negative word.

"I know, my mistake." Emerald responded, stopping on his tracks. He looked at Crystal, who was placing her right palm on Sapphire's shoulder. He smiled at them. Crystal was definitely a considerate person. She sacrificed her employer's offer of having an extra bonus to her allowance just to help their friend in the least way she could. It was, indeed, an admirable act. "That was childish of me. I should have used another term."

Ruby looked at Sapphire and Crystal. He smiled once he noticed a tinge of enthusiasm in her eyes. Whatever Crystal was telling to her, it was definitely helping. He did miss seeing those enthusiastic blue orbs, and seeing just of a glint of it earlier was enough to brighten up his day a bit.

"But seriously," Emerald continued, grabbing Ruby's attention. Ruby looked down at his friend. His eyes furrowed, curious at his next words. "I'm hoping Sapphire will be okay. I feel so helpless just by providing her some moral support."

"You're not alone. I..." Ruby swallowed hard, clenching his fists. His gaze returned at Sapphire's. "I wish I could do something besides..."

"Sapphire doesn't wanna be a burden." Emerald pointed. "I'm sure you know that."

"I do." Ruby said and nodded. "But..."

"She can get through this, but..." Emerald removed his gaze at the girls and lifted his head a bit, meeting Ruby's guilt-ridden gaze. Concern was the only emotion contained in his green orbs. "She needs us to be her guide."

Ruby let out a sigh, nodding. His lips curved into a weak smile. He would do what he can to help Sapphire, especially at her current condition. Emerald was right. She could get through this. She just needed his guidance and his support.

And he would fully provide it just so he could help her.

"Alright, let's eat." Crystal called the men, gesturing them to sit with them.

Ruby and Emerald did as they told. They approached the girls and sat on their chairs, with Ruby sitting on the chair next to Sapphire. He took a glance at her, his left hand sneaked its way onto hers, gently squeezing it. "You should eat a lot. I don't want you to starve."

Sapphire nodded slowly, biting her lip. She returned the same gesture. She gently squeezed his hand, her lips curved into a faint smile. "You should too."

"So... what's for dessert?" Emerald asked, grabbing a pair of chopsticks on the table. He opened his left eye, looking at Crystal.

"Apple pie." Ruby responded, passing a bowl of rice to Sapphire. He smiled once he noticed a little spark in her eyes. He knew making Sapphire's favorite dessert often lift up her spirits. It may not help that much in her condition, but at least, it could lessen the pain she was feeling.

"Oh, those. Cool. Explains why it took you guys a while."

Ruby chuckled at Emerald's response. "Of course, it's Sapphire's favorite. It must be made with..." He bit his lip, reflecting his next words. If he said that it might make her uncomfortable, and he wouldn't want that. Sapphire had lost her appetite last night, according to Yellow, and she must regain her energy by eating regularly. He didn't want her to get sick. He let out a light cough. "...p-perfectly."

Sapphire took a deep breath, accepting the bowl of rice from Ruby. The weak smile on her lips didn't fade. Ruby was so considerate for taking the time to make her favorite dessert, and she appreciated it. It was enough for her to regain her regular appetite for this meal.

Every meal must be made with love, hehe. Ruby you sneaky boy. XD

Oh, and apple pie... hehe, there's a personal reason for that. ^^

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